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A Quarterly Magazine of Genealogical, 
Antiquarian, Topographical, and 
Heraldic Research. 




Of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 






Print crs,E.\etci: 


When, on the retirement of my friend Mr. Keith W. Murray 
last year, the editorship of this magazine was offered to me by 
the Proprietors, the great interest which I have long taken in 
genealogical and antiquarian subjects, combined with my anxiety 
that the work should be carried on on the lines of my predecessor, 
overcame my reluctance to undertake so responsible an office. My 
one aim during the past year, as it will be in the future, has been 
to maintain the high position which The Genealogist has always 
held, and I am glad to say that the help on which I relied from 
those who have been its chief supporters in the past has not been 
withheld. It is a great satisfaction to know that the promises of 
assistance which I have received warrant the hope that I may be 
able in course of time even to extend the usefulness of the 
magazine. I cannot close this short preface without paying a 
well-deserved tribute to the services of my predecessor. He 
undertook the management of this periodical at a very critical 


juncture in its career, when, in consequence of the illness and 
subsequent death of the much-regretted Mr. Walford Selby, it was 
left without a guiding hand, and I feel sure that all the subscribers 
will unite with me in regretting that the pressure of other duties 
has compelled him to retire from his post. My cordial thanks 
are due to all who have contributed to The Genealogist during 
the past year, and whose kind co-operation has rendered my 
editorial labours very pleasant. 

H. W. Forsyth Harwood. 





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%\)t <Se'nealot$fet 

By Keith W. Murray, F.S.A. 

The following sketch of a branch of the once influential family of 
Murray, of Philiphaugh, has been written from notes taken while 
collecting genealogical evidence relating to the parent stem. It is not 
suggested for a moment that the facts here given represent more than 
a small portion of what might be found in the public archives, and the 
only object in offering such a fragment to The Geneahgiit is to correct 
to some extent certain errors existing in both manuscript aud print. 

Although this branch owned at different periods several estates, the 
barony of Melgum 1 or Melgund appears to have been used as a designa- 
tion for more than a century after it had passed into other hands, and 
this fact has suggested the above title as the most suitable for our 

The progenitor of the Melgum line, James Murray of Deuchar, died 
in 1619 aged 78, and was therefore born in or about 1571. A pedigree 
in the charter chest of the Setons of Abercorn, giving the descendants 
of William Maule, merchant, in Edinburgh (his father-in-law), styles 
him "brother of Philiphaugh," and the inscription on his tomb states 
that he was " ortiis" from the family of Philiphaugh. Ortus would 
evidently -in this case be intended to convey its immediate sense born, 
just as Venus is described by Ovid as "orta man" A pedigree 
registered in the Lyon Office in 1772, shows him as son of Patrick 
Murray of Philiphaugh, but in other respects is so erroneous'- that it 
can only be taken as corroborating to some extent the inscription and 
the pedigree in the Seton charter chest. The latter having been in the 
same custody ever since it was compiled for the purpose of showing the 
descent of the Setons and others from the abovementioned William 
Maule is quite good enough evidence that James Murray of Deuchar 

J Spelt either way. The Earl of Miuto derives his title of Viscount Melgund from 
this barony, which came to his family by descent from Hew Dalrymple, brother 
uterine of Sir Alex. Murray of Melgum. 

2 Even this statement, is not quite correct, as it was not until 1615 that the lands 
of Philiphaugh with others in Selkirkshire were erected into the barony of Philip- 
haugh. From about that date Philiphaugh became the designation of the family 
instead of that of Falahill, by which latter they hail been known from the fourteenth 



was a son of Murray of Falahill. Starting, therefore, with this fact, 
we are at once confronted with a curious genealogical point which 
requires elucidation before proceeding with the pedigree in detail. 

Patrick Murray, who was of Falahill from 1530 to 1577, the year of his 
death, had three sons named James, who attained manhood, a statement 
that may appear startling,at first, but which can easily be explained. The 
first James to be disposed of appears as one of the persons for whom 
Patrick Murray of Falahill (grandson of the above Patrick), ' James 
Hoppringle of Woodhouse, and John Hoppringle of Buckholme, became 
sureties to hold certain persons in Selkirkshire " harmles and skaithles 
in thair bodies, landis," tfcc., in which obligation he is described as "son 
natural to umquhile Patrick Murray of Fawlahill." The date of the 
obligation is 20th May 1590, 1 being twelve years after James, of 
Deuchar, had been described as a lawful son, as will be shown later on. 

With the other two James Murrays we propose to deal in the following 
narrative pedigree, which it is not necessary to give further back than 
the first mentioned — 

Patrick Murray of Falahill, who had sasine of the lands of Cran- 
stounriddell in 1529, on the resignation of his father, James Murray, to 
whom he was served heir in the following year, when he was also served 
heir of his uncle John in the lands of Falahill. He had three wives, the 
first of whom is said to have been Margaret, daughter of John, Lord 
Fleming,- married probably about 1528. The second was . . . Borth- 
wick as appears in an action, 1 28 Mar. 1582, by Thomas Majoribanks 
and Elizabeth Borthwick, his spouse, against Patrick Murray of Falahill, 
his tutors and curators, mentioning that upon 21 Dec. 1580 John Murray, 
one of the sons of umquhile Patrick Murray of Falahill, made and con- 
stituted the said Elizabeth " his moder sister," and the said Thomas, her 
spouse, etc., &c. By one of these wives, he had with other issue — 

James Murray, eldest son and app. heir, who died in his father's 
lifetime circ. 15G9, 4 having married (contract dated 6 Oct. .1560) 
Margaret, sister of John Stewart of Traquair, by whom he had 
with other issue a son and heir Patrick, who, being a minor at the 
time of his father's death, was granted a dispensation to be served 
heir of his grandfather, 8 Feb. 1581. 3 
His third wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Sclater, merchant in 
Edinburgh. She appears with her son, John Ormistoun,'"' as spouse of 
Patrick Murray of Falahill, in an action 7 2G June 1574, brought by the 
Bishop of Orkney, relating to the teind sheaves of ' Sauchtounhall.' 
She died April 1594, having had issue by Falahill the said — 

James Murray of Deuchar, called lawful son to umquhile Patrick 

1 Reg. Sec. Concilii. 

2 Genealogist N.S., viii, 1S6. 

5 Keg. of Decreets Comm. of Edinburgh, vol. xi. 

4 A year or two before his brother of the same name was born. 

5 Both these generations are omitted in the pe<l. in the Lyon Office. 

e Elizabeth Sclater was first married to Jerome Hamilton, by whom she was 
divorced, having left him to live with Robert Ormistoun, '26 .Ian. lf»(J4. yReg. Decreets 
Comm. of Edinburgh). 

7 Reg. of Acts and Decreets in Cooks of Council and Session, vol. hi. 



Murray of Falahill, and Elizabeth Sclater, in an action brought against 
his nephew Patrick of Falahill, 10 July 1578. 1 This James was a 
mer chant io J Ediiib.aEgh. and was in. right of his wife made a Bur-ess 
Imd Guild Brother of Edinbiirglx_on- Nt>v. 1602. He acquired the 
"lands of Deuchar in Forfarshire from Hugh Scott of Galashiels, who, 
with consent of his wife Jean fringle, disponed them to him in life- 
rent and to James Murray, younger, his son, in fee. The instrument of 
sasine following thereupon is dated 20 Mar. 1634. On the 9 Sept. 1G01 
he married Bethia, daughter of William Maule of Glaster, 2 merchant in 
Edinburgh. His will, 8 of which the following is an abstract, bears date 
22 Aug. 1G48— 

I James Murray of Ducharis, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, being aged, Sec. My 
eldest lawful son Sir James Murray to be exor. To the College of Edinburgh S000 
merks. My son Robert Murray. To my oy James Murray 2000 merks when 13 ; to 
his brother John Murray 1000 merks. To Patrick Murray my grandson, Robert 
Murray his brother, my grandson, and William Murray his brother, my grandson, 
1000 merks each. To James Eleis my grandson's sons every one of them 1000 
merks. My grandson James, eldest son of Robert Murray my son, Bethia Murray 
his dau., my granddau. My wife Bethia Maull. 

1648 Sep. 0. My second son Robert. My third son Patrick. 

He died 30 April 1649, aged 78, and in the following year two of 
his sons obtained a warrant to erect a monument to his memory in the 
Greyfriars' Churchyard. 4 The inscription is as follows — 

Jacobus Moravius ex antiqua Moray, a Philiphach familia ortus, civitate Edinbur- 
gena donatus, in ea mercaturam lYelieiter exercuit, et magistrates honorem sccpius 
meruit, Guliclmi Mauli, civis prasclari, filiam Bethiam uxorem duxit, ex qua plures 
liberos suscepit, et ex ijs tres filios superstites reli([uit, cum filia una Jacobo Elisaeo 
civi honor'irico nupta. Opum non tarn custos, quam ccconomus honestissimus ; in 
literatos, munificus ; in egenos, insigni charitate beneficus. Sic piam vitam placi la 
sequta est mors, prid. Kal. Maij. anno serai Christiana) mdcxlix ictatis sua) quarto 
sexti supra decimum lustri. Optimo Charissmoquc patri plorantes filii, Jacobus 
Eques, Rob. et Pat. Moravii Parentarunt. 5 

The arms on this monument are those of Philiphaugh, with a 
crescent for difference. 

Besides his sons James, Robert and Patrick, and daughter Bethia.' 3 
wife of James Elies of Stanhopemilnes, who survived him, he had the 
following children baptised at Edinburgh, and who died young, viz., 
William, Alexander, John, David, Gideon, Elizabeth, and Catherine. 

The three surviving sons I propose to deal with in this order— 
I. Sir James Murray of Skirling, 
II. Sir Robert Murray of Priestfield and Cameron, 

III. Sir Patrick Murray of Deuchar, 
and exhaust the line of each as far as my notes will permit. It is as 
well to remark here that the only descents which are complete are those 

1 Ibid., vol. lxxiii. 

2 Registrum de Panmure. 

:5 Reg. of Testaments Comm. of Edinburgh, vol. lxiv. 

4 Vide Brown's " Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions in Greyfriars Church 
yard, Edinburgh," giving the reference to this warrant, viz., Council Records of 
Edinburgh, vol. xvii. 'I'l'j. 

1 Ibid. 

6 Bap. in Edinburgh 4 Oct. 1612, died Jan. 1G70. 



from Alexander and Robert, two of the sons of Sir Robert of Priestfield 
and Cameron. 

L Sir James Murray of Skirling, baptised at Edinburgh 2 May 1604, 
styled James Murray, younger, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, until 
1647, in which year he appears as "Sir James Murray of Deuchar, 
Knt." It was about this date that a contract of alienation or dis- 
position was made between him and James Livingstone in relation 
to the lands and barony of Skirling, co. Peebles, in which he 
was seised 20 June 1G48. The price paid for these lands was £-5,200, a 
sum for which they were wadset twenty years later In 1684 they had 
passed into the possession of Colonel, afterwards Lt.-General, James 
Douglas. Sir James represented Peebles-shire in Parliament 1C50-1. 1 
His wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Patrick Hamilton of Little 
Preston, by whom he had issue — 

James Murray fiar of Skirling, and sometime of Priestfield, who 
married his mother's cousin german, Anna, daughter of Alexander 
Hamilton, General of Artillery (brother of Sir Patrick of Little 
Preston), and heir of her brother Alexander Hamilton (who died 
1656) ;- by whom he had (with possibly other issue) — 

Alexander, eldest son (?bap. at Edinburgh 19 Jan. 1GG2). 
Walter, bap. at Edinburgh (City Register) 31 Aug. 1G77. 
Henrietta, bap. at Edinburgh 12 June 1668. 
John Murray, Advocate, bap. at Edinburgh 2G Jan. 1641. 
Patrick Murray, merchant, served heir of his brother John, 1 1 
Oct. 1677. 

Margaret, bap. at Edinburgh 8 June 1642. 

II. Sir Robert Murray of Priestfield and Cameron (2nd suit, son 
of James of Deuchar), was baillie of Edinburgh 1648, Dean of Guild 
1659, and Lord Provost 1660 and 1661. The lands of Cameron were 
disponed by George Preston of Craigmillar to him and his wife Anna 
Hay 4 Dec. 1652. They also acquired some years later the Patronage 
of Chaplainry and Superiority of Cameron. A contract between Sir 
James Hamilton, elder, of Priestfield, and Sir James Hamilton, younger, 
his eldest son on the one part, and Sir Robert Murray of Cameron, on 
the other, by which Sir James dispones Priestfield to Sir Robert, bears 
date 15 April 1GG5."' About the year 1G71 he also acquired the lands 
and barony of Melgum in Forfarshire from James Maule. He represented 
Edinburgh in Parliament 1661-3, 4 died 1G72, and was buried in the 
Greyfriars. He married twice, first Anna, daughter of Alexander Hay 
of Kenneth, by whom he had issue — 

James, eldest son, mentioned in his grandfather's will, died 

Alexander, son and heir (1). 
1 Foster's " Members of Parliament for Scotland.'" 

- In "Memorials of the Earls of Haddington," by Sir W. Fraser, it appears that 
Anna Hamilton married a few days after the death of her only brother. She 
inherited the lands of Priestfield, which thus passed into the hands of her husband. 
]5eing greatly burdened with debt they were sold to Sir Robert Murray of Cameron. 

3 He had previously had a charter of Priestfield. dated 1? July 16G3. 

4 Foster's Members of Parliament for Scotland." 



John, bap. at Edinburgh 29 June 1656. 
Robert (#). 

William, bap. at Edinburgh 22 April 1662, Major in the Horse 
Guards in Scotland, and sometime Captain in the Koyul Regiment 
of Dragoons, died 1703. 

Bethia, mentioned in her grandfather's will. 
Sir Robert married secondly, 1 June 1665, Jean, daughter of John 
Dickson of Hartrce, Lord Hartree of Session, bap. 17 Mar. 1613, by 
whom he had issue — 

James, bap. at Edinburgh 18 Feb. 1669. 
Agnes, 1 bap. at Edinburgh 17 Jan. 1667. 
Joan, 1 bap. 28 July 1670. 

Euphame, 1 bap. 21 Sep. 1671, married Sir Walter Scton, 

Of his daughters, one married Andrew Myreton of Gogar, another 
Sir Hugh Wallace of Ingliston, and a third . . . Majoribanks, merchant 
in Edinburgh. 2 His son and heir — 

1. Alexander Murray of Priestfield and Melgum, was served heir 
of his father in his estates of Melgum, Arc, in co. Forfar; Priestfield, 
Cameron, eve., in co. Edinburgh ; and lands of Hawick, co. Roxburgh, 
with others, 7 May 1672. In 1677 he sold his lands of rriestheld for 
88,550 merks scots to James Dick, merchant, in Edinburgh. 3 He 
married Janet, daughter of James Rocheid of Innerleith. His will 4 
dated at Edinburgh 18 Dec. 1681, nominates his wife to be "tutrix 
testamentar to the divider or children to be boirne . . . and q r \vith 
she is now gravida/' He died 1682 and his widow remarried Sir David 
Dalrymple of Hales, Bart., by whom she had with other issue, Hew 
Dalrymple, second son. Under the entail of his half-brother, Hew 
Dalrymple inherited the barony of Melgum, eve. 3 Alexander Murray's 
issue was an only child, a posthumous son — 

Sir Alexander Murray of Melgum, who was served heir general of 
his father 18 Oct. 1683, and heir in the barony of Melgum, &c., 10 Sep. 
1687. He was created a Baronet 26 Jan. 1701, the patent according to 
Milne being limited to his heirs male. He married Grizel Kynynmound, 
heiress of Kynynmound (which estate like Melgum passed to Hew 
Dalrymple). Their post nuptial contract of marriage, dated 21 Aug. 
1706, was ratified on her attaining majority 13 Sep. 1710, and again 
after the death of her husband 26 July 1713. 

Sir Alexander in 1710 executed the bond of tailzie under which Hew 
Dalrymple, his brother uterine, succeeded to his estates. He died a 
few years later, and his testament dative, confirmed 2 Feb. 1727, was 

1 Agnes, Joan, and Eunhauie were retoured heirs portiouers of their father in an 
annual rent out of Altoun in Dumfries-shire. 
3 Ped. in Seton Charter Chest. 

3 See Baronetage^ sub Dick-Cunyngham of Prestoufield [vr Priestfield), Bart., fur 
descendants of James Dick. 

4 Keg. of Testament- Comm. of Edinburgh. 

5 Vide Peerages sub E. of Mm to and E. of Stair. 

6 Keg. of Testaments Comm. of Edinburgh. 



given up by Sir James Dalryraple of Hales, Bart., as only exor. decerned, 
in so far as the said Sir Alexander by liis heritable bond dated 13 Sep. 
1710 bound himself to repay £32,816 scots to Sir David Dalryraple, 
father of exor. His only son, Sir Alexander Murray, died s.p. L736, 1 
and was buried in the Greyfriars 11 Mar. 173G. On 30 May following 
Hew Murray Kynynniound ^(formerly Hew Dalrymple) had a general 
Ketour of Service as heir of tailzie and provision. We return now to — 

2. Robert Murray (another son of Sir Hubert of Priestfield and 
Cameron), bap. at Edinburgh 19 Aug. 1659, was "Lieutenant General 
of the Forces and Armies of their High and Mightinesses the Estates 
General of the United Provinces/' and Governour of Tournay. He 
married Margaret Thcrese Boomnerk, their marriage contract being 
dated at Courtray in Flanders 18 Dec. 1712 (he being therein described 
as Governour of the Town and Castle Waird of Couttray). He died in 
1719, his testament dative being confirmed 18 Sep. I719. 1 His son — 

Sir Joseph Murray, Bart., Chamberlain, Colonel, Arc., and Count of 
Murray of Melgum, having been created a Count of the Austrian Empire 
by letters patent, dated 25 Nov. 1761, in which he is described " Baron 
de Murray ct do Melgum." Ten years later he was served heir general 
of his kinsman, Sir Alexander Murray of Melgum, thus succeeding to the 
Baronetcy. He died at Vienna 5 June 1802, having made his will the 
same day. By his wife Maria Colette, Countess von Lichtervelde, he 
had issue one son and the following five daughters — 

Christine Thercse Josephe, married at Brussels to James, Earl of 
Findlater and Seatield, who d. s.p. at Dresden 3 Oct. 1811. She 
died in London May 1813, aged 58. 

Marie Anne Hobcrtinc, Viscountess Proudhomrae d'Ailly de 

Marie Therese Colette. 
Charlotte Josephine Guilaine. 
Henrietta Augustine Josephine. 
His son — 

Sir Joseph Albert Murray, Bart., Count of Murray, Major-General 
in the Austrian Service, was bom 26 Aug 177 b and died at Odenburg, 
Hungary, 6 Feb. 1848, having married 6 Sep. 1815 Almeria Franziskee 
Ursula, Countess Esterhazy von Galantha, who was born 24 Sep. 1789, 
and died 21 Dec. 1849. Their issue was four daughters, namely, 
Aglaja, Ossilia, Marie Albertine and Emerilda. Some years after the 
dcatli of Sir Joseph Albert Murray, his kinsman, the chief of his family, 
Mr. Murray of Philiphaugh, was served his heir male by the Sheriff in 
Chancery in Edinburgh, and under the patent, according to Milne, was 
entitled to the Baronetcy. 1 presume that the Sheriff in Chauccry was 
satisfied that this branch of the family was extinct in the male line, 
but as my notes have not been made with the intention of showing 
this, as has been explained before, it is not possible for me to prove the 

1 Ibid. 



Having exhausted the line of Sir Robert Murray of Priestficld and 
Cameron, we return to his youngest brother — 

III. Sir Patrick Murray of Deuchar, bap. at Edinburgh 19 Sep. 
1626, represented Selkirkshire in Parliament in 1665, 1667, 1669 and 
1674. 1 A contract of alienation or mutual disposition between him 
and Lt.-Colonel Douglas, wherein he is styled " Sir Patrick Murray of 
Deuchar," narrates certain apprising^ which affected the lands of 
Deuchar as well as those of Skirling, and intimates that the Colonel had 
acquired the heritable and irredeemable right to the latter, as has been 
shown, and that Sir Patrick had a like right to Deuchar. This contract 
is dated 2 Dec. 168-1. He died 21 Jan. 1689, and was buried in Grey- 
friars Churchyard in his father's tomb. He married Euphamc Baird and 
had issue — 

James Murray of Deuchar, bap. at Edinburgh 8 Feb. 1657, 
married twice, firstly Anne Kerr (contracted 26 Oct. 1681), secondly 
Elizabeth Thomson, who survived him. By his will 2 he left his 
son, Patrick Murray of Deuchar, his heir," who with Sir William 
Baird of Newbyth, James Somerville of Drum, John Ker of Cavers, 
and others, he appointed tutors to his other children. He died in 
Dec. 1706. 

Patrick Murray of Mount Lothian, co. Edinburgh, Captain in 
the Earl of Tullibardin's Regiment, residing in Edinburgh at the 
time of his death. His testament dative, confirmed 24 Sep. 1707, 4 
was given up by Patrick Murray of Deuchar (his nephew), tutor of 
law, served to James Murray, his son and only exor. dative 
decerned as nearest of kin. He had issue- 
Patrick Murray, of Mount Lothian, served heir general of his 
father 28 June 1720. Died July 1729. 

James Murray, of Mount Lothian, served heir special of his 
brother in Mount Lothian 20 Feb 1730. 
John Murray, an Apothecary, settled in England."' 
Bethia, bap. at Edinburgh 24 Feb. 1656, married Sir Archibald 
Hamilton of Rosehall. 5 

Margaret, married Lt.-Colonel John White, Royal Scots Regt, 
killed at Blenheim. 5 

Janet, married James Somerville of Drum' (12th Lord Somerville 
de jure, died 1700). 

The following tabulated pedigree is a synopsis of the foregoing, and 
may show more clearly what 1 have endeavoured to state in narrative 

1 Foster's " Members of Parliament for Scotland." 
? Reg. of Testaments Comm. of Edinburgh. 

3 Served heir general of his father 25 Jan. 1710, and heir of line general uf his 
cousin Patrick Murray, of Mount Lothian, 1 Sep. 1731. 

4 Reg. of Testaments Comm. of Edinburgh. 

5 Red. in Seton Charter Chest. 




In his Calendar from the Magdalen? College MSS. (1691), p. x, the 
Rev. W. D. Macray gives a pedigree of Gurdun, making out that there 
were two of the name. Before that date, however, I contributed several 
papers to The Genealogist, 1 showing by extracts from the public records 
that there were certainly three Adam Gurduns in succession, as under : 

I. Adam Gurdun held a rent in Tystede =f=- 
from K. John, and + ante 7 Aug. 1214. 

I " ' . 

II. Adam Gurdun held lands in Tystede =f=Ameria 4- c. 
and Selborne, + ante 12 Aug. 1231. 12 Jan. 1266-7. 

III. Sir Adam Gurdun, 
a minor in 1235-6, + 
ante 8 April 1305. 

. 1 

=Constancia de Venuz, One other child at 
ante 1257. Living least living 1 235-6. 
1272, + ante 1292. 

Johanna Gurdun. Living sot. 45 in 1305.=Robert Achard, ante 12S6, 

+ ante 1308. 

There are some points of difference between Mr. Macray 's account 
and this, e.g., he supplies the names of Sir Adam Gurdun's (III.) second 
wife Agnes, and of his bastard son John, from the original deeds at 
Magdalene College. He also suggests that Sir Adam's daughter and 
heiress Johanna was by this second wife. This cannot be, for Johanna 
was forty-five at her father's death in 1305, and thus born in 1260, 
Constance her mother having been married by 1257, 2 and still alive in 

Many of the original deeds of the Priory, which I gave from the 
Memoranda rolls, are calendared by Mr. Macray. One of these, not 
recorded on the Memoranda, is a lease dated " Hockeday," 1357, by 
the Prior of Selborne, granting to John Gurdon two crofts in West 
Tystede, for the lives of himself, his wife Joan, and his two daughters 
Eufemia and Agnes, for the yearly rent of 8s. Could this John be a 
son or grandson of John the bastard, who had taken his forefather Sir 
Adam's surname 1 It seems quite possible, the land being among the 
Gurdun possessions. 

The Gurdons of Essex claim descent from Sir Adam (III.), but as he 
left no lawful son, the only possible legitimate link must be through 
Adam (ID, who appears to have left a younger child or more in 1235-6, 
the sex not stated. JosErii Bain. 

1 New Series, vols, iv, pp. 1, 107, and v, p. 90. 

3 On 2 Kal. Oct. 1255 the Pope granted an "indult" t<» Adam do Gurdun, Knight, 
and Constance de route longo, dau. of John Vernuz of the diocese of \Vinchest< r, to 
contract marriage, though within the fourth degree of consanguinity. (Bliss's Papal 
Registers, vol. i, p. 323.) 


^rtitgrcrs from tlje Pea Uolte. 

By Major-General the Hon. GEORGE WROTTESLEY. 
(Continued from Vol. X, p. 216). 

Be Banco. Mich. 22. E. 3. m. 381. 

Notts.- — Simon de Sibethorp sued John Cosyn, the Chaplain and Warden 
of the Chapel of St. Mary of Sibethorp, for lands and rents in 
Sibethorp. The pleadings give this pedigree : — 

i 1 

Robert, temp. Ric. 1, Ralph, 
ob.. s.p. 



Simon, the plaintiff. 

Reginald. John. 

De Banco. Mich, 22. K 3. m. -120. 

JS r orthampt. — Andrew de Sankeville, Chivaler, and Joan, his wife, sued 
Thomas de Fitlyng, and Agnes, his wife, for the next presentation to 
the Church of Burton, near Thvndene, and stated that Walter de 
Nevylle, Kt., had given the advowson of the church to Philip, son of 
Philip de la Bechc, temp. Ed. 1. 


Philip, ob. s.p. John. 

Thomas, John, Joan, 

ob. s p. ob. s.p. —Andrew, 

the plaintiff. 

Joan had two sisters, Isabella, married to William fitz Elys, and Alice, 
wife of Robert Danvers. 

De Banco. Easter. 30. E. 3. m. 14C. 
Salop. — William, son of John de Weston, of Salop, sued Thomas de 
Haukeston, Kt., for the manor of Haukeston, which John de Haukeston 
had given to William de Haukeston, and Alianora, his wife, and to the 
heirs of the body of Alianora, 

William de Haukeston. =Alianora.^f 




\\ illiam, the plaintiff. 



De Banco. Easter 30 E. 3. m. 2 IS. 

Northampt. — Thomas de Grey, of Cavendish, Chivalcr, and four others, 
were sued by the King for the next presentation to the church of 
Assheby David. Walter de Langton, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, 
was seised of the manor and advowson, temp. E. 1, and gave them to 
Robert Peverel, his brother*, and Alice, his wife, and to the heirs of their 

Robert Peverel.=j=Alice,=Thoma3 de Verdun, Kt. 


John Peverel, who was in ward to the King, because the mauor was 
held of the Earl of Pembroke, and the Earl was a minor in ward 
to the King, and the King had then presented to the Church. 

John Peverel on coming of age had given the manor to John de Lisle, 
of Kedmount (John de Insula de rubeo monte), and John de Lisle died 
leaving a son and heir, Robert, who was under age and in ward to the 

De Banco. Mich. 30 E. 3. m. 38. 
Deri). — Richard de Burton sued William de Kinardeseye for the next 
presentation to the chapelry of la Lee. 

Robert de Alvelegh, held the manor 

of la Lee, temp. E. 1. 

i 1 

Leitice. Sarra. 

I I 
Thomas de Eurcitf, Alexander de la Lee. who had 

temp. E. 1. enfeoffed Ralph de Frecheville 

of his purparty. 

William claimed as son of John de Kynardesley and of Joan, who 
was kinsw oman and heir to Thomas dc Furcis. 

De Banco. Mich. 30. E. 3. m. 1-3. 
Glouc. — Richard Talbot, Kt., the elder, sued the Bishop of Hereford for 
the next presentation to the church of Westbury, and gave this descent — 
William dc Myners, held the mauor 
and advowson, temp. K. John. 


Isabella. Elizabeth. Basilia. 

-Geoffrey de Long- —William Carnage, —Pagan de Burghull, 

champs, who enfeoffed who had enfeoffed who had enfeoffed 

Henry de Bathe. Matthew Gamage. the Bishop of Here- 


Nicholas, son of Henry 
de Bathe. 

Aline. Elizabeth. =p Adam de Anne. 

=*ilobert de Sapy, who enfeoffed 
Richard Talbot, the plaintiff. John. 



De Banco. Mich. 30. E. 3. m. 49. 

Wane. — Gilbert de Crosseby, and Aimora, his wife, sued Adam de 
Brynkenhull for land in Alspathc (Meriden), which Gerald de Alspath 
had given to Gerard, his son, and Milisent, his wife, and to the heirs of 
their bodies. 

Gerard de Alspath, =f=Milisent. 
temp. E. 1. | 



=Gilbert de Crosseby. 

De Banco. Mich. 30 E. 3. m. 280. 

Line. — William, son of John de Spalding, sued John Duueel, of Peynton, 
for land in Pyncebek, which Christiana, daughter of Adlard fitz Adlard 
had given to William, son of Ralph, son of Seward de Spalding, in frank 
marriage with Lucy, his daughter. 



William. =Lucy, temp. E. 1. 



William, the plaintiff. 

Thomas, ob. s p. 

De Banco. Easter. 31. E. 3. m. 110. 

Lincoln. — Nicholas de Rye sued John de Kerketon, Kt., for the custody 
of land in Quadryng, which Robert, son of John de Holand, had held of 
him by military service, and he stated that Robert de Rye his triavu* 
was seised of the land and held it of Ralph fitz William, and Robert 
had given it to Ralph, son of Ralph de Holand, in frank marriage with 
Alice, his sister, and he gave these descents — 

Ralph de Holand. 

Ralph=Aliee de Rve. 


Robert de Pvve. 

I " 





Robert, ob. s.p. 


Nicholas, the 

Thomas, under age. 



De Banco. Easter, m. 114. 
Lincoln. — John do Repynghale sued John de Stonore, and Matilda, his 
wife, for the manor of Repynghale, which Bernard de Brus had given to 
Adam, son of John de Repynghale, and Constance, his wife, and" to the 
heirs of their bodies, temp. E. I. 

John de Repynghale. 

Adam, temp. E. l.=Constance. 

John, son and heir, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 31. E. 3. m. 89. 

Berks. — Gilbert de Okhangre sued John Ingram, Chaplain, and another, 
for the manor of West Shifford. 

Fulk de St. John, temp. Hen. 3. 



Gilbert, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Hillary. 32. E. 3. m. 112. 

Kent. — The King sued John Flisso for the next presentation to the 
church of Erde. 

John de St. John. 

Edmund of Basing. 

i •" 1 

Isabella. Margaret. 

•"Luke de Ponyngges. =John de St. Philbert, 

De Banco. Easter. 31. E. 3. m. 217. 

Line.- — Hugh de Cressy, of Selfston, and Cecily, his wife, sued Robert 
fitz Piersgay and other tenants for land in Trusthorp. 

Hugh de Paunton. Kt. 

Hugh de Paunton. 


Thomas, Cecily, Alice, 

ob. s.p. =Hugh de Cressy. =\Yilliam de Manley, Kt. 

De Banco. Mich. 31. E. 3. m. 75. 

Lane. — William de Ferrars, Chivaler, sued Alice, formerly wife of Robert 
de Shirburn, Chivaler, for one-fourth of the manors of Chorlegh and 
Bolton on the Moors, which Robert, formerly Karl of Derby, had given 
to William, his brother, and heirs of his body. 



i 1 

Robert de Ferrars, William de Ferrars. 

Earl of Derby. | 


William, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 31. E. 3. m. SS. 

Oxon. — Nicholas de Huntercombe sued the Abbot of . . . (illegible) 
for the manor of Huntercombe, which Walter de Roos, late Bishop of 
Carlisle, had given to William de Huntercombe and Elena, his wife, and 
to the heirs of their bodies. 

William .=j=Elena, temp. Hen. 3. 

Walter, oh. s p. Gunnora. 



Nicholas, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Easter. 31 E. 3 m. 70. 

Northumb. — Isabella, formerly wife of William de Dcnom, sued Robert 
de Fenwick for an illegal distress, 

Idonia de Meldon held the manor of Meldon of Roger, son of Roger 
Bertram, of Mitford, and Roger granted her service to Walter de 

Walter de Cambhowe. 

I ' 1 1 

John, ob. s.p.=Isolda. William, ob. s.p. Isabella. 


Emma, ob. s.p. 

John and Isolda had levied a Fine 32 E. 1, by which the manor was 
settled on themselves for life, with remainder to Thomas, son of John de 
Bel so we. 

John de Belsowe. 

r J ~\ 

Thomas, son of John. John. 

I I 
Thomas, ob. s p. John de W alyngton, who enfeoffed 

Robert de Fenwick. 

Idonia had enfeoffed William de Denom and Isabella, his wife, the 
plaint iff". 

Be Banco. Mich. 18. E. 3. m. 179. 
Lincoln. — The King sued Henry Hillary, Chivaler, for the next presen- 
tation to the church of Somercotes, in right of the Abbot of Langonet, 



whose lands were in the King's hands, owing to the war with France. 
The King's attorney stated that one Alan Gymell had given the advow- 
son to the Abbot, temp. Ric. 1. 

Henry stated that one Thomas de Multon, of Franketon, held the 
advowson temp. Hen, 3, and he gave this descent — 

Thomas de Multon. temp. Hen. 3. 



Thomas, who was in ward to Thomas de 
Multon of Egremond. 

And he held the status of Thomas de Moulton, of Franketon, by a 
feoffment of the last Thomas. 

De Banco. Mich. 31. E. 3. m. 165. 

J je yc. — John de Charneles, of Snarkeston, sued William, son of Henry 
March, of Snarkeston, for land in Snarkeston which Simon de Hereford 
had given to his ancestor William de Charneles, in frank marriage with 
Clemence, his daughter. 

William de Charneles .^f Clemence. 



"\\ illiam. 

John, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Easter. 32 E. 3. m. 82. 

Somerset. — Richard de Acton, Kt, sued Alice, formerly wife of John de 
Bures, Kt., Ralph de Middelneye, Kt., Thomas Fychot, Kt., Geoffrey de 
Stonewell, Kt., and others, for unjustly disseising him of the manor of 

William de Reyney. 

Robert de Acton,=p Joan.-7=Stephen de Beaumont, 
first husband. j | second husband. 

-J L n 

Robert. Alice, defendant.— John de Rures. 

Richard de Acton, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Trinity. 32. E. 3. m. 270. 
Northampt.— John de Drayton sued John de Boys for the next presenta- 
tion to the church of Wodcford. 



John rle Wodeford held the manor 
and advowson. | 

=John de Eosco. 



John de Boys, 


'Richard Traill v. 

—Roger Bozoun. 



Thomas Bozoun. 

Thomas Bozoun, now living. 
John de Drayton sued as Gustos of John Trailly. 

- J 1 

=Geoft"rey Trailly. 

William Trailly. 



John Trailly, under age. 

De Banco. Mich. 33. E. 3. m. 3G3. 

Devon. — "William de Arkesworthy sued Thomas Mosefen and Robert 
Scofter, and Matilda, his wife, for one-sixth of the manor of Holccombe 

Mabel Port mot, temp. E. 1. 




William de 
A rkes worthy 
the plaintiff: 





Put ef oid. 


r _J , 

Robert, Matilda, 
ob. s.p. defendant. 







"\\ illiam. 

De Banco. Easter. 33. E. 3. m. 149. 

Wane. — John de Arderne sued the Abbot of Leicester to recover land 
in Crud'deworth and the advowson of the church, which William de 
Arderne had given to the abbey, temp. Hen. 3, the service for it being 
in arrear more than two years. 

William de Arderne, of Rodburne. 

William, the grantor, living 8 Hen. 3. 



John, the plaintiff. 

The Abbot stated that Hugh de Arderne had granted the land and 
church to the Abbey at a date before legal memory, and he produced 
the deed of Hugh, and its confirmation by Waleran, Earl of Warwick, 
and a deed dated 1 Ric. T, by which Thomas de Arderne confirmed the 
grants of Hugh de Ardena, his uncle, and Henry de Ardena, his father. 



De Banco. Mich. 33. E. 3. m. 125. 

Norf. — The King sued Adam de Clifton, Kt., for the next presentation 
to the church of Atleburerh, 

Robert de Tateshall, Mabel. Joan~de Driby, Isabella. 

ob. temp. E. 1. | ob. 3 E. 3. ' =^John de Orrebv. 

I r - 1 - -i I I 

Robert, c b. s.p. Thomas Margaret.- Alice. Philip. 

Cailly, —William Bernak. 

d. s.p. Adam de Clifton. ^ 


Robert, under age, in ward to the King 
The King claimed as guardian of Robert Bernak, of Plessynghall. 

De Banco. Easter. 31. E. 3. m. 245. 

Buds. — John de Grey, of Rotherfeld, sued t lie Prior and Hospital of 
St. John of Jerusalem for the manor of Shobynton, which Thomas de 
Vaiognes had given to Robert de Grey, and Joan, his wife, and to the 
heirs of their bodies, temp. Hen. 3. 

Robert de Grew— Joan, temp. Hen. 3. 


John, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Hillary. 35. E. 3. m. 276 clorso. 

Derh. — Margaret, formerly wife of Thomas Corsoun, sued William 
Corsoun, Chivaler, for a third of the manor of Croxhale, as dower. 

Richard Cursoun. 

William.^— Emma. 

Elizabeth.^Thomas. — Margaret, the 

William Curson, the defendant. 

De Banco. Hillary. 35. E. 3. m. 90. 
Xorthampt. — Thomas Preston, Chivaler, sued John, son of George dt 
Lungeville, for land in Wotton. 

Gilbert de Preston. 

Laurence, temp. E. 2. 

First wife.=pLaurence.=FJoan. 

— i 

Thomas, the plaintiff. Isabella.^ George de Lungeville. 

John, the defendant. 

(To be continued.) 



5Lcr of QuarrrnfcoiL 

[Continued from Vol. X. p- 207.) 

Will of Rt. Hon. HUGH, LORD CLIFFORD, Baron of Chudleigh, Devon.,. dated 
18 June 1783. Marriage settlements dated 13 & 14 Dee. 1 74 '.> with Lady Ann Lee ; 
present wife, concerning manor of Callowden in parishes of Callowdeu, Si Michaels, 
Low Wyhen, Stoak, Foldshill, Exall. Colton & Marston in co. of city of Coventry ; 
to dau. Lady Ann Clifford annuity of 16 guineas from said lands ; said manor t<» go 
to 2nd. son, Hon. Charles Clifford', with rem. to 3rd. son Hon. Robert Clifford, with 
rem. to 4th. son Hon Thomas Clifford, with rem. to eldest son Hon Hugh Clifford ; 
if Hugh die without heirs male the bro. who takes title to pay £100 per ami. to 
each surviving bro., also £'200 per aim. from said Ids. to he settled as dower on each 
wife of sd sons if they marry ; marr. settlement of eld. sou Hugh with Hon. 
Appolonia Langdale dated 25 Apr. 1780 of Ids in Devon & Warw. : other indentures 
&c recited ; to daus. Hon. Frances & Hon. Charlotte Clifford eaeh £3999 . 10s. ; to 
dau. Ann & sons Charles. Robert & Thomas each 2s. ; if Charlotte enter a religious 
order then she to have hut £000 ; Lady Clifford to occupy house in Brut on St., 
Hanover Sq., for life, rem. to owner of Callowden : to wife £500 ; all furniture kc at 
seat at Fgbrook to son Hugh : to sister Hon. Lady Smvthe £f>0 : Trustees for lands 
Robert Lord Petre k John Courtenay Throckmorton : brother Thomas Clifford luxor. 
& to him 1200 : Wit. Francis Plowdeu, Jn c Hobcraft & Lawrence Weston. 

Codicil dated 30 Aug 1783 : To wife all plate in house in London : to Mr Joseph 
Reeves & Mr William Farley £30 each ; to Mrs. Sarah Coleman. Charles Bulow, 
Charles Atkinson k Lawrence Weston, all of Ugbrook, tlO per aim. each : Wit. Pr 
He\l(yer) Junr & John Weston. Fro. 31 Oct "1783 bv Hon. Thomas Clifford the 
brother. * P.C.C. (Cornwallis 505). 

Will of ROBERT, EARL OF LITCHFIELD. dated 5 Feb. 1773; To be buried 
in burial vault of my ancestors at Spelsbury, co. Oxford, & a monument to be 
erected in that church in memory of my late brother the Hon t,!o Admiral Fitzroy 
Henry Lee, my dear wife Catherine, now Countess of Litchfield, & myself : to wife 
any money which may lie in hands of my bankers (Robert Child, Esq., or other 
Banker) ; to Exors. i.100 eaeh ; Real Estate to be sold & proceeds invested & interest 
to go to wife, to whom all plate, jewels &c : Sir James Dashwcod, Bart , & John 
Morton of Tackley, Esq., Exors. : Wit : John Walton, Richard Braine k Frederick 

Codicil dated 1 May 1774 ; To my nephews Chris 1 & George Crowe each £1000 ; 
to my* godson, son of the said George Crowe, £1000 ; to nephew Fred. Young £1000 ; 
to my nieces Charlotte Lady Dillon & Ann Lady Clifford each t.'OO : to my niece 
Barbara Lady Mostyn £200 ; to the present Duke of Beaufort, as acknowledgment 
of favours received from the Beaufort family, £2000, & to my Godson Lord Charles 
Somerset, son of the said Duke, £1000 ; to my friends Sir James Harrington & Dr. 
John Warner each £100: to my friends Mr. James Burr (land-steward & John 
Heppard (house-steward) each £200 k a year s wages ; to my groom Rob 1 Box il00 
& a year's wages ; to my park keeper John Freeman £100 & his pack of beagles A: 
such horses as were used by him & the whipper-in to follow the beadles ; to my 
footman John Wolley £25 a year's wages ; to the industrious poor of Spelsbury it 
Enston, each psh. £.50, for placing boys & girls in service : to my nephew Hon l,le 
Chas. Dillon all wine that may be in the cellars at Ditchley ; to M^ Jane Beaver, 
wife of Rev d James Beaver, £100 to lie disposed of for her children : Personal 
Estate at Ditchley to be sold & also all plate except such as wife shall elect to keep : 
27 Nov. 1770 Thomas Griffith of Pall-Mali, Westminster, vintner, & John Walton of 
the Middle Temple, London, appear & swear to handwriting of codicil. Proved at 
London 3 Dec. 1776 by Exors. named in the will P.C.C. (Bellas oOO). 

Aug: 17S0. To my brother, the Rev: Sir Jamc9 Stonhouse, Bar 1 D.D., & my 
sister Anne, Lady Bowyer, £0000, to be placed out at interest in their names, to pay 



the dividends to my niece, Penelope Cook, wife of George Cook of Harefield, Co. 
Middx.. for her life ^' at her death I give the principal sum to her three daughtei . 
Kitty, Penelope and Elizabeth Cooke, equally at 21 years or marriage. To the said 
lady Ann Bowyer £500. To the said Sir James £3000. To my two half sisters, 
Mrs. Martha Yansittart and Mrs. Mary Stonhouse £100 each." To the Rev, M r 
Benet, husband of my deed, sister Diouisia, £100. To M 1 ' 3 Jane Beaver, widow of 
Rev. M r James Beaver of Lewkngj-, £200. Servants John Heppard senior and 
Elizabeth Hodges. To my stud brother, Sir James, three dozen of silver plates and 
fourteen silver dishes. I give my three pieces of golden gilt plate to the person in 
possession of the family seat at Ditchley, co. Oxford, under the will of George 
Henry, Earl of Litchfield, as heirlooms. Residue to sister, Anne Bowyer, Executrix. 
My body to be buried in the vault of the Litchfield family at Spelsbury, near my 
late husband Witness— Tho : Walker & Susa h Walker. Proved 16 March 1784 by 
Dame Ann Bowyer, widow, the Extrx named. P.C C. (Rockingham 150). 

Will of THOMAS G RENE WAY, Esquier of Dynton parishe in Bukshire ; Dated 
1 April 1538; To be buried in the Chauncell of Dynton Church; To my son 
Richard Greneway 40 1 ; to my daughter Wenyfride 40 s : to my daughter Bryget 20 
nobles ; to my servants Inglosbye and Edward xx" each ; servant Elizabeth Esgo ; 
Residue " to my wedded wife maistress Elizabeth Greneway " & she executrix : 
Overseers — maister Roger Lee and Fraunces Lee; Witness: — Maister Richard 
Grenway, Morgan Johns vicar & Thomas Inglosby ; Pro. 24 September 1538 by relict 
& Extrx. named in the will. P.C.C. (Dyngeley 20). 

Will of RICHARD GRENEWAY, Esquire ; Dated 1 July 1551 : To hauc over 
nay sepulcre one tombe of marble stone with couzans Amies and scripture thereon 
sett k grauen ; to my wife Joane the two parts of all my manors, lauds, tents kc in 
co. Bucks and in London to her & to the heirs of our two bodies with remainder after 
her death to my son Anthonye Grenewaye & his heirs, and if the said Anthonye be 
within age at my death I give the third part of the said manors &c to the Kings 
Maiestie during his minority, When my said son comes of age he shall occupy the said 
third part : to Anne Greneway my eldest dau and to Fraunces Greneway my second 
dau. o00 ,n and 200 m respectively at 18 years or marriage, if they marry att their 
mother's discretion : to said Anthonye 100 1 at full age. If my said son die without 
issue the manors <<cc shall remain to my second son (if 1 have one), remainder to my 
said daus., rem. to Richard Ingeldesby, esq., & Wenefridc his wife. rem. to my rigid 
heirs ; If I have two sons living at my death, my second son shall have at his full 
age my manor of Agmondesham Woodrave. co. Ikicks ; Wife Joane & son Anthony 
Res Legs & Exors ; Overseers — friends S r Richard blounte, knt. John Xorreys, esq. 
k Uob'ert Woodlef, gent. ; "And where as I haue proved by thorder of the la we that 
the secountle lease of the Manor of Hurkott graunted to my vncle Benet Lee 
deceased by one Copforlons late M r of thospitall of Saint thomas of Acres ys frustrat 
void and of no force ... 1 will that my said wief & other my friends . . . shall do 
asmoche as in they in ys to adnichilnate (sic) the same'" so that my son enjoy tho 
manor at end of the first lease ; (Xo witnesses). Pro. 19 May 1552 by relict, Power 
reserved for other Exor. P.C.C. (Powell 15). 

These Greneway wills form a valuable supplement to the wills of 
Richard Lee, of Qiuirrendon, and Sir Robert Lee, Ins son, already 
printed,- as they conclusively prove that it was Elizabeth, daughter 
of the first, and sister of the second, testator named, who was 
the wife of Thomas Greneway, of Dinton, whom we find witnessing the 
will of the former in U99, :; while Richard Greneway is evidently the 
"sustcr's sonne" who is so bitterly animadverted upon by Sir Robert 
Lee in 1537 for his interference in the marital affairs of his cousin, 
Francis Lee (son of the last named), and his wife, Jane Tylncy. It 
will be noted that this Francis Lee, and his uncle, Roger Lee, appear as 

1 Cf\ will of Benett Lee, of Huccote. Gen., >~.S., viii, 231. 

2 Genealogist, >\S., vol. viii, fo. 227-9. 

3 Ibid. 



overseers of the will of Thomas Grcneway, only six months after the 
date of Sir Robert's will. It would be most interesting to find the 
papers connected with this divorce suit, which are no doubt buried 
among the archives of the Dioecse of Lincoln. Certain it is, however, 
that the divorce was effected, and that Richard Grenewav promptly 
married the divorced heiress, a fact which we learn clearly from his 
monumental inscription in Dinton Church, where she is called "Johne 
hys wyffe Doughtcr and hcyer unto John Tylncy of Leckhamsted 
Esquyer." 1 The whole story gives us a curious glimpse into the soeial 
manners of the sixteenth century. Of the fate of the luekless Francis 
Lee, after the loss of his heiress-bride, we have no further clue. 

Will of THOMAS DARRELL, esquier, dated 4 Sept. 1523 ; to be buried in the 
chirche of seint nicholas before the highe aulter in lyllingstone Aforesaid. I will all 
my fee-simple lands, save those which I am boundeu to leave to my sun Poule 
Darrell, shall be sold by my exors. to the setting forth of my children. Whereas my 
manor of Lyllingstone Darrell. with all other my lands &c in Lyllingstone, stand 
(the jointures of my wife Dorothe and of my son's wife Margarett Darrell. excepted) 
to the uses expressed in a pair of indentures between me and John Chenye esquire, 
for marriage to be had between my son Paule and Margarett, daughter of the said 
John, dated 6 May 1 1 H. 8. I now will that my feofi'ces stand enfeoffed of one 
moiety of the said premises to the use of all my children, and of one moiety to the 
use of the children of my son Paule, until the next heir of my son Paule come to full 
age, when my feoffees shall stand seized to the use of the heirs of my son Paule. All 
household stuff at Lyllingstone to remain as " standers of houshold lefte onto me by 
my father poule Darrell." Dorothy my wife shall have house-room in the said manor, 
for life, at the end of the house that shall please her best. Residue of goods to said 
wife, my extrix. [No witnesses.] Admon (with will annexed; 14 Dec. 1525 to Paule 
Darrell the son — the extrix. renouncing. Arch., Bucks ; book 1523-7, fo. 42. 

Roger Lee, of Pichelesthorne, in his will dated 1 July 155 2, 2 refers to 
"my brother Darrell." The foregoing will of Thomas Darrell shows 
conclusively that this conneetion was through the Cheney family, and 
not by the marriage of the son Paul with Katherine, the as yet 
unaccounted for daughter of liichard Lee, of Quarrendon. 

Will of ANNA, COUXTESS DOWAGER OF ROCHESTER : dated 1 June 1683 ; 
Recites indenture dated 27 & 28 Feb. 1GS3 between present testatrix of the one pari, 
and S r Walter S l John of Battersea, Part., S r Ralph Verney of Middle Clay don, 
Bucks., Knt., & Part.. Anthony Powyer of Camberwell, Esq. & John Gary of New- 
Woodstock, Oxon. of the other part, concerning Manor of Aderbury in Oxon, to be 
released to them in trust to be disposed of according to her will and now bequeathes 
said manor to grandson, the Earl of Lichfield & to his male heirs : Exors said Earl of 
Lichfield & M r John Gary of New Woodstock ; Witness :— Mary Pell, Isabella 
Wheate, John Lovesey k Jeremiah Hodson. 

Codicil 1., dated 23 March 1602 ; Stock, cattle & plate to he sold for discharging of 
debts & legacies ; To Prother Sir Walter St. Johns, Part., £20 for a ring ; to nephew- 
Anthony Power, Esq , 10 guineas for ring ; to M r John Gary of Woodstock £40 ; to 
Grandson M r Frances Henery Lee £100 ; to Countess of Lichfield furniture : to 
Granddau. Countess of Sandwich Library of books at Athurbery, my Sonne Roches- 
ter's Ovall picture and her Grandfather Rochester's Ovall picture and her Brother 
Charles Rochester's Ovall picture; to daughter Sanguag ( sk— Sandwich) my grey 
Mohare bed in my drawing Room below ; to Granddau. Lady Anne Grivell pictures 
&c ; to Granddau. Lady Mallet Yaughan "her sister Grivell's picture and her sister's 
Sanguage's picture & others my daughter Abingdon left me ;" to Granddau. Lady 
Bridget Partie (sic) pictures ; to Granddau. Lady Sharlot Lee gold watch ; to 

1 Mons. Ins. in Lipscomb's Pucks, ii, 150. Pedigree of Tylncy, ibid., hi, 24-20. 

2 Genealogist, N.S., viii, 230. 



Grandson Lord Norris, his father the Earl of Abingdon picture &c ; to Goddau. Lady 
Ann Bartie lier Aunt Wharton's picture &c ; to sister Lady .St. Johns jeweles; to 
Great-grandson Lord Quarrendon plate if not sold to defray debts ; to Bette Gibs £50 
and £20 p. ami. when she marries M r Skinner, but if she marries any one else she is 
to have nothing: has laid out £100 to repair mills at Atherbury & £20 to pay debts of 
son Rochester; all servants of over 2 years a years wages, others half a year ; to Bi idget 
Bartie k her woman mourning according*t0 her quality, if she be with me ; to two 
Exors. mourning ; to poor of Spellstery <fc Athurbery each parish £15 ; to Bette Gibs 
£50 more ; I desire to be imbalmed but not imbowledand to be put in lead as the rest 
of my Family, to be buried in Spelsbery church where my two husbands lie, in vault 
made for S r Heuery Lee, my first husband. A new velvet pall to be bought as gift 
to church ; Residuary Legatee Grandson (sic) Lord Quarrendon, yet a minor; Wit- 
nesses M: Bell, F: Page k Tho: Finch. 

Codicil 2., dated 23 March 1692 : (Repeats much of Codicil 1.) To M r John Cary 
£50 ; to Granddau. Lady Viscountess Lisbon what Codicil 1 gives to Lady Mallet 
Vaughan ; The £20 p. ami. for Betty Gibhs is to be charged upon freehold estate by 
me purchased & upon pasture called Great Greenbill in Adderbury as well as upon 
copyhold of inheritance ; to M r Frances Page, lawyer, who formerly lived with me, 

5 broad pieces ; to my son Lighfeild all the remaining good that I have not already 
disposed on . . . provided he parts with nothing of them from his children ; Witnesses — 
F: Page, Anne Jumper & Jn: Hunt. 

Codicil 3. To dau. Countess of Sandwich, her Brother Charles Earl of Rochester's 
picture in little, Ben Johnson upon the stairs &c. Witnesses F: Page, Anne Jumper 

6 Jn: Hunt. 

Pro. 1 April 1696 by Edward Henry Earl of Litchfeild, power reserved to other 
Exor named in will. P.C.C. (Bond 54). 

April 1690 ; To sister Jane Berkeley £200 ; to dau. Countess of Mount Alexander k 
dau. Genderault each £500 ; to servant Edward Perro £100 ; to be buried in 
Brewton ; to Elizabeth Oliver £10 ; to M rs Mary Rutley & her sons Francis & 
Maurice Berkeley ah Rutley £500 each : Guardians of said Francis A: Maurice 
during minority, Collonell William Wakeland k Edward Progers, Esq. ; brother 
John Berkeley Res Leg ; Exors. Edward Cheeke of Brewton <V John Cheeke his 
son ; Witnesses — Elizabeth Haselgrove, Jo : Keene, Richard Wilton & Alexander 

Codicil dated 3 May 1690 : To wife household goods at Brewton k New Parke ; to 
natural sons Francis & Maurice Rutley ah Berkeley the farm of Kathnamuda. co. 
Westmeath, lately purchased from S r Edw d Farmer, Knt. ; Witnesses — Abi^raal 
Stowell, Mile Stowing, Henry Bolicu (bic) 6c George Louch : Pro. 27 June lo'.'O 
& ad mom granted to Edward ; Further Admon. granted 5 Julv 1690 to John 

P.C.C. (Dyke 213). 

Will of ANTHONYE VISCOUNT MOUNTAGUE, Knight of the most honorable 
order of the garter, dated 19 July, 34 Eliz. ; To be buried in one of the parisli 
churches of Midhurst or Battell, co. Sussex, my funeral costing no more than 1000 
marks ; My Exors. shall cause to be made a seemly Tombe to stand ouer my grave 
with three greate ymages of my selfe and my twoe wiues (myne owne standing between 
them and all oure Amies placed abowte it) ; To the Ladie Magdalen my wife all her 
Iewells chaynes Ringes braeeletts brouches and ornaments aswell of perles stone and 
gould as others whatsoeuer, and also 1400 ounces of plate, and one Bed of Tyssue or 
Tester with paynes of crymsen sattyn with a quilte of Crymsou silke made for t lie 
same, with all other household goods at my house at Battell, save only those pictures 
mentioned in the inventory, & the hangings w cb ar of the historye of Alexander. & 
of which things I give her a life use, remainder to Anthonye Browne, son of my late 
son Anthonye ; To my said wife 100 1 in ready money ; My sisters Mary, late wife of 
the Lord John Grave, Mabell, Countess of Kildare, & Lucie Roper : My daughters 
the Countess of Southampton, Elizabeth Dormer & Jane Laoou : To my lit tie sweete 
Iewell and Neice, Mall Dormer, 100 1 at marriage or "_'l years : To my said grandson 
Anthonye Browne my Coder of gould of the order and all my Georges chaynes garters 
and wabes of the order of estate and Parliament, and the lease of Netherlander and 
the residue of my household stuff, plate k jewels, and my Librarye with all booker 



pictures tables &c at Cowdrey, at his age of 21 years ; To Jane, Dorothy 1 and 
Katherine Browne, daughters of my son Anthonye, 1000' each at '-'0 years or 

Will of lands. Whereas I am now seized in my demesne as of. Fee taylc of 
Manors of Pearchyng Poynings, Pyngdean als Pygdeane and Preston Ponyngs co. 
Essex, & also in fee simple of .Manor of Clayton co. Soin., & of Manor of Stoekwell, 
co. Surrey, they to descend to my next heir, the Queues Maieslie having wardship & 
livery thereof. And whereas 1 have by several indentures conveyed Manors of 
Cowdrey, Mydhurst. Cocking, and Lynche, co. Sussex, and Cowdrey park & the two 
north parks and the parsonage of East borne & the late dissolved Priorie of Eastborne 
in cos. of Sussex k Southton and the farms & lands called Todhani als Tad ham and 
Aldersham als Balles ferine and lauds called Culuerlandes, co. Sussex and Manors of 
Pytfold k Pirbright, co. Surrey. & the late dissolved Abbey of Waverley, co. Surrey 
& all lands in Mydhurst, Eastboine, Faruehurst, Wollairngton, Cocking. Lynche, 
llustington, Worthing. Borne, Pitfold, Pirbright e and VVauerley— to certain persons 
to the use of me the said Viscounte for my life with divers remainders, power being 
reserved to me to alter said uses by my w ill or indenture. And whereas 1 have by 
indenture quadripartite, dated 20 Jan. 34 Eli/., between me & the Lord Buckhurst, 
revoked uses contained in former indenture in such manner that L cannot alter same 
other than of Manors of Cowdrey, Midhurst, Cocking & Lynche with Cowdrey park 
k north parks, parsonage & priory of Eastborne, farms lands &c of Todhani, Alder- 
sham k Culverlands & Manors of Baleete. Rustiugton, Worthinge, Westbrooke juxta 
Borne, Pitfold k Pirbriglite and Waverey Abbey. The Manors of Cocking, Lynche. 
Calceto, Rustingtou Worthinge, Westbrooke juxta Borne and Pitfolde to my next 
heir. To my wife the Ladye Magdalen Montague for life, beside her jointure, 
mansion house of Saincte Mary Oueries with use of household stuff. To William 
Browne, son of my son Anthony, a rent charge of 25' on Wauerley Abbey, which 
site I limit k appoint to John BroAvne, second son of my said s>on Anthony. To 
William Browne, third son of my son Anthony, my Manor of Pirbriglite. The 
Manors of Cowdrey & Mydhurst, Cowdrey park & the north parks. Eastborne 
parsonage & priory, the farms of Todhani. Aldersham and Culverlands and lands in 
Mydhurst, Eastborne, Faruehurst k Wollauington and reversion of site of dissolved 
Priory of S fc Mary Oueryes and Manor of Stedham, co. Sussex, and Manors of 
Coekinge, Lynche, Calceto, Rustingtou, Worthinge. Westbrooke iuxta Borne and 
Pitfold and Manors of Clayton k Stock well, to my Exors to raise 5000 li out of rents 
k then they to remain (except certain Manor?, to Anthonye Browne, my grandson, & 
his heirs male, rem 1 ' in tail nude to John & William, his brothers. Sir George Browne 
k Henry Browne, my sous, and to my brothers William. Henery th'elder, Frauncis & 
Henery the younger. rem r to right heirs of my grandson Anthony. The Manors of 
Cocking, Lynche, Clayton, Stecham {sic) Westbrooke iuxta Borne, Calceto, Rusting- 
tou, Worthinge, Pitfolde and Stockwell {exvef.ted abore) to my grandson Anthony k 
his heirs for ever. Exors. my wife the Ladie Magdalen Montague, S r Kobert 
Dormer, Knight, Edward Cage, Richard Lewknor >v. Fdmoud Pelhani, Esquire-, k 
Frauucis Rydell & Thomas Churchar. my servants. Witness: — George Browne, Fra : 
I^con, Richard Colton, John Coltou, Roger Abdye, Robert Grave, William Spencer 
£ William Stevenson. 

Codicil (No date). The Righte honorable S r Thomas Henage, Kut., one of her 
Maiesties Privie Couucell k Chauncel'or of her Duchie, my supervisor. Witness : — 
Henry Browne & William Spencer. 

Pro. 14 March 159:2 by Edward Save, Not. Pub., Attorney for Exors. 

P.C.C. (Nevell 22). 

The following wills and admons. illustrate the Pedigree oi the Lees of 
North Aston, a somewhat mysterious family, whose Pedigree and Anns 
were entered in the Visitation of Oxford,- and whose connection with 
the Lees of Quarrendon is evident, although the precise relationship 
cannot as yet be positively affirmed. It has been asserted that they 

1 Dorothy, daughter of Anthony Browne, and sister of Anthony. Viscount 
Montague, was wife of Edmund Lee, of Stanton Barry, Bucks, and administered 
upon the estate of her husband in 1589. Her alter fate is unknowu. 

- Harl. Soc, v. liJl5. 



were an illegitimate branch of the family, but, as not a shadow of proof 
can be adduced to substantiate this view, it is hardly to be seriously 
entertained, except as a bare possibility. 

Meanwhile it seems well to place in evidence what can be ascertained 
regarding them and no doubt in the future the link will be discovered 
which shall unite them with tlicS parent stock. 

It is evident that they left no male descendants after George, who 
died, unmarried and in his father's lifetime, in 1592, and John (uncle of 
the last named) who died, also unmarried in 1593. Anne, the sister of 
George Lee and wife of James Kidder, seems to have become the sole 
heir of the family. 1 

Will of THOMAS LEE of the parish of St. Petre in the East within the Citic of 
OxforoV: Dated 21 November 2 Edw. VI ; To he buried in the churchyard of St. 
Petre ; To my 4 children, Edward k John, sonns, & Dorothie & Susanne, daughters, 
4 fetkerbedds, pillows, bolsters, blanket ts &c and 8 paire of shetes, at 20 years of age 
or manage ; to wyffe Barbara best 3 bedds, 6 pair shetes &e and all brass, pewter and 
Laton to be divided with children & lease of Personage of Granborough, co Warwick, 
to said wyffe & 4 children ; to said wyffe 4 score best wethers in Hedington feild ; to 
sonn Edward mare & colte 1 have in Woodstock parke ; to sonn John a horse colte 
with Mr. Sheldon ; to daughters Dorothie and Suzanne a mare & colte with Mr. 
Sheldon ; to wyffe Barbara lease of howse 1 dwell in belonging to Mawdlyn College & 
she Res Legatee k Extrx. : Witnesses. : — Mr. Edward Napper, Thomas Etherege & 
Thomas Capenhur.^t : Overseers— Mr. Edward Napper and Mr. William Pluuimer 
ah Thomas. Pro. — December 1549 by Extrx. named, in person of her Attorney, 
Robert Clare, rector of Westwell. Consisloiw of Oxford (Ser 1., Vol. 11, fo. 301). 

The above will was again entered for probate ten years after in the 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury by the same executrix, 12 January 
1559 (Mellerche 6) and Probafum de bcn'S non was granted to Edward 
Lee, natural and lawful son in place of Barbara Lee, relict, deceased, 
17 August, 1562, in the last named court (Streat 21). 

Will of EDWARDE NAPPER of Holywell nere Oxford, sicke, dated 8 August 5 
& d Ph. & Mary, lo">S ; Bequests to Churches of St. Peters Holywell, and of Sutton 
& Preston, co. Dorset ; To Al soules Colledge Chapel all of lands & tenmu. in south 
petherton. co. Somst., & in psh. of whateley, for a yerely dirge & for three ^collar- 
ships in said College : to Merton College : to poore of Swire & Pownell ; wife Anne ; 
eldest sonne willm Napper lands in Hollywell : to wief my Annuitie of xv 1 ' x s due to 
be paid by one Thomas Lee ot Clattcott, gent ; three brothers John. James & 
Nicholas ; sister Tamesiu ; sonne George : two daughters ; kinsman Giles sweate 
legatee in remainder if children & brothers & sister die s.p. : has e'ose &c at 
Clattercott ; to brother James p'sonage of Sutton and Prestou ; to brothers John & 
Nicholas lease of p'sonage of Tynterhull- with remainder to my sonnes ; Humphrey 
Swett ; first wife's children Barbara, Amies & Susan : servant William Gained ; 
Exors. right Hon. Sr. willm. Petres, Knt.. Mr. John Pope, priest. & resident of the 
Cathedral Church of Lincoln, Phillipp buckle. Mr. of Arte, brother James Napper, 
and kynsman Gyles Sweate : Witnesses : — Richard Percy, David Delahide v!c John 
broke ; Codicil, dated 12 August 15.SS, gives certain lands &c to the brethren of St. 
John of Jerusalem. Witnesses Phillippe hucke, Richard Percy & Richard ffountayne. 
Pro. 19 Dec 155S by James Napper, one of the Exors., power reserved for other 
Exors. P.C.C (Welles IS). 

Will of ANTHONY APPLETREE of Deddington, co. Oxon, proved in 1578, 
contains bequests to John Lee, Vicar of North Aston, and to friend Edward Lee. 

P.C.C. (Langley 4). 

1 Cf. Hist, of Thame, p. 217. 

2 See the very interesting collection of Napper wills and pedigree in Brown's 
Somerset Wills,* published by E. A. Crispe, Series iii, pp. 99-102, and pedigree in 
Visit, of Somst. in lt>23, Harl. Soe., xi, 77. 



Will of THOMAS LEE of Clattercote, co. Oxon., Esq., sicke, dated 12 April 
1572, 14 Eliz. ; To be buried in parish church of Croppei'die, co. Oxon., near mother 
Elizabeth k tomb to be erected there ; to wife Marie my manor at Cropperdie, .she 
paying to nephew William "Watson £30 - 9 - 10 yerelv, with remainder to him k his 
bodily heirs, rem. to his brother Thomas Watson k his heirs, rem. to my right heirs ; 
to wife Marie manor of Dassington, in cos. Warwick & Gloucester, for life with 
remainder to Richard Lee, the sone of Richard Lee of Widdeuburie, co. Chester ; to 
wife Marie my manor ot\ Stooke vpon Severne. co. Worcester, for life with remainder 
to said Richard Lee ; to wife Marie all lands kc in Streetfild in tenure of nVancis 
Dymoke with rem. to Richard bee as before ; to wife Marie all lands in Netliercote 
Sawblge, fHecknell and Rugbie, co. Warwick, for life with remainder to nephew 
Thomas Watson for life, remainder to Richard Lee as before said ; owes Chamber of 
London i.'250 ; have given acknowledgment of debt to the children of sister Anne 
Watson, dee'd, four score & odd pounds ; to John Quarles of London, merchant ; 
mother Elizabeth Onley's will & sister Anne Watsons will ; lias house in Marke 
Lane,. London ; to brother Slythurst for paines in my sickness £20 ; to friend Mr. 
Emyle £5 ; to brother Thomas Onley £20 ; to brother William Pinchester £5 ; Rt. 
Hon. Lady Ormond ; to John Pope, Esq., £5 ; to Annie Lee k Ann Underbill each 
£6 - 8 - 4 ; to George Davers all books ; to Edward Underbill, gent.. 20s. ; to cozen 
Samuell Claxton £20 ; bequests to servants ; to poor of Banbury £20 ; to brother- 
in-law Edward Onley of Catisbie. co. Northants, Esq., Peter Temple of Dorsht(?) co. 
Warwick, Esq., George Davers of Cothrope by Eanburye, co. Oxon., Esq. & wife 
Marie Exors. ; Witnesses — Edward Onley, George Danvers (M. R ), Richard Slithurst, 
John Palmer k Alice Kinde ; Pro. 25 June 1572 by Thos Emlie, gent., Attorney for 
Exors. named. P.C.C. Daper 23). 

This will is a most interesting one, not only from the connection 
which has been shown between the testator and the Lees of North 
Aston, as indicated in the preceding wills, but also and particularly 
from the close relationship evident with the parent stock of the 
Quarrendon family — the Lees of Lea Hall in Wibunbury in Cheshire. 
The will of the elder Richard Ley (sic) of that place, dated 
22 November, 5 Eliz., was proved at Chester, and has been printed 
by the Chetham Society, 1 he by his wife Alice, daughter of Richard 
Clyfte, of Huxley, had Richard, his son and heir, the legatee named in 
remainder in Thomas Lee's will, and seven other children.- I am not 
as yet able with certainty to place Thomas, of Clattercote, in the 

Testament of ELIZABETH ONLEY, widdowe ; dated 28 June 1554 ; to be buried 
in the parish church of "Saynt John Zacaries" London. The children of Margaret 
But tell, my late daughter — Rieharde Buttell their father. Elizabeth, dau. of John 
Cannon, by my dau. his late wife. Friend S r John Baker, knight, to assist my exors. 
Ellen Bullington, my sister's daughter. Cousins Richard Waddington and Richard Ogle. 
Of the estate of my late husband Robert Wade whose extrix. I am. nothing remains in 
my hands to administer to his children or to others, but only vj ! xiij^i iij' 1 assigned to 
Willyam Pickcringe and Maryan his wife, daughter of my late husband, by the Lord 
Audsley late Chancellor of England. To Thomas Onley, my late husbands son 20 1 . 
My son-in-law Guye Wade. John Predyaux of " thynner Temple." To my son 
Thomas Lee such estate as I have in the house wherein I dwell in Woodstrete of 
London, by grant of Richard Buttell. The residue of my '^oods shall be parted by 
S r John Baker and Thomas Argall of London gent, into two parts, whereof I give one 
to my son Thomas Lee, and one to my daughter Anne Watsone. Exors. the said S r 
John" Baker and Thomas Argall, Thomas Lee and Anne Watsone. Supervisor 
Richard Waddington and Richard Buttell. 

Will dated 18 July 1554. Concerning the disposition of my manor of Severnstooke, 
co. Wore, with its park and all its lands kc. which I late purchased of the Lord 

1 Chetham Soc, vol. li, fo.~39. 
3 Harl. MSS. 2,119 and 1,535. 



Henrye, now Earl of Cumberland. I give the two rent charges on the manor of 
Lytton and Litton dale, eo. York, assigned to me b\ the said Earl, by deeds dated 15 
June, 1 Mary, to Anne, my dau. wife of "William Watson of London, draper. And 
after the determination of the term of years made to S r John Borne, Knight, of 
Stoke park, I give the said park to Anne Watson my dau. and her heirs, with rem. to 
Thomas my son and his heirs, rem. to the heirs of my dau. Margaret Buttell, rem. to 
the heirs of my daughter Elizabeth Cannon. To son Thomas Lee and his heirs my 
manor of Severnstooke, with the advowson of Stooke. Witness M r Buttell, Edmunde 
Brudenell, Justinyan Kydd. Proved 11 August 155"6 by Thomas Lee and Anne 
Watson. Power reserved, &c. &c. P.C.C. (Ketchyn It). 

Will of EDWARD LEE of Northaston, co. Oxon.. gent. ; Dated 29 November 
1594 ; wiffe Elizabeth Executrix k she to sell Landes k tenements in Lidlington on 
the greene, co. Oxon., the proceeds to pay debts and funeral expenses k Lease in 
Greenborowe to be sold for the same purpose ; Mr. George Ognell of Warwickshire 
clothe owe me £100 vppon consideration, which Mr. Clarke of Lincoln\s Inn doth 
know ; Zachary Shepperd of Deddington owes £200 on account, which Mr. Raffe 
Sheldon, Esq & Mr. Harrys of Sommerton ar privie vnto, all of which £300 to go 
towards payment of debts : wiffe aforesaid Extrx. & Res. Legatee ; Witnesses : — 
Hugh Wollaston, George Turfect, Robert Penny, Margaret Porter widow dwelling in 
Gracious street in London. Pro. 12 July 1595 by Extrix. P.C.C. v Scott 50). 

Will of ELIZABETH LEE of Shipton vnderwehwood, co. Oxon., Widow ; Dated 
25 January 1600 ; Memorandum of Nuncupative Will — The sayde Elizabeth, being 
asked by some of her friends howe she woulde bestowe her worldlie goodes made 
answer — viz. The debts dewe me by william Donton whose bondes my sonn-in-lawe 
James Kydder hath in his keeping \' the debts dewe me by Zacharie Shepperd & 
all other my goodes, Cattells, Chattelles & Landes whatsoever, I give to my loving 
sonn in lawe James Kydder & make him my full Executor ; In p'seuce of Edward 
Mountford & Christian his wife, Ralph Smith k Elizabeth his wife w th dyvers others. 
Pro. 5 February 1600 by Exor. named. P.C.C. (Woodhall 12). 

Admon. of GEORGE LEE late of Northaston in Com. Oxon., granted the last of 
May 1592 to Edward Lee the natural k legitimate father of deceased. 

P.C.C. (Act Bk., fo. 18). 

Admon. of JOHN LEE late of Northaston in com. Oxon., Clerk, granted 9 April 
1593 to ff ranees Yate, a Creditor. Renounced k new grant made June 1594. 

P.C.C. (Act Bk., fo. 51). 

Admon. of JOHN LEE late of Northaston in com. Oxon., granted 10 June 1594 to 
next of kin, Anne Kidder, in person of her husband, James Kidder. Former grant, 9 
April 1593, to ifrancis Yate, a Creditor, now renounced bv his Atty., rfrancis Gierke, 
Not Pub. &c. P.C.C. (Act Bk., fo. 101). 

Admon. of JOHN LEE late of Northaston, co. Oxon., granted 6 February 1597 to 
James Kidder, a Creditor, to administer the goods &c. not fully administered by 
Anna kidder, the former administratrix. Former grant June 1594. 

P.C.C. (Act Bk., fo. 240). 

Will of RICHARD LEE. p'son of Shawlston in diocese of Lincoln ; Dated IS June 
1557 ; To be buried in Chancel of Shawlston at South end of High Alter there ; to 
mother Church of Lincoln iiij d : to the High Alter xij d ; to Parish Church of 
Shawlston vj s viij d ; to poor of the same having noe ploughes to euerye one yong 
& olde ij 1 ; to the Vicar of Westburie my short gowne ; to Thomas Bueher one 
shepe ; Elen wright & John wright Res. Legatees & Exors. ; Witnesses— willm 
Beddesleye, Vicar of westberye {k he Overseer; and John willobe otherwise wright. 
Pro. 24 July 1557. Archdeaconry of Bucks. (Book 1554-7, fo. 261.»). 

Richard Lee, Rector of Shalston from 1543 until his death in 1557, 
received his degree of B.A. at Oxford 6 March 1543-4. 1 He was probably 
a member of the Quarrendou family, as he sealed with their arms, but 

1 Foster's Al. Oxon., vol. iii, fo. 894. 



his identification is incomplete. We may hazard the conjecture that he 
was a son of one of the brothers of the first Richard Lee of QuaiTCudon 
as being his most likely origin, but proof on the subject is utterly 

Will of JOHX LEA, D.D.. dated 19 October 1609 ; To be buried in the Cliapel of 
St. John Baptist College in Oxford with as little solemnity as is meet ; To St. John'. 
College £70 k certain books : to my mother three pieces of plate and the remainder 
of a inherited from my father ; to my brother Francis Lea the seale ring which 
was my fathers ; to my sister Tote all linen & pewter ; forty shillings for a dinner in 
the college Hall ; to the poor of Maudline* & St. Gyles' s in Oxford 10s. ; to Mr. 
Washburn books ; to my man Morris 40s. & clothes ; to Mr. Tuer 1 book- and 
clothing ; Mother k brother Francis Exors. ; Witnesses: — Thomas Dingelev & Richard 
Higgonis. Fro. 9 October 1610 by P.C.C. (Wingtield 89). 

We have Wood's excellent authority that this testator was of the 
" genteel family of the Leas or Lees of Quarendon in Bucks, and of 
Dichley in Oxfordshire, was chaplain to the must noble knight sir Hen. 
Lea, was beneficed in the said counties, and dying about 1009, was 
buried in St. Joh. coll. chappel ; to the adorning of which lie was an 
especial benefactor. He gave also many books to that coll. library."- 

In his matriculation at St. John's he is called a "pleb.," 25 Oct. 1583, 
then aged 17. He was B.A., 27 Nov. I-j.^7, fellow and M.A., 21 June 
1591, B.D., 30 June 1597, and D.D., 1 June 1608. Hector of Fleet 
Marston, co. Bucks., 1601. He died 29 Oct. lG09. ;j His exact connection 
with the family remains a mystery. 

Admon. of HENRY LEE, 26 July 1656 Commission issued to Thomas Lee. grand- 
child of Henry Lee, late of Hatfield, co. York, widower. Robert Lee, Esq., the sonnc 
of said deceased, having first renounced the administration. P.C.C. (Act Lk. fo. 155). 

Will of ROBERT LEE of Hatfield, co. Yorke, Esq., Dated 1 April 1659 ; To sonn 
Cornelius Lee & the heirs of his body an Annuity of three score and ten pounds out 
of tythes of Norton in parish of Campsall, with remainder to eldest sonn Thomas 
Lee ; to daughter Susan Walker ±.'100 being the remainder of 1400. £300 already 
paid to John Walker gent . her husband, in full satisfaction of her child's part : to 
sonn-in-lawe Sir Thomas Sandys one shilling for his wives portion which he hath had 
with ample addition ; to Edwyn, Thomas <fc Henrie Sandys, sonns of the above, 
& Gregorie k Leah Walker, sonn & daughter of' .John Walker, each 20s. : to Katherine 
Sandys, daughter of Sir Thomas Sandys, £30 at 21 years : All residue of estate, 
tythes at Campsall Sutton X- Norton kc to my eldest sonn Thomas Lee Jun: & In- 
sole Executor. Witnes : — Tho: Thomkinson Jr., Edmund Griffith X Roberto Brooks. 

Pre Ct York (vol. 45, fo. 601). 

This family of Lee of Hatfield, co. York, were derived from Henry 
Lee, the illegitimate son of Robert Lee, Esq., younger brother of Sir 
Henry Lee, K.G. 4 Their pedigree is known for three generations, and 
Cornelius Lee, son of the above testator* is said to have been .still living 
in lTOGV Henry Lee, the son of Robert, was not named in his father's 

(To be continued.) 

1 Probably Theopbilus Tuer, who was author of the poetical inscription to Margaret 
Lee, mother of Sir Henry Lee, E.G., in Quarreudon Chapel. Lipscomb's Lucks, ii, 40'J. 
- Wo od's Fasti Oxou., pt. i, fo. -327 (in vol. ii, Athen. Oxon.) . 

3 Foster s Alumni Uxon., iii, S03. 

4 Hunter's So. Yorks., p. 176-7. 
s Ibid. 

* Genealogist, ix, 23. 



C5 C ^ j| X > , V/ -J 

l^?>I !|5 ? l-- r (i4)n 

< ^ co^^N; or KlN( 


> I 03 (A 1) Raymond Berenger IV, lc Jeune, 
? ms m-i Count of Barcelona, Cerdagne and Besa- 
lu, Marquis of Provence, 1131—1162 ; 
Prince of Aragon :(') d. Aug. 11 •;■_». 

S 3 § HI 

© - - - 2 c (A 2) Petronilla, Queen ok Ar vgon, 1137— 

^| 1172, only child of Ramiro II, the Monk, 

1 ^ < Sf King of Aragon; 6. 1135; affianced 11 

2 "5 S - Aug. 1137 ; m 1151 ; d 18 Oct. 1172, 

3 ^ J a > (A 3) Alfonso VIII, King of Castile, Leon, 
10 as x £5 and Galicia ; rf. 21 Aug 1157. Sec Tab. 

ichilde, da.( 3 j of Wladyslaw II. Di ke 
or King of Poland ; m. May or June 1153 ; 
2nd wife. 

(A 5) Rostaing de Sabran II. 

and hss. of R.ivnon. Seio- 

> k Pi j? cs HI 
r Ej g 5 5-3 J (A G) Roscie, da. 

c - ' I"— neur dTzes and de Castellar(^) (h\ 
£ 1 1. '•' a Beatrice . . .) ; d. bv 1206. 

(A 7) William II (IV), Count of Forcal- 
quier ; d. betw, Jan. 1203 and Nov. 1209. 

(A 8) 

(A 9) Amedee II. Count of Maueienne. 1st 
Count of Savoy, 110S— 1148; d. 1 Apr. 
1148 [not 1149]. 

10) Matilda of Albon, da., perhaps, of 
Guigues III, Count of Albon and Gre- 
noble.( 5 ) 

_ % ^ 11) Girard I, Count of Vienne and 
^ <*^k Macon, 1156— 11S4; rf. 15 Sep. 1184. 


• ~. ^ J (A 12) Guigone, called also Maurete. only 
~ |" child of Gaucher III. SlRE DE SaLI.ns ; 1/1. 
- ' abt. 1160 ; living 1200. 

2 r> h 5-1 (A 13) Amedce I, Count of Geneva, 1152— 
1178 ; d. 1178. 

_ HI 

£ s r (A 14) Matilda, da. of Pons I. Seigneur de 
« a - Cuiseaun to. by 1150. 

§'« I (A 15) Guv de Valperga. 

' g 5 HI 

? (A 16) Beatrice Visconti. 



(A 1) Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou and 
o 5 S'-n Maine ; d. 7 Sep. 1151. See Tab. 1, 
• ' j D 1. 

^oj HI 

« ^ S (A 2) Matilda, the Empress, da. of Henry 
I, King- of the English ; d. 10 Sep. 
1167. See Tab. I, D 2. 


£?• ©9 (A 3) William, VIII Count of Poitou, 
® £2 S X Duke of Aquitaine ; c/. 9 Apr. 1137. 
| See Tab. II, D 1. 

? I os HI 

H 2. o o (A 4) Aenor, da. of Aimery I, Vicomte 
— 1 5 5 DE Chatellehault ; 1st wife. See Tab. II, 
■ to o -£> 2. 

" *T 5 Angouleme ; </. 7 Aug. 1173. See Tab. 
°* q 0>t IX, C 1. 

r a | | g Hi 

cs g ^ s (A 6) Margaret, da. of Raymond I, 

i-3 Vicomte de Turenne ; 2nd wife. See 

£ r. 2 S. Tab. IX, C 2. 

_M P A (A 7) Peter, Seigneur de Courtenay, 
>< 2 g w n j. ux. See Tab. IX, C 3. 


Z T: % £ (A S) Isabel or Elizabeth, da. and hss. of 
fV4j q* Renaud, Seigneur de Courtenay. See 
^ Tab. IX, C 4. 


^ K a ^3 (A 9) Alfonso II, King of Aragon ; d. 
- §ggei 1 25 Apr. 1196. See Table XI, B 1. 

■ 02^0^ (A 10) Sancha, da. of Alfonso \ III. King 
o ■ ? of Castile and Leon ; d. Nov. 120S or 
1209 ; 2nd wife. See Tab. XI, B 2. 

o"?9 H 

CA 11) Raynon de Sabran, Seignecr de 
o = 5 5-, Castellar. See Tab. XI, B 3. 

O L. 

F - "® gg 2 (A 12) Gersinde, da. and hss. of William 
II (IV), Count of Forcalquier ; 1st wife. 

See Tab. XI, B 4. 

CO Si. C 

-, (A 13) Humbert III, Count of Savoy ; rf. 
s? - A ^ I 4 March 11SS. See Tab. XI, B 5. 

B ^ 5? f (A 14) Beatrice, da. of Girard. Count of 
q to < 3 Vienne and Macon ; 3rd wife. See Tab. 




XI, B 6. 

° I (A 15) William I, Count of Geneva : d. 
£ Sd | by 1226. See Tab. XI, B 7. 

rE HI 

..2. (A 16) Beatrice, da. of Guv de Valperga. 
K § See Tab. XI, B 8. 


g ££0«9 (A 1) Alfonso VIII, Kino of Castile, 
2 o° g> r< 8 n Leon and Galicia ; tf. 21 Aug. 1157. 
• g °^ I See Tab. IV, C 3. 

l^^li (A 2) Berengaria, da. of liaymond- 
Berenger III, Count of Barcelona; 

l^^il dTi'Feb/rH^ 1,L wife. See Tab.' 
1 > * IV, C 4. 


3 5' £ ft § 9 (A3) Alfonso-Henriquez I, King of 
5 : i_j " to-, Portugal 114:3—118:) : b. July 1110 
' ~- p"?^ I rf- 6 Dec. 1185. 

" " 4§ p- o | (a 4) Mafalda or Matilda, da. of Amedee 
M §•* II, Count of Savoy ; m. 1140 ; ci. 4 

I L (A 6) Blanche, da. of Garcia F 
S- ^ O King of Navarre ; m. 4 Fel 
3f?g d. 12 Aug. 1156. 

OS m co h; -ci 

Dec. 1157 

(A 5) Sancho III, King of Castile, 
1157—1158 ; b. 1135 ; d. 31 Aug. 

115 V 

o 5 r o S n (A 7) Henry II, King of England ; 

o2 M |i-|i,6 July 1189. See Tab. I, E. 

(A 8) Eleanor. Queen Consort 
31 March 1204. See Tab. II, E. 

r— * 2 r 1-2 (A 9) Alberic I, Count of Dammartin, 
50 % § Chamberlain of France ;(*) d. abt. 
3 I 1132. 

to * ^ » (A 10) [Clemence, da. of Renaud I, 
S"^ g. CouNT 0F Bar-le-Doc.( 4 )] 

3a. E a 


^c^" » a,'" I > OC (A 13) John I. Count of Ponthieu 
5 1 tQ L §ri and Montreuil, 1147-1191 ; d. 11W. 

- S - ^ 8 or § , ( A 14) Beatrice, da. of Auselme, Count 
to f St. Pol fby Eiwtache . . .) ; living 

3£ 1190; 3rd wife. 

Mill "i«;i n 11 


( \ 15) Louis VII, Kino of the French ; 
d. 18 Sep. 1180. Sec Tab. IV, 1)1. 

"J (A 16) Constance, da. of Alfonso VIII 
ji^o- KlNO of Castile and Leon : d. 4 

->~. Oct. 1160 ; 2nd wife. 
g8 D2. 

Tab. IS' 


Additions to Table XL 

A. 1. Tie cl at St. Dalmace, near Genoa, 6, 8, 15 or 2G Aug. 11G2, 
bur. in the Abbe}' of Ripoll. (Elder son of Raymond-Berenger III, 
Count of Barcelona, by Douce of Provence. See Table IV, B 7, 8.) 

A. 2. She succ. on the abdic. of her father 11 Aug. 1137; (/. at 
Barcelona 13, 15 or 18 Oct. 1172 or 73, bur. there, it is believed, in the 
Cath. Church. (Her mother was Agnes,' 2 dau. of William IX, Duke of 

A. 4. She was m. at Soria. [She ?n. 2, 11G2, Raymond-Berenger II, 
le Jeune, Count of Provence, who was slain at the siege of Nice in 
March 11G6.] (Her mother was Christina, dau. of Frederic II, Duke 
of Suabia and Alsace.) 

A. 5. (He was probably son of Kostamg de Sabran I.) 

A. 7. He and his yr. br. Bertrand II (who d s.p.) succ. their father 
as joint Counts in 1149 or 50. (Elder son of Bertrand I, Count of 
Forcalquicr, by Joscerane, dau., perhaps, of Arnaud de Flotte.) 

A. 9. He (L at Nicosia in Cyprus, bur. there in the monastery of 
the Holy Cross. (Eldest son of Humbert II, Count of Maurienne, by 
Gisela of Burgundy. See Table IV, B 3, 4.) 

A. 11. lie succ. his father by 1156 ; bur. in the Metrop. Church of 
St. Etiennc at Besanr-on. (Second son of "William IV, Count of 
Burgundy, of Vienne and of Macon, by Ponce or Adelaide (widow of 
Thibaut, Seigneur de Rougemont), dau. of Thibaut, Seigneur de 

A. 11*. Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders; succ. his cousin 
William Clito 27 7 " or 28 July 1128 f cl at Gravel hies 4 Feb. 116^, 
aged G9, bur. in the Abbey of Waten. [He m, 1, Swanhilde.] (Second 
son of Thierry II, the Valiant, Duke of Lorraine, by his second wife 
Gertrude (widow of Henry III, Count of Brabant) dau. of Robert I, the 
Frison, Count of Flanders.) 

A; 12*. Sibylla ; 10 m. 1134 or 35; cl in the Hospital of St. John 
at Jerusalem 1163 11 or 67, 1 - and was bur. there; second wife. (Dau. of 
Fulk V, Count of Anjou, King of Jerusalem, bv Aremburge of Maine. 
See Table I, C. 1,2.) 

A. 13. (Elder son of Aimon, Count of Geneva, by Itta, dau. of 
Louis, Seigneur de Faucigny in Savoy.) 

B. 1. He was previously called Raymond ; became Kino: of Aragon 
in 1162 ; inherited the Comte of Roussillon by the will (dated 4 July 
1172) of Count Guinard or Gerard II, on the death of the latter by 19 
July 1172; <7. at Perpignan, bur. in the Abbey of Poblet in Catalonia. 
[He m. 1, Mafalda, 1 "' dau. of Alfonso I, King of Portugal, separ. on 
account of consang.J 

B. 2. She d. a nun in the Abbey of Xixena in Aragon. 

B. 5. He was h. at Vigliana ; (/. at Chambery, bur. in the Cistercian 
Abbey of Haute-Combe in Savoy. [He m. 1, Faidida, dau. of Alfonso I, 
called Jourdain, Count of Toulouse. He m. 2, Germana, called also 
Anne, dau. 17 of Conrad, Duke of Zaringen ; she </. by 11G2.] 



B. G*. Gertrude; 18 became a nun at the Abbey of Mcssines near 
Ypres j fourth wife. [She m. by 1171,™ as first wife, Hugh III, 
Seigneur d'Oisy and de Crevecoeur, Chatc'ain dc Cambrai and Vicomte 
de Meaux, from whom she was separ.]' 20 

B. 7, 8. They were bur. in the monaster)- of Ste. Catherine-sur- 

1 His style in charters was : — Raimundus, Comes Barclrinonensis et Bisullitnensis 
ac Marchio — in 1104, and : — Raimundus Berengarius, Barclnnonensis Come-, regni 
Aragonis Princeps, et Tortose et Provincie Marchio — in 11^6. (Cartul. of St. Victor 
at Marseille, nos. 702, S22.) 

2 She (who was widow of Aimery, Vicomte de Thouars) is called Matilda 'by Robert 
du Mont (ad ami. 1160) but incorrectly. See Besly, Comtes de Poitou, preuves, 
pp. 465-67. 

3 Another, but less authoritative, version makes her dau. of Bolcslaw II (br. and 
successor of Wladyslaw), by Agnes, dau. of Leopold III, Duke of Austria. 

4 Or Castlar, now le Cayla, in the diocese of Ximes. 

5 Matilda or Maisindis, wife of Guigues III, is supposed to have been of royal 
parentage, as she is called Reyina in some charters. See, for example, the Cartul. of 
the Cath. of Grenoble, Cartul. C, no. 122, edit. Jules Marion, p. 240. 

6 Son of Robert II, Duke of the Normans. 

7 VI. Kal. aug., sexta feria post transmigrationem Domini in monte Thabor, Comes 
Willelrnus Nortlmiannus, dum in a*-ultu pnxfatrc obsidionis so pnetulisset hostibus 
penes castrum Alst, dejeetus ab equo dum se<e in pedes reeepisset, et manum 
dexteram ad boras armorum deduceret, quidam peditum ab hostibus prosiliens 
lancea eandem dexteram Consulis in palma perfigens, medium bracliii quod ad junctum 
manui cohrcserat perfodit, et lethali vulnere infeeit. Quern militcs sui collegerunt, 
ut pote dominum suum miserando occasu morientcm, ac per totum ilium diem 
mortem celando inimicis sine planet u et ejulatu voces et elamores dolorum compresse- 
rant, tanto acriori mentis angustiati confusione. (Gualbertus notarius Brugensis in 
historia de traditione et murdro Caroli Comitis.) 

8 Orderic (1. xii, c. 45) says that he lived five days after receiving his mortal 
wound, and (quoting his epitaph) that he died 28 July in the habit of a monk. The 
Chronicle of St. Bertin is to a similar effect : — Quo vulnere morti contiguus. 
monachus hie efficitur ; et in Sithiu cenobio deportatus . . . ante crucem tumulatur. 
(Cartul. Sithiense, edit. Guerard, p. 2990 The account by the contemporary Fleming 
is perhaps preferable. 

u Rob. de Monte. Meier says Jan. 17. and Lambert de Watcrlos about Epiphany. 

10 She is called Mabiria in the Chronicle of Normandy :— Tetricus Comes FlaH- 
drensis rediit de Hierusalem, et uxor ejus Mabiria remansit cum abbatissa sancti 
Lazari de Bethania, invito conjuge suo. 

11 Lambert us de Waterlos canonicus S. Auberti Camerac. in Chron. 

12 Auctarium Sigeberti Aquicinctinum. 

13 Anselme (torn, ii, p. 157) says, erroneously enough, that the wife of this Pons 
was Laurence, niece of Milo, Count of Bar-sur-Seine. But this Laurence, who is 
supposed to have been dau. of Anseau de Trainel, was living wife of a Pons de 
Cuiseaux in 1220. See L'Art de Ver. les Dates, torn, ii, p. 591. 

14 His style (1177) was : — Ildefossus. Dei gratia Rex Aragonie, Comes Barchinonis 
et Provincie Marchio. (Cartul. of St. Victor at Marseille, no. 1110.) 

15 Brandano says that she was affianced 00 Jan. 1155 : Faria-y-Sousa that she was 
m. in 1160 at the age of about 12. She was probably not the same as Teresa, called 
also Matilda, for whom see Table XIV, A 10. 

16 The name of Raynon's second wife is unknown. 

17 Usually said to have been dau. of Berthold IV (son of Conrad) ; but in L'Art 
de Ver. les Dates this statement is altered to the above for chronological reasons. 

ls It is not clear who was mother of Count Thomas (C 0). If Gertrude of Flanders 
were the wife in question, her grandson Thomas's wife, viz., .Jane, Countess of 
Flanders and Hainault, will have been his second cousin, which is not very likely. 
Gertrude is said by many writers to have had a first husband, Lambert, Count 
of Montagu and Clermont in Ardennes, who d. in 114 7. I have for these and 
other reasons rejected her in the table, and placed her parents above at A 11*, 12*. 

19 Cartul. of the Abbey of Marchiennes in Flanders, cited by Du Chcsne (M. dc 




Coucy, p. 225). Hence if Gertrude was the mother of Thomas, Count of Savoy, 
Hugh d'Oisy III (not IV) must have been her first husband and Count Humbert her 
second, (and not the reverse, as is stated in L'Art cle Ver. los Dates . 

'-" By 1181 Hugh d'Oisy had m. a second wife, Margaret, dau. of Thibaut, Count of 
BloLs and Chartres. (Cartul. of the Abbey of St. Aubert — Carpentier, Hist, du 
Cambresis, preuves, p. 21). He (/. in 11S9. (Auct. Aquicinct.) 

21 He was appenaged with the. Comte of Provence in 11 So. 

— Her grandfather William, Count of Forcalquier, gave her for dot that comte, 
reserving to himself the usufruct, by treaty with Alfonso II, King of Aragon, at Aix 
in July 1193 ; but lie afterwards transferred a portion of the comte, viz., the 
Gapencois and the Embrunois, to her younger sister Beatrice, by the contract of 
marriage of the latter, dated June 1202, with Andre de Bourgogne. called Guigues VI, 
Dauphin, Count of Albon and Viennois. (Bouche, Hist, de Provence, torn, ii, p. 179 ; 
L'Art de Ver. les Dates, torn, ii, p. 446.) 

83 I follow the learned Du Bouchet in taking Beatrice of Geneva (who, according 
to Guichenon's preuves, was wife of Count Thomas in 1210 and 1218) as mother of 
D 2. Guichenon nevertheless gives to Thomas a second wife {in. by 1197, d. 1233) 
Margaret de Faucigny, making her the mother of the children. She was dau. of 
William (living 1202), who was second son of Humbert (living 1170), and grandson of 
Rudolf, both Seigneurs de Faucigny. 

24 . . . Nos Raimundus Berengarius, Dei gratia Comes et Marchio Provincie et 
Comes Forcalquerii . . . videntes necnon et affectionem et piam rlevotionem quarn 
venerabilis Comes Yldefonsus, pater meus quondam, et alii antecessores nostri 
habuerunt erga monasterium sepe dictum [Massiliense], cum consensu et voluntate 
expressa domine G., Comittisse Provincie, venerabilis matris mee . . . donationem 
. . . laudamus . . . Anno Domini 1218, mense januario, decimo kalendas 
februarii. Post hec, anno quo supra, vi kalendas februarii, nos G., Dei gratia 
Comitissa Provincie et Forcalquerii, et mater et tutrix R. Berengarii, Comitis 
Provincie , . . (Cartul. of St. Victor at Marseille, no. 911.) 

Additions to Table XIII. 

A. 3. He was born at Guimaraens ; finally recognized as King in 
1143. He and his wife both d. at Coimbra, and were bur. there in. the 
Church of Santa Cruz. (Only son of Henry of Burgundy,- Count of 
Portugal, by Teresa, nat. dau. of Alfonso VI, King of Castile and Leon.) 

A. 4. (Her mother was Matilda of Albon. See Table XT, A 9, 10.) 

A. 5. He d. at Toledo, bur. there in the Metrop. Church. (Eldest 
son of A 1, A 2.) 

A. 6. She was m. at Xajera. (Her mother was Margaret de l'Aigle. 
See Table VI, C 1, 2.) 

A. 10. [She m. 1, as second wife, Renaud II, Count of Clermont in 
Beauvaisis. 5 She m. 3, Thibaut III, Seigneur de Nanteuil-le-Haudouin 
in Valois.] (Dau. of Renaud I, Count of Bar, by his first wife Gisela, 
dau. 7 of Gerard I, Count of Vaudemont.) 

A. 13. He d. at the siege of Acre, bur. in the Abbey of St. Jossc- 
aux-Bois in Ponthieu. [He m. 1, Mahaut. He m. 2, Laura, dau. of 
Bernard III, Seigneur de St. Valery ; repud. her on plea of consang.] 
(Eldest son Guy II, Count of Ponthieu, by Ida.) 

B. 1. He d. at Benavente, bur. in the Metrop. Church of Santiago. 
[He m. 2, Nov. 1176, Teresa, dau. of Xuno Perez de Lara ; she d. 7 Feb. 
1180, bur. in the Church of San Isidro at Leon. He m. 3, 1181, 
Urraca, dau. of Lope Diaz de Haro I, a Count in Biscay.] 

B. 2. Her marriage was annulled in 117o on account of consang. 

B. 3. He was called the Noble and the Good ; d. at Guttiere Munos, 
a village of Arevalo, bur. (as was his wife) in the monastery of Ins 
Huelgas near Burgos. 


B. 4. She was b. at Dorafront ; m. at Tarazona. 

B. 7. He was bur. in the Abbey of Xotre-Dame de Balance. 

C. 1. He cl. at Villanueva de Sarria, bur. in the Mctrop. Church of 
Santiago. [He m. 1, 1188 (without dispens.), Teresa, dau. of Sancho I, 
King of Portugal (his maternal uncle), marriage annulled by the second 
Council of Salamanca in 1192 on account of consang. (Leon and 
Portugal placed under an interdict 1193-5), separ. 1195 ; she d. 18 June 
1250, a nun at the Cistercian Abbey of Lorvano, and was bur. there.]- 

C. 2. She was m. at Valladolid, papal dispens. refused (Leon placed 
under an interdict 1202-4), separ. on account of consang. in 1204 ; f?. 
at Burgos, bur. in the monastery cf las Huelgas. 

C. 3. He obtained the Comte of Aumale from the French King in 
1200 ; he and his wife both d. at Abbeville and were bur. in the Abbey 
of Valoires in Ponthieu. 

C. 4. [She m. 2, 1243, Matthew de Montmorency, Seigneur 
d'Attichy ; he d. in 1250, bur. in the Abbey of Valoires.] 

D. 1. [He m. 1, at Burgos, 30 Nov. 1219 or 20, Ethisa, called also 
Beatrice, dau. of Philip II, King of the Romans ; she (/. at Toro in 
1234, bur. in the monastery of las Huelgas.] 

D, 2. [She m. 2, 12G0, as second wife, John de Xeelle III, Seigneur 
de Falvy-sur-Somme and la Herelle ; 15 he was living 8 Aug. 12^9.] 

1 Not in 1094. as Faria-y-Sousa and others assert. For in a charter this monarch 
says positively that he was in the 37th vear of his age in May 1147. 
* 2 See Table IV, notes 22 and 24. 

3 Alberieus Comes de Dampmartin, laudante patre suo canierario . . . coram 
piissimo Francorum Rege Ludovico, dat in eleemosinam monasterio Cariloei 
[Charlieul fundum loci in quo situm est monasterium, etc. Actum Sylvanecti anno 
1162. — (Cited by Anselme torn, viii, p. 401 ) Alberic I is said to have also m. in 
1181, Amicia, dau. of Robert aux Blanchesmains, Earl of Leicester (and widow of 
Simon, Count of Evreux) and to have died .soon after. 

4 The authority for this wife of Alberic is ])u Chesne (M. de Bar, 1631, p. 21) : 
the statement being " recueill}' de plusieurs conjectures et raisons fort vray- 
semblables," viz. : — (i) Hugh of Clermont, son of Clemence, was uncle of Renaud, 
son of Alberic II (Cartul. of the Abbey of Andres) while it appears that Mahaut 
(B 6) could not have been sister of Hugh, (ii) The family of Dammartin was allied 
in some manner to the Counts of Clermont (Rigordus, ad ami. 1212), and to the 
Counts of. Bar (Alberieus, ad ami. 1212) Du Chesne adds, however, that Clemence, 
Countess of Dammartin, was living a widow in 1153 (Cartul. of St. Denis), which 
seems sufficient to destroy the whole conjecture. But as the name of Du Chesne is 
great in geuealogical matters, his suggestion has been treated as a certainty by later 

5 De una sorore ejusdem [Rainaldi IT] Comitis [Bam] fuerunt Comitcs de 
Claromonte Belvacensi. (Alberieus. ad ami. 1170). It is certain that her name was 
Clemence (Cartul of St. Victor at Paris). Renaud II (of Clermont) is the personage 
mentioned in Table VIII, A 12. 

6 Du Chesne, M. de Chastillon, 1621, p. 6">S : where he does not mention the 
alliance with Dammartin, 

7 Lste Comes Gerardus [Vaudanimontis] duxit filiam Comitis de Daburc, de qua 
genuit . . . Gislam, qua; fuit Comitissa I'arri. (Alberieus, ad ann. 1070.) 

8 St. Marc, though he mentions that it was the day of Ste. Foi (6 Oct.), misprints 
it 6 Aug , a mistake often copied. 

9 He died an exile in London 19 Sep. 1200, according to the Continuator of Robert 
du Mont. 

10 Necrology of the Church of Amiens. He died between Dec. 1220 and Nov. 
1221, the French King having seized the comte after his death, and before the latter 
date: as appears by the following charters. Ego Uobertus Comes Drocensis, Domhius 
Sancti Walerici, et ego Aaenor ejusdem uxor. Xotuin fadmus uuiversis, quod cum 



querela verteretur inter nos,et venerabilem pat rem et dominum nostrum Willelmum 
Comitem Pontivi ex Jilt-era, ita composuimus fie querelis supra scriptis . . . Actum 
anno Domini 1220. mense deeembris. (Registre ties tit res de la com to de Ponthieu.) 
Xoverint universi presentes lit eras inspect uris, quod ego Robert us Comes Drocarum 
et Dominus de Sancto Walerico, et Aanora uxor hum. quitavimus ' domino Regi 
Francorum feodum de Buires eurn omnibus appenditiis dicti feodi, el heredibus 
domini Regis, vel illi cui balliviam- et terram Pontivi reddiderit . . . Actum anno 
Domini 1221, mense novembri. (Tresor des Chartes du Roi, Laiette Dreux, no. 7. 
Both given by Du Chesne, M. de Dreux, preuves. p. 267. 

u She was m, by contract dated at Meudon (Anselme), or at Mantes ■ T'/ Art de 
Verifier les Dates). 20 Aug. 1H'5. The circumstances of her hetrothal to. and 
rejection by, Richard Cceur-de-Lion are well known. 

13 She succeeded as Queen of Castile on the death of her brother Henry I (b. 11 
Apr. 120f, d. 6 June 1217). 

13 I obtain this limit from the following charter: — Ec;o Renaldus, Comes Bolonie, 
notum facio presentibus et futuris, quod hec sunt con vent ion es inter me et 
Guillelmum, Comitem Pontivi. et Mariam ejusdem comitis filiam, et Simonem 
fratrem meum, qui cum eadem Maria matrimonium contraxit. Ego siquidem 
Simoni, fratri meo, quingentas libratas terre. parisiensis monete, pro hoc matrimouio 
contrahendo in terra mea Normannie ultra Secanam donavi . . . Actum apud 
Compendium anno Domini MCC octavo, mense septembri. (Tr. des Chartes. 
Boulogne /contin , no. 3. carton ,1. 238.) 

14 On the death of Jane D 2', King Edward 1 claimed, in his wife's name, the 
Comtes of Ponthieu and Aumale. The matter was decided at the Parliament of the 
Pentacost 1279 [not 1281]. John (son of Ferdinand, who was brother-of the whole 
blood to Eleanor, and who <7. abt. 120*0, v.m ). as heir male of his father, was 
confirmed in the Comte of Aumale, since it was in Normandy, hut not in the Comte 
of Ponthieu, where such representation was not admitted. (Apparently, according 
to the custom of Ponthieu, Eleanor was her mother's heir, as being the mrnvhuf 
child.) This John, slain at Courtrai 11 Julv 1302. was father of John II. who d. in 
1342, s.p.m. 

13 Universis presentes literas inspecturis. Joannes deNigella miles, Com a s Pontivi et 
Joanna ejus uxor, Dei gratia Regina 'Castelle et Legionis. Comitissa Pontivi, salutem 
. . (Tresor des Chartes — Du Chesne, M. de Bethune, preuves. p. 169.) 

fHarrtages at St. Qtmstan in tfje Cast, 3LonUon, 
from 1606 to 1625. 

Communicated by J. V L. Pjuyx. 

In this parish anciently resided many of the London merchants 
whose places of business were situated either therein or in the vicinity. 
The marriages, therefore, which took place at the church, although not 
numerous, are likely to prove of importance to genealogists. I cannot 
do better than call the attention of the reader to the following, a work 
which will well illustrate the entries from the Registers here printed : — 

Chronicles of a City Church: \ being an account ' of the ' Parish Church of St. 
Dunstan in the East, [in the City of London: | with short biographical notices of 
eminent persons connected with the church and parish. I By the Rev. Thomas Boyles 
Murray, M.A., F.S.A., j Rector of St. Dunstan's in the East, ; and Prebendary of St. 
Paul's, | Author of " A Notice of Ely Chapel, and Palace, Holhorn " ; ; - Pitcairn, the 
Island, the People, and the Pastor," &c. | London: ; Smith, Elder, and Co., 65, 
Cornhill. | 1860. 

LONDON, FROM 1G06 TO 1625. 


Recently St. Dunstan's revenues have mainly contributed towards the 
endowment of a College for Boys at Catford Bridge, in the county of 
Kent, which bears the name of, and has also been erected upon lands 
belonging to, this church. 

Among the Burials, under date Oct. 21, 1585, is "The Lady Chester." 


Jan. 29. Thomas Reelson and Gartrude Stephens. 

Feb. 2. John Jackson and Elizsbeth Townerowe. 

„ 3. William Hill and Agnes Robinson. 

„ 9. Roger ftuller and Elizabeth fibx. 

,, 9. Henry Parsons and Joane Jackson. 

,, 27. Mathewe Cooche and ffrancis Piggott. 

Mch. 3. firauncis Smith and Suzan Ley. 


Apr. 24. Nicholas Sterlinge and Mary Emsley. 
May 19. Thomas Barnes and Magdalin Bridger. 

,, 28. John Blackbourne and Mary Greenestret. 
Oct. 14. Robert Bickin and Anne Hall. 

„ 21. Richard Buuberry and Mould Webb. 


Robert Morse and Jane Correll. 
William Eborne and Elizabeth Beple. 
Peter Lewis and Katherin Worthington. 
William Browne and Alice Wagyer. 
John Hewes and Alice Pitcher. 
Thomas Ireland and Joane Dutton. 
Alexander Lake and Joane Gloucr. 


Robert Kell and Alice Bull. 
William ftbxe and Magdalyn Knight. 
"William Exholl and Mary Ascowgh. 
George Tayker and Mary Barker. 
Robert Gibson and Elizabeth fforte. 
Robert Bell and Parnell More. 
Lancelott Stokes and Anne Childe. 
John Hynde and Rebecca Osbourne. 
William Marlowe and Hellen Williams. 
Griffith Morgan and Rachell Pytt. 
Henry Plowright and Amy Hessell. 
John Lewes and Elizabeth Medgate. 
Phillip Osbourne and Bridgett Burgis. 
Henry Landsdall and Jane Havers. 
Anthony Anthony [*/V] and Bridget Juleyhern. 
John Trusse and Mary Cartwright. 
Georire Wcale and Constance Clarke. 

























July 12. 

























Dec. 28. John Trice and Mary Abell. 


Jan. 7. William May and Susan Haywarde. 

„ 10. Ambrose Browne and Plrillipp Webb. 

„ 10. Samuell E.yvers aijd Gartrude Daic. 

,, 19. William ftuferel] and Agnes Proley, widdowe. 

Feb. 9. Mathewe Small and Sibbell Vaughan. 


Apr. 17. Robert Triplett and Ann Addyson. 

Aug. 9. Robert Kyfe and Joane ffowke. 

17. Henry Smithick and Rose Johnson. 

Sept. 6. William Stevenson and Katherin Ireland. 

11. John Hartwell and Anne Hawkcs. 

Oct. 9. Richard Gore and Levyn AUin. 

Nov. 6. Thomas Hayes and Susan Hewes. 

„ 13 "Walter Rose and Anne Arthure. 

,, 13. John Ball and Susan Lylliatt. 

20. Edmond Dailies and Joane Stere. 



27. Richard Powell and Hanna Goldham. 


Feb. 5. Thomas Galloway and Mary Chamberlen. 

23. Richard Vernon and ftrauncis fforth. 

„ 26. Rowland Nickson and Eliz' Xethewill. 

„ 26. Thomas Jeffries and Anne Ballister the same daic. 


Apr. 17. Geffrey Mvnday and Joane Dugdale. 

May 1. ffrancis Rcyuoldes and Margaret Brinklon. 

„ 21. Peter Littleton and Elizabeth Price. 

June 5. Thomas Trever and Maude Hewgcst. 

,, 27. ffrancis Barnes and Elizabeth Sa'tcr. 

July '16. John Turner and Jane Russell. 

Aug. 17. Thomas Knight and Anne Gennoughe. 

Sept. 3. Robert Bull and Katherin Price. 

14. John Dyke and Elizabeth Weekes. 

Oct. 8. William Tiffin and Agnes Hawghton. 

„ 29. William Cressey and Rose Rose [xic]. 

Nov. 5. Edward Cock and Joane Robinson. 

12. John Hussey and Joane Goody rare. 

„ 16. Thomas Tliurstone and Mary Hurste. 

„ 21. ftrauncis Ecles and Joane Llcwellcn. 

„ 28. Sarles Parkins and Anne Harrison, widdowe. 

Dec. 11. William Rawnson and Jane Daniell. 

„ 28. John Wytten and Mary Salisbury. 


Feb. 20. John West and Judith Glover. 

LONDON, FROM 1G06 TO 1625. 



May 6. Humfry Lewis and Mary Wood. 

,, 30. John Peirson and Emme Thorne. 

June 4. Walter Brewer and Sibbell Ripton 

,, 30. Richard Cartwright and Mary Egerton. 

July 8. James Beale and Grace Parnell. 

„ 22. Philemon Beadle and Isabell Midlcton. 

„ 30. Christopher Kemble and Mary Clarke. 

Aug. 26. George Tomlyn and Anne Curtis. 

Sept. 25. Justinian Shepherd & Grace Bateman. 

Oct. 7. John Waller and Isabell Jackson. 

7. Barnard ffox and Alice Dawson. 

Nov. 4. John Thomas and Anne Curtis. 

15. Addam Koch and Alice Hutchins. 

,, 19. Roger Goodale and Mabell Crockford. 

19. Thomas Browne and Susan Pettewarde, the same daie. 

26. Nicholas Androwe and Anne Barefoote. 

Dec. 19. George Evans and Margaret flavner. 


Jan. 28. Robert Swayne and Judith Barnett. 

29. William Kent and Magdalena Vander Cappell. 
,, 30. Roger James, Esquire, and Margaret Anchor. 

Feb. 3. Humfrey Taylour and Elizabeth Leggatt. 

„ 5. George Wall and Mary Willis. 


Mch. 26. John Trott and Katherin Hill. 

Apr. 21. Edward Stanton and Joane Patrick. 

28. Richard Pawlinge and Jane Simpkins. 

30. Allexander Wootten and Thomazin Lane. 
May .5. Joseph Pratt and Elizabet Speede. 

13. John Rawlins and Ellen Sandwich. 

„ 23. William Hudson and Lucy Ellis 

June 16. James Midleton and Anne Neve. 

„ 18. John Reynolds and Ely [sic] Jarnegan. 

„ 30. Richard Dailies and Elizabeth Crouther. 

Aug. 12. John ffrancklyn and Margaret Perkins. 

25. Samuel 1 Rumner and Lucy Ryddle. 

Sept. 26. Henry Phillipps and Anne Knight 

Oct. 22. James tiilby and Elizabeth Newton. 

„ 27. Ollyver Wells and Elizabeth Allyson. 

Nov. 14. Thomas Rutland and Joane Barnewell. 

Dec. 8. John Simson and Elizabeth Carin. 

„ 12. William Dycher and Anne Bettcrton. 


Jan. 26. William Crcssy and Alice Keame. 

„ 30. ft'rauneis Smith and Alice Jenin<rs. 



Feb. 5. Robert Marston and Elizabeth Mason. 

„ 23. Jacob Cleveland and Dorathy Smith. 

„ 24. Robert Midleton and Anne Harby. 

„ 23. Robert Pap worth and Jane Webb. 

* 1612. 

Apr. 16. M r Edward ffettephice and Anne Coxc. 

„ 23. "William Crane, of Brasteed, tanner, and Anne Ovcry, of 

Sundridge in Kent. 
July 2. Peter Oreham, cooper, and ffrauncis Morris, widdowe, both of 

this parishe. 

„ 2. John Tandy, of S l Butolphe Algate, and Margarett Langley, 
of this parishe. 

„ 17. Robert Haywarde, of this parishe, and Anne Mortymcr. 
„ 27. Thomas ffoster and Anne Shi 1 ton, both of this parrish. 
Aug 2. Marmaduke Carver, of All S ts Barkinge, and Anne ffletcher, 
of this parrishe. 

„ 2. George Cropwell, of this parishe, and Rebecca Leedcs, of 

Katherin Creechurch, the same daye. 
„ 3. Olyuer Stevenson and Katherin Pigeon, both of this parishe. 
,, 4. M l William Bateman and Jane Middleton, both of this parishe. 
„ 30. John ffelmay, of S l Dunstan in the West, and Alice Denton, 

of this parishe. 

Sept. 6. John Boyle and Bridgett Anthony, both of this parishe. 
„ 7. John Tynder of S' 1 Leonards Eastcheap, and Elizabeth 
Humfrcy, of this parishe. 
Oct. 15. John Stock, of the parishe of Westm', and Sara Blinkhornc, 
of S l Bennett Pauls Wharfe. 
„ 25. Thomas Sorrin and Anne Tickner, both of this parishe. 
Nov. 1. John Pigion, of Mary Alderman', and Ruthc Newberry of 
S fc Mary Hill. 

„ 14. Jolm Nvttbrowne, of this parishe, and Martha Woodcock, 

daughter of Robert Woodcock of S l Butolph, Algate. 
,, 30. William Rewc and Patience Auchcomb, both of this parishe. 
Dec. 4. Henry Barker and Sara Thomson, both of this parishe. 

„ 27. Thomas Brookes, of the parishe of S fc Ethelboroughe within 
Bishopps gate, and Mary Harris of this parrishe. 


Feb. [blank] Thomas Wood and Joane Lewes, both of this parishe. 


Apr. 21 Arthure Arnold and Margarett Price, both of this parrishe. 
June 27. James Bennett, of the parishe of S l Giles without Criplc- 

g[ate], and Phillipp Peirson, of this parrishe. 
July 11. Valentine Hayward, of the parishe of S l Mary Mounthawe, 

and Elizabeth Browne, of S 4 Ollaue in Hart strccte. 
Aug. 12. John Jenkins, of S* Butolphe w th out Bishopps gate, and Mary 

Coleman, of this parishe. 
„ 5. [sic] Nicholas Bishopp and Eliz: Anstcd, both of this parrish. 

LONDON, FROM 160G TO 1625. 


Aug. 26. William Pritchctt, of S l Butolph without Algate, and Isabell 

More, of this parishe. 
Sept. 5. Thomas Sequence and Alice Harris, both of this parrishe. 
Nov. 18. Richard ftust and Katherin "West, widowe, of this parishe. 
„ 30. George Midleton and Elizabeth Mason, of this parishe, were 

married by lycence'. 
Dec. 1. Thomas Sterman, of S l Olaues in Southwarke, and Anne 

Sparrowe, of this parrishe. 


Feb. 14. Richard Skynncr, of S l Olaues predict 1 , and Isabell Cox, of 
this parrish. 
,, 27. Thomas Lawrence and Hester Hall. 
Mch. 6. William Goodman and Katherin Wallis, both of this parishe. 

13. Lawrence Byrne, of Widdonbury, in the County of Chester, 

and Thomazin Aldrich, of S l Dunston in the West. 


Aug. 7. John Wenham and Mary Stringer, both of this parishe. 

„ 12. Raphe Bateman, of S fc Bennet much, and Joyce Allard, of this 
parishe, maryed by lycence. 
Sept. 12. George Angell and Agnes Gregory, both of this parishe. 

„ 29. William Otwell and Anne Eaton married by licence. 

,, 29. John Halle and Dorathy Reynolds, the same daie. 
Nov. 3. William Grumball and Anne Stokes, both of this parrishe. 
Dec. 19. William Downalde and Walsingham Proby married by lycence. 


Feb. 6. William Baker and Mary Kinnersly. 

14. George Andrewes and Emery Andrewes, by lycence. 
„ 21. Richard Bull and Grace Shepheard, by lycence. 


Apr. 24. Henry Lawrence and Elizabeth Reynolds, both of this parrishe. 
May 2 Gregory Duckett, Doctor in Diumitie, and Margaret Watts, 

daughter of S r John Watts, knight, of this piirrishe, by 


„ 18. Thomas Hobson, of the Citie of Bristoll, and Elizabeth Winch, 
of the parishe of S fc Mildreds in the Poultry, by lycence. 
June 11. John Lewis and Agnes Owers, both of this parishe. 
July 3. George Keet and Agnes Hadley, of this parishe. 

„ 17. Richard Lnuiett, of S fc Margaret in Westminster, and Margaret 

Russell, of this parishe. 
„ 25. Robert Woolfenden, of S fc Swithens, and Hester Hopkinson 
of this parishe, married by lycence. 
Sept. 10. Edward Richardson, of Strctham, in Surr[ey], and Susan 

Tylor, of this parishe. 
Oct. 2. Henry Crome, of S fc Mary at Hill, and Sarah ilrankton, of this 


Oct. 15. Nicholas Smith of S* Peters in Coruehill, and Elizabeth 

Graue, of this parishe, by lycence. 
Nov. 13. Gyles Allyn, minister of Booking, in Essex, and Elizabeth 

dau. of William Massam, of the .same, by lycence. • 
16. Anceline Guise, of Stebunheath, vintner, and Mary Johnson, 

dau: of Lancelott -Johnson, of Highbridge in Essex, minister, 

by lycence. 

, 30. Robert Barber, of Christs Church parishe, and Mary Webb, 
dau: of William Webb of this parishe, were marryed by 

Dec. 20. Thomas Northen and Elizabeth Withred, both of this 

„ 27. George Veale and Ann Bishopp, both of this parishe. 
„ 27. Henry Sadler and Sarah Boterell, both of this parishe, 
marryed the same daie. 


Jan. 9. Stephen Doggerel 1, of S fc Michaell Basingshawe, and Mary 

Coxe, of this parishe. 
Feb. 1. John Nashe, of Whitchappell parishe, and Joane May, of this 

,, 5. S r William Harrington, knight, and Anne Wood, daughter of 
the Lady Wood, of Essex, widdowe, by lycence. 

„ 13. Clement Carter, of S* Andrew Hubberd, and Joan Dauison, of 
this parishe. 


Apr. 1. Edward Brooke, of Okeley, in the County of North', and Anne 
Daulby, of this parishe, widdowe, late wife of Anthony 
Daulby, late of this parishe, were marryed by lycence. 

„ 21. John Allison, of Alhallowes in Bred street, and Judith 
Millinge, of this parishe. by lycence. 

„ 28. Humfrey Hunt, of Whitechappell, and Sibbell Atkinson, of 
this parishe. 

May 1. John Drabuil, of S l Gyle[s] without Criplegate, and Judith 
ft'eild, dau: of John fteild, of S l George in Southwarke, by 

,, 20. Thomas Cud worth, of this parishe, and Anne Jeffries, daughter 

of Richard Jeffries, of this parishe also. 
,, 21. Dauid Griffin, of S l Mary Woolnoth, and Katherin Hay, dau: 

of John Haie, .of this parishe. 
June 17. Robert ffrith, of Winsor, and Welthean Morcroftc, of this 

parishe, widdowe.. by lycence. 
July 8. John S wanton, of Lee, in Essex, and Ann Hay, dau: of John 

Hay, of this parishe, by lycence. 
Aug. 4. John Steuens, of Whitechappell parishe, and Anne ffranke, of 

this parishe. 

Oct. 6. Richard Wilkic, of S l Olaue in Southwarke, and Margaret 

Wharton, of this parishe. 
Nov. 5. John Shard, of S* Butolph without Bishops gate, and Margaret 

Greaue, of this parishe. 

LONDON, FROM 1606 TO 1625. 


Nov. 6. Richard fford, of S l Olaue in Southwarkc, and Kathcrin 
Postle, of this parishe, widdowe, by lycence. 
17. Henry Beard, of S 1 Martin Outwich, and Kathcrin Bull, of 
this parishe, widdowe. 
„ 25. Richard Campe, of S l Margaret Pat entes, and Kathcrin Mor- 
graue, of this parishe. 


Jan. 1. John Inglishe, of this parishe, and Anne Haynes, by lycence. 
„ 12. Gennett Bodie, of S fc James Garlick hithe, and Anne Allyn, 
of this parishe. 

„ 20. John Hallywell and Sarah Bankes, boath of this parishe. 

,, 30. James Van Meteren, a Dutchman, of S fc Andrewe Vndershafte, 

and Joanc Bland, of this parishe. 
,, 31. Richard Smyth and Jillian ffisher, both of this parishe. 
Feb. 15. William Steuens, of East Claudon in Surrey, and Clemence 
Skyte, daughter of George Skyte, of the same, by lycence. 
„ 23. Thomas Merryat, of S f Edmonds, in Lumberd street, and 
Dora thy Burton of this parishe. 
Mch. 4. William Lerriwell and Elizabeth Harryson, both of this 

„ 2 [sic] Richard Lewes, of the parish of S fc Lawrence Pountney, 
and Judith ffayrie, of this parish. 


Apr. 22. Peter Worcester, of the parish of S fc Nicholas Aeons, and 

Dora thy Phips, of this parish. 
May 4. Roger White and Katharine Andrewcs, both of this parish. 
29. Lawrence Ley, of the parish of S fc Thomas thapposle [sic], and 
Emme Richards of this parish. 
June 2. Oliuer Owen, of the parish of S l Buttolph without Algatc, 
[and] Margarett Bowles, of the parish of S fc Mary Mattfellon 
alias Whitechappell, were married by lycence. 
„ 10. William Spiekernell, of the parish of S fc Olaue in Hartstrccte, 

[and] Elizabeth Younglowe, of this parish. 
„ 27. Anthony Mountague, of the parish of Alhallowes Barkcinge, 
[and] Margery Jackson of this parish. 
July 6. Thomas Aclam [and] Elizabeth Abbott, both of this parish. 
„ 10. Thomas Skinner, of the parish of S fc Maiy Magdaline in 
Barmondsey in the County of Surrfey], and Jane Cocks, of 
this parish. 

,, 15. John Bulman and Sara Cartwright, both of the parish of 

S 1 Sepulcher, by lycence. 
,, 24. John Hutcheson, of the parish of S 1 Andrew in Holbournc, 

and Joane Teate, of this parish, by lycence. 
„ 31. Christopher Kingsfeild, of the parish of Create S 4 Barthel- 

mewes, and Susan Wittie, of this parish. 
Aug. 21. Mathew England, of the parish of S fc Olancs in Southworkc, 

and Agnes Euans, widdowe, late wife of John Euans, of this 

parish, were married by lycence. 



Nov. 14. Henry Challis, of S* Mary Bowe parishe, and Blanch Williams 
of this parishe, by lycence. 


Jan. 19. Richard Nash and Jane Lncke, seruant to the Lady Hawkins, 

both of this parish. 
„ 21. Henry Van Wuawer, of the parish of S fc Peter the poore, and 

Katherine Beales, of the parish of S fc Buttolph without 

Aldersgate, widdowe, by lycence. 
Feb. 4. William Gonne, of the parish of S fc Andrew in the Wardrobe, 

[and] Ellen Church, of this parish, by lycence. 
„ 8. Thomas Hannes, of the parish of S fc Mary Magdaline iu 

Barmondsey, and Ellen Halley, of this parish. 
„ 8. Richard Tourton, of the parish of S* Katharine Colmaii, 

[and] Anne Hall, of this parish, were married the same day. 


May 3 Thomas Blockseege and Jane Euans, both of this parish. 
„ 18. George Dunkin and Elizabeth Baylie, both of this parish, by 

June 7. Thomas Hardinge and Mary Brooke, both of this parish. 
July 27. Robert Cox and Margarett Owin, both of this parish. 
Aug. 15. Michaell Thompson and Susanna Euans, both of this parish. 
„ 20. Abraham Tooke, of Douer in the County of Kent, and Alice 
Norwood, of the same, by lycence. 
Sept. 7. Richard Iuorie, of the parish of S fc Mary Whitechappcll, 
[and] Joane Chamlyn, of this parish. 
„ 17. Henry Dawes, of the parish of S fc Sepulcher, [and] Joan 
Dauison, of the parish of St. Katharine Creechurch, by 

,, 20. Peter Luskinne and Judith Sadler, both of this parish. 
„ [29.] ftrauncis Hewett and Elizabeth Higgins, the Nyne and 

Oct. 18. Moyses La we and Elizabeth Da we. 

„ [28.] William Millendine and Mary Miller, the Eight and twentith 
of October. 


Jan. 1. John Warten and Margarett Chapman. 

„ 28. Richard Dove and Susanna Micheson. 
Feb. 18. Alexander Greene and Anne Wilkinson. 


Mch. 28. Edmond Hunnill and Elizabeth Hammon. 

Apr. 20. William Cumber and Jane Greene. 

„ 20. John Ramshall and Elizabeth Charnell. 

„ 25. Jerremiah Cornelias and Prissilla Bullocke. 

„ 27. Edwin Kales and Anne Read. 

May 18. James Jones and Alice Nycholls. 

June 27. Henry Yeedens and Alice James. 

July 20. Richard Sicklinge and Mary Wittoil. 

LONDON, FROM 160G TO 1020. 


Aug. 15. Robert Pridgon and Mary Stobban. 

„ 19. William Millett and Sara Carter. 

„ 29. Thomas Hill and Barbara Whitclmrcli. 

„ 30. Thomas Arnold and Mary Jackson. 

„ 31. John Ballowe and Bennett Russull. 

Sept. 26. Richard Rymell and Jone Collins. 

Nov. 4. Nicholas Pordage and Alice Pordage. 

Dec. 29. John Smith and Sara Hollowell. 


Jan. 9. Thomas Moore and Anne Leech. 

24. Richard Midleton and Jane Procke. 

Feb. 13. Thomas Hintes and Elizabeth Hartrup. 

„ 14. George Hardsly and Elioner Thwaites. 

„ 17. Richard Redford and Amie fflower. 

Apr. 19. Thomas Simmons and Margarett Midleton. 

„ 19. Thomas Stokes and Susanna Hill. 

„ 26. "William Robinson and Katharine Ball. 

„ 30. John Metcalfe and Katharine Reynolds. 

„ 30. William Smith and Jane Duke. 

May 8. William Clinkerd and Elizabeth Midleton. 

July 3. John Partridge and Mary Dilke. 

„ 13. Richard Cotterall and Elizabeth Norman veil. 

Aug. 14. John Gawton and Alice Needier. 

„ 17. Edward Butcher and Annis White. 

Oct. 8. John Hawton and Ketura Sheerewood. 

„ 15. ffraimcis More and Alice Beane. 

„ 23. Thomas Lewen and Mary much. 

Nov. 1. Peter Berry and Susanna Graunte. 

Dec. 10. ffraimcis Palmer and Katharine Stevenson. 

„ 27. John Sherwin and Luce Roper. 


Jan. 24. Richard Heuenside and Elizabeth Huffum. 

28. Lawrence Luskin and Jone Newington. 

Feb. 4. John Hilliard and Jane Kendall. 


Apr. 2. John Coxe and Abigale Ripton. 

,, 15. William Greene and Elizabeth Nicholls. 

15. Michaell Harrison and Barbara Bate. 
„ 15. William Gibes and Margery Allin, the same day. 
„ 23. William Larkin and Jone Smith. 
„ 25. John Newporte and Anne Owin. 
[June] 22. Thomas Wood and Anne ffroste, the two and twentith of 

[? June 24.] William Tyllin and Mary Barry, the ffbwre and twentith. 

[So month f/iven.] 
July 9. Henry Wyatt and Bennett Wiggins. 



Aug. 14. Robert Lauret and Crurigon Whale. 

Sept. 21. Samuel] Prior and Ellen Awsten. 

Oct. 10. John Norwood and Sara Shillinge. 

„ 14. Jolm Lewis and Martha Waters. 

„ 30. John Beckett and Anne Herbert. 

Nov. 11. Jeremy Smith and' . lane Brooke. 

Dec. 9. Thomas Neale and Mary Tendring. 

„ 26. James ffrancke and Vrsula Lee. 


Jan. 1. William Staples and Marie Shovelar. 

„ 1. John Dauneer and Mary Woolley, the same daie. 

3. James Tabor and Elizabeth Lucas. 

Feb. 3. James Hall and Katharine Wilcocks 

,, 26. William Cocke and Dorathy Cramp. 

Mch. 5. Peter Saunderson and Maruarett Willett. 


Apr. 23. Richard Matlocke and Elizabeth Dods. 

May 1. Christopher Staggen and Annis Reade. 

„ 9. Daniell Gould and Elizabeth Tooloste. 

July 8. James Man and Anne Ashe. 

„ 18. Edward Sturte and Anne Benfeild. 

Aug 4. Josephe Symmons and Elizabeth Gibson. 

„ 18. John Dawson and Joyce Baker. 

Sept.- 1. "William Woodhowse and Elizabeth Greene. 

,, 29. Nycholas Johnson and Annis Smedley. 

Nov. 28. Thomas Jones and Ellen ffrancke. 


Feb. 25. John Crosse and Margarctt Wrighte. 


Robert Owin and Jone Clare. 
Griffin Morris and Anne ffranckton. 
William Edwards and Ellenor Lills. 
John Castle and Joane Busher. 
Roger fflillwood and Sara Cooper. 

William Hall, of the parrishe of S fc Brides, and Elizabeth Mills 
of this parishe. 
Henry Cantis and Jane Hamor. 
Thomas Miller and Isabell Birde. 
Robert Bond and Mary Beadle. 
Jeremy Bourne and Mary Cole. 
Henry Lamprell and Alice Armesteed. 


Jan. 11. John Saffar and Margarett Hooke 

Apr. 27. 


May 1. 
„ I- 
>. 6. 

June 24. 

July 10. 

„ 13. 
Aug. 21. 
Sept. 21. 
2 8 




April 11. Gilbert Stopforth and Anne ffeilde. 

„ 13. William Wicksteed and Eliz: Brookes. 

May 6. Henry Carlton and Anne Lasher, 

26. William Andreses and Dorothy Prosser. 

June 17. John Mayor and Jone Roche. 

„ 18. Tho: Went worth and Sarah Willowhy. 

„ 21. Phillip Munday and Jane Gardner. 

July 29. James Marshall and Katherin Royle. 

Aug. 31. Thomas Wannerton and Ellenor Giftbrd. 

Oct. 4. Peter fhirbanck and Jane Smith. 

„ 21. Thomas Hinney and Eliz: Brickwood. 

„ 24. John Payne and Eliz: Reynolds. 

„ 28. James Buckmaster and Jone Leech. 

„ 28. John Addanis and Margaret Curtis, the same daie. 

Nov. 2. Ambrose Holloway and Isabel 1 Strominger. 

Dec. 9. Beniamin Sedgwick and Margaret Pettipoole. 

„ 19. Raphe Lacey and M;irie Clarke. 

,, 27. John Salter and Mary Perkins. 


Jan. 19. William Wicklifle and Mary Ward. 

16 [sic]. Thomas Block seech and Mary Hunt, 
John Yeeles and Elizabeth Wade. 
Richard Simmons and Elizabeth Scott. 
Thomas Jackes and Anne Atkins. 
Richard Vernier and Jone Parkes. 

Lawrence Bottanghc and Margarett Graston [? or "Grafton."] 
Abraham Somerscale and Jane Hale, the same daie. 


May 10. Pvichard Bishopp and Mary Walcott. 

„ 4' [sic]. Thomas Hufiard and Ellen Thurston. 

June 2. Mathew Lister and Jane Gostick. 

12. John Bradford and Susanna ffeild. 

Aug. 7. James Rumball and Mary Hazell. 

Oct. 5. Robert Watts and Anne Marshall. 

Nov. 10. Richard Dixon and Anne Angell. 

„ 17. Thomas Walter and Grace Morris. 

Dec 4. Richard Timbren and Anne Brookes. 

„ 8. Tho: Burman and Mary Hawkcs. 

„ 12. Richard Angell and Ellioner Wright. 

„ 22. William Greene and Elizabeth Wood. 





Imjiiak's ITxsif aixoxi of gorksljtw, 


{Continued from Vol. X. p. 248). 


Yorke, 13° Sept. 1G.C5. 



Arms : — Per jwle Argent and Azure, three lions passant in pale eounterchanged. 
Crest :— A goat's head erased Azure, attired Or. 

Respite given for proofe of these Amies. 

I. ABRAHAM (Richard) SUNDERLAND, of High Sunderland, 
neer Halifax, (?) bur. at Halifax 6 Sept. 1543. Will 3 Jan. 
. 1537, pr. 10 Jan. 1543, mar. Judith, da. of Thomas Oldfeild. 
Thev had issue — 
Richard (II) 

Gilbert in his father's will. 
William in his father's will. 

Bryan, (?) mar. Margt. Heyley 7 Aug. 1540, and had issue — 

Richard, (?)bp. 20 Apr. 1511.) £ , 
William, (?)bp. 21 Apr. 1517. J^'j. 


in their uncle 
Sunderland's will. 


Edward, of Halifax, in his brother Richard's will. Had issue — 

Elizabeth, in her brother Richd. and her neices Mary and 
Grace's wills, probably bur. at Halifax G Jan. 15S-°. 

RICHARD SUNDERLAND, of Sutherland, Esq*; bur. at 
Halifax 19 July 1573. Will l'jvme 1573, pr. 5 Mar. 157*, 
mar. Mary, (?) Eliz., da. of Rob 1 (Hugh) 1 Moore (More) of 

1 Will 14 Oct. 15CS mentions all the children of his son-in-law, Ricliard Sunder- 



Midgley, first wife (? if Eliz., bur. at Halifax 10 Feb. 
They had issue 1 — 

Jennet or Johanna, wife of John Hemingway, (?) bp. at 
Halifax 19 Jan. 1539, mar. 5 June 1564. 
He mar. ~2 l 'J Anne, da. of John Rushworth, of Ridlesdcn, 2 d wife. 
They had issue- — 

1. Abraham Sunderland, of High Sunderland, bp. at Halifax 

25 Jan. 1561, bur. there 27 June 1586. Will 20 May 
15S6, pr. 20 Apr. 1587, mar. at Halifax 5 Get. 1579 
Susan, da. of Raphe Waterhouse, of Burstatl, (?) bur. 
there 2 Dec. 1587. They had issue — 

Abraham, a son, died, young, bur. at Halifax 16 Feb. 


2. Richard (111). 

Agnes, wife of Gilbert Deync, (?) bp. at Halifax 18 Feb. 

15f§, mar. 19 Oct, 1568. 
Mary, bur. at Halifax .19 Mar. 157 J. Will 7 Mar. 157*, 

pr. 13 June 1575. 
Grace, bur. at Halifax 8 Feb. 157*. Will 20 Jan. 157*, 

pr. Mar. 157-1, mentions sister Sarah, Agnes wife of 

Gilbert Deyne, aunt Elizabeth. 

III. RICHARD S VXD ERL A XD, of Copley (Coley), Es<f, heire to 
his brother, J.P., Treasurer for Lame Soldiers, bur. at Halifax 
25 June 16o4, mar. Mary, da. of S r Rich. Saltonstull, Knt, 
L d Mayor of London, bur. at Halifax 12 May 1606. They 
had issue — 

1. Abraham (IV). 

2. Rob. Sunderland, a Turkey rnarchant, died in a? lb' 13, 

and licth buried in y' church of J fall if ax w th arm's on 
his gravestone, bp. at Halifax I Feb. 159 J, bur. there 
11 Feb. 162 J. 

3. Sam. Sunderland, of Harden, in co. Ebor., cel. 67 an. 

11 Amj. 1665, mar. Anne, dan. of Edwd. Waterhouse, 
of Priestlev, 22 June 1625, bp. at Halifax 11 Feb. 
159f, d. i Feb. 1676, bur. at Bingley, M.I. Will 
26 Jan. 1676. 

4. Richard Sunderland, clrke, bp. at Halifax 1 Dec. 1603, 

bur. there 5 June 1629. 
■5. Petnr Sunderland, of Fai reweither Greene, neer Bradford, 
in co. Ebor., made a fortune in London and endowed 
a Lectureship at Bradford Par. Ch., bp. at Halifax 
21 Apr. 1606, d. 29 Dec. 1677, bur. at Bradford, 
M.I. Will 24 Dec. 1677, mar. Mary, da. of Rich. 
Each, oj Idel, neer Bradford in co. Ebor., bur. at 

1 Probably ako William, bp. a Aug. 1542, bur. 1 Jan. 154 * ; Richard, bp. 2 Nov., 
bur. 10 Dec" 154 1 ; John, bur. 23 May 1546. 

3 It seems doubtful by which marriage all Richard Sunderhmd'e children were ; 
Dugdale makes Abrahauiand Richard half, but it is most likely that they were own 




Bradford 20 Dec. 1658. He rcmar. Grace, dan. of 

Laurence Buck, bp. at Calverlcy 9 Nov. 1634, mar. 

there 15 Nov. 1659, rcmar. ltichd. Shuttlcworth at 

Leeds 8 Oct. 1678. 
Swat:, wife of William Beilhy, of Mickle.tlucayt Grant/*; 

Estf, bp. at Halifax 24 Aug. 1597, bur. at St. 

Martin's Ch., York, Oct. 1664. (Drake.) 
Mar//, wife of Edward Parker, of Brtavholm, Esq., 

bp. at Halifax S June 1600, mar. there 2S Jan. 

16f§, bur. at Mitton 1673. 
Judith, died unmarried (site wtis a fwt/nne with Peter), 

bp. at Halifax 21 Apr. 1606, .(?) bur. there 22 Jan. 


IV. ABBA II A' SUNDERLAND of Sunderland & Coley, E*q\ dud 

in Pont/frad Casfta 25 March 1644, duriiaj y e seiye there, it 
heinij kept for K. Charles f first, mar. Eliz., do. of Pder 
Langdal*, of Beverley, Esq r (father to Marmaduke, L d Laiuj- 
dale). They had issue — 
Lanqdale (V). 

(?) Anne, bp. at Halifax 25 Feb. 162^, 

V. LAXGDALE SUNDERLAND, of Ayktmi, in co. Ebor., E*f, 

Cap 1 of a Troop of horse muter if command <f Marmaduke, 
late Lord Lanrjdah; in if service if K. Ch. y e 1 st ctt. 44- ami. 
a 1665. Had to sell High Sunderland, and bought Ackton, 
bp. at St. Martin's, Coney St., York, 20 Dec. 1022 (C.B.X.), 
mat at Brasenose Coll., O.xf., 12 July 1639 (Foster), bur. at 
F'eatherstonc 11 Xov. 1698, M.I., mar. Eli::., da. of Thomas 
Tltoriihill, of Fi.ebii, in com. Ebor., Esq r , bp. at Elland 5 Dec. 
1622. They had issue— 

1. Abraham, ctt. 15 ami 13 Sept. 1665, bp. at Elland 

25 May 1650, bur. at Feathcrstoue 5 Sept. 167-'), 
mat at University Coll., Oxf., 12 Aug. 1668. 

2. Bryan (VI). 

Richard, bp. at Elland 25 Mar. 1617, bur. there 14 Mar. 

An infant, bur. at Elland 13 June 1649. 

Marmaduke, bp. at Featherstone 5 Aug. 1652, bur. 

there 29 July 1653. 
Two children, b. and bur. at Featherstone 9 Feb. 165f. 
He rcmar. Eiizabeth, dan. of Thos. Hippon, of Featherstone, 
she was bur. there 26 Feb. 170C'. They hail issue — 

Richard, bp. at Featherstone 16 Dec. 1678, bur. there. 
28 Mar. 169--. 

Abraham, bp. at Featherstone 20 June 1680, bur. there 

16 Feb. 168?. 
Samuel (A). 

Judith, wife of John Stanhope, of Xostell, bp. at 
Featherstone 9 Apr. 1675, mar. there 11 June 1695 



Susannah, bp. at Featherstone "20 Feb. 107,;, (?) bur. 

there 16 June 1750. 
Elizabeth, wife of John Coates, M.D., of Pontcfract, b. 

10 Sept., bp. 13 Sept., 1677, mar. at Kirkby Wharfc 

11 Aug. 1709. , 

VI. BRYAX SUXDERLAXD, cut. 12 an. 166o f of Featherstone, 
bp. there 28 May 1651, mat. Magdalen Coll., Oxf., 21 Xov. 
1671, (?) bur. at Pontcfract 22 July 1730, mar. first Ann, dau. 
of . . . Appleyard, at Wraghy, S Dec. 1674, bur. there 
30 Jan. 167y. Thcv had issue — 
Peter (VII). 

VII. PETER SUNDERLAND, of Featherstone and Acton, which he 

sold, bp. at Wragbv 12 Oct. 1075, bur. at Featherstone 2 Apr. 
1727, mar. at York Minster 29 Dec. 1707 Anne, dau. of Thos. 
Thornhill. They had issue — 

Richard, b. 3, bp. 13 Oct. 1708, and bur. 29 Mar. 1737 
at Featherstone. 

Peter, b. 24 Aug., bp. 14 Sept, 1709, bur. 21 July 
1711 at Featherstone. 

Langdale, b. 31 May, bp. 12 June, bur. 20 Sept. 1728 
at Featherstone. 

Anne, wife first of John Wordsworth, secondly of Thos. 
Sunderland, of Bigland, bp. at Featherstone 5 Dec. 
1711, bur. there 28 Aug. 1749. 

Elizabeth, bp. 11 May, bur. 15 May 1713 at Featherstone. 

Elizabeth, bp. 30 June, bur. 13 Sept. 1711 at Feather- 

Susannah, wife first of John Wormald, of Batley, bp. at 
Featherstone 27 Mar. 1720, mar. there 3 Xov. 1730, 
remar. Win. Todd, of Xcwstead and Wakefield, d. 
8 Dec. 1 783. 

Frances, bp. 29 Jan. 171*, bur. 2 Sept. 1717 at 

Jane, bp. 8 June 1715, bur. 14 Xov. 1735 at Feather- 
\ stone. 

i He remar. Susan, dau. of John Adams, of Rawclille, mar. lie. 
London 13 May 1678. They had issue — 
John (VIII). 

Marmaduke, bp. 21 Mar. 168 J, bur. 26 Aug. 16S3 at 

Mary, bp. 7, bur. S May 1682. 
j Mary, bp. 18 Sept. 1083. 

Susanna, bp. 15, bur. 26 Feb. 168,]. 
Susanna, bp. S Nov. 1688. 

VIII. JOHN SUNDERLAND, of Doncastcr, bp. at Featherstone 

8 Apr. 1679, bur. at Arksey 1759 or 00, mar. Mary. dan. of 
Stephen Thompson, at St. Mary, Bishophill, York, 29 Dec. 
1706, bur. at Arksey 6 Xov. 1761. They had issue— 



Mary, bp. at St. Martin's, Cone} St., York, 15 June 
1708 (C.B.N. ), wife of Saml. Foley, Colonel, mar. at 
Wadworth 26 Apr. 1725, bur. at Arkscy 6 Feb. 1757. 

Catherine, bp. at Holy Trinity. King's Square, York. 
4 Oct. 1715 (C.B.N.), wife' of Sir Geo. Cooke, of 
Wheatley, '(.') bur. at Arkscy 21 Apr. 1792, £ct. 77. 

We return to — 

A. SAMUEL SUNDERLAND (son of Langdale Sunderland and 
Elizabeth Hippon) of Bradley, in Kildwick and Badsworth, 
bp. at Featherstone 7 May I 682, bur. at Badsworth 25 Apr. 
1742, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Saml. Jenkinson, of Hodsoke, 
bur. at Badsworth 30 Jan. 1753. They had issue — 

1. • Langdale Sunderland, of Bradley, Collector of Customs, 

Newcastle, bp. at Featherstone 7 Mar. 170G, mar. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Forster, of Ukerby, Yorks., 
rel. of Thos. Burdon, of Burdon. They had issue — 

Langdale, d. inf. 

Forster, d. inf. 

Elizabeth. 1 

2. Samuel, b. at Rogerthorpe 30 Aug. 1709, bur. 4 Oct. 


3. John(B). 

4. Richard, of London, merchant, bp. at Badsworth 2G May 

1712, d. at Cork, bur. there, mar. Eliz. or Rebecca, 
dau. of . . . Duel, bur. at Royton. They had issue- 
Elizabeth, wife of Josh. Piekford, afterwards Sir 
Josh. Radcliffe, b. at Croydon 2G Dec. 1748, 
mar. there 16 Nov. 1765, d. 26 Mar. 1796, bur. 
at Royton. (Yorks. Arch. Journal, viii, 427). 

5. Peter, of Billingley, bp. at Badsworth 12 Aug. 1713, d. 


6. Thomas, of Bigland Hall, co. Lane, hp. at Badsworth 

3 Mar. 1717, mar. Ann, dau. of Peter Sunderland, 
of Featherstone, bur. at Featherstone 28 Aug. 1749. 
They had issue — 

Samuel, bp. at Featherstone 10 Sept 1747. 
Anne, bp. at Featherstone 28 Aug. 1746. 
Mary, bp. at Featherstone 14 .Mar. 1749. 
He remar. Mary, dau. of John Fox, of Whitehaven, wid. 
of Ceo. Bigland, of Bigland Hall, bur. at Cartmell. 
They had issue — 

" Peter, b. at Bigland 31 July 1754. 
Langdale, b. at Bigland 10 Mar. 1756, bur. at 

Cartmel Jan. 1 760. 
John, b. at Bigland 29 Dec. 1760, d. in N. America. 

1 In the Tc<l. in the "Yorks. Genealogist " she is called the wife of Thos. Denison, 
of Leeds, but Hunter makes his wile Elizabeth the dau. of Juhn Sunderland, of 


Langdale, M.D., b. at Bigland 1764, d. s.p. 
Elizabeth, b. at Bigland 11 Mar. 1758, mar. first 

Wm. Russell, second, . . . Deake, clerk. 
Sarah, b. at Bigland 12 Nov. 17G2, mar. J. Tipping 
Senhouse, of Calder Abbey. 
Olivia, wife of Thos. Sayle, of Wentbridge, bp. at 

Featherstone 30 Dec, 1703. 
Elizabeth, bp. at Featherstone 10 May 1705, bur. there 
10 June. 

Mary, bp. at Featherstone 27 Jan. 170£, bur. at Bads- 
worth 17 Dec. 1732. 

Penelope, bp. at Badsworth 17 Jan. 1714. 

Susanna, bp. at Badsworth Jan. 1710. 

Catherine, wife of Wm. Barraclough, of Rogerthorpe, 
bp. at Badsworth 27 Oct. 1720, mar. there. 

B JOHN SUNDERLAND, of Whittington, co. Lane, J.P., bp. at 
Badsworth 15 Jan. 17 1£, mar. Mary, dan. of Thos. Rawlinson, 
of Whittington Hall. They had issue — 

Thomas (C). 

Samuel, d. inf. 

Judith, b. May 1741, mar. Edw. Gregge Hopwood, of 

(?) Elizabeth, 1 b. 1G Jan. 1735, wife of Thos. Denison, of 
Leeds, d. at Bath. 

C. THOMAS SUNDERLAND, of Whittington Hall, J. P., mar. 
' Anne, dau. of Wm. Dickson, bur. at Ulverston 12 Apr. 1809. 

John (D). 

Thomas, b. 25 May 1744, bp. at L T lverston 7 Feb. 1775. 

Elcanore, bp. at Ulverston 26 July 1771. 

Mary, b. 11 Aug. 1772, bp. at Ulverston 7 Feb. 1775, 

mar. there 30 Oct. 1804 Hon. Wm. Lumley, d. s.p. 

19 July 1807, bur. at Ulverston. 
Anne, bp. at Ulverston 11 June 177G, mar. there 29 July 

1799 Rev. Henry Askew, Rector of Greystoke. 

D. JOHN SUNDERLAND, M.A. in Holy Orders, b. 21 Dec. 17G9, 

bp. at Ulverston 27 Jan. 1770, mar. xYnn, dau. of Edward 
King of Askam Hall. 

Thomas, bp. at Ulverston 18 Nov. 1807. 

Edward (E). 

John, d. inf. 

George Henry Carleton, Commander R.N., b. at Ulverston 
3 May IS 14, bur. there Dec. 187G, mar. Margaret, d. and 
coh. of Lt -Col. Story. 

Anne, bp. at Ulverston 2G Nov. 1811. 

E. EDWARD SUNDERLAND, Lt.-Col. Royal Artillery, bp. at 

Ulverston G Feb. 1809, mar. Frances Austin, of Dublin. They 
had issue — 

Vide note 1, page o2. 



Mary Henrietta. 

Anne Eliza Plantagenet. 


The earlier parts of the additions to this pedigree have been obtained 
from the Halifax and Featherstone Registers, and the Wills at York ; 
some of the later information is from Hunter's " Minorum Gentium" 
and the " Yorkshire Genealogist." 

Yorke, 13° Aug. 1GG0. 



Arms : — Vert, a chevron between three covered cups Or. 
Qu. for proofe of these amies. 

I, JOHN SHAW, of Hall-Broom, in com. Ehor., in the Chapelry 
of Bradfield, mar. Elizabeth . . . They had issue — 

1. William Shaiv, dyed young. 

2. John (II). 

II. JOHN SUA W, of Hall-Broom, in com. Ehor., and of Sickc 
House, bur. at Bradfield 19 Dec. 1634, a't. 63, mar. Emot, 
daughter to Nicholas Stead, of Onsacre, at Bradfield 13 June 

1607, bur. at Patrington 28 Jan. 1 G-32. They had issue- 
Ill. J01IX SHAW, of Shcppanl Castle, in, com. Ehor., at. 57 ann. 

1GGG, A.M., Vicar of llotherham and of Hull, whence he was 
ejected, b. at Sickc House 23 June, bp. at Bradfield 24 June 

1608, d. 19 Apr., bur. at llotherham 21 Apr. 1072. Will 
21 Nov. 1671, pr. 27 Aug. 1672, mar. Dorothy, daughter to 
George Heathcoat, of Calthorp HaU, in eo. Derb., fust wife, at 
Trinity Church, Micklegate, York, 13 Dec. 1632, d. 10 Dee., 
bur. 12 Dec. 1657 at Trinity Church, Hull. They had issue— 

1. Emot, mar. to Francis Blunt, of Kingaton upon //«//, b. 
at Sicke House 3 Nov., bp at Bradfield 11 Nov. 
1633, mar. at Trinity Church, Hull, 21 Nov. IOoO, 
being then widow ofMathcw Wardel, of Patrington 
(to whom she was mar. 15 M »y 1651 at St. Mary's, 
Hull). She d. 1671. 

dugdale's visitation or Yorkshire. 


2. Dorothy, mar. to Jonathan Staynforth (Staniforth), of 

Hot he ram, in co. Ebor.,h. at Chumlcgh, co. Derby, 
29 June 1635, mar. at Trinity Church, Hull, 10 Doc. 
1657, d. 1659. 

3. Eebeca, mar. t<> Richard She! Jon, of Monyash, in com. 

Derbies, b. at Sicke House 18 Apr., bp. at Bradford 
3 May 1638, mar. at Rawmarsh 15 Jan. 166 •-, reuiar. 
Gilbert Rene. 

4- Eachell, mar. to Francis fiurdet, of WoUey, in com 
Ebor., b. at Rotherhnin 5 Nov., bp. there 14 Nov. 
1639, mar. at Rawmarsh 27 Dec. 1666, bur. at 
Silkstone 9 Nov. 1689. 

5. Ilesther, mar. to J/um/Jiry Marler, of Manchester, in co. 

Lane, b. at Rotherbam Vicarage 21 Aug., bp. 29 Aug. 
1641, mar. at Dishley, co. Cest., 16 Dec. 1663. 

6. Euth, mar. to George Dah, of Jlonyashall, in com. 

Derh., h. at Hull 20 Feb., bp. at St. Mary's 27 Feb. 

1. John, bp. at Sicke House 3 Jan., bur. at Bradfield 
12 Jan. 1636. 

He remar. Margaret, daughter fo John Stillinr/ton, of K el field, in 
co. Ebor., Esq 1 '. 2' 1 wife, exor. of her husband's will, b. at Kelfield 
29 Sept. 1624, mar. at Stillingflcet 19 Dec. 1659, bur. at 
Rotherham 26 Dec. 1693. They had issue — 

John Shan.', at. 3 ann. 10GG, b. at Rotherham 9 Feb., bp. 
there 15 Feb. 166§, d. unmar., bur. there 1 Jan. 168-|. 

7. Marrf, cet. 5 an. 1GGG, first wife of Elkana Rich, of 

Bull House, gent., b. at Charterhouse, Hull, 30 Oct., 
bp. 7 Nov. 1660, mar. 20 Oct. 1680, d. 10 June, bur. 
at Rotherham 12 June 1684. 

Much of the information in this pedigree has been obtained from 
Hunter's "Minorum Gentium.'' 

North Bayliwick of Kolderxesse. 

Hull, 4° Sept. 1665. 



Arms : Argent, a cross moline Sable, a crescent fur difference. 

Crest : — A horse passant Argent, bridle Azure, bit Or. 



I. CHRISTOPHER FULL Til ORPE, of Tunstall, in com. Palat. 
Dunelm, Esq'', (son of Nicholas Fullthorpe, of Tunstall, for 
earlier descents see Surtees' Durham, vol. iii, 127), bp. 24 Aug. 
1580, and bur. 27 Feb. 166f at Stranton, co. Durh., mar. 
Mary, daughter of Clement Colmer, D r in Diainity, bur. at 
Stranton 14 Aug. 1670. They had issue — 
Clement (II). 

Elizabeth, wife of Robt. Hutton, of Hough ton-le-Spring. 
Mary, wife of Christopher Dods worth, Master of the Hospital 
at Well., mar. 27 Oct. 1G29 at Stranton. 

II. CLEMENT FULTHORPE, of Tunstall, in com. Palat. Dunelm, 
J.P., High Sheriff of Durham, bp. 1 Jan. 1604, mar. Isabell, 
daughter of S r John Calrerlty, of Little Biirne, in com. Palat. 
Dunelm, A 7 , 1 wife, at Brancepeth 20 Nov. 1628. They had 
issue — 

1. John (III). 

2. Christopher Fulthorpe, Rector of Sir/lesthorne, in Holder- 

ness, at. So an. Sept. a 16'Go, B.D., Fellow of St. 
John's Coll., Camb., bp. at Stranton 11 June 1G33, 
d. 5 Sept., bur. 9 Sept. 1709. Will 13 June 1707, 
mar. 14- May IG'37 at Pocklington, Mary, dau. of 
. . . Robinson, bur. 25 Aug. 1695 at Sigglesthorne. 
They had issue — 

Mary, bp. 13 Jan. 166* at Sigglesthorne, bur. 
29 Aug. 1669 at Pocklington. 

Isabel, bp. 13 Jan. 16 f& bur. 4 June 1G76 at Pock- 

Mary, bp. 13 Feb. 167^ at Sigglesthorne. 
Timothy, bp. 30 Mar. ~1674, bur. Sept. 1692. 
Isabel, bp. 7 June 1077. 

Christopher, bp. 3 July 1G79, bur. 3 May 1702. 
Elizabeth, wife of Robt. Ellis, of Kilham, b. 8 Aug. 
1G82, mar. at York Minster 29 May 1700, d. 
16 Oct. 1706, bur. at Sigglesthorne. 
Ann, bp. and bur. 3 June 1693. 
Clement, bp. at Stranton 20 Nov. 1631, d. s.p., bur. 

there 10 Mar. 166A-. 
Gabriel, of Newcastle, merchant, bp. 20 Apr. 1635, 
bur. at Newcastle 5 Apr. 1607. Will 15 Mar. 1666, 
mar. Barbara, dau. of John Emerson, of Newcastle, 13 
May 1662, bur. there 15 Oct. 1671. They had issue- 
John, bp. at Newcastle 19 Feb. 1 G0f o d. inf. 
Mary, bp. 7 Nov. 1GG4, bur. 14 Sept. 1GG5 at 

Barbara, bp. at Newcastle 11 Jan. 166f. 
Timothy, Citizen and Leatherseller of London, bp. at 
Stranton 5 Dec. 163G, d. b Oct. 1664. Will G Oct., 
pr. 17 Oct. 1664, London, mar. Mary, dau. of Peter 
Smith, of London, mar. lie. 6 Nov. 1661, remar. 
William Skinner, of Hull. 




William, bp. at Stranton 9 Jan. 1G4£. 
Mary, wife of Henry Fetherstonhaugk, bp. at Stranton 
8 Mar. 169|. 

He mar. secondly Margaret, dan. of Sir Echvd. Boyse, of Fred- 
ville, co. Kent, wid. of Geo. Trotter, Esq., of Skelton Castle. 

III. JOHN FULTEORPE, of Tunstall, in com. Pa/at. Dunelm, bp. 
at Stranton 11 Apr. 1630, bur. there 8 Feb. 169g, mar. Mary, 
dau. of George Trotter, of Skelton Castle. They had issue 

Christopher, son and heir, bur. 4 Sept. 1GG7. 

Clement, bp. 28 Mar. 1G67, d. inf. 

Henry, bp. 22 Nov. 16G8, bur. 21 Jan. I69f. 

Mary, bur. 19 May 1G62. 

Elizabeth, bp. 9 Apr. 16G5, d. inf. 

Isabella, wife of Thos. Morel 1, of Thirsk, merchant, bp. 

30 June 1G70, mar. 1 1 Oct. 1705. 
Mary, wife of Ebenczer Gledhill, Lt.-Col. bp. 30 Mar. 1GG3. 
Catherine, wife of John Stratford, bp. 14 May 1G72, bur. 
1 Jan. 172£. 

The additions are mostly from Surtees' Durham ; the entries from 
Sigglesthorne Registers have been given by Rev. C. 13. NorclitTe, M.A. 

Gilling East Wapentake. 

Stokesley 8° Sept. 16G6. 




Arms : — Argent, on a chevron between three bugle-horns Sable, as many bezants. 

I. EDWARD DODSWORTH, of Chevington, hi com. Northumhriie, 
mar. . . . 

1. Ra}>he Dod. worth, of Felton, in com. Northumbr., died 
in a° IGGJf. 

Robert, had £50 in 1G50 in his uncle Robert 

Dodsworth's will. 



2. Robert (II). 

/. Frances, wife of . . . Rochester, Gierke. 

2. Margaret, wife of John Sleigh, a Mercha nt in Berwick 

upon Tweet], 

3. Elizabeth, wife of Robert Murton, a Merch 1 in Berwick 

upon Tireed ; secondly of Samueh 'Ihirlcr, of Barton, 
in com, Ebor., f/ejit ; -thirdly of George Wed ton, of 
Barton, aforesaid. 

II. ROBERT DO DS WORT II, of Barton, in com. Ebor., died in 
a" 1050, bur. at Barton St. Cuthberts Apr. 1651 (Whitaker's 
Richmondshire). Will 15 Mar. 1050, pr. at London 25 June 
1651 (Yorks Record Series, vol. ix, 34), mar. Margaret, 
daughter of Arthur Hebbume, of Hebburne, in com. Xorthnm- 
brice, remar. Colonel Chaytor, d. 24 Feb. 1703, bur. at Barton 
St. Cuthberts, set. 100 years. The}' had issue — 

Thomas Dndsivorth, wt. 19 an. 8° a° 1GGG, d. 
s.p. 28 Sept. 1680, bur. at Barton St. Cuthberts. 

1. Elizabeth, wife of \Vm. Killinghall, of Middleton St. 

George, co. Durh., mar. at Barton St. Cuthberts 
30 Jan. 167|, lmr - at Middleton St George 19 Mar. 
167S. (Surtees' Durham). 

2. Mary, wife of John Killinghall, mar. 27 Nov. 1667, 

remar. John Pemberton 18 Dec. 1683 at Hurworth, 
(Surtees' Durham), bur. there 2 Feb. 1630. 

( To be continued./ 

Inquisitions post fHortcnu 

{Continued from Vol. X, -p. 18S.) 

Brent, William, Esq., — Inq. at Stow le Old 1 Mar. 39 Eliz. — Gloucester 

— Richard Brent cons. & h. of William. 
Brenyng, Richard, will 5 Feb. 1523, ob. 6 June 16 Hen. 8. — Inq. at 

New Sarum 4 Nov. 17 Hen. 8.— Wilts— 1. Richard s. & h., act. 4; 

2. Robert ; 1. Alice ; 2. Elizabeth. 
Breres, Thomas, Esq., s. & h. of Robert B., ob. 6 Nov. 6 Hen. 8. — Inq. 

at Loddon on the Monday after the feast of the Apostles Philip & 

James 6 Hen. 8. — Suffolk — John s. & h., act. 2 & more. 
Brereton, George, Esq., of Asheley, co. Chester, ob. 6 Oet. ult. at 

Timperley — Inq. at Warwick 9 Jan. 30 Eliz. — Warwick — Willliam 

Brereton, Esq., s. & h., act. 20 yrs. less 3 months. 
Brereton, Henry, will 12 Mar. 1617, ob. 27 Mar. 1623— Inq. at Xant- 

wich 10 Jan. Il Car. I. — Chester — Henry posth., born 12 Oct. 1623. 
Brereton, Richard, of Tatton, co. Chester, Knt., ob. . . . 3 & 4 Ph. 

& Mary — Inq. at Salop 16 June 3 & 4 Ph. & M. — Salop — Geoffrey 

Brereton, Esq., s. & h., is of full age. 



Bressey, Edmund, ob. 10 April 14 Car. I. — Tnq. at Amptliill 5 Sep. 14 

Car. I. — Bedford — Edmund s. & h., act. 13, 10 Feb. 1G37. 
Brett, Alexander, Knt., ob. 23 April 7 Jac. I. — Inq. at Ilminster 2 Aug. 

9 Jac. I. — Somerset — John Brett, Esq., is brother & h., act. 25. 
Brett, John, Esq., ob. 1 Sep. 10 Jac. I.— Inq. at Chard 1G July 11 Jac. 1. 

— Somerset — Alexander Brett, Esq., is brother & h., act. 24. 
Breton, William, Esq., will 12 Feb. 1557, ob. 12 Jan. 1 Eliz. — Inq. at 

the Guildhall 27 Oct. 9 Eliz. — London, Lincoln — Richard s. & h., act. 

17; Nicholas; Thama ; Anne; Mary. 
Brettox, John, ob. 5 Nov. 1636 — Inq. at Bury St. Edmunds 24 Jan. 12 

Car. I. — Suffolk, Essex — 

Thomas, ob. v.p.=pSibella. 

John s. & h., cons. & h. of his grandfather, then act. 20. 

Brews, Robert, Esq., ob. v.p. 7 Sep. ult. — Inq. at Bokenham 4 Nov. 

6 Hen. 8. — Norfolk — Thomas s. & h., act. 33. 
Brewster, Robert, gent., will 30 Jan. 1G28, ob. 5 Feb. 1628 — Inq. at 

Northampton 18 Aug. 5 Car. I. — Northampton — Robert s. & h., act. 

17 yrs. 8 months. 

Breyntox, Sibilla, widow, ob. 26 Nov. ult, (1st husband Richard 
Hackeluvt; 2nd husband . . . Braynton) — Inq. at Leominster 23 
Sep. 30 Hen. 8.— Hereford- 
Thomas Hackeluvt s. & h.=f= 


Thomas, s. & h., cons. & h. iktaliaf of said Sibilla, is aet. f>. 

Brian, Robert, Esq., ob. 7 Nov. 1627 — Inq. at Cambridge 24 Jan. 8 
Car. I. — Cambridge — 

Thomas s. & h., ob. v.p.=^Sarah relict of ... Clarke. 

Robert s. & h., cons, k h. of his grandfather, act. 1G. 

Jtotirrs of ^Cioctta. 

Historic Notes ox Parts of South Somerset. By John Batten, 
F.S.A. London (Simpkiu, Marshall & Co.) : Yeovil (Whitby and 
Son). Svo. 

The author in his preface modestly styles himself "a compiler." His 
work is, however, far more than a mere compilation, for it is the rcsull 
of a patient and learned investigation into the early history of the 
parishes within its scope. Indeed our only regret is that .Mr. Batten's 



work has not covered a larger area, and that lie himself has not given 
to us that new edition of Collinson which, as he rightly says, is so much 
needed, hi the chapter on Coker, we notice some very interesting 
remarks upon the alleged deathbed gift by William the Conqueror of 
his regalia to the Abbey of St. Stephen at Caen in Normandy. The 
story, as told by Collinson, is'that William Rufus redeemed his father's 
gift with the grant of the manor of Coker. Mr. Batten shows that in 
all probability it was not Rufus, but his brother Henry I who recovered 
the regalia, and that Coker is not even mentioned in the charter by 
which the last named monarch conferred certain manors on the Abbey 
"in exchange for the crown and other ornaments which his father had 
bestowed on St. Stephen, and which the monks delivered to him (Henry) 
at Caen." Mr. Batten suggests that an alleged charter by which 
William Rufus is said to have granted to the Abbey "a certain manor 
by name Cocre, situate in the county of Somerset" may have been a 
monkish forgery, but if so it is difficult to imagine why the monks 
should have fixed on Coker as the manor granted in exchange for the 
jewels, unless indeed the}- had confused that place witli Crucre 
(Crewkernc) which was named in the original grant by which their 
founder, William the Conqueror, endowed their house. Much light is 
thrown by this book upon many Somerset families, especially the 
De Mandevilles, the Sydenhams of Brympton, the Stourtons of Treston, 
and the Binghams of Sutton Bingham. The first of these families long- 
owned the manors of East and West Coker, until, in the reign of 
Edward I, they were, for some unknown felony, forfeited by Robert 
de Mandeville to his over-lord, Hugh de Courtcnay, Earl of Devon. 
Mr. Batten gives a tabular pedigree showing the different branches of 
this ancient house, and refers in detail to the controversy which arose 
between two of these branches in consequence of the high-handed 
conduct of Henry I in permitting Ralph de Mandeville to succeed to 
the Barony of Marshwood in preference to his elder half-brother, Robert. 
The King's excuse for this preference that Ralph was the better knight 
is curious, and characteristic of a period when the laws of succession 
were as yet unsettled. We are glad to observe that the author has 
given most complete references for every statement made, and has thus 
rendered his work of real use to those who may desire to test its 
accuracy for themselves. 

Ecclesiastical Heraldry. By John Woodward, LL.D. Edinburgh 
and London (W. and A. K. Johnston). Demy 8vo. 
Some two years ago we noticed an important work entitled " A 
Treatise on Heraldry," which appeared under the joint authorship of 
the late Lyon King of Arms, and the Rev. Mr. John Woodward. We 
have now in " Ecclesiastical Heraldry/' which is to be considered a 
supplement to that treatise, a volume dealing entirely with the use of 
armorials by ecclesiastics and religious institutions. It is divided into 
two parts, the first of which contains the result of notes made during 
thirty years travel on the Continent, and is a valuable collection of 
armorials taken from coins, medals, seals, and scarce works. The second 
part is an enlargement and correction of a work by the same author 
published in 18G8, and as regards the blazon of the English and Welsh 



Sees is very similar to the Rev. W. K. Riland Bedford's " Blazon of 
Episcopacy," a singularly accurate work, of which however no mention 
seems to be made. With regard to this second part it may be summed 
up as an omnium gatherum of armorials borne by Churchmen, whether 
rightfully or otherwise, and therefore contains much that i^ worthless. 

The weak spot in the work Is too patent throughout to escape 
the notice of the reader. No indication is given as to the arms being, 
heraldically speaking, good or the reverse. This omission we had 
not expected from such a well-known exponent of the science as 
Mr. Woodward may now be considered, but it is probably owing to 
what is also obvious, namely, a certain egotism which obtrudes itself 
here and there. For instance, in connection with an evident controversy 
relating to the arms of the See of Bath and Wells (p. 498), the author 
offers his advice, presumably to the Bishop, to use the arms of Wells 
" either impaled or quartered with the coat of Bath." This is a 
question neither Mr. Woodward nor any other amateur herald is in a 
position to interfere with, the law in such matters being vested in the 
Kings of Arms, as he must know full well. What would he think, may 
well be asked, if a legal authority were to introduce into a treatise on 
the law of this country a suggestion to someone to break that law 1 We 
refer our readers also to some remarks on the blazon of the arms of the 
See of Canterbury. The only inference to be drawn from these and 
other passages is that the author is evidently unwilling to recognise the 
authority of the Courts of Honour, a disinclination which is emphasized 
by the introduction of arms for every Colonial See, most of which are 
designs emanating from no one, except of course Mr. Woodward, knows 
where, and many of which are highly ridiculous. It is impossible for 
us to regard this work as carrying with it any weight, but w e aie only 
too glad to acknowledge that as a collection of armorials, particularly 
those contained in the first part, it is not only interesting, but instructive. 

Suffolk Manorial Families. By Joseph James Muskett. Privately 
printed. Exeter (William Pollard and Co.). Imp. 4to. 

We are glad to welcome the first part of what bids fair to be a very 
important work. It is too often forgotten that an undertaking of this 
kind cannot be successfully attempted except at the sacrifice of great 
personal labour, and at considerable expense. The first of these 
requisites has evidently not been wanting, and we trust that the public 
will give that generous support which Mr. Muskett's industry deserves. 
The author has been wise in his selection of the pedigree of Winthrop 
for the commencement of his work, as it will be of equal interest to 
American as to English genealogists. John Winthrop, Governor of 
Massachusetts, was ancestor of many important families on both sides 
of the Atlantic, and it is curious to observe that among his descendants 
is the premier English Duke. The pedigree of Ponder of Braintree, 
also included in Part I, will be new to genealogists. This family, though 
in later times settled in Essex, was originally of Suffolk origin. Mr. 
Muskett proposes to give an account of four or live hundred leading 
Suffolk houses of the Visitation period, and we understand that a special 
feature of the work will be the large number of wills intended to be 



A Brief Account of the Clan Donnacjiaidit, with Notes on its 
History and Traditions. By David Robertson, F.S.A., Scot. 
Glasgow (Aircl and Coghill). 8vo. 
In these days, when the civilised world is disturbed by constant strife 
between landlord and tenant, employer and employed, it is refreshing 
to find that in one part of the United Kingdom at least there are men 
still willing to own allegiance to a chief, and capable of being moved 
by sympathy for those of common blood with themselves. To foster a. 
spirit of unity among the members of the Clan Donnachaidh, who own 
Robertson of Struan for their chief, is the object of the little book now 
under our notice. The story of the Clan is full of interest, and worthy 
of being treated at greater length, but the present work is, we under- 
stand, merely intended to interest the clansmen in the history of their 
race, and does not pretend to be exhaustive. The origin of the Donna- 
chadh Rcamhair is involved in some obscurity, and it is to be regretted 
that no serious attempt has been made to set at rest the conflicting 
theories as to his descent. It was not, we are told, until the time of the 
fifth baron or laird of Struan, Alexander, son of Robert Ruadh, that 
Robertson became the Clan name, Duncanson, or son of Donnachadh 
having been the original patronymic. Even now there are members of 
the Clan who do not bear the name of Robertson, some of these having 
been among the first to enrol themselves as members of the Clan 
Donnachaidh Society. The book is illustrated with a representation 
of the curious charm-stone called the Clach-na-Brataich, which appears 
to mean the Stone of the Standard. 

Thoresby Society Publications. 

We have received several parts of the publications of this Society, 
which is doing most useful work, well worthy of the support of all 
genealogists, especially of those interested in Yorkshire. The parts 
sent to us for review contain a transcript of the Leeds Parish Registers 
from 1572 to 1619 for Marriages and Burials, and to 1634 for Baptisms, 
with an index completed to 1612. It is needless to point out the 
importance of such an undertaking, Leeds having long held a foremost 
place among the chief towns of England. The Registers have been 
annotated from wills and other sources by Mr. Samuel Margerison. A\ e 
also note " Testameuta Leodiensia." which appear to have been very 
carefully extracted from the Probate Registry at York by Mr. William 
Brigg. Among the other matters of interest in the number sent to us 
are the Charters of Kirkstall Abbey, the Return of the Hearth Tax for 
the Wapentake of Skyrack, and a Register of Seats in the Parish 
Church of Leeds. 

Phillimore's Pedigree Forms. 8vo. 

These forms contain tablets for recording paternal and maternal lines 
of ancestry to the ninth generation, and also Seize Quartiers tablets. 
Shields of arms are also added for each of the Seize Quartiers. These 
shields will not, we think, be extensively used, for it is well known that 
very few Englishmen can show a true Seize, with all the coats " good " 
according to the laws of the College of Arms. The tablets themselves 
will, however, doubtless prove useful to those inexperienced in drawing 
out pedigrees. 


£loks anir (Qiutus. 

The Earldom of Leicester. — As an addition to Mr. Watson's most 
valuable and masterly article on " The Ancient Earls of Leicester " 
(ante x, 1-1 G) it may be noted that "Benedictus Abbas " (Ed. Stubbs" ii, 
15G) speaks (2 Feb. 1191) of " Robertus de Bretuil films Koberti 
comitis Leicestriaj defnncti, cui rex paulo ante comitatnm patris sni 
dederat ct accinxerat ei gladium comitatus Leicestrice." For " paulo 
ante" Hoveden lias "precedent] die." Every reference to the practice 
of belting an Earl is of interest. J. H. Bound. 

Family of Lee. — With reference to a statement contained in a note 
to the an ill of Abigail Lee on page 2.')2 of vol. x. of The Genealogist 
asserting that it is "impossible that Francis Lee, baj>t. 17 Nov. 1692, 
could have ever existed," I append a transcript of ofiicial documents 
now lying before me : — 

Baptism solemnized 


the Parish of Saint Margaret, Westminster, in the 
County of Middlesex. 


1692 — Christenings. 


Francis Lee S. to Francis Henry 

by Abigail. 

A true copy, Witness 

my hand this 17 th day of August 1870. (Signed) 

Thomas Graham, Curate. 

Baptism solemnized 

in the Parish of Saint Margaret, Westminster, in the 
County of Middlesex. 



7 tb 

ffrancis — Henry Lee S. to ffrancis — Henrv 

by Abag". 

' A true copy, Witness 


hand this 20 th day of April IS 70. (Signed) 

Thomas Guaham, Curate. 

It is to be regretted that the writer of the above statement did not 
previously communicate with Dr. F. G. Lee, and thus spare himself the 
apology due to the latter for the gross and untenable charge so 
recklessly brought against him. 

As the College of Arms has judicially dealt with the pedigree of the 
Lees of Pocklington, as given in Dr. Lee's book, and has found their 
descent from " Francis Lee of Spelsbury " duly proved, their present repre- 



sentatives doubtless hear with entire equanimity of "proofs" of their 
descent in the possession of the writer of the article on the Lees of 
Quarrendon. G. Ambrose Lee, Bluemantle. 

Herald's College, London. 

Bustard Pedigree. ,.. 

Anthony Bustard of Adderbury,=pJane, married 18 Jan. 1540. 
co. Oxon. j 

I i 1 1 1 1 1 

Elizabeth, b. William, b. Anthony, b. Mary, b. Ursula, b. John, b. 

10 Dec. 1540. 1542. 1543. ' 1545. 1547. 1548. 

r T -H" , 

Thomas, b. 1550. Anne. George, b. 1555. Martha, b. 1557. 

From Tenth Report Hist. MS. iv, 347. J. H. Round. 

Interesting Relic of Sir Isaac Newton. —Sir Isaac gave to his 
nephew, George Pilkington, of Packing-ton, co. Leicester, a stout, gold- 
headed cane — richly embossed —with the initials, G. P., on raised 
letters. This cane was given by George Pilkington to Dr. Kirkland, of 
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, who married Dorothy, dau. of Joseph Palmer, of 
Lincoln's Inn, London, and Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Bate, of Ashby, 
and sister of Jane Bate, who married George Pilkington. From Dr. 
Kirkland it descended to his grandson, Thos. Kirkland Glazebrook, 
of Orford Lodge, Warrington, who gave it to his son, Nicholas Smith 
Glazebrook, of "West Derby, Liverpool, Surgeon, who gave it to his son, 
Richard Tetley Glazebrook, F.R.S., of Trinity College, Cambridge, in 
whose possession it now is. M. G. G. 

Hamilton Family. — James Hamilton, created Earl of xVbercorn 160G, 
had a son, the Hon. Sir George Hamilton (created Baronet of Nova 
Scotia 16G0), who had by his wife Mary, third daughter of Viscount 
Thurles, amongst other children a son, Richard Hamilton, living about 
1670. and who was an officer in the French Army. Can anyone give 
me his pedigree 1 ? He is said to be the ancestor in direct descent of 
James Douglas Hamilton, of Fintra, Killybegs, co. Donegal, J. P.. D.L , 
who was born 1802, and died 1840. Fintra. 

Order of the Star of Bethleham. — Can any reader let me know 
where I can get information as to the religious order of " The Star of 
Bethleham V 

St. Obert. — Also any information as to Saint Obcrt, or Howbert, to 
whom the baxsters or bakers of Perth dedicated an altar, and whose 
day appears to have been Dec. 10. J. G. Wallace-James. 

The Earldom of Meulan. — The Editor has received a note from 
Mr. Round on "The Earldom of Meulan," in reply to Mr. Kirk's last 
paper, but at his special request, Mr. Round has consented to close the 
controversy, referring the readers of this magazine to his paper on 
" Robert, Earl of Leicester" (ante x, 131-134), as proving his case. Mr. 
Round is particularly anxious to explain that he has not asserted (as 
alleged) the Lincoln Survey to have been " taken after the first Earl's 
death " {ibid. 250), having left the date of this important Survey as 
yet undetermined. 


Communicated by J. H. Round. 

This curious pedigree of the Suffolk Barkers was found by me 
among the MSS. of James Round, Esq , M.P., of Birch Hall, Essex. 
It seems to have come, with other documents, from the Lords 
Bayning, through the De Veres, Earls of Oxford. It will be 
found to make considerable additions to the pedigree as given in 
Burke's Extinct Baronetage. " Old Mr. Robert Barker," from 
whom the descent is traced, was M.P. for Ipswich in 1 Elizabeth. 

The Pedigree of Sir John Barker 

Baronet t and Sir Thomas Barker 

knight, his Brother by y° half-blood 

sonnes to Sir Robert Barker Knight 

of the Bath deceased. 
Old M r Robert Barker of Ipswich in Sum" Merchant, 
was y e first Raysor of this house, and bad issue. 

John Barker, his eldest sonne : William Barker his youngest sonne. 
Theise were both bred up in tradings in other 
Countryes, as Factors for their said father. 

John, took to wife one M rs Moore- 
man a Widdowe in Brabant in y e 
Low Countryes, she having 2 
sonnes & one daughter, Jasper 
Moorman her eldest sonne is yet 
living there a Merchant. Her other 
sonnes name I know not [Garrett]. 
Her daughters name wasKatherine, 
who was afterwards married to 
William Barker her husband's bro- 
ther. The said Jno. Barker had 
issue by Mrs. Mooreman 3 sonnes & 
2 daughters [Margery & Thomazin] 
viz. Robert, John, & William, & 
then she dyed. 

John the father tooke to his 
second wife one M™ Stoddard, a 
widdowe in Loud , & had issue by 
her 1 daughter named Abigail, and 
then slie dyed. Abigail married 
wth one Sir Edward Waterhousc 
kn* [hath noe issue]. 

William Barker took to wife 
Katherine Moorman daughter-in- 
law 1 to his brother John Barker & 
by her had issue [William], Robert 

[John & twines] Willomin & 


Robert lived to man's estate" & 
dyed a Batchellor att Ipswich, where 
he was buried. 

Willomin tooke to her first hus- 
band one William Payne, who had 
issue by her a sonne & a daughter. 

William his son lived to man's 
estate, became a gentleman of 
Graves Inne,- & a Student of y tf 
Law there, but finding himseli'e 
not web, betooke himselfe to his 
unekle Grymwade's house in Seeth- 
ing Lane, Lond. where growing 
worse & worse, he there dyed a 
Batchellor & lyeth buried in Bark- 
ing church neere Tower hill. 

i.e. step-daughter. 

Admitted 1 022, as of Lesley [his step-father's house] gent. 



Robert Barker, his eldest sonne 
tooke to his first wife Judeth Stod- 
dard y e daughter of his Fathers 
second wife, and by her had issue 
2 sonnes & 1 daughter, viz. John, 
Robert, <k Anne, & then sfce dyed. 

William Barker (one of y e sonnes 
of John Barker) dyed att Sea in 
Captaine Cavendish his voyage 
unmarried & the Annuityeof £100 
per Annum given him by his 
father's will thereby ceased and 

John Barker, y e other sonne of 
John, to whom his father by his 
last Will and Testament dated y e 
26 of May in y e 31 year of Eliza- 
beth [1589] gave an Annuitye or 
Rent charge of £1 00 yearely leviable 
by way of distresse upon all his 
lands in Essex to have y ft same to 
him & to y e heires of his bodye 
lawfully begotten, <k took to his 
wife Elizabeth Withypoll Aunt to 
S r Edmond Withypoll ife by her had 
issue 2 daughters Dorothy S: Wil- 
loughbye. 1 

D'orothie tooke to husband one 
K nolle}, & by him had issue 2 sonnes 
& 2 daughters. 

Willoughby tooke to husband 
one Thomas (Jarliuge [an aged man] 
& much given to sutes, & never 
like to have issue by her. 

Thomas Bench of Hollbrooke in 
Suit'. Esq. tooke to his first wife 
Margerye y e eldest daughter of 
John Barker eldest son of old 
Robert Barker, and by her had 
issue 2 sonnes & 2 daughters, 2 viz. 
John his eldest sonne, who married 

Vf tb a kinswoman of S r Robt Gardner's & by her hath divers sonnes & 
daughters ; and Edward, his yongest sonne, a man growne & yet un- 

Katherine, his eldest daughter, married to Sleant (Serjeant) Binge of 
Cambridge-sheire by whom she hath divers children. 

Katherine his sister tooke to 
her husband one Mr. Edward Bis- 
hop a Barrister of y e Middle Tem- 
ple, a man likely to come to good 
preferment, God sparing him life 
but (as yett) there is no issue be- 
tween them [altered to "And hath 
issue by him Katerin "] but a 
likely couple [by God's grace] to 
have many. 

The said Willomin buried Wil- 
liam Payne her husband, and (after 
some yeares livinge a Wield owe) 
she, in y e East Conn try e tooke to 
her second husband on M r John 
Goldwell of Loudon Merchant & 
now lives with him att his house 
in Bexley in Kent, A: hath issue by 
him 3 daughters viz. Anne, Willo- 
min, & Margaret. Willomin, she 
dyed. The other 2 daughters are 
yet livinge, but children. 

Katherine, the other daughter 
of Katherine the wife of "William 
Barker, tooke to her husband one 
Thomas Knapp the younger of 
merchant, & bv him hath 

issue 2 daughters it two sonnes 
viz. Katherine and Martha, Sc Tho- 
mas and John, all 4 small child- 

Katherine the wife of William 
Barker after many yeares living 
a widdowe in Ipswich, there dyed 
in the yea re of o 1 ' Lord 1620, £ 
lyeth buried in St. Mary Tower 
Church there. 

1 ? Willomina. 

2 MarqinaL note in th c o'her hand, " Thomas died at the age of 15 yeares 
nn married," 



Thomazin, his yongest daughter to S r Roger Northc of Suff. knight 
who (as jet) hath no issue by him. 

Sir Robert Gardner, Knight, tooke to wife the other daughter [named 
Thomazin] of John Barker, eldest sonne to old Robert Barker the 
Merchant, but had no \ftltered to "divers"] issue by her [but all died 
younge]. " ' 

S r Robt. Barker, eldest sonne of John Barker, now dignified with 
knighthood of y e Bathe, att y e comendacon of King James, tooke his 
second wife Susan Crofts, sister of Sir Jn° Crofts of Saxham in Suff. K nt , 
k by her had issue Thomas, his first sonne, k divers other sonnes k 
daughters. Who falling sick att Ins house in Trymley in Sum. in Anno 
dni. 1618, was from thence conveyed for better he! the to y e towne of 
Ipswich 5 myles distant from his house, where finding himselfe to grove 
worse and worse, settled his estate, & made his will, & endevored by 
what meanes he could (by whose persuasions I know not) to disinherit 
John Barker, his eldest sonne by y e first venter, and made S r Thomas 
Barker, his eldest sonne by the second venter his beyre, and then dyed 
y e 8 th of October anno supra-diet, & lyes buried in St. Mary Tower 
church in Ipswich, by his uncklc William Barker. 

After the solemnisaqon of y e said funeral!, great sutesgrewe and much 
money was spent between S r Jn" Barker k S r Thomas Barker, S r Jn° being 
right heire att Common Lawe & S r Thomas being made heire by devize 
of Ins will. After divers Termes expences att y° Lawe it was att length 
by consent put to Arbitrament of freinds & seenritye given from either 
of them to stand to the Arbitrators award. So the estate by mediaeon 
of friends was divided betweene them & John Barker was awarded 
to have Trymley house, & the yearly value of iTOO per annum, or 
thereabouts, for his full part & porron. 

Sir Thomas Barker was to have Bottisford House tfc the lands & farmes 
thereunto belonging, amounting to y e yearely va ue of £700 per annum 
or thereabouts, for his full part and poison. And so y e writings 
between them were drawne & sealed k this was ye end made between 
the two knights who now live lovingly like brothers. 

Sir John Barker Baronnet tooke to his wife Francis (sic) Jermye of 
Brightwell in Suff. Knt. k by her hath divers issue. Sir Thomas Barker 
tooke to his wife one of y° daughters of S c Jn° Tasburrough of Flixton 
Knt, & by her hath children. 

Sir Robert Barker their father devised per his last will his lands in 
Essex to be sold for y e payment of his debts, and for the advancement 
of his yonger childrens porcons, w ch lands were by them sold (in per- 
formance of their fathers will) to Sir Paule Bayninge of little Bent ley in 
y e County of Essex Knt. k Baronnet & to his hey es for ever, who by 
purchase is now owner of those lands. 



Under the heading " Limits of Divorce," there appeared in the 
February number of the "Contemporary Review" an able and ingeniously 
argued article, but which, nevertheless, is calculated to mislead those 
readers, and they must be many, who are not conversant with the 
particulars of the case on which it is based. The writer seems to have 
overlooked the fact that the House of Lords had under its consideration 
in the case referred to the claim of a Scotchman to a Scotch. Peerage and 
Estate which had already been allowed by the highest Court in Scotland 
in accordance with a custom which in that country legitimatises the 
offspring of parents between whom there hits been no contract of 
marriage nor any marriage ceremony. 

It appears that, on the 5th of June, 177G, a young woman named 
Elizabeth Maria Blanchard was married at Chipping Sodbury in 
Gloucestershire to one Christopher Ludlow, by whom she had a child 
who was born and died the following year. Soon after its birth it is 
said that she left her husband, and eloped with Ensign James Campbell 
of "the Feneiblcs," who was stationed in the neighbouring town of 
Bristol recruiting for his Regiment, then in Nova Scotia. Ludlow 
survived his loss seven years, and died in January, 1784. The issue of 
this irregular connection was an elder son, called William John Lambe 
Campbell, the date of whose birth lias never, I believe, been ascertained, 
although the Peerages have charitably placed it in 1788 — that is, eleven 
years after the elopement, and four years after the death of the lady's 
husband. Although, as remarked by Mr. Garrison, "the case was 
regarded by the House of Lords as one in which no ceremony was 
pretended," it is perhaps worthy of note that Mrs. Ludlow herself, when 
applying in 1807 to the Horse Guards for a pension as an officer's widow, 
did found her claim on a pretended marriage ceremony, since in her 
letter to the Horse Guards she stated that she and Lieutenant James 
Campbell were married, before his departure to join his Regiment in 
Nova Scotia, in the Highland Chapel at Edinburgh by the Rev. Mr. 
Macgregor ; that on her voyage to join James Campbell, her " marriage 
lines " were lost ; and that on their return to Edinburgh some years 
afterwards, the}' found the said chapel demolished, the minister dead, 
and the Register lost ! Thus showing that she, at any rate, relied upon 
an alleged marriage, and not upon any subsequent "status" of marriage 
■ by repute ; though, of course, her allegation, even if proved, could not 
have been admitted as evidence before a Court of Justice, since, so far 
from legitimatising the connection between herself and Lieutenant 
Campbell, it involved them in a direct implication of bigamy. Still she 
did, no doubt, obtain her pension ; but, unless my memory be at fault, 
it was said that her success was owing to the influence of the then Lord 
Breadalbane which was exerted on her behalf. 

At the death, without issue, on the 8th of November, 1862, of John 
Campbell, 2nd Marquis of Breadalbane, all his Peerage honours of the 
United Kingdom became extinct ; and the Scotch Dignities, with the 



large estates attached to them, were claimed by his remote kinsman, 
John Alexander Gavin Campbell of Glenfalloch, co. Perth, son and heir 
of the aforesaid William John Lambe Campbell. His succession was 
disputed by his second cousin, Charles William Campbell of Boreland, 
the next heir male, on the ground of the illegitimacy of the claimant's 
father. The case, which was ail appeal from the Court of Session above 
referred to in favour of the claimant, was heard, and the decision 
confirmed, on the 27th of May, 1864, by a Committee of the House of 
Lords, consisting of the Lord Chancellor Westbury, Lord Chelmsford, 
and Lord Wensleydale ; but not as stated in the article, " unanimously 
confirmed " — the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chelmsford concurring in 
the decision of the Court of Session, while Lord Wensleydale was against 
it. The grounds on which the decision was based were the recognition 
of Mr. William John Lambe Campbell's legitimacy by the members of 
his family, and his succession in 1812 to the estate of Glenfalloch as heir 
to a cousin who died in that year. 

Had the Peerage claimed been an English one, and the estate 
attached to it in England, it is certain that arguments founded on 
" conduct " and " status " as opposed to " contract of marriage " would 
not have prevailed ; and that the complete failure to prove legitimacy 
according to English law, would have been fatal to the claim. It would 
seem therefore that Mr. Garrison attaches to the decision of the House 
of Lords in this case an importance and also a significance which it docs 
not possess. K. 


At the close of G.E.C.'s introductory note to his very interesting 
"Seize Quartiers of H.R.H. the Duchess of York," 1 he observes, in 
relation to morganatic marriages, that " a very erroneous impression 
concerning their validity is prevalent in England," If such be the case 
no excuse seems necessary for offering a few remarks on the subject, 
which may tend to set the matter in its proper light. 

In Germany there exist at the present time two grades of nobility, 
the higher of which embraces those families who formerly owed 
allegiance direct to the Sovereign, while the other includes the nobility 
who are not of feudal origin. Thus a Count may belong to the 
former, and a titular prince to the latter. Should a member of the 
higher nobility marry into a family of inferior blood, that marriage is 
called morganatic, and, although perfectly legal, carries with it certain 
disabilities. For instance, the wife, who is the strictly lawful wife of 
her husband and eligible to be received at Court, may not share her 
husband's title, a separate title being, as a rule, conferred upon her. 
The issue of the marriage is legitimate, but cannot inherit the father's 
title, the title that would descend to the children depending on circum- 

1 Genealogist, x., 208. 



stances, beiiig in some cases the mother's. On the death of their 
father they could succeed to AUo<h'al Outer, but not to Ijthn Outer ; 
broadly speaking they cannot inherit entailed estate. They would also 
be obliged to bear arms differing from their fathers. 

It may be as well to add that it is of course impossible for the 
husband of a morganatic wife to marry a lady of the higher nobility, 
t.6. one of equal blood, while his morganatic wife is alive. 

Unfortunately we have nothing in our laws corresponding to a 
morganatic marriage, so that when it happens that a Prince of the 
Blood Royal, being unable to obtain the sanction of Parliament, marries 
ecclesiastically the lady of his choice, he does not contract a lawful 
marriage, nor can his issue be legitimate. To define such a case we 
have borrowed from our neighbours a phrase which from the facts above 
stated is not only inappropriate but misleading, and is, no doubt, the 
cause of the " very erroneous impression ? ' which obtains in this country. 


^ctiioTrcs from tljr ISIca Bolls. 

By Major-Geueral the Hon. GEORGE WROTTESLEY. 
(Continual from p. 11 J 

De Banco. Taster. 35. E. 3. m. 139. 

Wigom. — Edward de Kerdyf and Joan, his wife, sued Thomas le 
Botiller. Chivalcr, for the manor of Upton upon Severn, which Robert 
Bracy, Kt., had given to William Saltmareys (Saltmarsh), and Amfiosia, 
his wife, and to the heirs of their bodies. 

"William de Sautmare3-s,=pAmflu.<ia. 
temp. E. 1. | 




—Edward dc Kerdyf, 
the plaintiffs. 

Dc Banco. Easter. 35. E. 3. m. 201, 

Xorf. — Adam Blome sued Nicholas de Bourne, and Cecily, his wife, for 
the manor of Wilby, which William Dcvereux had given to Richard de 
Boylound, and Matilda, his wife, to he held by them and the heirs of 
their bodies after the death of Matilda, formerly wife of William de 
Ebroieis (Dcvereux) who held it in dower of his inheritance. 



Richard de Boylound,=pMatilda ; formerly wife of 
j William Devercux. 

Richard. Elizabeth. 

I I 

i 1 r f , . Emma. 

John, ob. s.p. Richard, ob. s.p. 

Adam Blome, the plaintiff. 
The defendants pleaded that Elizabeth, the grandmother of Adam, 
was daughter of Richard by a first wife, and not by Matilda. 
In another suit Cecily is called Cecily de St. George. 

De Banco. Hillary. 28. E. 1. m. 127. 

Norf. — The Abbot of Ramseye sued Roger de Coleville and Desiderata, 
his wife, for the next presentation to the church of Walsoken. The 
pleadings give this pedigree. 

Geoffrey, the ancestor of Desiderata, 
pre.seuted to the Church, temp. K. John, 


Geoff rev. 

Desiderata— Roger de Colville, 
the defendants. 

De Banco. Hillary. 3G. E. 3. in. 38. 
Wilts. — John de Lisle, Kt, sued John de Cobham, Kt, for a rent of 
£200. The pleadings give these pedigrees. 

John de Cobehani. 



John, the 

3Iichael de Columbars. 




John de Li.-le, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Hillary. 3G. E. 3. m. 156. 
Line. — Gerard de Unlet sued Elizabeth, formerly wife of William 
Latymer, Chivalcr, for the next presentation to the church of 

Gerard, son of Gerard de Eurnyvalle, living 29 Hen. 3. 


Gerard de Aylesford, 
34 E. 1. 



John, under age, and in ward 
to Elizabeth, the defendant. 

Loretta=f John, son of 
Walter de Uff- 
let, died temp. 
Hen. 3. 


Geraid, the 




De Banco. Trinity. 30. E. 3. m. 170 dorso. 
Hereford. — Gilbert Talbot, Chivaler, Res ap Howcl ap Willym, and 
Walter ap Jevan ap Lewellyn sued Henry, Karl of Lancaster, and 
Blanch, his wife, for the Castle and Commote of Tokcnnyn. 

'Lewellyn ap Rees. 

I 1 1 1 

Rees. Wenclriliana. Margaret. Dughrica. 


Lewellyn, Richard Talbot. Jevan. William, 

ob. s.p. temp. | I 

E. 1. Gilbert. Walter, Howell. 

| the plaintiff. | 
Richard. Rees, the 

Gilbert, the plaintiff. 
The defendants acknowledged the claim of the plaintiffs. 


De Banco. Midi. 30. E. 3. m. 59. 

Somerset. — Margaret de Rcmesey sued Simon Basset for the next 
presentation to the church of Wynfred. 

Anselm Basset enfeoffed of a moiety of the manors of Wynfred and Saltford 
by Bartholomew de Eimeberge and Isabella his wife, temp. Hen. 3. 

John, Edmund, Katrine. Isabella. Margaret. 

ob. s.p. ob. s.p. | | 

Margaret de Simon Basset, 

Rome.sey, the defendant, 

De Banco. Mich. 30. E. 3. m. 208. 

Berks — John Mautravers, Chivalcr, and Agnes, his wife, Gilbert de 
Ellesfeld, Chivalcr, and William de Audelc, sued John Roklee and Eva, 
his wife, for land in West Wytenham which Hugh dc Plesey gave to 
Margaret, his daughter, temp. E. 1. 

Margaret de Plesey. 


=tlohn Mautravers, 

ob. s.p. 

=Gilbert de 

The defendants called 

Gilbert, the 

to warranty Baldwyne de Bereford 


—James dc 


T . I ' 
Y\ illiam de 


holding the tenement in dower of the dotation of John dc Bereford, her 
former husband. 

De Banco. Easier. 37. E. 3. m. 28. 
Korf. — The King sued Adam de Clifton for the next presentation to 
the church of Attelburgh. 



Hugh dc— Isabella. 
Albini Earl 
of Arundel, 
ob.s.p temp. 
Hen. 3. 

Robert de 

Robert de 
ob. s.p. 


Robert de 




John filzalan. 


=Roger de 

— I 

-Roger de 

Thomas de Caylly 
living 2 E. 2 ob. 

Joan, living 
2 E. 2. 




Adam de Clifton, 
the defendant. 

—John i 
living ! 
E. 2. 

De Be 

Foster. 37. E. 3. 


Suutlidwjdoi). — Laurence de St. Martin and Miles, son of Miles de 
Stapclton, Chivaler, sued Thomas de la Here for the manor of Moenestoke 

Herbert Walrand. 


John W alrand, 
ob. s.p. temp. 
E. 2. 



ob. s p. 









W illiam. 








=Miles de 


Laurence de 


St. Martin, 

Miles de 

the plaintiff. 


the plaintiff 

\x\\o was 

under age. 

Thomas de la Bere gave this descent. 

William Walrand. 

John Walrand, 
ob. s.p. 


ob. s.p 

Alices Alan 

— I 

ob. s p. 




Thomas de la 
Rcre, the de- 

The plaintiffs denied that Thomas descended from Alice Walrand. 



De Banco, Mich. 37. E. 3. m. 337 dorso. 

Sussex. — William de Huntyngfeld, Chivaler, sued Gilbert, son of John 
Talbot, for manor of Hobridge, and other hinds and tenements, which 
William de Hobridge had given to Roger de Huntingfeld and .Joan, his 
wife, and the heirs of their* bodies and he gave this descent from them. 

Roger <le HuntvngfeldnpJoan, temp. Ed. 1. 





William, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 37. E. 3. m. 339 dorso. 
Devon.— John del Isle, Kt., sued Ralph de Carmenon for a moiety of 
a third of the manor of Asshewater, which, with the other moiety, Matthew 
de Columbers gave to Michael de Columbers and Joan, his wife, and to 
the heirs of their bodies. 

Michael de Columbers=j=Joan, temp. E. 1. 

Joan. Nicholaa. 

I I 
Alice, John, 
ob. s.p. I 



John del Isle, 
the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Trinity. 38. 
Noffhampt. — John, son of John de Wodhull, Chivaler, sued Alianora, 
formerly wife of Richard Maundcvillc, for the manor of Aneseote which 
Walter de Wodhull, his great grandfather (proavus) gave to Henry, son 
of Norguld de Burcestre, and Beatrice, his wife, and to the heirs of their 
bodies, and which should revert to him as they left no issue. 

Walter de Wodhull. 



John de Wodhull, 
the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Faster. 30. E. 3. m. 252. 
Deri. — Richard de Herthull, Chivaler, sued James de Audeleye of Helcye 
Chivaler, for the manor of Tyssington of which his father, Adam de 



Herthull, had been unjustly disseised by the defendant. James de 
Audeley claimed by a grant of Thomas de Edenesore to his grandfather, 
Nicholas de Audeleye, the son of Henry de Audeleye. The plaintiff* gave 
this pedigree. 

Thomas d^ Edenesore, Kt. 

Joan, daughter and coheir. 





Richard de Herthull, 
the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Trinity. 39. E. 3. m. 1G0. 

Wilt*.— Emma, formerly wife of Thomas Cheyndnyt sued William de 
Eunnyngham and Katrine, his wife, for the next presentation to the 
church of Hereford St Martin, and she stated that Edmund, Earl of 
Cornwall, was seized of the manor temp. Hen. 3. and gave it to William 
Cheyndnyt and his heirs. The defendants gave this descent. 

Warine de Lysours, held the 
manor temp. Hen. 3. 


Matilda, d. and heir. 

Hugh de Havershaui^Joau. 
held it in frank marriage. 


John de 01neye,=Matilda—Jamei de la Plaunk, 
2nd husband. I 1st husband. 


W illiam. 

Katrine, the defendant. 
Judging by the number of generations, Warine, who heads this 
pedigree would be a contemporary of Henry L, and it should be noted 
generally that the epoch of an ancestor is often advanced in the Plea Rolls, 
in order to bring the proofs of a descent within legal memory, or within 
the legal limit of time for the form of writ made use of. 

Dt Banco. Mich. 39. E. 3. m. 152. 

Northamp. — Edmund de Morteyn sued Walter de Mann}', Chivaler, for 
the manor of Oneston, in which the said Walter had no entry except 
by an unjust disseisin, which John de Oxendene and Christiana de 
Marisco had made of his great grandmother, Constance de Morteyn, 
whose heir he was. 



Constance de Morteyn, temp. E. 1. 



Edmund, the plaintiff. 

De Bunco. Easter. -10. E. 3. m. 327. 
Line. — Thomas de Koos of Hamelak sued William Hillary, Clerk, for 
land in Denton which Thomas de Preston, Chaplain, gave to Robert, sou 
of Alan de Denton and Isabella, his wife, for their lives, with reversion 
to John, son of William de Roos of Hamlak, and his heirs. 

William dc Rous. 

John, Waller, George, William, 

ob. s.p. ob. s.p. ob. s.p. 

Thomas de 
Roos, the 

Dc Banco. Easter. 40. E. 3. m. 393 dorm. 

Westmoreland. — John, son of John de Cotesford, sued Richard, son of 
Richard, son of John de Cotesford, for land in Melkanthorp which John 
de Cotesford gave to Richard, his son, in frank marriage with Elena, 
sister of William de Brampton. 

John de Cotesford. 

Richard=pElena de Brampton. 


John, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Easter -10. E. 3. m. 400. 

Wygorn. — Edmund de Cornwalle, Chivaler, and Elizabeth, his wife, sued 
Simon de Oldebury and Thomas de Quenton to acknowledge the service 
they owed for lands in Flcnarth, and they stated that Brian dc 
Brompton had given the manor of Hampton Lovet to Henry Lovet and 
Joan, his wife, and to the heirs of their bodies, and that it should revert 
to them as the issue of Henry and Joan had failed; their son, John, 
having died s.p. 

Brian de Brompton, the original donor. 



r - 1 - 1 

Elizabeth. Margaret. 
=Edmund de Cornwalle, - • 

the plaintiffs. •' - " 



De Banco. Mich. 40. E. 3. m. 101 dorso. 

Essex. — Thomas Tyrel, Kt., sued Robert de Rameseye and Elizabeth, 
his wife, for lands in Engenoybcnd and Engelaundry which Walter de 
Clopton and another had given to Thomas Blount and Agnes, his wife, 
and to the heirs of their bodies. , 

Thomas Blount=i= Agnes. 




Thomas Tyrel, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 40. E. 3 m. 539 dorso. 

Somerset. — John Bozoun sued Richard de Acton, Chivater, for manor of 
West Baggeburgh. 

Robert Bozoun, Kt., temp. Hen. 3. 

Cecil v. 



John, the plaintiff. 

Be Banco. Mich. 40. E. 3. m. 547. 

Leyc. — William de Conynggusby sued Thomas de Kuyley for a messuage 
and a carucate of bind in Radclevc, near Shepeye, which Hugh de Kuyle, 
Kt., gave to Roger de Conynggusby and Joan, his wife, and to the 
heirs of their bodies. 

Roger de Convng£ruisbv=j=Joan. 



William, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 40. E. 3. m. 292. 

Berks.— Philip de Ayllesbury, and Agnes, his wife, and Richard de 
Montfort and Roes, his wife/ sued Andrew de Sakeville, the younger, 
Edmund Dan vers and John Duyn for the manor of Yatyngedene, which 
Bartholomew de Yatyngedene gave to Hugh de Brantestone and 
Margaret his wife and to the heirs of their bodies. 

Hugh de Brantestonenr Margaret. 





Agnes=Thilip de Roes — Richard de 

Ayllesbury. Montfort . 


The defendants claimed from the former seisin of one John de la 
Beche and gave this descent from him. 

John de la Beche, Chivaler. 

r ~i -» 

Joan. Isabella. Alice. 

I ! I 

Andrew de Margaret. - Edmund 

Sakeville. | Danvers. 
John Duvn. 

De Banco. Mich. 41. E. 3. m. 38:1. 

Bedford. — Aiiselm de Gyse sued William Tiryngton and Joan, his wife, 
for a third of the manor of Aspele which Beatrice, formerly wife of 
Anschn de Gyse, had held in dower of the inheritance of John de Gyse 
the elder. 

John de Gvse, the elder. 



Anselm, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 41. K 3. w. 39G. 

Oxon. — Elizabeth de Swynford sued Thomas, Vicar of the Church of 
Cropridie, and Giles de Ardcrne, Chivaler, for the manor of Drayton 
near Hanewell, which Thomas de Arderne of Rotteleye, Chivaler, gave 
to Thomas de Arderne of Hanewell, Chivaler, and Roes, his wife, and 
to the heirs of their bodies. 

Thomas de Arderne of Hanewell^ Roes. 







Elizabeth, the plaintiff. 

The defendants pleaded that the third Thomas of the pedigree was 

xS.B. — This manor Drayton in co. Oxford has been misplaced in the 
Domesday Survey and put under Staffordshire, and has been 
frequently mistaken for Drayton Basset. The Domesday tenant was 
Turstine or Turchiil, the ancestor of the Ardernes of Warwickshire. 
See note by Miss Burne in Eyton's Domes lay of Staffordshire, p. 133. 

(77) he continual) 




If 71 I 



1 I. 



) Isabel, da. of Baldwin, Count of Flax- 
and Haixault ; 6. 1170 ; m. 28 Apr. 
1180 ; d. 15 March 1190 ;( fi ) 1st wife. 

£ F* ^ — (A 1) Philip(') II, Kino of the French, 1180 
g% S 2 —1223 ; 6. the night 21-22 Aug. 1165 ; d. 14 

1| (A 3) Alfonso III, King of Castile ; d. 5-G 

£ - S 9 Oct. 1214. See Tab. XIII, 6 3. 


- a.""^- 1 (A 4^ Eleanor, da. of Henry II, King of 
<§ England; rf. Oct. 1214. See Tab. XIII, B4. 

(A 5) Alfonso II, Count of Provexce ; d. 
Feb. 1209. See Tab. XI, C 1. 

t | 1 < jf J da. of 

Gersinde, Countess of Forcalquier, 
Raynon de Sabran. See Tab. XI, C 2. 

(A 7) Thomas, Count of Savoy ; d. 20 Jan. 
> > 1- - ; W 1235. See Tab. XI, C 3. 
?| ? c ? H , • 

(A 8) Beatrice, da. of William I, Count of 
§ £ S.3 Geneva ; 1st wife. See Tab. XI, C 4. 

- • _i 

x * (A 9) Henry I, the Warrior, Duke of Lothier 

i^ri- Hi 

nd Drabaxt.(') Marquis of the Empire, 
1190—1235; d. 5 Sep. 1235,( 9 ) aged abt. 

(A 10) Matilda, da. of Matthew, Count of 
Boulogne; m. 1179 d. abt. 1211; 1st 

gG???^ (All) Philip of Suabia, King of the Romans, 
: P C J HPS— 1208 ; murdered 23 June 120S, aged 
— -HI abt. 31. 

t~3\ (A 12) Irene,( 13 ) da. of Isaac Angelos, Creek 
s; c se*- 1 Emperor of Constantinople (by his first 
• c 2? «'ife( 18 ) . . . ) ; m. 1195 ; rf. 120S".( 15 ) 

£ - ! £ - (A 13) Eucles or Odo III, Duke of Burgundy, 

-cj-i 1192— 121s • </. o July 121s. 
5 US s S3 HI 

= £„. % e (A 14) Alice, da. of Hugh, Seigneur de 
i^^r Vergy : m. 1198 or 99 ; rf. 8 March,- 1 ) 1251; 
to i ~ 2nd wife. 

3H- £ 5 (A 15) Robert III, called Gatebled,( a ) Count 

HI of Dreux and Braine. 1218—1234 ; d. 3 

IkSoB Mnrch 128J.(") 

? 3 Hi 

k; j (A 10) Aenor, da. and hss. of Thomas, Sf.ig- 
§--' neur DE St. Valery ; m. abt. 1210 ; (/. 1250, 
£3. = or soon after, 15 So\\( M ) 




- & W |- 



rd II, 
Engl a 




9 (A 1) HeDry II. King: of England ; d, 

8 Julv 11S9. See Tab. I, E. 
5 HI 

(A 2) Eleanor, Queen Consort, tlx. of 
^5Tb William X, Duke ok Aquitaine ; d. 31 
March 1201. See Tab. II, E. 

r 1 M p. W ; ' 

E.»„ B~ (A 4) . 

\ 3) Aimar Taillefer,CocNT of Axcour.KME; 
See Tub. IX, D 1. 

Alice, da. of Peter, Seigneur de 
Courtenay ; d. 121 S. See Tab. IX, D 2. 

(A 5) Alfonso II, Count of Provence ; d. 

* g h £ » o 5 s g-, Feb. 1209. See Tab. XI. C 1 

=^ tj d 3 .- g « 5=2 (A 0) Gersinde, Countess of Forcalquieu, 
-*^r- It."*'^ da. of Ravnon de Sabran. See Tab. XI, 
C 2. 

(A 7) Thomas, Count of Savoy ; d. 20 J. n. 
- 1*23§. See Tab. XI, C 3. 

8) Beatrice, da. of William I, Count of 
Geneva. See Tab. XI. C 4. 

? > - (A 9) Ferdinand II. King of Leon and 

- 2 

■ w % £ S-i Gaeicia ; </. 21 Jan. L13J. See Tab. XIII, 
$ 2 > ! B l. 

r ^ g. l H , 

M S = - tco £s s« (A 11) 
is; x ~ -j 5. s n f.-6 Oct 


(A 10) Urraca, da. of Alfonso I, King of 
Portugal ; 1st wife. See Tab. XIII, 

k « 1 1) Alfonso ITT, King of Castii.e : d. 

iJ- x 5-G Oct. 121 1. See Tab. XIII, B 3. 

C - - 

• -.oor r (A 12) Eleanor, da. of Kenry IT, King 

b< 2 of England : t/. Oct, 1214. See Tab. XIII, 

~?<%t B4. 

.r~'P'~ x (A BT> Alberic IT. Count of Dammartin ; 
O a." 3 "" i </• 19 Sep. 1200. See Tab. XIH, B 

« § tc £ £ Hi 

(A 14) Matilda or Mahaut. Sec Tab. XT 1 1, 
B 0. 

X i. - h 3 3 5 (A 15) V 

= 1' 7 " • - = ^ n and Mon 

William ITT. Count of Ponthieu 
NTREUiL ; (/• 1 (Jet. 1221. See Tab. 

3 ? 

s Hi 

(A 16) Alice, da. of Louis VII, King of 
the French. Sec Tab. XIII. B 8. 



Addittoxs to Table XIV. 

A. 1. He was called- Anguste, 3 Dieu-clonne, 4 and le Gonquemnt ; 
crowned at Reims 1 Nov. 1179 ; d. at Mantes, bur. in the Abbey of St. 
Denis. [He m. 2, at Amiens, 14 Aug. 1193, Ingeburge or Isamburge, 
dan. of Waldemar I, King of Denmark ; she was crowned 15 Aug., and 
repud. 4 Nov. 110:3 on pretext of consang. He m. 3, June 1106, Agnes, 
dan. of Berthold IV (V), Duke of Dalmatia and Merania, Marquis of 
Istria, Count of Andechs ; this marriage being declared null by the 
Pope, who placed France under an interdict, he repud. her in 1200 (she 
d. at the Castle of Poissy in 1201, and was bur. there). He retook his 
second wife in 1213 ; she d. at Corbeil, aged abt. 60, 29 July 1236, bur. 
in the Priory of St. Jean en l'Isle, near that town.] (Only son of Louis 
VII, King of the French, by his third wife Alice of Champagne. See 
Table IV, D 1.) 

A. 2. She was b. at Valenciennes ; m. h at the Abbey of Arrouaise 
near Bapaume ; crowned with her husb. at St. Denis 29 Ma}' 1180 ; d. 
at Paris, bur. there in the Oath. Church. (Dan. of Baldwin, the Coura- 
geous, V Count of Hainault and VIII Count of Flanders of that name, 
Marquis of Xamur, Prince of the Empire, by Margaret, hss. of Flanders, 
dan. of Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders.) 

A. 9. He slice, his father 10 Aug. 8 1190; d. at Cologne bur. (with 
his first wife) in the Coll. Church of St. Pierre at Louvain. [He m. P. 
at Soissons, 22 Apr. 1213, Mary, dan. of Philip II, King of the French, 
and widow (8 Oct. 1212) of Philip of Hainault, styled of Flanders, and 
called the Noble, Count and Marquis of Namur; she d. 1 Aug. 1 238.] i0 
(Eldest son of Godfrey III, the Courageous, Duke and Marquis or 
Lothier, Count of Louvain, by his first wife Margaret, dan. 11 of Henry 
II (III), Duke or Count of Limburg.) 

A. 10. (Second dau. and coh. of Matthew of Alsace, styled of 
Flanders, Count of Boulogne j. u.w, by his first wife Mary of Blois, 
styled of Boulogne, dau. of Stephen, King of England.) 

A. 11. Philip of Suabia ; created Duke and Marquis of Tuscany in 
1195; succ. his brother Conrad III as Duke of Alsace, Suabia and 
Franconia in 1196; elected King of the Romans at Muhlhausen in 
Thuringia 6 March 1198; crowned at Mainz; elected anew, and 
crowned (with his wife) at Aachen 6 Jan. 120|; assassinated at 
Bamberg by Otho VII, Count Palatine of Wittelsbach, (21, 22 or) 23 
June 1208 ; bur. at Bamberg, transferred to Speyer. (Fifth son of the 
Emperor Frederic I, Barbarossa, Duke of Suabia and Alsace, by his 
second wife Beatrice, dau. and hss. of Renaud III, Count of Burgundy.) 

A. 12. She is called also Mary, 14 and Cecilia ; bur. in the Abbey of 
Lorch near Tubingen. 10 [Shew. 17 I, Roger, Duke of Apulia, crowned 
King; of Sicilv, eldest son of Tancred, King of Sicily ; he d. v. p. in 

A. 13. He succ his father 23 Aug. 1192; d. at Lyon, bur. in the 
Abbey of Citeaux. [He m. 1, 1194 or 95, Teresa, called also Matilda 
or Mahaut, 19 dau. of Alfonso I, King of Portugal, and widow (1 June 
1191) of Philip of Alsace, Count of Flanders ; separ. on plea of consang. 
1107 or 98; she d. near Fumes in Flanders 6 (16) May 1218 (not 1208),-° 
bur. in the Abbey of Clairvaux.j (Eldest son of Hugh 111, Duke of 
Burgundy, by his first wife Alice, dau. of Matthew I, Duke of Lorraine.) 



A. 14. (Dan. of Hugh, Seigneur de Vergy, Autrey and Chatel- 
Censoy in the Duche of Burgundy, by Cilcttc or Guille, dau. of Gamier, 
Seigneur de Trainel and Marigny in Champagne.) 

A. 15. lie suec. his father 28 Dee. 1218 ;- 3 bur. in tlie Abbey of 
St. Ived at Braine in the Soissonnais. (Eldest son of Robert TI, Count 
of Dreux and Braine, by liis second wife Yolande, dau.- 5 of Ralph I, 
called de Marie, Sire de Coney, Marie, la Fere, Crecy, Vervins, Fontaines, 
Landousies and Pinon.) 

A. 1G. [She m. 2, as second wife, by Jan. 123;%-" Henry T, Sire de 
Sully, la Chapel le and Aix-dam-Gilon, in Perry ; he d. 11 Aug. after 
1248.] (Only child of Thomas, Seigneur de St. Valery, Gamaches, 
Aut-sur-mer, Bouin, Dommart and Bernarville, by Adele, hss. of St. 
Aubin near Dieppe and of la Berqueric in Flanders,- 8 dau. of John I, 
Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil.) 

B. 1. He was h. at Paris 3 (or the night 4-5) Sep. 1187; crowned 
with his wife at Reims G Aug. 1223 ; d. at the Castle of Montpensier in 
Auvergne, bur. in the Abbey of St. Denis. 

B. 2. She was m. at Pont-Audemer (or at Purmor) in Normandy; d. 
at Paris, bur. in the Abbey of Maubuisson near Pontoise. 

P>. 5. He obtained the Comte of Daelhem from Thierry, Count of 
Hostade and Daelhem in 12 b* f ? d. at Louvain, bur. in the Cistercian 
Abbey of Notre-Dame at Tillers. [He m. 2, 1230, : '° Sophia, elder dau. 
and eventual hss. of Louis IV, the Saint, Landgrave of Thuringia, Count 
Palatine of Saxony: she d. 1275, lair, in the Abbey of Tillers.] 

B. 7. He acquired the Comtes of Chalon and Auxonne from John, 
Count of Chalon, 1 June 1237 ;'- obtained the Kingdom of Thessalonica 
from Baldwin 11, Emperor of Constantinople, by deed of gift dated at 
Paris Jan. 12Gi ;( :;:: ) bur. las was his first wife) in the Abbey of Citeaux. 
[He m 2, by contract dated Xov. 1258, ;!5 Beatrice, dau. of Thibaut, le 
Grand, 1 King of Xavarre, IV Count Palatine of Champagne and Brie 
of that name ; she was living in July 1205.] 

C. 1. He was b. at the Castle of Poissy ; 37 crowned at Reims 29 Xov. 
1226 ; ::s d. in the camp before Tunis; his bones were bur. in the Abbey 
of St. Denis 22 May 1271 canonised by Pope Boniface Till by bull 
dated 11 Aug. 1297. 

C. 2. She was m. by papal dispens. dated 2 Jan. 123 J ; crowned at 
Paris in the Cath. Church 28 May 1234 [not 1235] ; d. at the Convent 
of Franciscan nuns in the Faubourg St. Marcel at Paris, bur. in the 
Abbey of St. Denis. 

C. 3. He d. at his Castle of Louvain, bur. (as was his wife) in the 
Church of the Dominicans at Louvain. 

D. 1. [Hew. 1, 28 May 12G2, Isabel of Aragon. See Table XTI, C 2.] 

1 So called after lii.s sponsor Philip of Alsace, Count of Flanders : — 

Flanclrensis Comes .... 
Qui Ilegem puerum sacro de fonte levarat, 
Uncle suum nomen, sicut mos exi<_rit, illi 
Indiderat. (Willelmus Brito, Philippidos, 1. ii.) 

2 He is called wmoculas by Baldwin d'Avesnes in his Chronicles and Genealogies, 
written aU>ut 12S0. 

3 Because he was horn in August. 

4 l'eing the only son. and that by the third wife. 

5 The dot given by her maternal uncle Philip. Count of Flanders, was the whole 
of the pays. d'Artois, then called Flaiidre Occident ale. 



6 Id. marcii. Obiit 'christianissima Francorum regina Helisabeth, qua? in ecclesia 
nostra locum sepultunc sibi elegit. (Necrology of the Cath. Church of Notre Dame 
at Paris, edit. Gue'rard, torn, iv, p. 29.) 

7 Godefridus . . . uxorem duxit Margaret-am sororem Ducis Leniburgensis, ex 
qua duos genuit liberos, Henricum postea Duc2m, et Albertum . . . Godefridus 
postquam ducatum tenuerat xlvii anno.-;, mortuus est anno Domini MCXC, cui successit 
filius ejus Henricus . . . Henricusf itaque Dux uxorem duxit Maehtildem, filiam 
Comitis Boloniensis Matluci, Philippi Comitis Flandrioe germani, ex qua genuit duos 
filios . . . primogeniti nomen Henricus . . . Mathildis Ducissa mortua, Dux 
Henricus aliam duxit uxorem Marian) Comitis Xamurcensis Philippi relictam, Regis 
Francorum Philippi filiam . . . Dux igitur Henricus quartus postquam ducatum 
tenuerat annis xlv, mortuus est anno Domini mccxxxv, cujus hlius primogenitus 
Henricus in ducatu succedens, uxorem duxit Mariam filiam Ducis Sueviic Philippi ac 
Regis Alleinaunire, Henrici Imperatoris germani, qui de uxore Iniperatoris Constanti- 
nopolitani filia tres [quatuor] genuerat filias . . . Ex dicta ergo Maria Dux Henricus 
uuuin genuit filium Henricum . . . Mortuaque Ducissa Maria Dux Henricus 
secundam duxit uxorem Lantgravii Thuringiie filiam . . . Dicto igitur Duce Henrico 
mortuo, successit Henricus filius ejus, qui Alaydam filiam Hugonis Ducis Burgundia? 
duxit uxorem . . . Nomen filia) Maria, qua) nupsit Regi Francorum. Philippo, 
qui prius habueraf uxorem filiam Regis Arragonum. (Balduinus de Avennis in 

8 Godefridus monachus S. Pantaleoni Colon., Annales ad aim. 

9 The inscriptions on his tomb : — 

Hie primus jaeet Henricus dux ordine quartus: 

Cui conjuux bina, Machthylt prior, hide Maria : 

Prolem septenam genuit prior, ultima binam. 

Brabantinorum Dux, Regni Marchio . . . 
Anno Dili mccxxxv nonis scptembris obiit Henricus quartus Dux Lotharinguc bon;c 
et pirc memorial. (Butkens, Trophees de Brabant, torn, i, p. 202.) 

10 Her epitaph in the Abbey of Afflinghen in Brabant: — Maria Philippi Regis filia. 
quondam Philippi Marchionis Namurcensis et postea Henrici Brabaritiai Ducis uxor, 
femina omnium pulcherrima, hie petiit sepeliri anno MCCXXXVIII, kal. aug. (Ste. 
Marthe, M. de France, torn, i, p. 4.99.) Butkens says that she died about 1226, 15 
Aug according to the Necrology of Afflinghen, and was bur. in the Ch. of St. Pierre 
at Lou vain. 

11 Godefridus junior Dux Lotharingia) filiam Henrici Comitis Lemburgensis in 
conjugio sortitus est. (Albericus ad aim. 1155.) 

12 Hec est conventio facta inter Comitem Flandrie Philippum et Ducem Lovanie 
Godefridum, super contractu matrimonii Henrici filii Ducis et Mathildis neptis 
Comitis. Sciant itaque omnes et singuli, quod Dux Godefridus dedit Henrico filio 
suo, ad dotandam inde Mathildem neptem Comitis, Brussellam cum castello, Vilvor- 
dam, Ueelam et Ruschebroe. et quidquid Dux habet inter Sonnam et Flandriam . . . 
Actum prius Antverpie et postea consummatum Brusselle anno Domini mclxxix. 
(Archives of the Church of St. Gudule at Brussels — Butkens, torn, i, preuves p. 43.) 

13 Carolus du Fresne du Cange, Familiaj Augusta} Byzantime, p. 204. 

u Chron. Slavicum ; Albertus Abbas Stadensis in Cliron. ad aim. 1195. 

15 Robertus monachus S. Mariani Autissiodor. in Chron. 

16 Gaspard Bruschius, Chronologia Monasteriorum Germania?, p. 40 ; Crusius, 
Turco-Grajcia, p. 500. 

17 Gesta Innocentii III ; Nicetas in Isaac, Angelo, 1. iii, no. 1. 

18 Hoveden is mistaken in calling her dau. of Isaac by his second wife Margaret of 

10 Flandrue quondam Comitis Philippi uxor et Comitissa Therasia apud suos 
Portugalos, apud nos Mathildis cognomento Regina dicta . . . (Lambertus presbyter 
Ecclesi;e Ardensis in Hist. Comitum Guisnensium ) 

20 Litere Mathildis Regine Comitisse Flandrie . . . Actum MCCXVI. (Cartul. of 
the Abbey of St. Bertin— Du Chesne, M. de Guines, preuves, p. 271.) See also in 
the same preuves, p. 264, a charter of Philip Augustus, dated Jan. 121?, ... Si 
autem continget Mathildem, que fuit uxor Comitis Philippi, mori. volumus . . . 
* Cartul. of Vergy ; Du Chesne says March 3, Ste. Marthe May 3. 
89 Et Robertus, cui frugis vastatio casn 

Agnomen puero dederat, fraterque Joannes, 

Illorum, cui Brena dedit cognomen et ortum, 

Cum genitore suo Roberto jam seniore. (Philippirlos, 1. ix.) 



s3 Stirpe satus Regum pius et custodia legum 

Brana? Robertas Comes requie£c$£epertus!, 
Et jacet Agnetis situs arl vestigia matris. 

Anno grati-.e mccxviii die Innoeentiuin. (Epitaph at St. Ived). 
IV kal. januar. Commemoratio pire memonc illustris Roberti Comitis Drocarum et 
Domini Branrc. (Necrology of St. Ived — Du Chesne, M. de Dreux, preuves, pp. 

u Hie jacet illustris ex Regum semine natus, 

Drocarum Brana?que Comes Robertus humatus. 
Hie in amicitia Theseus fuit, alter in armis 

Ajax, consilio pollens fuit alter Ulysses. Anno Domini MCCXXXUI. 
(Epitaph at St. Ived.) V )i<>n. martii. Commemoratio piaj memorise Roberti Comitis 
de Brana (Necrol. of St. Ived — Du Chesne, ib. p. 271). Anno Domini Mccxxxili, 
multi potentes in Francia moriuntur . . . Comes Robertus a Dreus, S. Valarici ex 
parte uxoris dominus. (Chron. Andrense.) 

" 5 B. de Aveunis in Chron. et Geneal. ; Le Lignage de Couey (written in 1303) ; 
Cartularies of the Abbeys of Charme and of Braine. ' v Du Chesne, M. de Couey, 
preuves, pp. 348-62-64-84.) 

26 XVII kal. deeembris, obi it domina Aanor Comitissa Drocensis. (Necrology of 
the Church of St. Victor at Paris.) 

27 Ego Henricus dominus Soliaci. Notum . . . quod ego debeo carissimo domino 
meo Ludovico illustri Regi Francorum quatuor millia librarum paris. pro rachato 
eomitatus Drocensis, et terre earissime uxoris mce Comitisse Drocensis . . . 
MCCXXXvnr, mense januario. — Universis . . . Henricus de Soliaco Dominus, et Aanor 
Comitissa Drocarum et Domina Sancti Walerici, uxor mea, salutem . . . mccxl. 
(Chartes du Roi, Layette Dreux — Du Chesne, M. de Dreux, preuves, p. 272-3.) 

- 8 For her marriage contract, dated 1178, see Bry, Hist. d'Alencori, 1. xi. c. 19 : P. 
Ignace, Hist, de Ponthieu, p. -17. 

29 Charters of Brabant in the Chamber of Accounts at Brussels. (Butkens, torn, i, 
pp 85-87.) 

30 Ante biennium. (Albericus, ad ann. 1241.) 

31 Anno Dominice Incarnationis mccvii quinto idus februarii indietione decima, 
Acta fuerunt bee apud Geilenhusen que inferius sunt annotata. Dominus Philippus 
gloriosissimus RomanoTum Rex semper augustus unam de fdiabus suis dedit in 
matrimonio filio Ducis Brabantie, et ilia fdia succedet in hereditatem paternam, cum 
aliis filiabus Domini Regis, secundum jus et consuetudinem Theutonie ; et ipse 
Dominus Rex illam filiam assignabit ipsi Duci Brabantie apud Sinsich quartodecimo 
die post Pentecostes, vel suis nunciis . . . Ceterum Dux Brabantie dabit in dotem 
iilie Domini Regis redditus valentes annuatim mille mareas . . . (Charters of 
Brabant. Butkens, torn. i. preuves, p. 59.) 

s - Perard, Recueil de plusieurs pieces curicuses servant a l'histoire de Bourgogne, 
p. 439. 

33 Charter in the Chamber of Accounts at Dijon. (Perard, p. 50S ; Plancher, Hist, 
de Bourgogne, torn. ii. preuves, p. 29.) 

31 In his will, dated 20 Sep. 1272, is the following clause : — Item filiam mean: 
nobilem clominam Alasiam Ducissam Brabantie in dote quam a me habuit, et in C 
in arch is argenti heredem instituo. (Du Chesne, Hist, des Dues de Bourgogne, 
preuves, p. 78 ; Plancher, torn ii. preuves, p. 35.) 

3 '"' Du Chesne, Hist, des Dues, preuves, p. 70. 

" 6 Dux Hugo Burguudio) Comitis Roberti de Brana filiam hoc anno duxerat in 
uxorem. (Albericus. ad ann. 1229.) 

37 Jean, Sire de Joinville, Histoire de St. Louis. 

38 . . . Nobis igitur bonum videtur quod idem Ludovicus coronctur apud Remos 
die dominica proxima ante his tans festuin beati Audree . . . (Tresor des Chartes, 
carton J 303, Pour le couronnement de Saint Louis, no. 2.) 

39 The dot given by her father was 10,000 marcs d'argent. It is doubtful if this 
sum was ever paid in full. 

40 Archives of the Franciscan monastery. 

41 According to her epitaph at St. Denis, and the Necrologv of tlie Abbey of Port- 

4 - The inscriptions on their tomb: — Hie subtus jacet Dominus Henricus hujus 
nomine tertius, Princeps illustris, Dux Lotharinghc et Brabant i%, hujus 
claustri fundator ac toti fundi dator : qui obiit anno mcci.x ultima de februarii. — 
Hie jacet Domina Aleydis de Burgundia Ducissa ejus uxor, istius claustri, et claustri 



de Oudergeni pia fundatrix, nee nou ordinis totius pnedicatorum benigna ainatrix 
(juiu obiit anno Domini mcclxxiii, xxiii die oetob. (Butkens, torn, i, p. 257.) 

40 Willelmu.s de Xangis mouachus S. Dionysii iu Francia in (Jhron. 

44 \Y\ de Xangis de gestis PUiUppi III. 

15 Chron. breve S. Dionysii The Chron. ot Montfort says Sep. 23 ; other dates 
given are 2, 6, lf>, Oct. ; but the last^s certainly false. 

46 Memorandum oue le jour nostre Dime si nativite par jour de Mardi [8 Sep.] en 
Tan le Key xxvii ariva Dame Meregrete, la tide Felipe lley de Fraunse, a Dowere, e 
lendemcyn wint a Canterberi, e le Jeudi preseyu apres wint Edwird Key d'K.ngle- 
terre en l'eglise de la Triuite dc Canterberi e epousa l'awandite Meregrete Revive 
d'Eugleterre d'age de xx ans. (De Aiitiquis Legibus Liber, p. 249.) X. Trivet gives 
8 Sep. as the date of the marriage. 

Additions to Table XV. 

1 At least it is certain that he was not born in the OjsIIc. This has been shewn 
by the late Mr. Albert Hartshorne. 

- An inspeximus, dated Id Aug. 1313 (MSS. de Brienno. torn, xxviii. f. '213. V°) 
recites the treaty made between Philip lc Bel and Edward 1 at Paris 20 May 1303, 
by which the Fnglish King entered into possession of t'le duehe and piirie of 
Aquitaine, on condition of miking "au roi de France hommage hge, pureinent, 
simplemeut, sans condition, conmie due d' Aquitaine et pair dc France pour ladifce 
duche." And another, by which " Edouard roi d'Angleterre, seigneur d'Hirlande et 
due d' Aquitaine " made known "que nous a nostre tres cher seigneur et pere 
Philippe par la grace de Dieu roi de France, avons person siellenient fait hommage, 
selon les fourmes des paix [above named] etc, et avons encore fait au dit nostre 
seigneur le roi de France hommage pour le conite de Pouty . . . Donne a Boulogne 
le dernier jour de janvier, Tan de grace mil troh cens sept, le premier au de nostre 
regue." (Anselme, torn, ii, pp. 5(33-06.) 

Sniitfalc's Hesitation of ^orksljirc, 


(Continued from p. 58). 
Citty of Yokke. Yorke, 11° Aug. 1666. 



J or he. 

AitM.s : — Sable, a water bouget Argent, iu chief three bezants. 
Ckest :— An owl Argent, ducally gorged Or. 

Xo proofe made of these amies. 

Dugdale begins — 

OLIVER WITTOX, of Skipton, in Crttceu, in emu. JSOur., <Uc<l in 
a° 1J0.J, temp. //. 7, mar. Elizabeth, daughter and heire of Jvhn 
Ming worth, of Ming worth. 




OLIVER WITTON, of Skipton, in Craven, mar. Elizabeth, dauyhter uj 
John Whitlay, of Whit lay, in Crave)), in com. Ebor., 1 wife, mar. 
Susan, daughter of John Dick-son, of Bentley-lloyd, in Craven, 
second wife. 

JOSHUA WITTON', of Skipton, in Craven. 

The above is all wrong, and it is thought the correct genealogy is as 
under. It is, however, probable that the family came from Skipton, as 
we have the will of Oliver Witton, of Skipton, 4 Nov. 1502, pr. 25 Jan. 
150|, leaving Robert, Christopher, Richard, Oliver, William, sons, and 
Margaret, Elene, and Elizabeth, daughters. There is also the will of 
William Witton, of Skipton, pr. 14 Jan. 1517, leaving a wife Agnes and 
children. It is uncertain what relationship the undermentioned William 
would be to these. 

I. WILLIAM WITTON, of Ovenden, near Halifax, bur. at Halifax 
8 Nov. 1570, mar. there 11 Aug. 1549 Elizabeth Ulingworth, 
she was bur. 21 Sept. 1562. They had issue — 
Oliver (II). 

(?) Richard, bp. IS Sept. 1553, bur. 7 July 1554. 
(?) Edward, bp. 19 Dec. 1556. 
(It is possible that he remarried at Halifax 16 May 1563 Johanna 
Berstow, and had Anne, bp. 2 Sept. 1565; Johanna, bur. 20 June 1564 ; 
and Genett, bur. 5 Apr. 1565). 

II. OLIVER WITTON, of Ovenden, clothier, bur. at Halifax 
5 Aug. 1598, mar. 7 Oct. 1589 at Halifax Elizabeth, daughter 
of John Whitley, of AVheatley, in Ovenden, in com. Ebor., 1 
ivtfe. They had issue — 

Edward" Witton, bp. 21 June 1590, bur. 21 July 1600. 
He remar. 8 Nov. 1592 at Halifax Susan, dauyhter of John 
Dickson, of Bentley-Royd in Sowerbv, second wife, bur. 21 Feb. 
160?. They had issue- 
Ill. JOSHUA WITTON, of Sowerbv, yeoman, in com. Ebor., dyed 
circa anna 1615, bp. at Halifax 14 Apr. 1594, bur. there 
27 Sept. 1614. Will 16 Sept. 1614. Mar. there 13 June 1614 
Sibell, dauyhter of Gilbert Drake, of Haiti fax, in com. Ebor. 
(remar. first 24 Oct, 1616 Michael Whitley, of Bcntley, in 
Sowerbv, secondly Francis Priestley, of Priestley lug). They 
had issue — 

IV. JOSHUA WITTON, of the Citty of Torke, cet. 51 ami. 11" Aug. 
1666, a posthumous son, bp. at Halifax 19 Mar. 1614, 
educated at Cambridge, in Holy Orders. Chaplain to Lord 
Fairfax, by whom he was appointed 18 May 1646 to the 
Rectory of Thornhill, from which he was ejected in 1662, 
retired to York where he died 1 June 1671, bur. 3 June at All 
Saints' Church (C.B.N. ). Will 28 May 1674, mar. Eliuibeth, 
dauyhter of Tempest Thorneton, of TiersaU, in com. Ebor., 
Es<f, bur. at Thornhill 25 June 1656. They had issue — 
Richard (V). 



1. Elizabeth, at. 12 aim., bp. at Thornhill 7 June 1654, 

mar. John Ferrers, of Bashall, 12 Dec. 1G75 at St. 
Martin's, Coney Street, York. iC.B.N.) 

2. Mart/a ret, inf. 10 mm., bp. at Thornhill 18 Sept. 1C55, 

wife of Theophilus She! ton, Clerk of the Peace for 
the West Riding, (?) bur. at Wakefield 9 Oct. 1716. 
(There is an entry in the Wakefield Register 16 Nov. 
1689 George Marsh, Dr in phisick, and M rs Margrct 
Witton. Query if she was mar. twice ; there seems 
no entry of the Shclton marriage in the register). 
John, bp. at Thornhill 24 Mar. 1646, bur. there 14 Jan. 

Tempest, bp. at Thornhill 17 Dee. 1651, bur. there 

2 Jan. 1651. 
A child, bur. at Thornhill 23 Mar. 1645. 

V. RICHARD WITTON, of Lupset, cet. 16 an. IP Aug. 1006, 
bp. at Thornhill 7 Oct. 1649, Barrister-at-Law, purchased 
Lupset, d. 15 Apr., bur. 19 Apr. 1718 in Wakefield Ch., M.I., 
mar. Elizabeth, dau. and heiress of Wilfred Lawson, of Brunton, 
co. Northumb., d. 29 Aug., bin. 1 Sept. 1727 at Wakefield, 
M.I. They had issue- 
Richard (VI). 
John (VII). 

Henrv, bp. at Wakefield 13 July 168G, bur. there 10 Mav 

Mary, bp. at Wakefield 29 Oct, 1C83, bur. there 24 Feb. 

Elizabeth, bp. at Wakefield 26 Feb. 1684, bur. there 2 Oct. 

Margaret, bp. at Wakefield 29 Oct. 1689, bur. there 2 Jan. 

VI. RICHARD WITTON, ESQ., of Lupset, bp. at Wakefield 1 8 May 
' 1682, bur. there 23 July 1743. Will 6 Jan. 1742, pr. at York 
24 July 1746, mar. Jane, dau. of Wm. Milner, Esq., of Leeds, 
bur. at Wakefield 28 May 1778. He leaving no issue was 
succeeded by his brother — 

VII. JOHN WITTON, of Lupset, bp. at Wakefield 17 Dec. 1691, in 
Holy Orders, Fell, of Trim Coll., Camb., B.A. 1712, M.A. 
1716, Prebendary of Tockerington in the Church of York, d. 
s.p. at Birthwaite Hall 1 Sept. 1754, when the Lupset estates- 
fell to the descendants of his Aunts: mar. at Sandal 2 Jan. 
174f Mary, dau. of Ralph Assheton, Esq., of Downham, b. 
27 Oct. 1721 (remar. Peregrine Wentworth, Esq.), bur. in York 
Minster 7 July 1797. 


Gillinu West. Richmimd, '-'1 Aug. 1665. 



Arms : — Or, a chevron Sable, on a canton of the second an escallop of the field. 
Chest : — A cubit arm erect vested proper, the hand holding an escallop. 
No proofe made of these arms. 

I. PHILIP BRUNSKILL, of Barnard Castle. He had issue— 
Reynolde (11). 

Henry, living 1583, who had issue — 
John Biimskil], 1583. 

II. REYNOLDE BRUNSKILL, of Barnard Castle. Will dated 
4 June 1583, mar. first Alicia, dau. of Thus. Slater, of Bowes. 
Thev had issue — 
Philip (111). 

Jane, wife of Robert Taylor. 

111. PHILIP BRUNSKILL, of Barnard Castle, purchased the manor 
and advowson of Bowes, from John Dalston, Esq., 25 Jan. 
1593, d. 15 June 163 1, mar. Christian, dan. cf Roger Aldcrson, 
of Barnard Castle. They had issue — 

1. Reginald (IV). 

2. Ambroie JJmnskell, of Northall (Northaw) in co. Jhrtf., 

and of Hadley, eo. Middx., merchant", of St. Laurence, 
Old Jewry, entered his pedigree at the Visitation of 
Middlesex, 16G3. Will 26 Dec. 1668, pr. 2 Nov. 
1670 CSurtees' Durham, iv, p. 92), mar. first 
Elizabeth, dau. of George Humble, citizen of Lom- 
bard Street, London, at St. Mary Woolnoth, London, 
21 Nov. 1624, she was bur. there 18 Feb. 164?. 
They had issue — 

Jane, wife of Thomas Walton, of London, grocer. 
Honor, w ife of Francis Asty, of London, merchant, 
mar. lie. 27 Feb. 164;;, she then 1 ( J. 
He remar. Rachel, dau. of Robert Baker, relict of 
Martin Brodgate, of London. 

3. Roger, of Barnard Castle, ci 


d. s.p., bur. there 8 Sept. 



4. Philip. 

5. William Britnskell, merchant, of London, named in his 

brother Ambrose's will, mar. . . . 
G. Samuel. 

Philis, wife of Cuthbert Thursbv, of Woodhouse, bur. 
7 Mar. 167?. Will 27 Feb. 167-?-. 

IV. REGINALD BRUNSKILL, of Bowes, gent, living 1615, d. 
27 Sept. 1636, bur. at Bowes, mar. Sythe, dan. of Thomas 
Appleby, of Clove Lodge, in the parish of Romaldkirk. They 
had issue — 

Philip, bp. at Barnard Castle 9 May 1613. 

Philip (V). 

Isabel, bp. at Bowes 20 Apr. 1612. 
Phillis, bp. at Barnard Castle 9 May 1613. 

V. PHILIP BR UNSKELL, of Bowes, cel. 50 an. 21 Auj. 1665, 
bp. at Barnard Castle 6 Nov. 1615, bur. at Bowes 20 Mar. 
1698, mar. Man/, daughter of Percevdll Philip?, of Briijnell, 
in com. Eborum, 28 Julv 1640 at Holy Trinitv, Goodranmate, 
York. (C B.N.) They had issue— 

1. Philip (VI). 

2. Percevall, of Clement s Inn, London, d. s.p. 1707. 

o. Francis, purchased the Huddleston estate in Rumbald- 
kirk 1684, d. s.p. (Harrison.) 

VI. • PHILIP BRUNSKILL, tel. 21 an. 21 Aug. 1665, of Bowes, d. 
v.p., bur. at Barnard Castle 11 June 1675. Will pr. 1 Julv 
1675 at Richmond, mar. Mary, dau. of Thomas Fetherston- 
halgh, of Kirkoswald, co. Cumb. They had issue — 

Thomas (VII). 

Philip, 1675, s.p. 

VII. THOMAS BRUNSKILL, of Grange Hall and Bowes, bur. at 
Bowes 24 Apr. 1743. Will 1 Aug. 1741, pr. 23 Oct. 1758 at 
Richmond, mar. Mary, dau. of Christopher Harrison, Clerk, 
Vicar of Brough. co. Westm., Art. before mar. 29 Mar. 169-^. 
Thev had issue — 
Philip (VIII). 

Mary, bp. 29 Apr. 1703, d. s.p , bur. 24 Dec. 1743 at 

Bowes. Will pr. York 1744. 
Dorothy, bur. at Bowes 30 May 1717. 
Elizabeth, bur. at Bowes 1 Mar. 1718. 
Catharine, bur. at Bowes 31 Mar. 1720. 
Sarah, bp. 13 May 1708, bur. at Bowes 22 Apr. 1732. 
Anne, bp. 16 Apr. 1710, bur. at Bowes 20 Jan. 171?. 
Lucy, wife of Geo. Gargett, of Barnard Castle, surgeon, 

living 1743, (?) d. 20 Feb. 1797, a>t. 86, bur. there, M.I. 

VIII. PHILIP BRUNSKILL, of Bowes, bp. 14 Feb. 170;?, bur. at 
Bowes 31 Jan. 1794, mar. Mary, dau. of Charles Lowe 
Why tell, of Gilmondby, bur. 1 2s o v. 1751. They had issue — 


Anne, eld. dan. and coh., d. 9 Jan. 1781, rct. 3G, M.I. 
Bowes, mar. 28 Aug. 17GG Cornelius Harrison, of Stub- 
house, Esq. 

Mary, bp. at Bowes 6 Aug. 1718, mar Wm. Kipling, of 

Bowes, d. 18p,9. 
Penelope, bp. 20 Oct. 1751, bur. at Bowes 2G Sept. 17G9. 

Kilham, 1° Sept. 1665. 



Arms : — Vert, on a chevron between three bucks Or, as many cinqucfoils of the 
field, a canton Argent. 

I. JOHN ROBINSON, a merchant, in Loudon, died a° 1599, and 
lyeth interred in S l Helen's in Bishopsgate Streete, of Merchant 
Taylors, Alderman of London, d. 19 Feb. 1599. M.l. at St. 
Helen's. Will 12 July 1599, mar. Christian, eldest daughter 
of Thomas Anderson, citizen and. grocer of London, niece of 
Sir Henry Anderson, Knt., d. 21 Apr. 1592, bur. at St. Helen's, 
M.I. They had issue — 

1. Joltn Robinson, of Rither. 

2. Henry (II). 

3. Arthur. 

4. Robert. 

0. Humphrey, of Thicket. 

1. Catherine, wife of Gifford Watkyn, of co. Northants. 

2. Ann, wife of Thomas Walthall, of London, mercer, mar. 

lie. 31 July 1589 at St. Bartholomew the Great. 

3. Mary, wife first of Sir llobt. Napier, Knt,, and Bart, 

second of Sir Robt. Sandie, Knt. 

4. Elizabeth, wife of Thos. Jeffery, of lkcuham, near 


5. Christian, wife of Thomas Richardson, of London, 


Dickering Wapentake. 



II. HENRY ROBYNSON, a merch* in Loud., died in a 1653, 
merchant of the staple of England, free of the East India 
Company, and of the Merchant Adventurers, and Haberdashers, 
mar. Margaret, daughter of Henry Coidtliurst, an alderman of 
the Citty of London, 1 wife. They had issue — 

1. Henry Robinson, died without issue. 

2. John\Ul). 

1. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Wilson, of the Middle Temple, 

son of Thomas "Wilson, of Yorkshire. 

2. Sara, wife of Nicholas Orton, of London, draper. 

IJI. JOHN ROBINSON, of Buckton, in co Ebor., died in a° 1659, 
vel circa, mar. 8 Aug. 1638 at Bishop Middleham (C.B.N.) 
Margaret, daughter of John Woodhouse, of Curneforili, in 
y< Bishoppriclc of Durham. They hud issue — 
1. John (IV). 

L 2. Henry, Capt. R.N., Commander of H.M. "Cornwall,'' 
d. s.p. 1701, mar. Mrs. Jane xYslabie at York Minster 
3 Nov. 1700. 

3. Humphrey, d. s.p. 1707. Will 21 Nov. 1706, leaving 

his estates at Buckton, Bempton. and Bridlington tu 
his nephew Bcthell Robinson, mar. Ann . . . 

4. Arthur (A). 

1. Margaret, wife of Charles Woolfe. 

2. Dorothy, wife of John Pratt. 

IV. JOHN ROBINSON, of Bucldon, in com. Ebor., ad. 2Jf ann. 
1 Sept, 1665, bp. 3 Nov. 1640 at Bishop Middleham (C.B.N. ), 
bur. at Fylingdales 3 Apr. 1700, mar. Adeline, daughter of 
Richard Conyers, of Filingdales, in co. Ebor., bur. there 2 Dec. 
1716. They had issue — 

V. JOHN ROBINSON, of Buckton, d. at Buckton Sept. 1769, 
mar. . . . They had issue — 

Hannah, wife of Sir Wm. Foulis, Bart., of Ingleby, and 
carried the Buckton estates into that family. 

We return to — 

A.. ARTHUR ROBINSON, fourth son of John Robinson, of Buck- 
ton, bur. 8 July 1703 at St. Martin's, Coney Street, York, mar. 
16S3 Mary Bethell, 1 bur. at same church 1734. They had 
issue — 

1. Bethell (B). 

2. Arthur, of Hull, bp. 12 May 1685 at St. Crux, York, d. 

1738, mar. 29 Dec. 1712 at Holy Trinity, Hull, 
(C.B.N.), Mary, dau. of Hugh Mason, Collector of 
Customs at Hull. They had issue — 

1 It seems at present uncertain if she was the daughter of Walter Bethell, of 
Ellertou, or of Sir Hugh Bethell. 



Arthur, Vicar of Holy Trinity Ch., Hull, 1753-83, 
d. s.p. 9 Mar. 1793, cot. 77, mar. Elizabeth . . . 
whod. 1796. 

A daughter, d. unmar. at Doncaster 1811. 

Ann, wife of Josiah Wordsworth, of Wadworth. 

1. Mary, uhmar. 

2. Margaret, unmar. 

B. BETH ELL UOBINSOX, of York, barrister, hp. 24 Jan. 168* at 

St. Crux, York, d. int. 1719, bur. at St. Mich.-le-Belfrey, mar. 
at St. Dennis 4 Jan. 1 70 J Mary, dau. of Thomas Heseltine, of 
Gateshead, bur. 17 Feb. 173} at St. Mich.-le-Belfrey. They 
had issue — 

Humphrey Allgood (C). 

Mary, b. 170G, d. inf. 

Alice, b. 1708, d. inf. 

Susannah, bp. at St. Mich.-le-Belfrey, 4 Dec. 1709, d. inf. 
Alice, wife of Michael Cox, of Louth, bp. at St. Mich.-le- 

Belfrev 9 Apr. 1716, mar. 1738, d. 1803 tet. 87, bur. at 

St. Mich.-le-Belfrey. 


bp. 20 June 1711 at St. Mich.-le-Belfrey, Y^ork, bur. at St. 
Martin's, Coney Street, 21 Sept. 1743, mar. Margaret, dau. of 
Joseph Bell, Esq., of Beverley, at St. Martin's 13 Jan. 173^, 
d. 1772, and bur. in St. Mary's, Beverley, 23 Xov. 1772, set. 
62. They had issue— 
Bethclf (D). 

Bethell Allgood, a dau., d. inf. 

D. BETHELL ROBIXSOX, of Cat wick Hall and Beverley, bp. at 

St. Martin's, Coney Street, 29 Dec. 173-3, d. 2 May 1824, bur. 
at Bishop Burton 30 May, mar. 1758 Jane, only child of 
Christopher Bayles, Esq., of Laxton and Wilierby, by Jane, dau. 
of William Mowld, Esq., of Hull, at Holy Trinity, Hull, Jan. 
1757, d. 1 1 Dec. 1813. They had issue — 

1. Bethell, in Holy Orders, of St. Johns Coll., Camb., B.A., 

Vicar of Hutton Cranswick, d. 22 Jan. 1819, mar. 
Sarah, dau. of Thomas Carter, of Black Xotley, 
Essex, Rector of Scorborough, d. 17 Sept. 1810. 
They had issue — 

Bethell Martin, d. Apr. 1852, mar. Margaret, 
wid. of . . . Dunbar, d. 1827, and had a son, 
Henry Charles Robinson. 
Milburne Carter ) ^ . ^ 
Milbume Arthur j 

2. William, b. 1763, d. 1776. 

3. Mowld Robinson, of Beverley, d. 12 Jan. 1848, mar. 

23 Mar. 1799 Helena, dau. of Jeremiah Rhodes, of 
Gomersal, d. 2 Dec. 1848. They had issue — 

Henry Robinson, of Ratras, d. 30 Sept. 1843, mar. 
25 Feb. 1837 Ann, wid. of John Kettlewell, 
Esq., d. 2 July 1878. They had i^stie — 



Henry Mowld Robinson, D.D., of Pembroke 
Coll., Oxf., mar. Eliza, dan. of Rev. John 

Charlotte Helena, mar. 9 Aug. 1859 her cousin, 
Rev,,Charlcs James Robinson, and d. s.p. 
3 July 1869. 

John Robinson, of New- York, d. s.p. 30 Sept. 
1852, mar. 23 Apr. 1 8 3 G Mary Catherine Dim-' 

Helena Mary, wife of Charles Hancock, Esq., of 
London, of. 1892. 
4. Bell Robinson (E). 

Jane, wife of Thomas Stickney, of Hull, mar. Aug. 

1790, d. 19 Dec. 1791. 
Margaret, wife of James Runton, mar. Sept. 1785, d. 

s.p. 19 Mar. 1851. 
Charlotte, ivife of Sir Wm. Hy. Pennyman, seventh 
Part, of Ormesby, d. s p. 3 May 1848, bur. at 
Beverley Minster. 
Ailsey Nannv, wife of Richard Jackson, of Wei ton, 

mar. Apr. 1799, d. 17 Jan. 1802. 
Mary Ann, wife of John Webster, mar. 8 Sept. 1804, 
d. s.p. 25 Dec. 1801. 

E. PELL ROBINSON, of Beverlev, d. 27 Aug. 1818, mar at Selbv 
4 May 1799 Mary, dan. of Samuel Powell, d. 23 Feb. 1837. 
They had issue — 
James Mowld (E). 
Arthur, d. uninar. 8 Apr. 1817. 

William Wharton, of Oxford, Coroner for Central Oxford- 

Jane, d. 25 May 1818, nnmar. 

Alice, wife of George Jackson Lambert, of Beverlev, d. 

25 May 1877. 
Margaret, d. nnmar. 3 Nov. 1838. 

E. JAMES MOWLD ROBINSON, of Beverley, d. 5 Dec. 1875, 
mar. G Sept. 1830 Ann, dan. of Christopher Muschamp, of 
Beverley, d. 6 Dec. 1861. They had issue— 

1. Charles James, in Holy Orders, of Queen's Coll., Oxf , 

of RookclilT, Hants, mar. first Charlotte Helena, dau. 
of Henry Robinson, of Patras, d. s.p. 3 July 18G9, 
secondly, Elizabeth Louisa, dau. of John Pcirse 
Kennard, of London. 

2. Arthur Muschamp (G). 
Charlotte Anne. 

0. ARTHUR MUSCHAMP ROBINSON, of Birkenhead, mar. 10 
Aug. 18G5 his cousin, Frances Jane, dau. and coh. of Charles 
Hancock, Esq., of London. They had issue — 




1. Arthur Henry, d. inf. 

2. Charles Bethell Allgood. 

3. Humphrey John. 

4. William Mowld. 

5. Hugh Muschamp. 

1 . Helena Frances. 

2. Katherine Mary. 

3. Annie Margaret. 

4. Lillie Alice, d. inf. 

Mr. A. M. Robinson, of Birkenhead, has kindly added much to this 
pedigree, and Mr. Norclitie has given several entries from registers. 

Agbrigg and Morley Wapentake. Halifax, 3° Apr. 1GCG. 

Aims :— Ermine, on a fess Sahle three mullets Or, a canton Gules. 

Chest : — A stag's head erased proper, charged with a trefoil slipped Gules. 

I. RICHARD LISTER, of Halifax, Constable of Halifax 1412, 

largest rent-payer to the Prior of Lewes in 1439, surrenders 
land in Xorthowram 5 Oct. 1452 to his son William. He 

Richard. (A quo Lister of Hull.) 
William (II). 

II. WILLIAM LISTER, of Ovenden, surrenders land in Xorthowmn 

in 1490 to his son — 

III. JOHN LISTER, of Ovenden, who surrenders land 10 Mar. 1514 

to his son — 

IV. JOHN LISTER, of Ovenden and Little Horton, who grants land 

24 Nov. 1543 to his son — 



V. RICHARD LISTER, of Ovenden and Little Horton. Will 
9 Jan. 154|, pr. 13 May 1546, mar. Elizabeth . . . They 
had issue — 

Thomas (VI). 


Effame. « ' 

VI. THOMAS LISTER, of Ovenden and Little Horton, bur. at 
Halifax 22 Apr. 1G0G. Will 4 Mar. 1G05, pr. at York 11 June 
160G, mar. at Halifax 3 Oct. 1554 Sibella Xorthend, bur. 
there 31 July 1599. They had issue — 

1. John Lister, of Little Horton, son and heir, mar. at 

Halifax 23 Jan. 15S£ Barbara Boys. (A quo Lister 
of Horton.) 

2. Samitell (VII). 

1. Mary, wife of George Booth in Holy Orders, bp. at 

Halifax 5 Feb. 15G4, mar. there 10 Sept. 15S4. 

2. Grace, wife of Isaac Hopkinson, bp. at Halifax 25 Dec. 

1573, mar there 25 Feb. 159 J. 

3. Sibill, wife of John Whitlev, of Boiling, mar. at Halifax 

4 Oct. 1597. Will 23" Apr., pr. at York 24 July 

4. Phoebe, wife of Rev. Caleb Kemp, B.D., Vicar of 

Bradford, mar. 2 Nov. 1G02. 

5. Edith, bp. 5 Oct, 15G7, mar. 5 May 1590 Robert 

Hemingway, of Uppcrbrca, mar. secondly 13 Sept. 
1G1G lie v. Jeremy Gibson, M A. 

VII. $ AMU ELL LISTER, of Shihden-Hall, in Souih-Owram juxta 
Halifax, died in anno 1683, bp. at Halifax 10 Sept, 1570, bur. 
there 29 Sept. 1632, mar. Susan, daughter of WilVm Drake, 
of Lee, in North Owram, at Halifax 5 Sept. 1598, bur. there 
25 July 1GG5. They had issue — 

1. Thomas (VIII). 

2. John (X). 

3. Samuel, bp. at Halifax 3 June, bur. 30 Oct. 1G04. 
Joseph Lister, of Lowerbrea, bp. at Halifax 27 Oct, 

1G05, d. 27 Dec. 1644, mar. Alice, dan. of Richard 
Pearson, at Bradford 28 Feb. 1632 (remar. first John 
Bottomley, secondly Gilbert Sturdy). They had 
issue — 

Joseph, of Lowerbrea, bp. at Halifax S Mar. 1634, 
bur. 29 Jan. 1655-, mar. there 4 May 165G Ann 

John, bp. at Halifax 11 Aug. 1634, d. s.p. 
Mary, wife of Moses Jenkinson, of Ovenden, bp. 27 Jan. 
1610, mar. 3 Apr. 1635 at Halifax. 

VIII. THOMAS LISTEB : of Shibden Hall, cet, GG annorum S» Apr. 

a D. 1GGG, educated at the University of Oxf., entered his 
pedigree 1666, bp. at Halifax 9 Dec. 1599, bur. there 30 Jan. 





1677, mar. 1 st Sibil/, daughter and heire of fiohert Heming- 
way, of North-Owram, 11 Jan. 1610, bur. 1 June 1633. They 
had issue — 

1. Samuel (IX). 
He mar. secondly Phoebe, dau. of Robt. Wood, 16 July 10:] 1. 
They had issue — ' 

i?. Thomas, hp 24 May 1635. 

3. Joseph, of London, bp. 20 Sept. 1630, bur. 31 Jan. 
1681 at St. Stephen's, Walbrook, mar. 13 Feb. 1667 
Elizabeth, dau. of John Cole, of London, bur. at 
same place as her husband. Her will pr. 21 Mav 
1720. They had issue- 
Joseph Lister, of Fort St. George, in the Fast 
Indies, b. 20 Sept. 1678, d. there 1706, mar. 
Jane, dau. of Daniel Chardin, who remar 
Charles Poon, Governor of Fort St. George. 

Catherine, d. unmar. 
Elizabeth, d. unmar. 

Martha, mar. Win. Walsham, of London, at Chaiter- 
house Chapel 23 Sept, 1716, d. s.p. Mar. 1701. 

1. Mary, wife of WilTm Ram sd en, a Mwhant in Yor/.-e, 

bp. 14 Apr. 1640, mar. 20 Aug-. 1661. 
He mar. thirdly Mary Sutclitte. 

IX. SAJ/UELL LISTER, «<t. J r J annor. 3 Apr. 16CG, of Shibden 
Hall, bp. 9 Feb. 162?, bur. 21 Feb. 1604, mar. Hither, 
daughter and heire of Isaac Gates, of North Owram, 1651, 
bur. 27 Jan. 1602. They had issue — 

1 Thomas, a t. annor. 3 Apr. a° 1GGC, bp. 17 Feb. 1655, 
d. s.p., bur. 5 Apr. 1600. 

2. John, bp. 12 Feb. 1650, bur. 3 Aug 1601. 

3. Joseph, bp. 18 Oct. 1663, bur. 10 Nov. 1666. 
Mart/, wife of Thos. Priestley, bp. 1 Mar. 1653. 
Samuel, bp. 30 Jan., bur. 4 Feb. 1658. 

Samuel Lister, of Shibden Hall, bp, July 1673. bur. 
25 June 1702, mar. Dorothy, dau. and h. of Thos. 
Priestley, of Halifax, 16 May' 1605 (remar. Richard 
Sterne, of Woodhouse, 23 Nov. 1703 at Colev), bur. 
28 Apr. 1700. 
Elizabeth, bp. 1668, bur. 12 Jan. 1675. 
The eldest branch having become extinct, we return to the second son 
of Samuel Lister. 

X. JOHN LISTER, of Fpperbrea, Northowram, fined for not 
attending to receive knighthood at the Coronation of King 
Ch. I, bp. 18 July 1G02, d. 18 July 1662, mar. Phoebe, third 
dau. and coh. of Robt. Hemingway, of Cpperbrea, bp. 1 i Dec. 
1608, mar. 1 625, bur. 6 May 1605. They had issue— 


Samuel (XI). • 

John, of Jamaica, b. 4 Feb. 1635, d. s.p. 20 Oct, 1698. 
Jeremy, of London, bp. 15 Aug. 1641. 
Martha, b. 2 Apr. 1626, bur. 5 June 1648. 
Susan, b. 27 Feb. 1629, bur. 21 Apr. 1644. 
• Sarah, wife of John Priest'lcv, of York, bp. at Coley 14 Nov. 

1641, mar. 1 Aug. 1672. " 
Mary, b. 24 June 1647, bur. 21 June 1652 at Halifax. 
Judith, wife of John Bothomlev, b. 7 Apr. 1628, bur. 

13 May 1690 at Halifax. 
Phoebe, wife of Abraham Hall, of Booth Town, bp. 30 July 

1639, mar. 22 Jan. 1661, bur. 21 Sept. 1712 at Halifax/ 
Matilda, mar Jeffries, of Leeds, b. 9 Mar. 1650, bur. 

7 Jan. 1711. 

XL SAMUEL LISTER, of Upperbrea, b. 21 Jan. 1633, bur. 29 Apr. 
1707, at Halifax, mar. Mary, dan. of James Holdsworth, of 
Place, in Southowram, 15 Oct. 1062, bur. 20 Apr. 1703 at 
Halifax. They had i^sue- — - 

John of Upperbrea, b. 21 July 1661, bur. 8 Apr. 1694 at 
Halifax, mar. Dorothv, dau. of . . . Hawson, of Bradford. 
James (XII). 

Jeremy, bp. 12 Sept, 1680, bur. 11 Dec. 1694 at Halifax. 

Thomas, bp. 14 Nov. 1683, d. 1 Apr. 1747. 

Susanna, wife of John Watkinson, of Ovenden, bp. 5 June 

1666, bur. 21 Feb. 1699. 
Phoebe, wife of John Lister, of Manningham, bp. 27 Sept. 

1668, mar. 13 Am. 1690. 
Mary, bp. 12 Dee. 1670 at Halifax. 
Martha, b. 28 Dec. 1675, bur. 9 Oct. 1678 at Halifax. 
Elizabeth, wife of llobt. Kitson, of Mvtham, b. 16 Mar. 

167^, mar. 11 Oct. 1704, d. 12 Nov. 1717. 
Esther, b. 16 Mar. 167?, d. Apr. 1678. 

XII. JAMES LISTER, of Shibden Hall, succeeded his cousin Samuel 
Lister in 1702, b. 11 May 1673, bur. 17 Nov. 1729 at Halifax, 
mar. Mary, dau. of Win. Issot, of Horburv there 25 May 
1699, bur. 9 Jan. 1756 at Halifax. Thev had i>suc— 

1. Samuel, b. 5 Feb , bur. 13 Feb. 1699-1700 at Halifax. 

2. John Lister, St. John's, Camb., M.A., in Holy Orders, 

of Shibden Hall, bp. 1 Mav 1703, d. unmar. 2 Sept. 

3. James Lister, of Shibden Hall, bp. 5 Oct. 1705, d. 

unmar. 31 Julv, bur. 3 Aug. 1763 at Halifax. 

4. Samuel Lister of Shibden Hall, bp. 19 Dec. 1706, d. 

23 June 1766, bur. at Halifax. 

5. Thomas (XIII). 

6. William, of Virginia, bp. 3 Apr. 1712, d. 21 Oct. 1743, 

mar. Susanna Lewes 1738. They had two daughters. 

7. Jeremy Lister, of Shibden Hall, succeeded to the 

Shibden estates under the will of his brother James, 





b. 27 Mar. 1713, d. 10 Feb. 1788, bur. at Halifax 
15 Feb., mar. Anne, dou. of Josh. Hall, of Norland, 
at Elland 1 May 1744, bur. 26 Apr. 1709 at Halifax. 
They had issue — 

1. John, of Shibden Hall, bp. 3 June 1745, d. 

unmar. 28 Jan. 17G9, bur. at Halifax. 

2. James, of Shibden Hall, bp. 24 Sept. 1748, d. 

26 Jan. 1826, bur. at Halifax. 

3. Joseph, of Northgate House, Halifax, bp. 2S 

Nov. 1750, d. 8 Nov. 1817, mar. Khz., d. 
and h of Japhet Lister, d. 12 Apr. 1792, 
bur. at Halifax. They had — 
Samuel I ^ . ^ 

Ann Elizabeth } 
lie remar. Mary, wid. of Rev. W. Aked, dan. 
of Sir Win. Fawcctt, K.C.B., 18 May 1795, d. 
4 Feb. 1822. 

4. Jeivmv Lister, Capt. 41st Reot.,bp. 28 Sept. 

1752, d. 3 Apr. 1836, mar. Rebecca, dan. 
and cob. of Win Battle, of Welton, 2 Aug. 
1788, d. 13 Nov. 1 S 1 7. They had issue — 
John, d. inf. 1789. 

Samuel, Ensign 84th Regt., bp. 26 June 
1793, d. sp. 19 June 1813 at Fermoy. 

John, b. 3 Feb. 1795, d. unmar. 24 Jan. 

Jeremy, b 27 Sept. 1801, d. 7 Feb. 1802. 
Anne, of Shibden Hall, by will of her 
nncle, James Lister, bp. i2 Sept. 1791, 
d. 22 Sept. 1840 at Koutais in Georgia, 
bur. 29 Apr. 1841 at Halifax. 
Marian, bp. 13 Get 1798, d. 6 Aug. 
1882, bur. at Southowram. 
Mary, bp. 21 Aucr. 1746. d. 1746. 
Phoebe, bp. 21 Nov. 1754, d. 6 Nov. 1771. 
Martha, bp. 7 Apr. 1763, bur. 15 Aug. 1809 
at Halifax. 

Anne. bp. 2 May 1765, d. unmar. 10 Get. 
1836, bur. at Halifax. 

8. Japhet Lister, of Northgate House, Halifax, bp. 9 July 

1715, d. 12 Nov. 1782, bur. at Halifax, mar. 
Elizabeth, dan. of John Wainhouse, of Skircoat, 
1747, d. 1754. They had issue— 

Edward, d. inf. 

Samuel, d. inf. 

John, d. unmar. 21 May 1772. 

Elizabeth, wife of her cousin, Joseph Lister. 

9. Joseph, bp. 11 Apr. 1722, bur. 6 Nov. 17-5. 

Martha, wife of Wm. Fawcctt, of Halifax, b. 5 Feb. 
1700, mar. at York Minster 3 July 1722, d. 9 June 
1789, bur. at Halifax. 



Mary, wife of George Rose, of Hampstead, bp. 17 July 
1710, d. IS Mar. 1786. Her husband, who was uncle 
to the Hon. George Rose, d. 19 Mar. 1764. 

Phoebe, wife of W. Wilkinson, of Hull, bp. 8- Mar. 
1717, d. 10 Aug. 1775, bur. at Hampstead. 

Returning to — ■ 

XIII. THOMAS LISTER, fifth son of James Lister, of Shibden Hall, 

settled in Virginia, bp. 9 Dec. 170S at Halifax, d. 15 Aug. 
1740 in Virginia, mar. Anne, dan. of John Lewes, of Virginia, 
1733. Thev had issue — 
William (XIV). 

Martha, wife of R. Burch, of Virginia. 
Mary, d. y. 

Susanna, wife of R. Morris, of Virginia. 

XIV. WILLIAM LISTER, of Langharne, co. Carmarthen, b. 7 July 

1734 in Virginia, bur. at Langharne, mar. Margt. Lewes, of 
Langharne, 1760, bur. there 2 Jan. 1807. They had 
issue — 

1. Thomas, lost at sea, b. 28 Dec. 1766, d. s.p. 1792. 

2. Samuel, b. 1 Jan. 1770, d. 9 Apr. 1782, bur. at Halifax. 

3. John (XV). 

4. William, b. 26 Sept. 1773. 

5. James, of Langharne, bp. 27 Apr. 1777, d. 20 Apr. 

1819, bur. at St. Nicholas, co. Glamorgan, mar. 
Eliz th , dan. of Jasper Still, of Thames Ditton. They 
had issue — 

Thomas, of Cowbridge, co. Glam., b. 26 Sept. 
1798, d. 14 Apr. L861, mar. Mary, dan. of T. 
Llewellyn, b. 3 Jan. 1801, d. 28 Jan. 1871. 
They had issue — 

Thomas Llewellyn, M.A. of Jesus Coll., Oxf., 
b. 22 Jan. 1839, mar. Constance, dan. of 
J. Brewer, 29 Apr. 1873. The}" have — 
Walter Llewellyn, b. 28 Nov. 1876, Gerard, 
and Katherine. 
William, Vicar of Bushbury, co. Staff., b. 15 Dec. 
1804, d. 15 Feb. 1864, mar. Catherine, dan. of 
E. Davenhiil, of Bushbury, 1 May 1839, d. 20 
Nov. 1880. 

Elizabeth, wife of W. L. Morgan, Canon of Llandaff, 
bp. 7 Mar. 1810, mar. 10 Mar. 1836, d. 10 Nov. 

Anne, b. 12 Jan. 1761, d 10 Aug. 1764. 

Eliz., b. 22 July 1763, d. 25 Jan. following. 

Jane, wife of Peter Newton Walters, b. 12 May 1762, 

d. 15 June 1829. 
Martha, wife of A. Howell, b. 2 Jan. 1763, mar. 24 Dec. 



XV. JOHN LISTER, of Swansea, b. 7 July 1771, d. 21 Jan. 1336, 
bur. at St. Mark's, Keimington, mar. Anne, dan. of Stephen 
Morris, b. 2G May 1780, mar. 9 Apr. 1801, d. 20 Aug. 1870, 
bur. at St. Marks, Keimington. They had issue — 
John (XYI). 

Mary Ann, b. 4 Aug. LSI 4, d. unmar. 26 Aug. 1884, bur. 
at Newport, co. Monm. 

XVI. JOHN LISTER, of Sandown, LAY., and Shibden Hall, by will 
of his cousin Anne Lister. M.D., J. P., 1>. 18 June 1802, d. 
G Aug. 1867, bur. at Southowram, mar. Louisa Anne, dau. (f 
Major Charles Grant, of St. Vincent, b. 16 Sept. 1815. mar. 
at Kensington II Apr. 1844, d. 4 Apr., bur. 8 Apr. 1892 at 
Southowram. Thev had issue — 

John Lister, M.A , of Shibden Hall, 1894, bp. 1 Aug. 1847. 
Charles Edmond, b. 15 June, bp 24 Aug. 1848, d. in Bolivia 
G Nov. 1889. 

Anne, b. 20 Feb. 1852, living at Shibden Hall 1894. 
( To he continued./ 




A paper on the Twencbrokes family, contributed by Mr. J. F* 
Iiylands, F.S.A., appeared in Vol. L, New Series, of "The 'Transactions 
of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire," from which I differ 
in many important particulars, and there! < re consider it desirable to 
publish a pedigree, compiled from ancient charters, with some account 
of the family. These charters are now preserved in the museum at 

Hugh rie Tliuenebrock)*i3.=f= 

de Thuene- 
lord of Ter- 
ra de Tliiie- 

Radulph de=f 
known as "de 
Lacheford," k 
of the Vill of 

John dc=f 
brockvs, 1 
held lands I 
in the Till ! 
of Tweue- 

Rieliard de 
brock vs, 
held 'lands 
in the Vill 
of Tweue- 


Hugh de Twenebiokes, = 
lord of Terra de Thue- 
broc, and known as " de 

Roger de Twenebiokes held : 
lands, kc , in the Vill of 
Twenel rokes ; living in 
1309 and 1843. 

Hugh del Twenrbrokes. held lands. &c., in- 
the Vill of Gropenha'e, and the Vill of 
Lacheford ; dead in 

Richard de Twencbrokes, lease of land, 
kc. from his father, 1313 to himself, 
his wife and children. 



John del T\vcne-=j= De Midelhurst, l*t=p.rohaniui del Twene-=Adam del Schagh ; 
brokeSj witness to • husband ; dead in 1 broken : dead in dead in 1422 ; 2nd 
Charter 7, 1368. = 1-102-3. I 1425. husband. 

Thomas de Midelhurst. 1 

John de Twenbrokes of Twenbrokes. living 1402 -3. 

John de Twaynbrok, held lands and tenements in 
Gropenhale, 1541 2. 

Richard Twambrook, bur. at Grappenhall, 10 July, 1579. 

Robert Tweinbrook, Juror, Inq. p.m., 1552. 

Thomas Twambrooke of Gropenhale,=j=Clemenee, m. 
Freeholder— Karl. Sue. Pub., fo. IS, p. j 1581, at Grop.; 
12 ; Juror, Inq. p.m. , Oct. 2, 1(500 ; bur. j bur. there 
at Gropenhale, 1608. | 1024 5. 



Robert Twembrookes of Apple ton ; bapfc, 14=p Alice. 
Nov , 1588, at Gropenhale ; bur. there 8 April, j 
1656. j 

Thomas Twanbrook of Appleton ;=f=Elizabeth, bur. at 
bapt. at Gropenhale, 26 April, 1640; [Gropenhale, 8 Jan. 
bur. there 29 Sept., 1700. ' j 170S-9, 2nd wife. 

Thomas Twanbrook of Appleton ; bapt. at Gropenhale, 20 Nov , 1681 ; bur. there=f= 
19 March, 1722-3. J 

Thomas Twanbrook of Appleton, bur. at Gropenhale^Mary Hodgskinson, m. 23 
24 April, 1759. June, 1642, d. 1758. 

Thomas Twanbrook, of Applet-tn, b. 174S,=pMary, dau. of . . . Knowles of Massey 

d. at Appletou 21 Feb. 1831, bur. 

Mary Twanbrook, Anne Twanbrook, 
b. 1776, d. 183S, mar. Thos. Garner 
unmarried. of Appleton. 

at Brook, Thelwall, co. Chester, b. 1758, d. 
1790, bur. at Grappenhall. 

+ n 

Martha Twanbrook, ==Wni. Hall of Grap- 
b. 1783, d. 1S63, penhall Hall, J.P., 
second wife. b. 1783, d. 1873. 

Elizabeth Twanbrook, b. 16 April,=fThomas Kirkland Glazebrook, F.L S.. of Orford 
1778, mar. 23 May, 1S01, d. 24 j Lodge, Warrington, Captain of the Warrington 
April, 1844. ^Regiment of Lane. Local Militia, b. 1780, d. 1S55. 

Charter I. 

[Undated.] Sciant pscntcs *\ fut r i qd Ego Wtts de Boydcle concessi 
% hac psenti carta mea qniete clamavi totu mor inf a rivos de Twene- 
brokcs cu tcta tra pdce ville de Twcnebrokes ptiuente Radulfo filio 

1 The seal here shewn is attached to an indenture, dated 1517, executed by Thomas 
Midilhurst, s. and h. of Hugh Midilhurst, of Lachford, deceased. The original U 
in the Warrington Museum. 

3 Extracts from Parish Registers are copied from Vol. i. Hist. Society Lane, and 
Ches., p. 13. 



Hugouisde Twenebrokes *\ hercdibs suis dement ftcdib} meis ftnduni 
'I teneirft lihu ^ quiete houorifice pacifice assartandum T; araiidu ^ 
scminandu *\ ofhimodu comodu suu faciendu ^ per idem assartu sepes 
sequendo Ita quod ego Wtts de Boydele 1 lieredes mei aliqd jus vl 
clanieu in pdeo mor non exge potint salvo m' T: heredib} meis^t hominib} 
de Gropenhale in ea habitantib} husbold 1; haybold qndo husbote % 
haybote potit ext a sepes suas inveniri. - Et predes Iiadulfus ^ heredes 
sui facient comodu suu oimmodu de pdeo mor bine aliquo impedimto vl 
cont a dictone de me heredib} meis. Hiis testib3 Hugone de Limn- a 
Toma de Astona Robto de Sale Rofcto Venatore de Thelewallo Jofte 
Venatore de Apiltu Jofie psona de Gropenh Jofte . . . de Limma 
Michaele de Statliu WHo de Walt Radulfo pposito Rogo d Tabeleye °t 
multis aliis. 

This William de Boydele, who confirms possession to Ralph, son of 
Hugh de Twenebrokes, and bis heirs, of " all the moor between the 
brooks of Twenebrokes with all the land pertaining to the Vill of 
Twenebrokes," reserving certain rights to " the men of Gropenhale," 
was the third son of Helto de Boydel. 1 

It will be seen from the Ordnance map that there is a brook which 
takes its rise from " Dipping Tool," five-sixths of a mile west of the 
village of Appleton, whence it flows about half-a-mile north east — 
passing under "Green Lane" — and thence north-west — through a part 
of the "Vill of Gropenhale" (see Charter X), bending to the east 
about half-a-mile — until it reaches the river Mersey about two-thirds of 
a mile south-west of Warrington Bridge. The distance, in a direct line, 
from Dipping Pool to the point at which it reaches the Mersey, is two 
miles. This brook is now known by five different names, Dipping 
Brook, Dood's Brook, Dingle Brook, Lumb Brook, and Black Lion 

The peculiar configuration of this brook, taken in connection with 
the clause in this Charter relating to the "men of Gropenhale," 
determines, I consider, the "site" of the Vill of Twenebrokes to' have 
been between Dipping Pool and the point at which the brook reaches 
the Mersey. That this district took its name from the brook — which 
name was assumed by the family — appears certain. In Chaucer's time 
one of the meanings attached to the word "twinne" was "separate," 
which suggests the idea that Twene-brok-es signified the separated, or 
divided brook or brooks. If so, it would singularly accord with the 
facts of the case. The name of Twembrook still survives. 

In the Reference Book to Appleton Township, the upper part of 
Appleton Dingle is described as being near to "Twembrook Brows," 
and in the Reference Book to Halton, "Twembrook Meadow" is described 
as being about two miles south-west of the Appleton locality. 

It seems certain that successive Boydells — whose estates were chiefly 
situated within a few miles of Chester — held an official post in connection 
with the Earldom of Chester, hence their confirmation of " Grants," 
regulating of " Services," &c. 

Hugh, eldest son of Helto de Boydel, confirms possession of Pulton 
to Ric. de Lancclyn. Win. de Boydell confirms his brothers grants. 

1 Ormerod's "Cheshire/ 1 vol. i. p. 456. 



Sir Win. do Boydell confirms his fathers grants, by deed, 1250-8. And 
at the Inq. p m. held 1349, after the death of Wm. de Boydell — the last 
male representative of the family— it was hold that the lords of eight 
manors owed services to this William for their lands, " held from the 
Earldom of Chester." 1 

As the name of Twenebrokes does not appear in this list, I therefore 
conclude that they had ceased to hold their estates through the 
Boydells, and that the words "To have and to hold, &c, of the chief 
lords of the fees," introduced into their charter of a date subsequent 
to 1349, must have had reference to successive lords of Terra de 
Thuebroc, and the Earldom of Chester. 

Charter II. 

[Undated ] Sciant psontes 'X futur quod ego Wirl fit Wirl de Boydel 
ysessi % scpto meo pfirmavi Johi de Thuenebrokys % hred suis allocacom 
quarto ptis toti 9 pannagii °t toti 9 svicii que in' ptinet de villa de 
Thuenebrokys scilis quantu ptinet ad tram qui Ric de Thuenebrokys 
de Wirlo de Boydel tenet in pdca villa *\ ego Wilis de Boydel T. firedes 
mei dcam 9sesscionem sicut p'sc'ptu est Johi de Thuenebrokys 1 !: hredib} 
suis 9tra omes homines T; feminas imppetuu wareutizabim 9 et ut hec 
mea 9sescio firmitatis robur optineat huic sc'pto scigillu meu apposui 
Hiis testib} Galfrido de Duttfi Ric Starky Ric capcllano Ad de Hattu 
Thorn de Apiltu Witt de Hoke \ multis aliis. 

This William de Boydel, who confirms to John de Thuenebrokys and 
his heirs the allowance of the " fourth part of the whole pannage and 
of the whole service which pertains to me from the Vill of Thuene- 
brokys. To wit as much as pertains to the land which Ric de 
Thuenebrokys holds of William de Boydel," was grandson of Helto de 
Boydel, his father living at the date of this Charter. 

Charter III. 

[Undated ] Sciant oms tam psentes q a futuri quod ego Ada filius 
llugonisde Thuenebrockys dedi i: 9cessi T: hac psenti carta mea 9firmavi 
Hugoni filio Radulfi de Lacheford p homagio T: servicio suo totam tram 
mea in Thuenebrokys in Lacheford °t totu jus meu q habui °t ad me 
ptinuit de dca tra tenenda ^ habenda illi \ hercdib} suis de me T: 
heredib} meis jure hcreditario libere t q'ete integre pacifice °t honorifice 
cu 9muni pastura T; omib5 libcrtatib} T; haysiamtis pdce tre ptinentib} 
Ita sciit q ego Ada nee heredes mei nullu jus nec clamu de dca tra nuq ik 
exigere potimus Reddendo in annuati nr \ hercdib} meis ille 1. heredes 
sui mm par albaf eirotecaru de uno denario argenti ad Xativitatem hi 
Johis Baptiste p ofnnib} serviciis exactoib} *\ demandis de dca tra m 1 

heredib} meis ptinentibi. Salvo servicio forinseco dee tre ptinente. 
Ego vero Ada filius Hugonis °t heredes mei hac dcam tra cu ptinetiis 
suis dco Hugoni \ hercdib} suis libera \ q'etam p dco servicio 9 a onis 
holes °t feias inppetuu warentizabimus. Et ut hec mea donacio °t gcessio 
illi *\ heredib} suis semp fhna sit l t stabilis pscnti sc'pto p me T; heredib} 
meis sigillu meu apposui. Hiis testib} Thorn de Haystiui Thoni de Sale 
Witto de Lime Michaelo de Stathum Bob de Limine Gilhto dc Stathum 

1 Oriuerod'a " Cheshire," vol. ii, p. 456. 



llo 1 ) de Stadium Rogo do Sale WiH'o Vcuatorc WiHo do Wygan 1 
inultis aliis. 

I submitted an enlarged photograph of the seal attached to this 
Charter to the Assistant Keeper of Manuscripts at the British Museum, 
who kindly examined it, and expressed his opinion that the device is 
intendel to represent the " Bell-shaped dummy used to lure the hawk." 

Charter IV. 

Sciant o^r.cs tarn presentes q a futuri q Ego Witt's de Boydelc 9ccssi 
°t h a c psenti carta rnea pf'mavi Hug de Lacheford liiio Radulfi totain 
tram de Thnebroc cum omib;, ptinentiis suis T. libertatib3 : sic ronalis 
(arta Ade de Thenebroc dni sui ei nedil>3 suis testa tur. Et ego diis 
utro^q, *\ tie les mei psenti se'pto T: sigilli mei apposicoe pdeam tram de 
Ihenebroc jVdco Hugoni tilio Bad T: hedib} suis c,f'mavim s . Hiis testib} 
Cilb de Limine Thohl de Hay stun Witt Venatore Thorn de Sale Rot) de 
Cnutesford Witt de Hauners Michael de Stathuni Bad ppoito 1l mi litis aliis. 

The following excerpt shows the real signification of the term "Terra 
dc»," as determined by the Court of Exchequer, 184'J, in an action 
brought by the Duke of Beaufort against the Mayor, Aldermen, &c, of 
Swansea, 1 for breaking and entering a certain close of the plaintiff, at 
Swansea, in the County of Glamorgan, <kc , in which '*lt was contended 
on the part of the plaintiff that the locus in quo was his, as being part 
of the Seigniory of Cower. It appeared that the Seigniories of Cower 
and Kilvcy were of very great extent, and were anciently called, and 
passed in charters and grants, by the general name of 'Terra de Cower.' 
By that name they were granted by charter by King John, in the fourth 
year of his reign, to William de Breos and his heirs, ' with all liberties, 
free customs, and appurtenances to the same belonging.' ; ' The Judge 
directed a verdict for the plaintiff, and a rule nisi for a new trial, 
subsequently obtained, was discharged. 

" Terra was formerly used as the ordinary form of a grant of an 
extensive territory. Of this many instances are given in Madox's 
' Baronia Anglica.' Thus it is there stated that in 1 ancient times 

1 Exchequer Reports, by W. N. Weteby ami others. Vol. iii. i>. 410, 



a baronial estate was wont to be called by several names nearly of the 
same import, to wit. Honor, Baronia, Terra, Feodum . . . The baronial 
seigneury of an earl, or other great baron, was commonly called an 
Honor . . And again in Madox's ' History of the Exchequer,' c 10, 
]>. 203, it is stated, in eftect, tha,t in the reigns of King Stephen and of 
Henry II, and of the next succeeding Kings, the Crown was in possession 
of several great honors, baronies, and lands .of that sort, 1 which arc 
usually styled Honor, Baronia, or Terra of such a one.' " 

The Cower and Thuebroc charters closely correspond, the terms 
employed in each being practically identical, the lands being held in 
accordance with the fundamental maxim of feudal tenure "that all 
lands are holden immediately or mediately from the Crown." 

Charter V. 

[1309.] Pateat univsis qd ego Witts de Boyde! 1 ^ heredes mei 
tcnem r Kog fit Jhisde Twyenebrokes ammatim uso^ ad tminu vite sue p 
suo fideli svico pmanibus fco quad suptuniea cu capico ad festu Natai 
dni ad maneriu de Gropcnele soluti un ego j^des Witts vl heredes mei 
fue°imus vestiti. In cuj 9 rei testimoniu ego pdcs Wilis h psens scriptu 
imprescioe sigilli mei roboravi. Dat ap Croponale die Dnica px a post 
festu assQpcom be Marie vgin Anno R R E. fil R E. tcio. 

Charter VI. 

[1313.] Hec est convecio fca in? PogVi de Twcncbrocc ex una ptc "l 
Kicard fit suu ex alta pte vid qd j^des l^og 1 tradidit °t ad firma diniisit 
j^dco Kicard \ uxi sue T: puis suis duodecim celion jae in Twenebrocc 
q a s j?dcs Rog 1 pHi 9 habuit °t tenuit cu domib} % curtilag q'b} pdes 
Pog 1 pHi 9 habuit \ tenuit cu domoT: curtilag qd Joft de More p'u 9 tenuit 
ad firma habend \ tiid de pdeo Pogo pdeo Ricardo uxi sue \ puis sins 
tota pdcam tra. cu domib} T: curtilag pdcis line q'ctc bn 1: in pace cu 
housbold 1 haybold cu libo ing e ssu eg^'ssu cu fructib} ext e mi anni [et] 
cet'is cois libt aesianitf dee Ire ptinet tmio incipiet ad fest Sci Marti 
in live anno dni m"c c c° quatragesimo tcio usq^ ad fine sexdeeim 
iinno^ px° seque r t otinue oplet. Redd inde annuati pdeo Pogo de 
pdeo PicarcT uxe sua ^ puis duodecim solid arget sex denar ad tres 
tnrios anni [viz] ad annuciacio be Marie Virg °t ad Nat bi Jofr bapt *\ 
ad fest Sci Marti in bye p eq a l pore cu licetia pdeo Pogo vl suo sto 
atomato de pdeo Kicard disstringe suos catatt si pdem reddit 9 no sit 
pacat ad iinios pdcos. Et eg v° pdes Pogs pdeo Kicard uxi sue <\ puis 
suis tota pdeam tra cu domib} °t curt pdcis usq^ ad fine pdei tmi 9t a 
omes get warantizabo. In cuj 9 rei test huic psent sc'pt sigillii mcu 
apposui Hiis test Witt Boydell Simo de Hurst Wiman [?2sinian] dc 
Derwalschaw Th6e de Twcnebrocf Nich' ciio et aliis. 

Charter VII. 

[13G8.] Sciant psentes °t futuri qd ego Johanna del Twenebrokcs 
dedi concessi °t hac psenti carta mea contirmavi Thome fforst capellano 

1 This William was great-great-grandson of Helto de Boydell, Sir William de 
Boydell, kut.j living lUllMJ married ^'iculaa, dau. of William de Doncaster. 



omes terras T: tencmenta mea in Twenebrokes % in Lacheford cd ptinent 
hud \ teuend j'Mco Thome heredib} 1: assignatis suis omes jfdcas tras ~t 
ten cu ptih de capitalib} dMis feed illTs p svicia inde debita *\ de jur 
consuet. Et ego vera pdea Johanna T; ftedes mei omes pdcas t ras % ten 
cu ptiii pdeo Thome r t h'ecjib} 1 assignatis suis cont il omes gentes 
warantizabim 9 1 defendem 3 hi cujiis rei testimoniu huic psenti carte 
mee sigillu men apposui Hiis testib} Galfrido de Werburton Johe 
Danyel militib} Johe Boyclel Rohto . . . Joue del r t' aliis 
Dat apnd Gropenhale die drnsa pxia post fhi Sci Mathei apti anno dni 
MillTo ccc sexagesimo octavo. 

Charter VIII. 

[1360.] Pateat univsis p jpsentes me Thomam ftbrst capellanti 
remisisse relaxasse r t quietuclamasse Johanne ti lie Hugonis del 
Twenebrokes totu jus meu r t clameu qo* habui in omnib} tris i tenc- 
mentis cu ptinent que 1 quas habui de doiio r t feofamonto pdee Johanne 
in Lacheford r t Gropeuhale Ita . . . qd n^o ego pdcus Thomas heredes 
T executores mei nee aliquis alius noTe mco aliquod juris vl clamei in 
pdcis tris tent cu ptinent de . . . habere exige pot hit seu . . . quo 
modo In cuj-" rei testimoniu huic psenti quietelamancie mee sigillu 
meu apposui Dat apud Lyme Die Lune pximi post fin omiiifi Scor^ 
Anno regni Regis Edwardi tcii post conquestum quadragesimo Pcio, 

Charter IX 

[1 103. J Sciant psentes T; futuri qd nos Adam del Shagh T: Johanna 
uxor mca dedim 9 concessim 9 r t hac ptsenti carta nra indentata confirma- 
vim 9 Thome de Midelhurst filio ipius Johanne heredib} 1: assign suis 
o.nia terras 1 tehta nra jac in quodam loco voc Twenbrokes cu ptih 
in Gropenale ac ecia omia terr r t ten nra cu omib} suis ptin jac 
in Lacheford fiend T: tend omia terr t. tehta {idea post deccssu pdre 
Johanne uxis sue [sic] pfato Thome lieredib} r t assign suis imppetuu 
de capitli duo feodi illius p redditu f t svicia inde prius debita 1 de jure 
consueta. Et nos vo jidci Adam T; Johna t. hedes nri omia terras r t 
tehta jidca cu omib} suis ptih post decessu ipius Johae pfato Thome 
fredibj t assign suis cont a omes gentes warautizabim 9 r t imppetuu 
defendem 9 . In cuj 9 rei testiom huic psenti carte nre indentate sigilla 
nra apposuim 9 Hiis testib} Petro de Werburton Johe Savage Johe de 
Stathum Laurencio de Aston, Johe Dounvyle Johe de Clayton Johe de 
Twenbrokes Mathco de Sale ciico r t aliis Dat apud Gropnale die lune px 
post fm Pur he Mar virg anno regni Regis Hen? quarti post conquestu 

Charter X. 

[1422.] Sciant psentes et fut r i qd Ego Johanna que fui uxor Ade del 
Schagh dedi concessi r t hac psenti carta mea confirmavi Thome de 
Midulhirst tilio moo omia tras T: ten mea cu suis ptih jacencia in quoda 
loco vocat Twynbrokf in Villa de Gropenall ac eeiam oia t ras ^ ten mea 
cu oib} suis ptih jacencia in Villa de Lacheti'ord hend T: tend oia pdea 
tras 1 ten cu oib) suis ptin jhato Tliome her T; assignat' suis imppm de 
capitalib} dnis feodo^ illo^ p svicia inde debita et de jure consueta Et 
Ego vero dicta Johanna ^ her mei omia dicta tr r t tehta cu oib} suis 



ptin pfato Thome her 1 assignat suis cont a oms gentes warantizabim 9 
aequietabim 9 1 imppm defendcm 9 In cuj 9 rei tcstiom huic pscnti 
carte mee sigillu meu apposui Hiis tcstib} Jolie de Stathfi Thoma de 
Milynton Thoma do Werburton Rog^o de Milynton Laur do Aston r t 
aliis. Dat apud Gropennall Anno,dni Mille mo cece u, ° vicesimo scdo. 

The Vill of Gropenhall was most probably bounded on tlie west by 
the river Mersey, and extended east and north, embracing a portion of 
the Vill of Twenebrokes. It is also highly probable that the Vill of 
Lacheford was bounded on the west by the river Mersey, and on the 
south by the Vill of Gropenliale, extending north and east. 

The arms on the seal attached to this charter are, on the sinister side, 
those of Johanna's father, 3 bendlets enhanced; and on the dexter side 
are the arms of lier first husband, dc Midulhurst, supposed to be a lion 

Various members of the Twenebrokes family named in ancient records. 

1357-8. Grant to Thomas Tweubrokes, Archer, by Edward, Prince of Wales, of 
pasturage for six beasts in Krodsham Marsh, called " le Rowemersh." 31 -32 Ed. J 11. 
(36 tL Rep. Depy Keeper of Pub. Kec, Appendix ii. p. 480.) 

1397. Grant to John de Tweubrokes, by the King, of 2d. a day for life. 21-2 
Ric. II. (Ibid.) 

1402-3. Richard de Venables, of Stretton. Robert de Werberton, of Aketon, and 
John de Tweubrokes, of Tweubrokes. take to farm the office of beadle of the 
Hundred of Bucklow for a year, 113s. 4d. 3-4 Hen. IV. {Ibid, p. 492.) 

1541-2, Jany. 31. — Peter Legh, Armiger. — Writ of livery, setting forth the finding 
of an Inquisition, viz., that Peter Legh, Knight, his father, was seized ... of a rent 
and services issuing out of lands and tenements of John Twaynbrok, in Gropnall. 
(Ibid, 39 th Rep., p. 172.) 

1552, 6 Ed. VI, Inq. p.m. John Arderne. — Sir Wm. Davenport, Knight, Robt. 
Twembrook, Jno. Middilliurst, and others. Jurors. ("East Cheshire," by J. P. 
Earwaker, Vol. i, p. 46S.) 

1(500-2, Oct., Eliz. 42, Inq. p.m., Lady Margaret Stanley. — Thomas Twambrookes, 
gent., Jno. Midelhurst, gent., Peter Leghe, gent., and others. Jurors. (Ibid, Vol. ii, 

15S0. The name of Thomas Twenbrook, of Groppenall, is included in the list of 
Freeholders in Bucklow Hundred, co. Chester. (Harl. Soc. Pub., Vol. xviii, p. 12.) 

1666. The name of Edward Twambrooke appears in the list of Charterers in 
Appleton and Hull. (Ormerod's " Cheshire.") 

As to how and when the manor of Twambrookes came into the 
possession of the Warburton family from that of Twenebrokes, I am 
unable to say, but tradition — often repeated by my grandfather — points 
to " gambling " as having been the means by which my ancestors lost 
the great proportion of their property. 

In addition to their hereditary estates, the Twenebrokes held on lease 
a considerable portion of the manor of Appleton, for some centuries — 
said to have been for five. But whatever the term, it expired during 
the life or at the death of my grandfather — the last male representative 
of the family — who by the payment of a fine secured the enjoyment of 
the property to his two elder daughters, during their respective lives — 
dividing it between them — Mary, the eldest, who died unmarried, and 
Elizabeth, my mother. On their decease it reverted to the Warburton 

To each of his younger daughters, Anne, wife of Thomas Garner, of 



Applcton, and Martha, wife of William Hall, of CrappenhaJl Hall, ho 
left a small freehold estate — to the Litter by deed of id ft. It has been 
supposed that these freeholds formed part of the original Twenebrokes 
estates, but of this I cannot be sure. 

My grandfather, Thomas Twanbrook, shortly before his death in 1831, 
pointed out to me the exact "site" of the ancient home of one branch 
of his family — which was, I believe, destroyed by fire — situated very 
near to the village of Applcton, the entrance to which was from the 
south side of Green Lane. He also pointed out to me the precise spot 
where a portion of the entrance pillars were still standing when he was 
a boy, and were subsequently removed for building purposes. 

Michael G. Clazebrook. 

S'fjc lOarltamcntaru Eoll of Sinus. 

Communicated by Oswald Bauron. 

1. Le Roy de Engletere • Porte de goules a iij lupars passauns de or. 

2. Le Counte de Gloucestre • de or a iij Cheuerons de goules. 

3. Le Counte de Cornewaille • de vert a vj Egles de or. 

4. (Le Counte de Nichole • de or a vn lion rampauud de pourpre.) 

5. Le Counte de Lancastre • Lcs armcs de Engletere od le label de 


6. Le Counte. 

7. Le Counte. 

8. Le Counte de Garenc * Chekcre de or e de azure. 

9. Le Counte de Hereford • de azure a vj lioncels de or a vne bende 

de argent e ij Coties de or. 

10. Le Counte de Warwik ♦ de goules Crusule de or a vne fesse de or. 

11. Le Counte de Penbroc • Burele de argent a de azure od lesMerclos 

de goules. 

12. Le Counte de Arundel • de goules a vn lion rampaunt de or. 

13. Le Counte de Rugemound • Les armes de garene a vn qrtcr de - 

ermyne od la borduf de Englete. 

14. Le Counte de Oxenford • qrtile de or e de goules a vn molet de 


15. (Le Euesque Antoyn de dureem e Pafark • de goules a vn for de 

molyn de ermyne.) 


16. ' Sire John Wake' • de or a ij barres de goules en le chef iij rondels 

de goulcs. 

17. Sire John de Fercrs • verree de or e de goules. 

IS. Sire Rof de Mortimer • barre de or e de azur od le chef palee 
les corners geronne a vn Escuchon de argent. 

19. Sire Ro§ de Mortimer le onele • Meyme les amies od le 

escuchon de ermyne. 

20. Sire Henri de Lancastre • les amies de Engletere a vn bastoun 

de azure. 

21. Sire John de Hastinges • de or od la manche de goulcs. 

22. Sire Wilhn de Hastinges • Meyme les armes a vn label des 

amies de Penbroc. 

23. Sire Rauf de Monhermer • de or a vn Egle de vert. 

24. Sire Hue le despenser • Quartile de argent c de goules a vne 

bende de sable les cjrters de goules frette de or. 

25. Sire Hue sun Filz • Meyme les armes a vn label de azure. 

26. (Sire Rob r 't le Filz RogJ) • qrtile de or e de goules a vne bende 

de sable. 

27. Sire John de Claueringe • (Meyme les amies a vn label de vert.) 

28. Sire Henri de Percy • de or a vn lion rampaund de azure. 

20. Sire Rauf le Filz Wilhn • burele de argent e de azure a iij 
chapels de goules. 

30. Sire Wilhn de Ros • de goules a iij Bonces de argent. 

31. Sire Wilhn de Ros de yngnian}orpe • de azure a les bouccs 

de or. 

32. Sire Richard de Clare • Les armes de gloucestre a vn label de 


33. Sire R< b"t fiz Waric • de or a vne fesse e ij Cheuerouns de 


34. Sire Thebaud de Verdoun • de or frette de goules. 

35. Sire John Giffard • de goules a iij lyouns passauns dargent. 

36. Sire John de sein John • de argent od le chef de goulcs a ij 

moles de or. 

37. Sire Wilim le Latimer • de goules a vn croys patee de or. 

3S. Sire Rob 9 t de Clifford • Chekere de or e de azure a vne fesse 
de goules 

39. Sire Thomas de Moltone • de argent a iij barres de goules. 

40. Sire John de Mounbray • de goules a vn lyun raumpaunt de 




41. Sire John de segraue • de sable a vn lioun raumpaunt dc argent 

corone de or. 

42. Sire Nicholas de Seygraue • Meynie les amies a vn .label de 


43. Sire Aleyn la souche • 'de goules besaunte de or. 

44. Sire Willm la souelie • Meyme les amies a vn qrter de ermyn.. 

45. Sire Hue de Courteny • de or a iij rondeus de goules e vn label de 


4G. Sire Thomas de grcley • de goules a iij bendes de or. 

47. Sire Hue de Veer • Quartile de or e de gonles a vn molet de 

argent od la bordure endente de sable. 

48. Sire Rob 5 t de Monhaut • de azure a vn lioun raumpaund de 


49. (Sire Rob 5 t Thony • de argent a vne maunche de goules.) 

50. Sire Richard de Grey • de argent e de azure barre de sis pcces. 

51. Sire John de Grey • Meyme les amies a vn label de goules. 

52. Sire John de someri • de or a ij liouns passauns de azure. 

53. Sire Aleyn Plohenct • de ermyn a vne bende engrele de goules. 

54. Sire Payn Thippetot • de argent a vn sautour engrele dc goules. 

55. Sire John Boutetor • de or a vn sautour engrele de sable. 
5G. Sire John de Monfort • Bende dc or c de azure de dis pcces. 

57. Sire John de Engayne • dc goules crusule dc or a vne dauncc 

de or. 

58. Sire Willm dc Kyme - dc goules crusule dc or a vn chcueron 

de or. 

50. Sire Joban louel • Oundcc de or c de goules. 

GO. Sire Willm dc leybornc • de azure ti vj lionccs dc argent. 

Gl. Sire Peres de Maulee • de or a vne bende de sable. 

G2. Sire John dcyuile • dc or a iij flares de goules e vne fessc dc 

goules a iij flures de or. 
G3. Sire John Marmyoun • de veer a vne fessc de goules. 
G4. Sire Moris de Berkcleye • dc goules a les Crusules pates dc argent 

e vn cheueron dc argent, 
65. Sire Brian fiz aleyn • de or a iij barres dc goules. 
GG. Sire Willm de Breouse • dc azure Crusule de or a vn lioun 

rampant de or. 

G7. Sire Thomas Bardolf • de azure a iij quintcfilles dc or. 
G8. Sire John de Beuchaump dc somsete • dc veer. 
GO. Sire Amori de seint amaunt • de or frette dc sable od 1c chef de 
sable a iij rondeus de or. 



70. Sire John le Estrange • de goules a ij lions passanz de argent. 

71. Sire Roger le Estrange • Meymes les armes od la bordure endente 

de or. 

72. Sire Fouk le Estrange • de argent a ij lions passanz de goules. 

73. Sire John le fiz renaud • de' goules a iij lioncels de or. 

74. Sire Peres Corbeht • de or a ij corbils de sable. 

75. Sire Jolm de Hodelcstone • de goules frctte de argent. 

76. Sire Willm vauasour • de or a vne daunee de sable. 

77. Sire Rob 9 t le fiz pain • de goules a iij lions passanz de argent a 

vn baston de azure. 

78. Sire Rauf de gorges • de azure a vj Mascles de or. 

79. Sire JoTin de Ryueres • de goules a vj mascles de or. 

80. Sire Wauter de liontereombc • de ermyne a ij barres Gymeles de 


81. Sire Geffrei de say • qrtile de or e de goules. 

82. Sire Rob°t de eschales • de goules a vj csclialops de argent. 

83. Sire John de Moun • de or a vne crois engrele de sable. 

84. Sire Willm le Marechal • de goules a vne bende engrele de or. 

85. Sire Jolm de la Mare • de goules a vne maunche de argent. 
8G. Sire Hnri Tyeis • de argent a vn cheueron de goules. 

87. Sire" Want de Teye • de or a vne fese e ij eheuerons de goules 

en la fesse iij moles de argent. 

88. Sire GillrY Peche • cle argent a vne fesse e ij eheuerons de 


89. Sire Willm de ferreres • de goules a les losenges de or. 

90. Sire Willm de Honlyngfeld • de or a vne fesse de goules a iij 

rondels de argent. 

91. Sire JoTin de Monies • de argent a ij f esses de goules en le chef 

iij rondels de goules. 

92. Sire Willm Thochet • de goules a les merelos de or. 

93. Sire Roger de morteyn • de or a vj lioncels de sable od les Couwes 


94. Sire Adam de Welles • de or a vn lion rampaund cle sable od la 

Con we forchee. 

95. Sire John dargentein • de Goules a iij Coupes de argent, 

9G. Sire Rauf Basset • de or a iij pens de goules e vn qrter de 

97. Sire Willm de Graunson • Pale de argent e de azure a vne bende 
de goules e iij egles de or. 



98. Sire Wilifti de Vesci • de or a vne Crojs de sable. 

99. Sire Edward Burnel • de argent a yn lion de sable Coronc dc or. 

100. Sire Wilim Martin • de argent a ij barres de goules. 

101. Sire Rob 9 t del vie • de or a vne fesse e ij Cheuerons de sable. 

102. Sire Thorn de Fornivul • de argent a vne bende E vj merelos 

de gonles. 

103. Sire Randolf de Xenyle • de goules a vn san f our de argent. 

104. Sire John de Wylingtone • de goules a vn sautour de veer. 

105. Sire John Deygcourt • de azure Bilette de or a vne daunce 

dc or. 

10G. Sire Wilhn de leybourne du norht • de or a vj lioncels de 

107. Sire Nicholas de Estlee • de argent a vn lion de goules En lc 

espaudle del lion vn quintefoil de argent. 

108. Sire John de la Ware • de goules Crusule de argent a vn lion 

rampaund de argent. 

109. Sire John de Kynkestone • de sable a vn lion rampaund de or 

od la con we fourchie. 

110. Sire Richard de Sottone • de or a vn lion rampaund de vert. 

111. Sire Elys daubeny • de goules a vne fesse cndente de argent. 

112. Sire John de Suleye • de or a ij bendes de goules. 

1 13. Sire Hue de Xeyuile • de azure a vn lion rampaund de or. 

1 14. Sire Nicholas de Foyns • Barre dc or e de goules. 

115. Sire Henri Tregoz • dc azure a ij barres gimyles dc or En le chef 

vn lupard passaunt de or. 
UG. Sire Xich de Audeley • de goules frette de or. 

117. ' Sire Wilhn Saunsinn • de or a vn fer de molin dc sable. 

118. Sire Rob°t de Wylebi • de goules a vn fer dc molin dc argent. 

119. Sire Wilim de Ryve • de azure a iij Crcssans de or. 

120. Sire Henri de Beumond • de azure flurette dc or a vn lion 

raumpaund de or e vn baston gobounc de argent c de goules. 

121. Sire Xich dc Vepound • de or a vj anens de goules. 

122. Sire John de Croinwelle • dc goules a vj ancus de or. 

123. Sire Richard Si ward • dc sable a vne Croys de argent les chefs 


124. Sire Eustace de la hacchc • dc or a vne Crois cngrele dc goules. 

125. Sire John Dodingseles • dc argent a vne fesse dc goules En le 

chef vn molet de goules. 

126. Sire Felyp Darci • de argent a iij roses de goules. 

the parliamentary roll of arms. 


127. Sire Richard Louel • dc or Crusule dc azure a vn lion rampaund 

dc azure. 

128. Sire Rob't dc Hoylandc • de azure flurette de argent' a vn 

lupard rampaund dc argent. 
120. Sire Adam de EucringTim • de (Joules a vn lion rampaund de 

130. Sire Henri le fiz hue • de azure frctte de or od lc chef de or. 

131. Sire Vrien de Seinpere • de argent a vnc bende dc sable c vn 

label de goules. 

132. Sire Willm dc Bermynghm • de azure a vnc bende engrele 

de or. 

133. Sir Wauter Faucounbcrge • de argent a vn lion rampaund de 


134. Sire Nicli de Meynel • dc azure a ij barrcs gymiles de or od 

le chef dc or. 

135. Sire Thomas de Chauworde • de azure a ij cheucrons de or. 

136. Sire Rob 9 t dc Hyltonc • de argent a ij barres dc azure. 

137. Sire Geffrey de Canuyle • de azure a iij lions passaunz de argent. 

138. Sire John de Baddelim • de argent a vnc Crois de goules En 

la crois v molcz dc or. 

139. Sire John del yle • de or od lc chef de azure a iij lioncels dc or. 

140. Sire Nicti de Carru • ce or a iij lions passaunz dc sable. 

141. Sire Fouk fiz Warin • qrtile dc argent e dc goules endentc. 

142. Sire John fiz marmaduc • de goules a vne fesse e iij papingays 

dc argent. 

143. Sire Marmaduc de Tuenge • de argent a vnc fessc de goules c 

iij papinguis de vert. 

144. Lc Baroun dc EstalTordc • de or a vn cheucron de goules. 

145. Sire Joliu de Lancastre • de argent a ij barres e vn qrter dc 

goules En le qrter vn lupard de or. 
14G. Sire Willm de Crcsei • de argent a vn lion rampand de sable 
od la couv\*e forchie. 

147. Sire John de Harcort • de or a ij barres de goules. 

148. Sire John Mautuers • dc sable frette de or. 

149. Sire Symon dc Montagu • qrtile de argent e de azure En lea 

qrters de azure les gffons dc or En les qrters de argent les 
daunces de goules. 

150. Sire Bertelmeu de badlesmere • de argent a vnc fesse c ij barres 

gimyles de goules. 



151. Sire Richard de Bascreuile • do argent a vn cheueron do goules 

a iij rondels de azure. 

152. Sire Rauf de grandone de argent a ij Cheuerons de goules. 
15*3. Sire John de Cauntelo de azure a iij flures de or od testes du 

lupars yssauns. 

154. Sire Wilhn de Cauntelo • de goules a vne fesse de veer a iij 

testes de luprs de or. 

155. Sire Peres de gresle • vcrree de goules a de Emmie. 

156. Sire John de Wigketone • de sable a iij moles de or od la 

bordure endente de or. 

157. Sire Wilim de Boterels • Chekere de or e de goules a vn 

cheueron de azure. 

158. Sire Rob 9 t de Estoteuile • "Burlee de argent e de goules a vn 

lion rampand de sable. 

159. Sire Wauter de Beuchamp • de goules a vj merclos de or e vne 

fesse de or. 

1G0. Sire Rauf de Camoys • de or od le chef de goules a iij rondels 
de argent. 

101. Sire Olyuer dynaunt • de goules a vne fesse endente de ermyne. 
JG2. Sire Giles de Breouse • de argent Crusule de goules a vn lion de 

goules la couwe forehee e renouwe. 
1G3. Sire Wauter de Maudby • de azure a vne erois de or. 
1G4. Sire John Paynel • de vert od la maunche de or. 

165. Sire John Briaunsoun • geronne de argent e de azure. 

166. Sire John de Charlestone • de argent a vn cheueron de vert e 

iij ogles de or. 

167. Sir Edmon de Hastingos • do or a vne maunche do goules a vn 

label de vert. 

168. Sire Richard de Charoune • de goidys a vn chetieroun e iij 

es/caliops de aryent. 

169. Sire Simoun Varde • de asmire a vne cmys juilec de or. 


170. Sire Henri de Bofngham • do argent a iij bendes do goules. 

171. Sire Esteucnc do Uaccombe • do argent a iij bendes de sable. 
1<2. Sire Thomas le Ercedekne • de argent a iij cheuerons de sable. 

173. Sire Scrle de Lanlayeroun • do sable a iij cheuerons de argent. 

174. Sire Richard Hewys • de goules frettc de argent c vn qrtcr de 


175. Sire Rauf Bloeu • do sable ;i vn sautour engrelc do argent. 

The parliamentary roll of arms. 115 

17G. Sire Rcuaud de Lotcrels • Chckere de or o do goules a vn 
clieueron dc azure a iij feers dc argent. 

177. Sire Wauter de Conic wail ie • do argent a vne crois dc sable 

besaunte de or. 

178. Sire Rcnaad de Coy kin bende de goules e de ermync de vj 


179. Sire Rob 9 t Benpel • de goules a les escalops de argent c vne 

bende dc veer. 

180. Sire Wilhn le Prcuz • dc sable Crusule dc or a iij lioncels de 


181. Sire Symon de Ralee • de goules a vne bende engrelc dc argent. 

183. Sire Richard de Pol tesmor - de or a vne crois engrelc de goules e 

vn bastoun goboune de argent e de azure. 
1S3, Sire Geffrei de Hautevile • de sable crusule dc argent a vn lion 
rampand de argent. 


184. Sire Thomas de Gorney • Pale dc or e de azure. 

185. Sire Felip de Courteney • de or a iij rondels de goules c vne 

bende de azure. 

186. Sire Rob 9 t dc brentc • de goules a vn Griffoun dc argent. 
1S7. Sire Rauf de Tort£ • de goules a vn griffoun dc or. 

188. Sire Richard de Croupes ■ de argent a vj mascles de goules e vn 

label de azure. 

189. Sire Geffrey de Aubemarle • dc goules Crusule de or a vne bende 

masclee de ermync. 

190. Sire Wilhn de Montagu • de argent a vne fesse endente de 

goules a iij endentures. 

191. Sire Esteuenc de Bridmanestone ■ dc argent a vij loscnges de 


192. Sire Omfrey de Beuchaump • de veer a vn label de or. 

193. Sire John le Waleys • de ermync a vne bende de goules. 
191. Sire John de Bittone • de Ermyne a vne fesse de goules. 

195. Sire Henri dc Glastingburs • de argent a vne bende englelc de 

198, Sire Fouk filz Warm • qrtile de argent e de goules endente a vn 
molet de sable. 

197. Sire Willm Ie filz Warin • qrtile de argent e dc sable endente. 

198. Sire Henri de Larcy • de azure a vne Crois de or. 

199. Sire Andreu dc Grimstede • de goules a iij barres dc veer. 


200. Sire John do Clifford • Chckcre do or c do azure a vuc bende 

de goules. 

201. Sire Elys Cotel • de or a vne bende de goules. 

202. Sire John de Babingtone • de goules a les pelotes de urgent. 

203. Sire . . . de Mounfort • de argent Crusule de goules e vn lion 

rampaund de azure. 
201. Sire John de Chauvent • Palee de argent e de azur a vne fesse 
de goul(\ 

(7'o be continued.) 


Communicated by Major-General W. H. Smith. 

Repynghale, C° Lincoln. 6 th King Edw : IV. [26 Doe. 1466.J 

To al xpen men to whoom this present Writing shal come Sir Nicholl 
Bowet knight Robert Repynghale gentilman S r Robert Robyuson p'son 
of ye two parts of ye chirehc of Repynghale s r henry Thornton p'son 
of ye thrid part of ye same chirehc henry home John Grene John 
heywods William Robynson Richard Bermyngeham Nicholl Spynke 
William honyngton John harrison William fireman Robert Walgote s r 
John Dade of ye paroissh of Repynghale aforesaide send gretyng in oure 
lord with al due reuerece And where inquisicion hath ben made here- 
of the obit of a prest called s r hngh wyrlyngton whereof to diners 
p'sones resteth a greet doubt or it is said : We considering that it is 
right meritorye to testifye ye trouthe and willing of good zele and for 
ye.pleasir of god to declare ye said doubt euidently to yo r reuerenee : 
we eertifye unto yon that vis same day We have called before us and 
duely examyncd John Andrewe openly in ye chirehc which is of the age 
of foure score yeres or more borne or cotynuelly dwellyng in ye said 
towne of Repynghale a man of good name or good fame which hath 
recorded or said to us credibly that ye said sir hngh dwelled sumtyme 
with sir John of Thorp yen of yis paroissh or Archdecon of Suffolk 
which Archdeacon deccsFcd ye fft day of Nouembre in yc ycrc of 
oure lord mceeexxi or it apereth in ye kalendree of din's books of 
ye said chirehc. And morcoucr the said John Andrewe . . . . 
seyth fcithfuly yat he had good knoulege of ye said s 1 hngh and yat 
he deyde in yis paroissh of Repynghale about e ye ycre of oure lord 
mccccxiii. and that his grave was made or ordcyncd crlv in a mornyng 
in ye entree into saint Anne chauncel in ye same ehirche and yat an 
olde man called William Shirloks goying into ye said chauncel folic into 
ye said grave and ye forsaid John Andrewe ye same tyme being yere 

1 TliCce deeds are in the i»os*e$*ion uf Major-General YV. H. Smith. 



present halpe ye said olcle man onte of ye said grave Wherein ye said 
s r hngh soon after was buried. Certifyng you firthermore yat We nor 
noon of us knewe ye said sir kugh Worlyngton lyvyng in }'is paroissh 
nor herabouts yis xlvj ycres or more. In Witnes wherof and yat these 
p'misses ben feithfully true without fraudc or male engeyne Wc the 
forsaid s r Nichol Bowet and al ye other after hym heryn imediatly 
named to this present writyng have sette oure seales. geuen at Repyng- 
hale aforesaid ye xxvj day of December The sext yerc of ye Rogue 
of king Edward ye fourth. 

12 March HG7. 

Be it knowne to all cristyn peple to Whome this p'sent Wrytyng 
comes unto that J John Andrew of Repyngliale in tlie Counte of lyncoln 
beynge of Age of iiij xx yere Sz more sends gretynge in owre lorde eu r 
lastyng. Whereas j am credybly informed that one John ffitz John 
shewith a lett r testymonyall undir ueith my seall and seith that j shulde 
recorde that one s v hugh Wirlyngton shuld haue dwelled \v fc mayst r John 
Thorpp & shuld haue died at Repyughale a forsaid abowte the yere of 
owre lorde mccccxiij. W 'herto J say as J will answerc to god at the 
dredefull day of dome J seid neue 1 soo bot for the troughthe as J said 
it was thus that one callyng hymself John ffitz John & a yonge man 
wyth hym seyenge he was his son kam to me to Repyughale aforsaid 
uppon Seynt Steph' day last past & askyd me before s r Nicholl Rowet 
knyght Rob 1 Repyughale & other if j knew one s r hugh Wirlyngton 
which dwelid \v* mayst 1 ' John Thorpp J tolde hym J knew one s r hugh 
which dwelled with mast 1 ' John Thorpp bot not be the name of Wirlyng- 
ton. Which s 1 ' hugh died lx yere past & more And be this token J 
Remembir of a man that fell into the grave of the said s r hugh And 
as for the name of Wirlyngton J herd hym ncue r called soo nor knawd 
soo bott onely that the said John riitz John made a lett r testymonyall 
hym selfe which let t r J nevir seled & he put therein the name of 
Wirlyngton hym selfe. Wherefore J Requyre all men that they take 
none evydence nor p've by the lett r testyinonyall that the said John 
ffitz John showeth in my name for J knewe nevir the said s 1 ' hugh by 
the name of Wirlyngton. And clerely & certeynly J knowe well the 
said s r hugh that J spake off' died lx yere & more agoo And Jn witnes 
of all theiz p'mysses that they ben all trwe to this p'sent lctt r testy- 
monyall I have putt to my Seall. And nott onely that bot also J have 
sworne uppon a masse booke in the p'sence of Nich' Rerisby the mavst r 
of all the order of Sempy'gh'm Dom' Willim' Saumsell Subp'oure of the 
Siiid place Dom' Symond Boston Chaplcvn to the said maisf Dom' 
John lyncolne Sellerer of Sempyngh'm aforsaid Thomas de la laundc 
knyght John Panell Squyer John pvnehebek Squyer philyp Sutton 
Squyer — Rog 1 ' Wharton of Sempyngh'm Gentylman Philip Johnson of 
the same Rob* Ausel'n of the same laurence Denyson of the same 
Thomas Colby of poynton Willim' Thornele of the same John labbyn 
of Sempyngh'm John Hugh of loughton Willim' Atkyn of Graby S: 
other mor. gevon the xij day of march the yere of owre sou'ayn lord is 
reigne kynge Kdward the fourth aftir the conquest of England vij°. 


InQttisrttones post JMottem. 

{Continued from p. 59.) 

Bridges, Edmund, K.G., Lord Chandos ; will 1 Mar. 1572, ob. 11 of 
same — Inq. at Gloucester Castle 17 Sep. 15 Eliz. — Gloucester, Oxford, 
Wilts, "Worcester — Giles, Lord Chandos, s. & h., act. 25, married to 
Frances . . . ; 2. William. 

Bridges, Giles, ' Bart, will 28 Aug., ob. 12 Sep. 1637— Inq. at St. 
Waynard's 31 Oct. 13 Car. I. — Hereford, Gloucester— John s. & b., 
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Car. I. 

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Briscoe, Edward, gent., ob. 15 April ult. — Inq. at Hatfield Regis 28 

July 6 Jac. I. — Hertford- 
Edward s. & h., then aet. 21.= Jane d. of Ralph Coningesby, Kxit. 
Briscoe, Edward, will 6 Jan., ob. 16 Jan. 1G3G — Inq. at Chipping 

Barnet 28 April 13 Car. 1.— Herts— 1. Edward s. & h., aet. 20; 2. 

John ; 3. Ralph ; Ellen. 
Bristow, Nicholas, Esq., ob. 14 July 1633 — Inq. at Chipping Barnett 

1 Nov. 10 Car. I. — Hertford— Elizabeth 1. d. & coh., aet, 11, 29 May 

1631; Anne 2. d. & coh., aet. 9, 11 May 1634. 



Bristowe, Elizeus, of Maplebeck, yeoman; will 15 April 1594, ob. 19 
April 36 Eliz. — Inq. 15 Aug. 37 Kliz. — Nottingham — 

John s. & h., act. oO.^Alice. 

John s. & h. Daniel. Thomas. 

Broad, Richard, ob. 2 Dec. 3 Car. I. — Inq. at Win ton G June 4 Car. I. — 

Southampton — Richard posth. s. & h., was horn 5 Feb. 3 Car. I. 
Broade, Richard, ob. 2 Dec. ult. — Inq. at Winton 6 June 4 Car. I. — 

Southampton — Richard posth. 
Brocas, Barnard, Esq., ob. 20 Mar. 31 P'liz. — Tnq. at Andover 13 Aug. 

15 Jac. I. — Southampton, Northampton, Middlesex, Surrey, Wilts — 

Pexal Brocas, Knt., s. & h., then act. 21. 
Brockas, Barnard, ob. 20 Mar. 31 Eliz —Inq. at Winslow 15 Dec. 33 

Eliz. — Bucks — Pexallus s. & h., then act. 21. 
Brockhale, Lancelot, ob. 31 May 24 Eliz. — Inq. at Northallerton 27 

Nov. 25 Eliz. — York — Thomas s. & h., then act. 6. 
Brockhall, Leonard, ob. 1 May ult. — Inq. at Northallerton 27 Nov. 

25 Eliz. — York — Mathew s. A: h., act. 10. 
Brockhull, Edward, ob. 8 Aug- ult. — Inq. at Sandwich 4 Sep. 4 & 5 

Ph. & Mary — Kent— Henry s. & h., is of full age. 
Brockhull, John, Esq., ob. 2 Nov. 2 Hen. 8.— Inq. at Aylisford 28 

June 3 Hen. 8. — Kent— Edward brother & h. of said John. 
Brocktox, John, gent., ob. 20 Mar. 27 Eliz. — Inq. 13 Apr. 28 Eliz. — 

Salop — Richard s. & h. act. 14. 
Broctox, Thomas, gent., oh. 14 Jan. 12 Hen. S. — Inq. at Lichfield 14 

Nov. 12 Hen. 8.— Stafford— Henry s. & h., is act. 10. 
Brodbridge, John, gent , ob. 19 June ult,— Inq. at Lewes 7 Oct. 1G 

E'iz. — Sussex — Henry brother & h , then act, 35. 
Brodxaxe, William, of Burmarshe in Romnev Marsh, ob. ult. Feb. 

1527, 19 Hen. 8.— Inq at Ashford 16 May 15 Eliz.— Kent— Thomas 

s. & h., aet. 47, 

Brodrip, Stephen, of Dicheatt, co. Somerset, gent,, ob. 11 Feb. 1G28 — 

per pet. G Mar. 1G28 — Somerset, Middlesex — Joan sole d. & h., aet. 7 

months, the King's Ward. 
Broiirippe, Stephen, of Dicheat, gent., ob. 11 Feb. ult. — Inq. 1G April 

5 Car. I. — Somerset — Joan only d. & h , aet. 7 months. 
Broke, George, gent., will 24 Nov. 1554, ob. 15 Dec. ult. — Inq. at 

Bungav 22 Aug. 2 & 3 Ph. & Marv — Suffolk— John s. & h., is 

aet. if. 

Broke, John, ideota est — Inq. 24 Mar. G Eliz. — Surrey — Johanna wife 

of Thomas A' Wood sister k h. aet 20. 
Broke, Roger, ob. 22 Nov. 1 Eliz.— Inq. at Northampton 14 July 5 Eliz. 

— Northampton — Mary d. & h., is aet. 5. 
Broke, Thomas, ob. 10 Dec. ult, — Inq. at Canterbury 29 Aug. 14 Hen. 

8.— City of Canterbury — John s. £ h., aet. 9. 
Broke, Thomas, ob. 10* Dec. ult, — Inq. 29 Aug. 14 Hen. 8. — City of 

Canterbury — John Brooke s. & h., act 9. 
Broke, Thomas, of London, " merca tor scissor," will G Nov., ob. 6 Nov. 

38 Hen. 8. — Inq. at St. John Street 23 Dec. 38 Hen. 8. — Middlesex 

— Joan Arrowsmith, sister & h., aet. GO. 



Broke, Thomas, will G Nov. 38 Hen. 8., ob. 7 Nov. 38 Hen. 8.— Inq. at 
the Guildhall 25 Feb. 1 Ed. 6. — London — Joan Arrowsmith, widow, 
sister & h., is act. GO. 

Brokelsly, Robert, gent., will . . . , ob. 3 April nit. — Inq. at Grant- 
ham 21 Apr. 3 & 4 Ph. & .Mary— Lincoln— Edward, s. & h., act. 10. 

Brokelsbye, Edmund, gent., ob. 4 May nit. — Inq. at Sleaford 23 Oct. 
7 Eliz. — Lincoln — Richard Brokelsbye, avunculus k h. of Edmund, 
aet. 4G. 

Bhokesby, Bartholomew, ob. 1 June 1G Hen. 8. — Inq. at Stowmarket 23 
Oct. 1G Hen. 8. — Suffolk — Francis ; 

John s. & h., ob. v.p.=^= 

Bartholomew cons. & h. of his 
grandfather, aet. 12. 

Brokylsby, Robert — Inq. at Lincoln Castle 27 Jan. 1 Mary — Lincoln — 

John s. & h., is aet. 21. 
Brome, William, yeoman ; ob. 2 Sep. 37 Kliz. — Inq. at Leominster 19 

Jan. 38 Eliz.— Hereford — John s. & h.. then aet. 18. 
Bromewich, John, Esq., ob. 10 July ult. — Inq. at Cheltenham 5 Nov. 9 

Eliz.— -Gloucester— John s. & h., is aet. 35. 
Bromfeild, John, of Enhurst, Esq., ob. 27 Nov. 1623 — Inq. at East 

Grinstead 22 Jan. 22 Jac. I. — Sussex — (by his 1st wife Dorothy) 

Thomas s. & h., then aet. 13 ; (by bis 2nd wife Sarah Buskyn, 

widow) Anthony, William, & Henry. 
Bromley, Thomas, Knt , "capital' Justic. Regis ad placit." Will 10 

Jan. 1551, ob. 15 May ult.— Inq. at Wellington 17 June 1 & 2 Ph. & 

Mary — Salop — Margaret d. & h., is act. 28, wife of Richard Newport, 


Bromley, Thomas, Knt., ob. 1 1 April 29 Eliz., Lord Chancellor of 

England — Inq. at Worcester 14 Sep. 29 Eliz. — Worcester — Henry s. 

& h., then aet. 24. 
Bromley, Thomas, of Bridgnorth, co. Salop, Esq., will 10 Sep. 1608, ob. 

s.p. 20 Feb. 7 Jac. I. — Inq. at Newport 10 Sep. 8 Jac. I. — Salop — 
Jane, sister & h., is aet. 24.=William Davenport. 
Bromiey, William, Eh]., will 8 June 34 Eliz., ob. 9 June 31 Eliz. — Inq. 

at Wich Malbanc 17 April 35 Eliz. — Chester — Thomas s. & h., is act. 

16i ; 1. Margaret ; 2. Anne. 
Biiomptox, Robert, of Wykam in co. York; ob. . . . 13 Eliz. — Inq. at 

York Castle 25 April 37 Eliz. — York — Thomas 1. son, ob. s.p. in. 24 

Dec. 29 Eliz, Robert 2. son Sc h. to his father, act. 5, 13 Eliz. 
Bromwich, Edward, Esq., ob. 5 June 22 Jac. I. — Inq. at Chipping 

Sodbui v 'JG Sep. 7 Car. I. — Gloucester, Hereford — Isaac s. & h., aet. 


Brooke, Basil, Knt., ob. 12 Nov. 10 Jac. I.— Inq. at Leicester 20 Aug. ' 

11 Jac. I. — Leicester — Thomas Brooke, Esq., s. & h., then aet. 23. 
Brooke, Francis, gent., ob. 22 Sep. ult. — Inq. at Salop 9 Jan. 25 Eliz. 

—Salop— Edward s. & h., then aet. 10. 
Brooke, Jane (wife of Giles Doddington) ob. 15 Jan. ult. — Inq. at 

Cardiff 30 April 3 & 4 Ph. & Mary — Cardigan --Henry Doddington s. 

& h., is aet. 10 ; Anne, 



Brooke, John, ob. 10 Feb. 5 & 6 Ph. & Mary— Inq. at Eye 18 Sep. 

7 Eliz. — Suffolk — George brother & h. is aet. 18 yrs. 10 months. 
Brooke, John, ob. 27 May nit., will 10 July 1631— Inq. at Wakefeild 

6 Oct. 8 Car. I.— York — 1. Edward s. & h., aet. 17; 2. William; 3. 

Richard ; 5 daughters. . 
Brooke, Nicholas, Esq. — Inq. at Norwich Castle 10 Aug. 40 Eliz. — 


Brooke, Richard, Knt., will 15 Mar., ob. 23 Mar. 1G39. — Inq. at Ipswich 
— Suffolk — Robert s. & h., then act, 17. 

Brooke, Robert, Knt., Chief Justice of the Common Bench, will 7 Jan. 
1557, ob. 5 Sep. nit. at Pattishull ; mar. 1st . . . Waringe, 2nd 
Dorothy d. of William Gatacre, Esq., & by her had issue — Inq. at 
Wollarhampton 4 Mar. 1 Eliz. — Stafford — John Brooke, Esq., (hy 1st 
wife) s. & h., now aet. 21. 

Brooke, Robert, Esq., ob. 25 May nit. — Inq. at Ipswich G Oct. 2 Car. I. 
—Suffolk — 

Richavd P>rooke, Knt., s.—Mary rl. of John Packington, elder, of 
& h>, then aet. 2-). Hampton Lovett, co. Worcester, Knt. 

Brooke, William, K.G, Lord Cobham, Lord Warden of the Cinque 
Ports, & Lord Chamberlain of the Queen's household ; will 24 
Feb. 39 Eliz, ob. at the Blackfriars G Mar. — Inq. at Maidstone 15 
Sep. 39 Eliz — Kent, Essex, Bedford, Surrey, Wilts, Leicester, 
Somerset, Dorset, London, Gloucester— Henry Brooke, Lord Cobham, 
s. tfc h., now aet. 33; William Brooke, Knt.; George Brooke 4. 

Brooke, William, will 1 Sep. 1611, ob. 16 Nov. 9 Jac. I. — Inq. at 
Wiuton 6 Jan. 9 Jac. I. — Southampton — Elizabeth only d. & h., then 
aet. 9. 

Brooke, William, ob. 5 April 6 Car. I.— Inq. at Bradford 16 Aug. 

6 Car. I. — York — John s. & h., then aet. 13. 
Brooke, alias Cobham, Henry, Knt., 1. s. of George; ob. 13 Jan. 34 

Eliz. — Inq. at Deptford Strand 12 April 35 Eliz. — Kent — Calestenus 

1 s. & h.j aet. 19 ; 2. John ; 3, Maximillian. 
Brooke, vide Willougiiby. 

Brookeman, John, will 9 Sep., ob. 18 Sep. 16 Car. [. — Inq. at Wells 30 

Dec. 16 Car. L— Somerset — Richard s. & h., then aet. 20. 
Brookesby, Francis, ob. 5 Dec. 1633 — Inq. at Leicester 2 April 10 Car. I. 

— Leicester — Obadiah s. & h., aet. 19. 
Broome, John. ob. 29 Sep. 1635— Inq. at Hereford 19 Mar. 11 Car. L— 

Hereford — William s. & h., aet. 4. 
Broughtox, Edward, of Longdon, Esq., ob. 27 Oct. ult. — Inq. at London 

15 Jan. 35 Eliz. — Stafford — Edward s. & h., is aet. 3. 
Broughtox, Katherine, was cons. &, h. of Matthew Stewkeley, was 

married to . . . Turkiugton ; ob. 26 July 1 & 2 Ph. & Mary — Inq. 

at Huntingdon 9 Nov. 4 <fc 5 Ph. &. M. — Huntingdon— Laurence s. & 

h., then aet. 26. 

Broughtox, John, ob. 17 Oct. 21 Hen. ft. — Inq. at Lamport 22 Sep. 22 
Hen. 8. — Somerset — Thomas s. & h., is aet. 17 ; by his first wife . . . 

Broughtox, Robert, Esq., ob. 12 Aug. 13 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Huntingdon 
28 July 14 Hen. 8. — Huntingdon — John s. <ir h. of John Broughton, 
& cons. & h. of Robert, aet. 10. 



Broughton, Robert, Esq., ob. 12 Aug. — Inq. 28 June 14 Hen. 8. — 

Huntingdon — John cons. Sc h. of Robert, aet. 10. 
Broughton, alias Smithe, George, gent., ob. 3 Oct. 25 Eliz. — Inq. 15 

Oct. 28 Eliz.— Stafford— Thomas s. & h. aet. 19. 
Brouncker, William, Knt., will 1 Mar. 36 Eliz., ob. 27 Mar. 38 Eliz.— 

Inq. at Devizes 27 April 38 Eliz. — Wilts, Southampton - Henry only 

s. & h., aet. 22, 38 Eliz. ; Elizabeth ;- Grace. 
Brouxe, Humphrey, Knt., one of the Justices de Banco, ob. 5 Dec. nit. 

— Inq. at New Sarum 3 June 5 Eliz. — Wilts — George l.s., ob. 17 Jan. 

s.p. ; Mary 1. d , aet. 14 ; Christian 2. d., sister & coh. ; Katherine 3. 

d., sister & coh. 

Katherine. =p 

Humphry Townshencl, aet. 18, cons, k h. 
Browham, John, gent., will 16 Xov. 1552 G Ed. G, was of Browham, ob. 

18 Nov. 6 Ed. 6. — Inq. at Lanhanby Hall 19 Jan. 1 Mary— Cumber- 
land — 1. Henry s. & h., aet. 14, married . . . d. of Richard Dudley, 
gent. : 2. Thomas ; 3. Christopher ; 4. John : Agnes ; Jane. 

Browne, Anthony, K.G., Viscount Mountague ; will 19 July 34 Eliz., ob. 

19 Oct. nit. — Inq. at Midhurst 19 April 35 Eliz. — Sussex, Surrey — 

Anthony Browne, Esq.,=p 
oh. v.p. 

Anthony s. & h., is Viscount Mountague, & aet. 10. 
1 Feb. ult. 

Browne. Christopher, ob. 9 Aug. ult.— Inq. 30 Oct. 1 Hen. 8.— Oxford 

— John Browne s. & h. aet. 1G, 1 Men. 8. 
Browse, Christopher, gent., ob. 21 May 4 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Boston 

6 Oct. 4 Hen. 8. — Lincoln —Dorothy wife of . . . Paselowe, one d. 

& h., aet. 2G ; Margaret wife of ... . Baker, another d. ife h., 

aet. 24. 

Browne, Christopher, Knt., ob. 23 April ult.— Inq. at Whailley 25 Sep. 
31 Eliz.— Oxford— George s. & h., is aet. 30, married to Elizabeth 
. . . ; Edmund. 

Browne, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Browne and dau. of Thomas Have : 
will 30 Dec. 155G, ob. 10 Feb. ult.— Inq. at Worcester Castle 24 
April 3 & 4 Ph. & Mary— Worcester— William s. & h., act. 12; 

Browne, George, of Barton on Humber, yeoman ; will 1G Jan. G Eliz. — 

Inq. 29 July G Eliz.— Lincoln— 1. Thomas s. & h. act. 23 ; 2. John; 

3. Edward ; 4. Leonard ; 5. George. 
Browne, John, of Sutton in the Forest : ob. 10 July 35 Eliz.— Inq. 1 

Dec. 38 Eliz.— York— John s. & h., aet. 28. 
Browne, John, ob. s.p. ult. Feb. 1637 — Inq. at South wark 21 Aug. 21 

Car. I. — Surrey — 

Humphrey brother & h =r 

Humphrey s. & h.. corn. & h. of John, 
aet, 8, 29 June 20 Car. I. 

Browne, Leonard, ob. v.p. — Inq. at Bedall 7 Xov. 24 Eli/. — York- 
William s. ife h., then aet. 3. 



Browne, Mary, widow, ob. 27 Aug. 9 Jac. I. (John Mascall, first husband, 

ob. G Aug' 18 Eliz.)— Inq. at East Grinstead 30 Oct 10 Jac. I — 

Sussex — Edward s. & h. of John & Mary, is aet. 37. 
Browne, Mat-hew, Knt., ob. 4 Aug. 1 Jac. I. — Inq. at Cobliam 25 Oct. 

1 Jac. I. — Surrey, Sussex — Ambrose s. & h., then aet. 14. 
Browne, Richard, will 15 Nov. 1555, ob. 8 Dec. ult. — Tnq. at St. John 

Street 5 Feb. 2 & 3 Ph. & Mary — Middlesex — Thomas s. & h., then 

aet. 4 ; Margery, 

Browne, Robert, ob. 21 Dec. 1 Eliz.— Inq. at Beccles 23 April . . . 

—Suffolk— John s. & h., then aet. 30. 
Browne, Stephen, will 4 Feb., ob. C Feb. 1G34 — Inq. at East Greenwich 

5 June 11 Car. 1. — Kent — Mary d. & h., act, 12. 

Browne, Thomas, ob. 27 Dec. ult. — Inq, at St. John Street 7 Feb 25 

Eliz. — Middlesex — John cons. & h., aet. 24 
Browne, Thomas, of Langtre, gent., ob 2 May ult — Tnq. 5 Oct. 28 

Eliz. — Devon & Cornwall — Brutus Browne s. & h. aet. 30. 
Browne, Thomas, Knt, ob. 9 Feb. 39 Eliz.— Inq. at Southwark 30 May 

40 Eliz. — Surrey, Sussex — Mat-hew s. & h , is aet. 34, married to Jane 

d. of Tho. Vincent, Esq. ; Richard married to Margaret . . . 
Browne, Thomas, Esq., ob. 21 April 1633— Inq. at Hereford 28 Sep. 9 

Car. I — Hereford— John s. it h., then aet. 5 yrs. 4 mo. 3 weeks 

4 days. 

Browne, Thomas, Bart., ob. 1G April 1G35— Inq. at the Guildhall G 
June 11 Car. I. — London, Northampton, Lincoln — Elizabeth only d. 

6 h. at the death of her father was act. 1. 

Browne, Thomas, Bart., ob. of full age 1G April 1035— Inq. at the 
Guildhall 13 Oct. 11 Car. I. — London, Northampton, Lincoln — 
Elizabeth 1. d. & cob , act. 1 ; 2. Anne posth., born 10 July 1G35. 

Browne, William, Grocer & Alderman of London, ob. 3 June ult. — Inq. 
at Thame 3 Nov. G Hen. 8.— Exon. [? Oxon]— William s. & h. act. 18; 
2. John aet. 13 ; 3. Mathew aet. 12. 

Browne, a/ios Newe, John, ob. 30 Jan. ult. — Inq. 17 May 6 Eliz. — 
Essex — daurs. & coh. 1. Grace ; 2. Jane ; 3. Margaret ; 4. Mary. 

Browneo, Vincent, gent,, ob. 1G June IG23 — Inq. at Gainsbrugh 21 
Aug. 21 Jac. 1. — Lincoln — William s. & h., now aet. S. 

Broxholme, Anne, ob. at Messingham 10 Nov. 2 Eliz. — Tnq. at Horn- 
castle 7 Oct. (sic) — Lincoln — William Broxholme s. & h., act. 1G. 

Broxholme, Robert, will & ob. 21 Sep. 1540 — Inq. at Glainford brigg 
30 Oct. 2 & 3 Ph. & Mary— Lincoln— Richard s. & h., is act. 30 j 

William 2 son,=j= 
ob. v.p. I 

r J 

Thomas s. & h. 

Broxholme, Robert, ob. 20 Jan. 1640 — Inq. at Horncastlc 12 May 

17 Car. I.- Lincoln — Martha posth., act. 3 months. 
Brudenell, Thomas, Knt., ob. 1G Mar. 3 Ed. G. — Inq. at Okeham 

15 April 4 Ed. 6.— Rutland— Edmund s £ h., then aet. 23. 
Brudnelt., Thomas, Knt., ob. 1G Mar. ult.— Inq. at Northampton 20 

Oct, 3 Ed. 6.— Northampton— Edmund s. & h., then act, 23 ; 


( To continued-) 


$latms of Boohs. 

Genealogical Abstracts of Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of 
Canterbury — Register "Wootton" 1658. Vol. I. By William 
Brigg. Leeds (J. Laycoek and Sons). Imp. Svo. 
It is with real pleasure that we welcome the appearance of the first 
attempt that has yet been made to print a complete series of abstracts of 
the Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. The period 
which this portion of Mr. Brigg's work covers is necessarily a very short 
one, being a part only of the year 1G5S. Abstracts are given of all the 
wills contained in the first 51 folios of Register " Wootton." When we 
add that no less than G10 wills have been examined and abstracted, some 
idea of the labour which has been spent upon this undertaking may be 
formed. The author claims to have noted every name of person or place, 
and as far as we have been able to test this statement, we have found it 
to be absolutely correct. To the numerous class of genealogists who, 
either from residence at a distance from London, or from some other 
cause, are unable to search the invaluable collection of wills preserved at 
Somerset House, this work must prove of paramount importance. It 
will, moreover, be of the greatest use to all antiquaries, for the full index 
at the end of the volume will be sure to give many clues, even to those 
who have access to the wills themselves. The author promises, should 
his work meet with a favourable reception, to continue it, and we cannot 
imagine that the public will be short sighted enough to let slip such a 
golden opportunity. It is well known that during the Commonwealth 
period all wills were proved in London. Country genealogists, therefore, 
have hitherto experienced considerable inconvenience from the long gap 
which occurs in the lists of wills at their local Probate Courts; should 
the present work be continued for the whole of this period, as we hope it 
may, they will receive a boon for which they cannot be sufficiently 

The History of the Scots. 1G88. 4to. 

The title on the exterior of this charming book might lead one to 
suppose it a history of the Scottish nation were it not for the shield of 
arms stamped in colours on its cover. No explanation of this coat, Or, on 
a bent! azure a mullet between a crescent and a mullet, is forthcoming in 
the Editorial preface, so we must conclude that either such a coat appears 
on the cover of the original, or that it is a mistake of the binder. The 
book is, however, a reprint of the original edition of that well known 
rhythmical history of the family of Scott by Capt. Walter Scott of 
Satchells, entitled " A True | History | of Several Honourable Families 
of the | Right Honourable Name of | Scot | In the Shires of Roxburgh 
and Selkirk, and | others adjacent, I Gathered out of Ancient Chronicles, 
Histo | ries, and Traditions of our Fathers. | By i Capt. Walter Scot, j 
An old Souldier, and no Scholler, ! And one that can write nane, | Rut 
just the Letters of his Name. \ Fdhdnar/h, Printed by the Heir of Andrew 
Anderson, Printer to | His Most Sacred Majesty, City and Colledge, 
1G68." Later editions were printed, a second in 177G, a third in 17^0, 
and in 1892 a reprint of the 177G edition was issued by the "Scottish 
Literary Club." These, however, contain errors, and in places the text of 



the original has been interfered with, making it most desirable that a 
faithful copy of the original, now* exceedingly scarce, should be obtainable. 
This we now have in the present volume, under the editorship of Mr. 
John G. Winning of Hawick, whose introduction and notes, like a back- 
ground to a well painted portait, help to bring both " the old souldier," 
and his " Rhyming Verse " more vividly before the reader's eyes. Mr. 
"Winning considers that the author of this "True History" also wrote a 
ballad printed by Caw in the " Hawick Museum," and from the argument, 
he adduces it seems clear to us that such was the case. Some of the 
genealogy contained in the first part of Satchell's work, " Wats 
Bellandon," has been critically examined by Mr. McCall in "Some Old 
Families " (sub. 1 The Scotts of Thirlestane ') a very excellent and 
trustworthy volume, to which reference is here made. The second part 
has a distinct title page which reads thus, " Satchcls's Postr'al, j Humbly 
presented to his Noble | and Worthy Friends of the | Xames of Scot & 
Elliot, | and others." The Editor's notes supply much useful genealogical 
matter, gleaned in nearly all cases from reliable authorities. They also 
contain copies of two letters from Sir Walter Scott to his cousin Mr. 
Charles Scott, in Milsington, the chief interest of which lies in the fact 
that they are now published for the first time. The work is well indexed, 
and contains many references to families other than Scott and Elliot, 
such as Gledstanes of that ilk and Coklaw, and of Arthurshicl, from 
which last the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone is descended, and many 
other Lowland families. There is also, we are glad to see, an index of 
places, which is of great importance to a work of this kind. 

The Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States 
of America 1889-1893. By Charles P. Keith, Philadelphia. 
Royal 8vo. 

Students of genealogy have much reason to congratulate themselves 
that the time has gone by when works of this kind were printed with 
little or no original research, being for the most part thoroughly 
unreliable. The volume before us has been conceived in a very different 
spirit. It is clear that considerable pains have been expended upon it, 
especially in tracing out and verifying the royal descents claimed in the 
chart. It is, therefore, the more to be regretted that by far the greater 
part of the chart is taken up with the ancestry of a certain Sarah Ludlow, 
in whom the above-mentioned illustrious descents chiefly centre, though 
we gather from a passage in the book that this Sarah Ludlow was only, 
"according to tradition," mother of Robert Carter, known as "King 
Carter," who died 1732, and whose daughter Anne was the wife of 
Benjamin Harrison, and direct ancestress of the two Presidents. John 
Carter, father of Robert, had, it appears, at least five wives, and it seems 
difficult to determine by which wife he was father of " King Carter." 
The latter, we are told, named one of his sons " Ludlow." It is, therefore, 
probable that the tradition is correct ; still, it is, to say the least, 
unsatisfactory tfcat this question has not been definitely decided. The 
author seems to have made every effort, as far as Wills and Parish 
Registers go, to trace the paternal line of descent, but has failed to carry 
it beyond a certain Benjamin Harrison, Clerk of the Council of Virginia 
in 1G42, the date of whose death has apparently not been ascertained. 
We are glad to observe that the shadowy tradition of a relationship to 



Thomas Harrison, the regicide, has not been insisted on. The author 
has added an account of the history of several families with which the 
Harrisons have intermarried. 

The Parish Registers of St. Mary Magdalene, Berjiondsey, 154S" 
1609. Exeter (William Pollard and Co.), 8vo. 
A transcript of the Registers of St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondscy, 
Iv-18-1G09, which recently appeared in the Supplement to this Magazine, 
is now issued to the public in an attractive form and with a complete 
index. The parish of Bermondscy was at this period of such considerable 
importance that we are sure no collector of printed registers will rest 
satisfied without adding this volume to his bookshelves. Particularly 
we would draw the attention of those who are interested in early 
immigrants to this country to the large number of foreign names, chiefly, 
but not entirely, Flemish, which occur in the Registers, among them 
being Dampyer, Decroo, Degest, Devill. Fernando, Ost, Yandenbrougb, 
Vandepett, Vandermott, Vanhord, Van Pruyson, Van de Hole, and many 
others. Among the curious patronymics which we find in the index are 
Appletaste, Bakehouse, Doarbarne, Strongmalt and Scrtibarne. "John, 
the sonne of Mr. Thomas Stanley," buried in April, 1593, and "Henry, 
the sonne of Mr. Tho. Courtney," buried two years later, may well have 
belonged to the historic families of the same names. Of great interest is 
the curious form of vow given at page 210, solemnly taken on the first of 
August, 1604, by one "Raphe Goodchild, of the parish of Barkinge, in 
Thames Streat, and Elizabeth, his wife,'' the latter having, during the 
prolonged absence of her husband, been unintentionally guilty of bigamy. 

The Herts Genealogist and Antiquary. Edited by William Brigg. 
. St. Albans (Gibbs & Bamforth). Royal Svo. 
Hertfordshire is fortunate in having a Magazine of this kind devoted to 
its records. The County is so near London, and its population has been 
so often re-enforced by settlers from the Metropolis, that its records arc 
serviceable to a much larger class of persons than those who dwell within 
its limits. Among the contents of the number under review are the 
Feet of Fines for the County during the Tudor period, which alone 
entitles the publication to support. We also notice Marriage Licences, 
and abstracts of Wills, from the Archdeaconry of St. Albans, and a 
collection of Hertfordshire deeds from the St. Albans Corporation Records. 

£of£s antr (Queries. 

Dame Silvester Scory. — A few notes, mainly gleaned from Chancery 
Proceedings, respecting this somewhat remarkable woman, may prove of 
interest. Dame Silvester began life as "a servant" in the family of 
George Luttrell, of Dunster Castle, in Somersetshire, whom in 1G22 she 
married, soon after the death of his first wife, and by whom she had two 
daughters, Sarah and Diana. These two daughter** are, in the Luttrell 
pedigree contained in Mr. Maxwell Lyte's " Lords of Dunster," considered 
as illegitimate. In their father's will (P.C.C. 101 Ridley) they are 
described as " my daughters Sarah alias Capps, and Diana Luttrell alias 
Capps." It appears, however, that he gave to each of them a portion 



worth £5,000. Sarah married Alexander Keynes, son of Edmund 
Keynes, of Compton, eo. Dorset, and Diana became the wife of John 
Wogan, of Wiston, co. Pembroke. In a note to the will of George 
Luttrell in Brown's " Somersetshire Wills," Dame Silvester is called 
Silvcstre Capps, widow, hut Mr Lytc is doubtless correct in saying that 
she was daughter of James Capps'. It is probable that she was of gentle 
blood, and that her service was not a menial one. At all events we find 
her brother William Capps or Cappis described as Esquire in 1634. Mr. 
Lnttrcll died in 1G30, having, by Indenture dated 1 Get., 20 Jae I, 1 622, 
granted to his wife a life interest in the Manors of East Quantoxhead 
and Kilton, and having by his will constituted her his executrix. After 
the fashion of her period his widow was not long in taking another 
partner, her second husband being Sir Edmond Scory, kn fc , son of 
Silvanus (not Saluan as given in the Scory pedigree in the Visitation of 
Worcester published by the Harl. Soc. ) and grandson of John Scory, 
Bishop of Hereford, well known in connection with the Nag's Head fable. 
Sir Edmond died in 1632, and though their married life was of such short 
duration it must have been a very unhappy one, to judge by the following 
remarks he saw fit to make in his will (P.C.C. 81 Audley) : — " Unto 
Giles Baker, my Servant, who hath lived under the Tiranny of my wife 

to the danger of his life duringe the space of two yeares " " Unto 

dame Silvester Skory, my wife, who 1 hartily forgive all her wicked 
attempts against mee, a praier booke called the Practize of Piety, desiring 
that she better love and affect the same then (than) hitherto she hath 
done it." After this one is not surprised to find that there was a suit 
relating to the validity of the will between Dame Silvester and Hugh 
Busby, the executor. . In Trinity Term, 1633, the former filed a Bill in 
Chancery against her step-son Thomas Luttrell and others. This suit 
was, it appears, abated by her subsecpient marriage with her third 
husband, Giles Penny, son and heir of William Penny, of East Coker, co. 
Somerset, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Sir Edmund Ludlow, of 
Maiden Bradley, co. Wilts, Kn*. Soon after, Dame Silvester and Giles 
Penny commenced another suit against Thomas Luttrell, with whom was 
joined as defendant her own brother, William Capps. In 1637 she 
entered - into further litigation, the defendants on this occasion being the 
husbands of her two daughters, and their kinsfolk. She was still living 
in June, 1655, as was also her third husband, but I know nothing of their 
subsequent career. Denarius. 

Sir William Stewart of Jed worth. — In Vol. ii (N.S.) of The 
Genealogist (pp. 81-4), Mr. Bain has given a valuable note on the 
identity of the above knight, captured at Homildon Hill (1402) and 
executed shortly after. In it he refers to Andrew 7 Stewart's view that 
Sir William was a son of John " de Foresta" (1368), which he is 
disinclined to accept. There has subsequently appeared, in an unlikely 
quarter (6th Appendix to 10th Report on Historical MSS., p. 78), a list 
of the slain at Homildon Hill, which may throw a little further light on 
the problem. It includes " Mons r Johan Sty ward le filz de Sire William 
Stiward de Forestc." This would certainly suggest that Sir William 
Stewart "of Jedworth " was also known as " de Forestc" (de Jedworth), 
and thus strengthen the theory of his connection with John "de 
Foresta." " J. H. Roukp. 



Extracts from the Parish Registers of Tuttington, co. Norfolk. 

Anne Breton uxor Willielmi Bretoi 
Willielmus Margrave Clericus sep. 
Clemens Rolf filius Thomas Rolf gen. natu.s. 
Elizabetha Rolf [ilia ThoiiKO Rolf gen. natu.s. 
Johannes Rolf fijius Tliomre Rolf gen. bapt, et sep. 
Susana Rolf uxorThonne Rolf gen. sep. 

Johannes Culling Clericus [vicar of Tuttington] et Margrett 

Ketcbam nupti. 
Bridgett filia Thonuo Fuhnerston g bapt. 
Eclwanlus filius Thomoj Fuhnerston g. sep. 
Johannes Hargrave Clericus et Ales Barton nupti. 
Anthonius Iveson vicarius de Tutyngton moriebatur apucl Haynefurd 
ubi fuit rector xix die meusis Mail anno dni 1619 et sepultus erat 
ibidem xxii die Maii. 
Thomas Harris et Jane Brampton gen. nupti. 
Thomas Rolf generosus *ep. 
Anthonius Rolf filius dementis Rolf gen. uatus. 
Maria filia dementis Rolf gen. nata. 
Anna Rolf filia Clementis Rolf gen. nata. 
Katerina uxor Caroli Stutevyle gen. sep. 
Brigitta Rolf vidua relicta Thomre Rolf gen sep. 
Hannah filia Clementis Rolf et Anna) uxoris ejus nata. 
Thomas Raymes <reu. et Gracia Baker matriinonio cop. 
Sara filia Clere Haniont gen. et Sane uxoris ejus bapt. 
Maria filia Caroli Stutevyle gen. et Maria) uxoris ejus nata. 
Susanna filia Clementis Rolf gen. et Anna) uxoris ejus nata. 
Johannes Hunt S. Th. Bacc et Susanna filia Caroli Stutevyle gen. 
matr. cop. 

Anna Rolf Clementis Rolf gen. uxor sepulta. 

Franciscus Blande gen. et Maria filia Clementis Rolf gen. matr. cop. 
Maria Rolfe filia Anthonii Rolfe gen. et Maria) uxoris nata et sep. 
Maria filia Anthonii Rolfe et Maria) illius uxoris nata ob. 1634. 
Anna filia Anthonii Rolfe et Maria) illius uxoris nata. 
Clemens et Anthonius filii Anthonii Rolfe et Maria) illius uxoris 

Alicia uxor Clementis Rolf sep. 
Clemens Rolf gen. sep. 

Willielmus Searles nuper vicarius de Tuttington sep. 
Inductus fuit Josephus Ransome in vicariam et ecclcsiam 
parochialem de Tuttington. 

Earldom of Meulan. — "We have received a note from Mr. Kirk 
acquiescing in the closure of this discussion, and stating that he is quite 
content to rely on the fact that the Tewkesbury charter professes to be 
dated not only after the death of Queen Matilda in 1118, but after the 
creation of Robert Fitz Roy as Earl of Gloucester in 1121. Ed. 

Lee of Wybunbury, co. Chester. — Concerning the family of Lee of 
"Wybunbury in Cheshire, I notice that in Lysons Magna Brittania 
(Cheshire) they are asserted to be the parent stock of the Lees of Cotton 
in Shropshire, whereas the Visitation of Shropshire derives them from 
the same stock as the Lees of Langley in that county. Can any readers 
of The Genealogist supply me with the fact? J.H.L.C. 

Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, with additions. — By an 
unfortunate printer's error in the Pedigree of Sunderland (ante p. 51) 
Susan Adams, second wife of Bryan Sunderland (VI) and their six 
children were attributed to Bryan's son Peter (VII). Lines 3G to 44 
should, therefore, be transposed and follow line 11. 


Mar. 20. 


Jan. 16. 


Mar. 9. 


May 10. 


Dec. 25. 


Nov. 14. 


Nov. 20. 




Jan. 18. 




Nov. 20 


Nov. 9. 


Nov. 9. 


A p. 26. 

Dec. 10. 


June 2. 


Jan. 16. 


Ap. 6. 



May 3. 

June 14. 



Sept. 3. 


Oct. 31. 



Oct. 17. 


March 1. 


Dec, 29. 


July 30. 


Jan. 6. 


Julv 7. 


July 29. 



The pedigree of this family in Burke's "Landed Gentry" is a good 
example of those misleading accounts which are now so largely and so 
cleverly produced chiefly for insertion in its pages. 

It was in 1863, I believe, that this pedigree first made its appearance, 
and as it has since undergone considerable modification, I append, from 
the editions of 18G3 and 1894, the opening paragraphs : — 

" This family, the only one of the 
name long settled in England, is of 
great antiquity in the county of 
Durham. The surname is Saxon, 
and Robert Trotar is mentioned in 
Doomesday Book as holding a house 
at the royal city of Winchester, of 
King Edward the Confessor, at a 
rent of £5 yearly. The earliest 
county records in the 14 th century 
show the present family to have 
been then seated at Byers Green." 

"In 13S0 a complete survey of co. 
Durham was taken by order of 
Bishop Hatfield, and Roger Trotter 
was then seated at Byers. In 1314, 
on the death of Robert, Lord 
Clifford, Lord of the manors o. 
Brougham in Westmorland, and 
Hart and Hartlepool, Durham, it 
is stated in Nicolson and Burn's 
History of Westmorland that John 
Trotter and others held the manor 
of Brougham." 

Now we are concerned here neither with Winchester nor Westmorland, 
but with Byers, co. Durham. Reference to Hatfield's "Survey" shews 
at once that the Roger Trotter in question is not even entered as a 
"libere tenens," but was a small holder, as we should say, farming some 
forty-five acres. Three men of the same class, in the little township, 
had larger holdings. So much for the family being " seated " at Bvers 
in 1380. 

That " George Trotter, gent., of Byers Green," who is found among 
the Red worth freeholders in 1685 was a descendant of the above Roger 
is possible enough ; and the long continuance of the name in the town- 
ship is worth recording. But the pedigree-maker has brought ridicule 
on the house he sought to exalt by endeavouring to convert its members 
into a line of country gentlemen. The continuous pedigree begins in 
the time of Elizabeth with an individual described originally as "George 
Trotter, gent ," but now as George Trotter, of Byers Hall, from whom 
are made to descend a long line of "esquires." No pedigree of this 
family is found in the County Visitations, which indeed do not even 
mention one of its members. Surtees, unfortunately, did not live to 
write an account of this locality, so that we have not his assistance. 
The authority of the pedigree, however, may be gauged from the 
character of the statements I now append. 

The virtual founder of the present family was a medical man who 
practised at Darlington. His epitaph runs : — 

" Near this place lies the body of John Trotter M.D. an honest and humane man 
who, during a residence of 23 years in Darlington, practised medicine with reputa- 
tion and success. He departed this life Feb. 6 th 1781, aged 63." 



In the present edition of the " Landed Gentry," the profession, the 
residence, and the first marriage of this worthy man are all alike 
ignored ; and we have only an elaborate flourish about his (second) 
wife. Now his marriage with his first wife Sarah, and the' birth of their 
son, are duly recorded in the Quaker registers ; l for, be it revealed, the 
honest doctor came of Quaker stock. And not only on the father's 
side. His mother, we read, was " Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of John 
Hall, Esq., of Monk Hesilden Hall (who brought the Gordon estate into 
the family)." Now here Surtees comes to our assistance, and helps us 
to disestablish another country gentleman, by shewing that John Hall 
was not of " Monk Hesilden Hall " (then in the possession of the 
Tweddells), but was a yeoman in the parish, and "a noted Quaker 
preacher." Elizabeth is not mentioned among his daughters, but 
doubtless was one. 

The special glory of the pedigree, however, is the marriage of the 
doctor's son and namesake in 1793 (" 1797 " in the "Landed Gentry "). 
Here are the earlier and the later descriptions of his wife's family : — 

" Margaret, only child and heir " Margaret, ' a lady of famous 

of John Dale, Esq., of the Deanery beauty and sole heir of her ancient 

House, Staindrop . . . sole repre- family,' only child of John Dale, 

sentative of the family of Dale, Esq., of Staindrop, co. Durham 

owners of Gillfield, Yorks, and (where the Dales had been seated 

Staindrop, Durham, for between for six centuries), Capt. 84 th Kegt. 

two and three centuries — a cadet By this lady, who brought into the 

branch of the Dales of Dale Hall, family some of the oldest baronial 

Essex — among the many distin- descents in the north, and the royal 

guished members of that ancient blood of England and Scotland, 

family being Sir Thomas de Dale, etc., etc." 
knighted in Gascony, 12 Nov. 1363, 
by King Edward III, etc., etc." 

Now the earliest pedigree of these Dales that I can find, is that 
which was compiled with great care for Surtees' "Durham" (iv, 145). 
It is quite untrue that they owned Staindrop, and it is startling to learn 
from this source that the above John Dale was the first of his family 
entitled to be styled " Esquire," and that his sister was married to 
" William Charnley, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, bookseller." In this pedigree 
the family are traced as freeholders in Staindrop to about the year 
1G00, beyond which all is blank. 

The old " baronial descents " require separate examination. Here 
we must again collate the "arms " assigned to the family in the 18G3 
and 1894 editions : — 

Arms. As in use and allowed Arms. Arg. a chief erm., over 

at the Heralds' Yisitations by the all a lion rampant az. ; quartering 

Skelton Castle, Yorkshire, and co. among many other coats, Dale, 

Durham families in the 16 fch cen- Brackett, Coxyers, Tempest, Aton, 

tury, both being precisely the same, Baron de Aton, Bertram, Baron 

and without 'difference.' Arg. a Bertram, Umfraville, Baron Um- 

1 I am indebted for this fact to Mr. Joseph Foster- 



chief erm : over all a lion rampant fraville, and Earl of Angus 
az. quartering the ensigns (sic) of (Baronetcies [sic] still in abeyance 
March, Heighington, Dale, Wild- among the coheirs), De Vesci, De 
bore, etc. Vere, and Scrope. Crest. A lion's 

head erased arg., collared erm. 

If we turn to Burke's "Armory," from Burke's "Landed Gentry," 
we find that, so far from the Yorkshire and Durham families using the 
same coat, " without 'difference,'" the Skelton Castle (Yorks.) Trotters 
bore the arms (and crest) now assumed by the Byers Green family, 
which arms were ''granted 16 Feb. 1587," while the Helmdcn (Durham) 
Trotters bore, in 1615, " Ar. a lion rampant sa., a chief erm." We 
find the same blazon in Foster's " Visitations of Durham " (p. 308), 
with the note that "no arms are given in the copy of the Visitation in 
the Heralds' College." As the "Byers" Trotters do not even claim 
descent from Trotter of Skelton Castle, it is obvious, even on their 
own shewing, that they have wrongfully assumed the arms of that 
house. As to the quarterings, it will, of course, be obvious to northern 
antiquaries that they imply a descent, through heiresses, in one line 
from Conyers of Sockburn, Aton, Vere, Bertram, etc., and in another 
through Tempest of Holmside, from the Umfravilles of Kyme. 
Clearly this latter descent is claimed through the marriage of John 
Dale, gent , with " Isabel, dau. of Thomas Blacket, of Helmington, 
gent.," in 1709; because a Blackett, of Woodcroft, married in the 
sixteenth century, a coheiress of Tempest of Holmside. But there is 
nothing given to shew the ancestry of the above Thomas Blacket, and 
his daughter, it will be seen, is not entered as an heiress or coheiress, 
although this is done in the case of the preceding Dale match, that with 
Wildbore (I 687). In short, there is not even an attempt to shew on 
what ground these quarterings are claimed, while as for the Dales, it 
is evident that Surtees did not consider them entitled to any arms 
at all. 

The climax, however, yet remains. On turning to Kelly's " Durham 
Directory for 1890," we find under Byers no such "seat" as "Byers 
Green Hall " mentioned, while the name of Trotter cannot be found 
either among the residents or among the landowners of the parish. 
When the Editors of the "Landed Gentry" tell us that "every avail- 
able source of information has been exhausted " by them in preparing 
that work, one is surprised to learn that they could not even turn to a 
Post-Office Directory to see if such a "seat" as "Byers Green Hall" 
had any real existence. 

J. H. Bound. 



It is related, in the text-hooks, that he accompanied Louis VII. on 
crusade, and never returned, "hut whether he fell in battle, or died in 
captivity, has not been ascertained.'' There is, however, contemporary 
evidence of the highest order as to the manner of the Earls death. 
During the French King's disastrous march across Asia Minor, his rear- 
guard, detached from the main body, was assailed by a multitude of 
Turks, and cut to pieces in the defiles of Laodicea. Ludovicus Dei 
gratia Bex Francorum et Dux Aquitanortim Suggerio venerabili Abbati 
S. Dionysii, salutem et gratiam. [Fpistola xxxix.] . . . Non defuerunt 
quippe nobis assidurc latronum msidiac, graves viarum diflicultates, 
quotidiana bella Turcorum, qui permissione Imperatoris in terrain suam 
militiam Christi persequi venerant, ct in detrimentum nostrum totis 
viribus incumbebant ; et quoniam in multis locis non poterant victui 
necessaria reperiri, graviter afliictus fuit per aliquantulum temporis 
populus fame, et in una dierum pro ut peccatis nostris exigentibus 
judicium divinum permisit, plerique ceciderunt de baronibus nostris. 
Fuerunt enim mortui in ascensu montaiue Laodiciai minoris, inter 
districta locorum, consanguineus natter Comes de Guarenna, Rainaldus 
Tomodorensis, Manasses de Bullis, Gaucherius de Monte-gai, Evrardus 
de Bretolio, et creteri quam pi arcs, de quibus oportunius lator prrcsen- 
tium annunciabit, quia dolor nos loqui lathis non permittit. Nos autem 
ipsi frequenter in periculo mortis fuimus, sed tamen ab his omnibus per 
Dei gratiam libcrati, persecutioncs Turcorum }>otenter evasimus, et 
usque Sateleiam salvo exercitu Domino protegente pervenimus . . . 
He, in fact, escaped in the general rout only by climbing a tree, and 
was thus, says our greatest historian, " saved by his own valour and the 
ignorance of his adversaries." The testimony of the monarch, an eye 
witness, or rather bird's eye Avitness, in his letters to Suger, "the best 
documents of authentic history," would appear to be decisive. It must, 
however, be added that a doubt may be cast on the statement above as 
to the death of Rcnaud, Count of Tonnerre. For Hugh de Foitiers 
assures us that he was taken prisoner : — " Rainaldus captivitatis 
miseriam turpiter sortitus, servituti gentis barbane infelicrter addictus 
est." Moreover, in 1150, William III., Count of Nevers, made a 
donation to the Abbey of Moleme : — " Quod si Dominus Rainaldus, 
olira Comes Tomodori . . . ab Jerusalem revertetur, spopondi ekj quod 
hec donatio . . . ab ipso laudaretur." 

Rut the death of the Earl of Surrey on this occasion is also mentioned 
by William, Archbishop of Tyre [lib xvi] : — Occubuerunt ilia die [Wz. 
19 Jan.] viri nobiles et illustres, rebus militaribus singulariter insignes, 
pia digni recordatione, Conies de Guarenna vir inter majores eximius, 
Calcherus de Montjay, Evrardus de Rretol, Items de Magnac, et alii 
multi, quorum nomina non tenemus, qin r e tamen scripta esse in ca^lis 
credendum est, quorum memoria in benedictione crit in seeulum seculi 
. . . Factum est autem hoc anno ab Incarnatione Domini mcxi.vii, 
mense januario [i.e. Jan. 114 J]. 

G. W. Watson. 


$ctugrrf3 from tfjc $Ica Bolls. 

By Major-General the Hon. GEORGE WHOTTESLEY. 
(Continued from p. 70.) 

De Banco. Mich. 37. E. 3. 

12 ih 

Salop. — John de Lodelowe, Kt., sued Ralph, Earl of Stafford, for an 
illegal distress in his manor of Westbury. The pleadings give this 
pedigree — 

Peter Corbet, 
the Baron of 


Peter, ob. s-p. 


Nicholas de 


Walter de Broniptou. 



=Edmund de 

Ralph, Margaret. 
Earl of —Robert de 

Stafford. Harley. 

The Earl justified the distress on the ground that John held the 
manor of Westbury, of the Barony of Caus, by the service of Here- 
ditary Cook at the Castle of Caus. The pleadings specify the service 
as attendance at the Castle of Caus every Christmas Day, and standing 
at the kitchen dresser girded with an apron, and John had refused to 
perform it. Judgment was given in favour of the Earl. 

De Banco. Mich. 39. E. 3. m. 121. 

Leic. — The Prior of Lythum sued Richard de Vernoun, Chivaler, for 
the next presentation to the Church of Appleby. 

Richard de Vernoun. 



Richard, the plaintiff. 
The Prior gave the following pedigree of Vernon. 

William de Vernon. Richard. 

I I 

William, living Richard, 
in 50 Hen. 3. 


Richard, the 

Richard de Vernon denied he had ever had an ancestor William, son 
of a William de Vernoun, the brother of Richard, his great grandfather, 
and the suit was adjourned from term to term up to Mich. 40 E. 3, 
when Richard failed to appear, and the Prior recovered the advowson. 



De Banco. Mich. 39. E. 3. m. 304. 

Staff. — Ralph Paries sued John Buttetourt, and Joyce, his wife, for the 
manor of Hunesworth (Hands worth). 

William Paries. 



Ralph, the plaintiff. 

N.B.— The Staffordshire Plea Rolls of the reign of Edward I shew- 
that the ancestor William had been seised of the manor, but had been 
hanged for felony, and the manor had escheated to the superior lord, 
the Baron of Dudley. Joyce was one of the coheirs of the Barony of 

De Banco. Mich. 39. E. 3. m. 424. 

Leic. — Thomas de Asteleye, the younger, and Elizabeth, his wife, sued 
Thomas de Harecourt, Chivaler, for the manor of Nayleston, which 
Henry de Hastynges had given to William de Harecourt, and Miliaria, 
his wife, and to the heirs of their bodies. 

William de Harecourt,=rHillaria. 
temp. H. 3. | 






=Thomas de Asteleye, 
the plaintiffs. 

De Banco. Easter. 40. E. 3. m. 150. 
London. — John, son of John Blount, of Beveresbrok, sued Thomas, son 
of Hugh Blount, of Essex, Kt, for a rent of £10 9s. 6d., and two parts 
of a messuage in London, which Andrew Blount, Kt., son of Robert 
Blount, gave to Henry, his son, and to the heirs of his body. 

Henry Blount, temp. E. 1. 

A n drew. 



John, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 41. E. 3. m. 4G4. 
Lane. — Robert," son of Simon de Molyneux, of Thornton, sued Agnes, 
formerly wife of Robert Alcokson, of Thornton, for land in Thornton, 



which Richard, son of Robert de Molyneux had given to Robert de 
Molyneux and to the heirs of his body. The pleadings give this 
pedigree — 

Robert de Molyneux, 
living temp. E. 2. 

• I 


. I 


Robert, the plaintiff. 

The plaintiff is stated to have held Scfton and other lands in co. 
Lancaster, but the Molyneux pedigree in the Peerage takes no notice of 

De Banco. Mich. 41. E. 3. m, 621. 

Salop. — John, son of Laurence de Lodelowe, Chivaler, sued Thomas de 
Hodynet for land in Hodynet. 

Odo de Hodynet, temp. King Rich. 




Matilda. Margery. 

I I 

Laurence. Thomas, ob. s.p. 


John de Lodelowe, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 41. E. 3. m. 246. 

Essex. — William de Huntyngfeld, Chivaler, sued Gilbert, son of John 
Talbot and others for the manor of Hobrigge and other lands, which 
William de Hobrigge had given to Roger de Huntyngfeld and Joan, his 
wife, and to the heirs of their bodies. 

Roger de Huntyngfeld. =pJoan, temp. E. 1, 



William, the plaintiff. 
N.B. — This pedigree should be substituted for that given at Mich, 
term, 37 E. 3, which is clearly erroneous, the number of generations 
being excessive. 

De Banco. Easter. 41. E. 3. m. 203. 

Xorthamp. — Roger de Oliverugge sued William Latymer, Chivaler, and 
another for the next presentation to the church of Bourton. 



Gerard dc Furnyvalle was seised of the 
manor of Bourton, temp. E. 1, and died 
in foreign parts. 


Christiana. =f William de Aylesford. 

* Gerard de Aylesford. 



John, under age and in ward 
to John de Nowers. 

Dc Banco. Easter. 41. E. 3. m. 266. 
Salop. — Roger FEstraunge, of Knokyn, Kt, sued John, son of John 
FEstraunge, of Mudele, and Mabel, his wife, for the manor of Mudele. 
John l'Estraunge, Kt., the elder. 

John l'Estraunge, temp. E. 1. 



John, ob. s.p. 

Roger, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 42. E, 3. m. 469. 
Dcrb. — John de Bradburn sued John Domville, and Matilda, his wifc> 
for execution of a Fine levied in 20 E. 3 between William, son of Roger 
de Bradburne, the younger, and Margaret, his wife, and John Domville, 
and Matilda, his wife. 

Roger de Bradburne. John, ob. s.p. 

William, ob. s p.^Margaret. 



De Banco. Mich. 42. E. 3. m. 497 dorso. 
Korihampt. — -Thomas de Asteleye, Kt,, sued Magister Henry de Bokyiv. 
ham for the next presentation to the church of Creek. 

Roger de 
ob. s.p., 
Hen. 3. 

=r- Robert de 

\\ illiain de A^sheby 
(conveyed his share 
to Thomas de Aste- 
leye ) 

—Thomas de 

I " 


Andrew, living 
temp. E. 1. 


Pet ron ilia. 
=Richaid de 

Robert de Cursoun, 
who had enfeoffed Adam, 
son of Philip de North- 
ampton, and Joan, his 
wife, of his share. 

Nicholas, ob. s.p. 


Thomas de Asteleye, the plaintiff. 



Alice, Matilda, and Petronilla, were sisters and coheirs of Roger de 
Camville, who died s.p. temp. Hen. 3. 

De Banco. Mich 42. E. 3. m. 281. 

Wanv. — John de Clynton, Kt., sued Hugh le Cook for land in Adelvestre 
(Austrey) which Thomas de Clynton had given to Osbert de Clynton 
and the heirs of his body, and which should revert to him, Osbert 
having died s.p. 

Thomas de Clynton, temp. E. 1. 



John de Clynton, the plaintiff. 
Hugh appeared at Hillary term 43 E. 3, and called to warranty Hugh 
le Despencer, and Alice, his wife. 

Coram Rege. Easter 42. E. 3. m. 3. Rec. 

Rucks, Oxo?i, Kent, Glouc. — A suit respecting the inheritance of Richard 
de Handlo gives this pedigree — 

John de Handlo, living 31 E. 1, 
died 19 E. 3. 


Richard^Isabella.^Robert de Hildesle, 
ob. v.p. 2nd husband. 

Elizabeth. Margaret. 
=Edmund atte Pole. =John de Appelby. 

N.B. — Other suits shew that the family styling themselves de 
Handlo were Bumells. 

Coram Rege. Mich. 42. E. 3. m. 41. 
Cumb. — A long suit respecting the custody of the manor of Youby 
(Thomas, son of Thomas Ughred versus John, son of Robert de Kirketon), 
gives this pedigree — 

Alexander de Burdon. 

Gregory, Elena. Roger, 

ob. s.p. I | 

Robert. Thomas, 

! I 

John de Brian. 
Kirketon. | 

=Thoinas Ughred. 
I • 

Thomas, the plaintiff. 

k_ The defendant stated that the father of Gregory was named William 



and not Alexander, and that Gregory never had a brother called Roger, 
and the jury found in his favour. Elena's husband appears to have 
been Nicholas de Vespount, but it is not quite clear whether this 
Nicholas was father of Robert de Kirketon. 

De Banco. Hillary. 43. E.- 3. m. 38 clorso. 

Staff. — Nicholas de Beck, Chivaler, sued Roger le Deye and other 
tenants in Gallon for lands and tenements in Gallon in which they had 
no entry except by a demise which had been made by William Wyther, 
and Orabel, his wife (the kinswoman of Nicholas, and whose heir he 
was), to one Reginald de Legh, and to which Orabel could not object 
during the lifetime of her husband. 

Orabel. = William Wyther, 

I second husband. 





Nicholas de Beck, the plaintiff. 
N.B. — Lettice was daughter of Orabel, by her first husband. 

De Banco. Hillary. 43. E. 3. m. 156. 

Devon. — Richard (sic) de Seymor sued the Abbot of Lilleshull for land 
in North Molton, which Roger de la Zouche had given to Alan de la 
Zouche and to the heirs of his body. 

Alan de la Zouche, temp. H, 3, 

Elena. Matilda. 


Nicholas (sic) de Seymour, 
the plaintiff. 

The plaintiff is styled Richard in one place and Nicholas in another. 

De Banco. Trinity. 43. E. 3. m. 334. 

Somerset. — The King sued Alice Mulct and William Pouwer for the next 
presentation to the church of Hywychaunflour. 

I ' 1 1 1 ! 

Nicholas Walsh. Alice. Joan, Matilda. Edith. 

| ob. s.p. | 

! 1 1 Simon ie Brut, 

Joan, ob. s.p. Elizabeth, ob. s.p. who was under age. 


Elizabeth. Lucy. Christine. Juan. 

John Salman, who was under age 
and in ward to the King. 



Alice Malet had acquired the rights of Lucy, Christina, and Joan, 
and seems to be identical with Alice, the sister of Nicholas Walsh. 

De Banco. Trinity. 43. E. 3. m. 338. 

Leyc. — William de Weston, of Carleton Culy, sued Richard fitz Hugh, 
and Margaret his wife, and Emma, daughter of Richard and Margaret, 
for land in Carleton Culy, which William de Rothwell had given to 
Simon, son of Peter de Weston, of Carleton Culy, and Agnes, his wife, 
and to the heirs of their bodies. 

Peter de Weston. 

Simon. =p Agnes, temp. E. 2. 

John. William de Weston, 

| the plaintiff. 

I J 1 

Henry, Agnes, 
ob. s.p. ob. s.p. 

N.B. — By another suit at Mich. 43 E. 3, William de Weston claimed 
the manor of Carleton Culy on the same grounds. 

De Banco. Trinity. 43. E. 3. in. 523. 

Berks. — Robert de Lenham sued Thomas de Besiles, and Katrine, his 
wife, for the manor of Boclande (Buckland), which Hamon de Creve- 
quer, and Matilda, his wife, had granted by Fine levied in 29 Hen. 3 to 
John, son of Henry de Sam[ . . . ] (rest illegible), and Agnes, his wife, 
in frank marriage. The pleadings give these pedigrees — 

John, son of Henry. =pAgnes, 29 Hen. 3. 

John, ob. s.p. 
William de Bokeland. 

Matilda. Joan. Hawyse. 

—William de =Robert de —John de 
Haveryng. Ferrers. Eaville. 

Robert de Ferrers and Joan had levied a Fine respecting the manor 
in 3 Hen. 3. 




Robert de Lenham, 
the plaiutiff. 

De Banco. Easter. 43. E. 3. m. 311. 

Cheshire. — William Trussell, Kt., sued Thomas del Hoghe, and Katrine, 
his wife, for the manor of Blaken, which John de Arderne had given 
to Warine de Maynwaring, and Agnes, his wife, and to the heirs of their 
bodies. The pleadings give these pedigrees — 



William Trussell, of Acton Trussell, 
co. Staff. 



John,~Katrine.=Thomas de Hoghe, 
ob s.p. second husband. 

Warine de Maynwaring.=f Agues. 



n I 

Margaret. William Trussell, 

:FulkdeFeinbrugge. the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 43. E. 3. m. 216. 

Cornubia. — John Kellygryu sued Richard Billion, the brother and heir 
of Walter Billion, for the next presentation to the church of St. Tudy. 

Henry Kellygryu, of^pEmma. 
Kellygryu. ' | 





— • 

John, ob. s.p. John, brother and heir of 

See Easter term 41 E. 3. m. 256. 

John, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 43. E. 3. m. 150. 

Somerset. — William de Carente sued John Chidyok, Chivaler, and 
another, for the next presentation to the chapel of Kyngeston, near 

Gilbert de Say, temp. Hen. 3. 

r -i- n 

Edith.=pThomas de Huntelegh. Matilda, 

I I 
John sold his moiety to Ralph. 
Walter de Tril, from | 
whom the plaintiff de- Thomas, 
rived his claim. | 

Ralph sold his moiety to Robert 
fitz Payn, Chivaler. 

(To be continued.) 






















— X 


C ^ 
tc ce 

9 W -3 (A 1) Louis VIII, King of the French ; d. 8 
I g ^ n Nov. 1226. See Tab. XIV, B 1 . 

f? § o (A 2} Blanche, da. of Alfonso III, King of 
^ '|- Castile; d. 1 Dec. 1252. See Tab. XIV, 
B 2. 


(A 3) Raymond Berenger IV, Count of Pro- 

- VENCE AND FORCALQUIER ; (/. 19 Aug. 12-15. 

j See Tab. XI, D 1. 


(A 4) Beatrice, da. of Thomas, Count of 
Savoy ; d. 1206. See Tab. XI, D 2. 

(A 5) Peter II. the Catholic. King of Dragon, 
£ Count of Barcelona, Roussillon, and Cer- 
| & | dagne, 1196—1213 ; slain 12 Sep. 1213. 
§ 1 1 — II 

"Uti (A 6) Mary, da. of William VIII, Seigneur 
£2 m de Montfellier ; 6. 11S2 ; 74. June 1204 ; tf. 
j 5 I 20-30 Apr. 1213 [not 1219]. 

? g-, (A 7) Andrew II, King of Hungary, 1204 — 
S~ 1235 : d. 7 March 123|. 

I o HI 

(A 8) Volande, da. of Peter II, Seigneur de 
courtenay, count of nevers, auxerre and 
Tonnekre, Marquis of Namur, Emperor of 
Constantinople ; m. before 29 Jan. 121£ ; d. 
> & 1233 :(-) 2nd wife. 

(A 9) Thibaut III, Count Palatine of Cham- 
pagne and Brie, 1197—1201 ; b. 1177 ; d. 24 
or 25 May 1201. 

: < HI 

3 a (A 10) Blanche, da. of Sancho VI, King of 
Navarre : m, 1195. 

(A 11) Arehambaud VIII (IX), le Grand, Sire 
23 de Bourbon, 1215— 1242 ;{ 7 ) slain 21 or 22 
| 3^ July 1242. 

(A 12) Beatrice, da.( 2 j of Arehambaud, Seig- 
« o neur de MoNTLUCoN;, y ) in the Bourbounais ; 
m. by 1215; living 1232. 

s c?-, (A 13) Louis VIII, King of the French ; d. 
S Nov. 1226. See Tab. XIV, B 1. 

b "HI 

(A 14) blanche, da. of Alfonso III, King of 
Castile ; d. 1 Dec. 1252. See Tab. XIV, 
B 2. 

(A 15) Henry II, Duke of Lothier and Bra- 
-, rant ; d. 1 Feb. 124;-. See Tab. XIV, B 5. 

£ £ (A 16) Mary, da. of Philip II, King of the 
^ %- Romans ; 1st wife. See Tab. XIV, B 6. 



£ fA 1) John, King: of England ; d, 18-1! 

£ H 


Oct. 1216. See Table VII, E. 

~ l [| 

F\< § Sw (A 1) Isabel, Queen Consort, da. of Aimar, 
M^^&o Count of Angouleme ; d. abt. 1245: 2nd 
B<lj?~ ^ wife - See TaU IX, E. 

I ll 

^ o ^ 5 ( A 3 ) Raymond Berenger IV, Count of Pno- 
* '£ "1 § "I vence and Forcalquier ; d. 19 Aug. 1245. 
~ • -■ g - I See Tab. XI, D 1. 

cd t" O ra (A 4) Beatrice, da. of Thomas, Count op 

^ g § | Savoy ; rf. 1266. See Tab. XI, D 2. 

^t^Pr"rJ fA 5) Alfonso IX, Ktnq of Leon and 

^gr a- H G alicia ; d. 23 or 24 Sep. 1230. See Tab. 

x 2 " £ " XIII, C 1. 

? • % o 2 (A 6) Berengaria, Queen of Castile, da. of 

f § & Alfonso III, King of Castile; tf. 8 Nov. 

CSg p| 1246 ; 2nd wife. See Tab. XIII, C 2. 

, . . — — — -t 

? J o ts I ^ - ?~ - - 3 (A 7) Simon, Count of Aumale ; d 21 Sep. 
X " § I 5 ^ - c ul ^1 1 239. See Tab. XIII, C 3. 

BmSw|- f - • — 1| 

* £ J p*^.> ^ I (A 8) Mary, Counters of Pontiiieu and 

^ 3 si. c r ° ' ? ci-° Montreuil, da. of William III, Count of 

> § Q Ponthieu and Montreuil ; rf. 1251. See 
8 M S ' S Tab. XIII, C 4. 

C J=>t K 5 5 

(A 9) Louis IX, King of the French ; d. 25 
M£ % «3-, Aug. 1270. See Tab. XIV. C 1. 

M " d ^ (A 10) Margaret, da of Raymond-Berenger 
os* 2 ^ IV, Count of Provence and Korcalquier ; 

rf. 20 or 21 Dec. 1295. See Tab. XIV, C 2, 

— ^| (A 11) James I. King of Aragon ; d. 25 or 
9i 27 July 1276. See Tab. XVI, 15 3 

►3 2 q S?1K 

" § - °°'s^ 12) Yolande, da. of Andrew II, King of 

>j ?- ^ y _ :- §• Hungary ; 2nd wife. See Tab. XVI, B 4. 

£x 9 O ^c"> ^ 2 3-, (A 13) Thibaut I, King of Navarre, Count 
^ - - P I Palatine of Champagne and Brie ; d. 8 or 

»- ~ : § > ~ I 10 July 1253. See Tab. XVI, B 5. 

g z * i o Hi 

r ~ 1' E ; ~ (A 14) Margaret, da. of Archambaud VIII 
zr- z- ~- (IX), Sire de Bourbon ; 3rd wife See Tab. 
® 3 Q 0~2 XVL B 6. 

cr =x. £ « * 

' Hi (A 15) Robert I. Count of Artois ; slain 

X op g 8 Feb. 12^. See Tab. XVI, B 7. 

3 « ^ ° * HI 

(A 16) Matilda or Mahaut, da. of Henry II, 
Duke of Lothier and Brabant; d. 29 Sep. 
1288. See XVI, B 8. 

r" o P 


Additions to Table XVI. 

A. 5. He was crowned at £cme by Pope Innocent III, 11 Nov. 
1204; killed at the Battle of Muret in the Comte of Cominges, bur. in 
the Abbey of Xixena in Aragon. (Eldest son of Alfonso II, King of 
Aragon, by Sancha of Castile. See Tab. XI, B 1,2). 

A. 6. She was m. by contract dated at Montpellier 5 [not 15] Jane 
1204; d. at Home, bur. in St. Peter's. [She m. 1, 1194, Barral, 
Vicomte de Marseille. She m. 2, Dec. 1197, Bernard IV, Count of 
Cominges (who d. Feb. 122f), who had already two wives living, and 
from whom she was separ.] (Dan. of William VIII, Seigneur de Mont- 
pellier, by his first wife Eudoxia, dan. 1 of Isaac Komnenos, Sebasto- 

A. 7. He succ. his nephew YVladyslaw II (III). [He m. 1, 
Gertrude, dau. of Bcrthold IV (V) Duke of Merania and Dalmatia ; 
she was assassinated 1212 or 27 Sep 121 3. 2 He m. 3, 14 May, 1234, 3 
Beatrice, only child of Aldrovandino I, Marquis of Este and Ancona]. 
(Second son of Bela III, King of Hungary, by his first wife 4 Agnes, 
dan. of Renaud de Chatillon, Seigneur de Kmc (Mons Kegalis) in 
Arabia Petrsea, Prince of Antioch j. ux.) 

A. 8. She was bur. in the Abbey of Egrez. (Dau. of Peter II, 
Emperor of Constantinople, by his second wife Yolande, dau. of 
Baldwin, V Count of Hainault and VIII Count of Flanders of that 

A. 9. He succ. his elder br. Henry II ; d. at Troves and was bur. 
there. 5 (Second son of Henry I, called le Liberal or le Large, Count 
Palatine of Champagne and Brie, by Mary, dau. of Louis VII, King of 
the French. 6 ) 

A. 10. (Her mother was Sancha cf Castile. See Table VI, D 1, 2.) 

A. 1 1. He was killed at the Battle of Taillebourg. s (Eldest son of 
Guy II, Seigneur de Dampierre, St. Just, and St. Dizier, in Champagne, 
by Mahaut or Matilda, only child of Arehambaud VII (VIII), Sire de 

B. 3. James I, the Conqueror, King of Aragon, Majorca (1229) and 
Valencia (1239), Count of Barcelona, Koussillon, Cerdagne and Urgel, 
Seigneur de Montpellier ; b. at Montpellier ; (/. at Alcira in the habit of 
a Cistercian monk, bur. in the Abbey of Poblet in Catalonia. [He m. 
1, at Tarazona, 7 Feb. 122a, Eleanor, dau. of Alfonso III, King of 
Castile ; marriage declared null at the Council of Tarazona Apr. — May 
1229. He m. 3, "secretly," Teresa Bidaure.] 

B. 4. She was m. at Barcelona ; d. at Huesca, bur. in the monastery 
of Valbuena in Catalonia. 

B. 5. He was called le Posthume and le Grand ; succ. as Thibaut I, 
King of Navarre, on the death s.p. of his uncle Sancho VII, 7 Apr. 
1234; proclaimed King at Pamplona 7 May 1234 ; d. at Pamplona, 
bur. there in the Cath. Church of Nuestra Senora la Beal. [He r». 1, 
by contract dated 20 Aug. 1220, Gertrude (b. after 12 Nov. 1204 10 ) 
only dau. 11 and hss. of Albert of Lou vain, Count of Dagsburg, Moha 
and Metz (and widow, March 1220, of Thibaut I, Duke of Lorraine) 



from whom lie was separ. ; (she m. 3, a son 1 - of Emicon, Count of 
Leiningen) ; she d. shortly before 19 March 122*. 13 He m. 2, 1222, 
Agnes, dau. of Guichard IV, Sire de Beaujeu ; she d. 11 July 1231,' 

B. 6. She d. at Provins in Jirie, bur. in the Abbey of Clairvaux. 
B. 7. He was called; le Bon and le Vaillant; inherited, by his 
fathers testament, " terrain Atrebasii," of which he obtained possession 
7 June 1237; next year this territory was made a comte ; killed at 
the Battle of Massoura 8 Feb. 12±£. 

B. 8. She was m. at Compiegne; bur. in the Cistercian Abbey of 
Cercamp in Artois. [She m. 2, by papal dispens. dated 16 Jan. 125 J, 17 
Guy de Chatillon II, Count of St. Pol ; he d. 12 March 128f, bur/ in 
the Abbey of Cercamp.] 

C. 2. Her marriage contract was dated at Corbez hear Montpellier 
11 May 1258 j she was bur. in the Abbey of St. Denis. 

C. 3. He was styled Count of Rosnay, v.f. ; succ. his eldest br. 
Thibaut II and V, 4 (2 or 5) Dec. 1270 ; proclaimed King at Pamplona 
1 March 127£ ; d. at Pamplona, bur. there in the Cath. Church 

C. 4. [She ???. 2, as second wife, by 3 Feb. 127f, Fxlmund, Earl of 
Lancaster and Leicester. See Tab. XX, A 10.] 

1 Cujus [MariEc] matrem Gra?cam nomine p. natione] neptem Emanuelis Impera- 
toris repudiaverat. fWillehnus de Podio Laurentii, c. 11). This statement has been 
adopted by Zurita (Ann. Arag., lib ii, c. 57) and by others. Du Chesne (Hist, des 
Dues de Bourgogne, c. 5) is in error in calling Eudoxia dau. of the Emperor Manuel ; 
he has, however, been followed by ChiiHet (Vindic. Hisp., p 363) and by the authors 
of L'Art de Ver. les Pates (torn, ii, p. 324\ It is only by a conjecture, founded on 
the statement of William de Puy Laurent, that Du Canee (Fam. Aug. Byzantina?, 
p. 185) considers Eudoxia to have been dau. of Isaac, the Emperor's brother. 

2 Albericus in Chron. 

3 By her marriage treaty (Muratori, Antiq. d'Este, p. 420 ; St. Marc, Abr. Chron., 
torn, v, p. 578) it appears that she was married at Stiihlweissenburg (Alba-Hegalis) in 
the Church of St. Mary, Sunday 14 May 1234. 

4 The statement that he was s^n of Bela's second wife Margaret of France (L'Art 
de Ver. les Dates, etc.) may be clearly seen to be incorrect from the dates alone. 
Moreover Alberic (ad aun. 1167) tells us that Renaud de Chutillon-sur-Loing had by 
the Princess of Antioch three daughters, the second called Agnes, married to P>ela, 
King of Hungary, mother of Emeric and of Andrew, brothers and kings. Renaud 
was probably merely a native of Chatillbn sur-Loing (in the Gutinais) and not, as 
French genealogists with some confidence assert, a member of the great house of 

5 According to L'Art de Ver. les Dates (torn, ii, p. 621) he was bur. in the Cath. 
Church (of St. Pierre). Anselme (torn, ii, p. S42^ says that he was bur. in the Coil. 
Church of St. Etienne, and that his epitaph there was still to be seen. 

6 By his first wife Eleanor of Aquitaiue. 

7 He succ. in 1215 to his father in the Sirerie de Bourbon, with the consent of his 
mother Matilda (who d. 20 June 1218). 

8 L'Art de Ver. les Dates (tom. ii, p. 41 3). Some writers of late date say at the 
Battle of Cognac (which is otherwise unknown) in 1238. 

9 He belonged to the family of the Sires de Bourbon, but the connection has not 
been exactly ascertained. The different accounts of his descent, as given by Justel, 
Blondel, and Du Bouchet, arc collected by Anselme, tom. hi. p. 150-152. 

10 Ego Adelbertus Dei gratia Comes Metensis etde Dasbourch karissimum nepotem 
meum Ducem Lotharingie constitui heredem de castro meo Dasbourch ... si 
Comitem contingat sine legitimo partu sui corporis decedere sive sit filius sive filia 
. . . This was confirmed by Philip, King of the Romans.— Coneessimus ei [Henrico 
Duci Lotharingie et Brabantie] omne feudum, quod patruus suus Conies Albertus de 
Dagispurg de manu nostra et Impcrio obtinet ; ita quod ipse Dux post mortem 
ipsius Comitis in omnibus bonis sive pactis absque cujuslibet contradictionis impedi- 



mento, si tamen Comes- sine herede discesserit, ei succedat . . . Acta sunt hec anno 
Domini MCCIV. Datura Confluentie secundo id. novembris indictione septima. 
(Charters of Brabant — Butkens, torn, i, preuves, pp. 55, 234.) 

11 1211. Obiit Albertus Comes Dasburgensis et Dominus de Musal relinquens 
parvulam filiam et elcgantem Gertrudem nomine. — 1221, Moritur Theobnldus 
juvenis Dux Lotharingi;\ cujus relictam Gertrudem nomine Comitissam de Daburc 
juvenis Comes Theobaldu* Carapanfehsis duxit in uxorem. — 1225. Comitissa 
Gertrudis cum esset heres unica de Daborch et de quodara castro Leodiensis diocesis 
quod Musacum dicitur cum appenditiis, et esset primo Ducissa Lotharingne, deinde 
Comitissa Campania?, novissime vero de Linenges Comitissa, tandem moritur sine 
herede. (Albericus in Chron.) 

T - His christian name appears to be unknown. He is called Thierry, Frederic, and 
Conrad by different genealogists. The pedigrees of Leiningen for this period seem 
to be utterly untrustworthy. 

13 The Counts of " Leiningen-Dagsburg " are not descended from her. She d . s.p. 
(cf. note 11). On her death the Bishop of Liege took possession of Moha before 
19 March 122i. In May 1225, John, Bishop of Metz, made known by his charter: — 
quod ego sic confederatus sum Duci Brabantie et fdio ejus, quod ego teneor eis 
impendere auxilium contra Cornitem de Linenges et filium ejus quondam Comitem 
de Dasbore et contra omnes illos qui tenent allodia que Comitissa de Dasbore 
nuper defuncta tempore obitus sui inter Renum et Mosellam possidebat. Dux vero 
et filius ejus mihi assistere promiserunt et tenentur contra omnes illos qui sibi 
usurpant feoda, que dicta Comitissa tenebat a me inter Renum et Mosellam tempore 
obitus sui (Butkens, torn, i, p. 191, and preuves, p. 71.) 

14 Anselme, torn, ii, p. 843 ; hi, p. 1G0. 

35 L'Art de Ycr. les Dates, torn, ii, p. 62G. 

10 Obiit pi£e memorise Mathildis Comitissa Sancti Pauli et Atrebatensis, in festo 
Sancti Michaelis, quoo fuit filia Ducis Brabant ia?, et mater lloberti Comitis Atreba- 
tensis et Blancso Reginaj Navarrse. (Necrology of the Abbey of Cercamp — Du 
Chesne, M. de Chastillon, preuves, p. 59.) 

17 Dispensation by Alexander IV given at Naples xvii kal. feb., Pontifieatus nostri 
anno i (Inventory of the Titres of la Fere — Du Chesne, ibid.) 

18 I prove this date, against 22 or 23 Jan., by a letter from King Philip to the 
monks of St. Denis, asking for prayers for his relations, John, Count of Nevers. and 
Thibaut, King of Navarre, and for his wife, in which occurs this passage. — Nam 
carissima uxor nostra Isabella regina Franeie, cujus Deo et mundo amicabilis vita 
erat, quadam proprii corporis infirmitate gravata, postulatis atteute primitus ab 
eadem, et cum omni devotione susceptis ecclesiasticis sacramentis. demum die 
mercurii ante purifieationem Beate Marie Virginis vitam presentcm finivit . . . 
Actum Valleti, die mercurii post octavam dicti festi, anno Domini mcclxx. (DAchery, 
Spicilegium, 1G81, turn, ii, p. 567-) 

19 She had a brother Thibaut, who d. young v.p. in 1273 

20 Memorandum ke le jour Seyn Pol sa conversation, par Jeudi [25 Jan.], Edward 
Rey d'Engleterre eposa Isabele, fi lie le Rev de, a Boloyne a graunt noble, e 
vint a Londres le jour Seyn Per la Cathedration [22 Feb.], e le Samedi preseyn apres 
winrent le Rey e la Reyne . . . parmi la vile de Londres jeces au paleys le Rey a 
Wemoutter. K lendemeyn par dimeyne [25 Feb ] Edward Rey d'Engleterre ressut 
la coronne par la meyn l'eweece de Winsettre, lutenant l'ersevecce de Cauterberi, a 
grant noble d'une jonrnee (De Antiquis Legibus Liber, p. 251.) En cele an, le 
dhneygne apres la feste Seint Piere in Cathedra, furent le roy et la reyne, dame 
Isabele, corounez. (French Chron. of London, p. 34 ) 

21 Not at Castle Rising: and not 22 Aug. 1357. 



Communicated by J. G. Wallace- James. 

The Service of an Heir originated in a Brieve issued from Chancery 
on the petition of the person claiming t'o be the nearest heir of the 
deceased. This Brieve was addressed to the Sheriff or Stewart of the 
district "where the deceased's property was situated, directing him to 
ascertain by the verdict of an Assize or Jury, what heretable property 
the deceased owned at the time of death ; the annual value ; by what 
feudal service it was held ; if the claimant were the nearest lawful heir 
of the deceased ; and if he were of full age, &c. 

The verdict given by the mouth of foreman of the Jury or Chancellor 
of the Assize, as he was termed, was "retoured" or returned to 
Chancery, and a Precept was then issued to the Sheriff or other officer 
to grant sasinc or possession of the said property to the Heir. 

The original method necessitated a Brieve for each County or Juris- 
diction in which the deceased might own property, latterly, however, a 
Commission was issued to certain persons as " Sheriffs in that Part," 
before whom the process was led and all the claims were settled at 
once. It was also possible to have an 1 1 eir served, not to any special 
property, but as " Heirs in General " to the deceased. 

The earliest existing Retours in Chancey were printed a few years 
ago by the Record Commission ; they run from 1600 till 1700 (a few 
anterior to 1G00 are included). Those of an earlier date are supposed 
to have been burned on one of the invasions of Scotland by the English. 

The following Services are those led in the Sheriff' Court of the 
'Sheriffdom of Edinburgh, within the Constabulary of Haddington, 
which comprises the modern County of Haddington. 

. DATE. 




Nov. 4. 

Marion Mudy. 

father, John vel James Mudy. 

Deer. 4. 

Alexander Miller. 

father's brother, Mungo Miller — 2h 

acres in Nungait. 


May 8. 

William Douglas. 

father, Wm. Douglas, of Whitting- 

hame — lands of Whittinghame. 

January 23. 1 

Mr. William Brown. 

father, John Brown — certain Acres 

in Aldhame. 

January 23. 

Wm. Clerkson. 

father, William Clerkson — certain 

Acres in Pincartoun. 

January 26. 

John Sinclair. 

father, William Sinclair — lands of 

Hirdmaneston. 2 

1 Year ran from 25 March. 

2 First granted c. 1190 by De Morville to Henry Sinclair, and still owned by his 
descendant, Lord Sinclair. 






March 8. 

George Kcr. 

father, John Kcr, indwellar in 


Lcith — Acres at Ormiston. 

March 21. 

John Brown. 

father, John Brown — 10 Acres at 


July *28. 

Nov. 7. 

Deer. 6. 
Feb. 7. 

March 13. 
March 24. 

June 19. 

Nov. 13. 

Jan. 22. 
Feb. — 

April 29. 

July 24. 

Deer. 2. 

March 10. 

May 5. 

July 28. 
Oct. 6. 

George Haliburton. 

Thomas Cockburn. 

Adam Sinclair. 
Edward AVilson. 

Alexander Acheson. 
George, Lord Setoun, 

Margaret Acheson. 

John Kyle. 

Janet Wod. 
James Acheson. 

Patrick Hepburne, 

of Wauchton. 
John Neisbet. 

John Swyntoun. 

John Sydserf. 

James Begbie. 
George, Lord Setoun. 

William Quhippo. 

father, "William Haliburton — lands 

of Fgliscairnie. 
father, William Cockburn — lands 

of Newhall. 
father, Adam Sinclair — in general, 
nephew, John Foular, in Leith — 

in general, 
brother, John Acheson. 
grandfather, George, Lord Setoun 

— in general. 

father, David x\cheson, in Saltpans 

(Preston pans), 
grandfather. George Kyle, in Les- 

suden — in general, 
nephew, James Wod — in general, 
father, John Acheson, of Millhaven 1 

— lands of Milhaven. 

mother, Domina Helen Hepburne 2 
— in general. 

father, John Neisbet, of Ryestibill 
— lands of Ryestibill. 

father, Nicholas Swyntoun — An- 
nual of 5 mcrks from Sanders- 

father, Patrick Sydserf of that Ilk 
— lands of Nether Sydserf. 

father, John Begbie — 2 Husband- 
lands in East Fen ton. 

grandmother, Dame Janet Hep- 
burne, Lady Setoun 3 — Annual of 
raerks from lands of Belsis. 

father, Nichol Quhippo, of Kidlaw 
— lands of Kidlaw. 

1 Now Morrison's Haven. 

2 Daughter ami coheiress of Adam Hepburn, of Craggis. 

3 Widow of George, V Lord Setoun, killed at Flodden, daughter of Patrick, Lord 
Bothwell. She was one of the most liberal benefactors to Convent of St. Catherine, 
near Edinburgh. 





Nov. 10. 

Alexander Ker. 

Jan. 26. 

Tat rick Sydserf. 

June 30. 

July 20. 

Margaret & Janet 

Patrick Whitelaw. 

January 1G. 

"William Sivicc. 

February 16. 
February 16. 
February 16. 

Janet Wod. 
Janet Wod. 
Janet Wod. 

April 26. 

Elizabeth Park. 

October 11. 
January 24. 

Patrick Home, of 

Isobel Congiltoun. 

Feby. 7. 
March 3. 

Patrick Hepburn, 

of Wauchton. 
Thomas Henderson. 

July 10. 

Janet Cruk. 

October 9. 

George Redpath. 

October 9. 
October 23. 

John Bald. 
Isobel Congiltoun. 

Jany. 29. 
Jany. 29. 

Robert Bald. 
Robert Bald. 

Feby. 19. 
Feby. 26. 

Mr. John Sinclair, 
Dean of Rcstalrig. 
Patrick Crumby. 


brother, Clement Ker — Annual 22 

merks from Elvingston. 
brother, Archebald Sydserf, of Ru- 

chelaw — lands of Ruchelaw. 

to brother, Ninian Hoip, of Cald- 
syde — lands of Caldsyde. 

grandmother's brother, John Fen- 
ton of that Ilk — lands of Over 
Sydserf and annual from Nether 

father, John Si vice — Southlands, 

of Auldhamc. 
mother, Isabel Brady — in general, 
brother, John AVod- 
brother, James Wod 

•in general. 


m iicner 

father's brother, William Park — - 

Saltpan, in Salt Preston, 
brother, Alexander Home, of Heuch 

— lands of Heuch. 
father, Bernard Congiltoun — Acres 

in West Fentoun. 
grandfather's brother, Sir Patrick 

Hepburn, of Wauchton. 
father, Gilbert Henderson — in 


grandfather's brother, William 

Learmonth, of Hill, 
father, Edward Redpath, in R,ed- 

pathneuk — in general, 
brother, George Bald — in general. 
Marion Congiltoun 1 — land in West 

father, John Bald— in general, 
father's brother, George Bald — in 


brother, George 2 Sinclair, Bishop 

of Ross — lands of Stevenston. 
grandfather, Alexander Crumby — 

9 rijrs in Blexsterilat. 

1 Relationship not stated. 

2 Should be Henry, died 1 January 1561-5, at Paris, after operation for stone. He 
was son of Oliver Sinclair, knt-, of Roslin. 




May 7. 

June 4. 

March 4. 

April 30. 

May 5. 

May 5. 

July 24. 


January 25. 

January 25. 

April 13. 

Deer. 1 . 
January 26. 

January 26. 

March 15. 

March 15. 

March 22. 

March 22. 

July 25. 



Marion Forrester/ 
Robert Bald. 

John Quhippo. 

Robert Lauder, 
of Popill. 

William, Lord Borth- 

William Spens. 

John Gylour. 

William Sinclair, 

of Hirdmaneston. 
Margaret Sinclair. 

Margaret Sinclair. 

Agnes Forrester. 

Margaret Brown. 
David Spens. 

Margaret Forrester. 

Elizabeth Gibson. 

Janet Gibson. 

John Walker. 
John Guleu. 

Katherine Brown. 

father, John Forrester, of Gammil- 
scheils — i part of Gammilscheils. 

father's" brother, 1 . . . — 3 Acres 
in Gallowsyde, \ Acre in Sprot- 

mother, Margaret Chirnsyde — in 

mother's brother, 2 John (Sinclair), 
Bishop of Brechin — lands of Ste- 
venston and annual from Milton. 

father, John, Lord Borthwick — 
Over and Nether Salton. 

father, Alexander Spens — Acre in 

grandmother's brother, John Rob- 
ertson — in general. 

father, John Sinclair — lands of 

grandfather, John Sinclair, of 

father, William Sinclair, of Blans. 

father, John Forrester, of Gammils- 
cheils — \ part of Gammilscheils. 

brother, Patrick Brown — in general. 

brother, William Spens — Crukis, 
in Belhaven. 

father, John Forrester, of Gammil- 
scheils — \ part of Gammilscheils. 

brother, John Gibson, of Colding- 
stones — \ of Coldingstones. 

brother, John Gibson, of Colding- 
stones— other half of Colding- 

father, Andrew Walker — Annual 

grandmother, Margaret Lytill — in 

mother's sister, 

Thomsoun — in 

1 Name of ancestor awanting. 

- Died at Edinburgh 9 April 1566. 





August 1. 

October 10. 

October 10. 

Deer. 5. 

Feby. 13. 

November 6. 

Dec. 11. 

January 13. 

March 2. 

June 11. 

June 11. 

October 13. 

October 13. 

October 20. 

November 3. 

November 10. 

Dec. 8. 

February 23. 

April 27. 

William Wol£ 

Elizabeth Tait. 

John Recklington. 

John Sydserf, of 

that Ilk. 
John Hay, of Tallo. 

George Hamilton. 

Andrew Ker. 
William Wood. 
Bartilmo Kello. 

Patrick Duneanlaw. 
William Anderson. 

David Congiltoun. 
John Newton. 
Bartle Kentoun. 

William Levington. 
Helen Tait. 
Elizabeth Cokburne. 
W T illiam Skirven. 

George Setoun. 

father, Patrick Wolf— 2 Acres in 

Mekill Pincartouu. 
uncle, John Tait, younger — in 

Over Bolton, 
uncle, John Tait, younger — in 

Over Bolton, 
father's sister, Agnes Sydserf. 

father, William- Hay, of Tallo — 
lands of Wyndane. 

father, Alexander Hamilton, in 

Salt Preston — Husbandland in 

father, Thomas Ker — Annual of 

100 merks from Morham. 
brother, John Wood — Annual of 

50 merks from Rowchlaw. 
father, 1 Mr. John Kello— 2 Hus- 

bandlands in Spott. 

father, Andrew Duneanlaw — in 

father's sister, Elizabeth Anderson 
— in general. 

father, Andrew Congiltoun — An- 
nual of 22 merks from Saltcoats. 

brother, George Newton, in Dirle- 
ton — in general. 

mother, Gelis Foster — Annual of 
£8 from Pethdailles, 3 Acres in 

sister, Mariot Levington — in 

sister, Christina Tait — KV Bovates 
in Over Bolton. 

mother's sister, Agnes Wardlaw — 
I land in Giffordgate. 

father, James Skirven— lands of 
| Plewlandhill. 

father, John Setoun — lands of 
Foulstruther- in Barony of Hird- 
maneston. " 

1 Minister of Tarish of Spott, executed for murder of his wife. 
3 Now called Wolfstar. 



April 27. 
June 1. 






May 19. 

May 24. 1 

1580. 1 
February 13. 

Feby. 27. 
Feb. 27. 

April 10. 

April 2. 

May 21. 

October 8. 

December 10. 


John Newtoun. 

Margaret ; Barbara ; 

Janet ; Isabella 

William, Lord Borth- 


George Halyburton, 

of Egliscarno 
Henry Campbell. 

John Young. 

William Skirven. 

John Short. 

John Zule, of Garle 

JohnMurray, of Black 

Margaret Todd. 
Marion Tod. 

William Mertene. 

Margaret Giffert. 

James Lawson, 

of Humbie. 
Archebald Boyman. 

Robert, Master of 


brother, George Newtoun — Hus- 
band land in Dirleton. 
father, George Dickson — in general. 

father, John, Lord Borthwick — 
Annual of 10 merks from Tem- 

grandfather's brother, John Haly- 
burton — in general. 

mother's brother, John Tanny — 
lands in Nungait. 

father, Patrick Young — Annual of 
victual from lands in Gulane. 

father, James Skirven — lands of 

father, James Short — Annual from 

grandfather's brother, son Walter 
Zule — in general. 

father, Andrew Murray, of Black- 
barony — 4 husbandlands of Bal- 
lencreif, with the Baillery there- 
of; lands of Prora, with pasturage 
in Kingston. 

| father, Hew Tod — in general. 

father, Robert Mertene, in Mor- 
hame — Annual from Garvald. 

father, Gawin Giffert — rigs of land 
in East Bams of Dunbar. 

father, 2 Robert Lawson, of Humbie 
— lands of Humbie. 

sister, Annabel Boyman — Annual 
from Ormiston. 

brother, George, Master of Sey- 
toun — lands of Seytoun, Win- 
toun, Szc. 

1 One or more books awauting. 

9 His Aunt, Marion Lawson, widow of John Haldane, of Gleneagles, was heroine 
of Lyudesay's " Squire Meldrum," she was " ane lustie Ladie." 

( To be continued J 


Itag&alc's Visitation of ftorksljtrr, 


{Continued from p. 100). 



Arms : — Quarterly. 

1 and 4. Argent, a bend between six martlets Sable, an annulet for 
difference. (Tempest.) 

2. Argent, a fess between six martlets Sable. (Gilliot.) 

3. Argent, bordured with demi-fleur-de-lis Azure, a lion rampant Gules. 


Crest : — A griffin's head erased, per pale Argent and Sable beaked Gules, an annulet 
for difference. 

I. SIR RICHARD TEMPEST, of Bracewell, Waddington, and 

Broughton, M.P. Lancashire 1401, examined in the Scrope arid 
Grosvenor dispute. Will 26 Aug. 1-437, pr. 30 Sept. 1438 
(Test. Eb., i, 412) ; believed to have married Margaret, dau. 
and ch. of Robt. de Staynford, of Gyggleswick (some say 
Isabel, wid. of John le Gras). They had issue — 

II. ROGER TEMPEST, of Broughton, &c, fourth or fifth son, had 

a grant from his father of half the manor of Broughton, d. 
before 13 Oct. 1467, bur. in the choir of Broughton Church, 
adm. 12 Jan. 1468, mar. Katherine, dan. and h. of Pvers 
Gyllyot, of Broughton. Will 5 Apr., pr. 12 Apr. 1469 (Test. 
Eb., iii, 169), to be buried in the choir of Broughton. They 
had issue — ■ 
William (III). 

Richard, adm. of his father, exor. of his mother. 

Heniy 1. their mother's will. 
I nomas J 

Margaret, (?) mar. 13 Nov. 1483 Robt. Lcventhorpe, of 

Wragby, at Bingley. 
Alice or Eliz. (?) mar. John Dyneley. 



III. WILLIAM TEMPEST, of Broughton, d. before 5 July 1496, 

mar. Joan, dau. of James Metcalfe, of Nappa, mar. sett. 
7 July 1437. They had issue- 
John (TV). 

Thomas, a quo Tempest of East Marton! 
He mar. secondly Elizabeth, dau. of Richd. Catteral, of Little 
Mitton, remar. Nich. Towneley. 

IV. JOHN TEMPEST, of Broughton, d. v.p., mar. . . . They had 

issue — 
Roger (V). 

Edward, a quo Tempest of Yellison. 

Richard J- Mentioned in Flower's Visitation. 
John J 

V. ROGER TEMPEST, of Broughton, b. circ. 1472, d. before 30 
Nov. 1537, mar. first Anne, dau. of Robt. Carr, mar. cov. 
1499-1500, d. before 1527. They had issue- 
Robert, d. s.p. 
Stephen (VI). 

John, of the Rayne, mar. Elizabeth . . . 

Anne, wife of Thos. Leigh, of Isell, co. Cumb. 

Jane, wife of Win. Midhope, of Morehall. 

Katherine, wife of Thos. Maude, of Ridlesden. 

Margaret, wife of Henry Pudsey, of Bolton. 
He mar. secondly Elizabeth, wid. of Edw. Redman, dau. of Wm. 
Huddleston, of Milium. 

VI. STEPHEN TEMPEST, of Broughton, b. circ. 1500, d. 14 Aug. 

1549. Will 16 Apr., pr. 31 Oct. 1549, to be buried in 
Broughton Ch., mar. first Agnes, dau. of Wm. Lister, of 
Midhope, circ. 1525, d. before 1542. They had issue — 
Henry (VII). 

Stephen in his father's and step-mother's wills. 
He mar. secondly Anne, dau. of . . . Preston, sister of Anthony 
Preston. Will 17 Feb. 1554, pr. 14 Dec. 1555. 

VII. HENRY TEMPEST, of Broughton, 22 at his father's death ; 

signed the Visitation of 1585 ; rebuilt Broughton Hall, d. 
17 Feb. 160|, I.P.M. 23 Sept. 1605, mar. Isabel, nat. dau. of 
Sir ingrain Percy, son of fifth Earl of Northumberland. They 
had issue — 

1. & Stephen (VIII). 

2. Henry, a Recusant in 1604. 

3. George, Will 30 May 1643, pr. 12 Oct. 1647, to be 

bur. at Gargrave, mar. Jane, dau. of John Parker, 
of Extwisle, wid. of Thos. Tempest, of Yellison, at 
Broughton 1603. They had issue — 
Ellen, wife of Thos. Willson, of Skipton. 



Isabel, wife of Nicholas Butler, of Hales, bp. at 

Carletoii 13 July 160G. 
Elizabeth, wife of Edmund Fleetwood, b. 28 Aug. 


Anne, wife of Arthur Tempest, of Marton, bp. at 

Carletoii 24 Feb. 161f 
Mary, wife of Rev. John Waite, Vicar of Gargrave, 

bp. at Carletoii 19 Aug. 1614. 

4. Roger, d. y. 

5. Thomas. 

Anne, wife of Wm. Barton, of Killinghall, and of Wm. 

Lambton, of Stainton. 
Mary, wife of John Pulleyne, of Scotton. 
Dorothy, wife of Edw. Rudd, of Killinghall. 
Frances, wife of Oliver Breares, of Hamerton, in Bol- 

land, lie. 1592. 

VIII. S>- STEPHEN TEMPEST, of Broughton, in co. Ebor., Knfi, b. 

circ. 1553, Knighted at Windsor 9 July 1603, a Recusant, 
J.P., d. 30 Sep. 1625, I.P.M. 10 May 1626, mar. first Anne, 
daughter to Edmund El toffs, of Farnlmll, in com. Ebor., Esq r , 
mar. before 30 July 1579. They had issue — 

1. Anne, wife to Henry Yonge, of Hebden, in com. Ebor., 


2. Frances, wife to Simon Blackey, of Blackey, near Colne, 

in co. Lane, gent. 
8. Isabel!, wife to Francis Malham, of Elslake, in co. 

Jf. Jane, d. unmarr. young. 

5. Maude. 

Robert, set. half a year 1585, d. before 1591. 
He mar. secondly Father hie, daughter to Henry Lawson, of Nees- 
ham, in Epatu Dv.neL, Esq 1 ', bp. at Hurworth 30 Sep. 1566, d. 
.19 Dec. 1648, a Recusant. They had issue — 

1. Roger, dyed young. 

2. Stephen (IX). 

3. Thomas, dyed unmarried. 

Jf. Richard Tempest ) b. 1594, a recusant and delinquent, d. 
before 1670, mar. Elizabeth, daugh. to Nicholas 
Grymshaw, of Clayton-deda-Mares, in com. Lane, 
Escf. They had is&ue — 

Stephen, killed in the King's service. 

2. Richard, (1) mar. . . . dau. of John East- 

wood, (?) ancestor of Tempests, of Knot- 

3. John, of Broughton, mar. Jane, rel. of . . . 

Merrall, co. Cumb., bur. at Broughton 11 
Aug. 1718. They had issue- 

Mary, bp. at Broughton 11 Nov. 1690. 



Jf. Robert, bur. at Broughton 5 Mar. 1724, mar. 
Bridget Lofthouse, of Broughton, and had 
a dau. Bridget, who mar. Christ r Oxnard, 
of Broughton, yeo. 


Elizabeth. *• 



5. George Tempest, of Baildon, mar. at Baildon 15 Sept. 

1632 Frances, ivid. to Will" 1 Baildon, of Baildon, in 
com. Ebor., Esq'., dau. of Thos. Savile, of Haigh. 
They had issue — 

1. George, dyed young. 

2. John. 

3. Francis, Abbot of Lambspring, d. 1729. 

1. Frances, mar. Sir Wm. Langdale, of Lang- 


2. Mary, d. y. 

6. Robert Tempest, of . . . Capt. of a Foot Company in 

the service of K. Ch. the first & slayn in his wares 
before 1646, mar. Thomasine, wid. to Nicholas 
Michel I, of Broughton, dau. of Stephen Tempest, of 
Eshton. They had issue — 

Thomas, d. before IS Aug. 16GS, mar. Jane, (?) dau. 
of Henry Mitchell, of Skipton. 

7. James, dyed young. 

8. Henry, dyed young. 

9. John Tempest, Major of a Regimt of Horse in the service 

of K. Charles the first, slayne at the taking of Tre- 
dagh, in Irel' 1 , put to death by Cromwell 14 Aug. 

STEPHEN TEMPEST, of Broughton and Roundhay, b. 1593, 
a delinquent, fined. Will 29 Oct. 1650, pr. 10 Feb. 165J 
(Abs. York Rec. Soc, vol. ix), mar. Susan, da. <£ coh. to Will. 
U(jlethori>, of Round ey grange, in co. Ebor., Esq 1 '., 1 st wife, mar. 
sett. 13 June 1613. They had issue — 

1. S r Stephen Tempest, of Broughton, in Craven, in com. 

Ebw\, o?t. . . . ann., b. 1617, Captain Life Guards, 
settled estates on his nephew, d. s.p. at Bambow 11 
Mar. 167^. Will 13 Apr. 1671, pr. 30 Mar. 1672, 
bur. at Broughton, mar. Anne, eldest da. to S r Thomas 
Gascoigne, of Barnboiu, in com. Ebor., Bar 1 , of Nova 
Scotia, at Barwick in Elmete, 8 Mar. 165f. Will 
4 Sept. 16SL 

2. William Tensest, dyed beyond the sea. 

3. Thomas (X). 

1. Mary, dyed young. 

2. Catherine, dyed young. 

3. Elizabeth, nunn at . . . 

If. Mary, nunn at Courtray, d. 16 Feb. 16S9. 



5. Frances, wife to Thomas Aslaby, of South Dalton. 

6. /Catherine, dyed young. 

7. Anne, wife of Richard Grymshavj, of Clayton-de-la- 

Mares, in com. Lane, Esq,.. 
He mar. Frances, da. to Sir Cotton Gargrave, of Nostell, in com. 
Ebor., ob. s. prole, second wife. 

X. THOMAS TEMPEST, of Broughton, b. circ. 1618, bad Round- 
hay from bis father, but nothing from bis brother, d. June 
1697, bur. at Broughton 24 June 1697 (old Mr. Thomas 
Tempest, Esq.) mar. Anne, sole daugh. to Henry Scropje, of 
Danby, in com. Ebor., Esq>- , before 1653, by which marriage 
the estates of Coleby, Rowston, &c, ultimately came into the 
family, d. circ. Dec. 1691. They had issue — 
J. Stephen (XI). 

2. Robert, bur. at Broughton 18 Nov. 1680, d, s.p. 

3. Thomas, d. s.p. 1689. 

Jf. Richard, of Broughton, d. 1729, mar. Marg* Green, 
remar. . . . Morcelli. 
Mary, d. inf. 

1. Mary, mar, first Wm. Hargraves, of Carlton, secondly 

Wm. Hardesty, of Norwood. 

2. Katherine, mar. circ. 1689, Stephen Anderton, bur. at 

Waddington 29 Dec. 1713. 
5. John, b. 1668, d. set. 13, bur. at Broughton 15 Apr. 

Anne 1 
Susan >d. y. 
Mary ] 

XI. STEPHEN TEMPEST, of Broughton, heir to his uncle, Sir 
Stephen, b. 9 Anr. 1654, d. 10 Apr. 1742, bur. in Broughton 
Ch., M.I. Will 25 Jan. 1733, pr. 18 Aug. 1742, mar. Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Richard Feraior, of Tusmore, co. Oxf., 16 June 
1687, b. 13 Dec. 1666, d. 29 Dec. 1738, bur. at Broughton 
1 Jan. 173§. They had issue — 

1 . Stephen (XII). 

2. John, a Jesuit priest, b. 16 June 1694, d. at Thorndon 

22 Feb. 173^, M.I. in West Thorndon Church. 

3. Thomas, b. 11 Aug. 1697, Col. in Dillon's Regt. in the 

French Army, d. at St. Omers 31 Mar. 1763, mar. 
Mary, dau. of Col. Geo. Barn wall, of the French 
Army. They had issue — 

Joseph Thomas Marie, b. at St. Omers 1 Apr. 
1747, Capt. in Walsh's Regt. in the French 
Army, d. at Jamaica 1797, in the English 
service, mar. Mary Frances, dau. of M. Amabel 
de Foefre, Lieut, of the town of Montmedy. 
They had issue — 

Henry Eugene, in the French Army, a cheva- 
lier de St. Louis 1816. 



Henry, d. inf. 

4. Charles, b. 19 Apr. 1 099, ed. at St. Omers, a Jesuit Priest. 

Will 2 Sept. 17517(1. at Chiswick 28 July 1768. 

5. Richard, b. 19 Apr. 1700, d. inf. 

1. Mary, b. 8 Mar. 168 J, a nun at Ghent, d. circ. 1742. 

2. Elizabeth, b. 11 Nov. 1690, of York, where she d. 

27 July 1777, bur. there. Will 20 Dec. 1763. 

3. Frances, b. 3 Nov. 1692, a nun at Ghent. 

XII. STEPHEN TEMPEST, of Broughton, author of " Religio Laici/ 
b. 14 Oct. 1689, d. 12 Aug. 1771, bur. in Broughton Ch., M.I. 
Will 27 May 1757, pr. 4 Sept. 1771, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of 
Sir Henry Lawson, of Brough, b. 1693, mar. lie. 14 Apr. 
1714, d. at York 19 Dec. 1732. They had issue — 

1. Stephen Walter (XIII). 

2. Henry, b. 21 July 1726, M.D., d. at Senegal 5 Sept. 

1761, adm. 8 Sep. 1762, mar. 1757 against his 
father's wish Eleanor Jones, of Gloucestershire, d. 
cir. Mar. 1768. They had issue — 

Stephen, b. 1758, took orders as a Jesuit or 

Elizabeth, b. 23 May 1715, a nun at Ghent, d. there. 
Anne, b. 19 June 1716, a nun at Ghent, d. there 21 Apr. 

Marv, b. 2 Feb. 172^, an Abbess at Ghent 14 April 

Frances, b. 17 Nov. 1727, d. 9 Mar. I72f 
Frances, b. 12 July 1729, d. at York 19 Mar. 173|. 

XIII. STEPHEN WALTER TEMPEST, of Broughton, b. 23 May 
1719, d at Scarborough 9 Sept. 1784, bur. in Broughton Ch. 
Will 9 July 1779, pr. 29 Sept. 1784, mar. Frances Olive, dau. 
and co. h. of Geo. Meynell, of Aldborough, 21 Dec. 1748 at 
Durham, bp. at Stanwick 27 Sept. 1727, d. at York 4 Sept. 
3 795, bur. in Trinitv Ch., York. 

1. Roger, b. 6 Mar. 1752, d. 1 July 1765. 

2. Stephen (XIV). 

3. George, b. 8 July 1757, d. unmar. at Manchester 20 

Sept. 1779, bur. in the Trattbrd Chapel, Manchester 
Coil. Ch. 

4. Charles, b. 3 Sept. 1758, in business at Manchester, d. 

at Richmond, Yorks., 13 Feb. 1836. 

5. Richard, b. 30 Oct. 1759, in business at Manchester, 

mar. circ. 1786, Martha, dau. of John Heywood, of 
Manchester, d. s.p. 14 Aug. 1792, bur. in Broughton 
Ch., M.I. 

6. John, b 31 Jan., d. 16 Apr. 1763. 

7. John, b. 11 Nov. 1765, d. 21 Apr. 1771. 



8. Son, b. and d. Jan. 1767. 

1. Elizabeth, b. 9 Mar. 17|? T , mar. 21 Sep. 1773 John 

Trafford, of Croston and Traft'ord, d. 28 Sep. 1813, 
bur. in Coll. Ch., Manchester. 

2. Frances, b. 1 Apr. 1751, d. 13 Mar. 1758. 

3. Clementina, t>'. 20 Sep. 1753, mar. at Broughton 2 Feb. 

1784 Nicholas Blundell, of Crosby, d. at York 21 
July 1821, bur. there. 

4. Mary, b. 26 Dec. 1754. a nun at Ghent and Preston, d. 

3 Jan. 1799, bur. at Durham. 

5. Frances, b. 10 Oct. 1761, mar. Apr. 1798 Thomas 

Wright, of Bramham Lodge, co. York., d. s.p. 10 
July 1824, bur. in Coll. Ch , Manchester. 

6. Anne, b. 12 Dec. 1768, d. 27 Jan. 1769. 

XIV. STEPHEN TEMPEST, of Broughton and Coleby, b. 1 May 1 756, 
d. 28 Nov. 1824, bur. in Broughton Ch., mar. at Sefton Ch. 
1 May 1789 Elizabeth, dau. and ch. of Henry Blundell, of 
Ince Blundell, d. 25 Apr. 1825, bur. at Ackworth. They had 
issue — 

1. Stephen, b. 8 Feb. 1790, d. at Rome 20 Jan. 1822, bur. 

in the Jesuit Church there, M.I. 

2. Henry, b. 29 Jan. 1791, bur. at Sefton 21 Feb. 


3. Sir Charles Robert Tempest, of Broughton, &c, b. 21 

Apr. 1794, High Sheriff Yorks. 1839, cr. a Baronet 
1841, claimed the Barony of Scales 1856, d. 8 Dec. 
1865, bur. at Skipton, in Tempest Chapel. 

4. Henry (XV). 

5. John, b. 12 Mar. 1799, a barrister, d. unmar. IS Oct. 

1831, bur. in London. 

6. Walter Joseph, b. 7 May 1801, d. s.p. at Rome 2 May 

1868, mar. at Florence 1 Oct. 1826 Marianne, dau. 
of Jas. Sargent, d. 20 July 1885. 

7. Joseph Frances, of Ackworth, (fee, b. 15 July 1804, d. 

at Wootton Hall, Henley in Arden 4 July 1865, bur. 
there, mar. Frances Bridget, dau. of John Hercy, of 
co. Berks., 21 Sep. 1S40. They had issue — 

Francis Roger, of Ackworth Grange, b. 9 Aug. 1841, 
d. s.p. 

Piers Francis, b. 24 Feb. 1843. 

Alphonsus Joseph Frances, b. 28 Nov. 1844. 

Wilfred Francis, J. P., of Ackworth Grange, b. 22 
Oct. 1846, mar. Agnes, dau. of Thos. A. Perry, 
and secondly Florence Helen, dau. of Vincent* 
L. O'Rorke, and has issue by both marriages. 

Wulstan Francis, b. 21 Oct. 1848, d. unmar. 27 
May 1894. 

Aelred Francis, b. 21 Sep. 1850, a Jesuit. 

Aeden Francis, b. 4 Nov. 1852, mar. Mary Ellen 
O'Neill, and has issue. 



Mary Louisa Frances, b. 24 Jan. 1855, mar. 1880 
as second wife Wilfred F. Anderton of Haighton. 
8. Thomas Peter, b. 11 Mar. 1808, in Holy Orders, d. at 
Grantham 19 Oct. 1861, bur. there. 

1. Elizabeth, b. 24 Dec. 1792, d. 7 June 1802, bur. at 

Broughton. * ' 

2. Anna Maria, b. 18 July 1797, d. at Ackworth Grange 

8 Aug. 1854, bur. at the Catholic Ch. there. 

3. Frances Barbara, b. 8 Mar. 1800, a nun, d. 18 Jan. 


' 4. Catherine, b. 6 Oct. 1802, mar. 25 July 1825 Nich. 

Coulthurst, of Gargrave, d. 6 Mar. 1836, bur. there. 
5. Monica Clare, b. 24 June 180G, d. 26 Nov. 1860, bur. 
at Skipton. 

XV. HENRY TEMPEST, of Heaton, co. Lane, b. 18 Oct. 1795, 

lived also at Newland Park, near Wakefield, where he d. 19 
Mar. i860, bur. in St. Stephen's Ch., Skipton, mar. Jemima, 
dan. of Sir Thos. de Traftbrd, Bart, at Eccles Ch., 6 Aug. 
1829, d. 17 Jan. 1883. They had issue- 
Charles Stephen, b. 7, d. 19 Aug. 1831. 
Charles Henry (XVI). 

Stephen Francis, b. 3 Dec. 1835, d. at Newland 8 Feb. 

1853, bur. at Skipton. 
Arthur Cecil (XVII). 

Pyers Gylliot, b. 21 Sep. 1S39, d. 4 June 1840. 
Norbert Paulinus, b. 6 Oct. 1825, d. 10 Oct. 1848. 
Jemima, b. 27 Apr., cl. 6 Sep. 1830. 

Laura Anne, b. 12 Sep. 1832, mar. 18 Feb. 1857 Walter 

Selby, of Biddleston, d. 21 Oct. 1868. 
Jemima Monica Mildred, b. 5 Dec. 1841, mar. Le Gendre 

Nicholas Starkic, of Huntrovde, 15 Oct. 1867. 
Mildred Walburgha, b. 6 Feb. 1849, mar. Wilfred F. 

Anderton of Haighton at Nantwich 10 May 1870, d. 

10 Oct. 1876. 

XVI. SIR CHARLES HENRY TEMPEST, of Heaton and Broughton, 

b. 5 Jan. 1834, cr. Bart. 31 July 1866, d. 1 Aug. 1894, mar. 
first 21 May 1862 Cecilia Eliz. Tichborne, dau. of J. H. 
Washington Hibbert, of Bilton Grange. She d. 3 Jan. 1865. 
They had issue — 

Henry Arthur Joseph, b. 31 Mar. 1863, d. 16 Apr. 1891, 
mar. 16 Nov. 1885 Mary Boleyn, dau. of Adm. Charles 
George Knowles, R.N. 
Mary Ethel, b. 9 Oct. 1864, mar. 10th Lord Beaumont 
7 Nov. 1893. 

He mar. secondly 1 June 1874 Hariette, dau. of Capt. Rowland 
Hill Gordon, divorced 1878. She d. 3 Feb. 1891. 

XVII. ARTHUR CECIL TEMPEST succeeded his brother, of 
Broughton Hall, Yorkshire, and Coleby Hall, co. Line, 



Major 11 tli Hussars, b. 2 June 1837, mar. Eleanor Blanche, 
dau. of Edw. Horner Reynard, Esq., of Sunderlandwick, 28 
Apr. 1873. They have issue — 
Roger Stephen, b. 20 May 1870. 
Blanche Cecil, b. 14 Oct. 1874. 
Most of the additional inforfnation in this pedigree has been kindly 
given by Mrs. Tempest, of Coleby Hall, who has spent much time in 
elucidating the history of the Tempest family. 

Staincliffe Wapentake. Skipton. 17 Aug. 1665. 




Arms : — Azure, a saltire between four escallops Or. 
Crest : — A rhinoceros Argent. 

No proof e made of these amies. 

1. ... mar. . . . <Ss had — 
. . . Wade (II). 

. . . Wade, mar. . . . and had — 

Sir William Wade, K f , Lieutenant of the Tower of London. 

II. ... WADE, had— 

III. ARTHUR WADE, of Kilnsay, in com. lor., (?) bur. at Coni- 

stone 26 Oct. 1613, mar. (?) Eliz . . . bur. at Conistone 9 July 

IV. CIJRLSTOrilER WADE, of Kilnsay, in com. Ebor., at. 7J/,ann. 

17 Aug. a° 1665, (?) bur. at Conistone 9 Mar. 167|, mar. 
Margaret, daughter of Cutbert IVytham, of Garforth, in com. 
Eborum,by Anne Hemsworth, bur. at Conistone 22 Jan. 164^. 
Thev had issue — 
Cuthbert (V). 

Elizabeth, wife unto Edio. -Warde, of North Cotes ) in com. 
Ebor., bp. at Conistone 13 May 1621. 



Arthur, bur. at Conistone 4 May 1G1S. 
Anne, bp. at Conistone 16 June 1G22, bur. there 8 Aug. 

Margaret, bp. at Conistone 4 Apr. 1624, bur. there 2 June 

Two infants, bur. at Conistone 3 Apr. 1626. 
William, bp. at Conistone 22 Apr. 1627. 

V. CUT II BERT WADE, of Kilnsay, Escf, one of his Ma f justices 

of the peace for this county of Yorlce, a cap* of horse in the 
army of King Charles y First and now cap* of foote in the 
Trayned Band of this county, a t. ann. 17 Aug. a° 1605, 
had to compound for his estates and fined £222, bp. 
at Conistone 17 Nov. 1619, bur. there 11 Sep. -168S; mar. 
Agnes, daughter of Mathew Bracldn, of Litton (Linton) in 
com. Ebor., sole heire to her father & to Anne, her mother daughter 
of Tho. Litton., of Litton aforesaid, 1 wife, bur. at Conistone 17 
Sep. 1655. They had issue — 

1. Christopher, died in his father's lifetime unmarried, bp. 

at Conistone 21 Sep. 1641, admitted to St. John's 
Coll., Camb., 8 May 1657. 

2. Cutbert, died unmarried, bp. at Conistone 20 Sep. 1652. 

1. Alargaret. 

2. Elizabeth, bp. at Conistone 3 Sep. 1640. 
8. Anne, bp. at Conistone il Aug. 1639. 

If. Mary, bp. at Conistone IS May 1648. 
Agnes, bp. at Conistone 21 Dec. 1646. 
Sara, bp. at Conistone 5 May 1650, (?) bur. there 14 
July 1651. 

He remar. Dorothy, daughter of Francis Malham, of Elslacl; in 
com. Ebor., 2 l wife, wid. of . . . Nelson, of Carleton, mar. at 
Burnsall 6 Sep. 1654. They had issue — 

Francis, died young. 

IF est her, died young. 
He remar. Frances, daughter unto William Bilbye (Beilby) of 
Kilhrby and Micklethwayt Grange, in the county of Yorke, by 
Susan Sunderland, as his 3 d wife, wid. of Jonas Thompson, of 
Kilham, and Francis Dodsworth, of Watlas (Dugdale). 
Cutbert (VI). 

Frances, cetatis 1 anni., mar. at Conistone S Feb. 
16S| William Serjeantson, of Hanlith, and had 
issue a son Robert. 

VI. CUTBERT, off. 2 an. 17 Aug. 1GG5. We have not as yet 

found any further information about him. There are no more 
entries of this family in the Conistone Registers, except 1692, 
14 Dec, Rebecca, dau. of Cuthbcrt Wade, bp. She might be 
the above Cuthbert's daughter. 





Yorke. 12 Sept. 1665. 



Arms : — Sable, oh a fess engrailed Argent between three escallops Or, a Hon passant 

Crest : — A lion's head erased Gules langued Azure, pierced through the neck with a 
sword Argent, hilted and pomelled Or. 

I. JOHN JAQUES, of York, merchant, had— 

II. S r ROGER JAQUES, K* 9 L d Mayor of y Citty of Yorke, 
a 16S9, died circa, an. IGoJf at his country seat Elvington 19 
Oct., and bur. there 20 Oct. 1653, mar. Mary, daughter to 
S r Marmadul:e Rawdon, of Hodsden, in com. Midd., Knt. It 
should be Mary, dau. of Laurence Rawdon, merchant, York, 
by Mary, dau. of Win. Barton, Esq., bp. at St. Crux 21 June 
1608, mar. there 5 Feb. 162£, bur. there 13 Nov. 1657. Her 
will 29 Aug. 1656, pr. London 31 Dec. 1657 (Abstract Yorks. 
Rec. Series, Vol. ix, 118). They had issue — 
1 Roger (III). 

2. Henry Jaques, of Raskelf and Elvington, Esq., bp. at 

St, Crux 23 Dec. 1628, bur. at Elvington 16 Dec. 
• • 1688. Will 2 Mar. 168 J, mar. Anne, dau. of 

S r William Allason (Allanson) of the Citty of Yorke, 
Kt, 1 wife, at Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York, 10 
Jan. 16|^, mar. Mary, da. of Richard Dawson, of 
Heicorth, in com. Ebor , 2 wife, at Holy Trinity, 
Goodramgate, York, 23 May 1661. 

3. John Jaques, died unmarried, bp. at St, Crux 12 Jan. 

163-?, bur. there 2-1 Mar. 165f 

4. WilVm Jaques, a Merchant, of London, bp. at St. Crux 

17 Nov. 1629, bur. at Elvington 29 June 1704. 

5. Robert, bp. at St. Crux 4 June 1633, bur. 10 Jan. 16ff 

6. (?) Marmaduke, had a legacy of plate, kc, in his 

mother's will, mentioned in the " Rawdon Diary " 
as of the Temple. 
1. Eliz., wife of John Robynson, of Rithpr, in com. Ebor., 
Esq r , bp. at Crux 16 Mar. 163J, mar. lie. 11 June 
1649, d. s.p., bur. at St. Crux 26" Oct. 1652. 

of the field. 



2. Mary, wife of Henry Taylor, a Divine, bp. at St. Crux 

19 Dec. 1627. 

3. Grace, wife of ' Charles Allason (Allanson), eldest son of 

William Allason, K ( , bp. at St. Crux S Jan. 164?. 

III. ROGER JAQUES, of Elvington, in cam. Ehor., Esq-, at. 35 

ami. 12 Sept. a 1665, bp. at St. Crux 17 Nov. 162G, bur. at 
Elvington 29 Sep. 1677, mar. Frances,' da. of John LocMon, of 
Swinsred, in co. Line., bur. at Elvington 20 Jan. 166 They 
/ had issue — 

. Roger (IV). 

Mary, heiress to her brother Roger, wife of Simon Sterne, 
Esq., of Halifax, third son of Dr. Sterne, Aichbishop of 
York, bur. at Elvington 22 Aug. 1708. They were 
grandparents of Lawrence Sterne, author of " Tristram 

Henry, bur. at Elvington 7 Dec. 1677, 
Mary, bp. 4 Dec, bur. 6 Dec. 1651 at Elvington. 
He remar. Frances . . . They had issue — 
Coulson, bp. at Elvington 28 July 1673. 
Frances, bp. at Elvington 17 Dec. 1677 (as daughter of 
Mrs. Frances Jaques). 

IV. ROGER JAQUES, a?t. U ann. 12 Sept. 1665, of Elvington, 

Esq., bur. at St. Crux 3 Nov. 1680. Will 6 Nov. 1679, pr. at 
York 25 Jan. 16S?-. 1 
We are indebted to the Rev. C. B. Norclifife for the above additional 
entries from the Registers at York and Elvington. 

Strafford and Tickhill Wapentake. 

Rotherham, 16 Sept. 1605. 



Arms : — Per bend sinister Or and Sable, a lion rampant counter-changed. 

I. LAXCEEOT SYMPSOX, of . . . neer Maidstone, in Kent, 

1 Bur. at St. Crux 30 Dec 1683 " Mrs. Elizabeth Dawson,, near Mr. Roger Jaques, 
whom she loved." (Register). 



1. John Sympson, of Mount-bures, in Essex, clerke, died 


2. Samuell (II). 

' II. SAMUELL SYMPSOX, of Blithe, in com. Nott., died in 
a J 035, vel. circa, Vicar of Birth 1 622-1 633, bur. there 26 
Feb. 163| (Raine's Blyth), mar. Fayth, daughter of Alexander 
Nevile, of Wyston, in com. Kott. They had issne — 

1. Lancelot Simpson, of Stohe-Xeyland, in co. Stiff. 

2. William (Hi). 

III. WILL'M SYJLPSOX, of Sheffeild, in com. Ebor., cei. 31 annor. 

16 Sept. a° 1665, had honorary freedom of the Company of 
Cutlers conferred 1(581, left Sheffield for Babworth, mar. 
Elizabeth, daughter of WilVm Lin ley, of Kingston-super-Hv.ll, 
in com. Eborum. They had issue — 

1. Francis, bp. at Sheffield 1 7 Sept, 1663, bur. 25 May 

1 664 in the chancel of the Church there. 

2. William, bp. at Sheffield 14 Juue 1666, bur. 18 June 

1 667 in the chancel of the Church there. 

3. Samuel, bp. at Sheffield 22 July 1669, bur. 2 Sep. 1669 

in the chancel of the Church there. 

4. John (IV). 

Eleanor, cet. 3 mens. 16 Sept, a 1665, bp. at Sheffield 
6 June 1665, mar. George Wharton, of Retford, Esq. 
Elizabeth, wife of Henry Wood, of Barnsley, bp. at 
Sheffield 12 Dec. 1667, d. 31 Dec. 1748, bur. at 
Barnsley, M.I. 
Dorothy, bp. at Sheffield 26 Dec. 1672. 

IV. JOHx\ T SIMPSON, of Eckington and Babworth, Esq., youngest 

and only surviving son, bp. at Sheffield 14 July 1670, d. 
1727, bur. at Babworth, mar. Elizabeth, dan. of Francis 
Stringer, Esq., of Sutton-upon-Lound, co. Notts., mar. lie. 17 
June 1695. They had issue — 

William Simpson, of Stamford, Esq., d. without surviving 
issue Jan. 1768. Will 6 Mar. 1766, mar. first Frances, 
dan. of Francis Elwick, of Stamford. They had five 
children, who d. young. 
He remar. . . . dau. of . . . Warrington. 
John (V). 

Lindley, of Babworth, bp. at Eckington 14 Dec. 1708, d. 

. . . 17S5, bur. at Babworth, mar. Catherine, fourth dau. 

of Hon. and Rev. Henry Brydges. 
Thomas, bp. at Eckington, d. unmar. 

Elizabeth, wife of Thos. Fairfax, Esq., of Newton Kvme, 

bp. at Eckington 7 Nov. 1699, mar. at Hatfield 27 May 

1730, d. at York 9 Feb. 1780. 
Mary, wife of Richard Bagshaw, Esq., of the Oaks, in 

Norton, bp. at Eckington IS Feb. 170?, d. s.p. 11 Jan. 




Jane, bp.* at Eckington 31 July 1703, d. unmar. 
Eleanor, bp. at Eckington 7 Aug. 1704. 

V. JOHN SIMPSON, of Stoke, Stamford, and Babworth, in Holy 
Orders, d. 5 Apr. 1784, bur. at Babworth, mar. Ann, dau. of 
Thomas Stringer, of Sutton-upon-Lound, Esq. They had 
- issue — 

Elizabeth, sole dau. and heiress, mar. 12 July 1755 Sir 
Henry Bridgeman, first Lord Bradford, d. 6 Mar. 1S0G. 
Their second son John, of Babworth, assumed the name 
of Simpsou. 

The additional information is chiefly from Mr. Hunter's MS. 

Wills tint} Stommfettattoiu; tn Ujc Court of Sclrgatrjs. 

The Court of Delegates was originally the Court of Appeal from the 
Prerogative Courts of Canterbury and York, and also from the Irish 
Probate Courts It was so called because the Judges were delegated 
tor each particular case. The Delegates were generally three Puisne 
Judges, one from each Court of Common Law, and three or more 
Civilians, but occasionally included also certain specified spiritual and 
temporal Peers. The following list of Wills has been carefully prepared 
from the Muniment Books, and the Calendar of Original Wills preserved 
at Somerset House. The above heading has been advisedly adopted, as 
many of the Wills were not actually proved in the Delegates Court, 
though entered upon the Register Books. For this reason the date of 
each Will has been given instead of the date of Probate. For the sake 
of brevity no notice has generally been taken of Codicils or Administra- 
tions with the Will annexed, unless the Will itself is not to be found in 
the Court of Delegates. 

Many of the Wills are also entered in the Register Books of the 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and as in the case of Wills proved 
and Administrations granted in the various Diocesan Courts an appeal 
lay to the Court of Arches and thence to the Court of Delegates, there 
will also be found in this Calendar several Wills which originally were 
proved in a local Court. It has been thought best to include them all, 
as in most cases a search in the Muniment Books will disclose further 
particulars concerning the testators. Documents relating to Processes 
in the Court of Delegates are deposited at the Public Record Onice, 
and can only be inspected by a special permit. There are also a series 
of Act Books, which are not at the Probate Registry at Somerset House, 
and may perhaps be found among the Records of the Admiralty 

The Court of Delegates was abolished in 1832, when the Judicial 
Committee of the Privy Council was established. The list includes 
all Wills proved before the latter body until the creation of the Court 
of Probate. 



Adams, Lev. John, Bewdley, co. Wore, w. 1 ... ... 8 Dec. 1775. 

Albermarle, Christopher, Duke of, w. ... ... ... 4 July 1687. 

Ald worth, Richard, St. Alary Magdalen's, Milk Street,) 9 j 

London, Esq., w. / 
Allegri. see Calcraft. 

Allen, Elizabeth, Ironmonger Lane, f Admon and Bond 14 Nov. 1831. 

London, wid. \ Admon de bon. non 26 Sep. 1840. 

Allen, Ralph, Prior Park, in Lyncomb, & Widcornb,) ^ J un c 1763 

co. Somerset, Esq., w. J 
Andkewes, Thomas, London, gent, w. ... ... ... 18 June 1656. 

Anglesey, James, Earl of, — two Wills. ... 14 May & Dec. 1701. 

Armagh, Narcisus (Marshe), Archbishop of, w.... ... 25 Meh. 1710. 

Arnold, Hannah Leader, Brambell Lodge, Hockrill, co.l 

Herts.— Portland Place, Clapham Road, co. V 8 Nov. 1820. 
Surrey — widow, w. jj 
Aston [AshtonT, Catherine, Chelsea, co. Middx. (wid. of ) K men 
L Hy. Aston), w. \ I 15 Aug. 1660. 

Atfen, Edmund, St. Michael's, Cornhill, London, vintner,) 9 - 1705 

but at Wescot, co. Surrey, deed., w. j 1 

Atkinson, Lenox, Newark-upon-Trent, co. Notts, wid.) ^ 1737 
Admon. / 1 ' '* 

Probate of a pretended Will, dat, 30 May 1779, 
proved in Excheq. Court of York, revoked. 

Atkinson, Dame Sarah, Stowell, co. Glouc. wid. w. ... 1666. 

Aungier, Jane, Lady, relict of Gerald, Lord A., w. ... 31 Mch. 1661. 
Austin, Catherine, Longbridge, co. Warwick, wid,\15 July, 1 6 Nov., 
Three Affidavits as to contents of lost Will./ 8 Dec. 1720. 
Admon. with Will P.C.C. 12 May 1721. 
Austin, Rebecca, St. Paul's, Covent Garden, co. Middx. 'I 0£? v , ,„ 1A n 
wid. Admon. ) 26 Feb. 1710-11. 

Awdeley, Hugh, Inner Temple, London, Testamentary) 23 Aug. and 
Schedules / 5 Nov. 1662. 

Bainbridge, Charles Hardy, Bombay, in East Indies,) j^j r jg^ 9 
Esq., w. / ~" 

Bajnbrigge, Henry, Citizen and Clothworker of London, w. 28 A ug. 1643. 
Baitson, Robert, Whitby, co. York, w. No date. Pd. 28 Aug. 1811. 
Baker, Benjamin, Miltowne, Queen's County, Ireland, w. 1 9 Jan. 1 681-2. 
Barneby, Thomas, Lincoln's Inn, co. Middx., Esq., Admon. 21 Dec. 1731. 
Barnesley, William, Eardisley, co. Hereford, Esq.) 04j an 1749 50 

Admon. / 
Barnfylde, Robert, St. Giles in Eieids, co.Middx.,Esq., w. 25 July 1636. 
Barnsley, Frances, Knighton, co. Radnor, widow, w. ... 9 Aug. 1731. 

Barrailleau, Peter, at the City of Cadiz, in Spain, w. 11 Mch. 1719-20. 

Also Admon. pend. lite 13 June 1722. 
Barrett, Peter, Eperstone, co. Notts, yeoman, w. ... Last Oct. 1662. 

Barry, James, County Cork, Esq., w. ... ... ... 23 Apr. 1716. 

[" To be buried in the Parish 
Church of Rathcormuck."] 
Barton, William, Moorton, Thornbury, co. Glouc, gent., w. 8 Nov. 1 669. 

1 The letter " w." denotes a will throughout this Calendar. 



Batterson, John, Swallow Street, St. James, Westminster, w. 19 Oct. 1732. 
Beale, Edward, Bramham, co. York, gent, w. ... ... 5 June 1689. 

Beale, Thomas, Castle Morton, co. Wore, yeoman, w. .. 13 Sep. 1652. 
Beck, John, St. George the Martyr, Southwark, co."\ ^ j une 1(577 

Surrey, citizen, tiler and bricklayer of London, w. j 
Beedham, Joane, St. Bride's, London, widow, w. ... 27 June 1657 

Belcastel, see De Belcastel. 

Bellamont, Catherine, Dowager Countess of, w. ... 11 Mch. 1737-8. 

Benett, Judith — schedules relating to Will ... ... ... 1723-4. 

Bennet, Richard, Kew, co. Surrey, Esq., w. ... ... 25 Aug. 1652. 

Benyon, Sir George, Knt., St. Giles' in the Fields, co. ) -. ^ irro 

Middx,w. j 1 &C P- 

Berenger, Benjamin, Iver, co. Bucks. — Barbadoes, w. ... 7 April 1656. 

Beresford, John, Inner Temple, London, Esq., w. ..." 7 Dec. 1704. 

Berry, Richd. Sparling, Bolton Lodge, nr. Lancaster, | ^ q 

co. Lane, Esq., w. J 
Beuren, Paul, City of London, merchant, will made at\ ^ ^ , jgjg 7 
Dort. t 1 c ' ' 

Beveridge, William, Colonel of Foot, lately killed at\ ^ 169 9 

Ostend, in Flanders, w, J e P* 

Bidleson, John, Bray, co. Berks, Esq., w. ... ... ]3 Sep. 1763 

Birch, see Burch. 

Bisiiopp, John, Thorndon, co. Suffolk, gent., w. ... ... 1 Dec. 1701. 

Blake, Dame Elizabeth, Sloane Street, Chelsea, co.l j- q ^ ^ 

Middx., wid., formerly of Cheltenham, co. ]■ - j 1 ' noo ' a 
™ 2o June 1829. 

Gloue, w. J 

Bleasby, Thomas, Thrcshfield, in Craven, co. York, \ ^ June 1710 
yeoman, w. ; 
Also a filed Will dated 29 Apr. 1710. 

Bonham, Anne, Daggenham, co. Essex. Admon. ... Last Jan. 1693-4. 

Bonham, Thomas, Daggenham, co. Essex. Admon. Last Jan. 1693-4. 

Bostock, Thomas, St. Bartholomew the Little, near the\ iq j une 1(579 
Royal Exchange, London, w. / 

Bray, George, Lincoln's Inn, co. Middx., Esq., w. .. 30 Jan. 1671-2. 

Bridges, Thomas, City of Kilkenny, gent., late of the) j~ -p g 
Isle of Thanet, co. Kent, w. / ' * 

Bright, Robert, Pakenham, co. Suflblk, Esq., w. ... 1 Oct. 1630. 

Briou, see De Briou. 

Brockwell, Thomas, St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, co.] 

Middx., Citizen and Carpenter of London >- 30 Oct. 16S6, 
Decree touching distribution of goods. j 
Brooke, William, Great Walsingham, co. Norfolk, Esq., w. 15 July 1837. 
Brown, Thomas, (?) Windsor or Datchet, D.D. Instructions\ v •, , 
for Will / jNoclate - 

Will in P.C.C. dated 6 Dec. 1673. 
Browne, Honor, St. Margaret's, Westminster, co. Middx., \ j une \qqq 

spinster, w. / 
Browne, Thomas, Saltfletby, co. Lincoln, gent., w. ... -27 Aug. 1670. 
Browne, Dr. Thomas, Stepney, co. Middx. — Rumney) 

Marsh, co. Kent — Layston. Instructions!- Exhibited 1670. 
for Will. J 



Browning, see Lloyd. 

Bruen ais Bryan, Samuel, London, clerk, w. ... 16 Mch. 1664-8. 

Bruen, Sarah, City of Chester, spinster, w. ... ... 21 May 1657. 

Bryan, see Bruen. 

Buckinghamshire and Normanby, Edmond. Duke of, Codicil 29 Oct. 1735. 

Budd, Mary, late of Fountain Villa, Newton Road, Bays-1 

water, but at Aberdeen Place, Maida Hill, co. [ll Mch. 1846. 

Middx., deed. — wife of Hy. B., w. 

Budgett, Margaret, St. Mary le bone, co. Middx., wife) ^ j j 1^7 { 

of James B. Adnion. J j • 

Buller, Benjamin, St. Margaret's, Westminster, Esq., w. 11 Feb. 1701-2. 

Bullocke, Joseph, City of Bristol. Admon. ... ... 12 Dec. 1095. 

Also an Order for Distribution of goods, dated 

29 June 1696, reciting Will of Joseph Bullocke, 

senr., the father of deed. 

Buncher, Edward, St. Mary, Whitechapel, co. Middlx.| 9 ^ j uue 

Admon. / ' 

Bunn, Thomas, Putney, co. Surrey, w. ... ... ... 10 Sep. 1671. 

Bunny, Margaret, St. George's, Hanover Square, co.\ jg p ^ o 

Middx., spr , w. / ~ 

Burch, William, Spalding, co. Line, merchant, w. ... 26 Sep. 1709. 

Admon. granted 26 July 1711, revoked by 

sentence, of Court of Del. 

Buse, Bridgett, Sot well, co. Perks, widow, w. ... ... 10 Sep. 1657. 

Button, Sir William, Bart., Tockenham Court in) a -» r , ir > rf w-A 
. -I c t i wt * i j \ o March, 1659-00. 

parish or Lyneham, co. VY nts, w. J ' 

Bynion see Benyon. 

Calcraft, Fanny, als Allegri, Boulevard des Capucines, \ -^4 ^ u 1^57 
Paris. Admon. and Bond. J °" 

A Will pd. P.C.C. revoked. 

Cambell, Sir Thomas, Bart., w. 31 Aug. 1665. 

Cambell, Sir Thomas, Bart., Clayhall, Barking, c0 - ) .?q p^n. 1G95 6 

Essex. Admon with Will / 
Campion, Edward, St. Ann's, Blackfriars, London. Admon. 25 May 1797. 

Carnarvon, Charles, Earl of, w. 30 July 1709. 

Carnarvon, Charles, Earl of, Limited Admon. with Will 26 June 1728. 
Carnarvon, Mary, Countess of. Indre. of Confirmation] 

of her Will, dated 22 Oct. 1707, by her^S July 1709. 
husband, Charles, Earl of Carnarvon J 
. Carpenter, William, London, w. ... ... ... 9 Aug. 1675. 

Cartwright, John, Aynhoe, co. Northton, Esq., w. ... 12 Aug. 1657. 

Chambers see Hyde. 

Chandos of Sudeley, George, Lord, w. ... ... 24 Jan. 1654 5. 

Chetwode, Elizabeth, Kensington, co. Middx. — Temps- \ ^ g ; - 173^ 

ford, co. Bedford, w. / " 

Clanmaleere, Maximilian, Yicomte de. Admon. ... 12 Dec. 1700. 

Clanmaleere, Ann, Yiscomtesse, w. ... ... ... 11 July 1706. 

Also a filed Will, dat. 15 May 1705. 
Clapham, Richard, Umngton, co. Lincoln, gent, w. ... 4 June 1679. 

Claridge, see Turner. 

Clarke, Judith, London, widow, w. ... ... ... 20 Jan. 1645-6. 



Clifford, Jeronimy, St. Magdalene, Bermondsey, co. Surrey,) 

late of Surinam, planter. Affidavits concerning > 1774-7. 
Will, which Will is dated 4 Oct. 1730 J 
Clobery, William, London merchant, w. ... ... 21 Sep. 1G71. 

Coke, Robert, Holcomb, co. Norfolk, Esq. Admon. 10 Mch. 1G79-80. 
Cole, Basset, Wasperton, co. Warwick, w. ... ... 24 July 1668, 

Also a filed Will dat. 8 Ap. 1668. 

Colerane, Henry (Hare), Baron, w. ... 17 Sep. 1746. 

Colllns, Jonathan, St. Saviour's, Southwark, co. Surrey,) li2§ 
Esq., w. J u g- • 

Combe, Bryan, South Mapperton, co. Dorset. Admon. — ■ Feb. 1738-9. 
Combe, Thomas, Old Stratford, co. Warwick, Esq., w. 20 June 1G56. 
Consett, Warcop, Brawith Hall, in Leak, co. York, Esq,, w. 9 Oct. 1806. 

Cony, William, w 10 Oct. 1G67. 

Cooke, George, City of Dublin, merchant, w. ... ... 13 Aug. 1695. 

Coofer, John, Huxham, in E. Pennard, co. Somerset,) 9 ^ ^ 1707 

yeoman, w. / ? 

Cooper, Robt. Hv. Spencer, Blackheath, co. Kent, late) * T , R ,„ 
of Pall Mall East, co. Middx., Capt. R.E., w.J ' Jan * ibi6 ' 
Cooper, William, Apethorpe, co. Xorthton, clerk, w. ... 3 Sep. 1657. 

Corbet, Nicholas, Ampthill, co. Bedford, gent., w. .. 3 Nov. 1693. 

[Born at Beaumaris in Isle of Anglesey.] 
Corsellis, Nicholas, Layer Marney, co. Essex, w. ... 16 Oct. 1674. 

Cottington, Sir Francis, Baron Han worth, w. .. ... 16 June 1652. 

Cotton, Nicholas, Walton upon Thames, co. Surrey, \ ^ \q^q j 

gent., w. J 
Cowan, Sir Robert, Knt., St. Martin in the Fields, co -\4j an 17345 

Middx. — late of Bombay, w. J 
Cox, John, The Gale in Bcrrowe, co. Wore, gent., w. ... 14 June 1685. 

Crich, Daniel, St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, co. Middx.) 93 j u j 1799 

Adn:on. ) ^ 

Crowther, Thomas, Wakefield, co. York, woolstapler, w. 1 May 1810. 
Cunixghame, Richard, St. James in the Fields, co.) 

Middx., but in Scotland, deed., [ 20 Nov. 1697. 
Brigadier, w. J 
Cutto, Abraham, formerly of Tooley Street, Southwark, j 

but late of Grenada Place, Old Kent Road, co. 1 11 Aug. 1825. 
Surrey, gent., w. ! ! 
Daniel als Donnelly, Terence, died in Dublin. Admon. (?) Jan. 1712-13. 
Da Silva, Joze ais Joseph, St. Giles' in the Fields, co.) ^ c . -,~ /> 
Middx., w. } 2 ' &e P- 1(86 - 

Also Admon. pend. lite 14 June 1790. 
Davidge, John, (?) Greenwich, co. Kent — Testamentary ) No date. 

Schedule. f (?) 1679. 

1 >avy, John, Medland inCheriton Bishopp, co.Devon, gent.w. 5 Jan. 1647-8. 
Deal, Henry, Portsmouth, co. Southton. Admon. pend. lite 6 Dec. 1722. 
Deane, Sir Mathew, Bart., Dromore, co. Cork. ) 3 Feb. 1709. 

Codicils / 30 Dec. 1710. 

De Belcastel, Anne Charlotte, St. Ann's, Westminster,) oq ^ 1743 

co. Middx., but at Paris, spr., deed., w.J ™* 
De Buiou, Theodore Gigou, City of Berlin, Prussia. Admon. 13 June 1732. 




DelaRue, Ann, St. James, Westminster, co. Middx. Admon. 7Mch.l695-G. 

Admon. in P.C.C. revoked. 

De Mayerne, Adriaine, Marquise de Mont Pouillan, w. 17 July 1661. 

Dermer ats Dormer, William, Bethnal Green, eo. Middx.. 1 n T i en o 

' ' ' \ 6 Jan. 16ol-2. 

gent., w. / 

Dillington, Sir Robert, Bart., Knighton, Isle of Wight, w. 11 Juue, 1664. 

See also Cal. of filed Wills. 

Disbrowe, John, Ballinsloe, w. ... ... ... ... 5 Sep. 1655, 

Dodington, Margaret, Dodington, co. Somerset, widow, w. 3 Mch. 1646-7. 

Dodshon, Edmond, Everton, co. Notts., husbandman, w. 6 Dec. 1659. 

Dodshon, John, Hesseldon, co. Durham, yeoman, w. ... 19 July 1640. 

Donnelly, see Daniel. 

Dover, Samuel, City of Norwich, gent., w. ... .... 17 Nov. 1736. 

Prob. granted Arches Court of Canterbury 
24 Jan. 1738-9. 

Downing, Sir George, Bart., Gamlingay Park, co. Camb. , w. 20 Dec. 1717. 

Limited Admon. in Ct, Del. 23 July 1792. 

Downing, Sir Jacob Garrard, Bart., Hill Street, Au 1763 

George's, Hanover Square, w. / ~* & ' 

Limited Admon. in Ct, of Del. 23 July 1792. 

Draper, Jasper, Edmonton, co. Middx., Esq., w\ ... 14 Sep. 1657. 

Dromore, Tobias (Pullein), Bishop of, w. ... ... 3 Aug. 1710. 

Dryhurst, Richard, Lanbadrick, co. Anglesey, gent. w. 7 July 1670. 

Dun, Margaret, Ballynekill in the Queen's county, widow, w. 28 Nov. 1720. 

Dyce-Sombre, David Ochterlony, Sirdhana in Bengal— 1 

Davies Street, St. George's, Hanover \ 4 Aug. 1856. 

Sq., co. Middx., Esq. Admon. and Bond) 

Edmunds, Sir Thomas, Knt., Member of the Privy Council, w. 1G July 1639. 

Edwards, John, Leamington Priors, co. Warwick, Esq., w. 2 May 1835. 

Egan, Thomas, Madras, in East Indies, w. ... ... 4 May 1738. 

Ekins, Julius, Broughton, co. Northton, gent., w. ... 16 Nov. 1668. 

Elmes, Sir Thomas, Knt., Lilford, co. Northton, w. ... 5 Apr. 1690. 

Elmes, William, St. Clement's Danes, co. Middx.) ^ j_> ec 1708 

Admon. pend. lite in P.C.C. J 

Elwick, Diana, Crayford, co Kent, wife of Nathaniel E.,) ]> 1748 

Esq., w. / ec ' 

Essex, Robert, Earl of, w. ... ... ... ... 4 July 1642. 

Eustace, Sir Maurice, Knt, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, w. 20 June 1665. 

Also a tiled Will dat. 10 July 1663. 

Farmar, William, St. Thomas', Southwark, co. Surrey, w. 19 May 1673. 

Farquhar, John, Fonthill Abbey, co. Wilts, and New] 

Road, Regent's Park, co. Middx., Esq.V 6 June 1829. 

Limited Admon. and Bond. J 

Farrington, John, St. Bartholomew, near the Royal) ^ ^ 1687 

Exchange, London. Admon de bonis non.J 1 " 

Fish, Elizabeth, St. Pancras, co. Middx., widow. Admon. 18 Mch. 1745-6. 

Forbes, John, East India Merchant ship " Stormont."1 on T i~on 
' . j ,.. 1 \ 2y June 1/yu. 

Admon. pend. lite. J 

Franckish, Anthony, Water Stratford, co. Bucks, I ^ 1671° 

gent.,\v. J 1 ci. t 

Frederick, Dame Mary, (?)St. Olave's, Jewry, London, w. 18 Sep. 1689. 



Fbomaktebl, Hannah, St. Mary Matfellon als White-] 

chapel, co. Middx., widow of Mor- V 12 Oct. 1699. 
decai F., w. J 
Garland, Roger, Stepney, co. Middx., mariner, w. ... 23 Oct. 1662. 

Gayer als Hutchinson (Hutcheson), Dame Mary, St.l 

Giles' hr the Fields, co. \ 11 Jan. 1721-2. 
Middx., w. J 
[" Wife of Archibald Hutchinson of London, Esq."] 
Geare, William, London, Esq , w. ... ... ... 6 Feb. 1651 2. 

'Gearing, Elizabeth, Letchdale, co. GIouc, w. ... .. — Apr. 1665. 

Gerard,- see Macclesfield. 

Gibson, John, St. Martin in the Fields, co. Middx. Admon. 16 June 1704. 

Order of distribution 28 Feb. 1706-7. 

Gigou, see De Briou. 

Gilley, Benjamin, AtterclifFe, in Sheffield, co. York,\ ^ A A lcoo 

whitesmith, w. / 

Gore, Henry, Sligo, co. Sligo, Esq., late cf Chinck-^ ^ j, ^ 1"25 6 

ford, co. Essex, w. / 

Gore, Hugh, Bishop of Watcrford and Lismore, \ 13 Oct. 1690. 

two Wills. / 27 Feb. 1690-1. 

Goswell, Thomas, Barkharn, co. Berks., gent., w. ... 26 Jan. 1683-4. 

Graham, James Wm., Grange Street, Hampstead Road,\ 19 T lfi , Q 
Tir-iiii 1 ^ i" i — ' June lO'iy. 

co. Middx., Esq., w. J 

Gray, John, St. Andrew, Undershaft, London, merchant.) 99 j uue i §99 
Admon. with testamentary schedule annexed. / . 
Admon. de bonis non. ... ... ... ... 15 Dec. 1702. 

Greenwich, [Grinwich] Samuel, Ipswich, co. Suffolk,) iq q c ^ ]65g 

clothier, w. / 

Greenwood. Margerv, late wife to Chas. G. parson of ) , A . , a 4 
mi " 1 mi v i r 10 Aug. 1643. 

Thornhill, co. York, w. J 

Grey, Sibell, Perten Hall, co. Bedford, widow, w. ... 16 Apr. 1662. 

Griffin, Anne, Grendon Underwood, co. Bucks., widow, w. 13 June 1654. 

Grimes, Richard, Peckham, co. Surrey, Esq., w. ... 14 Dec. 1660. 

Hall, Stephen, West Smithfield Barres, co. Middx., andl 

St. Sepulchre's, without Newgate, London, r 12 Aug. 1661. 

gent., w. J 
Hamilton, Andrew, Mulenand, in Raphoe, co. Donegall,w. 23 Nov. 1704. 
Hamond, William, sen., Scarding Wells, co. York, Esq.) 91 A 1( .a Q 
Admon. de bo. ^ Apr. KUb. 

Hampton, see Williams. 
Han worth, Baron, see Cottington. 

Harbin, Edmund, London, merchant, w. ... ... 28 June 1682. 

Harby, Sir Job, Bart.. Aldenham, co. Herts, w. ... 28 May 1662. 

Hardeus, Michael Ludwig, City of Dantzig, w. ... 9 Apr. 1718. 

Harding, formerly Smyth, Sophia, York Place, Walworth,) ^ Jfoh 18°" 
wife of John 1 1., Esq., w. / C " " 

Hare, see Colerane. 

Harris, Edward, Walgrave, co. Berks., but within parish 1 

of St. Martin in the Fields, co. Middx., deed. !■ 24 July 1699. 
Admon. J 

(To be continued.) 



2Tfje $arliamentarg ftoll of 3rms. 

Communicated by Oswald Barron. 
{Continued from p. -116.) 


205. Sire Alisandre Cheueroyl • de argent a iij lioncels de sable. 

206. Sire Adam de la forde * de azure a iij lioncels de or Corones 

de or. 

207. Sire John de Meriet • Barre de or e de sable de vj peces. 

208. Sire John de Meriet le Neueu - Meyme les armes a vne bende de 


209. Sire Edmon Gasceline • de or bilctte de azure. 

210. Sire WalP Gasceline • Meyme les amies a vn label de goules. 

211. Sire John Gaseline • Meyme les armes a vne bende goules. 

212. Sir Thomas de chaucombe • de or a vne Crois de vert e v moles 

de argent. 

213. Sire John Husee • de or a vne Crois de vert a vn label de 


214. Sire Ingram Berenger* de or a vne crois de vert e vne bende de 


215. Sire John Maudut • de goules a iij peuz daunces de or. 

216. Sire John de Haueringe - de argent a vn lion rampaund de 

goules od la Couwe forchie e vn coler de azure. 

217. Sire John de Maundeuile • qrtile de veer e de goules. 

218. Sire Renaud de sein Martin • de sable a vj lioncels de or. 

219. Sire John de Westone • de argent a vne fesse de sable od la 

bordure de goules besauntc de or. 

220. Sire John sun filz • od la Bordure endente. 

221. Sire Bo§ de sein John • de ermyne od le chef de goules a ij 

moles de or. 

222. Sire Eymis de sein John • de argent Crusule de sable od le chef 

de goules a ij moles de or. 

223. Sire John de sein John de Lagueham • de argent od le chef de 

goules a ij moles de or od la bordure endente de sable. 

224. Sire John de Seures • de azure frette de or. 

225. Sire Thomas Paynel • de or a ij banes de azure a les merelos de 




226. Sire Willm Paynel • de argent a ij barres de sable a les Merelos 

de goules en la mane 9 de bordure assis. 

227. Sire John Fluet • de or a vn Egle de goules a ij testes. 

228 Sire Edmoun Bacoun • de goules od le chef de argent a ij Moles 
de sable. 

229. Sire Adam Gordan • de goules a iij flures de argent yssaunz 

de testes de lupars. 

230. Sire Richard de borhonte • de argent a vne fessc e vj merelos 
• de goules. 

231. Sire John Randolf • de goules a vne Crois de argent e y moles 

de sable en la crois. 

232. Sire Richard de Astone • de azure Crusule de or a vne bende de 

argent e ij Cotys de or. 

233. Sire James de Nortone • de vert a vn lion de or. 

234. Sire John del yle • de or a vn cheuron e iij foilles de gletners de 


235. Sire Rauf le Marechal • de or a vn fer de molin de goules. 

236. Sire Wilim de Cosiugtone • de azur a iij roses de or. 

237. Sire Rob 9 t de la mare • de goui a ij lups passanz de argent. 


238. Sire Michel de Poninges • Barre de or e de vert a vne bende de 


239. Sire Thomas de Poninge • Meysme les armes en la bende iij 

moles de argent. 

240. Sire Nicholas Gentil • de or od le Chef de sable a ij moles de 

argent percees. 

241. Sire John de Aschebornhm • de goules a vne fesse e vj rouwels 

de argent. 

242. Sire Willm de Monfort • bende de or e de azure a vn label de 


243. Sire Henri Husee • de ermyne a iij barres de goules. 

244. Sire Geffrey de la Mare • de or a vne fesse e ij gymeles de 


245. Sire James de Neyuile • de goules Crusule de or a ij Trompes 

de or. 

246. Sire John de Hoome • de goules a vne frette de veer. 

247. Sire John Douwedale • de argent a vn fer de molin de goules. 

248. Sire Thomas de Leukenore • de azure a iij Cheuerous de 



249. Sire Richard le Waleys • de goules a vne fesse de erm}*ne. 

250. Sire Simon le Waleys • Meyme les armes en le chef vn lupd 

passaunt de or. 

251. Sire Waut de la Linde • de argent a vne Crois englclc de 

goules. ' 

252. Sire John Heringaud • de azure Crusule de or a vj harengs 

de or. 

253. Sire Wilim Maufee • de argent a les Escalopes de goules a vn lion 

rampaund de sable. 

254. Sire Roger de Bauent • de argent od le chef endente de sable. 

255. Sire Rauf sanz auer • de azure Crusule de or a iij cressaunz 

de or. 

256. Sire Giles de Fenz • de azure a iij lioncels de or e vn label de 


257. Sire John dabcroun • de azure a vn cheucron de or. 

258. Sire John sun filz • Meisme les armes a vn label de argent. 

259. Sire Henri de Box • de or a vj lioncels de goules e vne bende de 


2 GO. Sire John de Hamme - de azure a vn cheueron de or c iij demy 
lyns de or. 

261. Sire John de Newenhm • de argent a vne Crois de goules c vne 

bende de az . . . 

262. Sire Allcyn de Boxladle • dor a vn lyoun daszure frette darnent. 

263. Sire Fraunceys de Aldam • das~ure a vn Bay desoleul dor. 


264. " Sire Simon de Leybourne • de azure a vj lioncels de argent od la 

bordure endente de or. 

265. Sire Henri de Leyburne • de azure a vj lioncels de argent a vn 

label goboune de or. 

266. Sire Rob 9 t de scirlande • Les armes *de leyburne a vn cjrt de 


267. Sire Richard de Rokesle • Les armes de leyburne a vne fesse de 


268. Sire John de Bykenore • de argent od le chef de azure a iij 

lioncels de argent. 

269. Sire Thomas de Bikenore • Meisme les armes a vn baston de 


21 0. Sire John Sauuage • de ermyne o.l le chef de azure a iij lioncels 
de argent. 



271. Sire Ro£ Sauuage • de argent a vj lioncels de sable. 

272. Sire Henri de Coblim. • de gonles a vn cheneron de or a iij 

f ru res de azure. 

273. Sire Renand de Coblim •„ en le cheneron iij moles de azure. 

274. Sire Henri de Coblim le oncle • de gonles a vn crois de argent. 

275. Sire Esteuene de Coblim • Meisme les amies a vn label de 


276. Sire Wilini de EehingTim • de azure frette de argent. 

277. Sire Rob 9 t de EehingTim • Meisme les amies od la bordure 

endente de or. 

278. Sire Rauf de sein leger • od le chef de or. 

279. Sire John de sein leger • od le chef de goules. 

280. Sire John de Hanlon • de goules a iij Cressanz de argent. 

281. Sire Rob 9 t de Estanegue ■ de azure bilette de argent a vne Crois 

de argent. 

282. Sire Willm Peyfrer • de argent flurette de sable. 

283. Sire Fouk Peyfrer • Meysme les amies a vn label de goules. 
281. Sire Bertilmeu de Borouash • de goules a vn lion rampaund deor 

od la Couwe forchie. 

285. Sire Simon de Creie • de goules a vne crois engrele de or. 

286. Sire Willm de Creie • Meisme les amies a vne bende de azure. 

287. Sire John de Norywode • de ermyne a vne Crois engrele de 


288. Sire John sun Filz • a vn label de azure. 

289. Sire Wilim de valoynes • oundee de long de argent e de goules. 

290. Sire John de Chaumpayne • de argent a iij undes de goules. 

291. Sire Moris le Brim • de azure a vn fer de molin de or. 

292. Sire Peres de Hontingfeld • qrtile de ore de goules a vne bordure 

de sable. 

293. Sire Esteuene de g'uesende • de or a les egles de sable e vn qrtcr 

de ermyn. 

294. Sire Ptob 9 t de seuens • de azure a iij vans de or. 

295. Sire John Abel • de argent a vn sautour engrele de azure. 

296. Sire Nicholas Malemeis • de argent a vne bende engrele de 


297. Sire Joh'n de Welle • de gouV a vj cressauns dargent e vn bastoun 

goubone dor e dazure. 

298. Sire Tohm 1 lefiz Bernard • de ver ou le clirf de goid? a ij moletes 




299. Sire Wilim de Basinges • de azure a vne Crois recercele e voide 

de or e vn baston de goules. 

300. Sire Nicholas de Kyriel • de or a ij cheuerons e vn qrter de 


301. Sire Rob 9 t le Creuker • de goules a vn crois de or. 

302. Sire de Lucy • de goules Crusule de or a iij luys de or. . 

303. Sire Ammori de Lucy • de azure Crusule de or a iij luys 

de or. 

304. Sire Thomas de Lucy • de azur Crusule de argent a iij luys de 


305. Sire Thomas de seint leger • de azure Frette de argent oue le chef 

de or od vn molet de goules. 


306. Sire John de Bakwelle • Palee de argent e de azure od le chef 

de goules a vn lupd de or. 

307. Sire John Joce • de argent a vn Egle de sable e vn bastun 


308. Sire John de la Poyle • de argent a vn sautour de goules oue la 

horde de zeble besante dor. 

309. Sire Bertelmeu de Enefeld • de argent a vn qrter de gvle et vng 

molet dor besante dor. 

310. Sire de Basinge • de azure a vne cr[ois] recercele ct voide dor. 


311. Sire Thomas de Coudrey • de goules bilette de or. 

312. Sire Rob 9 t achard • de or a vne bende engrele de sable. 

313. Sire Richard Fokeram • de or a vne bende engrele de azure. 

314. Sire Rob 9 t de sindlesftm • de argent a vne fesse e iij Escalops de 

goules en la fesse iij melos de or. 

315. Sire John de la Riuere • de azure a ij daunces de or. 

316. Sire John de la Hoese • de argent a vne fesse de sable e iij 

lioncels de goules. 

317. Sire John de Leehm • de sable a vj flures de or. 

318. Sire Adam Martel • de sable a iij Martels de argent. 

319. Sire Roger de yngelfeld • burlee de argent e de goules od le chef 

de or a vn lion passaunt de azur. 

320. Sire Adam Vidclou • de argent a iij testes de lou de goules. 

321. Sire John de Beche • de argent a vne bende de goules a iij testes 

de Cerf de or en le cantel vn rrielos de sable. 



322. Sire Richard de Windlesliore • do goules Crusule de or a vn 

sautour de argent. 

323. Sire Jotin de Foxlle • de goulys a ij Bares de argent. 


321. Sire Hue de Plecy • de argent a vj rouwels de goules. 

325. Sire John de Plecy Meisme les amies a vn label de azure. 

326. Sire sun Filz • a vn bastoun de azure. 

327. Sire John Louel le bastard • oundee de or e de goules a vn label 

de azure a les moles de argent. 

328. Sire Richard Ammori • oundee de argent e de goules. 

329. Sire Rog } Ammori • Meisme le armes a vne bende de sable. 

330. Sire Thomas lone! • oundee de or e de goules a vn bastoun de 


331. Sire John de sein Fyleberd • bonde de argent e de azure de vj 


332. Sire Jolin de Elcheneld • oundee de argent e de sable. 

333. : . . Gilberd de Elcheffelcl • Meisme les armes a vn label de 


331. Sir Jotin de Elcheffels • de argent a ij oundes de sable. 
335. Sir Water le Paiicle • oundee de or e de sable a vne bende de 

33G. Sir Jotin de Han f on • de argent a vn lion rampaund de azure 
degotee de or. 

337. S Jotin de la mare de goidys a vng mauuche de ermyne. 

33S. S Tito's de Baunebury • dargent a vng Crois patee de goules e 
iiij rouwes de goules. 

339. S Richard de Seint Waly • de or a ij lions passanz de goules. 

310. S Miles de Hastinges • de or a vne fessc de goules en le chef ij 

moles de goules. 

311. Sire Felip de Hastinges • Meisme les armes a vn label de azure. 

312. Sire Willm de Harpedene • de argent a vn molet de goules 


313. Sire Edmon de Cornewaille • de argent a vn lion de goules 

corone de or od la bende de sable. 

314. Sire John Dyne • de or a vne fesse de sable. 

315. Sire John GifFard le boef. • de goules a iij lions passanz de 

argent e vn label de azur. 
346. Sire WiWm louel • vnde dor e de goulis ft vn label de valence. 




347. Sire jR le filz Neel • Palee de argent e de goules. 

348. Sire Giles de Breouse • de azure Crusule de or a vn lion de or a 

vn fluret de goules en le espaule de lion. 

349. Sire Nicn du Boys • de argent a vn Cheueron de sable besante 

de or. 

350. Sire Rob 9 t Pogeys • Mascle de argent e de goules. 

351. Sire Richard de la vacha • de goules a iij lioncels de argent a vn 

label chekere de or e de azure. 

352. Sire Miles de Beuchamp • de veer a vn label de goule's. 

353. Sire Rauf de Wedone • de argent a ij barres de goules En le 

chef iij melos de sable. 

354. Sire de Cheny • de argent a vne fesse de goules a iij 

merelos en le chef de goules. 

355. Sire le Enneyse * de goules a vne daunce de ermyne. 

356. Sire Henri Spigournel • de goules frette de argent od le chef de 

or a vn lupd passant de goules. 

357. Sire Jolin spigornel • Meisme les armes a vn bastonn de azure. 

358. Sire Dm de Barentin • de sable a vj Egles de argent. 

359. Sire Wilim Wasse • Barre de argent e de goules de vj peces a vn 

qrter de goules e vn molet de argent. 

360. Sire Rauf de Cheyndut • de azure a vn Cheyne de or e vn label 

de goules. 

361. Sire Filz Ronard • de or a ij Cheuerons de goules a vn 

qrP de goules e vn lion Passaunt de argent. 

362. Sire Rob 9 t Barri • de azure a ij lupds passanz de or. 

363. Sire de la Plaunche • de argent bilette de sable a vn lion 

jarnpaund de sable. 

364. Sire Ro§ de Teringhm • de azure a vn sautour engrele de argent. 

365. Sire de Nouwers • de argent a ij bares de goules en le chef 

iij 2ssanz de goules. 

366. Sire Thomas de Hanuile • de azure a iij Girfauks de or e vne 

daunce de or. 

367. Sire John de Woluertone • de azure a vn Egle de or c vn bastoun 

de goules Wolueton. 

368. Sire John druel • qrtile de argent e de sable a vn Cresaunt de 


369. Sire Rob 9 t malet • de sable a vn cheueron e iij Fermals de 





370. Sire Gerard de Braybrok • de argent a vij losenges de goules. 

371. Sire Jofiii de Gyse • de goules a vj mascles de veer a vn qrter 

de or. 

372. Sire Nicft Frembaud • de goules Crusule de or a vne Crois 

de or. 

373. (Sire John de Olneye • barre de vj peces de argent e de azure od 

la borduf endente de goules.) 

374. Sire John de la penne • de argent a vne fesse de sable en la 

fesse iij rondels de argent. 

375. Sire Jolln le Lou • de argent a ij barres de goules en le chef iij 

testes de lou de goules. 

376. Sire ioKn de Olneye • dassure c'ssille dargent a vne fesse de argent 

377. Sire JoKn Blaked • de goulys a vn cheueron de ver. 

378. Sire ioh'n neyrnuyst • de sable B'dite dargent a vn lyoun dargent. 


879. Sire Jolin de Pabenhm • barre de azure e de argent de vj peces 
a vne bende de goules a iij moles de or. 

380. Sire John sun Filz • meisme les armes od les moles perces. 

381. Sire de Trail y • de or a vne Crois de goules e iiij merelos 

de goules. 

382. Sire John llidel • Palee de argent e de goules a vne bende de 


383. Sire Walter de Baa • de goules a vn Cheueron e iij rouwels de 


384. Sire John de Southburi • de ermyne od le chef de goules a iij 

roses de or. 

385. Sire de Beuchamp • de goules Frette de argent. 

386. Sire Richard le Rous • quertile de argent e de sable a vne bende 

de sable. 

387. Sire John Conquest • quartile de argent e de sable a vn label 

de goules. 

388. Sire Rob 9 t de Hoo • quartile de argent e de sable a vne bende 

de or. 

389. Sire John Peyure • de argent a vn cheueron de goules a iij 

Flures de or. 

390. Sire Raff Perot • quartile de or e de azure endente. 

391. Sire Wilim yngee • de or a vn cheueron de vert. 

392. Sire Rog de Heyhm • Pale de argent e de azure od le chef de 

goules a iij escalops de or. 


393. Sire John de Mortem • de ermyne od le chef endente de goules. 

394. Sire Dauid de Flittewik • de argent a ij lups passanz de sable. 

395. Sire Rauf de Goldingtone • de argent a ij lions passanz de azure, 
39G. Sire de Wahulle • de or a iij cressanz de goules. 

397. Hre Peres loving • quartile dargent e tie goidys a vne bende de 


398. Sire Roger Peyuere • dargent a vn chexdoun dazure a iij Flures 


399. Sire RoVt de Iloslot • dassur a one cys patee derm pie a iiij 

Rosses dor. 

(Ih be continued.) 

Inqufetttones post Jffflortem, 

{Continued from 123.) 

Brudnell, Thomas, ob. s.p. 17 Aug. 29 Eliz. at Deene, will same date 
— Inq. at Kettering 7 Mar. 30 Eliz. — Northampton — 

Edmund D., brother of Thomas,=j= 
ob. 2-i Feb. 27 Eliz. s.p.m. 

r J 

Etheldreda, only d. k h., cons. & h. of Thomas, 
aet. 3, 7 Sep. 29 Eli/. 

Bruce, ' Richard, ob. 8 Mar. 19 Hen. 8.- -Inq. at Brumgard 25 Oct. 

19 Hen. 8. — Hereford — Thomas s. & h , aet. 8. 
Brugge, Giles, of Coberlye, eo. Gloucester, Knt., cons. & h. of Giles 

B. of Barnwod, ob. 1 Sept. ult. — 1st Inq. at Cirencester *27 Mar. 

3 Hen. 8— Gloucester— 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th Inq — Wilts, 
Worcester, Derby, Gloucester, Hereford — John Brugg s. & h. act. 
1C& more. 

Brune, John, Knt., ob. 1 Mar. 1G38 — Inq. at Blandford Forum li June 
15 Car. I. — Dorset, Southampton — John B., cons. & h., then aet. 1G. 
Bruyne, William, ob. 9 Sep. 4 Hen. 8. — Inq at Basingstoke 3 Nov. 

4 Hen. 8. — Southampton — Thomas s. & h., aet. 14, 4 Hen. 8. 
Bryan, John, ob. 10 Mar. 33 Eliz. — Inq. at Chichester 3 April 34 Eliz. 

— Sussex — John s. and h., is aet. 28. 

Bryan, Mary — Inq. at Monmouth 15 April 2 & 3 Ph. & Mary— -Mon- 
mouth — Thomas s. & h., aet. 5. 

Bryan, Robert — Inq. at Horncastle 2G May 11 Car. I. — Lincoln, Cam- 
bridge — Norton B. s. & h., born 1G July last. 

Bryan, William, of Leveryngton in the Isle of Ely, Esq., will IS Dec. 
15G9, ob. 9 Nov. 15 Eliz.— Inq. at Cambridge 2 Oct. 16 Eliz.— Cam- 
bridge — Robert s. & h., is ajt. 6 yrs. 3 mo. 

Bryan vide Mathewe. 

Bryane, Thomas of Bollingbrok, ob. 10 Oct. 13 Hen. 8.— Inq. 1 
Nov. 14 Lien. 8 — Lincoln — William s. & h. set. G. 



Bryant, Robert, ob. 7 Mar. 10 Car. I — Inq. at Horncastle 26 May 11 
Car. I. — Lincoln, Cambridge — Norton B., s. & h., born 1G July 10 
Car. L, 1634. 

Bryxd, Thomas, ob. 30 Sep. nit. — Inq. at Warminster IS Mar. 1 Eliz. — ■ 

Wilts — John s. & h., set. 2S. 
Bryxker, Robert, gent,, ob. 15' Dec. 1 Car. I. — 1st Inq. at Conway 17 

Mar. 4 Car. I., 2nd Inq. at Nevyn 6 Xov. 4 Car. I. — Carnarvon, 

Merioneth — Mary only d. & h.. now set. 2J. 
Brynsley, Francis, Esq., ob. 29 Jan. 39 Eiiz. — Inq. at Nottingham 

15 Mar. 39 Eliz. — Nottingham — Jervas Brynsley, Esq., s. and h., is 

ret. 30. 

Bryton, Margaret, ob. 20 July 27 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Bylchefeld 19 June 
30 Hen. S.^-Lincoln— William Clerke s. & h , is ret. 13. 

Bubwith, Richard, of Roth well, gent., ob. 1 May 6 Car. I. — Inq. at 
Skipton in Craven 13 Aug. 6 Car. I. — York — Richard s. & h., then 
set. 11 yrs. 8 mo. 

Bucke, Thomas, yeoman, ob. 6 Dec. 1554 — Inq. at Clavering 10 Nov. 

4 Eliz. — Essex — John s. k h., ret. 22. 
Bucke, John, Esq., born 3 Apr. 7 Eliz. at Kempsey — Inq. 1 June 28 

Eliz. — Worcester. 
Buckenham vide Carill. 
Buckhurst vide Dorset. 

Buckland, Nathaniel, of London, Esq., ob. 3 April ult. — Inq. at Shepton 
Mallett 28 April 1 Eliz. — Somerset — Walter brother & h., then set 18. 

Buckle, William, will 2 Jan., ob. 11 Feb. 1637 — Inq. at Treby 11 April 
14 Carl. — Cumberland, Northumberland — Agnes, Margery k Juliana, 

3 daughters & coheirs. 

Buckley, James, gent., ob. 30 July 3 Car I. — Inq. at Chorley 2 Sep. 
9 Car. I. — Lancaster — 1. James s. & h., ret. 11, 2 April 1633; 2. 
George; Sarah. 

Buckley, James, ob. 17 Sep. 14 Car I. —Inq. at Boulton 17 Jan. 14 

Car I. — Lancaster — James s. & h. ret. 17, 18 Nov. last. 
Bucknell, John, will 9 Nov. 1624, ob. 30 Nov. 22 Jac. I. — 1st. Inq. at ' 

Northampton 22 April 2 Car. I., 2nd. Inq. there 1 June 13 Car. I. — 

Northampton — John s. & h., then ret. 16. 
Buggixe, John, ob. 3 Feb. 4 Car. I. — Inq. at Evesham 9 Oct. 10 

Car. I. — Worcester — Anthony s. and h., ret 15 yrs 10 months, 5 Feb. 

4 Car. 1., married to Elizabeth .... 

Bukton, William of Bukton, Esq., ob. there 7 Sept. 21 Hen. 8 — Inq at 
York Castle 31 Jan. 21 Hen 8— York— Ursula Bukton d. & sole h. 
then ret. 3. 

Bulbeke, Robert, ob. 14 May nit. — Inq. at Ilchester 21 Sep. 16 

Hen. 8. — Somerset — John s. & h., is ret. 12. 
Bulkley, Humphrey, ob. under age 26 Feb. 1636 — Inq. at Nortlrwich 9 

Oct. 14 Car. I. — Chester — Humphrey avunculus & h., ret. 20. 
Bulkeley, Richard, Esq , ob. 26 Sep. 1633 — Inq. at Chester 1 April 10 

Car. I. — Chester — Humphrey posth. s. & h. 
Bulkeley, Robert, Esq., ob. 26 Jan. ult. — Inq. at Fordingbridge 

4 Mar. 5 Hen. 8. — Southampton — Robert s. & h., ret. 25, 5 Hen. 8. 
Bulkeley, Robert, Esq., ob. 26 Jan. ult. — Inq. at b l Neots 24 Apr. 5 

Hen. 8. — Huntingdon — Ralph s. & h. ret. 23. 




Bullex, Edward, Knt , ob. 24 Aug. 28 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Donington 
5 Oct. 38 Hen. 8. — Lincoln — Edward Bullen, Esq., s. & h., is 
set. 21. 

Buller, John, Esq., ob. 12 Jan. nit. — Inq. at Taunton 23 Mar. 34 
Eliz. — Somerset — 1. George s. & h., is eet. 43; 2. Richard; 4. 
Benjamin ; #e - 

3. John fon whom=Elizabeth, d. of Giles 
laud is settled) Straiigwaies, Knt. 

Buller, Richard, will Nov. 1555, ob. 9 Dec. nit. — Inq. at Lanrak 21 
April 1 555 — Cornwall — Francis s. & h., set 10 ; Mary. 

Buller, Robert, of Exeter, gent,, ob. 20 Dec. 22 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Chard 
12 Oct 4 Eliz. — Somerset — Robert Buller, gent., s. &, h., set. 32. 

Buller, Thomas, ob. 10 Oct. ult. — Inq. at Taunton 15 Jan. 11 Eliz. — 
Somerset — Henry s. & h., then ajt. 26. 

Bullock, William, set. 9 yrs 6 months at father's death, ob. s.p. 15 
Dec. 29 Eliz. — Inq. at Tewkesbury 15 June 29 Eliz. — Gloucester — 
Margery wife of John Beale, sister & h. of William, now set. 22 yrs 

9 months. 

Bulmer, Anne, ob. 4 June 35 Hen. 8., was cons, ct coh. of her grand- 
father— Inq. atxUford 21 May 1 & 2 Ph. & Mary— Lincoln- -Dorothy, 
d. & h. of Anne, is aet. 2G, married to John Sayere, Esq. 

Bulmer, Ralph, Knt., ob. 9 Oct. ult. — Inq. at York Castle 7 Oct. 5 & G 
Ph. & Mary — York — Joan 1. d. & coh., aet. 24, wife of Francis 
Cholmley; Frances 2. d. & coh., aet. 19; Millicent 3. d. & coh., act. 

Bulstrode, Thomas, Esq., s. & h. of George Bulstrode, was of Heggeley; 
ob. 9 Nov. 2 Eliz. in the parish of St. Sepulchre, London — Inq. at 
Colbrouck 27 June 3 Eliz. — Bucks — Edward s. & h. of Thomas, aet. 

10 yrs 6 months. 

Bunch, James, yeoman, ob. 22 Oct. 1630 — Inq. at Maidstone 20 April 7 
Car. I. — Kent — 2. Mathew ; 3. Henry ; 4. John 

1. James s. & h.,=T=EKzabeth 
ob. v.p. | Farbrace 

James s. & h., then aet. 
8 yrs 10 mo. 25 days. 

Bunworth, William, gent., ob. 21 April 1631 — Inq. at Sleaford, 3 June 

7 Car. L — Lincoln — Thomas s. & h., now aet. 4. 
Burberye, Thomas, of " Dorset Magna," ob. ... 38 Henry 8. — Inq. 

at"Norwic" 6 Nov. 38 Hen. 8. — Warwick—Thomas s & h., aet. 

34 ; Elesius. 

Burdet, Robert, ob. 11 Jan. 2 Ed. 6. — Inq. at Atherston 13 Mar. 

4 Ed. 6. — Warwick — Thomas s. & h., then aet. 16 ; Francis ; George. 
Burdet, Robert, of Bromcote — Inq at Warwick 12 June 4 Jac. I. — 

Warwick — Thomas s. & h. 
Burdet, William, ob. 12 Oct. 22 Jac. I —Inq. at East Grinstead 22 Jan. 

22 Jac. I. — Sussex — Clement wife of Andrew Beeching, sister & coh., 

aet. 22 ; Anne 2. sister & coh., aet. 20; Sarah wife -of John Brabon, 

Clerk, act. 18. 

Burdet, William, ob. 2 Jane 17 Car. I. — Inq. at Leicester 15 Oct. 
17 Car. I. — Leicester — John s, & h., aet. 4, 5 April 1641. 



Burdett, Francis, ob. 5 Mar. ult. — Inq. at Barnsley 2S April 13 Car. I. 

— York — Francis s. & h., aet. 19. 
Burdett, Francis, ob. 10 Mar. 1643 — Inq. at Almondbury 30 Sep. 

21 Car. I. — York —Francis s & h., then aet. 1. 
Burdett, John, ob. 4 Jan. 3 Jac. I. — Inq. at East Grinstead 25 Feb. 

3 Jac. I. — Sussex — William*s. & h., then aet. 1. 
Burdett, Thomas, Esq., ob. 15 Jan. ult. — Inq. at Atherston 30 Sep. 

33 Eliz. — Warwick — 

Robert, s. & h.,=Mary d. of Thomas Wilson, Esq., 
is aet. 33. late of the Privy Council of Q. Eliz. 

Burdon, Christopher, ideotus — Inq. at Kirkby Moreside 6 Sep. 17 Car. 

I.— York — Jane wife of William Calvert, aet. 30, his sister ; Elizabeth 

wife of William Ripley, aet. 29, his sister. 
Bures, Henry, Esq., ob. 6 July ult. — Inq. at Henlowe . . . June 

20 Hen. 8 — Suffolk — Joan 1 d. & coh , aet., 6 ; 2. Bridget, aet. . . . ; 

3 Anne, aet. 2 ; 4. Mary, aet. 34 weeks. 

Bures, Henry, s. & h. of Robert Bures, ob. 6 July 20 Hen. 8. — Inq. at 

Colchester 2 Oct. 21 Hen. 8 — Joan 1 d. k coh., aet. 7 ; 2. Bridget, 

aet. 5; 3. Anne, act 3 ; 4. Mary, aet. 1. 
Burg EN, Robert, Esq., born at Sutton, will 22 Oct. 1545, ob. 24 Oct. 

u!t. — Inq. at Warwick 5 Aug. 38 Hen. 8. — Warwick — 1. Robert, s. & 

h, ob. 24 Oct. ult. ; 1. Dorothy; 2. Elizabeth. 
Burges, Robert, of Crouton, ob. 8 Dec. 27 Eliz. — Inq. 15 April 28 Eliz. 

— Lancaster — Thomas s. k h., set. 11 ; Robert. 
Burgeys, Alexander, of Kirkby in Ashfield, ob. 20 Sep. 16 Eliz — Inq. 

at Nottingham 24 Sep. 24 Eliz. — Nottingham — Anthony s. & h., now 

aet. 21. 

Burgh, Edward, will 25 Oct. 1641, ob. 7 May 18 Car. I. (1st wife, 
Aquila ; 2nd wife Fra. Heme) — Inq. at Lincoln 31 Mar. 21 Car. I. — 
Lincoln — John eld. s. & h., ob. 20 July 1644 s.p. ; Edward 2 s. & h., 
is act. 1 1 ; both by first wife. 

Burgh, Thomas, Knt., Lord Burgh ; ob. ult Feb. ult. — Inq. at Croydon 

4 June 4 Ed. 6.— Surrey — William, Lord Burgh, s. & h., then aet. 28. 
Burgh, -Thomas, Lord, Baron of Gainsborough, E.G., ob. 14 Oct. ult. — 

Inq. at Southwark 30 May 4} Eliz, — Surrey, Kent — Robert, Lord 
Burgh, s. & h., aet. 3. 

Burgon, Katherine (d. & h of Robert Rich, Esq., will 12 April 4 Mary), 
ob. s p. 22 Jan. ult. — Inq at Stratford Langthorne 27 Oct. 4 Eliz. — 
Essex — Richard Riche, Knt., Lord Rich, maternal uncle of said Kath- 
erine is nearest heir, tSc is aet. 67. 

Burgoixe, Richard, Esq., ob. 3 Feb. 4 Car. I. — Inq. at Exeter Castle 7 
Oct. 6 Car. I. - -Devon, Somerset — William s. & h., aet. 13 yrs. 3 mo. 
10 days, 3 Feb., 4 Car. I. 

Burgoyne, George, of Clothall, Esq., ob. 10 Oct. 30 Eliz. — Inq. at Bun- 
tingford 5 Sep. 31 Eliz. — Hertford — 

Thomas, s. & h., then=Katherine, d. of 
aet. 30. Chidioc Powlett, 


Burgoyne, John, Esq., will 2 Mar. 40 Eliz., ob. s.p. 26 April ult. — 
Inq. at Bedford 5 Sep. 3 Jac. I. — Bedford — 



Thomas, brother of John=j= 

r J 

John, s. & h., cons. & h. 

of John Burgoyne, was act. 60, 40 Eliz. 

Burgoyne, Robert, of Wroxall, Esq., ob. 2 May 11 Jac. I., 1613— Inq. 
at Warwick 7 Oct. 11 Jac. I. — Warwick, Stafford, Hertford — 

Roger=pMary d. of Thomas Wendye, 
s. & h. j Esq. 
r— ' 

John^Janc d. k h. of William Kempe 
s. & h. of Finchingfield in Essex, Esq. 

Burgyn, Richard, ob. 24 Aug. ult. — Inq. at Exeter 9 July 4 Ed. 6. — 
■ Devon — Richard s. & h., is act. 21. 

Burlace, Petronella, late wife of Thomas Ramsey — 1st Inq. at Ivinge 

7 J*ne 16 Hen. 8., 2nd Inq. at Little Brickhill 11 Feb. 19 Hen. 8. 

— Buckingham — Elizabeth posth. d & h. of Thomas, now aet. 3. 
Burleget, John, ob. 20 Sep. ult. — Inq. at Toryton 6 Oct. 38 Hen. 8. — 

Devon — Thomas s. & h., is aet. 24., Jermyn, will 30 Oct. 17 Car. I., ob. 13 Nov. 18 Car. I.— Inq. 

at Bury St. Edmunds 18 Nov. 21 Car. I. — Suffolk — Thomas s. & h., 

aet. 15 ; Robert ; Sarah. 
Burley, Thomas, gent., ob. 30 May ult. — Inq. at Shurborne 15 April 

30 Hen. 8.— Dorset- 
Edward s. & L, ob. v.p.^ 

r- — J 

George s. & h., cons. & h. 
of his grandfather, aet. 9. 

Burneby, John, ob. 14 Dec. ult. — Inq. at Ilugby 12 April 7 Jac. I. — 
Warwick — Humphrey B. Esq., brother & h., then ret. 29. 

Burneby, Richard, of Watford, Esq., ob. 11 Jan. 45 Eliz. — Inq. at 
Northampton 11 April 2 Jac. I. — Northampton — Thomas s. & h., 
then ret. 40. 

Burneby, Thomas, Esq., ob. 25 Mar. 26 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Rugby 22 

May 31 Hen. 8. — Warwick — Richard s. & h , then set. 11. 
Burneby, Thomas, gent,, ob. 29 Jan. 1629 — Inq. at Exeter 7 Oct. 

6 Car. I. — Devon — Richard s. & h., then ret. 20 yrs 8 mo. 8 days. 
Burneby, William, ob. 21 Sep. 1636 — Inq. at Warwick 21 Mar. 

12 Car. I. — Warwick — Richard s. & h., then ret. 10. 
Burneley, William, of Morley, ob. 10 Mar. ult. — Inq. at Wakefield 

3 April 15 Eliz. — York — William s. & h., now ret. 8. 
Burnell, Thomas, gent, ob. 2 Oct, ult. — Inq. at Thornbury 5 Jan. 

6 Car. I.— Gloucester— Robert brother & h., ret 17, 1630. 
Burnell, Thomas, ob. s.p. 2 Oct. 1630 — Inq. at Thornbury 5 Jan. 6 

Car. I. — Gloucester — Robert brother & h., then ret. 16. 
Burnell, William, ob. 22 Aug. ult. — Inq. at Wotton under Edge 

22 Nov. 30 Hen. S. — Gloucester — John s. & h., then ret. 5. 
Burneston, Thomas, will 20 Nov. 1631, ob. same day — Inq. at York 

Castle 24 Sep. 10 Car. I. — York — John s. & h., then ret, 12; 1. Mary ; 

2. Jane ; 3. Elizabeth ; 4. Ellen ; 5. Joan. 
Burrishe, William, ob. 1 May 2 Jac. I. — Inq. at East Grinstead 29 July 

3 Jac. I. — Sussex — Richard s & h., then ret. 16 



Burrow, Dorothy, widow (wife of D. Dyneley) ob. 22 Dec. 3 & 4 Ph. & 
Mary— Inq. at Selby 23 April 3 & 4 Ph. & M. — York— John D., 
s. & h., is jet. 28. 

Burtenshawe, Thomas, ob. 20 June 23 Eliz. — Inq. at Horsham 12 May 

34 Eliz. — Sussex — Richard s. & h., is set. 40. 
Burton, Edward, ob. 5 Mar. ult. — Inq. at Esborne 20 June 2 Eliz. — 

Sussex — John brother & h. 
Burton, James, ob. 26 Jan. 35 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Bosworth 30 Sep. 

36 Hen. 8. — Leicester — Robert s. & h. of his mother & father; 
' Thomas ; Ralph ; Richard, 

Burton, John, Knt., ob. 22 Nov. 29 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Pontefract 2 Sep. 
30 Hen. 8.— York- 
Thomas eld. sou, ob. v.p.=f= 

r J 

Dulsabel d. & h., cons. & h.— George Mill, 
of her grandfather, aet. 16. 

Burton, Ralph, ob. 12 April 7 Eliz. — Inq. at Derby 7 Dec. 25 Eliz. — 

Derby —William s. & h., now aet 29. 
Burton, Robert, gent., ob. at Lingley 26 Aug. 5 & 6 Ph. & Mary — Inq, 

at Leicester 1 Sep. 7 Eliz. — Leicester. 
Burton, Robert, ob. 25 Aug. 1638 — Inq. at Garstange 25 Sep. 14 Car. I. 

— Lancaster — 

. . , , eld. son, ob. v.p.=pAgnes 

I 1 

Robert s. & h., cons, and h. of his 
grandfather, aet. 5, 17 Nov. 1637. 

Burton, Thomas, of Surfflett, will 8 Mar. 9 Eliz., ob. 15 Mar. 9 Eliz.— 
Inq. at Sleaford 9 Eliz. — Lincoln — Zacharius s. & h., then aet. 14; 
Thomas ; Beatrix. 

Burton, Thomas, will 20 June, ob. 22 June 1622 — Inq. at Knares- 

borough 2 Sep. 13 Car. I. — York — Richard s. & h., then aet. 20; 

2 other sons and 5 daughters 
Burward, John, of Debage ; will 12 July 1564, ob. 2 April ult. — Inq. at 

Bury St. Edmunds 23 Aug 16 Eliz. — Suffolk— William brother & h., 

aet. 40. 

Bury, Bradford, ob. 9 Mar. 1640— Inq. at Chelmsford 27 Aug. 17 Car. I. 

—Essex— Bradford Bury, aet. 14, 19 July 1641. 
Bury, Edmund, ob. 20 Dec. ult. — Iiiq. at Woodstock 16 Mar. 4 Hen. 8. 

— Oxford — James s. & h., aet 10. 
Bury, Lewis, of Ugburgh, ob. 5 Mar. 16 Hen. 8 — Inq. ult. Oct. 

17 Hen. 8.— Devon— John s. & h., aet. 18. 
Bury, Richard, of Colleton, Esq., will 25 Apr. 35 Hen. 8., ob. 5 May 

ult — Inq. at Southmolton 13 Aug. 35 Hen. 8 — Devon — John s. & h. 

aet. 3, 35 Hon. 8 ; Maria ; Elizabeth ; Dorothv. 
Bury, Thomas, will 10 Sep. 5 Car. I , ob. IS Dec! 1629— Inq, at Mcryden 

16 Jan. 11 Car. I. — Warwick — Elizabeth only d. & h., aet. 1. 
Burye, John, of Uggeburgh, sen., ob. 23 Feb. 37 Hen. 8 — Inq. 1 Sept. 

1 Edw. 6— William s. c\: h. aet. 21. 
Burye, William, ob. 12 July 5 Eliz. — Inq. at Culneham 26 Jan. 7 Eliz. 

— Oxford — 1. John s. & h., aet. 28 married to Elizabeth Stafford ; 

2. Thomas; 3. Edward. 



Busbie, Richard, ob. s.p. 12 July 3 Eliz — Inq. at Oxford 6 June 4 Eliz- 

—Oxford— George s. & h. of Thomas Busbie of Sibberd, & cons. & h. 

of Richard, is act. 30. 
Bussey, William, ob. 11 Nov. 12 Car. I.— Inq. at Norwich 15 Sep. 13 

Car. I— Norfolk— John s. Sz h., aet. 5. 
Butlar, William, idttota fsl — Inq. at Wotton Underedge 31 Jan. 9 Eliz. — 

Gloucester— Anne Butler is sister & h., k aet. 17. 
Butler, Agnes, late wife of Henry Butler, ob. 15 Nov. 1563— Inq. at 

Westham 6 June 7 E ! iz — Essex— Edward B. s. & h., then cet. 23. 
Butler, Alban, ob. 24 April nit— Inq. at Northampton 3 Oct. 7 

Jac. L— Northampton— Richard ; Thomas; Simon married to 

Barbara . . . ; 

George s. k h.=f= 

Alban s. k h., com k h. of his 

Butler, George, ob. 21 Nov. 44 Eliz.— Inq. at Amptill 4 Dec. 45 Eliz. 

— Bedford — Beckingham B., s. & h., is aet. 21. 
Butler, Henry, Knt., ob. 20 Jan. ult— Inq. at Hatfeild Regis 14 Aug. 

7 Jac. I. — Hertford — 

John s. k h., Knt., aet. 43^1= 
Henry s. & h. app. 

Butler, Henry, ob 15 Sep. 1636— Inq. at Pontefract 6 April 13 Car. I. 

York— Walter s. & h., then aet. 4. 
Butler, John, will 3 Nov. 15 Hen. S., ob. 7 Jan. ult.— Inq. at Bruton 

17 June 17 Hen. 8 — Somerset — 

Ralph eld. son=f= 

r - J 

John a. k h., cons. & h. of his 
grandfather, aet. 14. 

Butler, John, of Badminton, co. Gloucester, Esq., will 3 Nov. 1523, 
ob. 7 June 16 Hen. 8.— Inq. at Whitchurch 31 Aug. 17 Hen. 8.— 
Bucks — 

Ralph s. k h., ob. v.p.=fAlice d. of Thomas 
| Baynhani Esq., 

John s. k h., aet. ] 4^=Silvester d. of Jo. Giles 

Butler, John, s. & h. of William Butler, fatuus est et Ideota & aet. 21 
— Inq. at King's Bromley 1 Oct. 7 Eliz. — Stafford — Thomas brother 
& h., is aet. 19. 

Butler, John, ideot. — Inq. at King's Bromley 1 Oct. 7 Eliz. — Stafford — 

Thomas brother <k h., aet. 19. 
Butler, Philip, Knt., ob. C June 37 Hen. 8.— Inq. at Warwick 27 Oct. 

37 Hen. 8. — Hertford — John s. & h., is act. 31, married to Grisel ... ; 

4 other sons. 

Butler, Richard, gent,, ob. 15 Sep. ult. — Inq. at Daventry 18 Dec. 

30 Eliz. — Northampton — William s. <Sc h., is act. 35. 
Butler, Richard, yeoman,, ob. 19 Dec. 8 Jac. I. — Inq. at Dorchester 

1 Oct. 11 Jac. I. — Oxford — Thomas s. & h., now aet. 12 yrs 51 weeks 

3 days. 



Butler, Robert, ob. 7 Aug. 6 Ed. 6.--Inq. at Exeter Castle 12 Jan. 

2 & 3 Ph. & Mary — Devon — William s. & h., ret. 20, is and was from 
his birth ideota. 

Butler, Silvester (widow of John B., Knt., ob. 29 July 5 Ed. 6.) ob. 29 

Nov. 7 Eliz. — Inq. at Cirencester z6 Jan. 7 Eliz.— Gloucester — 

William s. & h. of his father, ret. 31, 29 Nov, 7 Eliz. 
Butler, William, of Preston Capes alias Preston super montem, gent., 

ob. 1 Oct. ult. — Inq. at Brakley 8 April 1 Eliz. — Northampton — 

Edward s. & h., ret 18. 
Butler, Walter, ob. 26 May 1G25— Inq. at York Castle 20 April 6 

Car. I. — York — Henry s. & h., then ret. 18. 
Butler, William, ob. 26 Sep. 10 Eliz.-- Inq. at Wotton under Edge 31 

Dec. 16 Eliz. — Gloucester — Anne Butler sister & h., ret. 23. 
Buttobisside, Anthony, ob. 8 Nov. 14 Hen. 8 — Inq. 16 Oct. 15 Hen. 8. 

— Cornwall, Devon — 1. Roger s. & h. ret. 15 ; 2. Thomas ; 3. George ; 

4. John ; Anne ; Julian. 
Buttobisstide, Anthony, will 16 June 10 Hen. 8 ; ob. 8 Nov. 14 

Hen. Inq. at Lostwithicll 16 Oct. 15 Hen. 8 — Cornwall — 1. Roger 

s. & h. ret. 15; 2. Thomas; 3. George; 4. John; 1. Anne ret. 11; 

2. Julian. 

Button, William, Esq., of Alton Priors ; ob. 1 Feb. 33 Eliz. — Inq. at 

Marlborough 19 Jan. 36 Eliz. — Wilts, Somerset, Southampton — 

Ambrose s. & h, then ret. 21. 
Butts, William, of Thornage, Knt. — Inq. at Swaffham 17 Sept. 26 Eliz. 

Norfolk — Thomas 2 s. of William was brother & h. of William B. 

Knt. and then ret. 68 
Butts, William, gent, ob. 7 Dec. 38 Eliz. at Mitcham ; will 3 April 

1595 — Inq. at Croydon 8 Mar. 38 Eliz. — .... [Surrey] — 

Elena, sister of William Butts'i= . . . Brothery 
Edward s. & h., & cons. & h. of William, ret. 48. 

Byckeley, Thomas, Esq., ob. 16 April 30 Eliz. — Inq. at Chichester 

3 April' 34 Eliz. — Sussex — Thomas s. A: h , is ret. 3 yrs 1 day. 
Byford, William, ob. 23 Dec. 15 Hen. 8.— Inq. at Wotton 12 Oct. 

16 Hen. 8. — Gloucester — William B. is cons. & h., ret. 13 & more. 
Bygg, John, ob. 17 Nov. ult.— Inq. at Berkley 1 Oct. 30 Hen. 8.— 

Gloucester — Thomas s. A: h.. then ret. 62 days. 
Bygott, Edmund, of Fyneley, gent., ob. 15 Jan. 18 Hen. 8. — Inq. at 

York Castle 25 June 22 Hen. 8. — York — Edmund s. & h., is ret. 3. 
Bygott, Peter, ob. May 20 Hen. 8— Inq. at Poklyngton 26 Apr. 22 

Hen. 8 — York — Robert Bygott cons. & h. ret 9. 
Bylburgh, Thomas, ob. s.p.m. 20 July 37 Hen 8. — Inq. at York castle 

20 Aug. 38 Hen. 8.— York— Elizabeth 1 sister & coh., aet 12; 

Margaret 2. [sister Sz coh.,] aet. 10; Joan, 3. sister & next heir, 

aet. 8. 

Byllesby, Andrew, Knt., will . . ., ob. 13 July 31 Hen. 8. — Inq. at 
Alford 20 Oct. 31 Hen. 8.— Lincoln- 
John B. s. & h., ob. v.p.=-p 

r 1 

Andrew s. & h., cons. & h. of 
Andrew, is aet. 12. 



Btne, Thomas, ob. 17 Jan. 11 Hen. 8.— Inq. at Billingsherst 27 Oct. 

12 Hen. 8. — Sussex — Edward s. & h., aet, 7. 
Bynge, Robert, of Wroteham, Esq., ob. 2 Sep. 37 Eliz. — Inq. at Dcpt- 

ford 31 Oct, 37 Eliz. — Kent, Middlesex — George s. tfc h., then aet. 39, 

married to Jane d. of William Cromer, Esq. ; Robert ; Thomas ; 


Bynom, Drugo, ob. I April 43 Eliz. — Inq. at East Grinstead 27 April 
43 Eliz. — Sussex — Margery 1. d. & coh., aet. 2; Elizabeth 2. d. it 
coh., is aet. 15 days. 

Byrnand, Francis, ob. 27 Nov. 25 Eliz. — Inq. at Knaresburgh 19 Dec. 
25 Eliz.— York— Richard B. brother & h., then aet. 21. 

Byrom, John, of Bvrom, Esq , s. & h. of Constantia aet. 40 ; Will 
3 Mar, 8 Hen. 8, 1516 ; ob. 25 Aug. 9 Hen. 8— Inq. 5 Sept. 13 Hen. 8 
— Henry s. & h. aet. 14; Henry (bastard); Johan ; ConsUintia ; 

Byron, John, Esq., s. & h. of his mother ; sp,t. 40, 2 Hen. 8., will 3 Mar. 
1516, 8 Hen. 8., was of Byron, co. Lincoln; ob. 25 April 9 Hen. 8. — 

* Inq. at Terbyn 5 Sep. 13 Hen. 8. — Chester — Henry Byron, s. & h. then 
aet. 1 4 ; Henry Byron, bastard ; Joan ; Constance ; Alice. 

Byron, John, of Newsted, Knt., ob. s p. 3 May 9 Eliz. — Inq. at Stratun 
16 Oct. 9 Eliz. — Lincoln — John Byron, Esq. bastard son. married to 
Alice d. of . . . Strellcy : Lady Frances Towneley, pot. 42, 1 cons. & 
coh. of John Byron, Knt. ; Abrea Norton, ret 41, 2 cons. & coh. 

Byshop, William, ob. ult. May ult. — Inq. at Bvrtport [Bridport] 22 July 

. 38 Hen. 8— Dorset— John s. & h. set. 17. 

Byshopp, William, ob. 2 May 1628 — Devon — John s. & h. ret 14 years 
7 months. 

Bysse, John, gent., ob. 5 Xov. ult, — Inq. at Taunton 29 April 8 Eliz. — 

Somerset — John s. & h., now a?t. 30. 
Bysshopp,, Robert, ob. 20 Jan. 2 Ed. 6.— Inq. at Exeter 23 July 4 Ed. 

6. — Devon — Joan ; Ellen ; Alice ; 

John s. & h. male^pAgnes d. of John 
surviving | Legh nlicts Ruge 

Nicholas, eld. s.=f= 
ob. v.p. i 

1. Joan, cons. & coh. of her— William 2. Thomasin 3. Rose 

grandfather, ret. 24. Hogge ret. 21. ret. 20. 

Bysshopp, John, ob. 4 Mar. 38 Eliz. — Inq. at East Grinstead 2 April 
43 Eliz —Sussex— John s. & h., set. 20, 4 Mar. last. 

(To be continued.) 


Jiottrcs of ISooks. 

Suffolk Manorial Families. Vol. I, Part 2. By Joseph James 
Muskett. Privately printed. Exeter (William Pollard & Co.). 
Imp. 4to. 

The second part of the first volume of Mr. Muskett's work is now in our 
hands, and we are glad to see that it fulfils the promise of Part I. The 
longer and more important of the pedigrees now given are those of Mild- 
may, Alabaster of Hadleigh, Veysey of Hintlesham, and Risby of Thorpe 
Morieux. These families were all more or less connected with the 
Winthrops of Groton, whose pedigree appeared in Part I, and so follow 
appropriately here. As we have already indicated, the great .value of 
this book lies in the large number of wills and other evidences printed, 
and which not only enable the reader to test the accuracy of the 
pedigrees, but will also be of general interest and utility. Among the 
wills abstracted is that of John Still, Bishop of Bath and Wells. We 
hopelhe author will persevere in the useful and interesting work upon 
which he has entered, and that other antiquaries may follow his 
example, so that each county in England may have an equally thorough 
examination into its genealogical history. 

" Brave Translunary Things : " from the Works in Prose and 
Verse of Ben Jonson. Selected by Alexander B. Grosart. London 
(Elliot Stock). 12mo. 

This little book, like all the series of the " Elizabethan Library," is 
prettily got up, and forms a fitting embodiment of the choses sjnrituelles 
of which it is composed. To those to whom the works at large of Ben 
Jonson are known only by name, the extracts which have been selected 
with so much good taste by Mr. Grosart, will excite rather than satisfy 
the appetite. The extracts are arranged under the heading of subjects 
in alphabetical order and are plentifully annotated by the editor, who 
criticises freely some of Mr. Swinburne's observations on the author's 
works. "We heartily endorse the editor's suggestion that some Scottish 
antiquary may discover more of the genealogy of " rare Ben," and we 
hope our readers may assist him in his quest. Referring to the famous 
visit to Drummond of Hawthornden, when Jonson was created a burgess 
of Edinburgh, he says, " Surely, also, Scottish antiquaries ought to be 
able and willing to trace Jonson's Scottish lineage. The data known 
are definite enough to give a clue through the genealogical lines of the 
Annandale Johnstons or Johnstones, whence his father and grandfather 
came, as it would seem." 

liotes aim (^juries. 

Grant to Robert, Thomas, and John Gygges in 1477. — I presume 
Clarenceux's statement that, on search, he traced the discontinued arms 
of the three brothers to be what he states, was only the usual flourish, 
for I cannot trace any user of arms by this family in Norfolk before 
the grant. 



The name is the usual filial transition from Gigge. Ralph Gigge 
was of Lynn in 5 Eclw. II (1332), see Norfolk Flues — and John, son of 
William Gigg, was of Wighton in 10 Hen. VI (id.). 

The family seems to have settled at Burnham Overy temp. Edw. IV, 
where Thomas Giggs was lord of the manor of Vewtres. His wife's 
will is dated 1473. His sons, John and Thomas, were probably two of 
the three brothers to whom the arms were confirmed. The lattcrs will 
is dated 1505, and he too had a son John. Of Robert, the third 
brother, I find no trace, unless he was father of Robert Giggs, of 
Sparham and Rollesby, gent., who was lord of manors in Filby and 
Cromer, and whose will is dated 153-4, in which year he died, his wife, 
Alice, dying the next year. His daughter and heiress Anne, who died 
in 1570, married Sir William Clere, of Ormesby, who quartered the arms 
mentioned in the grant. Thomas was probably the Sir Thomas Gigges, 
of Rollesby, who bore these arms and whose daughter Eleanor married 
Roger Townshend. Walter Rye. 

Kingston, Lady. — "7 Aug. 1G97 . . . Here goes a comical relation 
of a strange match between Lady Kingston, a widdow to the Lord 
Kingston, an Irish Lord, and a leiftenant of the King's foot ; that she 
having a mynd to marry him, sent him a challenge . . . and hee 
coming there ... at last saw a lady in a mask, who told him shee was 
the person hee looked for, and then told him the occasion, and after 
some discourse carried him off in her carriage, and in a very few howers 
marryed him; and its sayd have XI, 500 per annum estate and worth 
£10,000 in money." (Fifth Report Historical MSS. 386.) This match is 
not mentioned in G.EC.'s Complete Peerage (iv, 402), but the Lady 
Kingston of the time was, as a fact, a young widow and an heiress. 

J. H. Round. 

Dorset, Dukedom of. — Possessors of the valuable Complete Peerage 
of G.E.C. may be glad to note on Vol. iii, p. 151, the following additional 
reference : — 

"Nov. 10, 1674. The Earl of Middleton [?>. Middlesex] is dead, and 
that family extinct. The estate, worth £3,000 a year, was settled by 
will on the Lord Buekurst, his nephew, who hath thereon declared 
himself marryed to the Countess of Faumouth, an infamous relict of 
the Lord Clifford's." (Fifth Report Historical MSS., p. 375.) 

J. H. Round. 

Lee of Wybunbury and Cotton (p. 128). — Cotton and Coton arc 
both extremely common place names. If your correspondent will 
compare the brief statement of Lysons with the pedigree in Ormerod 
(i, pp. 466-7) he will see that this family has nothing whatever to do 
with the Lees of Coton, lords of Kings Nordley in Shropshire, from 
about 1376 onward. B. 

Family of Lee (p. 63). — We are requested by Mr. J. Henry Lea to 
state that his reply upon this subject has been unfortunately delayed, 
but will appear in the April number. — Ed. 



I have always taken some interest in the origin of the Thynnes of 
Longleat, not only as being myself their senior heir-general, but also 
because, as is well known, the alleged origin of their name is very 
peculiar. The evidence seems to me, at least, so unsatisfactory that I 
should like to treat the subject in a critical spirit. 

The best account, beyond question, is that written by Mr. Morris in 
1855, 1 Mr. Botfield's "Stemmata Botvilliana" being based on the 
researches of Mr. Morris. But, at the outset, I dispute wholly the 
supposition that the " inne " from which the family took its name, 
could be their residence at Stretton. Mr. Moms instances "Talbot 
Inne," the Earl of Shrewsbury's town house at Shrewsbury ; and Mr. 
Botfield appeals to Lincoln's Inn, Gray's Inn, Furnival's Inn, etc. But 
these all prove that the " Inn " was the town residence of a country 
noble ; it was certainty not the name of his own home in the country, 
still less the name of a small freeholder's home. The idea, I do not 
hesitate to say, is simply out of the question. 

My next point is that I can find no evidence of a Botfield taking the 
name of Thynne (" of th'inne "). Botfields we have, and Thynnes we 
have ; but no Botfield speaks of a Thynne as a relative, nor does any 
Thynne so speak of a Botfield ; nor did any of the family style himself 
Thynne alias Botfield, till they began to rise in position under 
Henry VIII. 

Taking the pedigree chronologically, I come to the alleged parting of 
the branches, temp. Hen. VI. Here I may mention that I accept the 
abstracts of local deeds given by Thynne, the herald, the more readily 
as they do not prove any of the points I question. What I dispute is 
the authority of statements representing only the ipse dixit of Thynne, 
who is admitted to have made mistakes, who, as an " Elizabethan 
herald " must be looked on with suspicion, and who, in this matter, was 
making up his own pedigree. Now the two lines of Thynne and of 
Botfield are alleged to descend from Thomas Bottefeld of Botefeldes Ley 
in Church Stretton, living 4 Henry V (1418-19). This Thomas, 
according to Thynne, in 18 Henry VI (1439-40) "did surrender into 
the handes of the lorde all his landes and tenements in Church 
Stretton and within the Lordship of Stretton, with the appurtenances, 
to the use of John Botefelde his sonne and Joane his wife," etc. But 
on quite a different footing to this is the mere assertion that this John 
was a younger son, and that the " eldest son William Bottefelde 
adopted for his residence the mansion or inn at Stretton, to which the 
freehold lands of the family, with various detached copyholds were 
attached/' 2 No evidence whatever is given for this statement, and 
yet this is a vital point in the pedigree. 3 

1 Topographer and Genealogist, iii, 468-491. 

2 pp. 408, 478. 

3 The only fact proved is the hostile one that William Bottefeld purchased lands 
in Stretton. 




The second hitch is found in the first appearance of the Thynnes to 
nomine, on a subsidy roll of 1492, "when Thomas of In and William 
of the In are rated at 26s. Sd. each/' 1 These men, as Mr. Morris 
shews, occur frequently on the court rolls, etc., but I can see no 
evidence whatever that they were Botfields, as alleged. The former is 
a juror for the manor In 24 Hen. VII, as " Thomas de la Inne de 
Botfeld," yeoman ; and he witnessed a deed, by the same style in 149G. 
I think genealogists will agree with me that " de Botfeld " is here a 
local description, especially as the "de," Mr. Morris admits, had 
dropped out of the family name about a century before. What we 
want is " de la Inne alias Bottefeld," — but we do not find it. 

I now append a pedigree of the Thynnes as derived from deeds and 
•court rolls solely. It is deplorable that Mr. Morris, who so well worked 
up this evidence, should have treated the assertions of Francis Thynne 
and of Handle Holme (of all people !) as equally valid with the records, 
and have thus mixed hopelessly up these two sources. 

# Thomas de la Inne William de la 

de Botfeld occurs Inne occurs 

1492-1508. 1492-1514. 


Thomas de la Inne W illiam de la 
succeeded his father Inne occurs 
1514, died 1517. 1517. 

John Thynne succeeded his father John de la Inne succeeded his father 

Thomas in copyholds at Stretton 1517, aged 4. 

Oct. 1546. 

From this slight actual evidence, Mr. Morris (p. 483) constructed the 
following pedigree : — 

Richard Bottfelde.^Katherine, living 
died 1481. 1 I 1487. 2 

John Botfelde alias Thomas de la William de la 

Thynne. Inne. Inne. 

1 l . 

Ralph Botfeld alias Thynne. Thomas de la Inne. William, 1517. 

r - 1 - 

Thomas Thynne alias William Thynne, Master of the house- John, octat. 4 
Botfeld. I hold to Henry VIII, d. 1546. 1517. 

Sir John Thynne of Longleat, d. 1580 (admitted 
to his father's copyholds 1546). 

It seems to me a most singular circumstance, on comparing these 
two pedigrees, that Mr. Morris was unable to produce any evidence 
from the" court rolls, relating to the alleged father, grandfather, or 
great-grandfather of Sir John Thymic (admitted 1546), although he 
was able to trace on them, as above, the copyholds of the De la Inne 
family. The inference is obvious. 

1 P- 481. 

3 I can find no authority given for these dates or this affiliation. 



I may close these rough notes by pointing out that the Visitation 
pedigrees of 1584 and 1623 do not attempt to carry back the pedigree 
beyond "Ralph Botvill, Gent," who married "Ann d. of John Higons, 
com. Salop." I am by no means sure that William Thymic, who 
appears on the court rolls in 1517, may not, after all, be identical with 
the William Thymic, father of the herald and uncle of Sir John, who 
first appears as "second clerk of the kitchen" to Henry VIII in 1524. 
It is singular that his alleged grandfather, John, does not figure in the 
the Heralds' Visitations, and that there seems to be no proof given of 
his existence. The pedigree, as it stands, cannot be deemed really 
satisfactory or " proved." J. H. Round. 

$ctugms front tije $lra Bolls. 

By Major-General the Hon. GEORGE WROTTESLEY. 
(Continued from p. HO.) 

De Banco. Easter 42. E. 3. m. 385. 

Salop. — John, son of Laurence de Lodelowe, Chivaler, sued Thomas, 
son of Thomas de Hodynet, for lands in Hodynet (Hodnet). The 
pleadings give these pedigrees — ■ 

Odo de Hodynet, temp. King Richard. 





Laurence. . . . 


John de Lodelowe, the plaintiff. 

Richard de Hodynet, 
living 5 E. 3. 



Thomas, ob. s.p. 

Robert de Swynerton, 
of co. Stafford. 


Thomas de Hodynet, 
the defendant. 

John, who enfeoffed 
Richard de Hodynet. 

N.B. — The above pedigree of Hodnet should be substituted for that 
given at p. 135, where one generation has been omitted. 

De Banco. Easter. 42. E. 3. m. 229. 

Somerset. — John Standysh sued Nicholas Golafre and Margaret, his 
wife, and several other tenants in Lonyngton for lands, &c.,-in Lonyng- 
ton, in which they had no entry except by demises made by John dc 
Arderne, his kinsman, and whose heir he was, when he was under age. 
The pleadings givs this pedigree — 



William de Arderne, Edith, aunt and heir of 

i John de Arderne. 
John de Arderne, I 
ob. s.p. William. 


John Standysh, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Hillary. 43. E. 3. m. 191. dorso. 

Bucks. — Hugh de Stretle, and Joan, his wife, and Elizabeth, sister 
of Joan, sued Robert de Tiptot, Chivaler, for lands and tenements in 
Tirefekl. The pleadings give these pedigrees — 

Sibil de Bossemere, temp. Hen. 3. 



• John. 


=Hugh de Stretle. 


Giles de 



de Roos, 
of Hame- 

Thomas de Roos. 

=John de Veer, 
Earl of Oxford. 

Thomas, Earl of 

Elizabeth. 1 


under age. 

: William de 
Bohun, 2nd 



=John Tip- 


Robert Tip- 
tot, the 

De Banco. Easter. 44. E. 3. 

Staff. — William, son of Adam de Brocholes, sued John del Boterie and 
other tenants of Abbots Bromley and Bromleye Bagot for lands in those 
\ills, -which Stephen de Brocholes had given to Elias, his son, the 
chaplain, for his life, with remainder to Adam, son of Stephen, and the 
heirs of his body. 

Stephen de Brocholes. 


Elias, the chaplain. Adam. 
Stephen. William, the plaintiff. 

William, John,= Juliana, 

ob. 8. p. ob. 8. p. 

De Banco. Easter. 43. E. 3. m. 308. 

Glouc. — The King sued the Prior of Lantony for the next presentation 
to the Church of Aure. 

William, Earl Marshall, Gilbert, Richard, Walter, Aiiselm, 

temp. Hen. 3, ob. s.p. ob. s.p. ob. s.p. ob. s.p. ob. s.p- 

The sisters and eventual heirs of the Earl Marshall were — 

Matilda. Joan. Isabella. Sibil. Eva. 

I i 1 1 i r 1 — i 

Edmund. John. Joan. Matilda. Alianora. Eva. 

1 I % 

Roger de Mortimer. Aylmer de Valence. 

De Banco. Trinity 43. E. 3. m. 162 dorso. 

Norf. — Robert de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk, sued Robert, the parson of 
Combes, and others, for a moiety of the manor of Fundenhale, which, 
with the other moiety, Sarra, daughter of Bartholomew Creyke, had 
given to Guy Ferre and Margery, his wife, and to the heirs of Sarra, 
and which should revert to him, the issue of Guy and Margery having 

The pedigree given is the same as at p. 135, vol. x, of The Genealogist, 
but it gives the additional information that the Roes named in it, had 
died s.p* since the previous suit. 

Coram Mege. Trinity 43. E. 3. m. 22. Bex. 

Northumb. — The King sued John de Felton for the manor of Matfen- 
west and lands in Naffirton and Lourbodille, and a rent of £25. 

William de Felton. 

r ^ 1 

William. John. 

. r 1 s 

William. Alianora. Agnes.=Robert de Swynborne. 

William de Hilton, Thomas, 
aged 12. aged 11. 

The pleadings state that the rent of £25 had been granted by 
Edward II to William de Felton for capturing Gilbert de Middleton, the 
King's enemy and traitor. 

De Banco. Easter. 44. E. 3. m. 178 dorso. 

Glouc. — Fulk de Pembrugge, Chivaler, sued John Giftard, and another, 
for the next presentation to the Church of Weston-under-Egge. 

Henry de Pembrugge, temp. E. 1, 




Fulk, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Easter 44. E. 3. m. 378. 
Leyc. — The King sued Thomas de Asteleye and Elizabeth, his wife, for 
the next presentation to the moiety of the Church of Shepeye. 


John de Harecourt, of Stanton Harcourt, held 
the manor of Boseworth, to which the advow- 
son of Shepeye was appurtenant. 


William de Harecourt .=Joan.=Ralph de'Ferrars, 
I 2nd husband. 

* Richard. 


Elizabeth, d. and h. 
—Thomas de Asteleye. 

See suit at p. 134. 

De Banco. Mich. 44. E. 3. m, 199. 

'Warw. —Glows.-— Peter de Careswelle, Chivaler, sued Baldwyne de 
Frevylle and Joan, his wife, for the manors of Pynnele, Styvychale, 
and Wykene, and he sued John de Peyto for the manor of Mulcote. 

I 1 

John de Langeleye, 18 E. 2.=fEla. Robert de Langeley. 

• I • 1 1 | 

Walter de Langeleye,=Katrme. Magister Geoffrey ==Mary. Margaret, 
ob. s.p. Thomas, j | 

ob. s p. Geoff re3 T . John de Peyto. 

Joan, ob. s.p. 

Mary, the wife of Geoffrey, married for a second husband William de 
Careswelle, the father of Peter. Baldwyne Frevylle and Joan, his 
wife, had been enfeoffed by Joan, the heiress of the Langelcyes. 

De Banco. Hillary. 45. E. 3. m. 347. 

Sumey — Thomas, the kinsman and heir of Roger de London, sued 
Beatrice, formerly wife of Thomas de Breouse, for manor of Immeworth. 


Roger de London, 6 E. 3. Isabella. 
T J 1 1 1 

Ralph,— Katrine. Roger, Emma, Alianora, Isabella. Thomas, the 
ob s.p. ob. s p. ob. s p. ob. s.p. ob. s.p. plaintiff. 

De Banco. Hillary. 45. E. 3. ni. 491. 

Notts. — Richard Poutrel sued Nicholas de Crophyll, Kt., who was called 
to warranty by John de Verdon, Kt., for land in Thurmeston, which 
Henry Poutrell and Willelma, his wife, had given to Robert Poutrell 
and to the heirs of his body. 

Henry Poutrell. 

Henry Poutrell, of Thurmeston 
upon Trent. | 

r ■ 1 

Robert. John. 


Richard, the plaintiff. 



Coram Rege. Hillary 45. E. 3. m. 34. 

Line. — William de Kerdcston sued John de Burgbersh and others for 
the manor of Skendelby. 

William de Kerdeston.=pMargaret Bacoun. 

I I 
William , the Matilda, 
plaintiff. | 

John Burghersh, the defendant. 

John had pleaded that William was illegitimate, and a local jury had 
found against him. John now appealed to the King's Court. 

Coram Rege. Hillary. 45. E. 3. m. 3. Rex. 

Cambr. — Richard de Bassingbourne, Chivaler, claimed to be' hflr at law 
of Warine de Bassingbourne, and gave this descent — 


Warine de Bassingbourne. 

■ - -i 










Warine de Bassingbourne, 
of Wymple, Kt,, ob. s.p. 



Richard de Bassingbourne 

the plaintiff. 

The defendants were William de Latymer, Alan de Buckeshulle, and 
Richard Stury, Knights, who claimed by a grant of the last Warine de 
Bassingbourne, and the jury found in their favour. 

De Banco. Easter. 45. E. 3. m. 244. 

Suff. — Clement de Brothenham and Katrine, his wife, sued W'illiam, 
Earl of Suffolk, and William de Huntynfeld, Chivaler, for the next 
presentation to the Church of Alderton. 

Geoffrey de Glanville, Kt., temp. Ric. I. 

-Edmund, Earl 
of Cornwall, 

=John Grey. 

—William Boyville. 

William Boyville, 
who enfeoffed 


=Emeric Pecehe, 


Thomas Pecche. 

■ Reginald Emma. 

Robert, Earl of de Grey. = William de 

Suffolk. Huntvnfeld. HughdeNaweton. Anne. 

| | j =William Mal- 

William, Earl of Roger. Hugh. lori, 26 E. 3. 

Suffolk, defendant. \ =Katrine. the 

William de Huntyn- plaintiff, 
feld, the defendant. 

Geoffrey had a fifth daughter Alice, who appears to have left no 
issue. The first William de Huntyngfeld and Emma Grey had been 
enfeoffed by Reginald de Grey of his purparty. Clement, the plaintiff, 
appears to have been the second husband of Katrine. The descent of 
William, Earl of Suffolk, from Margaret, the eldest daughter, is not 
given in full. 



• De Banco. Trinity. 45. E. 3. m. 312. 

Norf. — The King sued Thomas de Byngham, the Warden of the Hall 
of Valence Mary, of the University of Cambridge, for the next presen- 
tation to the Church of Tilneye. 

William Bardolf, temp. Hen. 3. 


Hugh, presented temp. Ed. 1. 



William, a minor in ward to the King. 

John Bardolf had granted the advowson to Mary de St. Paul, the 
Countess of Pembroke, in 20 E. 3. 

De Banco. Trinity. 45. E. 3. m. 332. 

Ebor. — The King sued William de Fournyvale and William Savage for 
the next presentation to the Church of Ireton, which was appurtenant 
to the manor of Sheffield. 

Thomas de Fournyvalle, temp. E. I 
held the manor of Sheffeld of Rober 
de Brays, the King of Scotland. 

Thomas .= Elizabeth. 


. i 

Thomas proved his age in 17. E. 3. William de Fournyvale, 

before Thomas de Swynnerton, the brother and heir the 

King's Escheator in co. Stafford, defendant, 
ob. s.p. 

De Banco. Mich. 45. E. 3. m. 34. 

Oxon. — Nicholas de Huntercombe sued the Abbot of Dorkecestre for 
manor of Huntercombe, which Walter, the Bishop of Carlisle, had given 
to William de Huntercombe and Isabella, his wife, and heirs of their 

William de Huntercombe. =plsabella, temp. Hen. 3. 

I 1 

Walter, ob. s.p. Gunnora. 


Nicholas, the plaintiff. 
This pedigree should be substituted for that given at p. 1 5, 



De Banco. Mich, 45. 25. 3. m. 136. 

Ebor. — The Prior of Newburgh sued Henry Gramory, Chivaler, for the 
custody of the manor of Kirkby on the Moors. 

Boniface de Ledes. 
. I 

Alexander. =Margaret Darel. 
Ralph de Neville.=T=Elizabeth.=pHenry Gramory, 2nd husband. 
I ! 

Alexander de Neville. Elizabeth. 
Henry claimed to hold the manor for his life by the courtesy of 

De Banco. Mich. 45. E. 3. m, 199. 

Essex. — The King sued the Prior of Bykenare for the next presentation 
to thejChurch of Wodeham Ferrers. 

William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby, 
granted the manor to his son, 
William, temp. Hen. 3. 

William de Ferrers, son of 
the Earl. 





Henry, under age, and in ward 
to the King. 

De Banco. Mich. 45. E. 3. m. 119 dorso. 

Staff. — John de Verdon, of Derlaston, Chivaler, William de Bakepuz, 
and Joan, his wife, and William de Ingwardby, sued John Foucher for 
the manor of Ansedeleye, (Anslow). 

Robert de Toke.^f Ermentrude. 

1 i 

John de Toke, Walter, Joan. Alesia. Matilda. 

ob.s.p. | III 

Robert, ob. s.p. John de Verdon, Joan. William de Ing- 

the plaintiff. =William de wardby. 


De Banco. Mich. 45. E. 3. m. 252 dorso. 

Oxon. — John Nowers, Chivaler, sued the Prior of the Convent of St. 
Fredeswide, of Oxford, for the next presentation to the Church of 
Churchehull, which with the manor, William de Helton had granted to 
Roger Nowers by a fine levied in Hen, 3. 



Roger Nowers, temp. Hen. 3. 



. r John, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Hillary. 46. E. 3. m. 67. 

Salop.— The King suedHiimfrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, for the 
next presentation to the Church of Ideshale (Albrighton). 

Walter de Dunstanvylle, temp. Hen. 3. 

John de Mare,=Petronilla.=Robert de Montfort, 
2nd husband. | 


The record breaks off abruptly in the middle of the pleadings. 

Coram Eepe. Easter. 46. E. 3. m. 67. 

Chester.— John de Holford sued Richard de Vernon, of Lostock, for the 
manor of Lostok Gralan. 

Richard fitz Gralan, of Lostok. 

Richard, ob. s.p., 
temp. E. 1. 

... Thomas, 
ob. s.p. 


— i 

Roger, ob. s.p. 

John de Holford, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Hillary. 46. E. 3. m. 242. 

Line. — John de Wyke and Alice, his wife, sued Ralph Bassett, of 
Sapcote, Chivaler, and John Gernon, Chivalcr, for a moiety of the castle 
and manor of Castel Bvtham and manors of Estbytham, South 
Wichom, BirtoUj Billesfeld^ Gorby, Repynghale and Aubourne. 

Roger de-Echull, Chivaler.^pMargaret. 



Guy Gebaud, Chivaler. 

Edmund. Elizabeth. =fRaTph Ha.^et. 

| Basset,of Sap- 
Roberta Cecily. cote. ( 1 1 r* 1 

| John, Guy, Elizabeth. Mabel. 

Walter,=Margaret, Simon. ob. s.p. ob. s p. =\Villiam =William 

ob.v.p. d. of OikS? ' " | Amicell Lampet. 

| degassing- Ralph, the | 
Robert, bourne, defendant. Alice. William, 

ob.s.p. " ; " ~John de Wyke, 

the plaintiffs. William, 
now living. 



Alice, the widow of Guy Gebaud, married for a second husband John 
Gernon, Kt., of co. Essex, and had issue John Gernon, the other 

De Banco. Hillary. 46. E. 3. m. 288. 

Derb. — Richard de Herthull, Chivaler, sued Nicholas del "Welde, the 
Parson of Derley, for a messuage, two mills and six bovates of land in 
Ednesovere (Edensor) in which he had entry only by Robert Bozoun, 
who held the tenements by the courtesy of England. 

Philippa, temp.=Robert Bozoun. Joan. 
Hen. 3, ob. s.p. | 




Richard de Herthulle, the plaintiff. 

Verdict for the plaintiff. 

(To be continued.) 

Communicated by J. Henry Lea. 

There is a communication in the Notes and Queries of the July 
number of The Genealogist 1 relating to my article on the Lees of 
Quarrendon which, as it appears to cast an imputation on my accuracy 
as an antiquary as well as my sincerity as a man, seems to demand 
something more than a passing notice. 

That this answer has been somewhat delayed is due to the fact that I 
was seriously ill when it met my eyes, and that, after my recovery, it 
seemed advisable to obtain full legal proof of my statements, and this 
across three thousand miles of ocean was, of course, a tedious process. 
As it is now, however, happily completed, and every link in the chain 
of evidence made officially certain, I may permit myself to reply briefly 
to Mr. G. Ambrose Lee's criticism. 

In the first place, as regards the entry of the baptism of Frances 
Lee S. to Baucis Henry by Abig&il, which is cited by him as occurring 
in the Register of St. Margaret's, Westminster, I have had the original 
entry examined independently by two skilled experts, whose opinion is 
that the letters printed above in italics have been erased and rewritten 
with a steel pen in the present century, and I am confident that, if Mr. 
G. Ambrose Lee will personally examine the Register, he will perceive 
that an erasure has been made, and will admit that, as no initials of the 
person making the alteration were placed in the margin at the time, the 
entry is of no value whatever as evidence. As a matter of fact, however, 
it is of little moment whether the entry reads " Francis 6'." or " Frances 

1 Genealogist, July, 1894, p. 63. 



D." for, of whichever sex the child was, the following entry, a month 
later — 

1692. Dec. 23.— Frances Lee Ch.(rworo) C.(hild) Buried. 

certainly records the interment of the infant in question, and forms the 
final link in the proof of my previous statement, that the son Francis 
Lee never existed, or if such a son was born, that he died in early 

After this convincing evidence it is almost superfluous to call attention 
to the will of George Henry, third Earl of Lichfield, 1 in which he recites, 
in reference to the entail of the family estates, a deed, dated 15 Jan. 
1744-5, between himself, his uncle Robert Lee (afterwards fourth and 
last Earl and Baronet), and Sir Thomas Frankland, Bart., and Dinah, 
his daughter (afterwards Countess of Lichfield), in which it is stated 
that Charles Henry Lee, son of Col. Francis Henry Lee, is dead without 
issue, the testator evidently never having heard of any other male issue 
of Francis Henry Lee, or to reiterate my reference to the will of Abigail 
Lee, widow of Francis Henry Lee, 2 which, by the recitation of all her 
minor children who are to be placed under the tutelage of their grand- 
mother, Mrs. Anne Williamson, makes it absolutely impossible that this 
putative "Francis Lee" could have been living in 1703. 

Deeply as I must regret to impugn a pedigree which has been 
"judicially dealt with " by the College of Arms, I feel it necessary in 
self-justification to print the pedigree and proofs which follow, and 
which establish the true genealogy of the Leckonfield and Pocklington 
Lees beyond the shadow of a doubt, and which I submit without further 
comment, but with the sincere hope that the " equanimity " of the 
family in question may not be disturbed by the discovery that they 
sprang from a stock of decent and thrifty tradespeople rather than 
from a line of Baronets and Peers. 

1697- Jan, 15. — George Lee of Leckonfield, gent., aet. 23. and Sarah Storke of 
Pocklington, spr., aet. 22. Surety, Richard Waite of Beverly, parish clerk. 
At Pocklington or Leckonf d . (Siyned) George Lee. {Plain seal). Witness, 
H. Jefferson. 3 

1551 to 1740. 

From these voluminous registers, I have over one hundred and fifty 
entries relating to this family, but as most of them concern the earlier 
generations, with whom our present enquiry has nothing to do, or else 
the later branches who remained in Leckonfield and plied their ancestral 
trade and in whom we are equally uninterested, I have selected those 
only which relate directly to George Lee, whose widow Sarah (Storke) 

1 See will in P.C.C. (Taverner 368) abstract in Gen., Vol. x, p. 236. 

2 See will in P.C.C. (Degg 144) abstract in Gen., Vol. x, p. 232. 

8 Compare the will of Mrs. Ann Blackbeard herewith, whose executors are " my 
uncle John Storke, my aunt Sarah Lee, & my cousins John Lee tfc George Lee,'' and 
which makes the identity of George certain in spite of the discrepancy of age as 
stated (see his baptism in Leckonfield llegister, 28 .June 1672), or his calling himself 
"gent." instead of butcher— a family failing which may be noted in the wills of his 
son John and grandson of the same uame (see wills herewith). 



returned, after his death in 1729-30, to her own town of Pocklington 
with her children, and there established the family with whom we are 
dealing. To make absolutely sure, the Transcripts at York, which, 
fortunately, are nearly perfect, have been also extracted and collated 
with the Registers, while certified extracts have been obtained of such 
entries as are of vital importance in the proof of the pedigree. 


1672. June 28. — George Lee son of George Lee. 
1675-6. Mch. 5. — Jan daughter of Georg Lee. 
1679. Nov. 3. — John son of Georg Lee. 
16S2. July 10.— Edward son of Georg Lee. 
1684. Apr. 6. — Henery son of Georg Lee. 

1690. Aug. 21.— Thomas son of Georg Lee. . • 

1698. Dec. 26. — John son of George Lee. 

1699- 1700. Mch. 7.— Georg y e soun of George Lee. 
1707. Dec. 8. — George son of George Lee. 
1712-3. Mch. 1.— William son of Geo. Lee. 

1729. Nov. 16.— John son of (Quere J n ) Lee. 1 

1736. May 26. — James sou of Wm : Lee. 

1738-9*. Jan. 14. — George son of Wm : Lee, schoolmaster. 


1694. Nov. 29. — Thomas Newmarsh & Jane Lee. 2 


1681. Nov. 15. — John son of George Lee. 

1683. Aug. 3.— Charts Lee. 

1684. July 5. — Elesabth daughter of George Lee. 
1686. June 22. — Jan daughter of Georg Lee. 
1690-1. Feb. 16.— George Lee. 

1700- 1. Jan. 20. — George son of George Lee. 
1701. Aug. 31. — Mary daughter of Julian Lee. 
1703-4. Mch. 23.— Ann daughter of George Lee. 3 
1729-30. Mch. 12.— George Lee. 

1738-9. Jan. 18. — George son of Wm : Lee, schoolmaster. 
1738-9. Feb, 13.— Mr. Henry Lee. 

1613 to 1750. 

The following entries, the result of a personal search, comprise, I 
believe, every instance of the name of Lee in any form of spelling in 
the period cited. Although several of these are evidently unconnected 
with the family in question, it has seemed best to avoid the possibility 
of error by printing all of them, as the number is not large. 

1617. Mr. Peter Mvdd & Mrs. Dorathe Lee 4 were married ye 20 of nouember. 

1 The Christian name of the father has been smeared out. 

2 This entry has an especial interest, as it indicates the Newmarsh connection 
which is later commemorated in the name of Timothy Newmarsh Lee of Thame, 
co. Oxon. (see pedigree). 

3 From the Transcripts at York. This entry was not among those sent me from 
the Parish Register. 

4 Of the family of Lee of Pinchinthorpe, being daughter of Gervase Lee of 
Southwell, Notts., by Bridget, daughter of Robert Southebye of Pocklington, who 
were married at Pocklington 20 February, 1582. They were not in any way con- 
nected with the family from Leckontield. 



1684. Jane, daughter of John Lee baptized August 6th. 
1701. Anne, daughter of George Lee born July 4, baptized July 8 th. 
1708. April 6.— Mrs. Aim Plaxton k James Blackbeard of York, Gent : p r Diploma 
Matr: 1 (Married). 

1722. Nov. 28. — John son of John Leigh k Margaret his wife was born the same 
day. 2 

1741. Sept. ye 2 d .— Mrs. Ann Blackbeard Widow (Buried.) 

1743. Jan. 27.— William Lee Yeoman buried. 

1744. Aug. 27. — Edward Easton k Dinah Lee both of this Town married by 


1748. Apr. 23.- Elizabeth, Dau^ of John Lee ( 
Aug. 4. — Mrs. Sarah Lee widow (Buried.) 

Sept. 22.— Elizabeth, dau tr of John Lee (Buried.) 

Nov. 2 d .— Mr. George Lee shot dead in his Mill (Buried.) 

1749. Feb. 22 d .— Francis son of John Lee (/lapt.) 

1750. Apr. 16 — Samuel Harwood & Elizabeth Lee both of Pockliugton by Banns. 


1752. Nov. 17. — Thomas son of John Lee (Bapt.) 
1771. Dec. 28.— John Lee Householder (Buried.) 

For the following Parish Register Extracts (all evidently relating to 
the, family in question) I am indebted to the kindness of my esteemed 
friend and correspondent Rev. C. B. Norcliffe of Langton Hall, Malton, 


J 360. April 24. — Henry, son of William Lee of Leckenfield baptized. 3 
1666-7. January 20. — Charles, son of Matthew Lee baptized at Scarburgh. 
1680-1. February 8. —William Lee of Leckenfield and Helen Atkinson married at 

1694-5. February 10. — John Lee of Ottringham (perhaps Altringham, C.B.N.) 
Cheshire, buried at Leckenfield. 

From 1710 to 1741. 

1713. Feb. 6. — Charles Lee of Leck n , Butcher, to ffisher. Lady House, 2 acres 

land k 1 Beastgate in Leckonfield k al. Book E., ff. 169-291. 

1714. Feb. 2.— William Lee of Leck n Parks, Yeoman, k Ellen ux. k W m Lee 

younger of Leck n , sou of the said William Lee k Ellen his wife to Bell. 
Cottengham k Beverly. Book E., ff. 333-5S3. 

1717. June 24. — Charles Lee of Leek d , Butcher, to Robert ffislier. Leckonfield, 
Arram k Scorbrough. Book G., ff. 152-325. 

1719. May 1. — Gen: Lee of Leckonfield, Butcher, to Christ 11 Nelson of Beverlv. 

Leckonfield. Book G., ff. 303-642. 

1720. Feb. 4. — George Lee of Leck'n, Butcher, <t* Sarah ux. <£ John son and heir app't 

of George Lee to Rich d Lythe of Arram. 14 acres in Crumlan Close in 
Leckonfield. Book G., ff. 495-1072. 

1724. Jan. 26. — Edward, Henry k Thomas Lee all of Leckonfield, Butchers, to 
Cromptou. Rectory & house in Leckonfield & Arram. 

Book J., ff. 117-261. 

1726. Feb. 27.— Edward, Henry & Thomas Lee & al., all of Leckonfield, Butchers, 
to Wm. Waiues. Leckonfield k Arram. Book K., ff. 133-256. 

1732. May 18.— Jn° Lee of Leckonfield k Eliz : ux., Yeoman, to Harland. Dreffield 
Magna. Book N., ff. 20-33. 

1 See will of John Lee, sen., proved in 1772. 

2 This is certainly neither John Lee, sen., yeoman, nor John Lee the younger, 
mercer and grocer, his son, and is probably not connected at all with the family in 

:i Not in entries sent me from the Parish Register. 



1741. Mar. 23. — Wra : Pinckney of Naffertou k Sarah Lee of Poeklingtnn, uidow, 
& Jno tfc Geo. Lee both of Pocklington, Gents., to Oliver Bainton of Howsorae, 
Dyer. Bolton. Book R., ft. 105-249. 

1741. Feb. 8. — Jno Lee of Pocklington, Gent., of 1st part, Geo: Iac of same, Gent., 
of 2nd part, & Wm: Lee of same, Gent., of 3rd pt. Barnby up n More. 

Book Q., ff. 377-9G3. 


Will of WILLIAM LEE of Leckonfeild,' Co. York, butcher. Dated 4 October 
1656. Names wife Jane, son Charles, son Edward, son George k son Matthew ; 
eldest son John ; second son Thomas ; daughter Ann Vawser ; sister Margaret Lee; 
grandchildren {not named) ; Mary Cropsham. Proved 8 Jan. 1656 by Jane the relict, 
& Charles, Edward, George k Mathew Lee, sons, P.CC. (Rutheu 13). 

Will of CHARLES LEE of Leconfield, co. York, yeoman. Dated 29 July 1683. 
Names brother Groge Lee (sic) ; brothers WiU'na & Edward ; sister-indaw Jane 
Huusby k her son Charles ; Will'm Lee my nephew, son to my eldest bro. deceased ; 
my said brother George Lee Residuary Legatee & Exor. Witnesses — fi'rancis fhsher, 
Thomas Atkinson & John fhsher. Pre. Ct. York (Vacancy Wills) fo. 3. 

Will of GEORGE LEE of Leckenfeild, co. Yorke, Butcher, weak of body. Dated 
21 November 1690 Names son George ; Charles Lee's house; sons Edward, Henry 
& Thomas ; daughter Mary Lee : wife Julian Residuary Legatee & Extrx, ; 
Witnesses — William Lee, John fhsher k William Lee. Proved 16 March 1690 by 
Extrx. named in the will. Inventory over £40. 

Pre. Ct. York. (Vol. lxi, fo. 394). 

Admon. of JULIANA LEE late of Leckonfeild, granted 3 December 1714 to 
Edward Lee, son of deceased. Inventory under £20. 

Pre. Ct. York. (Act Book Harthill Deanery). 

Tuition of EDWARD LEE a minor, the son of Henry Lee, late of Leckonfield, 
deceased, granted 19 July 1739 to Edward k Thomas Lee his uncles and testamentary 

Probate on will of HENRY LEE late of Leckonfield granted the same day to 
Edward Lee & Thomas Lee, two of the Testamentary Trustees of Edward Lee, a 
minor, sou of said deceased & sole Exor. Inventory above £40. 

Pre. Ct. York. (Act Bk. Harthill Deanery), Will Reg., Vol. lxxxv, fo. 475. 

Will of SARAH LEE of Pocklington in the County of York, Widow. 

Unto my son John Lee my red brock'd cow k one guinea. Unto my grandson 
John Lee five pounds. Residue unto my son George Lee whom I appoint sole 
Executor.. Dated 23rd. July 1748. [Signed) Sarah Lee her mark. Seal — A spread 
eagle with two heads (not heraldic). Witnesses — Jane Wilson k Walt: Staveley. 

Bond. — Know all men &c That we John Lee of Pocklington, Yeoman, & John Lee, 
Younger, of same place Mercer k Grocer, are bound &c in the sum of £70. The 
condition &c that John Lee Brother and Administrator of the goods of George Lee 
deceased, sole Exor. of the Will of Sarah Lee of Pocklington kc kc. [Plain Seals.) 

Inventory. — 24 cheeses, a webb of white cloth, 1 pewter dish, 2 kettles, "on the 
Bulls ace 1 £5," 1 silver tankard, 1 silver tea pott &c &c. Total £30 - 11 - 6. 

Admon. with Will annexed granted 5th, Feby: 1749 to John Lee the brother k 
admi'stror of goods of George Lee dec d , the above named exor. 

Peculiar of Deanery of York (Filed). 

Will of JOHN LEE of Pocklington in the County of York, Gentleman. 

First I give unto my trusty and faithful woman servant Jane Patrick during her 
natural life my house in Chapmangate in Pocklington wherein I now dwell with the 
malt house, garth, garden, stables, barn, outbuildings, well, & all appurt s . also that 
close or croft lying above the garth belonging to my sd house now tenanted by Rob 1 
Newton Also bedding &c — also I give unto her one brown silk damask woman's 
nightgown k one long silk camblet woman's cloak both formerly belongs to my late 

1 Called of Beverly in Probate Act Book, will probably proved there. 



relation Mrs. Blackbeard dec d — after her decease the house croft & heredit s afsd I 
give unto my son John Lee for his nat 1 life, after death of survivor, unto k amongst 
my three grandsons named Timothy Newmarsh Lee, Francis Lee and Thomas Lee k 
their heirs as tenants in common k not as joint tenants. To my said son John Lee, 
for life, all other my lands tent s k heredit s situate at Pocklington k Barnby upon the 
Moor Co. York, & after his decease to my afsd three grandsons k their heirs to hold 
as above. I desire that my executor will order me to be buried in Pocklington 
Church in that pew where late Mrs. Blackbeard lies buried. Residue of my goods to 
my son John Lee whom I appoint sole Executor. Dated ISth July 1770. (Plain 
Seal.) Witnesses — Walt: Staveley, Tho s Cook k John Ireland. 

A Memorial of above Will registered at Beverly on the 27th Dec r 1771, in Book 
A. P., page 217 and N° 358. 

Bond. — Know all men &c that we John Lee of Pocklington Co. York Mercer & 
William Sympson of same Yeoman are bounden in the sum of £40 &c. 

Inventory. — Pewter k delf, an old clock k case, old brewing vessils, mentions the 
fore kitchen, the fore parlour, the little parlour, the back kitchen, the fore chamber, 
the far chamber k the barn. 

Probate granted to John Lee the son, on the 11th. May 1772, 

Peculiar of Deanery of York (Filed). 

Admon. of GEORGE LEE late of Pocklington in the Province of York, dec d , 
granted 8 Nov: 1748 to John Lec his brother and next of kin. 
^ Pre. Ct. York (Act Book). 

Will of WILLIAM LEE of Pocklington in the County of York Scoolmaster. I 
give to my son George Lee & his heirs for' ever my undivided moiety or third part 
of half of a sheep walk called Riggs and Sleights in ye Parish of thisendale in ye 
County of York now in my own possession & also my moiety of a hay barn on same, 
also my third part of a cottage k Croft in Parish of Fradithorpe Coy York in 
possession of John Wade; To my daughter Ann Lee & her heirs for ever my close 
called Sandilat, Parish of Barnby upon the Moor Co. York in my own possession ; 
To my son James Lee & his heirs for ever my moiety or third part of a parcel of 
ground called' od Meadow lying in an ings in Parish of Pocklington in my own 
possession; To my wife Dinah Lee for her nat 1 life or widowhood my house in 
Pocklington in possession of Rich d Bell, she to be tutor to my three children till 
they be at age provided she keep my widow, o'rwise my brother George Lee ; my wife 
Dinah Lee Executrix k I give her residue of my personal estate. Dated 21st. 
January 1743. Seal (Indistinct, perhaps an Eagle). Witnesses — George Lee, John 
Dorsey & mark of Ann Gibb. Probate granted to Dinah Lee o'rwise Easton on the 
28th. *day of August 1744. 

Bond. — The condition &c that Dinah Lee o'rwise Easton the late Widow k Relict 
but now the wife of Edward Easton of Pocklington, Butcher, &c. 

Inventory. — A wanded chair, a little oak table, 2 chests, 6 pewter Doblers, a tack, 
&c. Total £8-3-0, taken by George Lee, John sowlby, John Lee k James 
Blewman. Peculiar of Deanery of York (Filed will). 

Tuition Bond of James, George k Ann Lee, Minor children of William Lee of 
Pocklington, deceased. Know all men &c that we George Lee of Pocklington, 
Yeoman, k Wibart Appleton of the City of York, Victualar, are bounden &c in the 
sum of £200 &c Dated 29th. August 1744. 

Schedule recites. — Land called Odd Meadow, 2 oxgangs of field land in North 
Field of Pocklington in possession of W rn Linton belonging to said James Lee, land 
called Riggs k sleights in Parish of Thistledale one sixth part, a croft in Parish of 
Fridaythorp one sixth part, kc. Peculiar of Deanery of York (Filed). 

Will of JOHN LEE of Pocklington in the County of York, Gentleman. 

Unto my wife Elizabeth Lee my two closes of meadow or pasture ground adjoining 
each other situate in the Ings of Pocklington afs d containing together six acres more 
or less occupied by myself k William Moor, to her & her heirs for ever — residue of 
personal estate &c unto my said wife Elizabeth and my son Thomas Lee & their heirs 
& assigns for ever k appoint them Executors. Dated 10th. April 17S9. (Plain Legal 
Seal.) Witnesses — Joseph Catton, Ann Todd k Jno Groves Clerk to Mr. Lawson. 

Inventory. — A gun, 7 pewter dishes, 1 sq r mahogany tea tray, 1 small stand, 1 large 
tea table (Holland's Toy), 1 tea chest, 1 large dining table, kc. Mentions the front 
parlour, the chamber over same, chamber over the house k the back chamber. 



Proved by Elizabeth Lee k Thomas Lee, the Executors named in the Will, 23rd. 
October 1790. Peculiar of Deanery of York (Filed). 

Admon. of JOHN LEE late of Letchinfeild, co. York, granted 18 September 1695 
to William Lee, Sen., father of deceased (the. widow first renouncing) No Inventory 

(Duration of William Lee, son of, said John Lee, deceased, granted to Mary Lee, 
widow, his mother. Pre. Ct. York (Act Bk. Harthill Deanery). 

Admon. of WILLIAM LEE late of Leconfeild, granted 17 June 1720 to relict 
Hellen Lee. 1 Inventory over £40. Pre. Ct. York. (Act Bk. Harthill Deanery). 

Will of ELENOR LEE of Leckonfeild, co. York, widow. Dated 2 November 
1724. To be buried in church of Leckonfeild. To son William one shilling; To son 
John one guinea ; To daughter Elizabeth wife of George Hudson £30 ; To daughter- 
Sarah blue bedd ; My three daughters Eleanor wife of Philip Beadall, Ann wife of 
William Rand and Sarah Lee, Spinster, Residuary Legatees k Exors. ; Witnesses — 
Samuel Rough, Mary Pell k Edward Bell ; Proved 15 July 1725 by coexors. named 
in will. Inventory over £40, Pre. Ct. York. (Vol Ixxviii, fo. 105). 

Will of ANN BLACKBEARD of Pocklington, widow; Dated 11 Nov. 1732. To 
aunt Sarah Lee, widow, my house which I now dwell in at Pocklington with out- 
buildings, gardens. &c, & the closes following, — the Narrow Gare, Great Fell Close 
& Little Fell Close in Barnby on Moor, k Richardson's Garth in Pocklington, all the 
said closes being in my own poss'on, to hold to her for life. Also such household 
goods as I shall leave undisposed of. Also my largest silver Tancred {sic), my best 
silver Mugg, k 2 of my best silver spoons, 2 of my old silver spoons, 2 of my best 
silver salts, my silver Teapott, 2 of my best Milch cows k a mare. To Cousin John 
Lee k his heirs the house in Chapmangate in Pock n called Tomlinson's house now in 
poss'on of sd. John Lee & also 2 oxgangs of land in Pock n Northfield now in poss'on 
of sd. John Lee with the Ing meadow thereto belonging. To Cousin George Lee 
& his heirs a house called Burnt House in Pock n now in Poss'on of Charles Smouth- 
man & Leonard Fell with stable k yard k 2 oxgangs of land in Pock n North Field 
(with the Ing meadow thereto belongs), one of sd. oxgangs being called Bull oxgang 
& which sd. 2 oxgangs are now in poss'on of David Fell, Leon' 1 Fell k W m Smith, and 
are to be allotted k set out to sd. George Lee & his heirs by R d Cross & John Semer 
both of Pock n , or the survivor. To Cousin W m Lee k his heirs the house, garth k 
stable next to the said Burnt House k now in poss'on of R d Bell, & the Little Yard 
& buildings at the end of sd. Burnt House Yard now in poss'on of sd. Leonard Fell. 
Said \V m Lee k his heirs to enjoy a way (4 ft. broad clear of the fencing) from sd. 
house next Burnt house to the yard at the end (with provisions for repair of the 
fence). To sd. W ai Lee k his hsirs 2 oxgangs in Pock 11 North Field (with the Ing 
meadow thereto belong?) one of them to be a Bull oxgang, now in poss'on of sd. 
David Fell, Leonard Fell & W m Smith, to be allotted to sd. W m Lee by sd. R d Cross 
k John Semer or the survivor. To my sd. cousin John Lee, George Lee, & W m Lee 
& their heirs, equally to be divided, without any benefit 'of survivorship, my un- 
divided moiety or half part of the sheep walk called Riggs k Sleights, parish of 
Thissendale in sd. County, k the moiety of the barn thereon now in occup n of W m 
Hatton, Sam 1 Smith k John Smith, k also my moiety of a cottage k croft in Fryday- 
thorp in sd. County in poss n of John Wade, & all that Low end of the Great Sand 
Flat in parish of Barnby on Moor divided into 2 closes now in poss n of Tho 8 Richard- 
son, & the several parcels of odd meadow in the Ings of Pock n now in my poss'on. 
To my aunt Eli/. th now wife of Edward Marshall of Tadcaster gent., all my heredit's 
in Oughton Moorside & Boughton, co. York, for her life, with rem r to my cousin 
W m Day (son of W m Day of Clifton, co. York, gent.,) k his heirs, lie paying £'50 each 
to such of the 8 daurs of sd. Edward Marshall as shall be then living. To said 
cousin W m Day the son &. his heirs all my heredit's at Melbourne & Beilby in same 
county he paving to each of his 6 sisters living at my decease £40, Also a cottage in 
Pocklington near the Mill called the Market Place Mill now in poss'on of Tha s Ogeram. 

1 See their marriage at Hornsea, E.R , in 1680-1. 

3 The daughter, Sarah Lee, died the following year, and her will was proved a? of 
Beverly 26 October 1726, and registered in Pre. Ct. of York. (Book lxxix, fo. 227.) 



To Uncle John Stork of G fc Driffeild for his life my undivided moiety of the sheep- 
walk called Gills Pasture in parish of Thisseudale now in my poss'on & also ISO 
sheep gates in the fields or commons of Thissendale, also a cottage in Pock n in poss'on 
of George Blanshard. I give the reversion of sd. moiety expectant on death of my 
sd. uncle John Stork to his son Tho s Stork k his heirs. To my sd. uncle John Stork 
& cousin Tho s Stork k the survivor & his heirs during the life of my cousin Ann now 
wife of Tho s Etherington of G l Drif|eild gent., a close in the North Field of Pock 11 
called Mill Close in my own poss", a close called Little Sand Flatt, & a close called che 
Upper end of Great Sand Flat t, both which last closes are in parish of Barnby on Moor, 
k in poss 11 of s d David Fell, and also a close called Harling Gare being 2 narrow lands in 
Barnby on Moor, & on the North side of a broad land of Mr. Weeton's there & now in 
pos.-> n of John Pindar, Up< n Trust to pay to sd. cousin Ann Etherington or permit 
her to receive free from control of her husband the rents & profits of sd. closes for 
her life. And I give the reversion expectant on her decease to Geo. Etherington, 
John Etherington & Ann Etherington, the 3 child" of my sd. cousin Ann Etherington, 
viz. one moiety to sd. Ann the daughter k the other moiety between her sd. 2 
brothers. To my sd. cousins John Lee k Geo. Lee, Tho s Johnson of Pock 11 apothecary 
& the sd. R d Cross k their heirs a close called Jobson's Close in Pock n in poss n of sd. 
cousin John Lee, Upon TruH to pay the Minister of Pock n for the time being 10/- 
out of the rents k profits provided he preach or procure to be preached a sermon in 
Pock n parish church on the morning of St. Thomas' Day in Christmas k to the Clerk 
2/- k Sexton 1/-. In default of sermon being preached, the 10/- to go to such poor 
persons of Pock" who attend divine service on that day. To Cousin Mary Dunn 
spinster, for life a cottage in Hugate in Pock n now in poss n of Jane Gorwood widow 
& in case my cousin Marg fc Brockelsby widow outlive her, then I give sd. cottage 
to her for life, with rem 1 ' to Sarah Clifford k her heirs. To sd. Mary Dunn for 
life a Close in Barnby on Moor called Calf Close in poss 11 of John Sowgill k in case 
my sd. cousin Marg fc Brockelsby outlive her, then I give sd. close to her for 
life, with rem r to John Lee son of my sd. cousin John Lee & the heirs of sd. John 
Lee the son. To my sd uncle John Stork k cousins Tho s Stork k John Lee k the 
survivor & his heirs all my freeholds k copyholds not herein otherwise devised lying 
in Pock n k Barnby on Moor, k also the reversion of those devised to my aunt Lee, 
Upon Trust by. sale of wood from sd. 2 Fell closes, Narrow Gare, Coal Close, 
Smouthmans Gare, Harlands Gare & Cave Close, or by mortgage or sale (subjeet to 
any life estate given by me) to raise £250 & pay same as follows : — My cousiu Edward 
son of sd. Edw d Marshall £50, My cousin Leonard son of sd. Edw d Marshall £50, My 
cousin James Plaxton son of sd. Edw d Marshall £50, My cousin William son of sd. 
Edw d Marshall £50 k My sd. cousin W m son of sd. \\ m Day £50. And upon further 
Trust to pay to Eli/, Ul ux. Samuell Ward of York gent., £10 per ami. for life free 
from control of her husband. And upon further Trust to pay the rest of the rents 
and profits to my cousin Sarah' now ux. William Dickinson of Scarbrough gent, for 
her life free from control of her husband. And upon further Trust on decease of 
the survivor of sd. Eliz th Ward k my sd. cousin Sarah Dickenson to reconvey the sd. 
heredit's at Pock n k Barnby on Moor to W m Dickinson son of sd. Sarah Dickinson 
in tail with rem r to Plaxton Dickinson his brother in tail, with rem 1 " to Sarah 
Dickinson his sister k her heirs. To my nephew k niece Sam 11 Dodgson k sd. Eli/. th 
Ward son k daughter of M r John Dodgson of York £100 each upon condition that 
sd. John Dodgson & Eliz th ux., sd. Sam 11 Dodgson, & sd. Sam" Ward k wife shall 
give my exors. a general Release of all claims on my estate or that of my dec d 
husband. If they refuse, the sd. annuity of £10 to sd. Eliz th Ward k the sd. 
legacies of £200 to be void. My uncle John Stork, my aunt Sarah Lee, & my 
cousins John Leek Geo. Lee to be ex'ors. k to have residue of my personalty. 

(Signed) Ann Blackbeard. Seal — A classical head. 

Wits.— R d Doon, Tho s Gill, R d Hewitt. 

(Marked 36 fo s . ; has apparently been copied for the charity.) 

Registered at Beverly 22 Sept. 1741 at 3 p m. in Book P., page 451, N° 1143. 
Ja : Mihill, Dep. Reg r . 

Bond 5 Oct, 1741 to the Official of the Deanery Peculiar, by John Lee of Poe-k- 
lington yeoman, k Geo. Lee of same yeoman, two of the ex'ors k Tho s Stork of G 6 
DriiYeild yeoman, surety in £500 for due admon. ^Plain wafer seals ) Wits. — Ja b 

Probate granted 5 Oct. 1741 to John Lee & Geo. Lee two of the ex'ors in the will 
named. Peculiar of Deanery of York — Filed. 


Bng&alg's Visitation of fjorksftitt, 


(Continued from p. 165). 
Agbrigg and Morley Wapentake. Wakefield, 5 Apr. 1666. 



Arms : — Argent, on a chevron Sable between three hawthorn bushes Vert a trefoil 
slipped Or. 

I. 'PERCIVAL THORNTON, of Tyresall, near Bradford, I.P.M. 

last of Feb. 12 Hen. VIII says he died 14 June 11 Hen. VIII, 
mar. Margery, dan. of Mr. John Walworth. They had issue — 
Richard (II). 

(?) Elizabeth, wife of Mich. Raw don. (Thoresby calls her 
a daughter of Richard Thornton, but in his will he 
mentions Mich. Rawdon as his brother-in-law, and makes 
him supervisor.) 

II. RICHARD THORNTON, of Tyresall, nine years old at his 

father's I.P.M., b. 1524, d. 5 Eliz., set 38 (Thoresby). Will 
30 July 1563, pr. 29 Sept , mar. Ann, dan. of John King 
(Thoresby), but in Richard Thornton's will his wife is called 
Elizabeth. He had issue — 

William (III). 







all in their father's will. 

III. WILLIAM THORNTON, of Tyresall, b. 1541, d. 1578 1 

1 There is a William Thornton, pent., bur. at Tong > T ov. 1579. 




(Thoresby); mar. Beatrice, dan. of Henry Tempest, of Tong, 
1563 (she mar. secondly William Shirtcliff). They had 
issue — 

Richard (IV). 

Tempest, bp. at Calyerley 20 Feb. 1574. 

Elizabeth, mar. first Mark Foxcroft, of Kirkstall, mar. lie. 

1591 at Tong ; secondly Robert Elmhirst, of Houndhill, 

bur. 27 Mar. 1647. 
Ann, wife of Humphrey Cordingley. 

Ellen, unmar., bp. at Calverley Aug. 1578, (?)bur. there 21 
Oct. 1602. 

IV. RICHARD THORNTON, of Tiersall, in com. Ebor., descended 
from Thornton, of Thornton, in Bradford-dale in com. Ebor., d. 
1612 (Thoresby), mar. Eliz., daughter of John Hobson. 

1. Tempest (V). 

2. Will'm, of whom noe issue is remaining, a merchant at 

York/bp. at Calverley IS Dec. 1603. 

3. Richard, of whom noe issue is remayning, d. y., bp. at 

Calverley 3 Feb. 160$. 
Jf. John, of ivhom noe issue is remayning, died y., bp. at 

Calverley 21 Sept, 1606. 
Sarah, bp. at Calverley 8 Sept. 1616, wife of John 

Vaulx, Lord Mayor of York. 
Ellen, wife of Jo. Burrough, of Gilthwaite (Thoresby). 
Dorothy, wife of Henry Tong (Thoresby). 
Ann, bp. at Calverley 7 Mar. 160 h, wife of Anth. 

Warwick, of Leeds (Thoresby). 
Phcebe, wife of Robert Ascue, of Leeds (Thoresby). 
Caleb, bp. at Calverley 14 Oct. 1611, bur. at Bradford 

18 Jan. \GU. 
Robert, bp. at Calverley 5 Sept. 1613. 
Elizabeth, bur. at Calverley 24 Feb. 160f. 

V. TEMPEST THORNTON, of Tiersale, died in a" 1630, vel 
circa, bp. at Calverley 18 May 1601, mar. Margaret, daughter 
of John Lochvood, of Linthwayt, in com. Ebor., at Almond- 
bury 12 Feb. 1620, (?) bur. at Calverley 20 Dec. 1632. 
(Margaret Thornton, of Boulton, wid.) 

1. Richard Thornton, dyed in a 1647, or thereabouts, mat. 
Brasenose Coll., Oxf., 15 May 1640, jet. 16, student 
of Gray's Inn 1642 (Foster), mar. Rose, daughter of 
W m Arthington, of Arthington, in com. Ebor., bp. at 
Adel 19 Juiy 1619, bur. at All Saints', North Street, 
York, 10 Dec. 1668. 

1. Anne, cet. 19, annnr. 5° Apr a 1666, bp. at 
Adel 2 July 1647, mar. first William, son 
and heir of Sir William Ascough, Kt., mar. 
secondly at York Minster 17 Aug. 16S2 
Robert Watter, Esq , of Cundall. Will 28 
Sept. 1700. 



2. Margaret, cetatis 18 annor. t died young. 
2. John{\ T \). 

1. Anne, wife of Robert Walmisley, of Coldcotes, in com. 

Lane, mar. at Thornhill 10 June 1648. 

2, Elizabeth, wife of Joshua Witton, Gierke, Hector of 

Thornhill, bp. 23 Feb. 1625 (Thoresby), bur. at 
Thornhill 25 June 1656. 

VI. JOHN THORNTON, of Tiersall, at. 35 annorum 5 Apr. 
a° 1666, b. 27 Dec. 1630, d. 28 Dec. 1672 ^Thoresby), war. 
Judith, daughter of Richard Richardson, of Bierley, in com. 
Ebor., bp. at Bradford 11 Mar. 1633. 
Richard (VII). 

1. Margaret, d. 1715, M.I. at Wakefield. 

2. . Elizabeth, died young. 

3. Jane, non bapthata 5° Apr. 1666, wife of Nicholas 

Fenay, Esq., of Fenay, mar. at Wakefield 18 May 
1686, bur. there 17 Aug. 1713. M.I. 

William Vd. y. (Thoresby). 
Judith J 

d. y. (Thoresby). 

VII. RICHARD THORNTON, of Red Hall, Leeds, at. 6 an. 5 Apr. 
a 1666, b. 5 Aug. 1659, mat. University Coll, Oxf., 30 Apr. 
1675, ret. 15, bar.-at-lau Gray's Inn 1682, Recorder of Leeds, 
d. 6 Oct. 1710, bur. at St. John's Church, Leeds, M.I., mar. 
Bridget, dau. of Christopher Watkinson, Mayor of Leeds, b. 
Apr. 1670, mar. 24 Apr. 1688. 


Tempest, of Wakefield, b. 27 July 1696, mat. University 
Coll., Oxf., 31 May 1714, ret. 17, bar-at-law Gray's Inn, 
d. at Bristol 13 May 1734, unmar. (Thoresby). 

John (VIII). 

Mary, b. 13 Feb. 1699, mar. Benjamin Foxlev, gent., at 

Wakefield 14 Nov. 1720, d. 6 Aug. 1732. 
Elizabeth, b. 2 Jan. 1702, d. 25 Jan. 1710 (Thoresby). 
Bridget, of W r akefield, b. 20 Feb. 1705. 

VIII. JOHN THORNTON, of Hamburg (heir to his brother Tempest), 
b. 26 Dec. 1697 (Thoresby), d. at Hamburg 1761, mar. Ann, 
dau. of Wni. Foxley, of Hamburg, d. at Wakefield 1763. 
They had issue — 

Richard, of Tyresall, in 1776. 

John, Lieut.- Col. in the Coldstream Guards, d. at Heath 
8 Dec. 1789, aged 62 (Taylor). 









Authorities, Thoresby's " Ducatus," Taylor's " Rectory Manor of 
Wakefield," " Calverley Registers." 

Towne of Beverley. 

Beverley 15° Sept. 1666. 


Arms : — Quarterly. 

1 and 4. Or, on a chevron Azure a martlet between two pheons of the field. 

2 and 3. Maltby. 

Crest : — On the stump of a tree, couped and sprouting, a squirrel sejeant all proper, 
holding in his paws a nut Or. 

I. CHRISTOPHER WARTON, of Warton, mar. Mary, dau. of 
Wm. Lancaster, Esq. They had issue — 

II. JOHN WARTON, of Warton, mar. Mary, dau. of Sir John 
Pickering, Knt. They had issue — 
Laurence (III). 

III. LAURENCE WARTON, of Beverley and Hull, Sheriff of Hull 
1558, Mayor 1570, bur. at Trinity Ch., Hull. Will 11 Mar. 
1571, pr. at York 31 July 1572, mar. Agnes Radlcy, of Yar- 
borough, co. Line. They had issue — 
Michael (IV). 



IV. MICHAEL WARTON, M.P. for Beverley 15SG-8. Will 21 Apr., 
pr. at York 23 Sep. 1590, to be bur. at St. John's, Beverley, 
mar. Joane, dau. of John Portington, of Portington (she remar. 
Ralph Rokeby, the Antiquary. Hunter), bur. 14 June 1608 at 
Belfreys, York (C.B.N. ). They had issue — 

1. S r MichaelL 

2. Edward, bp. 2-1 Apr. 1574, mar. Ann, dau. and h. of 

James Wetherall, of Kelfield. They had issue — 

Henry, bur. 16 Aug. 1628. 



Katherine, bur. 1626. 

3. Laurence, 1 of Redness. Will 21 July, pr. 31 Aug. 

163S, mar. Dorothy Stephenson. They had issue — 
Laurence, of Wellingley, d. 2 Dec. 1691, bur. at 
Tickhill, mar. Sarah, dau. of Henry Saxton, 
Vicar of Conisborough 12 Jan. 164f, d. 20 Aug. 
1661. They had issue- 
Henry, bp. 5 Mar. 165J. 
Gertrude, bp. at Conisborough 9 Apr. 1644, 
mar. Geo. Holmes, of Doncaster, 30 May 

Elizabeth, bp. 11 Apr. 1668. 

Sarah, bp. 9 June 1654, mar. John Kiffin, of 
Bilby, 24 Apr. 1687. 

Michael, of Bawtry, mar. Jane . . . 

Edward, had a son . . . , who was father of 
John, of Frickley ; of Anthony, b. 1 729, who 
purchased Frickley, and d. 15 Feb. 1773 ; 
and of Granada, d. 16 June 1754. 
Jane, bp. at Bawtrey 1681. 
Frances, wife of Francis Hall, of Swaith. 
Margaret, wife of John Rooke. of Barnsley. 

4. Henry, in his father's will. 

5. Christopher. 

Anne, wife of Peter Langdale, of Santon, bp. 3 Mar. 

1574, mar. lie. 1595. 
Faith, wife of Thos. Pudsey, of . . . bp. 7 Apr. 1579, 

mar. lie. 1599. 
Rose, d. s.p. 

1 This account of Laurence and his descendants is taken from Hunter's 
Minorum Gentium." 



Elizabeth, bp. S Apr. 1585, d. s.p. 

Frances, bp. 1 Aug. 1584, bur. 3 Aug. 1592. 

V. S r M1CHAELL WARTON, cf Beverley Parke, in com. Ebor., 
K ( , dyed 12 Oct. A V. 1655, Knighted at Ripon 16 Apr. 1617, 
High Sheriff of Yorkshire 1616, a royalist, fined £2,920, bur. 
at Beverley Minster 10 Oct. 1 065, M.I., mar. Elizabeth, 
3 d daughter and cohrire of Raphe Hansby, of Bishop Burton, 
near Beverley, bp. 13 Oct. 1574 at Bishop Burton (C.B.N. ), 
bur. 5 Aug. 1596. They had issue — 
Michaell (VI). 

VI. MICHAELL WART ON, of Beverley, Esq r , dyed in his father's 

lifetime, being slayn by a cannon bullet at Scarborough Castle 
in the time of the late icarrs, it being then a garrison for the 
King, bp. 23 Oct. 1593 at St. John's, Beverley (C.B.N.), mar. 
Catherine, daughter and coheire of Christopher Maltby, of 
s Maltby, in com. Ebor., mar. 1 Oct. 1620 at Cottingham 
(C.B.N.). They had issue— 

1. Michaell (VII). 

2. Sir Raphe Warton, Knt., 19 March 1658-9, cet. 38 ann. 

15 Sept. a 166G, M.P. for Beverley 1685-8, bp. at 
Bishop Burton 17 Jan. 162J (C.B.N.), d. 6 Nov. 
1700, bur. at St Mary's, Beverley, M.I. 

1. Everill, dyed without issue. 

2. Cath., wife of Eldred Curiven, brother to S r Patricius 

Cunven, of Workinton, in com. Cumbr., Kn t , bp. 4 
Apr. 1624 at Bishop Burton, mar. 19 Aug. 1658 at 
Belfreys, York (C.B.N.). 

3. El'z., wife of Salve yn Carleil, of Brandsburton, in com. 

Ebor., bp. 18 Oct. 1626 at Bishop Burton. 
If. Jane, wife of Francis Trapps, of Nidd, in com. Ebor., 
bp. 7 June 1632 at Bishop Burton (C.B.N.), mar. 
Feb. 1657 at Belfreys, York. (C.B.N.) 
5. Mary, iciftt of bymon Scrope, of Dauby super Yore, in 
co. Ebor., bur. at Spennithorne 29 July 1674. 
Christopher, bp. 10 Apr., bur. 7 June 1625 at Bishop 

Burton (C.B N.). 
Frances, bp. 12 Aug. 1630. (C.B.N.) 

VII. MICHAELL WARTON, of Beverley, Esq r , cet. J$ annont 15 

S>'pt. rt" 1666, M.P. for Beverley 1660-81, fined £1,600 for 
the delinquency of his father, bp. at Bishop Burton 27 Apr. 
1623 (C.B.N.), d. in London 9 Aug., bur. 23 Aug. 1688 at St. 
John's, Beverley, mar. Susan, daugh. of John L d Paiclet, of 
Hinton St. George, in co. Somerset, bur. 10 Nov. 16S2 in Beverley 
Minster. They had issue — 

1. Michaell Warton, cet. 17 annor. 15 Sept. 1666, M.P. for 
Yorkshire 1681-5, for Beverley 1688-95, 1700-2, d. 
25 Mar. 1725, bur. in Beverley Minster, M.I. 



2, Raphe. Warton, a>J. 10 ami.. MP. for Beverley 1695- 

1701, b. 13 July 1656, d. 22 Mar. 1709, bur. at St. 
Mary's, Beverley, M.I. 

3. Charles Warton, of Beverley, ait. 8 an. 1666, b. 23 Sept. 

1657, d. 25 Aug. 1714, bur. 30 Aug. at St. Mary's, 
Beverley. (C.B.N.) 

1. Elizabeth, wife of Charles Pelham, of Brocklesby. 

2. Susan, fourth wife of Sir John Bright, of Bads worth, 

mar. 7 June 1683 at St. Mary's, Beverley, reinar. 
Sir John Newton, of Barr's Court, at St. Giles-in-the- 
Fields 23 Mar. 169?. 

3. Mary, mar. at St. Giles-in-the-Fields 7 Nov. 1692 Sir 

James Pennyman, of Ormesby, Bart., and had a son, 
Sir Warton Pennyman. 
John, d. 18 Oct. 1656, at. 6, M.I. at Beverley Minster, 
bur. 19 Oct. (C.B.N.) 

Arms : — Ermine, on a bordure engrailed Gules eight mullets Or. 

KB.— These arms are not entered in the Visitation, but are on record in 
the College of Arms. 

I. WILL'M WICKHAM, first Bishop of Lincolne, and after of 
Winchester, temp. Eliz. Eegince, d. 12 June 1595, bur. at St, 
Saviour's, Southwark, mar. Anthonina, daughter of William 
Barlow, Bishop of Chichester, d. on Ascension Day 1598, bur. 
at Alconbury, co. Hunt. They had issue— 

Henry (II). 

William, d. young. 


Barlow, d. 26 March 1617 (C.B.N.). 

Frances, wife of . . . Wolriche. 




The Countie of the Citty of Yorke. 

Yorke, 13 Sept. 1665. 


II. HENRY WICKHAM, D r in Divinity, Archdeacon of Yorke, 

and Prebend of the Cathedral!, there, died 2° July, a n 1641, 
Rector of Bedale and Bolton Percy, bur. 3 July 1641 at York 
Minster, M.I. Will 29 June, pr. at York 27 Sept. 1641, mar. 
Annabel/a, daughter of S r Henry C holm ley, of Thorneton in 
com. Ebor., Bar 1 (Knight), first wife, d. 25 July 1625, bur. at 
York Minster, M.I. They had issue — 

1. rotyas (III). 

2. William Wickham, of Roivseby, in co. Ebor., bp. at 

Belfreys, York, 8 Mar. 162f (C.B.N.), adm. granted 
to his brother Tobias 23 June 16S0, mar. Katherine 
Fairfax, dau. of Thomas, Visct. Emley, wid. of Sir 
Arthur Ingram. Knight, Sir Matthew Boynton, and 
Robert Stapleton, atl,angton 12 July 1657 (G.B.N. ), 
d. 1667. 

Anthonina, wife of Toby Jenkins, of Grimston, in co. Ebor., 
Esq r , bp. at Bolton Percy 29 Sept. 1623, mar. at 
Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York, 25 Feb. 163f, 
• bur. at York Minster 7 Aug. 1701. 

He mar. Elizabeth, daughter of S r John Browne, of Fidlers, in 
Essex, Kn\ 2 d wife, d. 21 Apr. 1659, bur. at East Bamet. They 
bad issue — 

Henry, bp. 16 Sept. 1630 at Belfreys, Fellow of Trim 

Coll., Cambridge, M.A. 1654, Rector of Wilby, 

Norfolk 1662 (C.B.N.). 
Barlow Wickham, of York, bp. 17 Mar. 163-f, bur. 22 

Oct. 1677 at York Minster. Will 5 Oct. 1677, all 

estate to his brother, the Dean. 

III. .TOBY AS WICKHAM, Prebend of the Cathedrall of Yorke, 

and Rector of Bolton-Percy, in co. Ebor., cet. 44 an - € t H 
mensiu 13° Sept a 1665, Dean of York 1677, d. 27, bur. 29 
Apr. 1697 at York Minster, M.L, mar. Eliza, daughter of 
William Viye, of Ipswich, in co. 6uf., mar. lie. 23 Jan. 166£ 
. at St. Gregory's or St. Benet's, bur. 27 Apr. 1697 at York 
Minster. They had issue — 

1. Toby (Tobias) Wickham, ait. 3 ami. et 6 mens. 13 Sept. 

1665, Barrister-at-Law, b. 22 Jan. 1661 at Bolton 
Percy, d. 30 July, bur. 1 Aug. at York Minster, set. 
28, M.L, d. intest., adm. granted to his wife 14 Aug. 
1691, mar. Anne, dau. of Sir Stephen Thompson, 
Knt. (remar. Dr. Charles Palmer, Rector of Long 
Marston, Canon of York), bur. at York Minster 16 
Mar. 170|. 

2. William Wickham, cet. unius anni et 6 mens., of Ulles- 

kelf and Wakefield, A.B. Corpus Christi, Cambridge, 
1685, Clerk of the Peace for the West Riding, bp. 
17 Mar. 1663 at Bolton Percy, d. 1733, mar. Jane, 
dau. of . . . Thompson. They had issue — 

Tobias, Clerk, Rector of Kirk Bramwith in 1719 

and of Keighley, adm. granted 9 Dec. 1726 to 

his father, then of Wakefield. 




Elizabeth, d. unmar. 
S. Henry (IV). 

Thomas, bp. 21 June 16G9 at Bolton Percy, d. same 

Thomas, bp. 7 July 1670 at Bolton Percy, d. 1694, bur. 

at York Minster. 
Barlow, bp. 27 Oct. 1666, d. same year, bur. at Bolton 


Barlow, b. 18 May 1673. 
Elizabeth, b. 8 Apr. 166 . . d. 8 July 1664. 
Elizabeth, bp. 24 Sept. 1667, d. 30 Nov. 1672. 
Anthonina, wife of Thomas Sowtheby, of Birdsail, b. 

3 June 1672, mar. 6 July 1693 at York Minster, bur. 

there 14 Jan. 173£, M.I. 
Mary, b. at York 4 May 1676, bur. at Bolton Percy. 

IV. HENRY WICK HAM, cet. 6 mens, lived at Heslingtou, Captain, 
bp. 11 May 1665 at Bolton Percy, bur. 30 Nov. 1735 at York 
Minster, M.I., d. intest., mar. Margaret, dau. of . . . Archer, 
of Barbadoes, bur. 19 July 1751 at York Minster. They had 
issue — 

Henry (V). 

Elizabeth, d. unmar. 

Annabella, wife of Rev. James Scott, MA., Fellow of Univ. 
Coll., Oxf., Vicar of Trinity Church, Leeds, and of 

V. HENRY WICKHAM, Clerk, Fellow of Trin. Coll., Camb., 
Rector of Guiseley 1724-72, d. 2 June 1772, set. 73, bur. at 
Bath Abbey Church, M.I., mar. first Anne, dau. of Wm. 
Calverley, of Leeds, d. 11 Apr. 1736, set. 27, bur. at Guiseley, 
M.I. They had issue — 
Henry (VI). 

Mary, wife of Jeremiah Dixon, of Gledhow, bp. at Guiseley 
7 Feb. 1734, d. 7 Apr. 1807, bur. at Leeds Parish Church. 

He mar. secondly Anne, dau. of . . . Gibson, d. 1744, bur. at 

VI. HENRY WICKHAM, of Cottingley, co. York, Lieut.-Col. Foot 
Guards, J. P., bp. at Guiseley 7 Sept, 1731, d. 9 Oct. 1804, 
bur. at Bingley, M.I., mar. Elizabeth, dau. and h. of Rev. 
Wm. Lamplugh, of Cottinglev, Vicar of Dewsburv, mar. 16 
Feb. 1761 at Bingley, d. 23 Apr. 1815, jet. 77, M.I. at 
Bingley. They had issue — 

1. William Wickham, of Cottingley, co. York, and Binstcd 
Wyck, co. Hants, bp. at Cottingley 11 Dec. 1761, 
M A. Oxford 1786, Created D.C.L. 1810, Envoy to 
the Swiss Cantons, P.C., Lord of the Treasury, Arc , 
1806, M.P., d. at Brighton 22 Oct. 1840, bur. there, 



mar. Eleonore Madeleine, da of M. Louis Bertrand, 
of Geneva, 10 Aug 1788, d. 15 Apr. 1836 at Geneva 
bur. there. They had issue— 

. Henry Lewis, of Binsted Wyck, b. at Cottingley 
19" May, bp. at Bingley 18 June 1789, M.A. 
Oxford' 1813, Bar.-at-Law, bur. at East World- 
ham 31 Oct. 1864, mar. Lucy, da. of Wm. 
Markham, of Becca, at Aberford 19 June 1830, 
bur. at East Worldham 16 July 1885. They 
had issue — 

William, of Binsted, M.P., b. 10 July 1831, 

M.A. Oxford 1857, mar. Sophia Emma, da. 

of H F. Shaw Lefevre, at St. Geo , Han. 

Sq., 9 May 1860. They have Lucy and 


Henry Lamplugh, Captain of Rifle Brigade, 
of Wootton, co. Warw., bp. 19 Feb. 1838, 
mar. Teresa Mary Josephine, da. of Lord 
Arimdell, of Wardour, widow of Sir Alfred 
Joseph Tichborne, Bart., 24 Feb. 1873. 
They have Wm. Joseph, Lewis Cyril, Cyril 
Henry and Cecily Mary; 

Leonora Emma, wife of Herbert Crompton 
Herries, Esq., b. 14 Aug. 1833, mar. 5 Jan. 

2. Lamplugh (VII). 

Harriet, d. unmar. at York 186 . . a^t. 94. 
Annabella, d. unmar. 14 Nov. 1797, bur. at Bingley. 
Elizabeth, d. inf. 
Henry, d. inf. 

VII. LAMPLUGH WICKHAM, of Low Moor House, near Bradford, 
b. 14 May 1768, Vicar of Paul, Prebendary of York, mar first 
Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Hird, of Rawdon (which name 
he took on his marriage) at Guiseley 1795, she d. 24 Apr. 
1812. They had issue- 
Richard Lamplugh, d. inf. 

Henry Wickham Hird retook the name of Wickham M.P. 
for Bradford, b. 23 Nov. 1800, d. s.p. 23 Sept. 1867, mar. 
Mary, dau. of Thos. Benyon, of New Grange, at Round- 
hay, 1836. 

William, R.N., b. 1802, d. 1S16, bur. at Barbadoes. 
Lamplugh Wickham (VIII). 
Charles Wickham, b. 1808. 

Christiana, b. 1801, wife of George Brooke Nelson, of Leeds. 
Harriet, b. 1803, wife of George Pollard, of Bradford. 
Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1805, wife of Rev. Joshua Fawcett, of 

Annabella, b. 1810, wife of Rev. George Hodgson. 
Mary Anne, d. inf. 



He mar.- secondly 1813, Hannah Frances, dau. of Rev. Lascelles 
Sturdy Lascelles, of Hunton, near Bedale. They had — - 
Jane, b. 19 Mar. 1818. 

Chestnut Grove, K 27 June 1807, d. 1SS3, mar. first Frances, 
dau. of Col. Wm. Hale, of Acomb. They had issue — 

William Wickham Wickham, of Chestnut Grove, b.. 1835, 
mar. 27 Oct. 1868 Katherine Henrietta, dau. of Thos. 
Fairfax, Esq., of Newton-Kyme. They have issue. 
He mar. secondly Mary, dau. of George Stone, of Blis worth 
Hall. They had issue — 

George Lamplugh, Major Royal Horse Guards, b. 1852, 

mar. 1885 Elena, dau. of tenth Marquis of Huntley. 
Henry Wickham, Scots Guards, b. 1855, mar. 1884 

Ethelreda, dau. of tenth Marquis of Huntley. 
Frances Mary. 

Authorities, "Collectanea, Top. et Gen.," James' "History of Bradford." 

Ouse and Darwext WAPENTAKE. Yorke, 13° Aug. 1GC0*. 

Arms : — Or. a lion rampant regardant Sable. 

Crest : — On a mural coronet Sable a lion passant regardant Or. 

I. PHILIP JOHN, of St. Melans, co. Monmouth, in Wales, mar. 
Jowan, dau. to Llyson, ap Llysou, ap Yevan, ap Llison, ap 
Rees (Glover's Visitation). They had issue — 

II. JENKYN, ap Philipp, of St. Melans, mar. Alice, sister of Sir 
Wm. Thomas, dau. to Thomas ap Yevan, ap Hornell, ap 
Griffith (Glover's Visitation). They had issue — 

III. JOHN JENKYX, of the Citty of Yorl-e, Esq r , Receiver General 
of the County of York, d. *2 Oct. 1595, set. 63, bur. in York 



Minster, M.I. Will pr. 29 Dec. 1595, mar. Margaret, daugh. 
to . . . Carance, an Ittallian (George Curron, citizen of London, 
Glover), bur. at Trinity, Goodramoate, York, 5 May 1615. 
Will 18 Aor. 1616. They had issue— 
Henry (IV). 

1. Mary, wife to Tliomas Scudamore, Esrf, Receiver 

Generall of Yorke, mar. at Trinity, Goodramgate, 17 
Dec. 1585. 

2. Margaret, wife to William Rohinson, Alderman of Yorke, 

mar. lie. 1599. mar. secondly at St. Crux, York, 11 
Oct. 1627, William Brearey, Lord Mayor of York, 
bur. at St. John's, Micklegate, York, 29 July 1644. 

2. Thomas. 

3. Matthew. 

4. Ralph. 

5. William. 

6. George. 

7. John. 

IT. S r HENRY JENKYN, of Busby, in co. Ebor., 70, living 1612, 
eet. 16 at the Visitation of 1585, M.P. Boroughbridge 1603-14, 
High Sheriff 1623, d. intest, at Scoreby, adm. 2 Aug. 1646, 
mar. Dorothy, daughter & Jieire to WilVm Tanckard, of Hutton, 
Escf, mar, lie. 1597 at Pannal. They had issue — 

1' WilVm Jenkyn, dyed w th out issue, eet. 6 1612, of Great 
Busby, Esq. Will 22 May, pr. at London 30 July 
1659 (Abs. York Rec. Series, ix, 154). 

2. Toby(\). 

3. Henry, a Sergeant Major in the Army of K. Charles ye 

1 st , died zv th cnU issue, of Gray's Inn 1639. 

1. Anne, wife of . . . Fulwood. 

2. Dorothy. 

3. Grace, bp. at Trinity, Goodramgate, 19 May 1619. 
John, bp. at Trinity, Goodramgate, 13 Sept. 1622, bur. 

there 23 Sept. 1624. 

V. TOBY JENKYN, of Grimston, in co. Ebor., Esq*, cetat. 52 ann. 
1666, bur. in York Minster 12 Feb. 169f-. Will 20 Aug. 
1681, pr. 17 June 1697, mar. Anthonyna, da. io Henry Wick- 
ham, D r in Divinity, cj- one of the Prebend? of St. Peter's 
Cathedr., bp. at Bolton Percy 29 Sept 1623, mar. at Trinity, 
Goodramgate, 25 Feb. 163|, bur. in York Minster 7 Aug. 
1701. They had issue — 

1. Henry Jenkyn, dyed, in Spane a 1665, bp. at Trinity, 

Goodramgate, 26 Dec. 1639. 

2. William Jenkyn, a>t. 16 an. 1666, (?) bur. in York 

Minster 4 Apr. 1668. 

3. Toby (VI). 

1. Anthonyna, (?) wife of Justinian Pagitt, of- Gray's Inn, 
Esq., mar. lie. 29 June 1670, about 20, at Ely House 
or Lambeth House Chapel. 



2, Elizabeth, dyed young. 

3. Dorothy, mar. first Kobert Benson, Esq., of Wrenthorpe, 

secondly Sir Henry Bellasis, Knt., of Pottoe, co. 
York, and Brancepeth, co. Durh., mar. lie. 3 Mar. 
16^ I at St. Mary, Somerset, London, or . . . bur. 
at Westminster Abbey 20 July 1G96 (Keg.) 

VI. TOBY or TOBIAS JENKYN or JENKINS, cut. 6 mm. 10GG, 
of Grimston, Lord Mayor of York 1701, 1720, MP. York 
1695, 1700, 1702, bp. at Dunnington 1G June 16G0, d. intest. 
1730, adm. 4 Jan. 173? to John Goodricke, Esq, mar. first 
Lady Mary Paulet, dau. of Charles, Duke of Bolton, bur. in York 
Minster 16 Mar. 1GS9. They had issue- 
Elizabeth, bur. in York Minster 20 Jan. 1G90. 
Mary, wife of Sir Henry Goodricke, Hart., of Ribston, mar. 
at York Minster 26 Apr. 1707. 
He is said to have married secondly . . . and had issue — 

William Jenkins, bp. at Dunnington 3 Oct. 1708, mar. 1742 
Mary, dau. and h. of Daniel Monro, of the Crescent 
* estates St. Mary's, Jamaica. 1 

Tobias, (?) Commission to be an Ensign 1741. 
Anthonina, bp. at Dunnington 12 June 1710. 
Authorities, Skaife's "York Minster Registers," Pedigiee by Charles 
Jackson, "Misc. Gen. et Her," 2 ser. i, 122, Hunter's "Alinorum 

SEills anti ^mnmistrattons in tlje (Court of Bclcgatcs. 

(Continued frerr. p. 171) 

Hartley, Leonard Wm., Middleton Lodge, co.York, Esq., w. 21 Jan. 1796 
Haskett, Elias, Henstridge Marsh, co. Somerset,) ^ 16% 7 

yeoman, w. j 
Hasi^ack, Samuel, New Row in City of Dublin, tanner, w. 14 July 1727 
Hawkins, John, Walthamstow, co. Essex, Esq. Admon. 17 Mch. 1739-40 

Previous Admon. pend. lite granted 5 June 1738. 
Hawkins, Phillip, citizen and fishmonger of London — ) 30 Oct 1G93 

St. Mary ad Montem, w. J 
Hayne, George, Burton-upon- Trent, co. Stafford, gent., w. 27 Dec. 1722 
Hebden, John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, gent,, w ... 10 Aug. 1716 

Hensiiaw, Thomas, Blackley in Manchester, co. Lane. E^q . w. 1 4 Nov. 1 807, 
Hernaman, James, Wynckley, co. Devon, w. ... ... 3 Jan. 1648 9, 

Heyden, Samuel, City of Dublin, Ireland, Esq., w. ... 19 Apr. 1738, 

Also an unexecuted Will, dat. 26 Aug. 1738. 
HlGGlNS, John, City of Limerick, Ireland, alderman, w. 8 Nov. 1732, 
Higgs, John, St. James, Westminster, co. Middx , baker, w. 5 July 1699. 

1 Supposed to have been the Wm. Jenkyns who went on the Carthagenian 
expedition 1739, and to have been an officer in Colonel Robinson's Marines. (Hunter.) 



Hills, Catherine, Fisher Street, in pish, of St. George the\ 
Martyr, co. Middx., spr., w. J 
Hilton, Robert, Fleet Street, Liverpool, co. Lane., w. ... No date. 

Transmitted from Chanc. Ct. of York by 
Monition, dat. 9 July 1827. 
Hinton, Joshua, St. Mildred's, Bread Street, London.) 9 ^ -p^ jjog q 

Admon / L 

Hobart, James [houses in Norwich], w. ... ... 25 Jan. 1658-9. 

Hobson, James, Gorton in Manchester, co. L<anc - ' \ 1 1 £> ec ^99 

Esq., w. / 
Hodgson, Henry, Major-General E.I.C.S., formerly ofi 

Rue de la Yille l'Eveque, in City of Paris,! 9j j LUO - 1848 
but late of Avenue de St. Cloud, nr. sd. City, [ & ' 
deed., w. J 
Hog, Roger, Newliston, N. Britain, Esq., w, ... ... 5 Feb. 1787. 

Holles, Sir John, Knt., Houghton, co. Notts, w. ... 31 May 1599. 

Hosier, Francis, Vice-Admiral of the White. Admon. 20 Dec. 1737. 
Hows, Francis, St. Andrew's, Holborn, co. Middx., gent.,w. 11 Sep. 1G93. 
Huband, John, sen., Daylesford, co. Wore, Esq., w. ... 7 Apr. 1GG0. 

Hubkard, Sarah. Wainfleet All Hallows, co. Lincoln, w. 7 July 1654. 
Huntley, William, Inner Temple, London, gent., w. ... 21 Aug. 1648. 

Hurst, John, Blackburn, co. Lane, Esq. Admon. and\ ^ ^ \$'~>Q 
Bond. J p . - . 

A pretended Will dated 26 June 1824 
declared void. 

Hutcheson, John, St. James', Westminster, Innholder, w. 19 Sep. 1720. 
Hutchinson, John, Stainsbrough in Wirksworth, co.) „ A t-qh 

• Derby. Admon. in P.C.C. J 7 Apr. 1/30. 
Hutchinson, Hutcheson, see Gayer. 

Hutton, Elizabeth, Smith Street, Westminster, 1 No date. 

widow, but at Knightsbridge, co. Middx., >- Proved P.C.C. 

• deed., w. ^ J 10 Sep. 1744. 
Hyde als Chambers, Judith, St. Andrew's, Holborn, co. \ _ j une ^qqj 

Middx. Admon. de bon. non. / 
Hyde, Rev. William, Eversholt, co. Bedford, clerk.) 1fl . , 

Admon. ) 19 Aug. 1736. 

Hyland, Mary, Southwark, co. Surrey, widow, w. ... 2 Oct. 1679. 
Infeild, John, Twyneham, co. Sussex. Admon. ... 6 Jan. 1684-5. 
Ireland, Richard, Catton, co. Norfolk, clerk, w. ... 31 Dec. 1690. 
Ireland, Susanna, The Deanery, Westminster, co.] 

Middx., wife of Very Rev. John L, Dean V 17 Feb. 1826. 
of Westminster, w. J 
Jackson, Edward, Beevor, near Barnsley, in Silkstone, \ 9Q-\r a .]839 

co. York, w. / a ^ c ° 

Jackson, Mary, Curriglass, co. Cork, widow, w. ... 31 Oct. 1761. 

Janssen, William, St. George's, Hanover Square, co.\ Probate granted 

Middx., Esq. Residuary clause of Will. J 31 Mch, 1783. 
Jenkins, Thomas, Lidiad Melyn, in Landenny, co. \ 9 ^ 1731 

Monmouth, Esq., w, / 
Jenner, Rev. John, Billerieav, in Great Burstead, co.\ , « T 1 , Q0 - 

Essex, D.D., w. " / 1JJu ^ 18w7, 




Jewkes, Peter, Petworth, co. Sussex, Esq. Admon. ... 12 Dec. 1750. 

Previous Admon. pend. lite granted 18 June 1748. 

Johnson, Samuel, Doctor in Divinity and Hector oH 10 7 , ir - c 
, , -, J - 19 July looo. 

Ashdon, co. Essex, \y. J J 

Jones, Ann, wife of Humphry Jones of London, gent., \v. 7 Oct. 1GG2. 

Jones, William, Sudbury, co. Suffolk, brewer, merchant) ^ 1514 

and farmer, w. / "* ' 

Jordan, Thomas, Gate wicke in Charlwood,co. Surrey, Esq. \ j^j 1750 

Instructions for Will. J 

"Kettlewell, William, Maidstone, co. Kent. Admon. ... 20 May 1700. 

Knight, Joseph, Chiswick, co. Micldx., Esq., formerly of\ 9 ^ 1715 

City of Bristol, w. J " ix<1 ^ ' ' 

Lacy, William. Moulton, co. Norfolk, yeoman, \v. ... 7 Sep. 1G5S. 

Lambe, Anne, St. Andrew's, Holborn, widow of Wm. L.,w. 11 June 1651. 

Lambe, William, St. Andrew's, Holborn, London gent.) 

Ack worth and Hassell, co. York, w. J 

Lamprey, Thomas, Banbury (? co. Oxon), w. ... ... 26 Sep. 1713. 

Lane, Francis, Glendon, co. Northton, but of Inner \ 

Temple, London, Esq., deed. Admon. J 

Admon. in P.C.C. revoked. 

La Peyre, see Stone. 

Larkyn, John, citizen and fishmonger of London, w. ... 18 Now 1656. 

Lathum, Peter, South Weald, co. Essex, Esq., w. ... 14 Mch. 1649-50. 

Leigh, Sir John, Knt., Addington, co. Surrey. Admon. 14 July 1743. 

' Also a Will dat. 30 Jan. 1736. 

Lewes, Robert, Painswicke, co. Glouc. Two testa- \ No date, but 

mentary schedules. J circa 1659. 

Lincoln, Theophilus, Earl of, w. 21 May 1667. 

Linley, Sir Henry, Knt,, Middleham Castle Tco. York],) » x ~ , rno 
1 . -p.. " ' „ V-o , L J } 1 Nov. 1009. 

111 Diocese 01 Chester, w. J 

Lloyd, formerly Browning, Catherine, St. George the\ Proved. 

Martyr,co.Middx.,wid.,w J 20 Nov 1773. 

Lovejoy, Elizabeth, St. George the Martyr, Canterbury,"! No date. 

co. Kent, widow of George L , of Canter- -Proved 18 Feb. 

bury, clerk, w. j 1696-7. 

Loyd, Harriet, formerly of Thistle Grove, Kensington,) j j, ^ ]$3Q 

but of Little Chelsea, co. Middx., spr., w. / 

. Luttrell, Margaret, Phcenix Street, Dublin, spr., w. 19 Feb. 1739-40. 

. Lynch, Sir Thomas, Knt., Esher, co. Surrey, and Jamaica, w. 30 Aug. 1 6S 1 . 

Macclesfield, Charles, Earl of, w. ... ... ... 21 July 1677. 

Testator in the Will described as Charles, 

Lord Gerrard, Baron of Brandon. 

Macclesfeild, Charles, Earl of, w. 2 July 1701. 

Madden, Nicholas, City of Dublin, Ireland, Esq. Admon. 19 Apr. 1729. 

Mansure, Roger, Lackenham, Norwich, w 17 Dec. 1662. 

Mardon, Michael, Lenton, in Bishopsteignton, co.) ^ ^ j 734 

Devon, yeoman, w. J 

Another Will (tiled) dated 14 Apr. 1735. 

Marsh, Richard, citizen and grocer, of London, w. ... 26 Aug. 167^. 

Marshall, John, St. James', Westminster, co. Middx.,) 9 « g ^ 
gent., w. j 





Marshall, Richard,. H.M.S. " Le Dover." Admon. ... 8 Dec. 1690. 
Marshe, Narcisus, see Armagh. 

Mason, John, Middleham, co. York, yeoman, w. ... 8 Oct. 1603. 

Mayerne, see De Mayerne. 

Mayne, Elizabeth, New Woodstock, co. Oxon, widow, w. 17 Jan. 16SS-9. 

Meaburn, Anthony, Pontopp, in clioc, of Durham, Esq.j^i j u i i~is 

Admon. / ' J ' 

Will dated 28 Dec, 1712, proved in Cons. 

Court of Durham revoked. See Copy of 

this Will among filed Wills. 

Meeke, John [land in East Siriithueld and St.) , T 

Katherine's, Aldgate], w. j— Nov. 1665. 

Meriwether, Kichard, All Hallows the Great, London,) nA T . .~, 

' } 24 Dec. 1 / 13. 
merchant, w. J 

Mettford, John, Kingsbury, co. Middx., Dr. in Physick, w. 2 Dec. 1668. 

Meynell, Sarah, relict of Francis Meynell, alderman of) ^ ^ -^^^ 

London, w. J 

Middleton, John, Barforth Hall in Forsett, co. York.|23 Aug. 1709. 

Admons. durante minori retate J 2 July 1715. 

Middleton, Waiter, Cripplegate, London, w. ... ... 26 Aug. 1691. 

Millecent, John, Barham, co. Cambridge, Esq., w. ... 4 May 1716. 

Miller, John, London, merchant, and Barbadoes, w. ... 24 July 1680. 

Minnick, see Toilet, 

Minnute, see Pollet. 

Mohun, Charles, Lord, w .. ... 23 Mch. 1710-11. 

Mont Pouillan, Adriaine, Marquise de, see De Mayerne. 

Morecroft, Kichard, London, gent., w. ... ... 17 Feb. 1662-3. 

Also a filed Will dat. 7 March same year. 
Morgan, Thomas, Easton in Gordon, ais St. George, )_ ^ ^ ^ jjoo 3 

co. Somerset, Esq., w. / 
Moseley, Sir Edward, Bart,, Rolleston, co. Stafford, w. 18 Dec. 1660. 
MosLEY,"Sir Edward, Bart., Hough Hall, co. Lane, w. 13 Oct. 1665. 

Probably the same testator as in the last entry. 
Nance als Trengove, Chester, Middle Temple, London,) \q ^ r 173(5 
Esq., TrengofTe, co. Cornwall, w. J " 
This will declared void and Admon. granted 
in Court of Deleg. 9 July 1741. 

Newcastle, John, Duke of, w 29 Aug. 1707. 

Newdigate, Mary, Ipswich, co. Suffolk, spr. Admon. 14 Mch. 1794. 
Newport, John, St. Luke's, Chelsea, co. Middx., Esq.) 9 ^ q ^ 179 j. 

Admon. pend. lite. j 
Niciiolls, William, St. Mary, Islington, co. Middx., w. 15 Oct. 1672. 
Nicholson, George, Bartell, within Woodplumpton in St.) ^ g \qq\ 

Michaell's, co. Lane, w. j 
Norton, John, Christ Church, co. Surrey, cordwainer, w. 7 June 1676. 
Norton, Kichard, Southwick, co. Southton, Esq. Admon. 23 June 1750. 
Admon. with Will P.C.C. July 1734 revoked. 
Also 2 filed Wills, both dat. 24 June 1714. 

(7b be continued.) 




























B X 
5' p 

t-j ST 

00 c 






» o 

8P L. 

si? 6 ? 

c t- m o 

£ 2 ° 

5' I— i 

cr ^, B 


^ HH 

CO hS 

? S5S £ 




CO :r 

* 8,© §-i 

5 p. 

« o 
cT ° o 


r-i (-5 


fe2 G re 

3 ~ w c~ 

7s | Q 

g »» g 

cr* ^ ^ 
c o C M 

a to 

» — 

S re 
a re 

§=> c . 

5 (A 1) Bouchard d'Avenes, Seigneur de Beau- 
-i MONT iu Hainault ; d. 1243. 

^1 - HI 

g> * ^ en (A 2) Margaret, Countess of Flanders and 
&u J?|- Hainault, da. of Baldwin; Count of Flan- 
^ • ^ dehs and Hainault; m. 1212 or 1213 ;( 3 J d. 
pj 10 Feb. 12-||. 


5 3) Florent IV, Count of Holland and 

» g > Zeeland, Lord of Friesland, 1223—1234 ; 
" ^ I b. 24 June 1210 ;( 4 ) slain 19 July 1234. 

... HI 

(A 4) Matilda, da of Henry I, Duke of 
fc" g ° 3 Lothier and Brabant ; d. 21 Dec. 1267. 

HPS r«i 


' r. 

O K 

c z „ 


toy s s 

(A 5) Waleran III, Duke of Limburg, Mar- 
quis of Arlon, 1221—1226 ; d. May 1226.( 6 ) 


co't'c ^ j- 1 (A 6) Ermensende, Countess of Luxemburg 
v 3 ri p and la Roche, only child of Henry II, Count 
§ J*T o c § of Namur, Luxemburg and la Roche ; 
P % b, 1186; m. in May 1214 ;( y ) d, 25 Feb. 

HI 1246 ; 2nd wife. 

o r w 

o ;r 

(A 7) Henry II, Count of Bar-le-Duc, 1214— 
1240 ; d. 13 Nov. 1240. 

S^CT? (A 8) Philippa, da. of Robert II, Count of 
Dreux ; m. Dec. 1218 ;( 13 ) living 1240; d. 
17 March. ( 14 ) 

cr r a x c } _ 1 

(A 9) Louis IX, King of the French ; d. 25 
Aug. 1270. See Tab. XIV, C 1. 
2»*"| B HI 

' re ' -i -1 (A 10) Margaret, da. of Raymond-Berenger 

HI IV, Count of Provence and Forcalquier ; 

$ m S3 rf. 20 or 21 Dec. 1295. See Tab. XIV, C 2. 

( 3i 

(A 11) James I, King of Aragon ; d. 25 or 
r tc 27 July 1276. See Tab. XVI, B 3. 

• t ° § ?r.^ (A 12) Yolaude, da. of Andrew II, King of 
Hungary ; 2nd wife. See Tab. XVI, B 4. 

s° o> v\ T/1 O -rj 
3.. o 2 

a X 
o 5^ 

cr.2 ^ 

(A 13) Charles I, King of Jerusalem and 
Sicily, 1266-1285 ; b. March 1220 ;( 15 ; d. 7 
Jan. 12S4. 

so to P 

o ® 

"5 1 I s HI 

o (r* w M (A 14) Beatrice, Countess of Trovence and 

a^g^S Forcalquier, da. of Raymond-Berenger IV, 

£o~-. ~ C Count of Provence and Forcalquier; 771. 

<^ § 31 Jan. 124 1 ; d. July 1267 ; 1st wife. 

" t> m 00 I ^ ^) Stephen IV or V, King of Hungary, 
' f I 1270—1272 ; d. abt. 1 Aug 1272. 

- s-^ (A 16) ****** 



(A 1) Edward I, King of England 

5' J n d. 7 July 1307. See Tab. XII, E. 

(A 2) Eleanor, Queen Consort, da. of 
Ferdinand III, King of Castile and 
Leon ; d. 28 Nov. 1290 ; 1st wife. Sec 
Tab. XIII, E. 

(A 3) Philip IV, King of France and 
Navarre ; d. 29 Nov. 1314. See Tab. 
XVI, D 1. 
g^2 Hi 

(A 4) Jane, da. of Henry I, King of 
Q? Navarre; d. 2 Apr. 130i. See Tab. 
g £ XVI, D 2. 

(A 5) John d'Avenes, Count of Hain- 
ault and Holland ; d. 22 Aug. 1304. 
See Tab. XVIII, C 1. 


(A 6) Philippa, da. of Henry III, Count 
of Luxemburg ; d. 1311. See Tab. 
XVIII, C 2. 

(A 7) Charles, Count of Valois ; d. 16 
Dec. 1325. See Tab. XVIII, C 3. 


(A 8) Margaret, da. of Charles II, King 
of Jerusalem and Sicily ; d. 31 Dec. 
1299 ; 1st wife. See Tab. XVIII, C 4. 

§1 is ©n ( A 9 ) Henry III, King of England ; 
' °« m I d - ] 6 ^ ov - i^ 2 - See Tab. X, E. 

1 HI 

(A 10) Eleanor, Q,ueen Consort, da. of 
Raymond-Berenger IV, Count of Pro- 
vence and Forcalquier ; d. 25 June 
1291. See Tab. XI, E. 

(A 11) Philin III, King of the Fkencii ; 
d. 5 Oct. 1285. See Tab. XIV, D 1. 

£og HI 

r § % (A 12) Mary, da. of Henry III, Duke of 
Lothier and Brabant ; d. 1 or 12 Jan. 
132^. S ee Tab. XIV, D 2. 

I (A 13) Baldwin Wake of Liddell and Blis- 
^1 I worth, 124(3—1263 ; d. 1263. 
^8. HI 

g £ o (A 14) Hawise, da. and coh. of Robert de 
JT 5 Quincy of Colue-Quincy in Essex. 

°S I (A 15) 

• HI 

♦ (A 16) 


Additions to Table XVIII. 

A. 1. He was Archdeacon of Laon, Canon and Treasurer of Tournai, 
Provost and Canon of St. Pierre at Lille 1 ; but quitted his benefices, and 
was knighted by the King of England ; d. at his Castle of Estroen, bur. 
at Clerfontaine near the Abbey of Monstroeul. 8 (Second son of Jacques, 
Seigneur d'Avenes, Landrccies, Leuse and Conde, in Hainault, by 
Ameline, only child of Bouchard, Seigneur de Guise and Leschieres, in 

A. 2. 8hc was called la Noire and de Constantinople ; b. at Valen- 
ciennes; succ. her sister Jane (who d. s.p. 5 Dec. 1244) as- Countess of 
Flanders and Hainault ; d. at Gaud, bur. in the Abbey of Flines near 
Douai. She m. 2, 1218 after Apr., William II, Seigneur de Dampierre 
in Champagne; he d. 3 Sep. 1241, bur. in the Abbey of Flines], 
(Younger dau. and eventual hss. of Baldwin, IX Count of Flanders, VI 
Count of Hainault of that name, Emperor of Constantinople, by Mary, 
dau. of Henry I, le Liberal, Count Palatine of Champagne and Brie.) 

A. 3. He succ. his father 4 Feb. 1 22| ; slain in tournament at 
Noviomnijus^ (either Noyon or Nijmegen), bur. in the Abbey of Ryns- 
burg. (Eldest son of William I, Count of Holland, etc., by his first 
wife Adelaide, dau. of Otho II (III), Count of Gueldres.) 

A. 4. Her marriage contract was dated at Antwerp 5 Nov. 12 14 4 ; 
she converted her Castle at Losduynen near the Hague into a Cistercian 
monastery, d. and was bur. there. (Her mother was Matilda of 
Boulogne. See Table XIV, A. 9, 10). 

A. 5. He succ. his father in 1221, by 28 Aug. ; bur. in the Abbey of 
Rolduc 7 (Rode-le-Duc) near Aachen. [He m. 1, Aleyde, 8 dau. of Goswin 
III, Seigneur de Fauquemont or Valkenberg near Maestricht]. (Second 
but eldest surv. son of Henry III, Duke of Limburg, by Sophia, dau. 
of Matthew I, Duke of Lorraine). 

A. 6. She succ. her father in 1194 (or 1196). [Shew. 1, 1193, as 
third wife, Thibaut I, Count of Bar-le-Duc ; 10 he d. 12 Feb. 121-f, 11 
bur. in the x\bbey of St. Michel] (Dau. of Henry, the Blind,, Count 
of Namur, by his second wife Agnes, dau. of Henry, Count of Gueldres.) 

A. 7. He was mortally wounded at Gaza in the Holy Land 1 3 Nov. 
1240. 12 (Only son of Thibaut I, Count of Bar-le-Duc, by his second wife 
Isabel, dau. of Guy, Count of Bar-sur-Seine. ) 

A. 8. (Her mother was Yolande de Coucy. See Table XIV, A. 15.) 

A. 13. Charles I, King of Jerusalem and Sicily, Duke of Apulia, 
Prince of Capua, Count of Anjou ; invested with the Comte of Anjou 
at Mel un 27 May 1246 ; crowned King of Sicily in the Church of the 
Vatican 6 Jan. 126£; d. at the Castle of Foggia in Capitanata, bur. 
in theMetrop. Church at Naples. [He m. 2, at Milan, 12 Oct, 1268, 
Margaret (b. 1248), Countess of Tonnerre, 10 dau. and coh. of Eudes of 
Burgundy, Count of Nevers, Auxerre and Tonnerre, j. ux. ; she d. at 
Tonnerre 17 5 Sep. 1308, bur. there in the Church of the Hopital. 17 ] 
(Ninth but fifth surv. son of Louis VIII, King of the French, by Blanche 
of Castile. See Table XIV, B. 1,2 ) 

A. 14. She, who was crowned with herhusb., d. at Noceradi Pagani, 



bur. near there in 'the monastery of St. Mary de la Rocca Pymont, 
transferred to the Church of the Knights of St. John at Aix in 
Provence. (Fourth dan. and princ. hss. of Raymond-Berenger, Count 
of Provence, by Beatrice of Savoy. See Table XI, D. 1 2.) 

A. 15. (Elder son of Bela IVV King of Hungary, by Mary, dau. of 
the Greek Emperor Theodore Laskares I.) 

B. 1. He was bur. in the Church of Leuze, transferred to the Church 
of the Dominicans at Valenciennes. 

P). 2. She was m. at Dordrecht (some say at Frankfort) ; bur. with 
her husb. at Valenciennes. 

B. 3. He was called le Grand and le Blond; eldest son by the 
second marriage. 

B. 4. She was bur. in the Abbey of Clairfontaines near Arlon. 22 

B. 7. Charles II, le Boiteux, King of Jerusalem and Sicily, Duke of 
Apulia, Prince of Salerno, Capua and Taranto, Count of Anjou, 
Provence and Forcalquier ; styled Prince of Salerno v. p. ; crowned (with 
his wife) at Rieti by Pope Nicholas IV, 29 May 1289 ; d. at his Palace 
at Casanova near Naples, bur. in the Church of the Dominicans at 
Napjes, transferred to the monastery of Notre Dame de Nazareth near 
Aix in Provence. 

B. 8. She was bur. in the Church of the Franciscans — Sancta Maria 
Dona Rcgina — at Naples. 

C. 1. He was bur. (as was his wife) in the Church of the Franciscans 
at Valenciennes. 

C. 3. He d. at Nogent-le-Roy, bur. in the Church of the Jacobins at 
Paris. [He m. 2 (by papal dispens. dated 3 Feb. -1|-|| 25 ) betw. 28 Jan. 20 
and 8 Feb. 130?-, Catherine, only child of Philip dc Courtenay, titular 
Emperor of Constantinople. She d. at Paris 2 or 3 Jan. 130-|. 27 He 
m. 3, June 1308, Mahaut, dau. of Guy de Chatillon III, Count of St. 
Pol. See Table XXI, A. 8.] 

C. 4. -She was m. at Corbeil ; bur. in the Church of the Jacobins at 

1 His marriage was pronounced null by Innocent III, on the ground that, bein£ a 
subdeacon,; he had not obtained dispensation : a sentence confirmed by Honorius III 
and Gregory IX ; the latter declared the children illegitimate by rescript addressed 
in 1236 to the Bishops of Cambrai and of Tournai. (Invent, des Chartes de Hainaut, 
f. ecliii). These children were rehabilitated to the extent of his power by the Emperor 
Frederic II in March 124^, . . . ut si quis esset in eis defectus natalium, legitima- 
tionis beneficio dignaremur prosequi et suppkre. (Martene, Thes. Anect , torn, i, col. 
1021). They were finally pronounced legitimate by the delegates of the Apostolic See 
19 Nov. 1249, and this sentence was confirmed by Innocent IV, 17 Apr. 1251. (Mira;us, 
Op. Diplom., torn, i, p. 205.) 

3 There are however other accounts : such as that he died or was murdered on his 
return from Rome, where he had obtained a dispensation from Honorius III, (Jacques 
de Guise} ; or that he was beheaded in the Castle of Rupelmonde by the orders of 
the Countess Jane of Flanders, (Meyer) — these seem to be legendary. 

3 The date Pentecost (2 June) 1202 assigned for her birth is manifestly 4 or 5 years 
too late. 

4 In nomine Sancte et Individue Trinitatis. Xotum sit univer.-is tarn presentibus 
quam futuris Christi fidelibus, quod ad contrahendum niatrimonium inter Mathiklem 
filiam D. Henrici Ducis Lotharingie et filium D. Willelmi Comitis Hollandie Florcn- 
tium primogenitum. hec est forma compositionis concorditer ordinata. Ipse Dux 
ipsam Mathiklem filiam suam dedit eidem "Willelmo Comiti Hollandie, ad opus tilii 
sui F. prenotati, quam idem F. ducet in uxorem quo die primum ad annos nubiles 
ipse Florentius pervenerit ; qui in festo S. Joannis Baptise iustauti proximo, quinque 



erit annorum. Dux autem filie sue bis mille et quingentas marcas coloniensis monete 
donavit . . . Actum apud Antverpiam, anno Domini mccxiv, nonis novembris. 
(Charters of Brabant — Butkens, torn, i, preuves, p. 64.) 

5 Comes HollandicG veniens in torneamento apud Xoviomagum est occisus. 
(Albert Stad. Abbas, ad ami. 1234.) According to Baldwin d'Avesnes, Tertia [filia 
Henrici Ducis Brabanti;e] nomine ilachtildis [nupsit] Coniiti HollandilE Florentio, 
strenuo mih'ti pro tempore suo, qur juvenis mortuus est in torueamento apud Bovos. 

6 Obiit Walerannus Dux de Ardenna, vir corpore decorus et satis audax, post decern 
[quinque] annos ex quo pater ejus Henricus de- Lemburch decesserat. Qui ambo 
sepulti in Ecclesia de Bode Ordinis S. Augustini. (Albericus, ad ami. 1226.) 

7 His epitaph in the Abbey of Rolduc : — 

Iste fuit talis virtu tibus, imperialis 
Majestas similem nescivit habere per orbem, 
Lemburg Dux, Archos Arlon, Comes in Lucelemburg, 
Walrannus dictus, Dux Henricus pater ejus. 

8 Butkens, torn, ii, pp. 311, 324. 

9 Ego Henricus Dei gratia Dux de Lemborch et Marchio de Arlunis, filio meo 
Walramo dedi totam terram de Arlunis . . . advocato tamen excepto. Hoc pacto 
prehabito, quod predictus Walramus hec dabit in dotem Comitisse de Lucelem- 
burg . . . 

. . . Ego Waleranus, filius Henrici Ducis de Lemborch, et Marchio Arlunensis, cas- 
trum meum de Arlon . . . laude et assensu patris mei Ducis . . . domine Ermesinde 
Comitisse Lucelemburg et Ruppis uxori mee in legitiniam dotem eontuli et concessi 
* . . Promisi etiam jurando quod nobiles milites, burgenses, et quoscunque alios 
homines ad honorem de Lucelburg Ruppis et Durbeti pertinentes in ea libertate et 
in eo honore dimittam esse et vivere, in quali honore et libertate tempore Henrici pie 
memorie quondam Comitis Namurcensis uxoris mee patris permaiiserunt. Actum 
anno . . . Mccxrv, mense maio. (Archives of the Duchy of Luxemburg — Du Chesne, 
M. de Luxembourg, preuves, p. 63.) 

10 Theobaldus Comes Barrensis ante castrum de Narnurco duxit exercitum satis 
copiosum, quia filiam Henrici Comitis caoci unicam in ejus senectute de Agnetesorore 
Comitis de Gelraquodam aecidenti natam duxerat in uxorem, nomine Ermensendem, 
per quara hereditare volebat, quamvis filial non soleant in Imperio hereditare. 
(Albericus, ad ami. 1193.) 

11 Comes Barri Theobaldus moritur, et juxta patrem suuni Comitem Eenaldum in 
Abbatia S. Michaelis sepelitur . . . Secundam vero duxit Isabellam nomine, relictam 
domini Anselmi de Triangulo, sororem Comitis de Barro super Sequanam . . . de qua 
natus est Comes iste Barrensis Henricus multis probitatibus famosus. De tertia ejus 
uxore Ermensende filia Henrici Comitis Namurcensis . . . Ista Ermensendis nu])sit 
postea Walerano filio Henrici . . . (Albericus ad ami. 1214). II idus feb- Obiit 
Theobaldus Comes Barensis. (Necrology of the Abbey of Gorze.) 

12 Comes Barri captus fuit in die S. Bricii, et ut dicitur ad mortem vulneratus est 
In bello, quod aggressus est sine consilio inter J op pern et Hierusalem, (Albericus, ad 
ann. 1239.) An. 1239. Comes Henricus Barrensis a Sarracenis occiditur. (Chron. 
S. Vincentii Metensis). An. 1239. Cumque per totam unam nocte equitassent, et 
mane in locis sabulosis prope Gazani devenissent, ab illis de Gaza, qui per exploratpres 
adventum eorum persenserant, itineris nocturni labore fatigati, omnes capti vel inter- 
fecti sunt. In eo euim conilictu Comes Barri, miles strenuissimus, mortuus, vel 
captus, nusquam postea est repertus. (W. de Nangis in vita S. Ludovici.) Anno 
1239, transfretant Tybaldus, Rex Navarre et Conies Campanile, Henricus, Comes de 
Barde-Duc, . . . Teniplarii recepto nuncio exploratore, cognoscunt juxta Gazam mille 
Turchos adesse paratos, contra quos trecentos milites transmiserunt. Ibi captus fuit 
Almericus de Monteforti, et Henricus Comes [de Barde-DucJ mortuus. (Marinus 
Sanutus, Secreta Fidelium Crucis, lib. Ill, pars ii, cap. 15.) 

13 Comes Barri Henricus nuptias suas fecit, ducens in uxorem filiam Comitis 
Roberti [Drocensis] nomine Pliilippam. Eadem vero hebdomada mortuus est Conies 
[28 Dec. 1218: see Table XIV, A. 15] qui filiam suam Coniiti Barrensi dederat in 
uxorem. (Albericus, ad ann. 1219.) See also Baldwin d'Avesnes and Le Lignage de 
Dreux et de Coucy. 

14 XVI kal. apnlis. Anniversariuni Philippaj de Brena, Comitissre Barri. (Necrology 
of the Church of Chartres.) 

15 Chron. breve S. Dionysii. 

16 She was m. (by proxy) at ParU, June 1268. Of her mother's domains she 



selected Tonnerre as her inheritance ; this was confirmed to her by arret du Parlement 
in 1273. 

17 Her epitaph there: --Hie jacet illustrissima Domina vitao morumque floribus 
decorata, Domina Margareta quondam Regina Jerusalem et Sicilire, tilia inclyti 
Domini Odonis Comitis Nivernensis, filii nobilissimi Ducis Burgundiai, fr.ndatrix 
istius Hospitalis, de propriis bonis dotatrix, humilitatis speculum, charitatis 
refugium, puritatis vestigium, qua) obiit'A.D. MCCCVIII die v septembris. (Ste. Marthe, 
M. de France, torn, ii, p. 374). 

18 Du Cange, Families Augusta? Byzantinoe, p. 219. 

19 Louis IX and Odo, Bishop of Tusculum, the papal legate, by sentence pronounced 
in the Court of Peers at Paris in July 1246, assigned to John d'Avcnes the Comte of 
Hainault, and to his half brother William de Dampierre, that of Flanders. (Martene, 
Thes. Anect., torn, i, col. 1092). 

20 He d. 25 Dec. 1256, two months after Margaret his mother had recognized him 
by her charter as her heir in Hainault, and his brother Baldwin had renounced in 
his favour his own rights on that comte. (Martene, Thes. Anect., torn, i, col. 1073 — 
1080.) His epitaph at Valenciennes is given by Vmchant : — 

Grandi regalis aquila) leo consepelitur, 
Terror uterque malis, nunc vermis utroque potitur. 
Tantus honor, talis probitas, heu cur operitur ; 
Regia stirps horum, sed sors Hannonia morum, 
Vivunt laude, thorum proles sublimat eorum. 

21 JSgo Ermensindis Comitissa Lucemburgensis, Marchionissa Arlunensis, Omnibus 
. . . notum facio, quod Henricus dominus de Lucemburg filius meus ducere debet in 
uxorem Margaretam filiam domini Henrici Comitis Barrensis. Et idem Comes 
dedit fxlio meo predicto in maritagio Lineyum et castellaniam, cum dependentiis . . . 
Actum mccxxxi (sic), mense julii. (Mineus, Cart. Belg., lib. ii, c. 79.) Je Philippe 
Comtesse de Bar fai sc,avoir a tous ceux qui ces lettres verront, que j'ay donneit a 
Monsieur Henry Comte de Luxembourg en mariage avec Marguerite ma fille, Liney 
et ses appendizes . . . Et Madame Ermensens Comtesse de Luxembourg a devise a 
Monsieur Henry son fils Luxembourg et les appendixes, la Roche et les appendizes, 
apres son deces. . . . Et Messire Henris ses fils a doee Marguerite sa femme de 
Erlons et de la chastellerie et des appendizes. . . . Ce fut faict l'endemain de Pente- 
coste quand li miliares couroit par mil deux cens et quarente ans, au mois de Juliet. 
(Archives of Luxemburg — Du Chesne, M. de Luxembourg, preuves, p. 75.) 

22 Her epitaph there : — 

Cy gist la Contesse honoree 

De Luxembourgh Marguerite nommee, 

Qui moult fut saige, 

Et fut extrait de linaige 

De Bar et de Bretaigne, 

Et feit despleier meint ensaigne. (Du Chesne, ibid., preuves, p. 81.) 

23 He succ. to Holland, etc., on the death s.p., 10 Nov. 1299, of John I, Count of 
Holland, eldest son of Florent V (murdered 28 June 1296), only son of William II 
^slain 28 Jan. 125§), eldest son of Florent IV (A. 3). According to some, John II 
d. 12 Sep. 1304, and his wife in Apr. 1305 : but she was living in Apr. 1308. 

54 He was appendaged with the Comte of Valois 28 Feb. 128| ; received Alencon 
and Perche in 1293 ; Anjou was erected into a Comte-pairie in Sep. 1297. 

25 Du Bouchet, M. de Courtenay, pp. 97, 98. 

26 Universis presentes litteras inspecturis, Catherina Dei gratia Imperatrix Con- 
stantinopolitana salutem in Domino sempiternam. Notum facimus quod nos juris 
nostri extantes ob intime dilectionis affectum et bonam voluntatem quam habuimus 
et habemus ad personam excellentissimi viri Domini nostri Caroli, germani serenissimi 
principis Philippi Dei gratia Francorum Regis illustris, Valesii, Alenconis, Carnoti et 
Andegavie Comitis, donavimus et donamus donatione facta irrevocabili iutervivos, 
eidem domino Carolo totam terram nostram de Cortenayo, de Blacon, de Hellebek 
et de Breviller, cum omnibus pertinentiis dictarum terrarum tenendam et habendam 
per cum quandiu vitam duxerit in humanis. Ita tamen quod si inter, nos et dictum 
dominum Carolum contingat matrimonium celebrari et heredem seu heredes ex ipso 
nos habere contintrat, heres seu heredes ipsi post decessum nostrum tenebuut et 
habebunt diotas terras, quando venerint ad etatem - . . Donavimus etiam et donamus 
ob causam predictam eidem domino Carolo omue jus quod habemus et habere 
possumus in Imperio Constantiuopolitano et in Comitatu Namurcensi. . . . Actum 



apud S. Clodoaldum Parisiensis Diocesis, anno Domini mccc, die Sabbati ante Puri- 
ficationem Beate Marie Virginis. (Du Bouchet, M. de Courtenay, preuves, p. 22). 

27 Wednesday, 3 Jan., says Du Bouchet, quoting a Register of the Charabre des 
Comptes ; Tuesday after the feast of St. Silvester [i.e., 2 Jan.] says Anselme, following 
the Register cotte noster. The continuator of William de Nangis says that she d. at 
the village of St. Oueu 8 Oct. 1307, and was bur. in the Church of the Jacobins at 
Paris the following Thursday {i e.\ 12 Oct.) 

28 His (Flemish) style was : — Willeme, Grave van Henegouwe, van Kollant, van 
Zeelandt, eude Heere van Vrieslandt. His charters are also in French and in Latin. 

29 1352, not 1342, the date usually given on the authority of d'Outreman. The 
latter date is proved to be false by the following charter : — Nous Jehanne de Valois 
None de Fontenelles avont rechut dou tresorier mon tres cher et tres redoubti signeur 
le Roy de Franche cinq cent florins d'or a l'escu, lesquels nosdis sire nous a donez. 
Ohes Ires sayeleez de no propre sayel 1346, le x de Marc. (Recueile de M. Gaignieres 
in the Bibl. du Roy — Anselme, torn, i, p. 100.) 

Additions to Table XIX. 

A. 13. (Son and lir. of Hugh Wake of Blisworth, co. Northamp., by 
Joan, dau. and eventually sole hss. of Nicholas de Stuteville [d'Estoute- 
ville] of Liddell, co. Northum.) 

* A. 14. (Her mother was Helen, widow of John, Earl of Huntingdon, 
and dau. of Llew r elyn, Prince of North Wales). 

B. 7. He was sumrn. to Pari, as a Baron, 24 June 1295 to 29 Dec. 

C. 3. A summ. to Pari, was directed "Edmundo de Wodestock," 
5 Aug. 1320. 

D. 2. [She m. 1, by 1349, Thomas de Holand, K.G., Earl of Kent 
j.ux. ; he d. in Normandy 28 Dec. 1360, bur. in the Church of the Grey 
Friars at Stamford.] 

1 Sole hss. of her br. Thomas, who d. s.p. in 1349. 

2 Knighton. YValsingham gives 1329 as the year. William of Worcester gives 
xvii kal. of June (16 May) instead of xvii kal. of July, 1330. 

3 The date, 8 July 1385 ( Walsingham), constantly assigned for her death is 
erroneous. The date of her will was that of her death. 

4 Sole hss. of her br. John, Earl of Kent, who d. s.p. in 1352. 

8 Before 14 Feb. See the dissertation by Sir J. Ramsay (Lancaster and York, 
vol. 'i, p. 36). 



Communicated by' J. G. Wallace-James. 

(Continued from p. 151.) 


James Richartson. 

Robert French, of 

Alison Leis. 

William Fischer, bur- 
gess of Edinburgh. 
John Hog. 

John Cokburne. 

Geo. Seytoun. 


Mr. Patrick 


Margaret Whitelaw. 
Isabelle Whitelaw. 
Marie Whitelaw. 
Patrick Hepburne, 
of Wauchton. 

William Clerkson. 

Robert Wod. 

James Lokie. 

father, Richart Richartson — Brew- 
house and 4 husbandlands in 

father, Adam French — lands in 

father, Robert Leis, in Salton — in 

mother, Janet Gibson — one half 
of lands of Goldingstones. 

father, Alexander Hog — Hoggis 
lands in Linton. 

father, John Cokburne — lands of 
Ormiston and one half of lands 
of Paiston, Wolstruthir. 

father, John Seytoun, baillie of 
Tranent — 4 bovates in Tranent. 

father, Wm. Hepburne, of Gilmer- 

father, Patrick Whitelaw de eodem 
— East Fenton and Scraling in 
Barony of Dirleton. 

father, Patrick Hepburne, of Wau- 
chton — Hogg's lands, Crukis, and 
7 acres in Barony of Hailes. 

father, William Clerkson — hus- 
bandland in Pincartoun. 

father, William Wod, in New 
Mylnes — Archpresby tery lands 
of Dunbar in Hedderwick ; 
Priory of St. Bothans, lands in 

father, Quyntiane Lokie — in 

Book evidently lost. 





December 6. 

December 20. 

December 20. 

December 20. 

February 7. 

April 10. 

August 7. 

November 8. 

November 8. 

April 30. 

May — 
June 18. 
September 30. 

November 29. 

December — 
December — 
February 8. 

February 25. 

May 5. 

May 5. 

May 5. 

i George Cokburne. 

' John Cokburne. 


' Mr. Andrew Wilkie. 

William Cokburne, 

of Skirling. 
Mr. George Nesbit. 

John Lyall. 

George Home, of 

James Lawson, of 

Andrew Brumefeild. 

John Cranston, of 

George Fresall. 
James Bonkill. 
Barbara Newton. 
Elizabeth Newton. 
William Congiltoun, 

of that Ilk. 
Janet Bryss. 
Janet Bryss. 
Alexander Douglas. 

Christian Brvss. 

Thomas Cokburne, 

of Newhall. 
Thomas Cokburne, 

of Newhall. 
John Sinclair, of 



brother, James Cokburne — twelve 
acres in 1 

father, Patrik Cokburne, of New- 
bigging — lands of Clerkington. 

father, James Wilkie, burges of 
Canongate — lands of Plewlands. 
] father, James Cokburne, of Skir- 
ling — in general. 

father, James Nesbit — certain 

1 two tenements in 


father's brother, Mr. Alexander 


brother, Stephen Brumefeild. 

father, Richard Cranston — lands of 

father, George Fresall. 
brother, Cuthbert Bonkill. 
father, John Newton, apparent of 

that Ilk. 

gudschir brother son David 1 

Husbandland in Fentoun. 

father, John Bryss. 

father's sister, — 1 Bryss. 

sister, Agnes Douglas — Annual of 
22 merks. 

sister (by provision and tailzie), 
Bessie Bryss — half tenement in 

grandfather, William Cokburne, of 

father, Thomas Cokburne, of New- 

father, Sir William Sinclair— lands 
of Hirdmaneston, witli Chap- 
lainry of St. John Baptist — Car- 
frae and AVester Pencaitland. 

1 Blank- 




November 25. 
December 30. 

December 30. 

March 10. 

April 21. 

December 9. 2 

December 9. 

January 2G. 

April 5. 

April 5 

April 7. 

June 12. 

August 15. 

October 31. 

October 31. 

January 9. 

February 6. 

April 3. 


James Lockie. 
Alexander Hunter. 

Patrick Houme. 
Margaret Adingston. 

Thomas Scott. 
William Congiltoun, 
of that Ilk. 

Alexander Cokbume. 

Margaret Liddell. 

. . . Douglas, of 

Patrick Hamilton, of 

George Johnston. 

George Fawsyde. 

Barbara Newtoun. 

Robert Hepburne, in 

John Dugeon. 

Robert Young. 

Alexander Spens. 

John Aytoun. 


father, Quintian Lockie — tene- 
ments and lands in Gulane. 

father, John Hunter — Annual of 
22 bolls of salt from salt pan in 

father, Patrick Houme — Garvald 

brother, George Adingston — in 

mother, Janet 1 in general. 

foir grandschir, 3 Henry Congil- 
toun — lands and Tower of West 

father, John Cokburne — lands of 
Nethir Pitforthir. 

mother, Katherine Watson — tene- 
ment in Nungait. 

father, Wm. Douglas — lands of 

grandmother, Janet Houme — lands 

of Samuelston. 
father, John Johnston alias Miller. 

brother, Thomas Fausyde, son of 
late Thomas Fausyde, of that Ilk 
— two husbandlands. 

husband, Thomas Quhippo, of Lee- 
houses — lands of Leehouses and 

sister, Marie Hepburne. 

brother, Gavin in Pincartoun — 
husbandlands in Pincartoun. 

grandfather's brother, James Young 
in Howden. 


father, John Aytoun — Templar 
land in Haddhuzton. 

1 Blank. 

2 Book awanting. 

3 Great grandfather. 




April 3. 
April 16. 

April — 

May 17. 

May 17. 
June 28. 

February 7. 

George Hamilton. 
Alexander Fairlie. 1 

George Lauder, por- 
tioner of Syning- 

John Yester. 

James Bog. 
James Lawson. 

Patrick Houme. 


mother, Isabella Moit. 
father, Alexander Fairlie — 40s. 
land in Longniddry. 

father, Captain Robert Lauder — in 

father's brother, Robert Yester — 

— lands of 2 

father, John Bog — lands 2 

father, James Lawson, of Humbie 

— general, 
father, Patrik Houme, of Gar- 

vald Grange — lands of Garvald 


E\)t ^arltanuntarg &oll of arms. 

Communicated by Oswald Barron\ 
(Continued from p. 1S2.) 

400. Sire Huge de Bilbesworye ■ de azure a iij egles de or. 

401. Sire John fiz Symon • de azure as egles de or a vn qrter de 


402. Sire Wilhn de Monchensi • burlee de argent e de azure. 

403. Sire Randoulf de Monchensi • Meisme les armes a vn label de 


404. Sire Rob 9 t de Kendale • de argent a vne bende de vert a vn 

label de goules. 

405. Sire Joliu de bassingbourne • geroune de or e de goules. 

406. Sire Richard de ^Yelles • de or a iij paus de goules a vn qrter 

de argent e vn molet de sable. 

407. Sire John de la lee • de argent a vne Crois chekere de or e de 


1 Of Braid Midlothian. 

2 Blank. 




408. Sire John de somen • qrtile de or e de azure a vne bende de 


409. Sire Rob 9 t de Milkeleye • de goules a iij cheuerons de argent. 

410. Sire Richard de Catesburi • de goules a vne fesse veiree de or e 

de azure e iij testes de cheur 9 s de argent. 

411. Sire Wau? de Hontingfeld • de goules a vne bende de argent a 

iij lioncels de sable. 


412. Sire Aufours de veer • qrtile de or e de goules a vn molet de 


413. Sire Alissaundrc de Clauering • qrtile de or e de goules a vne 

bende de sable a iij moles de argent. 

414. Sire Nicft de Engayne • de azure Crusule de or a vne daunce de 

or e vne bende de goules. 

415. Sire Nich de Grey * Les armes de grey a vn baston goboune de 

or e de goules. 

416. Sire Nich de Wokingdone • de goules a vn lion de argent Corone 

de or. 

417. Sire Thomas de Wokingdone • de goules a vn lion barre de 

argent e de azure. 

418. Sire Ernauf de Mounteny • de azure a vne bende e vj merelos 

de or. 

419. Sire John de Monteny * Meisme les armes en la bende vn molet 

de goules. 

420. Sire Rauf de Rocheford • qtile de or e de goules od la borduf 

de sable besante de or. 

421. Sire Rob 9 t de Rocheford • qrtile de or e de goules od la borduf 

endente de sable. 

422. Sire John de Rochefforde • Meisme les armes a vn merelot de 


423. Sire John Bretoun • qrtile de or e de goules od la boidure de 


424. Sire John de Wateuile • de argent a iij cheuerons de goules. 

425. Sire Rob 9 t de Wateuile • Meisme les armes od la borduf endente 

de sable. 

426. Sire Ro§ de Wateuile • de argent a iij cheuerons de goules a vn 

merelot de sable. 

427. Sire Nicholas de Baringtone • de argent a iij cheuerons de goules 

a vn label de azure. 



453. Sire Richard Loueday ♦ de azure a iij daunces de or. 

454. Sire Adam de Newentone • de azure a vj egles de argent. 

455. Sire John Passeleu • bcnde de or e de azure e vn qrter de argent 

e vn lupd passaunt de goules. 

456. Sire Rich Tany • de or a Vj egles de sable. 

457. Sire Felip de Verley • meisme les armes a vne bende de goules. 

458. Sire John Tany • de azure a iij barres de argent. 

459. Sire Thomas de Mandeuile • de argent od le chef endente de 

goules a iij merelos de or. 

460. Sire Guy de Stenefekl • de vert a vn egle de or. 

461. Sire Thomas Filol • de or a vne fesse e ij cheuerons de goules en 

la fesse iij treyfoyls de argent. 

462. Sire Wiltm de Bomstede • de azure a vne fesse e ij cheuerons 

de or. 

46 # 3. Sire de Cogeshale ■ de argent a vne Crois e iiij Escalops de 

464. Sire John Heroun • de azure a iij herouns de argent. 

465. Sire Want' de Patishule • dargent a vne fesse vnde de scdAe e iij 

c'ssazms de gouV. 

466. Sire WilVm Gernoun • dargent a iij pe us vnde d°, gulys. 

467. Sire JoJin Vascoyl • dargent a vne croys de salle a v moieties 


468. Sir' Felip de Chaunsy • dargent a vn cheu'on e iij anelus de 


469. Sir* Tomas de Peres - de vertt a vne bende de arcfnt e ij coties dor. 


470. Sire de seinmor • de Ermyne a ij Cheuerons de goules e vn 

label de azure. 

471. Sire Rob 9 t doffbrde • de sable a vne Crois engrele de or. 

472. Sire Thomas dofforde • Meisme lcs armes a vne bende de argent. 

473. Sire .John de Peytone • de sable a vne Crois engrele de or e vn 

molet de argent. 

474. Sire Guy Ferre • de goules a vn fer de molin de argent e vn 

bastoun de azure. 

475. Sire Thomas de loueyn • de goules bilelte de or e vne fesse de 


476. Sire Edmon de Pagenlim • qrtile de or e de goules a vn egle de 

vert en lini qrP. 

477. Sire Huge Thalemache • de argent frette de sable. 




428. Sire John de Bellehous • de argent a iij lioncels de goules. 

429. Sire WilVm de Bellehous ■ one la bordure endente de sable. 

430. Sire Wilim Hanyngfeld • de or a vn cheueron de sable. 

431. Sire Wilim de Wautone • de argent a vn cheueron de sable. 

432. Sire Wilim de Lambourlie • de argent a ij cheuerons de sable. 

433. Sire John Filol • de veer a vn goules. 

434. Sire John sun Filz • Meismc les armes en la qrter vn molet 

de or. 

435. Sire Auger le Filz Henri • de ermyne od le chef de azure a iij 

lioncels de or. 

436. Sire Wilim de orkesleye • Meisme les armes le chef endente. 

437. Sire Huge le Blount • qrtile de argent e de goules a vne bende 

de sable e iij Egles de or. 

438. Sire Rauf de boxstede • qrtile de argent e de goules a vne bende 

de sable besante. 

439. Sire John de Merk • de goules a vn lion de argent od la 

bordure endente de or. 

440. Sire Adam de Nortoft • de sable a vn lion rampand de or. 

441. Sire John de Beuchamp de Fifekle ■ de or a vn lion de sable 

corone de goules. 

442. Sire John de la mare • de argent a vne bende de azur e iij egles 

de or. 

443. Sire John de Preieres • de goules a vne fesse e ij barres Gymiles 

de argent. 

444. Sire Gelem de durem • de argent a vne crois de goules e v flures 
- , de or. 

445. Sire Want le baud • de goules a iij eles de egles or. 

446. Sire RoVt de Boures * dermyne ou le chef endente de sable e ij 

lyoncels de or. 

447. Sire WilVm de den • dargent a vne da mice de goulys. 

448. Sire John de grey • barre de argent e de azure a vne bende de 


449. Sire John de grey • barre de argent e de azure en le chef iij 

rondels de goules. 

450. Sire John de Beuchamp • de goules bilette de or a vne fesse 

de or. 

451. Sire Want Filz Homfrey ■ qrtile de argent e de sable. 

452. Sire Hamond de sottone • de vert Crusule de argent a iij coupes 

de argent. 




478. Sire Wiltm Thalemache • Mcisme les armes a vn label de goules. 

479. Sire Thomas de Blakenhm • de azure Crusule de or a ij barres 

de or. 

480. Sire Xicfr de Weylande • de argent a vn Crois de goules e v 

Escalops de or, *-»' 

481. Sire Wiltm de Weylande • Meisme les arraes a vn label de azure. 

482. Sire Huge Houel • de sable a vne Crois de or. 

483. Sire Esteuene Houel - Meisme les armes a vn label de argent. 

484. Sire Peres de Tadingtone • de sable a vne Crois de or reeersele. 

485. Sire Willm de bouile • cjrtile de or e de sable. 

486. Sire John de bouile • Meisme les armes a vn Merelot de goules. 

487. Sire Gerard de Wacheshm • de argent a vne fesse de goules en 

le chef iij cressauns de goules. 

488. Sire John de Wacheshm • Meisme les armes a vn baston de 


*489. Sire Rob 9 t du boys • de ermyne a vne Crois de sable. 

490. Sire de sceltone • de azure a vne Crois de or. 

491. Sire John de Molingtone • de argent a vne fesse e ij cheuerons 

de azure. 

492. Sire Willm Peche • de argent a vne fesse e ij cheuerons de sable. 

493. Sire Huge Peche • de argent a vne fesse e ij cheuerons de goules 

e vn label de azure. 

494. Sire Rob 9 t Peche • Meisme les armes od le label besaunte de or. 

495. Sire Richard de Cornerje • de azure a vne fesse e ij cheuerons 

de or. 

496. Sire Thomas de Grey • Meisme les amies a vn label de goules. 

497. Sire JoKn Tendringe • Meisme les armes le label flurette de 


498. Sire Willm de Wauncy • de goules a vj gaunz de argent 

499. Sire Edmon de Heinegue • de argent od le chef endente de 


500. Sire John de Cretinge • de argent a vn cheucron e iij rouwels de 


501. Sire Symon de Cokfeld • de argent a vn sautour engrele de sable 

e vn label de goules. 

502. Sire Richard de Cokfeld ♦ de azure a vne Crois e iiij Coks de or. 

503. Sire Richard de la llokele • Mascele de goules e de ermyne. 

504. Sire John Carbonel • de goules a vne Crois de argent od la bordure 

endente de or. 



505. Sire John le Moyne • de or a vn sautour engrele de goules. 

506. Sire John de "Weylandc • de azure a vn lion rampand de argent e 

vn baston de goules. 

507. Sire Richard de Weylande • Meisme les amies le baston de or. 

508. Sire de Holebrok • de or Crusule de goules a vn cheueron 

de goules. 

509. Sire John de Semcler* de or a vn lion rampand de goules od la 

couwe forchie e vn coler de argent. 

510. Sire Peche • de argent a vn cheueron de goules od la bor- 

dure de sable besante de or. 

511. Sire Peres de borgace • palee de argent e de sable. 

512. Sire Bertelmehu de ]Yyllers • de argent a iij escouchouns de goulys. 

513. Sire JoKn de loudKrn- dargent a iij escouchouns de mhle. 

514. Sire Rob 9 t de Reydone • Chekere de argent e de goules a vne 
, Crois de azure. 

515. Sire John de Geddinge • Chekere de argent e de goules a vne 

fesse de azure e iij fermals de or. 

516. Sire de Say qrtile de or e de goules a vn lupd passant de 

azure en lun qrter. 

517. Sire Wiltm filz Rauf • de or a iij cheuerons de goules Flurette de 


518. Sire Peres de dennardestone • de azure a ij barres de argent od le 

chef de goules a vn lupd passant de or. 

519. Sire Aleyn de Goldinghm - ounde de argent e de goules a vn label 

de azure. 

520. Sire Wilim de boytone • de azure a les escalops de or. 

521. Sire John de dagewo^e • de ermync a vne fesse de goules besante 

de or. 

522. Sire Wiltm Kirkctot • de azure a vne Crois de argent en la crois 

v escalops de goules. 

523. Sire Ro# Stormyn • qrtile de or e de goules a vne bende de azure 

besaunte de argent. 

524. Sire Huge de Morieus • de azure a iij foiles de moures de or. 

525. Sire Rob 9 t de Barkeswoi^e • Chekere de argent e de goules a vne 

bende de azure a iij lionceles de argent. 

526. Sire Andrew de Sageuile • qrtile de or e de goules a vne bende de 


527. Sire Laurence de Hameldene • de argent frette de goules a les 

flures de or e les nowe de la frette. 


528. Sire Rob 9 t burneuile • de goules a vn sautour en$le dc argent e 

iiij qntefoils de or. 

529. Sire Edmon Peche • de argent a lesrnerelos de sable e ij cheuerons 

e vne fesse de goules. 

530. Sire JoKn de Waivetlim • dor a vne fesse daszurc e iij Roundeus 


531. Sire RoVt aspal • de assure a iij chcuerouns dor. 


532. Sire John de Thorp • Cliekere de or e de goules a vne fesse de 


533. Sire Jorge de Thorp • Chekere de or e de goules a vne fesse de 

argent a iij rnelos de sable. 

534. Sire Adam de Cayli • Chekere de or e de goules a vne bende de 


535. Sire Richard Foliot ♦ de goules a vne bende de argent. 

536. Sire de Morlee • de argent a vn lion de sable od la Couwe 

forchie Coronc de or. 

537. Sire Rauf Bygod • de or a vn Crois de goules a v escalops de 


538. Sire John Bardolf • de goules a iij qntefoils de argent, 

539. Sire Thomas Bardolf • de or a iij qntefoils de azure. 

540. Sire Auncel de Mareschal • de goules a vne bende engrelee de or 

e vn label de argent. 

54 1. Sire Guy boutetour • de ermyne a vn sautour engrele . de 


5 £2. Sire Wiltin boutetour • Meisme les armes en le sautour vn molet 
de or. 

543. Sire Rauf boutetour • de ermyne a vn sautour engrele de goules 
e vn label de vert. 

{To be continued.) 



£fjc Utsitation of BEXiltsftirr, 

By William, Harvey, Clarcnceux King of Arms, A.D. 1565 (Harl. MS. 1565). 
Communicated by "Walter C. Metcalfe. 

ALEYNE of Calne. 

Arms : — Per bend sinister rompu Argent and Sable, six martlets counter- 

Crest : — A martlet Argent winged Or in the beak an acorn of the second 
slipped and leaved Vert. 

"William Aleynb that came out of Suffolk, and dwelt in Cawne, co. 
Wilts, Gent., mar. and had issue. — John, son and heir; Thomas, second 
son; Edith, mar. to John Griffith of Cawne ; Jone, mar. to Thomas 
Caddyll of New Sarum. 

John Aleyne of Cawne, co. afs'd, Gent., son and heir of William, 
• mar. Sybell, da. of John Michel I of Calstone, co. afs'd, and by her had 
issue, — William, son and heir; Margerett, mar. to George Pyerce of 
Rode, co. Somerset, Yeoman. 

William Aleyne of Cawne, son and heir of John, mar. JIary, da. of 
Alexander Longford of Trowbridge, co. Wilts, and by her hath issue, — 
William, son and heir ; Benedyek, second son ; Mary, mar. to Thomas 
Goddard of Clevepepper (Clifi'e Pypard), co. Wilts, Gent. ; Katherine, 
mar. to William Goddard of Cherell, co. Wilts, Gent. 

ASHMAN of Calne. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Or, on a bend Gules between two talbots 1 
head* erased Sable three fleur-de-lis Argent. 2 and 3, Argent, 
a lion rampant bet ween three crosses patee Gules impaling 
Ermine, two chevrons Gules (Fynamore). 

John Ashman of New Limington, co. South'ton, Gent., mar. Jone, 
da. of Symo?id Aylward, and by her had issue, — William, son and heir ; 
Katherine, mar. to George GeUlred ; Amy, mar. to William Valence, 
Gyllyan, mar. to Edmond. Wiltshire. 

William Ashman of Cawne, co. Wilts, Gent., son and heir of John, 
mar. Ann, widow of . . . Baynton, and da. of Walter Fynamore of 
Wetham, co. Wilts, and by her as yet hath no issue. 

BACON of Whiteparish. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Argent, a fess between three round buckles 
points downward* Gules. 2 and 3, Azure, three lozenges 
conjoined in bend within a bordure engrailed Or (Saynsbury). 

John Bacon of East Lavington, co. Wilts, Gent., eldest son and heir 
to John, mar. Agnes, da. of . . . Saynsbury of Lavington, co. Wilts, 
Gent., and by her had issue, — Richard, his eldest sou. 



Richard Bacon of Whiteparish, co. Wilts, Gent., son and heir of 
John, mar. Alice, da. of Robert Nicholas of Cote, co. Wilts, and by her 
had issue, — Nicholas, his eldest son. 

Nicholas Bacox of Whiteparish, Gent., son and heir of Richard, 
mar. Edith, da. of John Eyre of East Lavington, and by her had issue, -- 
Richard, his eldest son ; Christopher, second son ; Ursula, and Jone ; 
after, the said Nicholas mar. to his second wife Mar c/ery, da. of Alexander 
Thistelthwayte, and by her as yet hath no issue. 

BARRETT of Titherton Lucas. 

Arms : — Or, on a chevron Gules betiueen three mullets Azure as many lions 
passant gar d ant Argent, 

John Barrett of Tytherton Lucas, co. Wilts, Gent., mar. Isabell, da. 
of . . . Franklin of Bynoll, co. afs'd, and by her hath issue, — Thomas, 
son and heir ; John, and others. 

Thomas Barrett of Tytherton, son and heir of John, mar. Christian, 
da. of Walter Walsh, and by her had issue, — Thomas, son and heir, 
and others that died sans issue. 

Thomas Barrett, of Tytherton, son and heir of Thomas, mar. Jone, 
da. of Edward Wrottesley of Rowde, co. Wilts, Gent., and by her had 
issue, — Hugh, son and heir ; Richard, second son ; Edmond, third son ; 
Nicholas, fourth son; John, fifth son ; Jone, mar. to Leonard Atkins of 
Sutton, co. Wilts ; Ann, unmar. 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1623.) 

BARWICK of Wilcot, 

Arms : — Or, three bears' heads erased, Sable, muzzled Argent, a crescent for 

difference, impaling Goddard. 
Crest : — On a mount Vert a buck statant Or attired Sable. 

William Bar wick of co. Northumberland, Gent., second brother of 
John Barwick of Barwick in the same co., Esq., mar. . . . da. of . . . 
Burley, in co. Wilts, and by her hath issue, — John, son and heir. 

John Barwick of Maydcn Bradley, co. Wilts, Gent , son and heir of 
William, mar. Ann, da. of Thomas Warren of Fyfield, co. Wilts, Esq., 
and by her had issue, — John, son and heir ; and Elizabeth. 

John Barwick, of Wilcott, co. afs'd, Esq., son and heir of John, mar. 
Dorathe, da. of Thomas Goddard of Ogbourne, co. afs'd, Esq., and by 
her had issue, — Ann, mar. to 1'homas Wrought on, son and heir of Sir 
William Wroughton of Brodehenton, co. afs'd, Kt, ; Christian, mar. to 
Richard Mood ye of Garsdon, co. afs'd. 

BAYLY of Stowford in South Newton. 

Arms: — Or, on a fess engrailed between three horses heads erased Azure 

as many fleurs-de-lis of the field. 
Crest : — An antelope's head erased Azure bezantcc and attired Or. 

Thomas Bayly of Trowbridge, co. Wilts, mar. Agnes, da. of . . . 



Cleveland of Stowford, and by her had issue, — Christopher, son and 
heir ; Jone, mar. to William Horton of Iford, co. Wilts, Gent. ; Maryon, 
mar. to William Pashon, after to John Wychwell, thirdly to Syvwnd 

Christopher Bayly of Stowford, Gent., son and heir of Thomas, mar. 
Mawd, da. of Thomas Horton of Iford, Gent., and by her hath issue, — 
Thomas, son and heir ; Christopher, second son ; Agnes ; Margery j 
Elyuor ; Mary ; and Jone. 

BAYNARD of Lackham. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Sable, a fess between two chevrons Or. 2 and 
3, Or, a spread eagle Chiles impaling Quarterly 1 and 4, 
Azure, fleury Or, a lion rampant Arr/ent. 2 and 3, Argent, 
a chevron between three squirrels s> j jant Sable. 

Edmond Baynard of co. Essex, Esq., mar. EUanor, da. and heir of 
Sir John Blewett of Lackham, co. Wilts, and by her had issue, — Phillip, 
son and heir. 

Phillip Baynard of Lackham, Esq., son and heir of Edmond, mar. 
and had issue, — Robert, son and heir. 

Robert Baynard of Lackham, son and heir of Phillip, mar. and had 
issue, — Phillip, son and heir. 

Phillip Baynard of Lackham, son and heir of Robert, mar. and had 
issue, — Robert, son and heir. 

Robert Baynard of Lackham, son and heir to Phillip, mar. Elizabeth, 
da. of . . . Ludlowe of Hildeverill, co. Wilts, Esq., and by her had 
issue, — Phillip, sou and heir ; George, second son ; Jamie, mar. to . . . 
Temmes of Steple Ashton, co. Wilts, Gent. 

Phillip Baynard of Lackham, Esq., son and heir of Robert, mar. 
Jane, da. of Nicholas Stukeley of Aston, co. Devon, Esq., and by her 
had issue, — Robert, son and heir; Mary, mar. to Roger Blaake of 
Pynhilles, co. Wilts, Esq. 

Robert Baynard of Lackham, son and heir of Philip, mar. Ann, da. 
of Robert Blaake of Cawne, co. Wilts, and by her had issue, — Edward, 
son and heir : Robert, second son •} Gertrude, mar. to Ambrose Adlam of 
Westbury, co. Wilts ; Cicill, first mar. to Robert White, after to Thoiws 
Berington in co. Herford, Gent. ; Ann, mar. to John W iliuughby of 
Turner's Pidell, co. Dorset. 

Edward Baynard of Lackham, son and heir of Robert, mar. to his 
first wife Mary, da. of Leonard Poole of Sapperton, co. Gloc, Esq., and 
by her had no issue; after, he mar. to his second wife Elianor, da. of 
Edivard Walsingham of Chiselhurst, co. Kent, and by her had no issue ; 
he mar. to his third wife Elizabeth, da. of John Warnfjrd of Seven- 
hampton, co. Wilts, and by her had issue, — Edmond, that died young ; 
Robert, son and heir apparent ; Nicholas; and Mary. 

1 ? Thomas, third sou ; see Visitation of 1623- 



BAYNTON of Rolston. 

(Not in G 8.) 

Arms :— Quarterly of 6. 1, Sable, a bend I ozengy Argent. 2, Argent, 
two bars Gules on each three cross crosslets Or. 3, Gules, on 
afess Or, three martlets Sable within a bordure of the second. 
4. Azure, three roaches naiant in pale Argent. 5, Azure, two 
leopards passant guard ant in pale Argent. 6, Argent, on a 
chevron table three eagles displayed of the field. 

Crest : — A griffin's head erased Sable. 

Sir Nicholas Baynton of FalstOD, (?Fallersdon, or Faston), co. Wilts, 
Kt., mar. and had issue, — Robert. 

Sir Robert Baynton of Bromham, co. Wilts, Kt., son and heir of Sir 
Nicholas, mar. Ann, da. and one of the heirs of Sir John Roche of 
Bromham, and by her had issue, — John. 

John Baynton of Bromham, Esq., son and heir of Sir Robert, mar. 
Jane, da. of Thomas Dygges of . . . in co. Kent, and by her had issue, — 
Edward, son and heir ; Richard, second son ; John, third son ; Thomas, 
fourth son ; Elianor, mar. to Richard Hyll of Mychell Deane in the 
same Forest ; Elizabeth, a nun of La cock ; Margery, mar. to . . . 
Knights (I Knighton) in co. Sussex. 

Sir Edward Baynton of Bromham, Kt., son and heir of John, mar. 
to his first wife Elizabeth, da of Sir John Suliard of . . . co. Suff., Kt., 
Lord Chief Justice of the Common Flace, and by her had issue, — 
Andrew, son and heir; Edward, second son; Henry, third son; Ann, 
first mar. to Henry Poole of Poole, co. W r ilts, Esq., and had issue, — 
Richard, that died sans issue, Edward Poole, second son, now living, 
Cicillie and Ann, — after, she mar. to her second husband, Edward 
Fabian, and had issue, — William and Katherine ; Bridgett, second da. 
to Sir Edward, mar. Sir James Stamp of Malmesbury, co. Wilts, Kt., 
and had issue, — Elizabeth, only da. and heir, mar. to Henry Knivett, 
Esq. ; Jane, third da. to Sir Edward, mar. to Sir William Seiv.tlowe, 
Kt., and had issue two da's ; Ursula, fourth da. to Sir Edward, first 
mar. to . . . Thnrsbie of Ljnne, co. Norf., Gent, and after to . . . 
Spilman of Norf., Esq. ; — after, the said Sir Edward mar. to his second 
wife Isabel, da. of Sir John Leigh of Stockwell, co. Surrey, and by her 
had issue, — Henry (see the Visitation of 1G23) and Francis Bainton ; 
Ann, died young. 

Andrew Baynton of Bromham, mar. Phillip, da. of Gyllyam Brulett, 
embroderer to King H. 8, and by her had issue, — Ann, his only da. 

Edward Baynton of Rowston co. afs'd, second son of Sir Edward, and 
brother to Andrew and heir to Sir Edward, mar. Agnes, da. of Griffith 
Ryce of Carew Castell, co. Pembroke, Esq., and by her had issue, — Ann 
and Elizabeth, now living. 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1623.) 



BECKETT of Littleton. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1, Or, on a chevron between three lions' heads erased 
Gules a fleur-de-lis between two annulets of the field. 2, 
Argent, on a fess engrailed Gules three cross crosslets Or 
(Auncell). 3, Per pale Sable and Argent, a cross viol hie 
counterchanged. 4, Argent, a fess Gules between three bucks 1 
heads cabossed Sable, Lye (Lighe). 

Richard Beckett of Wilton, co. Wilts, Gent., mar. Edith, da. and 
heir of William Keyser and of Agnes, his wife, da. and heir of William 
Auncell and of Felice, his wife, sister and heir of lioger Malwin, son 
and heir of John Malwin, son and heir of William Malwin of Chilbamp- 
ton, co. Wilts, Esq. ; which Richard and Edith had issue, — William, 
son and heir. 

William Beckett of Wilton, Gent., son and heir of Richard, mar. 
Ann, da. and one of the heirs of Robert Leigh (Lighe of Corsley, co. 
Wilts), son and heir of Robert Leigh, son and heir of Robert Leigh and 
Peruell, his wife, and the said William and Ann had issue, — Thomas, 
son and heir ; Elizabeth, mar. to John Flower of West Lavington ; 
after, the said William mar. Jane, da. of . . . Fawconer, in co. Hants, 
and by her had issue, — Auncell ; and William ; Dorothy, first mar. to 
Thomas Bower of Lavington, after to Henry Flower of West Lavington. 

Thomas Beckett of Littelton afs'd, Gent., son and heir of William, 
mar. Elizabeth, da. and heir of Henry Hill of Alderton, co. Suff., and 
by her had issue, — William, son and heir ; John, second son ; Mary ; 
Alys; Margett ; Jone; Bridgett ; Dorathe ; and Elizabeth, now living. 
Continued in the Visitation of 1623.) 

BELLINGHAM of Orston St. George. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Argent, on a pile Or between two bugle-horns 
Sable stringed of the second as many boars' heads couped of 
the third in chief and in base a rose Gules stalked and leaved 
Vert. 2 and 3, Argent, three bends Gules on a canton of the 
second a lion passant of the first. 

Crest: — A demi-buck salient Argent supporting a banner charged with a 
pile as in the Arms. 

John Bellingham of . . . in Kendall (Ward, co. Westmoreland), 
Esq., brother to Sir Roger Bellingham of Burnesyde, in Kendall, Kt., 
mar. . . . da. of . . . and by her had issue, — John, son and heir. 

John Bellingham of Finchamsted, co. Berks, Esq., son and heir of 
John, mar. Jone, da. of . . . Wakemann, and widow of . . . Eldon of 
Gylford, co. Surrey, Esq., and by her had issue, — Henry, son and heir. 

Henry Bellingham of Orstone St. George, co. Wilts, son and heir 
of John, mar. Dorathe, da. of . . . Lewknor of Buckingham (in Old 
Shoreham), co. Sussex. 

BENNETT of Norton Bavent. 
Arms : — Gules, three demi-lions rampant Argent, a mullet for difference. 
Thomas Bennett of Norton Bavent, co. Wilts, Gent., mar. da. of 



. . . Page of the Devizes in Wilts, and by her had issue, — John, son 
and heir. 

John Bennett of Xorth Bavent, son and heir of Thomas, mar. Agnes, 
da. of . . . Forward in co. Somerset, and by her had issue,— John, son 
and heir ; Thomas, Docter of the Civill Lawe, second son ; William, third 
son ; John, fourth son. 

William Bennett of Norton Bavent, .third son of John, mar. Isahell, 
da. of Augustin Dursley in co. Gloc, and by her had issue,— William, 
son and heir; John, second son; Jane, mar. to Edmond Wyckwick of 
Sarum, co. Wilts ; Jone, mar. to Robert Chamberlayn of Sutton, co. 
Wilts ; Katherin, mar. to Lyonell Tyehborne of Sarum ; Elizabeth, mar. 
William Pyray of Warmyster, co. Wilts. 

William Bennett of Norton Bavent, son and heir of William, mar. 
to his first wife Margerett, da. of John Ayleard of Basingstoke, co. 
South'ton, and by her hath issue, — Thomas, son and heir ; William, 
second son ; and Margaret ; — after, the said William mar. to his second 
■wife Katherin, da. of William Willoughby of Sylton, co. Dorset, and by 
her as yet hath no issue. 

BENNETT of Pithouse. 

Arms : — Quarterly, Argent and Or, an eagle with two heads displayed 

Crest : — On a whilk shell Or a Cornish chough proper. 

William Pytt alias Bennett of Pytthowse, co. Wilts, Gent., mar. 
and had issue, — Thomas, son and heir. 

Thomas Pytt alias Bennett of Pytthowse, Gent., son and heir of 
William, mar. Jlary, da. of . . . Fryth of Hindon, in the same co., and 
by her hath issue, — John, son and heir ; Thomas, second son. 

John Bennett of Pytthowse, son and heir of Thomas, mar. Agnes, 
da. of . . . Topp of Fenny Sutton, co. Wilts, and by her hath issue, — 
Thomas, son and heir ; John, second son (of Boyton) ; Edward, third 
son (of Stockton) ; Mary mar. to John Davithe of Tysbury, co. Wilts, 

Thomas Bennett of Pytthowse, son and heir of John, mar. Mary, 
of Christopher AshlocTc of Haytesbury, co. Wilts, and by her hath 
issue, — John, son and heir ; Thomas, second son ; and Mary. 

BEWSHIN of Cottells Al worth. 

Arms: — Paly wavy of six Argent and Sable, on a chief of the second 
three crescents of the first. 

Thomas Bewshin of Bewshin, co. Dorset, mar. Jone, da. of Philip 
Fitzivarin, and by her had issue, — William. 

William Bewshin of Bewshin, son and heir of Thomas, mar. and 
had issue, — John. 

John Bewshin of Bewshin, son and heir of William, mar. and had 
issue, — Thomas. 

Thomas Bewshin of Bewshin, son and heir of John, mar. Cescille, 
da. of . . . Strange, nere Cyscister, in co. Gloc, and by her had issue,— 



Anthony, son and heir ; Robert, second son, died sans issue ; John, 
third son ; Margarett, first mar. to Edward Langford, after to Robert 
White, and thirdly to Robert Wallys, and had issue by them. 

Anthony Bewshin of Bewshin, son and heir of Thomas, mar. 
Margerett, da. of John Agaunt of Nashe, co. Dorset, and by her had 
issue, — John, son and heir ; and Jane, unman 

John Bewshin of Cottells Al worth, co. Wilts, Esq., son and heir of 
Anthony, mar. Elizabeth, da. of John Eyre of Chavile, co. afs'd, and by 
her as yet hath no issue. 

BLAKE of Hilcott. 

Arms : — Argent, ei chevron between three garbs Sable, a crescent for 

Robert Blaake of Cumberford, co. Wilts, Esq., mar. Avys, da. of 
. . . Wallop of co Hampsh., and by her had issue, — Gilbert and 
Alexander, died both sans issue ; Robert ; and John ; Elizabeth ; Alys ; 
and J one. 

Robert Blaake of Cawne in the said co., third son and heir of 
Robert, mar. Margerett, da. of Sir Thomas Englefeild of Englefeild, co. 
Berks, and by her had issue, — Roger, son and heir; Ann, mar. to 
Robert Baynard of Lackham, co. Wilts, Esq. 

Roger Blaake of Cawne, son and heir of Robert, mar. Mary, da. of 
Philip Baynard of Lackham, and by her had issue, — Thomas, son and 
heir ; Robert, second son ; John, third son ; Sibell, mar. to Henry 
Bull of co. Wilts; Jone, mar. to Anthony Goddard of Hartham, co. 
Wilts, Gent. ; Mary, mar. to Edward Langrige of Langrige, co. South'ton, 

Thomas Blaake of Pynnell, co. Wilts, son and heir of Roger, mar. 
Edyth, da. of Thomas Joy of West Keinton, co. afs'd, Esq., and by her 
hath issue, — Roger, son and heir ; Michell ; Gyles ; Francis : and others. 

Robert Blaake of the Boroughe of Cawne, second son of Roger and 
brother of Thomas, mar. Alis, da. of Robert Smyth of Lacocke, co. afs'd, 
and had issue, — Roger, sou and heir; Anthony, second son; Jone and 

John Blaake of Hilcott, co. Wilts, third son to Roger and brother 
to Thomas and Robert, mar. Jone, da. of . . . Clarke of Shawe, co. afs'd, 
and by her as yet hath no issue. 

BOWER of Donhead. 

Arms : — Sable, a cinque/oil Ermine in chief three talhoti heads erased 0r n 

Thomas Bower of Dunned Andre w, co. W T ilts, Gent., son and heir of 
Edmond of the same place, mar. to his first wife Alice, da. of William 
Thornhull of Stawbridgc, co. Dorset, Esq., and by her had issue, — Edward, 
son and heir ; Gyles, second son ; Adryan, Agnes, and Elizabeth ; after, 
he mar. to his second wife, Warborowe, da. to William Hussey of 
Eblesborne, co. Dorset, and by her had no issue. 



BRETON of Monkton Farley. 
Arms: — Quarterly, Or and Gules, a bordurc Sable. 

William Breton of Layer, co. Essex, mar. . . . da. of . . . Haines 
of . . . co. Essex, Gent., and by her had issue, — William, son and 
heir ; and Grace, mar. to . . ' . Ratcliff of ... in the same co. 

William Breton of Layer, son and heir of William, mar. Ann, da. 
of . . . Denham of the North, and by her had issue, — Henry, son and 
heir ; John, died young ; Francis, third son ; Thomas, fourth son, died 
young ; William, fifth son. 

Henry Breton of Monkton Farley, co. Wilts, son and heir of 
William, mar. Ann, da. of George Cowlte of Candish, co. Suff., and by 
her hath issue, — George, son and heir ; William, second son ; Margcrett, 
mar. to . . . Hamond of Neyland, co. Suff., Gent. ; Elizabeth, unmar. 

BROUNKER of Melksham. 

Arms : — Argent, six pellets two two and two, on a chief embattled Sable a 
lozenge fessways of the field, charged with a cross patee of the 
second, impaling Argent, seven mascles conjoined Azure, three 
three and one, between the first and second rows two roses 
Gules (Braybrooke). 

Crest : — A dexter cubit arm verted Argent charged with two bendlets wavy 
of the second, in the hand proper a lozenge Gules. 
Another impalement. Per f ess crenelle'e Or and Gules three gates 
counter changed (Yate). 

Robert Brounker of Melkesham, co. Wilts, Gent , mar. ... da. of 
. . . Gouldringe, and by her had issue, — Henry, son and heir; Jone, mar. 
to John Smyth of Cosham, co. Wilts. 

Henry Brounker of Melkesham, Esq., son and heir of Robert, mar. 
to his first wife Elizabeth, da. of James Braybrooke of Abington, co. 
Berks, Esq., and by her had issue, — Jone, mar. to Rafe Jennyns of co. 
Som'set, Esq. ; Elizabeth, mar. to Robert Davy of Norfolk, Gent. ; after, 
the said Henry mar. to his second wife, Ursula, da. of John Yate of 
Liford, co. Berks, and by her hath issue, — William, son and heir, now 
living ; Henry, second son ; Suzan, mar. to Robert Halswell of Gow- 
thurst, co. Som'set, Esq. ; Ann, mar. to Edward Long of Whaddon, co. 
Wilts, and now heir by adoption of Thomas Long of Trowbridge, co. 
af'd, Gent, ; Ellinor, unmar. 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1623.) 

BRUNING of Segrey. 

Arms: — Quarterly of 6. 1, Gules, two bends wavy Argent. 2, Or, a 
fess Sable between three crescents Azure (Bremmore). 3, Gules, 
two arms meeting in chevron Argent supporting a human 
heart Or (De la Folly). 4, Argent, a lion rampant Gules 
ducal I y crowned Or a crescent for difference (Turbervile). 5, 
Skilling, a crescent for difference ; impaling Quarterly, 1 and 
4, Argent, a chevron Gules between three bugle-horns Sable 
(Wayte). 2 and 3, Argent, a lion rampant Gules ducal fy 
crowned Or, a martlet for difference (Mompesson). 



Crest : — A demi-lion rampant double queued Gules guttce oVOr ducally 
crowned Argent. 

Nicholas Bruning of Winterborne Steplcton, co. Dorset, mar, and 
had issue, — Robert, son and heir. 

Robert Bruning of Winterborne, son and heir of Nicholas, mar. 
Clement, da. and one of the heirs of William- Bayford and of Jone, his 
wife, da. and heir of John Bremmor and of Edith, his wife, da. and heir, 
of Henry Del a foil ye, son and heir of Adam Delafolly and of Anne, his 
wife, da. and heir of Richard Grateley and of Agnes, his wife, da. and 
heir of William le Chesingbery, which Robert and Clement had issue, — 
Richard, son and heir. 

Richard Bruning of "Winterborne, son and heir of Robert, mar. 
Elinor, da. of . . . and by her had issue, — Thomas, son and heir. 

Thomas Bruxixg of Chesingbery Delafollye, co. Wilts, son and heir 
of Richard, mar. Jone, da. and one of the heirs of Hugh Turberville of 
co. Dorset, and by her had issue, — Richard, son and heir. 

Richard Bruxixc of Chesingbery, son and heir of Thomas, mar. 
Mary, da. and one of the heirs of Mychell Shilling of Howghton, co. 
Wilts, Gent., and by her had issue, — Richard, son and heir ; Robert, 
second son. 

Richard Bruxixg of Segre, co. Wilts, Esq., son and heir of Richard, 
mar. Elynor, eldest da. and one of the heirs of William Wayte, son and 
heir of Richard, son and heir of Phillip, which William Wayte mar. 
Ann, da. of John Mompesson, sister and coheir to Edinond Mompesson, 
son and heir of Drew Mompesson and of Agnes, his wife, da. and heir 
of Robert Wathins, which Drew was son and heir of John Mompesson 
and of Isabel, his wife, da. and one of the heirs of Thomas Drew, which 
John Mompesson was son and heir of Robert ; and the said Richard 
Bruning and Elinor, his wife, had issue, — Francis, son and heir ; 
Richard, second son ; Thomas, third son ; William, fourth sou ; Mary ; 
Elizabeth ; Elynor ; Alys ; Ann ; Mary ; and Frances. 

(To be continued.) 

Juqufetttones Jpost jllortnn, 

(Continued from p. 190.) 

Cadwallader ap Thomas ap Richard, ob. 10 Nov. 5 Car. I. 1629 — 1st 
Inq. at Ruthin 11 Aug. 5 Car. I. ; 2nd Inq. at Wrexham 18 Jan. 13 
Car. I. — Denbigh — Thomas ap Cadwallader s. <fe h., set. 13. 

Cesar, Dame Su^an, ob. 22 June lG-iO — 1st Inq. at London 2 Apr. 17 
Car. I.; 2nd Inq. at Deptford 11 May 17 Car. I. — Kent, Essex, 
London — 

. . . Cwsar, s. k h., ob. v.m.=j= 

r J 

John, s. & h. of his grandmother, xt. \9 
22 Sept. 1640. 



Cesar, Dame Susan, widow, ob. 22 June 1642 : 1st husb. Thomas 
Ca3sar, Knt., a Baron of the Exchequer ; 2nd husb. Thomas Philpott, 
Esq.— 1st Inq. at the Guildhall 2 Apr. 17 Car. I., 2nd Inq. at 
Deptford 11 May 17 Car. I. — London, Kent, Essex — Ferdinand 2 son ; 
Mary, married to Ralph Knapton ; Margery married to . . . ; Vilers 
Philpott only son by 2nd husband — 

Thomas [Cresar], 1 son, ob. v.p. & in. 

r J 

John, 1 son & h., & cons. & h. of his grandmother, 
set. 18, 1642. 

Cage, Elizabeth, wife of John Cage, ob. 22 July 1629— Inq. at Ipswich 
5 Apr. 14 Car. I. — Suffolk — Elizabeth only da. & h., set. 8. 

Cage, John, will 5 Jan. 1637, ob. 15 Jan. 13 Car. I. — Inq. at Chipping 
Wycomb3 Apr. 14 Car. I. — Bucks — Elizabeth, only da. & h., aet. 8. 

Cage, Robert, ob. 19 Nov. ult.— Inq. at "Winchester 12 Jan. 22 Jac. I. — 
Southampton — William s. & h., rct. 24. 

Cage, Tobias, Knt., ob. 22 Oct. 17 Car. I.— Inq. at Stratford L. 13 
Nov. 17 Car. I. — Essex, London — Tobias s. A: h., set. 12. 

Catster, Alexander, ob. 15 Oct. 1644— Inq. at Horncastle 27 March 21 
Car. I. — Lincoln — Robert s. & h., set. 17. 

Calcott, Kobert, of Byfeld, gent., ob. 6 March ult. — Inq. at Northamp- 
ton 4 June 2 Jac. I. — Northampton — John s. & h., aet. 20 yrs. 
8 mo. Arc. 

Caldwall, Daniel, ob. 10 Nov. 1634— Inq. at Stratford L. 14 Oct. 

11 Car. I. — London, Essex — 1. Mary; 2. Mary; 3. Elizabeth; 4. 

Anne ; 4 da. and coheirs. 
CaLemache (sic), John, ob. 10 Feb. ult, — Inq. at Wickham Market 

2 Hen. 8. -Suffolk— Lionel s & h., aet. 20. 
Callard, Humphrey, brother of Roger Callard, 20 Jan. 22 Hen. 7 {sic), 

ob. s.p. — Inq. at Woborne 5 Oct. 2 Hen. 8. — Bedford — William s. of 

Walter Callard, & cons. & h. of said Humphrey, aet. 15, 2 Hen. 8. 
Calle, Michael, ob. 6 Mar. ult.— Inq. at Shafton 12 Sept. 15 Eliz. — 

Dorset — Joane, d. & h., aet. 3 yrs. 12 days. 
Callibutt, Bridget, ob. 16 July 6 Eliz.— Inq. at Castleaere 17 Apr. 

7 Eliz.— Norfolk— John s. k h., set. 40. 
Callibut, John, ob. 20 Feb. 1 and 2 Ph. and M. — Inq. at Walsingham 

11 Apr. 1 and 2 Ph. and M.— Norfolk- John s. & h., set. 30. 
Calltce, Henry, of Parva Havle, ob. 4 Oct. ult. — Inq. at Sleaford 21 

Oct. 4 & 5 Ph. & M. — Lincoln— Robert s, & h., act. 30. 
Callts, William, ob. 25 Apr. 1 Jac. L— Inq. at Sleaford 19 Sept. 1 Jac. I. 

— Lincoln — William s. & h., an. 6. 
Callow, William, ob. 4 May ult. — Inq. at Donyngton 29 July 2 & 3 

Ph. & M. — Lincoln — William 2 son & h. male ; 

Thomas, 1st son.=f= 

r J 

Rose, d. & h., & cons. & h. of her 
grandfather, Kt. 3. 

Calmady, Joshua, gent., aet. 21, born at Plympton Mary — Inq. 22 July 
28 Eliz.— Devon. 

Calome, Richard, ob. 25 Feb. ult.— Inq. at York Castle 18 July 23 Eliz. 
— Yorks — William s. <k h., sot. 32. 



Calthorpe, Christopher — Inq. at Holt Market 24 Jan. 18 Eliz. — 

Calthorpe, Henry, Knt., ob. 1 Aug. 13 Car. I. — Inq. at Norwich 14 

Sept. 13 Car. I. — Norfolk, London — Jacobus s. & h., set. 11. 
Calveley, Edward, ob. 7 Nov. 1G3G— Inq. at Wigan 24 Apr. 13 Car. I. 

— Chester — John s. k h., ret. 18. 
Calvelshey, John, gent. — Inq. at Somerton 4 Jan. 30 Eliz. — Somerset 

—Richard s. & h., ret. 12. 
Calyerley, Christopher, of Eccleshyll, gent., ob. 10 May 11 Hen. 8. — 

Inq. at Selby 26 Sep. 11 Hen. "8.— Yorks— Walter s. & h., ret. 6, 

11 Hen. S, married to Jane (? Agnes) d. of Nicholas Lokkey of 
Bradford, clothier. 

Calverley, Walter, ob. 31 Dec. 29 Hen. 8., s.p.m.— Inq. at Leeds 
24 Sept. 31 Hen. 8.— Yorks— Anne sole d. & h., ret. 1 ; William C, 
Esq , cons. & h. male of Walter. 

Calwoodlegh, Humphrey, Esq., ob. 15 Nov. ult. — Inq. 11 April 

12 Hen. 8. — Devon — Joan wife of Roger Arundell, cons. & h., ret. 20. 
Calybutt, John, Esq., ob. at Upton, co. Northampton, 23 Oct. ult. — 

Inq. at Swaffham Market, 16 Jan. 12 Eliz. — Norfolk — Margaret; 

Anne ; Susan ; Elizabeth ; daughters & coheirs. 
Campe, Laurence, ob. 1637 — Inq. at the Guildhall 27 Oct. 13 Car. I. — 

London, Herts, Middx — Laurence s. & h. 
Canninge, Edward, ob. 12 June 1631 — Inq. at Cheltenham 6 Sept. 

7 Car. I. — Gloucester — Edward s. & h., ret. 8, 29 Sept. ult. 
Canington, William, ob. at Southbrent 9 Jan. 35 Eliz., s.p. — Inq. at 

Bridgwater 19 April 35 Eliz — Somerset — Robert s. & h., ret. 6. 
Capell, Henry, Knt., ob. 1 Feb. 4 & 5 Ph. v.t M. —Inq. at Bridgewater, 

30 Apr. 3 & 4 Ph. cfc M. (sic) — Somerset — Edward bro. it h., ret. 47. 
Capell, Dame Jane, ob. 22 Aug. ult. — Inq. at Brentwood 28 Oct. 

16 Jac. I. — Essex — Gamaliel C, Knt., s. & h., ret. 26. 
Capell, William, Knt., ob. 6 Sept. ult. — Inq. at Ipswich 12 Nov. 

7 Hen. 8 ; Inq. at Wursted 8 Nov. 7 Hen. 8 —Suffolk, Norfolk- 
Giles C, Knt., s. & h., set. 30.-i= 

r -r J 

Henry, 1st son. Edward, 2nd son. 

Cardex, Humphrey, ob. 24 June 1638 — Inq. at Deptford 19 July 

14 Car. I. — Kent — John s. & h., ret. 1. 
Carden, alias Carwardex, Thomas, ob. 8 Jan. 1592 — Inq. at Rugeley 

24 Sept. 37 Eliz.— Stafford — Elizabeth; Matilda; Joyce; Mary; 

daughters & coheirs. 
Cardinall, Mary, ob. 5 Dec. 13 Car. I. — Inq. at Ipswich 23 Oct. 

14 Car. I.— Suffolk— William, s. & h., ret. 19. 
Carew, Anne, widow, ob. 28 Aug. ult. — Inq. at St. John Street, 30 Oct. 

3 Jac. I. — Middx — George, Lord Carew of Clopton, s. of Anne — 

Peter C, Knt., 1st sou.=f= 

Anne, d. & h., & cons. & h. of Anne,=Alan Apsley, Kt. 
set. 22. 

(To be continued,/ 


jlofirrs of IBoohs. 

The History of the Island of Antigua. By Vere Langford Oliver. 
Vol. I. London (Mitchell and Hughes). Folio. 
After a preparation of several years, Mr. Oliver has issued to the 
public the first volume of his " History of Antigua," the result being a 
perfect storehouse of information relating to the island and the families 
which have inhabited it. The work commences with a description of 
the original settlement of the Leeward Islands, including transcripts of 
some very interesting documents preserved in the British Museum. 
St. Christopher's was the first of the islands to be colonized, Thomas 
Warner, afterwards Sir Thomas, being leader of the expedition, which 
was fitted out by one Ralph Merrifield, a London merchant. Antigua 
itself was first settled about 1632 under Edward Warner, son of Sir 
Thomas. Mr. Oliver has given in chronological order, and in much 
detail, the principal events which have occurred in the island from the 
first settlement until modern times, but the most interesting portion of 
the work to genealogists consists in the large number of West Indian 
pedigrees included in it. We are glad to observe that the author has 
spared no pains to make these pedigrees as complete as possible, having 
personally visited Antigua, and " made copious extracts from the 
parish registers and local records, besides copying all the monumental 
inscriptions in the various churchyards and plantation burial grounds." 
He has also printed very full extracts from deeds enrolled on the Close 
Rolls, and a large number of wills proved in London and in the Colony 

Among the longer and more important pedigrees contained in this 
volume are those of A thill, Baijer, Bethel 1, Blackmail, Blake, Byam, 
Chester, Codrington, Dasent, Fleming and Freeman. Few of these 
pedigrees go back to any great antiquity, the author's object having 
evidently been to trace the descendants of each family from the first 
ancestor who settled in the Colony, but in some cases, as for instance in 
that of Codrington, an attempt has clearly been made to carry the 
lineage further back. In this particular case the attempt has apparently 
failed, for as Mr. Oliver has printed both the pedigree of the Codring- 
tons of Barbados and that of the ancient family of the name long- 
seated at Codrington in Gloucestershire, and has carefully refrained 
from connecting them, we presume that he does not accept the truth of 
the descent set out in Burke's " Peerage and Baronetage," and in the 
late Mr. Shirley's "Noble and Gentle Men of England." On the other 
hand, though Mr. Oliver has been so careful not to admit into his work 
a pedigree for which he has, we suppose, found no satisfactory evidence, 
he has seen fit to record some family traditions for which little or no 
proof can be adduced. We are told for example, that Samuel Auchin- 
leck of Antigua, son of a certain David Auchinleck, whose place of 
residence is not given, is stated to have been the representative of the 



Barons of the island of Auchinleck ; but when we look for proof 
of this statement we find nothing but a memorandum left by the 
daughter-in-law of the above Samuel, a letter dated in 18SG from 
a Scotch clergyman, and an obituary notice from " The Gentleman's 
Magazine" for the year 1819. Harry Alexander, styled of "Mains 
Menstrie," is said to have " claimed to be nephew of Henry, 5th 
Earl of Stirling," though, on reference to the Peerages, we find that 
this nobleman was succeeded m his titles by a very distant kinsman,. so 
that it is extremely improbable that he had a legitimate nephew of the 
name of Alexander. The ancestor of the Blakes, Baronets, of Suffolk and 
St. Christopher's is declared to have been "probably of the same stock 
as Lord Wallscourt," but here again no proof is given. The book is, 
however, on the whole a thoroughly good one, and we shall look forward 
with much interest to the publication of the second and concluding 
volume, which is, we understand, to be forthcoming shortly. 

Memorials op the Danvers Family, (of Dauntsey and Culworth). 
By F. X. Maenamara, M.D., London (Hardy <fc Page). 8vo. 

The mere fact that any family claims an unbroken male descent from 
a companion in arms of the Conqueror, is sufficient to render their 
pedigree of interest to every genealogist. In the present case the family 
of Danvers has been fortunate enough to find a historian whose 
antiquarian knowledge and literary skill has enabled him to make an 
independent investigation into the records of the past, and to tell the 
story of the race accurately and pleasantly. The author tells us in his 
preface that when he commenced his examination into the pedigree, 
" the descent of the family could not, in fact, be authenticated beyond 
John Danvers of Hornsey, who died in the year 1803." This John 
Danvers was, it is true, traditionally believed to be descended from the 
Danvers' of Swithlands, on the strength of some letters addressed to 
him by the last baronet of that family, in which the latter styles himself 
" your faithful and affectionate relation and friend." The relationship 
however turned out to be a very distant one through the baronet's wife 
merely,. and Dr. Maenamara claims to have established the descent of 
John Danvers, of Hornsey, from quite a different line. We will now 
proceed very briefly to examine the pedigree as it has been placed before 
us. The author commences, somewhat inappropriately we think, with a 
charter, the date of which is placed between 1140 and 1147, from Alan, 
Count of Brittany and Earl of Richmond, to Alexander, Bishop of Lin- 
coln, in which the Earl grants to the Bishop, the manor of Kniveton 
(" Kmvetunam") in Yorkshire, with remainder to " Robt. de Aluers 
filius neptis ejusdem Alex, epi." (no marks of contraction are to be found 
in the text). This Robert de Aluers is identified, no proof being given, 
with a Robert Danvers, " who, about the year 1145, was a witness to a 
charter given by Robert Chevauchesul to Thame Abbey, a charter which 
was subsequently confirmed by Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln." We are 
then told that this Robert was father of a certain William Danvers, who 
married Emma, sister to Robert Chevauchesul. The charters as quoted 
by Dr. Maenamara from the Chartulary of Thame, which he has been 
fortunate enough to be able to examine, show that William Danvers 



was of Tetsworth, in Oxfordshire, and together with the records of the 
Abbey of Eynsham, and other evidences, satisfactorily carry the pedigree 
from him to Richard Danvers, of Ipswell, in the same comity, living 
9 Ric. II, the undoubted ancestor of the Cul worth family. There is next 
presented to our notice a Robert de Aluers, who, according to the 
Domesday survey, held a house in capite in the town of Northampton. 
This person, we are invited to believe, again with absolutely no proof, 
was a son or nephew of Roland de Alvers, who came over to England 
at the Conquest, as Dr. Macnamara thinks, but on very slender grounds, 
it appears to us, from Auvers in the Cotentin. A somewhat fanciful 
picture is given of this Roland's departure to join Duke William's 
forces, the colour of his eyes, and even his ruddy complexion being 
carefully noted. The authority for his existence, however, rests as far 
as we can see, solely upon a pedigree among Vincent's MSS. in the 
College of Arms, and a statement, unsupported by evidence of any kind, 
by Dugdale in his History of Warwickshire. It is only fair to add that 
Dr. Macnamara has shown that Vincent's pedigree was evidently 
compiled from records other than those of Thame Abbey, and yet the 
later part of it is borne out in almost every particular by the charters 
mentioned above. The Richard Danvers of Ipswell, who, as we have 
stated, was living 9 Ric. II, married Agnes, daughter and heir of Sir 
John Brancestre, whose arms the Danvers family for a considerable 
period assumed instead of their own. His grandson Sir Robert Danvers, 
one of the justices of the Common Tleas, purchased Culworth, which 
estate was afterwards sold by his daughters to their uncle Richard 
Danvers, of Prestcote. Richard's son, Sir John Danvers of Dauntsey, 
in Wilts," left several sons ; from Thomas the eldest was descended 
Henry Danvers. Earl of Dauby and his brother Sir John Danvers the 
regicide, while William the third son, by his wife Elizabeth Fiennes, 
became ancestor of the Culworth line. We now come to a very critical 
part of the pedigree. John Danvers, son of this William, left two sons 
Samuel, ancestor of the extinct baronets of Culworth, and Daniel 
Danvers, who in 1G17 purchased the manor of Horley, and died at that 
place in 1623. His second, but eldest surviving, son Anthony was also 
of Horley, and two of the sons of this Anthony, John and Daniel, were 
admitted as founder's kin at Winchester, in right of their descent from 
Elizabeth Fiennes. Anthony Danvers together with his wife Elizabeth 
and his son John sold the manor of Horley, by a line levied in 1GG3. 
He then disappears, Dr. Macnamara not having been able to find his 
will or any grant of administration to his effects. In the year 1G67, 
however was proved the will of a Mrs. Elizabeth Danvers, widow, of the 
parish of St. Andrew's, Elolborn, and it is upon the identification of this 
Mrs. Elizabeth Danvers with Elizabeth wife of Anthony of Horley, that 
the entire pedigree of the modern family of Danvers rests. The names 
of her children mentioned by Elizabeth Danvers in this most important 
will (which we regret has not been printed in extenso), certainly fit in 
most remarkably with those of the children of Anthony baptized at 
Horley, with the exception of a son Samuel, and a daughter Cleaveland, 
whose christian name it subsequently transpires was Susannah. Accord- 
ing to the Horley registers, however, Anthony had no children Samuel 
and Susannah baptized there, though a certain Daniel Danvers— who, if 



he ever existed, must have been contemporary with Anthony — had. Dr. 
Macnamara thinks, that a mistake has here arisen through the careless 
way in which the Horley registers were kept at this period. It does 
not appear whether any episcopal transcripts for Horley are in existence, 
but we hardly think that so obvious a moans of settling the question 
cau have been overlooked. If the matter rested here, the pedigree 
would by most people be regarded as, to say the least, extremely doubt ful, 
but the registers of St. Andrew's, IJolborn, fortunately contain an entry 
on March 31, 1651, of the marriage of Stoughton Arnold and Frances 
Burton, widow, of Horley, Oxon. As a daughter Arnold is mentioned 
in Mrs. Elizabeth Danvers' will, and a daughter Frances is among the 
children of Anthony baptized at Horley, though we cannot agree that 
Frances is " an uncommon Christian name, 7 ' we are of opinion that a 
strong presumption is raised that the testatrix was indeed the widow of 
Anthony, and we trust that before long, absolute evidence that this was 
the case may be discovered. We have followed the pedigree so far with 
considerable interest, though we confess that we have done so with some 
difficulty, owing to the large amount of extraneous matter which has 
been introduced into the text, relating to families more or less nearly 
connected with the different branehes of the house of Danvers, and 
which would have far more appropriately been placed in an appendix. 
Some of Dr. Macnamara's suggested derivations are so humorous, that 
we venture to think that they must have been introduced by way of a 
joke. He asks in one place whether one of the family of Chevauchesul, 
who bore the well known name of Awcher or Auger, was so called 
because he was " an archer who rode upon a horse Archer Chevauchesul, 
one of the mounted archers who were found amongst the Norman 
cavalry." He seems to have been fairly puzzled by the following 
inscription above a shield once in Bicester Church, " a beriall shocken," 
and asks " why was the burial 'shocken,' and why should any burial be 
so described?" The obvious reply that " shocken " is here a mere 
corruption of escuteheon, does not seem to have occurred to him. The 
book contains some inaccuracies which have not escaped our notice, but 
we have not space to mention more than two. The third quartering in 
the shield of Arms placed at the commencement of the volume is depicted 
gules, two bars or, on a chief argent two stags heads cahossed of the second, 
a fundamental law of English heraldry being thus violated. This 
mistake is the more astonishing as the author has been at considerable 
pains to identify this very coat, and has given us at page 19G Vincent's 
blazoning of it, — " gules two bars, in chief two bucks 1 heads cabossed or." 
On page 533 we are told that Henry Danvers, of Baynton, possessed 
the manor of East Greenwich, and on the following page that his Inqui- 
sition shows that he held this manor in free socage of the Crown. Now 
Henry Danvers may very possibly have had lands of the manor of East 
Greenwich, but he is certainly not likely to have " held " this extremely 
elastic possession of the Crown. 


ftotcs anil (Slurries. 

Sir George Benyon, Knt. — His will in the Court of Delegates is 
dated 1 Sept. 16G9. There seem & to be no record of the date of his 
knighthood, but he was evidently one of Charles I.'s Civil War Knights, 
and received the honour between 1G43 and 1C46. Among the list of 
names excluded from pardon in the Propositions for Peace, July, 1646, 
occurs "Mr. George Benyon, now called Sir George Benyon." He was 
probably the " George Benyon of London, gent," who signed the 
Visitation of London 1634 (Harl. Soc. Pub.). W. D. Pink. 

Lee of Wybunbury, co. Chester. — This is not the parent stock of 
the Shropshire family. The latter, i.e., Lee of Lea, Aldon, Berrington, 
&C., and afterwards of Langley and Cotton, or Coton, is on record at 
the College of Arms up to within about fifty years of Domesday. There 
is a tradition of some connection between the Cheshire and Shropshire 
Lees, but I do not know of any evidence of such connection. Salop. 

Taylor : Nicolls. — Edward Nicolls, Esq., succeeded to the estate of 
Swythamley, co. Stafford, upon the death of his mother, in 1785, under 
the will of William Trafford, Esq., his grandfather, and died in 180G. 
He had previously been a merchant at Liverpool. According to a 
recorded pedigree, his wife was Ellen Taylor — and tradition adds, 
daughter of William Taylor of Liverpool. The baptisms of their 
younger children are found registered in the neighbourhood of 
Swythamley ; but a son and daughter appear to have been born before 
1785. The marriage, therefore, probably took place within a few years 
of 1780. Mrs. Ellen Nicolls survived her husband, and died in 1816 
at Sutton, near Macclesfield, aged 60. In her will, proved at Chester, 
she mentions a sister, Isabella Taylor. I have failed to secure any 
definite evidence of her parentage and descent, and should be greatly 
indebted to any reader of The Genealogist who would be so kind as to 
enlighten me on the subject. W. H. B. B. 

Lee Family. — Ralph Lee appears as a witness in a deed recorded in 
Chester County, Pa., Book E, page 55, dated 2 September, 1727, 
executed in London by Elizabeth Green, wife of John Green of London, 
et al. t and acknowledged by Ralph Lee, 15 October, 1731, before 
Jeremiah Langhorn, Register and Recorder of 1 lucks County, Pa., which 
appears to show T that Ralph Lee was in London in 1727 and in Bucks 
County, Pa., in 1731. It would, therefore, seem probable that he is a 
relative, perhaps father or brother, of William Lee, who first appeared 
in Bucks County, Pa., in 1725, was married there in 1727, and had a 
son named Ralph Lee. 

Wanted record of any Lee family through any will or pedigree 
record, probably Virginia, or London, England, or other English Lee 
lines, having in the family a Ralph Lee and a William Lee living during 
the above mentioned years. Edward Clinton Lee. 

Drexel Building, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A. 

Irish Knights. — Where is to be found a list of Knighthoods con- 
ferred in Ireland between 1641 and 1657 1 W. D. Pink. 



An asterisk (*) after a number denotes that the name occurs 
that page. 

References to Arms are printed in italics. 

Abbott, 43 
Abdye, 24 
Abell, 38 
Abel, 177 

Abercorn, Earl of, 64 
Abingdon, 22 
Abingdon, Earl of, 23 
Achard, 10 
A chard, 178 
Acheson, 147* 
Aclam, 43 
Ackworth, 158 
Acton, 16, 77 
Adams, 47, 51, 128, 16G 
Addyson, 38 
Adiugston, 237 
Adlam, 247 
Adlard, 13 
Agaunt, 251 
Aked, 98 
Alabaster, .191 
Albermarle, 166 
Albini, 73 

Albon, Count of, 29 

Alcokson, 134 

Aldam, 176 

Alderson, 88 

Aldrich, 41 

A Id worth, 166 

Alexander, 257 

Aleyne, 245 

Aleyne, 245 

Alice, 222 

Allanson, 162, 163 

Allard, 41 

Allason, 162, 163 

Allegri, 166, 168 

Allen, 166* 

Allin, 38, 42, 43, 45 

Allison, 39, 42 

Aluers, 257, 258 

Alvers, 258 

Amicell, 202 

Ammori, 179* 

Anderson, 90, 150 

Anderton, 156, 159* 

Andrew, 116, 117 

Andrewes, 41*, 43, 47, 166 

Androwe, 39 

Angell, 41, 47* 


Angelos, Isaac, 79 
Anglesey, 166 
Angouleme, Count of, 30*, 

Angus, 131 
Anjou, Count of, 30 
Anne, 12 
Anthony, 37, 40 
Appleby, 89, 137 
Appletaste, 126 
Appleton, 208 
Appleyard, 51 
Apsley, 255 
Aquitaine, Duke of, 80 
Aragon, King of, 29, 30 
Archer, 220 
Ardene, 189 

Arderne, 17, 78*, 107, 195, 

Argall, 26 
Arkesworthy, 17 
Armagh, Archbp. of, 166 
Arm et. teed, 46 
Arnold, 40, 45, 166, 259 
Arrowsmith, 119, 120 
Arthington, 213 
Arthure, 38 
Arundell, 221, 255 
Arundel, Count of, 108 
Arundel, Earl of, 73 
Aschebornh'in, 175 
Ascough, 37, 213 
Ascue, 213 
Ashe, 46 
Ashlock, 250 
Ashman, 245* 
Aslnnan, 245 
Askew, 53 
Aslabie, 91, 156 
As pal, 244 
Aspele, 78 
Assheby, 136 
Assheton, 87 

Asteleye, 134, 136,197,198 

Aston, 166 

Astone, 175 

Asty, 88 

Atfen, 166 

Atherbury, 22, 23 

Athill, 256 

more than once on 

Atkin, 117 
Atkins, 47, 246 
Atkinson, 20,42, 166*, 206, 

Atou, 131 
Aton, 130 
Aubemarle, 115 
Auchcomb, 40 
Aucher, 39 
Auchinleck, 256, 257 
Audeleye, 74, 75 
Audeley, 112 
Audley, 72 
Audsley, Lord, 26 
Auger, 259 

Aumale, Count of, 31, 80 
Auncell, 249 
Auncell, 249 
Aungier, 166 
Ausel'n, 117 
Austed, 40 
Austin, 46, 53, 166* 
Awcher, 259 
Awdeley, 166 
A 'Wood, 119 
Ayleard. 250 
Aylesford, 71, 136 
Ayllesbury, 77 
Ayiward, 245 
Aytoun, 237 

Baa, 181 
Babingtonc, 116 
Bacon, 245, 246 
Bacon, 245 
Bacoun, 199 
Bacoun, 175 
Baddeham, 113 
Badlesmere, 196 
Badlcsmere, 113 
Bagshaw, 164 
Baijer, 256 
Baikon, 166 
Baildon, 155 
Buinbridge, 166 
Baiubrigge, 166 
I Baiuton", 207, see Baynton 



Baird, 7*,. 8 
Bakehowse, 126 
Bakepuz, 201 

B..ker, 26*, 41, 46, 88, 122, 

127, 128, 166 
Bakicdlc, 178 
Bald, 14S*, 149 
Ball, 38, 45 
Bal lister, 3S 
Ballowe, 45 
Bankes, 43 
Barber, 42 

Barcelona, Count of, 31 
Bardolf, 200 
Bardolf, 110, 244* 
Barefoote, 39 
Barentin, 180 
Barinytone, 239 
Barker, 37, 40, 58, 65-67 
Barkesvj-n-y, 243 
Bar-le-Duc, Count of, 31 
Barlow, 218 
Barneby, 166 
Barnes, 37, 38 
Baruett, 39 
Barnfylde, 166 
Barnsley, ] 66* 
Barn wall, 156 
Barnwell, 39 
Barraclough, 53 
Barrailleau, 166 
Barrett, 166, 246 
Barrett, 246 
Barri, 180 
Barry, 17, 45, 166 
Barrys, 27 
Bartie, 22, 23 
Barton, 128, 166 
Barwick, 246 
Harwich, 246 
Baser euile, 114 
Basing, 14 
Basinge, 17S* 
Basset, 72, 202 
Basset, 111 

Bassingbourne, 199, 202 
Bassingbourne, 238 
Bastide, 173 
Bate, 45, 64 
Bateman, 39, 40, 41 
Bath, Bishop of, 191 
Bathe, 12 
Batterson, 167 
Battle, 98 
Baud, 240 
Bauent, 176 
Baunebury, 179 
Bavile, 139 
Bayford, 253 
Baj les, 92 
Bayly, 44, 246 
Bayly, 246 
Baynard, 247, 251 

Baynard, 247 
Baynham, 1S8 
Bayniug, Lords, 65 
Bayniuge, 67 
Bayuton, 245, 24 S 
Baynton, 24S 
Beadle^ 39, 46, 209 
Beale, 39, 167*, 184 
Beales, 44 

Beauiont, Lord, 159 
Beane, ib 
Beard, 43 
Beaufort, 20 

Beaufort, Duke of, 20, 104 

Beaumont, 16 

Beaver, 20, 21 

Beche, 11, 78 

Beche, 178 

Beck, 138, 167 

Beckett, 46, 249 

Beckett, 249 

Bed.lleslye, 27 

Beedham, 167 

Begbie, 147 

Beilby, 50, 161 

Belcastel, 167, 169 

Bell, 22, 23, 37, 92, 203, 

Bellamont, 167 
Bellasis, 224 
Bellehous, 240* 
Belliugham, 249 
Belsowe, 15 
Belton, 201 
Benfeild, 46 

Bennett, 21, 40, 167*, 249, 

Bennett, 249, 250 

Benson, 224 

Benyon, 167, 221, 260 

Beple. 37 

Bere, 73 

Bdeford, 16 

Berenger, 29*, 30, 31, 79, 

80, 167 
Berenger, 174 
Beresford, 167 
Berger, 173 
Berington, 247 
Berkeley, 23 
I Bcrkeleye, 110 
Bermyngeham, 116 
BcrmyngJtam, 113 
Bernak, 18 
Bernard, 177 
Berry, 45, 167 
Berstow, 86 
Bertram, 15, 131 
Bertram, 130 
Bertraud, 221 
Besiles, 139 
Bethell, 91, 256 
Betterton, 39 

Beuchaump, 110, 114, 115, 

167, 180, 1S1, 240* 
Bcvmond, 112 
Beuvel, 115 
Beuren, 167 
Beveridge, 167 
Bewshin, 250-251 
Bewshin, 250 
Byam, 256 
Byckeley, 189 
Bidleson, 167 
By ford, 189 
Bygg, 189 
Bigland, 52 
Bygod, 244 
Bygott, 189* 
Byken^re, 176* 
BUbesicorye, 238 
Bylburgh, 189 
Bilbye, 161 
Biliou, 140 
Byllesby, 1S9 
Byne, 190 
Binge, 66, 190 
Bingham, 60, 200 
Binion, 168 
Binom, 190 
Birch, 167 
Birde, 46 
Birnand, 190 
Birne, 41 
Birom, 190 
Biron, 190* 

Bishop, 40, 42,47, 66, 107, 

Bisse, 190 
Bittone, 115 
Blaake, 247*, 251 
Blackbarony, 8 
Blackbeard, 204, 206*, 208 
Blackbourne, 37 
Blacket, 131 
Blackttt, 130 
Blackev, 154 
Blackman, 256 
Blake, 167, 251, 256, 257 
Blake, 251 
Blaked, 181 
Blakenham, 242 
Blanchard, 68, 210 
Bland, 43, 12S 
Bleasby, 167 
Blewett, 247 
Blewman, 208 
Blinkhorne, 40 
Blocksege, 44, 47 
Bloen, 114 
Blome, 70, 71 
Blount, 21, 54, 77, 131 
Blount, 240 
Blundell, 153 
Bodie, 43 
Bog, 23S 



Bohun, 196, 202 
Boi, see Boy 
Bokeland, 139 
Bokyngham, 136 
Bolicu, 23 
Bolton, 224 
Bomstede, 241 
Bond, 46 
Bonham, 167* 
Bonkill, 236 
Boomnevk, 6, 9 
Boon, 96 
Booth, 95 
Boi-gace, 243 
Borkonte, 175 
Borne, 27 
Boroitash, 177 
Borthwick, 2, 149, 151 
Bosco, 17 
Bossemere, 196 
Bostock, 167 
Boston, 117 
Boterell, 42 
Boterels, 114 
Boterie, 196 
Botfield, 193*, 194 
Bothomley, 97 
Botiller, 70 
Botringham, 114 
Bottaughe, 47 
Bottomlcv, 95 
Botvill, 195 
Bauile, 242 
Boullet, 173 
Boulogne, (Jouut of, 79 
Boures, 240 
Bourne, 46. 70 
Boutctor, lio 
BouteUmr, 244* 
Bower, 22, 251 
Bower, 251. 
Bowet, 116, 117 
Bowles, 43 
Bowyer, 20, 21*, 22 
Box, 20 * 
Box, 176 
Boxkulle, 176 
Boxstede, 240 
Boydele, 102, 103 
Boyle, 40 
Boylound, 71 
Boyman, 151 
Boyuton, 219 
Boys, 16, 95 
Boys, 180, 242 
Boisbertrand, 173 
Boyse, 57 
Boismor, 173 
Boytone, 253 
Boyville, 199 
Bozoun, 17, 77, 203 
Bracy, 70 
Brackin, 161 

Bradburn, 136 
Bradford, 47 
Bradford, Lord, 165 
Brady, 143 
Bray, 167 
Braybrooke, 252 
Braybrookc, 252 
Braycok, 181 
Braine, 20 
Braynton, 59 
Brampton, 128 
Brancestre, 258 
Brantestone, 77 
Breadalbane, Lords, 68* 
Brearey, 223 
Breares, 154 
Breynton, 59 
Bremmor, 253 
Brcmmwe, 252 
Brenyng, 58 
Brent, 58 
Brente, 115 
Breouse, 198 
Breousc, 110, 114, 180 
Breres, 58 
Brereton, 58* 
Bressey, 59 
Bretol, 132 
Bretolio, 132 
Breton, 59, 128, 252 
Breton, 252 
Brett, 59* 

Brettcs, see De Brettes 
Bretton, 59 
Bretoun, 239 
Bretuil, 63 
Brewer, 39, 99 
Brews, 59 
Brewster, 59 
Brian, 59, 168, 182* 
Briant, 183 
Briaunsoun, 114 
Brickwood, 47 
Bridgeman, 165 
Bridger, 37 

Bridges, 118*, 164, 167 
Bridmancistonc, 115 
Brigden, 118 
Brigg, 118* 
Brigges, 118* 
Brigham, 118 
Brighowse, 118 
Bright, 167, 218 
Brimekell, 118 
Brind, 183 
Brinker, 118, 183 
Brinklon, 38 
Bvinkenhull, 13 
Brinsley, 1S3 
Briou, 167, 169 
Briscoe, 118* 
Brisa, 236* 
Bristow, 118, 119 

Briton, 183 

Brittany, 257 

Broad, 119* 

Brocas, 119* 

Brocholes, 196 

BrockeLsby, 210 

Brockhale" 119 

Brockhall, 119 

Brockhull, 119* 

Brockton, 119* 

Brockwell, 167 

Brodbridge, 119 

Brodgate, 88 

Brodnaxe, 119 

Brodrip, 119 

Brodrippe, 119 

Broke, 25, 119*, 120 

Brokelsby, 120* 

Brokesby, 120 

Brokylsby, 120J 

Brome, 1*20 

Bromewieh, 120 

Bromfeild, 120 

Bromley, 120* 

Brompton, 120, 133 

Brotnwich, 120 

Brooke, 42, 44, 46, 119, 
120*, 121*, 167 

Brookeman, 121 

Brooks, 23, 40, 47* 

Brooksby, 121 

Broome, 121 

Brothenham, 199 

Broughton, 121*, 122* 

Brouncker, 122 

Broune, 122 

Brounker, 252 

Bruunker, 252 

Browham, 122 

Browne, 23, 24*, 37, 38, 
39, 40, 122*, 123*, 146, 
147, 149, 167*, 219 

Browning, 168, 226 

Brownlo, 123 

Broxholme, 123* 

Brudenell, 27, 123 

Brudnell, 123 

Bruen, 16S* 

Bruge, 182 

Brugge, 1S2 

Brulett, 248 

Brumefeild, 236 

Brun, 177 

Brune, 182 

Bruning, 253 

Bruning, 252 

Brunskell ped., 89-90 

Brunskell, 89 

Brus, 14 

Brut, 133 

Bruyne, 182 

Bruys, 200 

Bubwith, 183 



Buchcr, 27 
Buck, 49, 50 
Bucke, 183 
Buckenham, 1S3 
Buckeshulle, 109 
Buckhurst, 183, 192 
Buckhurst, Lord, 24 
Buckinghamshire, Duke of, 

Buckland, 183 
Buckle, 183 
Buckley, 183* 
Buckmaster, 47 
Bucknell, 1S3 
Budd, 168 
Budgett, 168 
Buggine, 183 
Bukton, 183 
Bulbeke, 183 
Bulkeley, 183* 
Bulkier, 183 
Bull, 37, 38, 41, 43, 251 
Bulled, 168 
Bullen, 184 
Buller, 184* 
Bullington, 26 
Bullis, 132 
Bullobisside, 189 
Bullocke, 44, 168, 184 
Bulman, 43 
Bulmer, 184* 
Bulow, 20 
Bulstrode, 184 
Bunberry, 37 
Bunch, 184 
Buncher, 168 
Bunn, 168 
Bunny, 168 
Bunworth, 184 
Burberye, 184 
Burcestre, 74 
Burch, 99, 168 
Burdet, 55, 184*, 185* 
Burdon, 52, 137, 185 
Bures, 16, 185* 
Burgen, 185 
Burges, 185 
Burgeys, 185 
Burgh, 185* 
Burghersh, 199 
Burghull, 12 
Burgin, 1S6 
Burgis, 37 
Burgoine, 185*, 1S6 
Burgon, 185 
Burgundy, Duke of, 79 
Bury, 187* 
Burlace, 186 
Barlegh, 186 
Buries, 186* 
Burley, 186, 246 
Burman, 47 
Buruiyngham, 75 

Burneby, 186* 
Burneley, 186 
Burnell, 186* 
Burnd, 112 
Burneston, 1S6 
Burneuile, 244 
Burr, 20 
I urrishe, 186 
Burrow, 187 
Burrough, 213 
Burtenshawe, 187 
Burton, 12, 43, 154, 187*, 

Burward, 187 
Busby, 127. 188 
Buse, 168 
Busher, 46 
Busserolle3, 173 
Bussey, 18S 
Bustard, 64 
Butcber, 45 
Butlar, 188 

Butler, 154, 188*, 189* 
Buttell, 26*, 27 
Buttetourt, 134 
Buttobisside, 189 
Buttobisstide, 1S9 
Button, 168, 189 
Butts, 189* 

Caddyll, 245 
Cadwallader, 253 
Ctesar, 253, 254 
Cas?e, 254* 
Caili, 244 
Cailly, 18, 73 
Caister, 254 
Calcott, 254 
( alcraft, 168 
Caldwall, 254 
Caleruache, 254 
Callard, 254 
Calle, 254 
Callibut, 254, 255 
Callice, 254 
Callis, 254 
Callow, 254 
Calmady, 254 
Calorne, 254 
Calthorpe, 255* 
Calvelshey, 255 
Calverley, 56, 220, 255* 
Calvert, 185 
Calwoodlegh, 255 
Cambhowe, 15 
Camoys, 114 

Campbell, 6S*, 69*, 151, 

Campe, 43, 255 
Campion, 168 

Camville, 136, 137 
Canington, 255 
Canninge, 255 
Cannon, 26, 27 
Cantis, 46 ' 
Camnjlc, 113 
Capell, 255* 
Capen hurst, 25 
Cappell, 39 
Cappis, 127 
Capps, 126, 127 
Carance, 223 
Carbond, 242 
Carden, 255* 
Cardinall, 255 
Careute, 140 
Careswelle, 198 
Carew, 255 
Cary, 22, 23 
Carin, 39 
Carleil, 217 
Carlisle, Bishop of, 15 
Carlton, 47 
Carmenon, 74 
Carnarvon, Earls of, 168* 
Carpinter, 168 
Carr, 153 
Carru, 113 

Carter, 42, 45, 92, 125 
Cartwright, 37, 39, 43, ICS 
Carver, 40 

Castelar, Seigneur de, 29 
Castle, 46 

Castile, Alfonso III. of, 79, 

Castile, King of, 29, 30, 

Catesburi, 239 
Catton, 208 
Cavntelo, 114* 
Caus, 133 
Cavendish, 66 
Cawarden, 255 
Chaytor, 58 
Challis, 44 
Chamberlayn, 250 
Chamberlen, 38 
Chambers, 168 
Chamlyn, 44 
Chandos, Lord, 118 
Chandos, 168 
Chapman, 44 
Chardin, 96 
Charles I., 155 
Charlestonc, 114 
Charneles, 16 
Charnell, 44 
Charnley, 130 
Charoune, 114 
Chatellerault, Yicomte de, 

Chaucomhc, 174 
Chaumpayne, 177 




Chaunsy, 211 
Chauvcnt, 116 
Chauworde, 113 
Cheeke, 23 
Cheinduyt, 75 
Cheindu't, 180 
Chelmsford, Lord, G9 
Chenye, 22 
Cheny, 180* 
Chesingbery, 253 
Chester, 256 
Chetwode, 168 
Cheueroyl, 174 
Chevauchesul, 257*, 259 
Chidyok, 140 
Childe, 37 
Chirusvde, 149 
Choluiley, 219 
Chudleigh, Baron of, 20 
Church, 44 
Churchar, 24 
Cianmaleere, 163* 
Claphatn, 168 
Clare, 25, 46 
Clare. 109 
Claridge, 168 

Clarke, 37, 39, 47,168, 251 
Claueringe, 109, 239 
Claxton, 26 
Clere, 192 
Clerkson, 146, 235 
Cleveland, 40, 247, 258 
Cliffe, 26 • 

Clifford, 20*, 129, 169, 192, 

Clifford, 109 
Clifton, 18, 72, 73 
Clinkerd, 45 
Clynton, 137* 
Clobery, 169 
Clopton, 77 
Coates, 51 
Cobharu, 71, 121 
Cobham, Lord, 121 
Cobk'm, 177* 
Cock, 38 
Cocke, 46 

Cockburu, Cokburne, 147, 

180, 235, 236*, 237 
Cocks, 43 
Codringtou, 256 
Cogeshale, 241 
Coyhin, 115 
Coke, 169 
Cokfeld, 242* 
Colby, 117 
Cole, 46, 96, 169 
Coleman, 20, 40 
Colerane, 169 
Coleville, 71 
Collins, 45 
Colmer, 56 
Colton, 24 

Columbars, 71 
Coluinbers, 74 
Combe, 169* 

Congiltoun, 148*, 150, 236, 

Cony, 169 
Conyers; 13t 
Conyers, 130 
Coningesby, 118 
Coninggurfby, 77 
Conquest , 1S1 
Cousett, 169 

Cook, 21*, 52, 137, 169, 


Cooper, 46, 169* 
Copforlons, 21 
Ccrbet, 133, 169 
Corbeht, 111 
Cordingley, 213 
Cornelius, 44 
Corner •ze ,242 
Cornewaille, 115, 179 
Cornwall, 199 ; Earl of, 75 
Cornwall, Count of, 108 
Cornwalle, 76, 133 
Correll, 37 
Corsellis, 169 
Corsoun, 18 
Cosin, 11 
Cosingstone, 175 
Cotcl, 116 

Cottells, Alworth, 251 
Cotterall, 45 
Cottiugton, 169 
Cotton, 169 
Coudrey, 178 
Coulthurst, 91, 159 
Courtenay, 30*, 60 ; Seig- 
neur de, SO 
Courtenay, 115 
Courteny, 110 
Courtney, 126 
Coventry, Bishop of, 12 
Cowan, 169 
Cowlte, 252 
Cowper, 19* 

Coxe, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 
92, 169 
I Cramp, 46 
Crane, 40 
Cranston, 236 
Creffield, 19 
Crete, 177 
Creike, 197 
Crcsci, 113 
Cressey, 38 
Cressy, 14, 39 
Cretinge, 242 
Creuker, 178 
Crevequer, 139 
Crich, 169 
Crockford, 39 
Crofts, 67 

Crome, 41 

Cromer, 190 

Crompton, 206 

Cromwell, 155 

Cromicelle* 112 

Crophyll, 198 

Cropsham, 207 

Cropwell, 40 

Cros, 172, 173, 46, 209 

Crosseby, 13 

Croupes, 115 

Crouther, 39 

Crowe, 20 

Crowther, 169 

Cruk, 148 

Crumby, 143 

Cud worth, 42 

Cuiseaux, Seigneur de, 29 

Culling, 128 

Cumber, 44 

Cumberland, Earl of, 27 
Cuningham, 5, 169 
Curron, 223 
Cursoun, 18, 136 
Curtis, 39*, 47 
Curwen, 217 
Cutto, 169 

Daberoun, 176* 
Dade, 116 
Dageworthe, 243 
D'Aguesseau, 172 
Dav, 209, 210 
Daie, 38 
D'Ailiy, 6, 9 
Dale, 55. 130, 131 
Dale, 130, 131 
D'Alogny, 173 
Dalrymple, 1, 5, 6*, 9 
Dalston, 88 

Dammartin, Count of, 31*, 

Dampyer, 126 

Danby, 258 

Daniell, 38, 169 

Danvers, 11, 77, 78, 257, 

258, 259 
Danvers, 259 
Darci, 112 
Darel, 207 
Dargcntein, 111 
Darrell, 22 
Dasent, 256 
Dash wood, 20 
Da Silva, 169 
Daubeny, 112 
Dauies, 38 
Dauison, 44 
Daulby, 42 



Dauncer, 46 
Davenhill, 99 
Davenport, 107 
Pavers, 26* 
Daw, 169, 252 
Davidge, 169 
Davies, 39 
DavisoD, 42 
Davithe, 250 
Dawe. 44 
Dawes, 44 
Dawson, 39, 46, 162 
Deake, 53 
Deal, 169 
Deane, 169 
De Brettes, 172-173 
De Brettes, 172 
Decroo, 126 
Degest, 126 
Deie, 138 
Deine, 49* 
De la Folly, 252 
Delafoliye, 253 
Delahide, 25 
De 1% Hoese, 178 
De la Laurie! e, 117 
Delaware, 111, 175*, 179, 

Dela Motte, 173 
De la Poyh, 173 
De la Rue, 17u 
De la Vacke, 180 
De la Ware, 112 
Ddyle, 175 
De Loudcix, 172 
Den, 240 
Denham, 252 
Denisou, 52, 53, 117 
Dcnnardt : stone, 243 
Deuorn, 15 
Denton, 40 
Derby, 201 
Derby, Earl of, 14 
Dermer, 170 
Despencer, 137 
Despcnstr, 109* 
De Vere, 65 
De Vere, 131 
Devereux, 70, 71 
De Vesei, 131 
Devill, 126 
Devon, Earl of, 60 
Deygcourt, 112 
Dcyuile, 110 
Dice-Sombre, 170 
Dicher, 39 
Dick, 5 

Dickinson, 210 

Dickson, 5, 9, 53, 86*, 

Digges, 248 
Dike, 38 
Dilke, 45 

Dillington, 170 
Dillon, 20 
Dimoke, 26 
Dinaunt, 114 
Dine, 179 
Dineley, 152, 187 
Dingeley, 28 
Disbrowe, 170 
Dixon, 47, 220 
Doarbarne, 126 
Doddington. 120 
Dod^son, 210 
Dodington, 170 
Dodingselcs, 112 
Dods, 46 
Dodshon, 170* 
Dodsworth, 56, 161, ped. 

Dodsicorth, 57 
Dofforde, 241* 
Doggerell, 42 
Domville, 136 
Donnachaide, 62 
Donnelly, 169, 170 
Doon, 210 
Dormer, 23, 24, 170 
Dorsey, 208 
Dorsht, 26 

Douglas, 4, 7, 146, 236, 237 

Douh6t, 173 

Douxcedale, 175 

Dove, 44 

Dover, 170 

Downalde, 41 

Downing, 170* 

Drabull, 42 

Drake, 86, 95 

Draper, 170 

Drayton, 16, 17 

Dreux, 79, 173 

Drew, 253 

Driby, 18 

Drilmrst, 170 

Dromore, 170 

Dromore, Bishop of, 170 

Druel, 180 

Drummond, 191 

Du Boys, 242 

Duckett, 41 

Dudley, 122 

Dudley, Baron of, 134 

Duel, 52 

Dugdale, 38 

Dugeon, 237 

Duyn, 77, 78 

Duke, 45 

Dun, 170 

Dunbar, 92 

Duncanlaw, 150 

Duncanson, 62 

Duncel, 13 

Dunderdale, 93 

Dunkin, 44 
Dunn, 210 
Dunstanvylle, 202 
Durem, 240 
Dursley, 2-30 
Duttou, 37 

Eales, 44 

Easton, 206, 208, 211 
Eastwood, 154 
Eaton, 41 
Eborne, 37 
Ebroicis, 70 
Echmghm, 177* 
Echull, 202 
Edes, 3S 
Edmunds, 170 
Edward, 21 

Edward I., 31, 80; Sdize 

Quartiers of, 30, 79 
Edward II., 141; Seize 

Quartiers of, 80 
Edward III,, 130, 142 
Edwards, 46, 170 
P^gan, 170 
Egerton, 39 
Ekins, 170 
Elcheffdd, 179* 
Eleanor, of Castile, Seize 

Quartiers of, 31 
Eleanor, of Erovence, 

Seize Quartiers of, 29 
Eleanor, Queen, 30* ; Seize 

Quartiers of, 29, 31 
Eldon, 249 
Eleis, 3* 
Elies, 8 
Ellesfeld, 72 
Elliot, 125 
Ellis, 39, 56 
Elmes, 170* 
Elmhirst, 213 
Eltofts, 154 
Elwick, 164, 170 
Emerson, 56 
Emley, 219 
Emlie, 26 
Emsley, 37 
Encfcld, 178 
Engayne, 110, 239 
England, 43 
England, King of, 108 
Englefeild, 251 
Enneyse, 180 
Ercedekne, 114 
Eschalcs, 111 
Esgo, 21 
Essex, 170 
Estafforde, 113 
Eatanegue, 1 77 



Esterhazy, 6 ; Ctss., 9 
Estlcc, 112 
Estoteuilc, 114 
Estrange, 111* 
Etherege, 25 
Etheriugton, 210 
Euans, 44 
Eueringham, 113 
Euneberge, 72 
Eustace, 170 
Evans, 39, 43, 44 
Exholl, 37 
Eyre, 246, 251 

Fabian, 248 

Fairfax, 86, 164, 219, 222 

Fairie, 43 

Fairlie, 238 

Farbrake. 184 

Farley, 20 

Far mar, 170 

Farmer, 23 

Farquhar, 170 

Farrington, 170 

Fuucounbcrge, 113 

Faumouth, 192 

Favner, 39 

Faweett, 98, 221 

Fawconer, 249 

Fawsyde, 237 

Feild, 42, 47* 

Fell, 209*, 210 

Felmay, 40 

Felton, 197 

Fenay, 214 

Fenton, 148 

Fenwick, 15 

Fenz, 176 

Fercrs, 109 

Fermor, 156 

Fernando, 126 

Ferrars, 14, 15, 198 

Ferre, 197 

Fcrre, 241 

Ferrer es, 111 

Ferrers, 87, 139, 201 

Fetherstouhalgh, 89 

Fetherstonhaugh, 57 

Fette place, 40 

Fichet, 16 

Fiennes, 25S 

Filby, 39 

Fyleberd, 179 

FUol, 240*, 241* 

Finumore. 245 

Finamore, 24-5 

Finch, 23, 45 

Fiudlater, Earl of, 6, 9 

Fischer, 235 

Fish, 170 

Fisher, 43, 206, 207* 

Fitlyng, 11 

Fitz Adlard, 13 

Fitzalan, 76 

FitzAleyn, 110 

Fitz Bernard, 177 

Fitz Klys, IT 

Fitz Gralan, 202 

Fitz Harding, Yisct., 23 

Fitz Henri, 240 

Fitz Hugh, 139 

Fitz Hugh, 113 

Fitz John, 117, 174 

Fitz Marmaduc, 113 

Fitz Ned, ISO 

Fitz Fayn, 140 

Fitz Payn, 111 

Fitz Piersgay, 14 

Fitz Ran/, 243 

Fitz Renaud, 111 

Fitz Ronard, ISO 

Fitz Roger, 109 

Fitz Symon, 238 

Fitz Warin, 250 

Fitz Warin, 113, 11 5* 

Fitz Warwick, 109 

Fitz William, 13 

Fitz William, 109 

Flanders, Count of, 79 

Fleetwood, 151 

Fleming, 256 

Fleming, Lord, 2 

Fletcher, 40 

Flisso, 14 

PlitteieiJc, 182 

Flower, 45, 249 

Foefre, 156 

Fokeram, 178 

Foley, 52 

Foliot, 244 

Forbes, 170 

Forcalouier, 30* ; Ctss. of, 

29, 79, 80 
Ford, 43 
Forde, 174 
Foreste, 127 
Forman, 118 
Fornivul, 112 
Forrester, 149* 
Forster, 52 
Forte, 37 
Forth, 38 
Forward, 250 
Foster, 40, 150 
Foucher, 201 
Foular, 147 
Foulis, 91 
Fountnyne, 25 
Fournyvale, 200 
Fowke, 38 
Fox, 37*, 39, 52 
Foxcroft, 213 
Foxley, 214* 

FoxUc, 179 

Frauce, King of, 31 
Louis VI I. of, SO 
Louis VIII. of, 79 
St. Louis IX., 71' 
Philip II. of, 79 
Philip III. of, 79 

Franckish, 1 70 

Fr.-incklyn, 39 

Franke, 42, 46* 

Franklan.l, 204 

Franklin, 216 

Frankton, 41, 46 

Frecheville, 12 

Frederick, 170 

Freeman, 20, 116, 256 

Frembaud,- 1S1 

French, 235 

Fresall, 236 

Frevylle, 198 

Frith, 42, 250 

Fromanteel, 171 

Froste, 45 

Fuller, 37 

Full wood, 46 

Fulmerston, 128* 

Fulthorpe, ped. 55-57 

Fulthorpe, 55 

Fulwood, 223 

Furbanck, 47 

Furcis, 12 

Furnyvalle, 71, 136 

Fust, 41 

Futrell, 38 

Gage, 24 

Gainsborough, 123, 18 ) 
Gaiantha, 6, 9 
Galloway, 38 
Gam age, 12 
Gainell, 25 
Gardner, 47, 67 
Oarene, Count de, 10S 
Gargett, 89 
Gargrave, 156 
Garlaud, 171 
Garlinge, 66 
Garner, 107 
Garrett, 65 
Gasccline, 174* 
Gascoigue, 155 
Gatacre, 121 
Gautier, 173 
Gawton, 45 
Gayer, 171 
Ge;«re, 171 
Gearing, 171 
Gebaud, 202, 203 
Geddingc, 213 
Geldred, 245 



Geneva, Count of, 29*, 30, 

79, 80 
Gennoughe, 38 
Gen til, 175 
Gerard, 171 
Gernon, 202* 
Gcrnoun, 241 
Gerrard, 226 
Gibb, 208 
Gibes, 45 
Gibs, 23 

Gibson, 37, 46, 95, 149*, 

171*, 220, 235 
Giffard, 197 
Gifard, 109, 179 
Giffert, 151 
Gifford, 47 
Gigou, 171 
Gill, 210 
Gilley, 171 
Gilliot, 152 
Gillyot, 152 
Glanville, 199 
Glastingburs, 115 
Glazebrook, 64, 101 
Gledhill, 57 
Gledstane, 125 
Gloucester, Count of, 108 
Glouer, 37 
Glover, 38 

Goddard, 245*, 246, 251 
Goddard, 246 
Golafre, 195 
Goldham, 38 
Goldingham, 243 
Golding stone, 182 
Goldwell, 66 
Gonne, 44 
Gooche, 37 
Goodale, 39 
Goodcbild, 126 
Goodman, 41 
Goodricke, 224* 
Goodyeare, 38 
Gordan, 175 
Gordon, 159 
Gore, 38, 171* 
Gorges, 111 
Gorncy, 115 
Gorwood, 210 
Gostick, 47 
Goswell, 171 
Gould, 46 
Gouldringe, 252 
Grafton, 47 
Graham, 171 
Gramory, 201 
Grandonc, 114 
Grant, 100 
Gras, 152 
Graston, 47 
Grateley, 253 
Graue, 42 

Graunson, 111 
Graunte, 45 
Graye, 23, 24, 171 
Greaue, 42 

Green, 44*, 45, 47, 116, 

156, 260 
Greeuestret, 37 
Greenwich, 171 
Greenwood, ] 71 
Gregory, 41 
Greley, 110 
Grene, 116 
Greueway, 21*, 22 
Greneicay t 21 
Greslc, 114 

Grey, 12, 18, 171, 199 
Grey, 110*, 239,240, 242 
Griffeth, 20 
Griffin, 42, 171 
Griffith, 28, 222, 245 
Grimes, 171 
Grimshaw, 154 
Grimstede, 115 
Grimston, 19 
Grim wade, 65 
Grivell, 22 
Grosvenor, 152 
Groves, 208 
Grumball, 41 
Guarenna, 132* 
Guhippo, 237 
G'uesende, 177 
Guise, 42 
Gulen, 149 
Gunn, 19 
Gurdon, 10* 
Gygges, 191, 192* 
Gylour, 149 
Gymell, 16 
Gyse, 78 
Gyse, 181 

Hacche, 112 
Haccombe, 114 
Hackeluyt 59* 
Haddington, Farls of, 4 
Hadley, 41 
Haine, 224 
Haines, 252 
Hale, 47, 222 
Haliburton, 147. 151 
Hall, 37, 41* 44, 46*, 97, 

98, 108, 130, 171, 216 
Halley, 44 
Hallywell, 43 
Halswell, 252 
Hameldene, 243 
Hamilton, 2, 4*, 7, S*, 64, 

150, 171, 237, 238 
Hamme, 176 

Hammon, 44 
Hamond, 171, 252 
Hamont, 128 
Ilamor, 46 
Hampton, 171 
Hancock, 93* 
Handlo, 137 
Hanyngfcld, 240 
Hanlon, 177, 179 
Hannes, 44 
Hansby, 217 
Hanson, 93 
Hanuile, 180 
Hanworth, 169, 171 
Harbin, 171 
Harby, 40, 171 
Harcourt, 198 
Harcort, 113 
Harders, 171 
Hardesty, 156 
Hardinge, 44 
Harding, 171 
Hardsly, 45 
Hare, 169, 171 
Harecourt, 134 
Hargrave, 128 
Hargraves, 156 

Harland, 206 
Harley, 133 

Harpedene, 179 

Harrington, 20. 42 

Harris, 40, 41, 128, 171 

Harrison, 38, 43, 45, 89, 90, 
116, 125 

Hart, 129 

Hartley, 224 

Hartree, Lord, 5 

Hartrup, 45 

Hartwell, 38 

Harwood, 206 

Haselgrove, 23 

Haskett, 224 

Haslack 224 

Hastings, 109*, 114, 179* 

Hatfield, 129 

Hatton, 209 

Haucringe, 174 

Haukeston, 11 

Hantevile, 115 

Haveryng, 139 

Havers, 37 

Haversham, 75 

Hawghton, 38 

Hawkes, 38, 47 

Hawkins, 44, 224* 

Hawson, 97 

Hawton, 45 

Hay, 4, 9, 42*, 122, 150 
Hayes, 38 
Haynes, 43 
Haywarde, 38, 40* 
Hazell, 47 
Heathcoat, 54 



Hebburne, 58 
Hebdeu, 22-1 
Heighington, 131 
Heinegue, 242 
Hell. 20 

Hemingway, 49, 95, 96* 
Hemsworth, 1 GO 
Henage, 24 
HendersoD, 148 
Kenry I., 30, 60 
Henry II., 30, 31, 79, SO* 
Henry III., 29, 30, 80 
Henshaw, 224 
Hepburne, 147*, 14S, 235*, 

Heppard, 20, 21 
Herbert, 46 
Hercy, 158 
Hereford, 202 
Hereford, Bishop of, 12, 

Hereford, Count of, 108 

Heringaud, 176 

Hernaman, 224 

Heme, 185 

Heroun, 241 

Herries, 221 

Herthull, 74, 75, 203 

Heseltine, 92 

Hessell, 37 

Heuenside, 45 

Hewea, 37, 38 

Hewett, 44 

Hewgest, 38 

He wy s, 114 

Heyden, 224 

Heyh'm, 181 

Heyley, 48 

Heywods, 116 

Hibbert, 159 

Hide, 225* 

Higgins, 44, 224 

Higgonis, 28 

Higgs, 224 

Higuns, 195 

Hildesle, 137 

Hill, 37, 39, 45*, 248, 249 

Hills, 225 

Hillary, 15 

Hilliard, 45 

Hilton, 197, 225 

Hynde, 37 

Hinney, 47 

Hintes, 45 

Hinton, 225 

Hippon, 50, 52 

Hird, 221 

Hobart, 225 

Hobcraft, 20 

Hobridge, 74 

Hobrigge, 135 

Hobson, 41, 213, 225 

Hodelcslone, 111 

I Hodges, 21 
Hodgskinson, 101 
Hodgson, 221, 225 
Hodynet, 135, 195 
Ilodnet, 195 
Hodson, 22 
Hocsc, 178 
Hog, 225, 235 
Hogge, 190 
Hoghe, 139, 140 
Hoip, 148 
lloland, 13 
Holdsworth, 97 
Holebrok, 243 
Holford, 202 
Holies, 22) 
Holloway, 47 
Hollowell, 45 
Holmes, 216 
Home, 148, 236 
Homfrey, 210 
Hontercombc, 111 
Honiingfeld, 111, 177, 239 
Honyngtou, 116 
Hooke, 46 
Hoome, 175 
Hopkinson, 41, 95 
Hoppringle, 2* 
Hopwood, 53 
Home, 116 
Horuell, 222 
Horton, 247* 
Hosier, 225 
Hostot, 182 
Houel, 242* 
Eoume, 237*, 238 
Bov, 181 
Howel, 72, 99 
Howes, 19 
Howitt, 210 
Hows, 225 
Hoyla.ide, 113 
Httband, 225 
Hubbard, 225 
Hucke, 25 
Huckle, 25 
Huddleston, 153 
Hudson, 39, 209 
Huffard, 47 
Huffum, 45 
Hugh, 117 
Humble, S8 
Humfrey, 40 
Hunuill, 44 
Hunsby, 207 
Hunt, 23, 42, 47 
Huntelegh, 140 
Hunter, 237 
Huutercombe, 15, 200 
Huntingfeld. 74, 135, 199 
Huntlev, 222, 225 
Hurst, 38, 225 
Uusee, 174, 175 

Hussey, 38, 251 
Hutchosou, 43, 171, 225* 
Hutching, 39 
Hutchinson, 171, 225* 
Hutton, 56, 225 
Hyland, 225 
IlyUone, 113 

Illingworth, 85 
Infeild, 225 
Ingeldesby, 21 
Ingham, 14 
Inglishe, 43 
Iuglosbye, 21 
Ingram, 219 
Ingwardby, 201 
Ipswich, 65* 

Irelaud, 37, 38, 208. 225* 
Isabel, Queen, 141 
Isle, 74 
Issot, 97 
Iveson, 128 
Ivorie, 44 

Jackes, 47 

Jackson, 37* 39, 43, do, 

93, 225* 
James, 39, 44 
Janssen, 225 
Jaques, 162 
Jaques, 162 
Jarnegan, 39 
Jefferson, 204 
Jeffery, 90 
Jeffries, 38, 42, 97 
Jenkin, 222-224 
Jenkin, 222 
Jenkins, 40, 219, 225 
Jenkinson, 52, 95 
Jenner, 225 
Jennings, 39 
Jennyns, 252 
Jermye, 67 
Jevan, 72 
Jewkes, 226 
Joce, 178 
John, 222 
John, King, 30, 80 
Johns, 21 

Johnson, 23, 38, 42, 46, 

117, 191, 210, 226, 237 
Jones, 44, 46, 157, 22C* 
Jordan, 226 
Jowan, 222 
Joy, 251 
Julyhern, 37 
Jumper, 23 


Index of persons 

Keame, 39 
Keene, 23 
Keet, 41 
Kell, 37 
Kello, 150 
Kellygryu, 140 
Keinble, 39 
Kemp, 95, 1S6 
Kendak, 238 
Kendall, 45 
Kennard, 93 
Kent, 39 
Kerdeston, 199 
Kerdyf, 70 

Kerr, 7*, 8, 147, 148, 150 
Kerketon, 13 
Kettle well, 92, 22G 
Keynes, 127 
Keyser, 249 
Kidd, 27 
Kidder, 25, 27* 
Kiffin, 216 
Kildare, Ctss. of, 23 
Killinghall, 58* 
Kinardeseye, 12 
Kinde, 26 
King, 53, 212 
Kingsfeild, 43 
Kingston, 192 
Kinnersley, 41 
Kinynmound, 5, 6, 9* 
Kipling, 90 
Kirketon. 137, 13S 
Kirkctot, 243 
Kirkland, 64 
Kitson, 97 
Knapp. 66 
Knapton, 254 
Knight, 37, 38, 39, 226 
Knighton, 24S 
Knights, 248 
Kuivett, 248 
Knowles, 101, 159 
Kuyle, 77 
Kuyley, 77 
Kyme, 131 
Kyme, 110 
Kynkestone, 112 
Kyriel, 178 
Kyle, 147 

Labbyn, 117 
Lacey, 47 
Lacheford, de, 100 
Lacon, 23, 21 
Lacy, 226 
Ladmirault, 173 
Lage, 173 
Lake, 37 
Lanibe, 226* 

Lambert, 93 
LambovrnC) 240 
Lambton, 154 
Lampet, 202 
Lauiplugh, 220 
Lamprell, 46 
Lamprey, 226 
Lancaster, 215 ; Earl of, 72 
Lancaster, 109 
Lancaster, Count of, 108 
Lancastre, 113 
Lane, 39, 226 

Langdale, 20, 50, 155, 216 ; 

Lord, 50 
Langeleye, 198 
Langford, 251 
Langhorn, 260 
Langley, 40 
Langrige, 251 
Langton, 12 
Lanlaycroun, 114 
Lausdell, 37 
La Peyre, 226 
Larcy, 115 
Larkin, 45, 226 
Lascelles, 222 
Lasher, 47 
Latbum, 226 
Latimer, 71, 135, 199 
Latimer, 109 
Lauder, 149, 238 
Launde, De la, 117 
1 . ei, 46 
I 44 
I . . n nee, 41* 
I u, 87, 151, 154, 157, 

l,, 236, 238 
Ltarmonth, 14S 
It Boef, 179 
Lc Boys, 180 
Lt Bran, 177 
Ledes, 201 

Lee, 12, 46, 63, 128, 192*, 

203-211, 260* 
Lee, 238 
Leech, 45, 47 
Leedes, 40 
Leehm, 178 
Lefevre, 221 
Leggatt, 39 
Legh, 107*. 138, 190 
Leheup, 19 
Lehook, 19* 
Leicester, Earls of, 63 
Leigh, 153, 226, 248, 249 
Leis, 235 
Le Moyne, 243 
Lench, fi6 
Leu ham, 139 
Leon, Ferdinand II. of, 80 
Leon, King of, 31* 
Lerriwell, 43 
L'Eatraunge, 136 

Leukenore, 175 
Leventhorpe, 152 
Leviugton, 150 
Le welly n, 72 
Lewen, 45 

Lewes, 37, 40, 43, 97, 99*, 

Lewis, 37, 39, 41, 46 
Lewkuor, 24, 249 
Ley, 37, 43 
Leyborne, 110 
Lei/bourne, 112, 176* 
Lichfield, 204 
Lichfield, Bishop of, 12 
Lichfield, Earl of, 22 
LichtervaLle, Ctss. of, 6, 9 
Lidded, 237 
Lidliugtou, 27 
Lighe, 249 
Lighe, 249 
Lighfield, 23 
Lilleshull, Abbot of, 138 
Lills, 46 
Lylliat, 38 

Lincoln, 117, 226, 257 
Linde, 176 
Linley, 164, 226 
Linton, 208 

Lisbon, Viscountess, 23 

Lisle, 12, 71, 74 

Lister, 47, 153 ; ped. 

Lister, 94 

Litchfield, Ctss. of, 20*; 

Earl of, 20, 21 
Littleton, 38 
Litton, 160 
Livingstone, 4 
Llewellen, 38, 99 
Lloyd, 226* 
Llyson, 222 
Lockie, 237 
Lockton, 163 
Lockwood, 213 
Lodelowe, 133, 135, 195 
Lofthouse, 155 
Lokie, 235 
Lokkey, 255 

London, 198 ; Lord Mayor 

of, 49 
Long, 252 
Longchamps, 12 
Longford, 245 
Loring, 182 
Lotcrels, 115 
Lothier, Duke of, 79 
Lou, 181 
Louch, 23 

Loudeix, 173*, 174, sec 

De Loudeix 
Loudh'm, 243 
Louedan, 241 
Louel, ilO, 113, 179* 

Loucyn, 241 
Lovejoy, 226 
Lovesey, 22 
Lucas, 46* 
Lucy, 178 
Luck, 44 
Luckyn, 19 

Ludlow, 68, 125, 127, 247 

Lumley, 53 

Lungeville, 18 

Luskinne, 44 

Luskin, 45 

Lussiett, 41 

Luttrell, 126, 127, 226 

Lvall, 236 

Lyle, 112, 113 

Lynch, 226 

Lysours, 75 

Lythe, 206 

Lythum, 133 

Lytill, 149 

Macclesfield, 226* 
Madden, 226 
Magnac, 132, 172 
Majoribuiks, 2, 5 
Malcmcis, 177 
Malet, 138, 139 
Malet, 180 
Malham, 154, 161 
Maltby, 217 
Maltby, 215 
Mallori, 199 
Malwin, 249 
Man, 46 
Mandeville, 60 
Manley, 14 
Mansure, 226 
March, 16 
March, 131 
Mardon. 226 
Mare, 202 

Mare, 111, 240, 175, 179, 

Marechal, 111, 175 
Marcschal, 244 
Margrave, 128 
Marisco, 75 
Markham, 221 
Marler, 55 
Marlowe, 37 
Marmyoun, 110 
Marsh, 87, 226, 227 
Marshall, 47*, 209, 210, 

226, 227 
Marsillac, 173 
Marston, 40 
Martel, 178 
Martin, 112 
Mascall, 123 


Mason, 40, 41, 91, 227 
Masrocher, 173 
Massam, 42 
Matlocke, 46 
Ma a db i/, 114 
Maude,' 153 
Maudevile' 241 
Maudut, 174 
Moufee, 176 
Maule, 1. 3, 4, 8 
Maulee, 110 
Maundeuille, 174 
Maundeville, 74 
Mauuy, 75 

Maurienne, Count of, 29 

Maurichon, 173 

Mautrauers, 113 

Mautravers, 72 

May, 38, 42 

Mayerne, 170, 227 

Mayne, 227 

Maynwaring, 139, 140 

Mayor, 47 

Meaburn, 227 

xMedgate, 37 

Meeke, 227 

Meldon, 15 

Melgund, Visct., 1 

Mcrict, 174* 

Merk, 240 

Merrall, 151 
• Mrrrifield, 256 
! Merryat, 43 

Mertene, 151 

Merville, 172 

Merwether, 227 

Metcalfe, 45, 153 

Meteren, 43 

Mettford, 227 

Meulan, Earls of, 64, 128 

Meynell, 157, 227 

Meyncl, 113 

Miehell, 155, 245 

Michesou, 44 

Middelneve, 16 

Middilhurst, 107* 

Midelhurst, De, 101 

Midulhurst, 107 

Middlesex, 192 

Middleton, 192, 197, 227* 

Midhope, 153 

Midleton, 39*, 40*, 41, 45* 

Mildmay, 191 

Milkelcyc, 239 

Mill, 187 

Millecent, 227 

Millendine, 44 

Miller, 44,46, 146, 227, 237 

Millett, 45 

Millinge. 42 

Milner, 87 

Minnick, 227 

Minnute, 227 


Minto, Earl of, 1 
Myners, 12 
Myreton, 5 
Mohun, 227 
Moit, 233 
Molingtone, 242 
Moltone, 109 
Molyneux, 134, 135 
Mompesson, 253 
Mompesson, 252 
Monchensi, 238* 
Monfort, 110 
Monfort, 175 
Monhaut, 110 
MonliciTixer, 109 
Monro, 221 
Montagu, 115 
Montagu, 113 
Moutalt, 73 
Montegni, 132 
Monleny, 239 
Montfort, 77, 202 
Montjoy, 132 
Mont Pouillan, 227 
Moodve, 246 
Moor, 20S 
Moore, 45, 4 S 
Mooreman, 65* 
Morcelli, 156 
Morcrofte, 42 
More, 37, 41, 45, 48 
Morecroft, 227 
Morell, 57 

Morgan, 37, 99, 227 
Morgrave, 43 
Morieus, 243 
Morlee, 244 

Morris, 28, 40, 46, 47, 100 
Morse, 37 
Mortein, 75, 76 
Mortein, 111, 182 
Mortimer, 40, 196. 197 
Mortimer, 109* 
Morton, 20 
Mosefen, 17 
Moselev, 227 
Mosley, 227 
Mostvn, 20 
Moules, 111 
Moun, 111 
Mounbray, 109 
Moun fort, 116 
Mountague, 43 ; Visct., 23, 

Mount Alexander, Ctes. cf 

Mountcny, 239 
Mountford, 27 
Mourier, 173 
Mowld, 92 
Moyne, 243 
Mudy, 146 
Multon, 16 



Munday, 38, 47 
Murray, 1-9, 151 
Murton, 58 
Muschamp, 93 
Mvdd, 205 

Nance, 227 
Napier, 90 
Napper, 25* 
Nashe, 42, 44 
Navarre, King of, 31 
Naweton, 199 
Neale, 46 
Needier, 45 
Neel, 180 
Neisbet, 147 
Nelson, 161, 206, 221 
Nesbit, 236 
Nethewill, 38 
Neufville. 172 
Neuyle. 112 
Neve, 39 
Nevers, 132 
Neville, 11, 164, 201 
Newberry, 40 
Newburgh, 201 
Newcastle, 227 
Newdigate, 227 
Newe, 123 
Netvenh'm, 176 
Newentone, 241 
Newingtm, 45 
Newmarch, 211 
Newporte, 45 
Newport, 120, 227 
Newton, 39, 64, 150, 218, 

Newtoun, 151, 237 
Neymuyst, 131 
Neyuile, 112, 175 
Nicholas, 246 
Nichole, Count of, 108 
Nicholls, 44, 45, 227 
Nicholson, 227 
Nickson, 38 
Nicolls, 2G0 
Normanby, 168 
Normanvell, 45 
Norreys, 21 
Norris, Lord, 23 
Northe, 67 
Northen, 42 
Northend, 95 
Nortoft, 240 
Norton, 190, 227* 
Nortone, 175 
Norwood, 44, 46 
Norywode, 177* 
Nouicers, ISO 
Nowers, 136, 201, 202 
Nungait, 151 
Nuttbrowne, 40 

Oates, 96 

Ogeram, 209 

Ogle, 26 

Oglethorp, 155 

Ognell, 27 

Okhangre, 14 

Oldfield, 48 

Oliver, 23 

Oliverugge, 135 

Olnoye, 75 

Olneye, 181* 

O'Neill, 15S 

Onley, 26* 

Oreham, 40 

Orkesleye, 240 

Orkeslye, 240 

Orkney, Bishop of, 2 

Ormistoun, 2 

Ormond, 26 

O'Korke, 159 

Orreby, 18, 73 

Orton, 91 

Osbourne, 37* 

Ost, 126 

Otwell, 41 

Overy, 40 

Owen, 43 

Owers, 41 

Owin, 44, 45, 46 

Oxendene, 75 

Oxenford, Count of, 108 

Oxford, 196 ; Earls of, 65 

Oxnard, 155 

Pabenh'm, 181* 
Packing ton, 121 
Tage, 23*, 250 
Pagcnham. 241 
Pagitt, 223 

Palmer, 26, 45, 64, 219 
Pap worth, 40 
Park, 148 
Parker, 50, 153 
Parkes, 47 
Parkins. 38 
Paries, 134 
Parnell, 39 
Parsons, 37 
Partridge, 45 
Paselowe, 122 
Pashon, 247 
Passeleu, 241 
Paiiskule, 241 
Patrick, 39, 207 
Pauele, 179 
Pauell, 117 
Paulet, 224 
I Taunton, 14 
Pawlet, 217 
Pa-wlinge, 39 

Payne, 47, 65, 66 
Pay u el, 174 
Paynel, 114, 175 
Pearle, 118 
Pearson, 95 
Pecche, 199 

Pcche, 111, 242*, 243, 243 
Peirson, 39, 40 
Pelhani, 24, 218 
Pemberton, 58 
Pembroke, 200 ; Earl o 

Pembrugge, 197 
Penbroc, Count de, 108 
Penne, 181 
Penny, 27, 127 
Pennyman, 93, 218 
Pentiguon, 173 
Percy, 25, 153 
Percy, 109 
Peres, 241 
Perkins, 39, 47 
Perot, 181 
Perry, 158 
Perro, 23 
Petiot, 173 
Petre, Lord, 20 
Petres, 25 
Pettewarde, 39 
Pettipoole, 47 
Peverel, 12 
Peyfrer, 177* 
Peyre, 226 
Peyto, 193 
Peytone, 241 
Peyure, 181 
Peyuere, 182 
Philip, 222* 
Phillips, 39, 89 
Philpott, 254 
Thips, 43 

Pickeringe, 26, 215 
Pickford, 52 
Pickin, 37 
Piersgav, 14 
Piggott, 37 
Pigeon, 40 
Pigion, 40 
Pilkington, 64 
Pin, 173 
Pinchester, 26 
Pinckney, 207 
Pindar, 210 
Pitcher, 37 
Pitt, 37 
Plaunchc, ISO 
Plaunk, 75 
Plaxton, 206 
Plecy, 179* 
Plokenct, 110 
Plowden, 20 
Plowright, 37 
Pluet, 175 



Plukenet, 73 

Plumrner, 25 

Pogeys, 180 

Poyle, 178 

Poitiers, 132 

Poitou, Count of, 30 

Poland, King of, 29 

Pole, 137 

Poltesmor, 115 

Ponder, 61 

Ponyngges, 14 

Poninget, 175 

Ponthieu, Count of, 31*, 80 

Poole, 247, 248 

Pope, 25, 26 

Pordage, 45* 

Porter, 27 


Portmot, 17 

Portugal, Alfonso I of, SO 
Portugal, King of, 31 
Postle, 43 
Poutrel, 198 
Powell, 38, 93 
Poyns, 112 
Pratt, 39, 91 
Predyaux, 26 
Preieres, 240 
Preston, 4, 18, 153 
Preuz, 115 
Price, 38*, 40 
Pridgon, 45 
Priestfield, Lord, 8 
Priestley, 86, 96*, 97 
Pringle, 3 
Prior, 46 
Pritchett, 41 
Proby, 41 
Procke, 45 
Progers, 23 
Proley, 38 
Prosser, 19, 47 
Proudhormne, Viscountess, 

Provence, Count of, 29*, 

30*, 79, 80 
Pudsey, 153, 216 
Pulley ne, 154 
Puteford, 1 7 
Pyetce, 245 
Pynchebek, 117 
Pyray, 250 
Pytt, 250 

Qubippo, 147, 149 

Radcliffe, 52 
Radley, 215 
Jialee, 115 

Ramsden, 96 
Rarnseye, 77, 186 
Ramshall, 44 
Rand, 209 
Randier, 20 
Randolf, 175 
Ransome, 128 
RatclifF, 252 
Rawdon, 162, 212 
Rawlins, 39 
Rawlin3on, 53 
Rawnson, 38 
Raymes, 128 
Read, 44, 46 
Recklington, 150 
Redford, 45 
Redman, 153 
Redpatb, 148 
Reelson, 37 
Rees, 72, 222 
Reeves, 20 
Rene, 55 
Reutoun, 150 
Repyngbale, 74, 116, 117 
Reiisby, 117 
Retcham, 128 
Re we, 40 
Bey done, 243 
Reynard, 160 

Reynolds, 38, 39, 41*, 45, 

Rbodes, 92 
Rich, 55, 185* 
Richard, 253 
Richards, 43 

Richardson, 41, 90, 209, 

214, 235 
Richebourg, 173 
Richmond, 257 
Riddell. 24 
Mid, 181 
Ripley, 185 
Ripton, 39, 45 
Risby, 191 
Rieures, 111 
Riuerc, 178 
Riddle, 39 
Rimell, 45 
Rivers, 38 
Robertson, 62, 149 
Robin, 173 

Robinson, 37, 38, 45, 90- 

94, 116*, 162, 223 
Robinson, 94 
Roch, 39 
Roche, 47, 248 
Rocheford, 239* 
Rocheid, 5, 9 

Rochester, 58 ; Ctss. of, 22 
Roe, 197 
Roger, 158, 173 
Rokeby, 216 
Rohclc, 242 

Rolccslc, 176 
Roklee, 72 
Rolf, 128* 
Romesey, 72 
Rooke, 216 
Roos, 15, 196 
Roper, 23, 45 
Ros, 109* 
Rose, 38*, 99 
Rothwell, 139 
Rough, 209 
Rous, 181 
Royle, 47 
Ruadh, 62 
Rudd, 154 
Rue, De la, 170 
Rufus, 60 
Ruge, 190 

Rugemound, Count dc, 108 

Rumball, 47 

Rurcner, 39 

Runton, 93 

Rushworth, 49 

Russell, 38, 41, 45, 53 

Rutley, 23* 

Rutland, 39 

Ryce, 248 

Rye, 13* 

Ryye, 112 

Sabran, 29, 30, 79, 80 

Sadler, 42, 44 

Saftar, 46 

Sageuile, 243 

St. Amaunt, 110 

St. George, 71 

St. Howbert, 64 

St. John, 14, 22, 23 

St. John, 109, 174* 

St. Leger, 177* 

St. Legcr, 178 

St. Martin, 73 

St. Martin, 174 

St. Obert, 64 

St. Paul, 200 

St. Philbert, 14 

St. Pol, Count of, 31 

St. Valery, Seigneur de, 79 

St. TtV.y, 179 

Sakeville, 77, 73 

Saline, Sire de, 29 

Salisbury, 33 

Salman, 13S 

Salter, 33, 47 

Saltmareys, 70 

Saltinarsh, 70 

Saltonstall, 49 

Sam, 139 • 

Sandersdene, 147 

Sandie, 90 


Sandwich, 39 ; Ctss. of, 22, I 

Sandys, 23 
Sanguage, 22 
Sankeville, 11 
Sapy, 12 
Sargent, 158 
Saumsell, 117 
Saundeison, 46 
Saunsom, 112 
Sautmareys, 70 
Sauuage, 176, 177 
Savage, 200 
Savile, 155 

Savoy, Count of, 29*, 30* 

31, 79, 80 
Saxton, 216 
Saye, 24 
Say, 140 
Say, 111, 243 
Say ere, 184 
Sayle, 53 
Saynsbury, 245 
Saynsbury^ 245 
Sceltone, 242 
Schagh, del, 101 
Scirlande, 176 
Sclater, 2, 3, 8 
Scofter, 17 
Scorbrough, 206 
Scory, 126, 127 
Scott, 3, 17, 124-5, 220, 


Scrope, 152, 156, 217 
Scrope, 13-1 
Scrubarne, 126 
Scndamore, 223 
Scures, 174 

Seafield, jsce Findlater 
Seafield, Earl of, 6 
Searles, 12S 
Sedgwick, 47 
Scgraue, 110* 
Segre, 253 
StincUr, 243 
Seinmor, 241 
Scinpcre, 113 
Selby, 159 
Semer, 209 
Senhouse, 53 
Sequence," 41 
Serjeantson, 161 
Seton, 1/5 
Setouu,147*, 150 
Seuens, 177 
Seymour, 138 
Sevtoun, 51, 235 
Shard, 42 
Shaw ped., 54, 55 
Skaiv, 54 
Sheerewood, 45 
Sheldon, 25, 27, 55 

I Shelton, 87 
Shepheard, 41 
Shepherd, 39 
Shepperd, 27* 
Shenvin, 45 
Shillinge, 46 
Sliiiton', 4G 
Shirburn, 14 
Shirloks, 116 
Shirtcliff, 213 
Short, 151 
Shovelar, 46 
Shrewsbury, 193 
Shuttleworth, 50 
Sibethorp, 11 
Sicklinge, 44 
Silva, see Da Silva 
Simmons, 45, 47 
Simpkins, 39 
Simpson, 163-165, 208 
Simson, 39 


Smdlesk'm, 178 
Si vice, 148 
Shoard, 112 
Skilling, 253 
Shilling, 252 
Skinner, 23, 41, 43, 56 
Skipton, 153 
Skirveu, 150, 151 
Skyte, 43 
Slany, 19 
Slater, 88 
Sleigh, 58 
Slithurst, 26 
Sloper, 247 
Small, 38 
Smedley, 4 6 

Smith, Smythe, 20, 27, 37, 
39, 40, 42, 43, 45*, 46. 
47, 56, 122, 171, 209% 
251, 252 
Smithick, 38 
Smouthmau, 21 9 
Someri, 73 
Somcri, 110, 239 
Somerscale, 47 
Somerset, Lord, 20 
Somerville, 7, 8 
Sorrin, 40 
Sottone, 112, 240 
Souche, 110* 

Southampton, Ctss. of, 23 
Southburi, 1S1 
Southebye, 205 
Sowlby, 203 
Sowtheby, 220 
Spalding, 13 
Sparrowe, 41 
Speede, 39 
Spencer, 24 

Spens, 149 
Spickernell, 43 
Spigorncl, 180 
Spigournci, 180 
Spilman, 24S 
Spynke, 116 
Stafford, 133, 187 ; Earl 

Staggen, 46 
Standysh, 195, 196 
Stanhope, 50 
Stanifortb, 55 
Stanley, 126 ; Lady, 10 
Stanton, 39 
Staples, 46 
Stapletou, 73, 219 
Starkie, 159 
Staveley, 208* 
Staynford, 152 
Stay n forth, 55 
Stead, 54 
Stenefcld, 241 
Stephens, 37 
Stephenson, 216 
Stere, 33 
Sterlinge, 37 
Sterman, 41 
Sterne, 96, 163 
Stevens, 42, 43 
Stevenson, 24, 38, 40, 4: 
Stewart, 2, 127 
Stewkeley, 121 
Stiekney, 93 
Still, 99, 191 
Stillington, 55 
Stirling, 257 
Stobban, 45 
Stock, 40 
Stoddard, 65, G6 
Stokes, 37, 41, 45 
Stomp, 248 
Stone, 222 
Stonewell, 16 
Stonhouse. 20, 21 
Stonore, 14 
Stopforth, 47 
Storke, 204*, 210* 
Stormyn, 243 
Story, 53 
Stourton, 60 
Stowell, 23 
Stowing, 23 

Strange, 250 ; sec Estran 
Strangwaies, 184 
Stratford, 57 
Street, 255 
Strelley. 190 
Stretle, 196 
Stretton, 193 
Stringer, 41, 164, 165 
Stromiuger, 47 
Strongmalt, 126 
Stukely, 247 



Sturdy, 95 
Sturte, 46 
Stury, 199 
Stutevyle, 128* 
Sty ward, 127 
Suabia, Philip of, 79 
Suffolk, 197,199 
Suger, 132 
Suleye, 112 
Suliard, 248 

Sunderland ped., 48-5 1, 1 28, 

Sunderland, 48, 49 
Surin, 173 

Surrey, Earl of, 132* 
Sutcliffe, 96 
Sutton, 117 
Svvanton, 42 
Swayne, 39 
Sweate, 25 
Swett, 25 
Swinborne, 197 
Swinford, 78 
Swinerton, 195 
Swynnerton, 200 
Swyntoun, 141 
Sydenham, 60 
Sydserf, 147, 148, 150 
Syfe, 38 
Symmons, 46 
Sympson, 163 

Tabor, 46 

Tadingtone, 242 
Taillefer, 30% 80 
Tait, 150* 

Talbot, 12, 72, 74, 135 
Tanckard, 223 
Tandy, 40 
Tanny, 151 
Tany, 241* 
Tasbur rough, 67 
Tateshall, 18 
Tateshale, 73 
Tayker, 37 
Taylor, 88, 260 
Taylour, 39 
Teate, 43 
Teinmes, 247 

Tempest, 131*, 152-160, 

Tempest, 130, 152 
Tempests, 154 
Temple, 26 
Tendring, 46 
Tendringc, 242 
Tertngh'm, ISO 
Teyc, 111 

Thalemacke, 241, 242 
Thinne, 193-195; 

Thippdot, 110 
Thistelthwayte, 246 
Thochct, 111 
Thomas, 39, 222*, 253 
Thomkinsou, 23 
Thompson, 44, 51, 161, 

Thomson, 7, 8, 40 
Thomsoun, 149 
Thony, 110 
Thorne, 39 
Thornele, 117 
Thorneton, 80 
Thoruhill, 50, 51 
Thornhull, 251 
Thornton, 116, 212-215 
Thornton, 212 
Thorp, 116, 117 
Thorpe, 152, 244 
Throckmorton, 20 
Thurles, Visct., 64 
Thursby, 89, 248 
Thurston, 47 
Thurstone, 38 
Thwaites, 45 
Tichborne, 221 
Tychborne, 250 
Tickner, 40 
Tiffin, 38 
Tiinbren, 47 
Tiptot, 196* 
Tiryngton, 78 
Tod, 151 

Todd, 51, 151, 203 
Toke, 201 
Tomlin, 39 
Tomlinson, 209 
Tong, 213 

Tonnere, Renaud, Count 

of, 132 
Tooke, 4 4 
Tooloste, 46 
Topp, 250 
Toruodorensis, 132 
Tornodori, 132 
Tortes, 115 
Tote, 28 
Tourton, 44 
Towneley, 153, 190 
Townerowe, 37 
Townshend, 122. 192 
Trafford, 158, 159 
Trailly, 17* 
Trail y, 181 
Trapps, 217 
Trcgoz, 112 
Trengove, 227 
Trever, 33 
Tril, 140 
Triplett, 38 
Trott, 39 

Trotter, 57*, 129-131 
Trotter, 130 

Trusse, 37 
Trussell, 139-140 
Tucngc, 113 
Tuer, 23 

Tullibardin, Earl of, 7 
TurberviUe, 252 
Turchill, 78 

Turenne, Vicomte de, 30 
Turfect, 27 
Turkington, 121 
Turner, 38 
Turpin, 173 
Turstiue, 78 

Twanbrook,see Twenebroke 
Twenebroke, 100-103 
Twenebroke, 100 
Tyeis, 111 
Tyllin, 45 
Tyluey, 21, 22 
Tylor, 41 
Tynder, 40 

Tvre, Archbishop of, 132 
Tyrel, 77 

(Met, 71 
Ufford, 197 
Ughred, 137 
Umfraville, 131 
V infra villc, 130 
Underbill, 26 

Vacha, 180 
Valence, 197, 245 
Valognes, IS, 
Valoyncs, 177 
"Valperga, 29, 30 
Van de Hole, 126 
Vandeubrough, 126 
Vaudepett, 126 
Vandermott, 126 
Vanhord, 126 
Van Pruysou, 126 
Vansittart, 21 
Varde, 114 
Vascoyl, 241 
Vauasour, 111 
Vaughan, 22, 23, 38 
Vaulx, 213 
Vawser, 207 
Veale, 42 
Veer, 196 
Veer, 110, 239 
Venables, 107 
Venner, 47 
Venuz, 10 
Icpound, 112 
Verat, 173 



Verdon, 12, 198, 201 
* Verdoun, 109 
Vere, 65, 131 
Vere, 131 

Vergy, Seigneur de, 79 
Verley, 241* 
Verney, 22 
Vernon, 38, 202 
Vernoun, 133 
Verrinault, 173 
Vesci, 112, 131 
Vespount, 133 
Veysey, 191 
Videlou, 178 

Vienne, Count of, 29, 30 
Vigier, 172 
Vincent, 123 
Visconti, 29 

Wachesham, 242* 
Waddington, 26* 
Wade, 26, 47, 160-161,208 

Wagyer, 37 
Wahulle, 181 
Waines, 206 
Wainhouse, 93 
Waite, 154, 204, 253 
Wayte, 252 
Wake, 109 
Wakeland, 23 
Wakemanu, 249 
Walcott, 47 
Waleys, 115, 176* 
Walgote, 116 
Walker, 21,28, 149 
Wall, 39 
Wallace, 5 
Waller, 39 
Wallis, 41 
Wallop, 251 
Wallscourt, 257 
Wallys, 251 
Walrnisley, 214 
Walrand, 73 
Walsh, 138, 246 
Walsham, 96 
Walsingham, 247 
Walter, 47, 72 
Walters, 99 
Walthall, 90 
Walton, 20*, 58, 88 
Walworth, 212 
Wannerton, 47 
Warburton, 107 
Ward, 23, 47, 160, 210 
Wardel, 54 
Wardlaw, 150 
Ware, 112 
Warenne, 132 

Waringe, 121 
Warner, 20. 256 
Warnford, 247 
Warreu, 246 
Warten, 44 
Warton, 215-218 
War ton, 215 
Warwick, 213 
Warwick, Count of, 108 
Washburn, 28 
Wasse, 180 
Waterhouse, 49*, 65 
Waters, 46 
JFateuile, 239* 
Watkins, 253 
Watkinson, 97, 214 
Watkyn, 90 
Watson, 26*, 27,237 
Watter, 213 
Watts, 41, 47 
Wauchton, 148 
Wauncy, 242 
Wautone, 240 
Waweth'm, 244 
Weale. 37 

Webb, 37, 38, 40, 42 
Webster, 93 
Wcdonc, 180 
Weekes, 38 
Weeton, 210 
Wegg ped., 19 
Welde, 203 
Welles, 111, 177, 238 
Wells, 39 
Wendye, 186 
Wenham, 41 
Wensleydale, Lord, 69 
Wentworth, 47, 87 
Werbeiton, 107 
West, 38, 41 
Westburv, Lord, 69 
Weston, 11, 20*, 139 
Wcstone, 174 
Wetherall, 216 
Weylande, 242*, 243* 
Whale, 46 

Wharton, 23, 42, 117, 164 
Wheate, 22 
Whitchurch, 45 
White, 7, 8, 17, 43,45,247, 

Whitelaw, 148, 235* 
Whitkv, 86 
Whitley, 86*, 95 
Whvtell, 89 
Wickham, 218-223 
Wickham, 218 
Wicksteed, 47 
Wi^irins, 45 
Wigketone, 114 
Wil cocks, 46 
Wildbore, 131 

Wilkie, 42, 235 
Wilkinson, 41, 99 
Wylkrs, 243 
Willett, 46 

William, 222 ; the Con- 
queror, 60 
Williams, 37, 44 
Williamson, 204 
Willis, 39 
Willobe, 27 

Willoughby, 121, 247, 250 
Willowby, 47 
Willson, 153 

Wilson, 91, 147, 135, 207 
Wilton, 23 
Willym, 72 
Winch, 41 
Windleshore, 179 
Winthrop, 61 
Winthrops, 191 
Withred, 42 
Withypoll 66 
Wittie 43 

Wittou, 44,85-87, 213 

Witton, 85 

Wod, 147, 148, 235 

Wodeford. 1 7 

Wodhull, 74* 

Wogan, 127 

Wokingdonc, 239 

Wolf, 150 

Wollaston, 27 

Wolley, 20 

Wolriche, 218 

Wolucrtonc, 180 

Wood 39, 40, 42, 45, 47, 
96, 150, 164 

Woodcock, 40 

Woodhouse, 46, 91 

Woolfe, 91 

Woolfenden, 41 

Woolley, 46 

Wootten, 39 

Worcester, 43 

Wordsworth, 51, 92* 

Worlvngton, 116 
I Womiald, 51 
j Worthington, 37 

Wright, 27, 46, 47, 158 

Wrottesley, 246 

Wroughton, 246 

Wuawer, 44 

Wyatt, 45 

Wychwell, 247 

Wyckwick, 250 

Wye. 219 

Wyke, 202 

Wylebi, 112 

Wylinytonc, 112 

Wytham, 160 

Wyther, 133 

Wytten, 38 



Yate, 27* 252 
Yate, 252 
Yatyngedene, 77 
Yeedens, 44 
Yeeles, 47 
Yester, 233 

Yevan, 222* 
Tie, 112, 113 
Yngce, 181 
Yngclfcld, 178 
Yonge, 154 
Youby, 137 

Young, 20, 151, 237 
Youugloive, 43 

Zouche, 138 
Zouch, see Souche 
Zule, 151 




An asterisk (*) after a number denotes that the names occurs more than 
on that pnge. 

Abbots Bromley, 196 

Abercorn, 1 

Aberford, 221 

Abington, 252 

Ackton, 50 

A ck worth, 15S 

Ack worth Grange, 158*, 

A comb, 222 
Acres, 21 
Acton, 19*, 51 
Addington, 226 
A del, 213* 
Adelvestre, 137 
Aderbmy, 22, 64 
Agbrigg,*4S. 94 
Agmondesham Woodrave, 

Aix, 29 
Aketon, 107 
Albrighton, 202 
Aldenham, 171 
Alderton, 199, 249 
Aldhame, 146 
Aldon, 260 
Alford, 118, 1S9 
Almondbury, 1S5, 213 
Al spat he, 13 
Alton Priors, 189 
Altringbam, 206 
Alvelegh, 12 
Ambrecturv, 29 
Ampthill, 59, 169, 18S 
Andover, 1 19 
Anescote, 74 
Anglesey, 169. 170 
Angoumois, 172 
Antigua, 256 
Anvers, 258 
Apethorpe, 169 
Applebv, 133 

Appleton, 101*, 102, 107, 

Aram, 206 
Arksey, 51, 52* 
Arram, 206 
Arthington, 213 
Arthurshiel, 125 
Ash by, 64 

Ashby de la Zouch, 64 
Ashdon, 226 

Asheley, 5S 
Ashford, 119 
Askham, 53 
Assheby David, 12 
Asshewater, 74 
Aston, 247 

Aston, North, 24, 25, 26, 

Atherston, 184, 185 
At'ebnrgh, 18 
Attelbundi, 72 
Attercliffe, 171 
Aubourne, 202 
Auldhame, 148 
Anre, 196 
Austrey, 137 
Ay k ton, 48-54 
Aylisford, 119 
Aynhoe, 16S 

Babworth, 164*, 165 
Badminton, lb8 
Bads worth, 52, 53*, 21 S 
Baggeburgh, West, 77 
Baildon, 155 
Balcete, 24 

Ballencrief, 150, 151, 235 
Ballynekill, 170 
Baliinsloe, 170 
Banbury, 26*, 226 
Barbadoes, 167, 220, 221, 

227, 256 
Bardsey, 220 
Barham, 227 
Barkham, 171 
Barking, 40, 43, 126, 168 
Barnard Castle, 88*, 89* 
Barnbow, 155 
Barnby, 20S*, 209, 210 
Barnby upon More, 207 
Barnet, 219 

Barnsley, 164, 1S5, 216 
Barnwod, 182 
Bartell, 227 
Barton, 57, 58*, 162 
Barton on H umber, 122 
Barwick, 155, 246 
Bashall, 87 

Basing, 14 
Basingstoke, 250 
Bath, 53, 220 
Bath and Wells, 61 
Batley, 51 
Battersea, 22 
Battle, 23 
Bavent, 250 
Bawtrey, 216* 
Beaumaris, 169 
Becca, 221 
Beccles, 123 
Bedale, 219, 222 
Bedall, 122 

Bedford, 59, 129, 185, 188, 

Bedfordshire, 78, 169, 171, 

181, 225 
Beevor, 22-5 
Beilby, 209 
Bekyngham, 71 
Belcastel, 167 
Belhaven, 149* 
Belsis, 147 
Bempton, 91 
Bengal, 170 
Ben+ley, Little, 67 
Bentley Koyd, 86* 
Bereford St. Martin, 75 
Berkshire, 14, 72, 77, 139, 

167, 168, 171*, ITS, 249, 

Berkley, 189 
Berlin, 169 

Bermondsey, 126, 169 
Berrington, 260 
Berrowe, 169 
Berwick upon Tweed, 5S* 
Bethnal Green, 170 
Beveresbrok, 134 
Beverlev. 50, 92*, 93*, 204 

206% 208, 215-213 
Bewdley, 166 
Bewshiu, 2-50 
Bexley, 66 
Bicester, 259 
Biddleston, 159 
Bierley, 21 t 
Bitrlaud, 51, 52*, 53* 
Bigland'Hall, 52 
Bilby, 216 



Billericay, 225 
Billesfeld, 202 
Billinghurst, 190 
Billiygley, 52 
Hilton Grange, 159 
Bin-lev, 49, 152, 220, 221 
Binsted, 221 

Binsted Wyck, 220, 221* 
Birch Hall, 65 
Birdsall, 220 
Birkenhead, 93, 91 
Birthwaite Hall, S7 
Birton, 202 

Bishop Barton, 92, 217 
Bishop Middleham, 91* 
Bishopsteignton, 126 
Blackbarony, 151 
Blackburn, 225 
Blaekey, 154 
Blackheath, 169 
Blackley, 224 
Blaken, 139 
Bland ford, 182 
Blans, 149* 
Blenheim, 7 
Blexsterflat, 148 
Blisworth, 222 
Blithe, 164 
Bocking, 42 
Boisinor, 173 
Bokenham, 59 
Bolton, 150*, 153, 167 
Bolton on the Moors, 14 
Bolton Percy, 218, 219*, 

Bolland, 154 
Boiling, 95 
Bollingbrok, 182 
Bombay, 166 
Booth Town, 97 
Boreland, 69 
Borne, 24 

Boroughbridge, 223 
Boseworth. 198 
Boston, 122 
Bos worth, 187 
Botfeldes Ley, 193 
Bottisford House, 67 
Boughton, 209 
Boulton, 183, 213 
Bourton, 135, 136 
Bow, 44 

Bowes, 88*, 89*. 90* 

Boy ton, 250 

Brabant, 65 

Brabon, 184 

Bracewell, 152 

Bradford, 49, 50, 55, 95*, 

97, 118, 121, 212, 214, 


Bradford-dale, 213 
Bradfield, 54*, 55 

Brad field Hall, 19 
Bradley, 52* 
Brain tree, 61 
Brakley, 189 
Bramham, 167 
Brampton, 76 
Brancepetb, 56, 224 
Brandon, 226 
Brandsburton, 217 
Bras teed, 40 
Bray, 167 
Brechin, 149 
Brentwood, 255 
Brewtou, 23* 
Brickhill, 1S6 
Bridgnorth, 120 
Bridgwater, 255 * 
Bridlington, 91 
Bridport, 190 
Brightou, 220 
Brightwell, 67 
Brignell, 89 
Briguuil, 173 
Bristol, 41, 68, 168, 214 
Erocklesby, 218 
Brodehenton, 246 
Bromcote, 1S4 
Bromham, 248* 
Bromleye Bagot, 196 
Brompton, 76 
Brookesby, 121 
Broomhall, see Hall- Broom 
Brough, 89, 157 
Broughton, 129, 152*, 153- 

159, 170 
Browham, 122 
Browholm, 50 
Brumgard, 182 
Brunton, 87 
Brussels, 6 
Brutou, 188 
Brympton, 60 
BuckLolme, 2 
Buckingham, 186, 249 
Buckinghamshire, 18, 21*. 

22, 24, 119, 137, 167, 

170, 171, 180, 184, 188, 

196, 254,260 
Buckland, 139 
Bucklow, 107* 
Buckton, 90, 91*, 183 
Bull House, 55 
Bungay, 119 
Buntiugford, 185 
Burdon, 52 
Burham, 158 
Burinashe, H9 
Burnham Overy, 192 
Burne, Little, 56 
Burnsall, 161 
Buraside, 249 
Burstall, 49 
Burton, 11 

Burton-upon-Trent, 224 
Bury St. Edmunds, 59, 

186, 187 
Busby, 223* 
Bushbury, 99* 
Busserolles, 1 73 
Bussiere, 173 
Byers, 131 
By era Hall, 129 
By ken are, 201 
Bylchfeld, 1 IS, 183 
By noli, 216 
Byrom, 190 
Byron, 190 
Byrtport, 193 

Caen, 60 

Calceto, 24 

Calder Abbey, 53 

Caldsyde, 148 

Cullowden, 20 

Calne, 245* 

Calctone, 245 

Calthorp Hall, 54 

Calton, 138 

Calverley, 50, 213* 

Cumberwell, 22 

Cambridge, 59, 170, 1S2 ; 
Christ's Coll., 19; Cor- 
pus Christi, 219 ; St. 
John's Coll., 56, 92, 97 ; 
Trinity Coll., 87, 219, 
220 ; Univ., 86, 200 

Cambridgeshire, 66, 183, 
199, 227 

Cameron, 3, 4% 5, 6, 7, 9 

Campsall, 28 

Candish, 252 

Canterbury, 119, 165*, 226 
Canterbury, See, 61 
Caponflat, 150 
Cardigan, 120 
Cardiif, 120 
Carew Castell, 248 
Carfrae, 236 
Carleton, 154*, 161 
Carleton Culy, 139 
Carlisle, 15 
Carlton, 156 
Carmarthen, 99 
Carnarvon, US 
Carnarvonshire, 1 S3 
Cartinell, 52 
Castel Bythaui, 202 
Custleacre, 254 
Cattle Morton, 167 
Catisbie, 26 
Catteral, 153 
Catton, 225 
Catwick Hull, 92 



Cavendish, 12 
Cavers, 7 
Cawne, 247, 251 
Chalonue, 172 
♦ Chambre, 53 
Champagnac, 173* 
Chard, 59 
Charhvood, 226 
Chavile, 251 
Chelmsford, 187 
Chelsea, 167, 226 
Cheltenham, 120, 167, 255 
Cherell, 245 
Cheriton Bi>bopp, 169 
Cheshire, 26*, 5S\ 101, 

128, 139, 202, 260* 
Chesiugbery, 253 
Chester, 58, 120, 168, 183*, 

190, 255 
Chester, co. 41, 55, 58,260 
Chevington, 57 
Chichester, 182, 189, 218 
Chilhainpton, 249 
Chingford, 171 
Chipping Barnet, 118* 
Chipping Sodbury, 68, 120 
Chipping Wycomb, 254 
Chiselhurst, 247 
Chiswick, lo7, 226 
Cholmley, 184 
Chorlegh, 14 
Chorley, 183 
Christ Church, 227 
Chudleigh, 20 
Chumlegh, 55 
Churchehull, 201 
Church Stretton, 193 
Cieux, 173 

Cirencester, 182, 189 
Clandon, East, 43 
Clattcott, 25 
Clattercote, 26* 
Clattered t, 25 
Claydon, 22 
Clayton, 24, 154, 156 
Clavering, 183 
Clerkington, 236 
Clevepepper, 245 
Cliff e Pvpard, 245 
Clifton, 209 
Clopton, 255 
Clothall, 1S5 
Clove Lodge, 89 
Coberlye, 182 
Cobham, 123 
Cokermouth, 118 
Cocking, 24 
Coker, 60 
Coker, East, 127 
Coklaw, 125 
Colbrouck, 184 
Colchester, 19*, 1S5 
Coldcotes, 214 

Coldingstones, 149* 

Coleby, 156, 158 

Coleby Hall, 159, 160 

Coley, 49, 50, 96, 97 

Colleton, 187 

Colne, 154 

Colonies, 61 

Combes, 197 

Compton, 127 

Conisborough, 216* 

Conistone, 160, 161* 

Conway, 1S3 

Copley, 49 

Corby, 202 

Cork]! 52, 166 

Cork, co , 169, 225 

Corneforth, 91 

Cornwall, 114, 123, 140, 
184, 189* 

Corsley, 249 

Cosham, 252 

Cote, 246 

Cotentin, 258 

Cotesford, 76 

Cothrope, 26 

Cotou, 192, 260 

Cottingley, 220*, 221 

Cottengham, 206 

Cottingham, 217 

Cotton, 128, 192, 260 

Courtray, 6, 155 

Coventry, 12, 20 

Cowbridge, 99 

Cowdrey, 24* 

Craigmillar, 4 
Cranstounriddell, 2 
Craven, 85, 86*, 155, 167 
Cray ford, 170 
Crewkerne, 60 
Cropperdie, 26 
Cropridie, 78 
Cros, 172 
Crosby, 158 
Croston, 158 
Croxhale, 18 
Croydon, 52, 185, 189 
Cromer, 192 
Crouton, 185 
Crucre, 60 
Cruddeworth, 17 
Crukis, 235 
Crux, 162 
Culneham, 187 
Culworth, 257, 258 ■ 
Cumberford, 251 
Cumberland, 89, 118, 122, 

137, 154, 183, 217 
Cundall, 213 
Curriglass, 225 

Daggenham, 167* 
Daltou, 156 

Dauby, 156 

Dauby super Yore, 217 
Dahtzig, 171 
Darlington, 129 
Dassington, 26 
Datchet, 167 
Duuntsey, 257, 258 
Daventry, 188 
Daylesford, 225 
Debage, 1S7 
Deddington, 27 
Denbigh, 253 
Denton, 76 

Deptford, 121, 190, 253, 

254, 255 
Derbyshire, 12, 18, 54, 55*, 

64, 74, 136, 182, 187, 

203, 225 
Derlaston, 201 
Derley, 2U3 

Deuchar, 1, 2, 3*, 4*, 7*, 

Devizes, 122, 250 

Devonshire, 17, 20, 74, 114, 
123, 138, 169, 185. 186*, 
187*, 189*, 190*, 224, 
226, 247, 254, 255 

Dewsbury, 220 

Dicheatt," 119* 

Dichley, 28 

Dickering, 90 

Dinton, 22 

Dirleton, 150, 151, 235 

Dishlev, 55 

Ditchley, 20, 21 

Doddington, 25, 1/0 

Doncaster, 51, 92, 216 

Donegal 1, co., 64, 171 

Donhead, 251 

Donington, 184, 254 

Dorchester, 188 

Dorset, 25, 115, 121, 127, 
169, 182, 186, 190, 192, 
247, 250, 251*, 253, 254 

Dover, 44 

Downham, 87 

Drayton, 78 

Drayton Bassett, 78 

Dremeld, 206 

Dresden, 6 

Driffeild, 210 

Dromore, 169, 170 

Drum, 7, 8 

Dublin, 53, 169*, 224*, 

Dunbar, 151, 235 
Dunnington, 221, 227 
Dunster, 126 

Durham, 19, 57, 91, l'J9, 
130, 157, 170, 224. 227 

Durham, co., 56*, 5S, 129- 

Dynton, 21 



Eardisley, 166 
Eastbourue, 24 
East Fen ton, 147 
East Grinstead, 184 
Kaston in Gordon. 227 
Eblesborne, 251 
Eccles, 159 
* Eccleshyll, 255 
Eckington, 164*, 165* 
Edenesore, 75 
Edensor, 203 

Edinburgh, 1, 2, 3*. 4*, 5*, 
6, 7*, 63, 146-151, 191, 

Edmonton, 170 

Edncsovere, 203 

Egliscairnie, 147 

Egliscarno, 151 

Egreniond, 16 

Elland, 50* 93 

Elmete, 155 

Elslack, 161 

Elslakc, 154 

Elving.-ton. 14S 

Elvington, 162*, 163* 

Ely, 182 

Engelaundry, 77 

Engenoybend, 77 

Englefield, 251 

Enhurst, 120 

Enston, 20 

Eperstone, 166 

Erde, 14 

Esborne. 187 

Esher, 226 

Eshton, 155 

Essex, 10, 19*, 24, 42*, 59, 
61, 65, 67*, 77, 92, 121, 
123, 130, 134, 135, 164, 
167*. 163, 169, 171, 1S3, 
186, 187, 1S8, 201, 202, 
219, 224, 225, 226*, 239, 
247, 252, 253, 254*, 255 

Estbytham, 202 

Everton, 170 

Evesham, 183 

Evesholt, 226 

Exeter, 185, 186*, 139, 190 

Exon, 123 

Extwisle, 153 

Eye, 121 

Eynsham Abbey, 258 

Falahill, 2*, 3, 8* 
Fallerston 248 
Falston, 248 
Farnehurst, 24 
Farnhull, 154 
Faston, 243 

Featherstone, 50*, 51*, 52*, 

Feckncll, 26 
Felton, 57 
Fenay, 214 
Fenny Sutton, 250 
Fen ton, 147, 235 
Fentoun, 236, 237 
Fermoy, 98,, 
Fidlers, 219 
Fifelde, 240, 246 
Filby, 192 
Finchamsted, 249 
Finchinfield, 186 
Fintra, 64 
Fixby, 50 
Flanders. 6, 167 
Fleet Marston, 28 
Flenarth. 76 
Flixton, 67 
Florence, 158 
Fontliill Abbey, 170 
Fordingbridge, 133 
Forfarshire, 3, 4, 5 
Forsett. 227 
Fort St. George, 96 
Foulstruther, 150 
Fradithorpe, 208 
Fran ke ton, 16 
France, 172*, 173 
Fredville, 57 
Fricktey, 216 
Fridaythorp, 208, 209 
Fundendale, 197 
Fylingdales, 91 
Fyneley, 189 

Galashiels, 3 
Gallowsyde, 149 
Gamlingav, 170 
Gammilscheils, 149*, 236 
Garforth, 160 
Gargrave, 153, 154, 159 
Garleleton, 151 
Garsdon, 246 
Garstange, 187 
Garvald, 151, 237, 238 
Gascon 3 T , 130 
Gateshead, 19, 92 
Gatewicke, 226 
Geneva, 221 
Georgia, 98 
Ghent, 157*, 158 
Giffordgate, 150 
Gillfield, 130 
Gilling, East, 57 
Gilling, West, 88 
Gilmertoun, 235 
Gilmondby, S9 
Gilthwaite, 213 
Glainford-brigg, 123 
Glamorganshire, 99* 

Glaster, 3 
Gledhow, 220 
Gledstane, 125 
Glendon, 226 
Gleufalloch, 69 
Gloucester, 118*, 120, 121, 

137, 166*, 167, 186*, 1S8, 


Gloucestershire, 12, 26, 58, 
120, 157, 171, 132, 1S4, 
18S, 196, 226, 247, 250, 
255, 256 

Gogar, 5 

Goldingstones, 235 
Gomersal, 92 
Gorton, 225 
Gowthurst, 252 
Graby, 117 
Granada, 216 
Granborough, 25 
Grange Hall, 89 
Grantham, 120, 159 
Grappenhall, 101*, 108, see 

Greenborowe, 27 
Gremvich, 123, 169, 259 
Grendon Underwood, 171 
Greystoke, 53 
Grimston, 222, 223*, 224 
Grinstead, 184, 185, 186, 


Grinstead, East, 120, 123 
Gropenhall, 100, 101, 107 
Groton, 191 
Grymshaw, 156 
Guildford, 249 
Guienne, 172 
Guiseley, 220*, 221 
Gulane, 157, 237 
Gyggleswick, 152 

Haddington, 146, 235-23S 

Hadleigh, 191 

Hadley, 88 

Haigh, 155 

Haighton, 159* 

Hailes, 235 

Hales, 6, 9, 154 

Halifax, 43*, 49*, 50*, 86*, 

94, 95*, 96, 97*, 93*, 


Hall-Broom, 54* 
Hamburg, 214 
Haraelak, 1, 76 
Hamerton, 154 
Hampstead, 99* 
Hampshire, 93, 172, 220, 

249, 251 
Hampton Lovett, 121 
Handsworth, 134 



Hanewell, 78 
Hanlith, 161 
Harden, 49 
Harefield, 21 
Hartham, 251 
Hartlepool, 129 
Hartree, 5 

Hatfield, 28*, 164, 165 ! 
Hatfield Regis, 118, 188 
Haukeston, 11 
Hawick, 5 
Hawthorndeu, 191 
Hayle, 254 
Hayneford, 128 
Haytesbury, 250 
Heath, 214 
Heaton, 159* 
Hebburne, 53 
Hebden, 154 
Hedderwick, 235 
Heggeley, 184 
Heleye, 74 
Helmdeu, 131 
Helming ton, 131 
Henley in Ardeu, 158 
Henlowe, 185 
Henstridge Marsh, 224 
Hereford, 12, 59, 72, 118, 

120*, 121, 123,166,182*, 


Hertford, 118*, 185, 186, 

Hertfordshire, 8S, 126, 166, 

171, 238, 239, 255 
Hesiington, 220 
Hesseldon, 170 
Hey wood, 157 
Highbridge, 42 
Hilcott, 251 
Hildeverill, 247 
Hill, 148 
Hillary, 76 
Hindon, 250 
Hiutleshain, 191 
Hinton St. George, 217 
Hirdrnaneston, 146, 149, 

Hobridge, 74 
Hockrill, 166 
Hodsden, 162 
Hodsoke, 52 
Hodynet, 135 
Holcoinb, 169 
Holderness, 55, 56 
Hollbrooke, 66 
Holmside, 131* 
Holt Market, 255 
Holywell, 25 
Horbury, 97 
Horley, 258, 259 
Horncastle, 123*, 182, 183, 

Hornsea, 209 

Hornsey, 257 
Horsham, 1S7 
Horton, Little, 91, 95* 
Hotecombe Portmort, 17 
Hough Hall, 227 
Houghton, 225 
Hou<rhton-le-Spriug, 56 
Houndhill, 213 
Howden, 237 
Howghton, 253 
Howsome, 207 
Huddleston, S9 
Hull, 51*, 55*, 56, 91, 92*, 

93, 94, 99, 215 
Humbie, 151, 236, 238 
Hungary, 6 
Hunteroombe, 15 
Huntingdon, 121*, 122 
Hunton, 222 
Hun troy de, 159 
Hunts, 183 
Hurkott, 21 
Hur worth, 58, 154 
Hutton, 223 
Huttou Crauswick, 92 
Huxley, 26 
Hywychaunflour, 138 

Idel. 49 
Ides'hale, 202 
Iford, 247 
Ikenham, 90 
Ilchester, 183 
Hlingworth, 85, 86 
Ilrnmster, 59 
Immeworth, 198 
lnce Blundell, 158 
Ingleby, 91 
Ipswell, 258 

Ipswich, 66*, 67, 121*, 
171, 219, 227, 254, 255* 

Ireland, 155, 165* 166, 
170, 224*, 226, 260 

Ireton, 200 

Iaell, 153 

Iver, 167 

Ivinge, 186 

Jamaica, 97, 156, 224 
Jed worth, 127 
Jerusalem, 132 
Johnstones, 191 

Keighley, 219 
Keinton, 251 
Kel field, 55, 216 
Kempsey, 1S3 

Kendall, 249 

Kennington, 100 

Kensington, 100, 168, 226 

Kent, 14, 40, 4 4, 57, 66, 
119M21*, 123, 137, 167, 
169*, 170, 184, 190, 
226*, 247, 248, 253, 254, 

Kew, 167 

Kidlaw, 147, 237 

Kildwick, 52 

Kilham, 56, 161 

Kilkenny, 167 

Killerbv, 161 

Killingall, 154 

Killinghall, 154 

Killeybegs, 64 

Kiln say, 160, 161 

Kilton, 127 

King's Bromley, 188* 

Kingsbury, 227 

Kiug's Nordley, 192 

Kingston, 151 

Kingstou-upon-Hull, 54, 

Kirdmaneston, 236 
Kirk Bramwith, 219 
Kirkby in Ash field, 135 
Kirkby Moreside, 185 
Kirkby on the Moors, 201 
Kirkby Wharf e, 51 
Kirkoswald, 89 
Kirkstall, 213 
Kirkstall Abbey, 62 
Knaresborough, 187 
Knaresburgh, 190 
Knighton, 166, 170 
Kniveton, 257 
Knokyn, 136 
Knottin^ley, 154 
Kyugerton, 140 
Kynynmound, 5 

Lacheford, 107 

Lachford, 100 

Lackenham, 226 

Lackham, 247*. 251 

Lacocke, 251 

Lagueham, 174 

Lambspring, 155 

Lamport, 121 

Lanbradrick, 170 

Lancaster, 159, 185, 157 

Lancashire, 14, 52, 53, 55, 
134,152, 154*, 167.183* 
213, 224, 225*. 227, 22S 

Landenny, 225 

Langharne, 99* 

Langley, 128 ) 260 

Langonet, 15 




Langrige, 251 
Langthorpe, 155 
Langtou, 219 
Langtre, 123 
Lanhanby Hall, 122 
Lanrak, 184 
Lantony, 196 
'Lavington, 245*, 246, 249* 
Laxton, 92 
Layer, 252 
Layer Marney, 169 
Layston, 167 
Leckhainsted, 22 
Lea, 260 
Leak, 169 
Leamington, 170 
Leckonfield, 206*, 207*, 

210, 211 
Lee, 12, 42, 95 
Leeds, 50, 52, 53, 62, 87, 

97, 213*, 214, 220*, 221, 


Leehouses, 237 

Leicester, 17, 63, 120, 121*, 
184, 187* 

Leicestershire, 16, 64, 77, 
133, 134, 139 

Leith, 147 

Lenton, 226 

Leutoun, 147 

Leominster, 59, 120 

Lessuden, 147 

Letchlade, 171 

Letham, 151 

Leveryngton, 182 

Lewes, 119 . 

Lewknor, 21 

Lichfield, 12, 119 

Liford, £52 

Lilford, 170 

Liliard Melyn, 225 

Lilleshull, 133 

Limerick, 224 

Limingtou, 245 

Limousin, 172*, 173 

Lincoln, 25, 27, 118M20*, 
122, 123*, 167, 184, 185, 
187, 189, 190*, 218, 225, 
254*, 257 

Lincolnshire 13*, 14*, 15, 
71, 76, 116, 122, 159, 
163, 168*, 182* 183*, 
184*, 199, 202, 21f 

Lingley, 187 

Linthwayt, 213 

Linton, 161. 235 

Lismore, 171 

Littleton, 249* 

Litton, 161 

Littondale, 27 

Liverpool, 61, 225, 260 

LlandafF, 99 

Loddon, 58 

London, 121, 13 1, 167, 168, 
223, 226* 127*, 
253. 260 
„ Aldgate, 227 
„ Allhallowes, Bread 

Street, 42 
„ All- Hallows the 

Great, 227 
„ Barking Church, 65 
„ Catherine Cree- 

church, 40 
„ Charterhouse Cha- 
pel, 96 
„ Christ Church, 42 
,, Clement's Inn, S9 
„ Cornhill, 19 
,, Cripplegate, 227 
„ Gray's Inn, 19*, 

65, 213, 214 
„ Guildhall, 59, 120, 

123, 254, 255 
„ Holborn, 226* 
„ Lincoln's Inn, 64 
„ St. Andrew, Hol- 
born, 43, 258, 

St. Andrew Hub- 
bord, 42 

„ St. Andrew Un- 
dersh. 43, 171 

„ St. Andrew in the 
Wardrobe, 44 

„ St. Ann, Black- 
friars, 168 

„ St. Bartholomew, 

„ St. Bartholomew, 
Exchange, 170 

„ St. Bartholomew 
the Great, 90 

„ St. Bartholomew 
the Little, 167 

„ St.Bennet Finch, 41 

„ St. Bennet, Paul's 
Wharf, 40 

„ St. Botolphs, Aid- 
gate, 40*, 41, 43 

„ St. Bololph's, Al- 
<lersgate, 44 

,, St. Botolph's, Bis- 
hopsgate, 40, 42 

„ St. Brides, 46. 167 

„ St. Catherine Cole- 
man Street, 44 

„ St. Catherine, 
Creech, 44 

„ St. Dunstans in 
West, 40, 41 

„ St. Edmonds, 
Lombard Street, 

„ St. Etelborough, 

London, St. Gabriel, 19 
„ St. George, Blooms- 
bury, 19 
St. George, South- 
war k, 42 
,, St. George, Cripple- 
gate. 40, 42 
St. Helen's, Bis- 
hopsgate, 90 
,, St. James, Garlick- 

hithe, 43 
„ St. John,Zacharies, 

,, St. Laurence, Old 

Jewry, 88 
„ St. Lawrence, 

Pountney, 43 
„ St. Leonard's, East- 
cheap, 40 
„ St. Margaret, Pa- 

tentes, 43 
St. Martin, Out- 

wich, 43 
„ St. Mary, Alder- 

mary, 40 
„ St. Mary at Hill, 

40, 41 

„ St. Mary Magda- 
lene, Bermond- 
sey, 43, 44 

„ St. Mary Magdalen, 

„ St. Mary Mattfel- 
lon als. White- 
chapel, 43 

„ St. Mary Mount- 
hawe, 40 

„ St. Mary ad Mon- 
tem, 224 

,, St. Mary, Ovaries, 

„ St. Mary, White- 
chapel, 44 

„ St. Mary, Wool- 
noth, 42, 88 

„ St. Michaels, 166 

„ St. Michael, Bassis- 
haw, 42 

„ St. Mildreds, Bread 
Street, 225 

„ St. Mildreds, Poul- 
try, 41 

,, St. Nicholas Aeons, 

„ St. Olave, Hart 
Street, 40, 43 

„ St. Olaves, Jewry, 

„ St. Olave, South- 
wark, 41*, 4 2, 43* 
„ St.PeterlePoore,44 
,, St. Peter's, Corn- 
hill, 42 



London, St. Stephen's, Wal- 

brook, 96 
„ St. Sepulchre's, 44, 

„ St. Switken's, 41 
„ St. Thomas Apostle, 


„ Temple, Inner, 166, 

167, 225,226 
„ Ternple,Middle,20, 

66, 91, 227 
„ Tower of, 160 
„ "SYhitechapel, 42* ; 
see Middlesex 

Longbridge, 166 

Longdon, 121 

Longleat, 193, 194 

Long Marston. 219 

Longuiddry, 238 

Lonyngton, 195. 

Lostock, 202 

Lostwithiell, 189 

Lothian, Mount, 7*, 8* 

Lourbodille, 197 

Louth, 92 

Lovet, 76 

Lowerbrea, 95* 

Lupset. 87* 

Lushley, 19 

Lyllingstone Darrell, 

Lynch, 24 

Lyncomb, 166 

Lyneham, 168 

Lynn, 192, 248 

Lytton, 27 

Macclesfield, 171, 260 
Madras, 170 
Magnac, 172 

Maiden Bradley, 127, 246 
Maidstone, 121, 184, 226 
Maillarte, 173 
Maisonrouge, 173 
Malmesbury, 243 
Maltby, 217 

Manchester, 55, 157*, 158, 

224, 225 
Manningham, 97 
Maplebeck, 119 
Mapperton, 169 
Marlborough, 1S9 
Marney, 169 
Marshwood, 60 
Marton, 153, 154 
Masrocher, 173 
Massachusetts, 61 
Massey Brook, 101 
Matfenwest, 197 
Melbourne, 209 
Meldon, 15 
Melgum, 6, 9* 
Mel gum Barony, 1, 4, 5* 

Melgund Barony, 1 
Mel kan thorp, 76 
Melksham, 252 
M oriel en, 13, 187 
Merioneth, 118, 183 
Messing Hall, 19 
Messingham, 123 
Micfiell Deane, ^48 
Micklethwait, 50 
Micklethwayt Grange, 161 
Middleham, 226, 227 
Middlesex, 19, 20, 88, 119*, 
123*, 162, 166, 
170, 171*, 178, 
190, 224, 225, 
226*, 227, 255 
„ Chelsea, 227 

Gray's Tnn, 223* 
Holborn, 225* 
„ Islington, 227 
„ St. Clement 

Danes, 170 
„ St. George's, 
Hanover Sq., 
168, 170, 221, 

„ St. George the 
Martyr, 225, 

„ St. Giles' in 
Fields, 166, 
167, 169, 171, 

St. James' in 
Fields, 169 
„ St. Martin's in 
Fields, 169, 

,, St. Marylebone, 
St. Mary Mat- 

fellon, 171 
St. Mary, White- 
chapel, 16S 
„ St. Pancras, 170 
St,raul's,Covent j 
Garden, 166 
„ Shoreditch, 167, 

Smithfield, 171 
„ AVhitechapel, 171 
Middleton St. George, 58 
Middleton Lodge, 224 
Midgley, 49 
Midhope, 153 
Midhurst, 23, 24, 122 
Millhaven, 147 
Milium, 153 
Milnes, 235 
Milton, 149 
Mitcham, 189 
Mitford, 15 

Mitton, 50, 153 
Moene3toke Walrand, 73 
Molcme, 132 
Molton, 13S 
Monk Hesilden, 130 
Munkton Farley, 252 
Monmouth, 1S2 
Monmouthshire, 100, 222, 

Montmedy, 156 
Mont Pouillan, 170 
Monyash, 55 
Monyashall, 55 
Moodton, 166 
Morehall, 153 
Morham, 150 
Morhame, 151 
Morley, 48, 94 
Morningthorpe, 19 
Moulton, 226 
Mount-bures, 164 
Mount Lothian, 7*, 8* 
Mudele, 136 
Mulenand, 171 
Mytham, 97 

Nafferton, 207 
Naffirton, 197 
Nantwick, 58, 159 
Nappa, 153 
Nashe, 251 
Naylestou, 134 
Neesham, 154 
Nethercote Sawbye, 26 
Neufville, 172 
Nevyn, 183 

New ark- u pon -Trent, 166 
Newbiggine, 236 
Newbyth, 7 
Newcastle, 52, 56* 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, 130, 

Newhall, 147, 236* 

Newlaud, 159* 

Newland Park, 159 

Newliston, 225 

Newmarsh. 205 

Newport, 100, 120 

Newstead, 51 

Newsted, 190 

Newton, 207, 216 

Newton Kyme, 164, 222 

New York, 93 

Nevland, 252 

Nidd, 217 

Nieuport, 6, 9 

Norfolk, 18, 19, 59, 70, 71, 
72, 118*, 121, 128, 167*, 
169, 188, 1S9, 191, 192, 
197, 200, 219, 225, 226, 
244,' 248*, 252, 251*, 



Norland, 9S 
Normandy, 60 
Northall, 88 
Northallerton, 119* 
Northampton, 42, 59, 119*, 

123*, 183, 186, 1SS*, 

189, 254, 255, 258 
Northamptonshire, 11, 12. 

16, 18, 26,74,75,90.135, 

136, 168, 169, 170, 226 
Northaston, see Aston 
North aw, S8 
North Cotes, 160 
Northgate-house, 9S* 
Northowram, 94* 
Northumberland, 15, 57*, 

58, 87, 1S3, 197, 246 
Northwich, 183 
Norton, 28, 164 
Norton Bavent, 249 
Norwic, 184 

Norwich, 118, 121, 170, 
188, 225, 226, 255 

Norwood, 156 

Nostell,50, 156 

Nottingham, 119, 183, 185 

Nottinghamshire, 11, 164'. 
166*, 170, 198, 205, 225 

Notley, Black, 92 

Nungait, 146, 237 

Odenburg, 6 
Ogbourue, 246 
Okeham, 123 
Okeley, 42 
Oldebury, 76 
Oneston, 75 
Ousacre, 54 
Orfurd Lodge, 101 
Orkney, 2 

Ormesby, 93, 192, 218 
Ormeston, 147, 151, 235 
Orston St. George, 249 
Ostend, 167 
Ottriugham, 206 
Oughton Moorside, 209 
Ovenden, 86*, 94*, 95*, 97 
Overhailes, 237 
Owram, 95* 
Owram, North, 96* 
Owram, South, 97, 98, 100 
Oxford, 25*. 28, 93, 118*, 

122% "187*, 188*, 220, 


Oxfordshire, 15, 20, 21,22, 

24, 2S*, 179, 200, 201 
Oxford. All Soul's Coll., 25 
Oxford, Brasenose Coll., 50, 

Oxford, Jesus Colb. 99 

Oxford, Magdalen Coll., 25, 

Oxford, Pembroke Coll., 93 
Oxford, Queen's Coll., 93 
Oxford, St. John's Coll., 

Oxford Univ., 95 

Oxford, University Coll., 
50, 214*, 220 

Oxon co., 25*, 26* 27*, 
78, 123, 137, 205, 211, 
226, 227, 258, 259 

Packington, 64 
Painswicke, 226 
Paiston, 235 
Pakenham, 167 
Pannal, 223 
Paris, 168, 225 
Patras, 92, 93 
Patrington, 54* 
Pattishull, 121 
Pearchyng Poynings, 24 

reckham, 171 

Peebles co., 4 

Pembrokeshire, 127, 248 

Pencaitland, 236 

Penuard, 169 

Pentignon, 173* 

Perten, 171 

Perth, 64 

Perthshire, 69 

Pethdailles, 150 

Petherton, South, 25 

Petworth, 226 

Peyuton, 13 

Philiphaugh, 1*, 3*, 8 

Piehelesthorne, 22 

Pincartoun, 146, 150, 235, 

Piuchin + horpe, 205 
Pynhilles, 247 
Pynnele, 198 
Pynnell, 251 
Pirbright, 24 
Pitcokkis, 235 
Pitfold, 24 
Pitforthir, 237 - 
Pithouse, 250 
Plesey, 72 
Plessynghall, 18 
Plewlandhill, 150, 151 
Plewlauds, 236 
Plvmpton, 254 
Pocklington, 56*, 63, 189. 

203. 204, 205, 206, 208 

210, 211 
Puiton, 173* 
Pollard, 221 

Pontefract, 51*, 187, 1SS* 

Pontefract Castle, 50 
Pontopp, 227 
Poole, 248 
Popill. 149 
Portington, 216 
Port t muu;.li, 169 
Pottoe, 224 " 
Ponwer, 138 
Pownell, 25 
Prestcote, 25 S 
rreston, 25, 60, 15S 
Preston Capes. 1S9 
Prestonfield, 5 
Preston, Little, 4, 8 
Prestonpans, 147, 237 
Preston Ponyngs, 24 
Preston super Montera, 189 
Priestfield, 3, 4*, 5, 6, 7, 

Priestley. 49, 86 
Prora, 151 
Prussia, 169 
Pullein, 170 
Putney, 168 
Tyncebek, 13 
Pyugdean, 24 

Quadryng, 13 
Quantoxhead, 127 
Quarrendon, 203 
Queen's County, 170 
Quenton, 76 

Kadcleve, 77 
Radnor, 166 
Ramsey e, 71 
Raj)hoe, 171 
Raskelf, 163 
Rawclifie, 51 
Rawdon, 221 
Rawmarsh, 55* 
Rayne, 153 
Redmount, 12 
Redness, 216 
Redpathneuk, 148 
Repynghale, 14, 116, 117 

Restabrig, 14S 
Resford, 164 
Ribstou, 224 
Richebourg, 173 
Richmond, 157 
Ridlesden, 49, 153 
Ripou, 217 
Rither, 90, 162 
Rodburne, 17 
Rode, 245 




Rogerthorpe, 52, 53 
Rollesby, 192* 
Holleston, 227 1 
Rolston, 24 S 
Romaldkirk, 89 
Home, 158* 
Romney Marsh, 119 
Rookcliff, 93 
Roos, 76 
Roseball, 7, 8 
Ross, 148 

Rothorham, 54*, 55* 
Rotherfield, 18 
Roth well, 183 
Rotteleye, 78 
Roundhay, 155, 156 
Rowde, 246 
Rowchlaw, 150 
Rowseby, 219 
Rowston, 156, 248 
Roxburgh, co., 5 
Roy ton, 52* 
Ruchelaw, 14S 
Ruftec, 172 
Rugby, 26, 186* 
Rugelev, 255 
Rumbaldkirk, S9 
Rumney Marsh, 167 
Rustington, 24 
Ruthin, 253 
Rutland, 123 
Ryestibill, 147 

St. Bothans, 235 
St. Christophers, 257 
St. Crux, 162*, 163* 
St. Fredeswide, 201 
St. George, 227 
St. Martin, 75 
St. Melans, 222* 
St. Michael, 227 
St. Neots, 183 
St. Nicholas, 99 
St. Omer3, 156, 157 
St. Vincent, 100 
St. Waynards, 118 
Salop, 11, 58, 119, 120*, 
133, 135, 136, 195*, 202 
Saltcoats, 150 
Saltfletby, 167 
Saltford, 72 
Salton, 149, 235 
Saltpans, 147 
Salt Preston, 14 S, 150 
Samuelston, 237 
Sandal, 87 
Sandwich, 119 
San ton, 216 
Sapcote, 202 
Sapperton. 247 

Sarum, 245, 250* 
Sarum, New, 58, 122 
Sauchtounhall, 2 
Savile, 155 
Saxham, 67 
Scales, 158 

Scarborough, 157, 210, 217 
Scarburgh, 206 
Scard'ing Wells, 171 
Scorborouc;h, 92 
Scoreby, 223 

Scotland, 116-151, 169, 200 
Scotton, 154 
Scraling, 235 
Sefton, 158* 
Segrey, 252 
Selborne, 10 
Selborne Priory, 10 
Selby, 93, 187, 255 
Selfston, 14 
Selkirkshire, 2, 7 
Sempynghain, 117 
Senegal, 157 
Sevenhampton, 247 
Severnstooke, 26, 27 
Seytoun, 151 
Shafton, 254 
Shawe, 251 
Shawlston, 27 
Sheffield, 163, 171, 200 
Shepeye, 77, 197, 198 
Sheppard Castle, 54 
Shepton Maliett, 183 
Shibdenllall, 95*, 96*, 97*, 

98*, 99, 100 
Shifford, West, 14 
Shipton, 27 
Shobyuton, 18 
Shoreham, 11 S 
Shrewsbury, 193 
Shropshire, 128, 192, 260 
Shurborne, 186 
Sibberd, 188 
Sibethorp, 11 
Sicke House, 54*, 55* 
Si^lesthorne, 55, 56, 57 
Silkstone, 55 
Skedsbush, 236 
Skeltou Castle, 57, 130, 


Skipton, 85, 86*. 158, 159 
Skipton in Craven, 183 
Skircoat, 98 

Skirling, 3, 4*, 7, 8 # , 236 
Skyrack, 62 

Sleaford, 120, 184, 187, 

Sligo, 171 
Slythurst, 26 
Srnithfield, 227 
Snarkeston, 16 
Sockburn, 131 
3omercotes, 15 

Somersetshire, 16, 24, 25, 
59*, 72, 77, 115. 119*, 
121*, 12G, 127, 138, 140, 

166, 169, 170, 183*. 
134*, 185, 1SS, 1S9, 190, 
195, 217, 224, 227, 246, 
250, 252% 255 

Sommerton, 27, 255 
Sotwell, 168 

Southampton, 24, 73, 119*, 
121, 122, 169, 182, 183, 
1S9, 227, 245, 250, 251, 
254, 255 

South mo! ton, 1S7 

South Weald, 226 

Southwell, 205 

Southwark, 118, 122, 123, 

167, 169*, 170, 185, 218, 

Southwick, 227 
Sowerby, 86* 
Spain, 166, 223 
Spalding, 168 
Sparham, 192 
Spelsbury, 20*, 21, 23 
Spernithorne, 217 
Spott, 150 
Sprotflat, 119 

Stafford, 119, 121*, 122, 

186, 1SS* 
Staffordshire, 78, 99, 134, 

138, 195, 196, 201, 224, 

227, 255, 260 
Staindrop, 130* 
Stamford, 164, 165 
Staiusbrough, 225 
Stain ton, 154 
Stamford, 164 
Stanhopemilnes, 3, 8 
Stanton Barry, 24 
Stanton Harcourt. 197 
Stanwick. 157 
Strawbridge, 251 
Stebunheath, 42 
Stecham, 24 
Stedham, 24 
Stenton, 235 
Steple Ashton, 247 
Stepney, 167 
Stevenston, 148, 149 
Stillingfleet, 55 
Stockton, 250 
Stockwell, 24, 248 
Stoke, 165 
Stcke-Nevland, 164 
Stoke Park, 27 
Stooke, 27 

Stooke-upon-Severne, 26 
Storke, 211 
Stow. 53 
Stowell, 166 
Stowford, 246, 247 
Stowmarket, 120 



Stranton, 56, 57* 
Stratford, 169, 170, 254* 
Stratford Langthorne, 1S5 
Stratun, 190 
Stretham, 41 
Strettou, 107, 193 
Struan, 62 
Stubhouse, 90 
Styvychale, 198 
Sudbury, 226 
Sudeley, 168 

Suffolk, 58, 59, 61, 65, 66, 
67*, 116, 119, 120, 121*, 
123, 164, 167*, 171, 185, 
186, 187, 191, 199, 219, 
226, 227, 241, 245, 248, 

Sunderland, 48* 49, 50 

Sunderlandwick, 160 

Sundridge, 40 

Surfflet, 187 

Surnam, 169 

Surrey, 24*, 41, 43*, 118, 
119*, 121*, 123*, 166*, 

. 167*, 168, 169*, 170, 
171, 175, 185% 1S9, 198, 
225, 226*, 227, 248. 249 

Sussex, 23. 24*, 74, 118, 
119, 120, 122, 123*, 175, 
184, 185, 1S6,1S7*, 189, 
190*, 225, 226, 24S, 249 

Sutton, 25, 185, 246, 250, 

Sutton Bingham, 60 
Sutton-in-the-Forest, 122 
Sutton-upon-Lound, 164, 

S waff ham, 189, 255 
Swaith, 216 
Swansea, 100, 104 
Swinsted, 163 
Swire, 25 
Swithlands, 257 
Swythamlev, 260 
Sydserf, 147, 14S, 150 
Sylton, 250 

Tackley, 20 
Tadcaster, 209 
Tallo, 150 
Tatton, 58 
Taunton, 184*, 190 
Tempillfeild, 151 
Terbyn, 190 
Tetsworth, 258 
Tewkesbury, 184 
Thame, 123, 204, 211 
Thame Abbey, 257 
Thames Dittou, 99 
Thanet, Isle of, 167 

Thelwall, 101 

Thicket, 90 
Thirsk, 57, 118 
Thisendale, 208 
Thissendale, 209, 210 
Thistledale, 208 
Thornage, 189 
Thornbury, 186* 
Thorndon, 156, 167 
Thornetou, 219 
Thorneydikes. 235 
Thornhill, 86*, 87*, 171, 

Thornton, 134, 213 
Thorpe Morieux, 191 
Thurmeston, 198 
Thyndene, 11 
Tickhill, 216 

Tiersall, 86, 212*, 213* 

Tilneye, 200 
Timperley, 58 
Tirefeld, 196 
Titherton Lucas, 246 
Tockerington, 87 
Tokennyn, 72 
Tong, 213* 
Tory ton, 186 
Tournay, 6, 9 
Traffovd, 157, 158, 260 
Tranent, 235 
Traquair, 2 
Treby, 183 
Tredagh, 155 

Trowbridge, 245, 246, 252 
Trusthorp, 14 
Trymley, 67 
Trymley House, 67 
Tuustall, 56*, 57 
Turner s Pidell, 247 
Tusmore, 156 
Tuttington, 128 
Twenebroke, 100 
Twyneh^m, 225 
Tynterhull, 25 
Tysbury, 250 
Tyssington, 74 
Tystede, 10* 

Uffington, 16S 
Ugbrook, 20* 
Ugburgh, 1S7 
Uggeburgh, 187 
Ukerby, 52 
Ulleskelf, 219 
Ulverston, 53* 
Upperbrea, 95, 96, 97* 
Upton, 255 

Uptou-upon-Severn, 70 
Uxbridge, 90 

Vaux, 173 

Verat, 173 

Vewtres, 192 

Vienna, 6 

Villeneuve, 173* 

Virginia, 97, 99*, 125, 260 

Waddington, 152 
Wadworth, 52, 92 
Wakefield, 51, 87*, 121, 
159, 169, 1S6, 214*, 219* 
Wales, 222 
Walgrave, 171 
Walsingham, 167 
Walsokeu, 71 
Walthamstow, 224 
Walsingham, 254 
Walton-upon-Thames, 169 
Walworth, 171 
Walyngton, 15 
Ward, 249 
Wardour, 221 
Warminster, 183 
Warmyster, 250 
Warrington, 64, 101, 164 
Warton, 215 

Warwick, 58, 166, 184*, 

185* 186*, 1S7, 188 
Warwickshire, 13, 17, 26*, 
27, 65, 78, 137, 169*, 
170, 198, 221 
Wasperton, 169 
Waterford, 171 
Watford, 186 
Watlas, 161 
Wauchton, 147, 235 
Waverley, 24 
Well, 56 
Wellingley, 216 
Wellington, 120 
Wells, 121 
Welton, 93, 98 
Wentbridge, 53 
Westbrooke, 24 
Westburie, 27 
Westbury, 12, 133, 247 
Westcot, 166 
West Fenton, 148* 
Westham, 188 
Westmeath, co., 23 
Westminster, 29, 40, 167, 

169, 170, 225 
Westminster Abbey, 224 
„ St. James, 224, 

225, 226 

41, 63, 167, 


Westmoreland, 76, 89, 129, 



Westwell, 25 
Wetbam, 245 
Whaddon, 252 
Whaitley. 122 
Whateley, 25 
Wheatley, 52, 86 
Whitby, 166 
Whitchurch, 18S 
Whitehaven, 52 
Whiteparish. 245, 246 
Wbitlay, 86 

Whittinghame, 146, 237 
Whittington, 52, 53* 
Wibimbury, 26,128,192,260 
Wicb Malbanc, 120 
Wichotn, 202 
Wickam Market, 254 
Widcomb. 166 
Widdenburie, 26 
Widdonbury, 41 
Wigan, 255 
Wight, Isle of, 170 
Wighton, 192 
Wifby, 70, 219 
Wilcot, 216 
Willerby, 92 
Wilton" 249* 
Wiltshire, 29, 58, 71, 75, 

US, 119, 121, 122* 127, 

168, 170, 172, 182, 183, 

189, 245*, 258 
.Winchester, 119*, 121,129, 

218, 254, 258 

Windsor, 154. 167 
Winslow, 119' 
WinterborneStepleton, 253 
Wintoun, 151 
Wirksworth, 225 
Wiston, 127 
Wykene, 198 
Wynckley, 224 
Woborne, 254 
Wodeford, 16 
Wodeham Ferrers, 201 
Wollairngton, 24 
Wolley, 55 
Wolstruthir, 235 
Wolverhampton. 121 
Woodcroft, 131, 2, 89, 96 
Woodnorton, 118 
Woodstock, 22, 187, 227 
Wootton, 221 
Wootton Hall, 158 
Worcester, 19, 118, 120, 

121, 122, 127 
Worcestershire, 70, 76, 

166, 167, 169, 182, 183*, 


Workinton. 217 
World ham, 221 
Worthing. 24* 
Wotton, 18, 189 
Wotton-under-Edge, 1S6, 

188, 189 
Wragby, 51* 152 

Wrenthorpe, 224 
Wrexham, 253 
Wroteham, 190 
Wroxall, 186 
Wursted, 255 
I Wykara, 120 
Wyndane, 150 
Wynfred, 72 
Wyston, 164 
Wytenham, W"e.->t, 72 

Yarborough, 215 

Yatyngedene, 77 

Yellison, 153* 

York, 50*, 51*, 52*, 54, 
56, 85, 86, 87*, 89, 91, 
92, 96.97.9S, 118*, 119*, 
120, 121*, 122«, 157*, 
158, 162*, 165*. 1S3, 
184, 185, 186*, 1S7*, 
188*, 189*. 190, 204, 
206, 208, 213*, 216, 
219*, 22C*, 221, 222, 
223% 224* 254 

Yorkshire, 27, 28*, 62, 
85-100,12", 12S, 129-131, 
152-167, 169*, 171*", 
1S3, 200, 201, 212-227, 
255*, 2S7 


©fferfoit, Co. Qtoite. 

^ OA i 

31 ay J. 


June 3. 


JUl} J.). 


jui\ ^y. 


Oct. 7. 

Nov. 7. 

i cor. 

Mar. zb. 


Apr. lb. 


J>lil\ s. 


J uly o. 


Aug. -1. 


"\r.-.v- o 
iuaj j.. 


Col-, oo 

r eu. Jo. 

Feb. 25. 


Mar. 29. 


Aug 61. 


Apr. JU. 


UCt. li. 

-NOV. -_>U. 

Nov. 30, 

Dec. 10. 

1Q - 



Deo. l / . 


AT-.*- O 

3ia\ j. 


Af..,'. Cl 

Ma j 


Ma\ J. 


i.uaj 4. 

Julv 12. 


Nov. 17. 

Nov. 22. 


Feb. 7. 

May 2. 


May 3. 

May o. 

J une 1 7. 


rsO\ . 1 / . 


Nov. 17. 

IN OV. 1 I . 


Jan. lb. 


reo. iy. 

reb. IV. 


Ma\ z. 


May i. 


Maj -. 



June 4. 


June ic. 

Uct. o. 

J >ec. ii'. 

Pec. 24. 


Feb! 4." 


Feb. 11. 

Apr. 8. 

May 2. 


May 2. 

Julv 1, 


July 22. 


Oct. b. 



John s. Edmund & Sarah Reavill. Born Feb. 20. 
John s. George & Ann Brown. Burn May 8. 
James s. William & Ann Wooley. Born June 17. 
Mary d, William £ Hannah Reynolds. iVrn July 3. 
William s. Christopher & Isabella Rose. Burn Sept. G, 
Hannah d. William & Sarah Teather. Burn Oct. o. 
Joseph s. William .^Sfirah Booth. Born Feb. 2b". 
Ann d. John & Sarah BooTT Burn Mar. 12. 
Charls s. William & Elizebeth Salmon. Burn June 4, 1S04. 
Mary d. Sampson & Martha White. Born May 29. 
Mary d. Richard & Ann Thorn blinson. Born Apr. 12. 
John s. Robert & Mary Gravnor. Born Jan. 4, 1S04. 
Hannah Newbeard d. Thomas & Mary Outram. Born Jan. 28. 
Mary d. William & Mary Bills. Born Feb. 4. 
Samuel s. James & Ann Johnson. Born Mar. 8. 
John s. William & Mary Parnel. Born Aug. 4. 
Jane d. Robert & Mary Gravnor. Born Mar. IS. 
Elizebeth cl. William & Hamuli Reynolds. Born Sept. 19. 
Richard s. William & Hannah Royal. Born Sept. 11. 
Samuel s. William & Elizebeth Salmon. Burn Xov. 11. 
Jane d. Christopher & Isabella Rose. Born Aug. 25. 
John Wightman s. John Hovland & Sarah Lilly. Born Sept. 24, 
1S0G. ~ 

John s. John i- Sarah Boot. Born Oct. 12, 1S0G. 
Sarah d. Sampson & Martha White. Born Feb 2G. 
Ann d. Edmund & Sarah Reavill. Born Mar. 20. 
Richard s. William & Ann Woolly. Born Nov. 27, 1806. 
Joseph Andrew Tavlor s. Joseph & Mollv Bennet. Born Nov. 30, 

Jane d. Richard & Ann Thoinblinson. Born June IS. 
Thomas .s. Robert and Mary Gravnor. Born Oct. 17. 
Jane cl. Jeremiah & Mary Staniland. Born Oct. 2G. 
William s. Samuel & Ann Lee. Burn Jan. 9. 
William s. George cv. Frances Morley. Born Feb. 11. 
Samson s. Samson & Martha White. Burn Apr. 20. 
Francis s. Francis & Elizeheth Jackson. Burn May 1G, 17S7. 
Jane d. William & Mary Bills. Burn May 18. 
Richard Charles s. Richard Charles & Catherine Ward. Born 
Aug. 8, 1807. 

William Squire s. Richard Charles & Catherine Ward. Born 
Aug. S. 

Jane Travel van d. Richard Charles & Catherine Ward. Born 
Aug. 8. 

Mary Elizebeth d. John & Sarah Boot. Born Aug. 5, 1S0S. 
Jane d. George & Ann Brown. Burn July 20, 1S0G. 
Godfrey s. George & Ann Brown. Born Jan. 13 
John s. John & Jane Thomson. Born Apr. 1G, 1799. 
Jane d. John & Jane Thomson. Born July 9, 1S02. 
Elizebeth cl John & Jane Thomson. Born Feb. 12, 1S05. 
James s. William k Elizebeth Salmon. Born Apr. G. 
Harriot s. William «fc Hannah Royal. Born May 14. 
Frances d. William & Hannah Reynolds. Born May 30. 
Susannah d. Joseph & Mary Watkinson. Burn Aug. 27. 
Thomas s. William k Ann Woolly. Born Nov. 11. 
Frances d. Williby & Ann Godly* Born Sept. 2 k 
John s. "W 'illiam i: Elizebeth Chaterton. Born Jan. 5. 
George s. James & Ann Johnson. Born Jan. 10. 
Elizebeth d. William & Jane Hickton. Born Mar. 12. 
Susannah d. George & Frances Morley. Born Feb. 19. 
Elizebeth d. Samson & Martha White. Born Apr. 14. 
Thomas s. John & Elizebeth Salmon. Born June 12. 
Jane d. Jarvis & Hannah Miller. Burn June 30. 
Sarah Ann cl. William & Mary Stcrland. Born May 27, 1S0S. 




Oct. 6. 


June 30 

July 14. 

.Sept. 1. 

Sept. 1. 

Sept. 8. 

Nov. 17. 


Nov. 17- 

Nov. 24. 

Nov. 24. 


Dec. 15. 

T 4 q.-. OS 

i.'eo. zo. 


Jan. 16. 


Jan. 26. 

Feb. 9. 

Feb. 23. 


May 3. 

July 8. 


July S. 

JUI) Z-). 

Julv 12. 

July 30. 


Nov. 22. 

Nov. 15. 

Dec. 13. 

T^or> 90. 
J'CC Zv. 

Dec. 27 


Dec. 27. 

-L/CC. <i / • 


Feb. 7. 


Mar. S. 


May 2. 


Aug. 16. 

1 7S5. 

Nov. 26. 


Dec. 6. 


June 19. 


Aug. 21. 


Oct. 6. 


Dec. 2."). 


June 26. 


Aug. 4. 


Aug. 22. 


Dec. 8. 

Elizebeth cl. William & Mary Steriand. Born Aug. 17. 
John s. Stephen & Hannah Finder. Born June 11. 
Hannah d. William k Hannah Royal. Bora June 23. 
Joseph s. George & Ann Brown. Born Aug. 7. 
Mary d. George <.v Ann Brown. Born Aug. 7. 
Frances d. Richard & Ann Thomblinson. Born Aug. 11. 
Christefor s. William & Liddia Rose. Born Oct. 9. 
Sarah d. James Elizebeth Elarison. Born Oct. 10. 
Francis s. Francis k Elizebeth Hanclif. Born Oct. 24. 
James s. William & Elizebeth Chatterton. Born Oct. 31. . 
John s. James L J c Margrat Fogg. Born Nov. 22. 
William s. Samson & Martha White. Born Sept. 4. 
Samuel s. John 1- Sarah Boot. Born July 29. 1810. 
Mary d. William & Elizebeth Salmon. Born Jan. 4. 
Adam s. William & Hannah Reynold. Born Jan. 3. 
George s. George & Frances Morlev. Born Jan. 27. 
Elizebeth d. William & Mary Bilby. Born May 9, 1811. 
Joseph s. Titus & Hannah Brown." Born Dec.*8, 1811. 
Nicholas Hoyland s. John Hovland & Sarah Lillv. Born June 9, 

Elizabeth Ann .1. John Hoyland & Sarah Lilly. Born Feb. 8, 1811. 
Ann Meggitt d. George & Palley Flower. Born June 16. 
Mary d. William & Sarah AshKue. Born Mav 31. 
Joseph s. William & Ann Woolly. Born July 2. 
Mary Catherine d. Richard Charles k Catherine Ward. Born 
Nov. 9. 

Mary Harriet d. William & Mary Steriand. Born Nov. 14. 
Easther d. Edward & Ann Presgraves. Born Dec. 12, 
George s William & Ann Carter. Born Dec. IS. 
Peter s. William & Charlotte Moore. Born Aug. 4. 
Henry s. George & Mary Holmes. Born Apr. 4, 1810. 
George s George & Mary Holmes. Born Dec 23. 
John s. George 6c Mary Holmes. Born Dec. 23. 


Thomas Knowls & Ann Duis both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

William Taylor. Eliz 11 Hewitt. 
Philip Javens & Hannah Leeson both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

John Morris, Jn° Barthrop. 
John Bailey of Weston and Mary Outram of this Parish. 

Witnesses. Tho s Roe. J°n Barthrop". 
William Doncaster of Tuxford k Ann Duckmanton of Rufford. 

Witnesses!, Elizabeth Duckmanton. Samuel Wood. 
Samuel Ward & Sarah Salmon of this Parish. Witnesses, John 

Barthrop, William Salmon. 
George Woolhouse & Sarah Moore of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Edmund Blyton, John Barthrop. 
Francis Cree" of Worksop k Phoebe Winn of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Richerd Cartwright. Samuel Wood. 
James Lucas of this Parish .v. Ann Cartridge of Rufford. 

Witnesses. Thomas Lucas. Samuel Wood. 
Herbert Greensmith Beard & Ann Turner of this Parish. 

Witnesses. Benj n Turner. Nevill F. Beard. Lie. 
John Chapman of Tibshelf in Co. Derby & Elizabeth Newbird of 

this Parish. Witnesses, George Poole. Samuel Wood. 
George Shaw of Cuckney & Mary Duckmonton of Rufford. 

Witnesses. Henry Davy. Elizabeth Duckmonton. 
Joseph Curtis of Kncesall & Sarah Palfreman of Ed whist ow. 

Witnesses, Rich 4 Flower. Samuel Wood. Lie. 
William Pinder of Laxtnn & .Mary Turner of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Benj" Turner, H. G. Beard. Lie. . 
William Brown & Eleanor Lees of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Samuel Wood, Peter Spurt. Lie. 



178/. Dee. 17. George Wright & Mary Brown of this Parish. Witnesses, W™ 
Brown, W 1 " Wright. 

1788. Feb. 12. Hubert Skinner of Bahlerton in this County k Mary Boot of this 

Parish, .Sam 1 Parker, Jane White. Lie. 
178S. Aug. 4. Peter Holland & Ann Colton of this Parish. Witnesses, John 

White, Samuel Wood. 

1788. Oet. 13. Francis Horseman & Rebecca Dewis of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Rob"t Gravenor, George Wright. 

1789. Jan. 1-1. John Peat & Mary Roberts of this Parish. Witnesses, Joseph 

Shackloek, Joseph Bennett. 
17S9. May 14. John Maehen of Rufford «-V. Mary Blyton of Wellow. Witnesses, 

Joseph Shaeklock. George Wright. Lie. 
17S9. May 2S. Samuel Beard of St Peters in Arches in Lincoln & Elizabeth 

Turner of Edwinstowe. Witnesses, Benj u Turnei, X. F. 

Beard. Lie. 

1789. June 18. William Clarke of Beekiugham in Co. Notts. & Catherine Taylor 

of this Parish. Witnesses, Jo" Wilson, Mollcy Taylor. Lie. 
17S9. Oet. 6. Matthew Jackson of Rufford ,1- Elizabeth Burnham of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Samuel Wood, Mary Burnham. 
1789. Nov. 25. Thomas Parkins of Farnsfield & Elizabeth Skidsmore of this 

Parish. Witnesses, John Broadhead, Samuel Wood. 
17S9. Dec. 8. Andrew Haynes of this Parish & Charlotte Gravenor of Messing- 

ham in Co. Line. Witnesses, Mary Gravenor, Robert Gravenor. Lie. 

1789. Dee. 9. James Green & Sarah Sooby of this Parish. Witnesses, Tho. 

Taylor, Samuel Wood. 

1790. Feb. 11. George Dixon of Budby k Docey Burnham of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Samuel Wood, William Dixon (?) 

1790. July 6. William Ashmoore of Hodsack k Mary Brown of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Joseph Bennett, Thomas Ellis. Lie. 

1791. Jan. 3. Charles Marshall of Worksop & Mary Merrils of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Thomas Tomlinson. Samuel Wood. 
1791. Jan. 18. George Frost of Mansfield & Elizabeth Lucas of this Parish. 

Witnesses, James Lucas, Thomas Lucas. 
1791. Oet. 17. Robert Skinner k Jane Wright of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Samuel Wood, Rebecca Horseman. 

1791. Dec, 6. Thomas Outram of this Parish & Mary Newberd of Edwinstow. 

Witnesses, Edmund Blyton, Ann Stones. 

1792. Sept. 4. Abraham Mitchell k Frances Kirkby of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Geo. Mitchell, Samuel Wood. 
1792. Oet. S. Joseph R«»ckley & Ann Clark of this Parish. Witnesses, William 
Hell, Samuel Wood. 

1792. Nov. 26. John Pottiuger of Rufford & Barbara Womb well of this Parish. 
Witnesses, Willliam Wombell, Samuel Wood. 

1792. Nov. 27. John Bull k Hannah Smith of this Parish. Witnesses, Francis 

Horsman, Samuel Wood. 

1793. Jan. 17. William Reynolds & Hannah Lee both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Cha s Doncaster jun r , Samuel Lee. 
1793. Apr. 23. William Syddins & Hannah Gray of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Samuel Wood, John Thorn. 
1793. May 15. Edward Johnson of East Markham & Eleanor Doncaster of this 

Parish. Witnesses, Mary Doncaster, Hannah Doncaster. Lie 
1793. July 9. William Taylor & Elizabeth Harrison both of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Wilam Harison, Samuel Wood. 
1793. Aug. 21. John Allen of Rufford & Mary Smith of this Parish. Witnesses, 

W ra Wombell, Richard Church. 

1793. Dee. 24. Samuel Howard & Frances Brown of this Parish. Witnesses 

George Wright, Mary Sims. 

1794. May 19. George Mills k Hannah Doncaster both of this Parish. Witnesses 

Mary Doncaster, Hannah Mills. 
1794. Oet. 13. Jonathan Moor & Ann Nowls both of th's Parish. Witnesses, 

John Justice, Francis Horsman. 
1791. Nov. 25. William Scatehard k Hannah Tether of this Parish. Witnesses, 

George Mills, Samuel Wood. 


1795. Jan. 5. J.ohn Green of Kirklington & Mary Whitworth of this Parish. 

Witnesses. William Whitworth, John Whitworth. 
1795. Apr. 26. Frederick John Heppenstall of Newark & Sarah Clarke of this 

Parish. Witnesses, Mary Gravenor, Rcb't Briggs. Lie. 

1795. Nov. 24. John Thome & Mary Rose of this Parish. Witnesses, Francis 

Horsman, Rob* Diekins. 

1796. Mar. 21. Stanley Marshall of- Frieston in Co. Lincoln & Susannah Fcwler 

of Rufford. Witnesses. Jo s Morris. John Swan. Lie. 

1796. June 16. Gervas Sooby <!c Mary Radmal both of thic Parish. Witnesses, 

David Osborne, Matthew Theaker. 

1797. Feb. 20. John Penman & Sarah Jackson of this Parish. Witnesses, Joseph 

Jackson, Thomas Jackson. 
1797. Apr. 11. Robert Diekins of Howden in Co. York <*c Ann Reddish of this 

Parish. Witnesses. Lettice Diekins. L'avid Taylor. Lie. 
1797. Nov. 24. Robert Ostiek & Elizabeth Bradley both 'of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Samuel Wood, Stephen Stubbing*. 
179S. Jan. 15. John Baxter of Sheffield in Co. York, Bachelor & Rhoda Colley of 

this Parish, Spinster. Witnesses, Elizabeth Colley, Will" 1 

Colley. Lie. 

179S. Mar. 2. Peter Selby of Newark k Elizabeth Salmon of Rufford. 

Witnesses, Mary Gravenor, Rob 1 Gravenor. Lie. 
179S. May 11. Matthew Theaker & Elizabeth Thompson of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Ann Clay. George Flower. 
1789. Aug. 20. Thomas Turner & Mary leather both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Will" 1 Tether, Samuel Hoggins. 
179S. Nov. 2S. James Johnson <!c Ann V hit worth both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

John Hart. Samuel Wood. 
1799. Feb. 5. William Salmon & Elizabeth Smith both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Edward Crofts. Samuel Wood. 
1799. Apr. IS. John Bullivant of Edwinstowe & Ann Bennett of Wellow. 

Witnesses, Joseph Bennett. David Taylor. Lie. 
1799. June 3. James Priest & Lydia Parker both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

John Bull, Ann Cartlcdg. 

1799. Aug. 29. John Morley & Mary Barrend both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Will" 1 Tether. Ann Cartledg. 
1S00. May 6- Paul Cooper of Clarebrough, Widower, and Sarah Cooke of this 
Parish. Witnesses. Sarah Hopkinson, David Taylor. Lie. 

1800. Sept 29. Frederick Cousins of Souleoats in Co. York & Mary Boot of this 

Parish. Witnesses, Richard White, George Greenwood. Lie. 

1800. Dec 15. John Murall & Ann Rose of this Parish. Witnesses, Ann Ancliff, 

Frances Ancliff. 

1801. Feb. 16. Richard Tomplinson & Ann Cartlidge both of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Ann Clay, George Flower. 
1801. Feb. 19, William Booth, Bach 1 ", of Wellow & Mary Lisiter of Ollerton, 

Spinster. Witnesses. Aim Doncaster, Margaret Turner. Lie. 
1801. Feb. 23. Robert Taylor of Haxty in Co. Line. & Hannah Mills of this 

Parish. ' Witnesses. W In Taylor, Mary Doncaster. Lie. 
1801. May 15. John Charlesworth of Rufford & Jane Collishow of this Parish. 

Witnesses, George Blagg. Samuel Wood. 

1801. June 28. Edmund Reavill i Sarah Wells both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

William Pearce, Esther Crowlow. 

1802. Mar. 30. William Mitchell of Edwinstowe A: Cassia Bennett of this Parish. 

Witnesses. James Harrison, John Hoywood. 
1802. June 22. Humphrey Hopkin ,t Elizabeth Walster both of this Parish. 
Witnesses. Jonathan Steedman, Charles Rudes. 

1802. Oct. 18. James Womball & Elizabeth Hall both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

William Blank, Mary Eyre. 

1803. May 26. George Denham & Mary Quible both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

George Rawson, George Wright. 

1803. Aug. 1. Samuel Scatehard of Xorwell & Ann leather of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Ann Scott. Samuel Wood. 

1804. July 16. Valentine Dawson of this Parish & Ann Dawson of Boughton. 

Witnesses, John Chatterton, Samuel Wood. 



1805. Apr. 23. Samuel Turner of Wellow & Mary Salmon of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Maria Whitworth, John Woombell. 
1805. June 3. William Bills & Mary South both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Christopher Rose, Richard Wood. 

1805. Aug. 11. James Browiilow <fc Sarah Cutis both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Samuel Scatchard, Samuel Wood. 

1806. May 1. William Parnill & Mary Anclift both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

John Marshall, Ann Miller. 
1S06. May 10. John Foster of Edwinstowe & Ann Maria Whitworth of this 

Parish. Witnesses, Tho 5 Walker, Samuel Wood. 
1806. Nov. 24. Samuel Wilson of Retford & Elizabeth Mills of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Mary Burnham, Samuel Wood. 
1S06. Nov. 26. Arthur Whitworth of this Parish & Ann Richardson of the same. 

Witnesses, Charles Rodes, Isaac Marshall. 

1506. Dec. 25. Edward Kirk & Elizabeth Welton both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Samuel Woodward. Samuel Wood. 

1507. May 14. Isaac Batty of Lenton & Ann Wood of this Parish. Witnesses, 

John Starr, Lettice Jackson. 

1508. June 20. William Smart of Wellow & Lucy Stephenson of tins Parish. 

Witnesses, Paul Allwood, Sarah Botham. 

1808. June 27. George Rose & Sarah Both am both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Lettice Jackson, James Bell. Lie. 
1S0S. Aug. 2. David Blackweli & Sarah Rose both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

William Rose, Frances Reynolds. 
180S. Sept. 12. John Highficld & Marv Bailey both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

William Hightield, Eliz" 1 Highfield. 
1S08. Oct, 4. George Machen & Susannah Ward both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

James Wombell. Samuel Wood. 

1508. Nov. 10. Henry Machin of Eakring & Ann Swan of this Parish, Witnesses, 

John Vessey, John Swan. Lie. 1 

1509. Apr. 3. William Chatterton & Eliz^ Higginbottoin both of this Parish. 

Witnesses, W m Dawson, Samuel Wood- 

1809. June 1. William Bartram k Sarah Roberts both of Rufford. Witnesses, 

Mary Woodhouse, Samuel Turner. 

1810. Jan. 22. John Hole of Newark upon Trent <?c Mary Doncaster of this 

Parish. Witnesses, Clrn^ Doncaster, John Doncaster. Lie. 

1510. Oct. 30. William Rose & Lydia Smith both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Sarah Siddi/ni<(V), Samuel Wood. 
1810. Nov. 26. John Dorn of Kilvington, in Co. Notts, & Ann ditch of this- 
Parish. Witnesses, Rob't Aleock, Samuel Wood. 

1810. De^. 10. George Dawson of Wellow & Elizabeth Stubbings of this Parish. 

Witnesses, W m Dawson, Elizabeth Hinger('l). 

1811. Jan S. John Oatlift of Sutton upon Trent ,1- Elizabeth Woodwiss of this 

Parish. Witnesses, Hannah Woodwiss, Sarah Bout. Lie. 
1811. Jan. 14. James Fogg & Peggy Cawthen both of this Parish. Witnesses, 

Ann Smith, Henry Jepson. 
1811. Feb. 11. George Flower & Mary (or Policy ) Bennet 3 both of this Parish. 

Witnesses, A. Megitt, James Hind. 
1811. May 21. George Hopkinson of Rufford & Sarah Randall of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Elizabeth Randall. William Horsman. 
1S12. Mar. 2. William Ingham of Budby a: Elizabeth Marshall of this Parish. 

Witnesses, Peter Marshall, Ann Thompson. 


17S5. Jan. 10. Anne Aldrieh aged 66 of Coekglode in the Parish of Edwinstowe. 
„ Mar. 25. James Croft aged l. 3 

Mar. 25. Mary Croft aged 3. 
,, Apr. 10. George Spur aged 1 son of Peter & Sarah Spur of St Anne's in 
the County of Middlesex. 

1 Married by F. Swan, officiating minister. 

2 Signed " Policy Bennett." 

3 Infer after these entries ,; oi this Parish" unless otherwise given. 


1785. Apr. 21. Lucy Brown aged 1. 
„ May 1. Charles Brown. 

„ May 22. Thomas Salmon. 

„ May 23. Frances Reynolds aged 10. 

„ May 26. William Taylor. 

June 7. William Horseman aged 1. 

July 3. Mary Miller. 

„ July 13. Jane Woodward. 

,, Oct. 4. John Berkin. 

1786. Jan. 6. John Barthrop aged 49. 
„ Jan. 7. Sarah Leary aged 24. 

„ Mar. 27. Samuel Knowden aged 69. 

„ Apr. 27. Sarah Whitworth aged 8. 

„ May 6. James Whitworth aged 5. 

„ May 8. Samuel Boot aged 35. 

„ May 14. Mary Parnell aged 84 of Rufford. 

„ May 15. Lcetitia Jackson aged 1. 

„ May 21. Mary Key worth aged 55 of Rufford, 

., Aug. 13. Ann Moore aged 60 of Rufford. 

„ Oct. 6. Abraham Broadbent aged 81. 

„ Dec. 12. Sarah Sowby. 

„ Dec. 17. William Horseman. 

1787. Jan. 8. Ann Knowles. 
„ Jan. 18. Jane Horsman. 
„ Feb. 15. William Brown. 

„ May 16. Joseph Bradley aged S. 

„ May 19- Joseph Bradley aged 34. 

May 25. William Mills aged IS. 

„ June 17. Robert Taylor aged 36. 

„ June 22. Richard Bradley of Rufford. 

„ Sept. 2. Sarah Taylor. 

„ Sept. 17. Frances Carrington. 

„ .Oct. 23. Charles Peale. 

„ Oct. 23. Elizabeth Young. 

Dec. 29. Elizabeth Bradley aged 45 of Rufford. 

1788. Jan. 8. Mary Taylor. 

„ Feb. 3. Thomas Jackson. 

„ Feb. 5. John Stephenson aged 70. 

„ June 25. Samuel Ginnever. 

., June 26. Winnifred Radmal. 

„ July 21. Mary Mills. 

1789. Feb. 6. George Hall aged 82. 
„ May 21. George Bage. 

„ May 25. John Bains. 

„ July 8. Jane Moore aged 9S of Rufford. 

„ Nov. 13. Ann Woomble of Rufford. 

1790. Feb. 8. William Price of Boughton. 
„ Feb. 13. Agness Green aged 71. 

„ Feb. 13- Ann Stubbins aged 84. 

„ Mar. 14. Sarah Jackson aged 63. 

,, June 18. Richard Radmal. 

June 19. Lucy Cartwright. 

„ Oct. 16. William Keyworth aged SS of Rufford. 

1791. Jan. 15. George Dawson aged 30. 
„ Feb. 17. Sarah Barlow aged 26. 

„ Apr. 1. Elizabeth Keyworth aged 27 of Rufford. 

„ Apr. 8. Mary Unwin aged 13. 

„ Oct. 5. Edmond Wool house. 

„ Nov. 10. Clement Ellis aged 35. 

„ Nov. 25. Richard Jonson aged 7 of Rufford. 

1792. Jan. 14. George Woollmuse aged 31. 
„ Feb. 3. Paul Unwin aged 40. 

„ Feb. 21. Elizebeth Ward aged 7. 




Mar. 14. 

Apr. 7. 


May 24. 




July 21. 


July 29. 


A li tr 1 7 
AU o' - 1 ' ' 


Sept. 17. 

Sept 1 7. 


OCjH. lO. 


Or>t 97 


1> (J V • 11, 


Nov. 28. 

Ucl. ox. 


Apr. 9. 


May 19. 


May 27. 

June 17. 


Oct. 6. 

Dec. 31. 


Feb. 13. 


Feb 19. 


May 5. 


Aiu«- 29 


Sept. 7. 


Sept. 14. 


'•NPnt 99 CM. 


Sept. 25. 


Dec. 1G. 


Mar. 1. 


Mar. 22. 

May 2. 


July 10. 


Nov. 21. 


Mar. 19. 


July 14. 


Aue 11 


Auf 91 


CJp>i>t 94 

Ocpt. —4;. 

1 797 

Jan, 10. 


reu. u. 


Feb. 20. 


Apr. 30. 


May 6. 


May 12. 

Tub' v9 

Dec. 18. 


Jan. IS. 


Feb. 4. 


June 9. 


Tnnp 1 ft 

Oct. 20. 

i < r»«7. 

Feb. 19. 


Mar. 24. 

May 21. 


May 28. 

July 6. 

July 8. 


Oct. 6. 


Oct. 11. 

Nov. 8. 


Jan. 29. 

Sibbella Dawson aged 2. 
William Smith aged 50. 
Joseph Turtle aged 74. 
Rebecca Ellis aged S. 
Francis Morris aged 6. 
Ann Ellis. 

Joanna Morris aged l* 
Emurel Ward aged 10. 
Easter Stubs aged 66. 
Samuel Hollond. 
John Morris aged 37. 
Elizebeth Redisli. 
Ann Barlow aged 4. 
Richard Cartwright aged 77. 
Alse Burn ham aged 75. 
Elizebeth Taylor aged 17. 
Ann Wright aged 2. 
John Eirkins aged 75. 
Elizebeth Thorn aged 45. 
Luke Ancliff. 
Sarah Stephenson aged 2. 
Elizebeth White aged 25. 
Elizebeth Balmon aged :>2. 
Dorothy Ellis aged 5. 
Elizebeth Jackson aged 12. 
Levy Twidle aged 60. 
Elizebeth Moore aged 65. 
Maiy Woolley aged 70. 
Cassiah Presgraves aged 1. 
John Justis aged 88 of Babworth. 
William Barefoot aged 50. 
William Leeson aged 75. 
Hannah Marshall aged 36. 
Samuel Brown aged 6- 
Mar}' Sims. 

Mary Turtle aged 24 of Rufford. 

Thomas Shells. 

William Crouch aged 42. 

Charts Taylor aged 22. 

Richard Thompson of Rufford. 

Edward Burnam aged 76 of Milton. 

Mary Mills aged 64. 

George Woolly aged 78. 

Lucy Brown. 

Ann Twidle of Mansfield. 
George Osborn. 

George Aldrich aged 76 of Edwinstow. 

James Bottom aged 13. 

Thomas Bowman aged 58. 

Elizebeth Brown aged 22. 

John Preston aged 10. 

Francis Mowler aged 24. 

Elizebeth Kemson aged 20 of Rufford. 

John Hawkes aged 43 of Rufford, 

William Turner aged 14. 

Mary Thorn aged 38. 

Mary Heath 

Catherine Clark aged 39. 
Ann Turtle of Rufford. 
Robert Hand iff. 
Mar}- Horsman. 
James Wright. 

Susannah Stephenson aged 40. 



Mar. 31. 

June 1. 


July 17. 

July 27. 


Aug. 25. 


Nov. 8. 

Nov. 22. 


Jan. 17. 


Jan. 23. 

Feb. 21. 

Apr, 15. 

Aug. 29. 

Sept. 22. 

Oct. 10. 


Feb. 18. 

Mar. 11. 


July 9. 

Nov. 25. 

Dec. 8. 


Apr. 16. 


Nov. 20. 

Dec. 6. 


Jan. 25. 

Feb. 4. 

Feb. 22. 

Mar. 14. 

Mar. 22. 

Apr. 2. 

Apr. 5. 

May 22. 

J ? 

Julv 23. 


Aug. 5. 

Sept. 26. 


Sept. 29. 

Oct. 4. 

Nov. 21 . 


Mar. 27. 

May 18. 

May 23. 

July 15. 

Aug. 27. 


Jan. 31. 


July 10. 


Aug. 3. 

Nov. 9. 

Nov. 15. 

Dec. 2. 


Feb. 9. 


Mar. 17. 


Apr. 8. 


May 16. 


May 19. 

Sept. 3. 

Dec. 11. 

Mav 13. 

1 808. 

Mar. 2. 


Julv 5. 

Sept. 25. 


Oct. 23. 

Nov. 2. 


May 9. 


June 5. 


June 12. 


Elizebeth Allen aged 82. 

Peter Horsmau. 

John Morris Iin>e aged 13. 

Joseph Shacklock. 

Mary Rose. 

Margrat Roberts. 

Isaac Jackson of RufTord. 

Sarah Valance aged 26. 

Richard Wright. 

Rhoda Colly. 

William Salmon aged 71. 

George Wright aged 8. 

Henry Swan. 

Charls Salmon aged 9. 

Elizebeth Halhaged 73. 

Hannah Brooks aged 29. 

William Whittenton aged 41. 

Elizabeth Dove aged 67. 

Charles Peacock. 

William Mills aged 68. 

Sarah Turtle aged 65 of Rufford. 

Ann Flower aged 73. 

Roberts Sims aged 7 I . 

Charls Taylor aged 79. 

Dorathy Eyre. 

James Thomblinson. 

Thomas Pressgraves aged 4. 

Jane Brown aged 72. 

Ann Smith aged 74. 

Mary Justis. 

John Bottom aged 20. 

John Hashmoore aged 13. 

Frances Crofts. 

Sarah Whit worth. 

Ann Morrel. 

Elizebeth Ostick aged 30. 
George Royals aged 9. 
Mary Wright aged 15. 
Mary Stephenson aged 84. 
Mary Marshall aged 17. 
Samuel Seatchard. 

Joseph Key worth aged SI of Rufford. 

Joseph Turner aged 44. 

John Burn aged 34 of Rufford. 

Samuel Bull aged 1. 

George Stephenson. 

Easter Presgraves aged 42. 

David Taylor aged 77. 

John Wright aged 44 of Mansfield. 

Adam Reynolds aged 68. 

Mary Ann Rose. 

Sarah Whit worth aged 79. 

William Royals aged 9. 

Frances Hoggard aged 35 of Edwinstow. 

Mary Shacklock aged 66. 

John Mills aged 2. 

John Ibbotson aged 72. 

Sarah Brown aged L'o. 

Thomas Bennet aged 33. 

Mary Cothan aged 5. 

James Salmon. 

Ann Handed. 

Ann Ancliff aged 60. 




Sept. 23. 

Oct. 2. 

Nov. 6. 

Nov. 7. 


Feb. 2. 

Feb. 4. 

Feb. 27. 

May 13. 

May 26. 

May 29. 

June 29. 

Julv 29. 


Aug. 18 

Sept. 20. 

Sept, 30, 

Oct. 27. 

Dec. 4. 

Dec. 27. 


Jan, 13. 

Mar. 6. 

Apr. 8. 

June 5. 

July 11. 

Aug. 6. 


Sept. 15. 

Nov. 14. 

Dec. 19. 


Dec. 27. 


Jan. 15. 

Mar. 3. 

Mar. 28. 

May 23. 

May 26. 

June 28. 

July 15. 

Oct. 16. 

Ann Weetman aged 70. 

Jane Wood aged 58. 

John Want aged 04. 

Mary Moor aged SI of Rufford. 

John Thompson aged 50. 

Frances Godley aged 70. 

Ann Revill aged 2. 

Francis Dolly. 

William Ellis aged 82. 

Joseph Outram. 

Ruth Rose aged 45. 

Mary Fogg 

Godfrey Brown aged 1 . 

Ann Fogg aged 23 

Frances Reynolds aged 1. 

Samson White aged 25. 

John Booth. 

Sarah Brown aged 75. 

Susannah Roberts aged 69. 

Cathrine Ward aged 69. 

William Barlow aged 25. 

John Marshall aged 50. 

Sarah Booth aged 34. 

Jane Ray lies aged 73. 

George Morley aged 28. 

Hannah Royal. 

William Royal aged 35. 

Thomas Barthrop of Edwinstow. 

Thomas Outram aged 43. 

George Hall aged 68. 

Sarah Teather. 

William Thompson aged 35 of Lauton, Lincolnshire. 

Hannah Hand. 

Ann Marshall aged 61. 

Samuel Boot aged 1. 

Mary Taylor aged 15. 

End of Vol. VI. 


Vol. I. 

Baptisms 1703. 
Catherine cl. James & Eliz. Womble. 'Slay 19. 
William & Robert sons Rich ,J k Anne Taylor. Oct. 3. 
Grace d. W m k Eliza. Leuerton. Oct. 17. 
Elizabeth cl. Abraham it Mary Giniver. Nov. 21. 
Richard s. Kaleb k Mary Townend. Jan. 30. 
Mary cl. W ,n & Ann Raworth. Jan. 30. 
Mary cl. John & Rebecchah Turner. Feb. 20. 
John s. Rich rt & Elizabeth Gilbert. Apr. 2. 

Baptisms 1704. 

Elizabeth d. John & Eliz. Charleton. May 21. 
William s. John k Anne Ashmore. July 9. 
John s. W m ..v. Anne Moore. July 9. 
John s. Robert & Mary Ingham. ' July 9. 
Mary d. Jonathan & Ellen Taylor. Oct. S. 

Burials 1703. 

Rob* Taylor. Oct. 4. 

William'Taylor. Oct. 7. 

M rs Kathri tie Livesav. Oct. 18. 

Richard s. Rich'- 1 k Eliz. Gilbert. Jan. 22. 

John s. John k Catherine Thorp. Jan. 28. 

Widow Bagnley. Apr. 9. 

William Ashmore. Julv 19. 

Bit rials 1704. 

Richard Walker. Jan. 17. 
Thomas Stainfield. Jan, 19. 

Marriages 1704. 

William Eairbank & Grace Lambert. Oct. 9. 
John Boot & Sarah Hay. Oct. 19. 

Marriage 17<"G. 
John Walker & Allis Clarke. Dec. 10. 

Marrvige 1708. 

John Whitworth of Wellow i: An Nicoalson of Roufford. Jan. 5 ? 

Baptisms 17 (i -"»- 

Sarah d. Rich' 1 k Mary Cogall. Apr. 21. 
Frances d. Francis k Abigail Langford. Oct. 2. 
Mary d. W n > & Grace Fairbanks. Oct. 21. 
Mary d. W nl & Anne Moore. Feb. 24. 

Baptisms 170o. 

John s. Jo. & Eliza. Charletou. May 25. 
Mary d. Ann & W ni Raworth. June 31 (*'.:) 
James s. James <fc Eliza. Wonible, July 31. 
Richard s. Richard & Elizabeth Gilbert. Aug. 21. 
Mary d John & Mary More. Oct 8. 
Samuell s. John k Rebeea Tourner. Feb. 2. 

Baptisms 1707. 
Mary cl. John & Mary Wingroic (?) Oct. o. 




Jane tl. William Leverton. Oct. 30. 
Thomas s. William Fearbank. Dec. 15. 
Jams s. Richard Fear) "auks. Jan. IS. 
Richard s. Richard Coggill. Jan. 18. 
Steph. s. Joseph Handley. Mar. 7. 

Baptisms 1708. 

Elizabeth d. William & An More. Apr. 7. 
Richard s. William & An Raworth. June 20. 
John s. Robert & Faith Raworth. Get, 5. 
William s. John & Mary More. Oct. G. 
Mary d. Joseph & Elizabeth Lobse, Mar. G. 

Baptisms 1709. 

Thomas s. Richard Gilbert. Apr. 21. 
Grace d. William Leverton. Sept. 1G. 
Robert s. Robert Gilbert. Sept. 2S. 
Thomas s. William Fearbanks. Jam 3. 
Mary d. William & Mary Bellame. Feb. 26. 

Baptisms 1710. 

Elizabeth d George & Elizabeth Howll of Rouftord. Sept, 10. 
William s. Richard & Elizabeth Gilbert. Oct. 6. 
Charles s. Richard & Mary Coggill. Jan. 28. 

Burials 1705. 

Samuel s. Lawrence & Eliz, Turner. Apr. 2. 
Graced. \V m & Eliz. Leverton. Apr. 14. 
Elizabeth Dabel. Jan. 22. 

Burials 1706. 

Dinah Tolst on. May 19. 

Elizabeth Womble. July 31. 

Elizabeth Matthew of Rouftord. Aug. 20. 

Mary d. John Charlton. Sept. 15. 

Joseph Pounder. Sept. 2G. 

M r Dupont. Feb. 2G. 

John Bert hies. Mar. 9. 

William Baccou of Rouftord. Mar. 13. 

Burials 1707. 

Lorance Tourncr. Apr. 5. 

Ann Coggill. Oct. 20. 

William Clarke. Oct. 01. 

Allis Tongue of Rouftord. Nov. 8. 

An Walding. Dec. 15. 

Thomas s. William £ Grace Fearbanks. Jan. 13. 

Grace Godfre. .b\n. 14. 

Jane w. John Bulliuant. Jan.. 29. 

Robert Baccou of Roft'ord. Feb. 4. 

Thomas Meriwether. Feb. 8. 

Thomas Billiald. Feb 28. 

Richard Hardv. Mar. 20. 

Burials 1708. 

Zacarias Allsopc. Aug. 22. 
Jonathan Gilbert. June 14. 
Faith W. Robert Raworth. Oet. 15. 
Elizabeth w. Jams Baccou. Nov. 24. 
Jama Ginnifer. Jan. 17. 

Burials 1709. 

Thomas s. Richard Gilbert. June 1. 
Widduw tfaccon of Rufford. June 12. 
Easter w. William Ginnifer. Sept. 0. 



Burials 1710. 

John Parkinson. July 12. 
Elizabeth Challend. Jan. 29. 

Burials 1711. 

William s. Jams Baccon. Aug. 27. 
Widdow Baccon. Oct. 25. 

Burials 1712. 

Allis w, William Fairbanks. Apr. 18. 

Fransis Pounder. Apr. 20. 

Elizabeth Stanfeld. Mav 6. 

William Fox. May 14. 

Elizabeth d. John Ashmore. Aug. 

Mary d. Lorance Tourner. Aug. 11. 

Cathreign d. John of Rofford. Sept. 21. 

Bennet Barbar. Oct 28. 

Nicolas s. Robert Matthew of Rofford. Jan. 7. 

Burials 1713. 

John Hayes (?) Apr. 13. 

Mary d. John & Rebeea Tourner. May 31. 

Richard Bacconc. Juno 21. 

James Baccon e. June 2"). 

Elizabeth w. Richard Gilbert. Oct. 21. 

William William (sic) s. Richard Gilbert. Apr. 16. 

James s. Richard Gilbert. Sept. 1. 

James Baccon. Oct. 27. 

George s. William Raworth. Nov. 14. 

Burials 1715. 

Hana Ginnifer. Aug. 28. 

William Ginnifer. Sept. 5. 

An w. William Roberts. Oct. 7- 

Jony d. Richard & Mary Coggill. Dec. 23. 

Burials 1716. 

John Thorpe of Houghton Mills. Feb. 14. 
Elizabeth w. John Charlton. Mar. 28. 
John s. John Charlton. Apr. 2o. 
Rose w. John Perkins. Sept. 11. 
Mary w. William Bella me. Jan. 2. 

Bap! ism i 1711. 

William s. James & Elizabeth Baccon. Aug. 7. 
Mary d. John & Mary Peatfeld. Aug. 11. 
Mary d. John Elizabeth Charlton. Nov. 11. 
Elizabeth d. William & An Raworth. Nov. IS. 

Baptisms 1712. 

Thomas s. Williame & Mary Bcllame. June 13. 
Mary d. Lorrance & Anne Turner. Aug. 5, 
An d. James & Elizabeth Baccon. Aug. 8. 
Thomas s. Thomas & Faith Flowre. Jan 30. 
Elizabeth d. John ,<c Mary Peatfeld. Feb. 4. 

Baptisms 1710. 

Mary d. William & Elizabeth Fox. May 16. 
Susane d. Richard & Mary Coggill. May 31. 
Elizabeth d. Richard & An Warrener. Aug. 30. 
Richard s James Mary Hind. Oct. 21. 
James s. Thomas & Mary Ward Pee. 20. 
William s. William & Grace Fearbanks. Feb. 11. 



Ba.j>tisms 1714. 

Anne d. M r William k Elizabeth Challand "was born the 2G tt ' of February 171 1 
privately baptized the 27 th and received into the Church the 31 of March 1714." 
Elizabeth d. John k Mary Gillate. Apr. 4. 
George s. William & Elizabeth Fox. June 27. 
George s. William & An Ra worth. July 4. 
Joseph s. Charls & An Hedge. Dec. lo. 

Baptisms 1715. - 
"William s. William & Mary Bellame. June 12. 
Frances d. William & Ruth Clarke. Aug. 13. 
Martha k Jonay daur's Richard & Mary Coggill. Dec. 1. 
An d. William & Elizabeth Fox. Jan. 1. 
Elizabeth d. Thomas & Mary Ward. Jan. 29. 

Dunston s. M r W m & Elizabeth Challand " was born January 'the 9 lh privately 

baptized the same day and received into the Church February the C ,h 1715." 
Margaret d. William & Elizabeth Leuerton of Roufford. Feb. 8. 

Baptisms 2 716. 
Mary d. James k Mary Womble. Apr. 1. 
Richard s. Richard & An Warrener. Apr. 20. 
John s. Jolm & Mary Peatfeld. May 28. 
Abram s. Abram k Mary Ginnifer. Jan. (sic.) 6. 
George s. Joseph & An Hay. Oct. 5. 
Mary d. John k Rebeea Towmer. Oct. 5. 
Sara d. Richard & Sara Bret. Oct. 23. 
James s. James & Mary Hind. Feb. 10. 

Baptisms 1717. 
"William s. William & Elizabeth Fox. Oct. 7. 
An d. Thomas & Margret Coah. Dec. 15. 
Elizabeth d. Thomas & Mary Ward. Dec. 21. 
Thomas s. George k Elizabeth Hooll of Roufford, Jan 14. 
John s. John & Susane Perkins. Jan. 27. 
Fransis d. (tie.) Richard »!c Jane Gilbert. Jan. 27. 

Marriages 1721. 
Samuel Pease & Mary Hool of Rufford. Dec 3. 
James Bacon & Hannah Thomlinson. Dec. 26. 
Anne d. John & Anne Whitworth. Bapt. Nov. 13, 1716. 
Amy d. John k Anne "Whitworth. Bapt. 1 1 1>, 171S. 

'* The two Daughters of John Whitworth above written having been omitted in their 
proper Places, are here inserted according to y e Ages given in by their Father." 

Witness my hand 
Rich d Jackson. 

Baptism 1719. 
Thomas Hedg of Rofford. Sept. 23. 

Baptisms 1720. 
Mary d. George Hooll of Roffovd. Oct. 9. 
Barbra d. Joseph Thorpe of Warsope. Oct. 10. 
An d. Georg Oollis. Nov. 11. 
An d. John Peatfeld. Nov. 13. 
Elizabeth d. William Roase. Jan. 5. 

Baptisms 1721. r 

John 3. John Whitworth. Apr. 10. 
Margaret d. Jos. Hayes. Oct. 6. 
Elizabeth d. John Ward. Oct. 7. 
"William s. James Hind. Lee 28. 
George a. Tho. Flower. Feb. 24. 

Month omitted. 



Baptisms 1722. 
William s. John Charleton. Apr. 20. 
George s. William Fairbanks. May 12. 
John s. John Gray, jun 1 '. June 3. 
William s. W™ Roose. July 1. 
William s. John Peatfeld. July 13. 
Anne d. Tho. Coe. July 13. 
John s. John Gilbert. Aug. 21. 
Thomas s. Tho. Ward. Oct. 8. 
John s. Nathaniel Awkland. Oct. 29. 
William s. Samuel Peace. Dec. 12. 
Elizabeth d. James Bacon. Dec. 30. 
Mary d. George Collis. Jan. 6. 
Anne d. Edmund Woolfit of Laxton. Jan. 13. 
Nathanael Awkland. Feb. 27. 

Marriage 1722. 

John Bea£ (?) k Sarah Leary of Walesby. Oct. 4. 

Burials 1722. 

Samuel Shelton of Worksop. Dec. 8. 
William Robards. Feb. 5. 
Frances Ad wick. Mar. 7. 


Anne d. Joseph Hayes. June 7. Bapt. 
Thomas s. William Hurst. July 14. Bapt. 
Elizabeth d. W m Fox. Aug. 25. Bapt. 
John Vessey of Rufford. Aug. 30. Bur l . 
Edward Hall. Sept. 9. Bur d . 
William s. Robt Gilbert, Sept. 16. Bapt. 
Elizabeth d. William Bellamy. Oct. 6. Bapt, 
Samuel s. Charles Clegg. Nov. 2. Bur d . 
Mary d. John Win tworth. Nov 24. Bapt. 

William Hutchinson of Xorwell k Elizabeth Wombell of this Parish. Jan. 14. Mar d . 
John s. John Turner. Jon. 19. Bapt. 

Richard Pawson k Mary Mastin both of this Parish. Jan. 21. Mar d . 

Richard Brett. Jan. 30. Bur d . 

Anne d. Lawrence Turner. Feb. 23. Bapt. 

Rich d k William sons Thomas Coe. Mar. 11. Bapt, 


Frances d. Rich d Gilbert, Mar. 29. Bur d . 
Robert s. John Gilbert. Apr. 7. Bapt. 
Anne d. John Peatfield. May 31. Bapt. 
George s. George Collis. July 12. Bapt, 
Richard s. Richard Brett. July 19. Bapt. 
Anne d. W m Roos. Aug. 2. Bapt. 
Mary d. John Gray. Aug. 9. Bapt. 
Mary d. Joseph Lopsey. Aug. 23. Bapt. 
Frances Blyton. Oct," 1. Bur J . 
Jane d. John Ward. Oct. 4. Bapt. 
Robert Ingham k Mary Simpson. Nov. 17. Mar d . 
Amy w. Francis Whitworth- Nov. 17. Bur d . 
Sarah d. Tho. Flower. Dec. 15, Bur d . 

Anned. Nathanael Awkland. Bapt, Dec. 23 k Bur* 1 Jan. 12. 

Robert s. John Gilbert. Jan. 1. Bur d . 

John s. Thomas Ward. Jan. 17. Bapt. 

Obadiah s. John Charlton. .Ian. 18. Bapt. 

Mark Whitworth & Anne havers. Feb. 2. Mar d . 

Rich d s. Rich d Warnar. Feb. 28. Bapt. 

Mary d. James Hind. Mar. 17. Bapt. 


William Barlow k Hannah Farnsworth. Apr. 1. Mar d . 



James s. W m Hurst. Apr. 1. Bapt. 

Mary d. James Bacon. Apr. 11. Bapt. 

Anne w. Charles Glegg of Rufford. May 17. Bur d . 

Anne & Mary clau'rs John Gilbert. May 20. Bapt. 

Anne rl. John Gilbert. May 30. Bur'C 

Mary d. John Gilbert. Juno 4. Bur 1 . 

Mary d. Rob 1 Ingham, juu r . June Bapt. 

John s. Thomas Flower. July 24. Bur 1 . 

James s. W m Woombel. Sept 30. Bur d . 

Samuel 8. Lawrence Turner. Oct. 3. Bapt. 

John s. Mark Whit worth. Jan. 16. Bapt. 

Mr. John Gray, Coroner. Feb. 20. Bur 1 . 

Rich d Jackson, Curate. 

Marv d. W m Roos. Mar 0. 


Mary Radford. May 21. Bur' 1 . 

Charles Gleg- & Mary Swan. June 0. Mar' 1 . 

Samuel s. Nathanael Awkland. Rapt. June 25 and Bur d June 26. 

Elizabeth d. John Gray. June 26. Bapt. 

Thomas s. W m Bellamy. July 3. Bapt. 

Ruth d. James Woombell. Aug. 25. Bapt. 

Mary d. George Collis. Aug. 28. Bur d . 

Mrs. Margaret Challend, widow. Sept. 20. Bur J . 

Thomas s. George Collis. Oct. 9. Bapt. 

Anne d. Rob 1 Gilbert, Oct. 11. Bapt. 

Hannah d W m Fox. Oct, 25. Bapt. 

Susannah d. John Gilbert. Nov. 1. Bapt. 

Abraham s. Edward Booth. Nov. 27. Bapt. 

Mary d. Samuel Peace of Rufford. Nov, 27. Bapt. 

Frances d. Richard Brett Feb 5. Bapt. 

Mary Turner, spinster. Feb. IS. Bur d . 

William s. John Webster. Feb. 18. Bapt, Living in Parish of Oler ton. 
Elizabeth d. James Hind. Mar. 8. Bapt. 
Robert s. John Peat-field. Mar. 19. Bapt. 
Alice d. William Hurst. Mar. 21. Bapt. 


William s. Thomas Ward. Mar. 26. Bapt, 

Elizabeth d. Mark Whit worth. Apr. 7. Bapt, 

Anne d. Robert Handley. Apr. 16. Bapt. 

Anne d. Rob 1 ' Ingham, jun r . May 14. Bapt, 

Lawrences. Lawrence Turner. June 18. Bapt. 

Marv Hodson of Laxton, widow. June 19. Bur'. 

Elizabeth d. W" 1 Bellamy. June 26. Bur d . 

Joseph Hayes. July 4. Bur d . 

John s. John Ward. July 16. Bapt. 

Samuel s. James Bacon, jun 1 '. Aug. 13. Bapt- 

Elizabeth Hool of Rufford, widow. Nov. 6. Bur d . 

John s. Thomas Coe. Nov. 19. Bapt. 

Ann Barlow. Nov. 24. Bur d . 

John s. Thomas Coe. Pec. 12. Bur 1 . 

Elizabeth Bateheller, widow. Pec. 22. Bur d . 

William s. John Peatfield. Pec 24. Bur d . 

Mary d. Thomas Clerkson of Rufford, Jan. 15. Bur d . 

William Wombell. Jan. IS. Bur d . 

Thomas Wombell & Aliee Bowrin. Feb. 1. Mar d . 

Samuel s Samuel Denton. Feb. 9. Bapt. 

Mary Bret. Feb. 17- Bur d . 

J 1728. 
Wm Bellamy. Mar. 30. Bur d . 
Robert Handley. Apr. 25. Bur d . 
James Bacon, jun r . April 26. Bur d . 
Mary d. James Bacon, sen r . June 5. Bur d . 



Aniie d. Rob* Ingham, jun r . Sept. S. Bur d . 
Susanna d. John Gilbert. Sept. 12. Bur d . 
Isaac s. Edward Booth. Oct 6. Bapt. 
Dan s. W ra Barlow. Oct. 29. Bapt. 
Elizabeth Ward, widow. Oct. 30. Bur' 1 . 
Edward Smith. Nov. 15. Bur d . 
John s. John Ringrose. Nov. 10. Bur' 1 . 
Dan 8. W m Barlow. Dec 9. Bur 1 . 

W m Haighs 1 of Wiuckburn & Elizabeth Eellamy of this Tarish. Jan. 29. Mar d . 

Joseph Lopsey. Feb. 5. Bur 1 . 

Elizabeth d. James Bacon. Feb. 9. Bur' 1 . 

William s. Thomas Wombell. Feb. 11. Bapt. 

Richard Gilbert. .Mar. 7. Bur d . 

John s. Thomas Coe. Mar- 9. Bapt. 

Anne d. Frances Handler, Widow. Mar. 9. Bur' 1 . 

Margaret w. Thomas Coe & John his son were buried. Mar. 10. 

William s. Thomas Coe. Mar. 20. Bur d . 


Elizabeth w. Joseph Haudley. Apr. 13. Bur d . 
Alice w. W« Hurst. Apr. 20 Bur d . 

Grace Walker, widow & William s. William Fairbanks were buried Apr. 21. 
James s. James Wombell. Apr. 22. Bur d . 
Martin s. George Collis. May 4. Bapt. 
Martin s. George Collis. May 9. Bur 1 . 

Hanah d. James & Frances Reynolds (in Rufford Liberty). May 11. Bapt. 

William Hurst & Alice Charlton. Aug. 26. Mar 4 . 

Sarah d. James & Frances Reynolds of Rufford, Sept. 14. Bur d . 

James s. James & Frances Reynolds of Rufford. Oct. 1. Bur d . 

Thomas s. Charles Glegg of Rufford. Oct. 12. Bur d . 

Anne bastard d. Mary Hopkinson. Bapt. Nov. 30. Bur d Dec, 2. 

Anne w. John Whit worth. Dec. 23. Bur d . 

Charles Taylor. Jan. 11. Bur' 1 . 

Valentine s. Thomas Ward. Feb. 15. Bapt. 

Richard s. Tho. Coe. Mar. 5. Bur d . 

Susannah d. John Charlton. Mar. 13, Bur d . 


William Green & Mary Riugrose. Mar. 31. Mar d . 
Robert Smith. Apr. 7- Bur d . 
Mary d. Rob 1 Ingham, jun r . Apr. 2(3 Bur d . 
Matthew Barber & Esther Smith. Apr. 30. Mar d . 
Ruth d. James Wombell, sen 1- . May 23. Bur d 
Richard s. George Collis. May 31. Bapt. 
Anne d. John Gray. June 14 Bur d . 

Rich d Jackson, Curate. 
Elizabeth d. Edward Booth. June 21. Bapt. 
Thomas s. Thomas Wombell. July 5. Bapt. 
John s. Rob fc Ingham, jun r . Julv 12. Bapt. 
Anne d. W m Barlow. Aug. 2. Bapt. 
Elizabeth d. James Hind. Aug. 7. Bur d . 
Richard s. George Collis. Aug. 23. Bur d . 
Jane w. James Wombell. Sept. 5. Bur* 1 . 
John s. Rich d Bret. Oct. 4. Bapt. 
Thomas s. Thomas Woodhouse. Oct. 18. Bapt. 
John Turner & Elizabeth w. Rob 1 Gilbert were bui-ied. Oct. 23. 
Robert Ingham & Elizabeth Steads. Nov. 1. Mar d . 
Elizabeth Turner, widow. Jan. 7. Bur d . 
George Merry wether of Rufford. Jan. 13. Bur' 1 . 

John s. Thomas & Mary Hayes in y e Parish of Ollerton. Jan. 24. Bapt. 

1 I Hughs. 



Thomas Cue & Judith Holmes both of .this Parish. Feb. 2. Mar d . 
Alice d. Matthew & Esther Barber. Feb. 2. Bapt. 


Thomas s. Thomas Pacv. June 13. Bapt. 
Thomas Cue. July 13. Bur 1 . 

Elizabeth d James & Mary Hynde. . Julv 18. Bapt. 

Mary d. George \ Mary Collis*. Bapt. July 30 & Bur' 1 Aug. 22. 

Kebeeca d. Robert «$: . . . Freeman. Nov. . , l Bapt. 

Rich d Jackson, Curate. 
Millecent d John & Barbara Allen. Nov. 14. Bapt. 
John Mastin & Barbara Wombell. Nov. IS. Mar". 
Thomas s. John & Elizabeth Ward. Deo 9. Bant 
Elizabeth d. Richard & Sarah Brett. Jan. 16. Bapt. 
Anne d. John & Mary Gray. Jan. 30. Bapt. 
Elizabeth d. Richard & Sarah Brett. Feb. 27. Bur d . 
John s. John k Anne Baxter. Mar. 5. Bapt. 
Elizabeth Lopsey, widow. Mar. 14. Bur' 1 . 


Mary d. William & Margaret Towndro. Apr. 9. Bapt. 
Hannah d. Thomas & Mary Ward. July 23. Bapt. 
Philips. Philip & Mary Jevin. Sept. 17. Eapt. 
Thomas Whit wort h. Oct. 6. Bur d . 

S Thomas & Alice Wombell. Nov. 11. Bapt. 

Mary d. Edward & Dorothy Booth. Nov, 12. Bapt. 
Elizabeth d. George & Mary Collis. Nov. 19. Bapt. 
William s. Rob 1 & Mary Ingham. Dec. 3. Bapt. 
George s. Richard & Sarah Brett. Dec. 10. Bapt. 
Joseph s. James and Mary Hynde. Jan. 5. Bapt. 
Hannah d. Thomas & Mary Ward. Mar. 23. Bur d . 

Rich d Jackson, Curate. 


William Vessey of Rufford. Apr. 20. Bur d . 
Mary d. Theophilus & Elizabeth Rodgers. Apr. 15 Bapt. 
Sarah d. John & Mary Peattield. May 11. Bapt. 
John Charlton. May 21. Bur' 1 . 

Mary d. Thomas & Elizabeth Pacy. May 20. Bapt. 
Sarah d. John «fc Mary Peattield. • May 22. Bur d . 
Francis s. Mark «fc Anne Whitworth. June 10. Bapt. 
Rebecca d. Rob* & Anne Freeman. June 14. Bur d . 
Philip Javins & Elizabeth Hayes. June 29. Mar d . 
Sarah d. John & Sarah Charlton. June 29. Bapt. 
Mary d. Rob fc & Anne Freeman. Aug. 12. Bapt. 
Thomas Flower. Aug. 22. Bur d . 
John s. Robert & Cassandra Gilbert. Sept. 2. Bapt. 
William s. Matthew k Esther Barber. Jan. 7. Bapt. 
Sarah d. Joseph & Mary Batty. Jan. 13. Bapt. 
James Wombell, sen r . Feb. 8. Bur* 1 . 
Francis .s. Thomas & Mary Woodhouse. Feb. 20. Bapt. 
Elizabeth d. John & Anne Baxter. Mar. 3. Bapt. 
George s. George & Sarah Aysclough. Mar. 24. Bapt, 


Adam Rooke & Judith Coo. May 9. Mar d . 

Sarah w. Rich' 1 Brett. May 25. Bur d . 

Francis s. William & Hannah Barlow. May 26. Bapt. 

Rieh d Jackson, Curate. 
William s. William & Margaret Towndro. June 8. Bapt. 
Elizabeth d. Elizabeth Johnson of Rufford. June 16. Bur' 1 . 

1 Parchment torn. 



Joshuali s. John & Elizabeth Ward. Bapt. July 12. Bur d July 14. 

George s. "William k Grace Fairbanks. Aug. 31. Bur d . 

George s. Samuel & Mary Pearse. Oct. l'7. Bapt. 

Mary w. Samuel Pearse. Oct. 29. Bur d . 

John s. Thomas & Anne Stronge. Oct 29. Bapt. 

William s. Thomas & Alice Wombell. Nov, 3. Bapt. 

William Molyneux of Oxon 1 in y e County of Nottingham, Esq. & M rs Anne 
Challaud of this Parish were married Nov r y e 14 lL by Virtue of a Licence 
granted by W ni Sweetaple suit 1 . 

Mary w. George Collis. Nov. 15. Bur' 1 . 

Elizabeth Gray, widow. Dee. 5. Bur (l . 

Francis s. Thomas & Mary Ward. Dec. S. Bapt. 

Mary d. John & Elizabeth Winterbottom. Dec. '29. Bapt. 

Sarah d. Adam & Judith Rooke. Jan. 12. Bapt. 

Edward s. Edward k Dorothy Booth. Jan. 30. Bapt. 

William s, Theophilus k Elizab tb Rodgers. Mar. 23. Bapt. 


Martha d. John & Mary Gray. Apr. 6. Bapt. 
William s. William k Anne Turner. Apr. 7. Bapt. 
Rebecca d . Joseph and Mary Batty. Apr. 20. Bapt. 
William Fox. May IS. Bur d . 

Rich d Jackson, Curate. 
Thomas s- John and Elizabeth Catlin. May 18. Bapt. 
Jane Gilbert, widow. July 23. Bur d 
Martha d. Sam 1 and Jane Matchet. Sept. 11. Rapt. 
William s- John and Eiizabeth Ward. (Jet. 5. Bapt. 
Thomas s. Robert and Mary Ingham. Oct. 19. Bapt. 
Edward s. Edward and Dorothy Booth. Nov. 16. Bur d . 
James s. Thomas & Alice Wombell. Dec. 6. Bur d . 
Elizabeth d. Adam & Judith Rooke. Dec. 14. Bapt. 
Henry Bell. Dec. 25. Bur d . 
Elizabeth Duttou. Jan. 20. Bur d . 
James Wombell. Feb. 5. Bur d . 
George s. Sam 1 Pearse of Rufford. Feb. 14. Bur d . 
Thomas s. Thomas k Anne Stronge. Mar. 7. Bapt. 


Matthew s. Matthew k Esther Barber. Mar. 28. Bapt. 
George s. George & Sarah Hurst of Rufford. Mar. 28. Bapt. 
John Peatfield. Apr. 2. Bur J . 

George s. William k Mary Marshall Apr. IS. Bapt. 
John s. Thomas k Anne Stronge. June 15. BurJ. 
Joseph s. Thomas & Elizabeth Pasey. June 20. Bapt. 
Thomas s. Thomas k Mary Bellamy. July 4. Bapt. 
John s. W U1 k Margaret Towndro. Aug. 8. Bapt, 

Rich d Jackson, Curate. 

Robert Freeman 

George Collis 
Margaret Bonnefant, widow. Nov. 12. Bur d . 
John s. John & Elizabeth Winterbottom. Nov. 2S. Bapt. 
George s. George & Sarah Ayscough. Dec. 11. Bur d . 
Robert s. Rob 1 k Cassandra Gilbert. Dec. 12. Bapt. 
Joseph s. Joseph k Mary Battey. Dec. 19. Bapt. 
James s. Thomas k Alice Wombell. Jan. 2. Bapt. 
Mary Wombell, widow. Jan. 6. Bur d . 
Francis s. Thomas k Mary Woodhouse. Jan. 14. Bur* 1 . 
William s. Charles & Mary Cogill. Jan. 16. Bapt. 
Joseph s. Thomas & Elizabeth Pacy. Jan. 17. Bur d . 
Faith d. Thomas k Mary Flower. Jan. 25. Bapt. 
Charles Winter. Jan. 29. Bur d . 

1 i.e., 0\t«»n. 




Mary \v. Thomas Flower. Feb. 1. Bur' 1 . 
Anne d. Edward & Dorothy Booth. Feb. 13. Bapt. 
Rebecca d. William & Anne Turner. Feb. 2 '■. Hapt. 
Mary cl. Thomas & Elizabeth Pacy. Feb. 25. Bur d . 
Joseph s. Thomas & Mary Ward." Mar. 20. Bapt. 


Anne d. William & Anne Roos. Mar. 25. Bur d . 
Sarah d. William & Anne Roos. Mar. 27. Bur d . 
Thomas s. W lu i; Margaret Towndro. Apr. 4. Eur' 1 . 

Rich' 1 Jackson. Curate. 
George Collis & Hannah Senskekl both of this Parish. Apr. 12, Mai d . Banns. 
John Ward. Apr. 15. Eur 1 . 
Izabell Hancock. May 3. Bur d . 
Mary d. Edmund ..V Mary Blyton. May S. Bapt. 
Charles s. .lames & Mary Hynde. May 22 Eapt. 
Williams John & Elizabeth Catlin. June 12. Bapt. 
John s. Eich' 1 k Amy Cougill. June 17. Bapt. 
Sarah Charleton, widow. Aug. S. Pur' 1 . 
John Charleton. Aug 23. Eur d . 
Faith Flower. Aug. 31. Bur 1 . 

Anne d. Mark i Anne Whitworth. Sept. IS. Bapt. 
John s. Jonathan & Anne Clarke. Oct. -30. Bapt. 
Tho. s. John & Elizabeth Catliu. Nov, 10. BuiA 
Thomas s. Tho. & Mary Hay of OUerton. Dec. 4. Eapt. 
Elizabeth Smith, an orphan. Dec. S. Bur d . 
Frances d. Rich' 1 Brett. Dec. 14. I'ur d . 
Robert Ingham, sen 1 '. Jan. 26. Bur d . 
John s. Thomas & Susannah Bowlsovcr. Jan. 26. Bapt. 
Solomon s. Sam' & Jane Matchet. Mar. 5. Bapt. 
Grace Calow. Mar. 9. Bur d , 


Mary d. George & Hannah Collis. Mar. 26. Bapt. 
Hannah d. George k Mary Fox. Apr. 16. Bapt. 

Rich d Jackson, Curate. 

Jane Taylor, widow. Apr. 19. Bur d . 

Williams k Ruth natural children Hannah Leek of Ruilord. Apr. 23. Bur d . 
John Riugrose. May S. Bur d . 

Mary w. William Thompson of RufTord. May 29. Bur d . 
Matthew s. Rieh d k Anne Hvnde. July 1. Bapt. 
Thomas Pacy. July 11. Bur d 

William s. Thomas k Mary Bellamy. July 30. Bapt. 

John s. W w and Mary Cook of Tibshall. Bapt. Sept. 10. Bur 1 . Sept, 11. 

William s. William & Mary Marshall. Oct 15. Bapt. 

Mary d. Joseph & Mary Battey. Oct. 15. Bapt. 

William s Thomas & Ann Flower. Oct, 22. Bapt. 

Anne d. William & Margaret Towndro. Nov. 19. Bapt, 

James Bacon. Nov. 20. Bur d . 

John s. Thomas k Alice Wombell. Dec. 21. Bapt. 

Samuel Batchelor of Laneham and Eleanor Sudbury of this Parish were married 
Jan r - V y e 25th by Rich d Jackson, Curate, by Virtue of Licence granted by 
Mr. Thomas Cooper Surrt. 

John s. Thomas & Alice Wombell. Jan 30. Bur' 1 . 

Elizabeth d. William k Hannah Barlow. Feb. 18. Bapt. 


Elizabeth d. Edmund & Mary Blyton. Apr. 1. Bant. 
Thomas s- John and Elizabeth Winterbottom. Apr. 8. Bapt. 

Ric d Jackson, Curate. 
Simeon s. Edward k Dorothy Booth. Apr. 8. Bapt. 
Rebecca d. Charles k Marv Cougill. Apr. 8. Bapt. 
John Gillet. May 12. Bur 1 . 


1 1 

William Fox. May 16. Bur d . 

John s. Thomas & Mary Woodhousc. Aug. 5. Bapt. 
Johu s. William Sc Anne Turner. Aug. 12. Bapt, 
Joseph s. John & Elizabeth Catlin. Sept. 2. Bapt. 

John Hyndc of this Parish & Dorothy Hooks of Wars-op were married Oct r v c 3 rd l»v 
M r Cooper. Vic r of Kneesall by Vertue of Banns publidi'd in \« Churches Jf 
Wellow A: Warsop aforesaid. 

John s. George & Sarah Hurst. Oct. 22. Bapt, 

Mary d- Hubert & Anne Wombell. Nov. 7. I'apt. 

John s. George & Sarah Hurst. Nov. 7. Bur d . 

Anne w. Robert Wombell. Nov. 18. Bur' 1 . 

William Challand, Esq. Dec. 29. Bui- 1 . 

William s. George & Mary Fox. Dec. 30. Bapt. 

Mary d. Robert & Mary Ingham. Dec. 30. Bapt. 

Jonathan s. Jonathan & Anne Clarke. Jan. 13. Bapt. 

Hannah d. Thomas & Susanna Bowlsover. Jan. 20. Bapt. 

William natural s. Anne Woodhouse. Jan. 20. Bapt. 

Richard s. Richard & Amy Cougill. Jan. "27. Bapt. 

Elizabeth d. Joseph k Mary Battey. Mar. 2. Bapt. 


Samuel s. Sam' k Elizabeth Turner. May 25. Bapt. 

Rich d Jackson, Curate. 
Matthews Samuel & Jane Matchet. June 15. Bapt. 
Amy d. Mark k Anne Whitworth. June 15. Bapt. 
John Whitworth. July 7. Bur d . 
Elizabeth d. Joseph & Mary Pownder. Aug. 3. Bapt- 
James s. John & Dorothy Hynde. Sept. 7. Bapt. 
Barbara d. Thomas .i Alice Wombell. Sept. 14. Bapt. 
Amy d. Mark & Anne Whitworth. Nov. 2. Bur d . 
Theophilus Rodgers. Nov. 4. Bur' 1 . 
John s. George k Sarah Hurst. Nov 25. Bapt. 
Martha d. William k Mary Marshall. Nov. 10. Bapt. 
Anne d. Thomas & Anne Flower. Nov. 30. Bapt. 
Sarah d. Edmund & Sarah Blyton. Jan. 4. Bapt. 
Mary d. Thomas k Mary Hay of y e Parish of Ollerton. Jan. 4. Bapt. 
James s. Richard & Anne Hynde. Jan. 18. Bapt. 
Sarah d. Robert k Mary Wombell. Feb. 1. Bapt. 
Sarah Booth, wid. Feb. 17. Bur d . 
Alice Smith, widow. Mar. 19. Bur d . 


William s. William & Susanna Booth. Apr. 12. Bapt. 

s. Thomas k Anne Bell. May 9. Bapt. 

George Casan of Bole k Anne Blank of this Parish were married May y° 14 th by 

Richard Jackson, Curate, by Vertue of a Licence granted by M r £. Berks, 


Jane d. George k Hannah Collis. June 21. Bapt. 
Elizabeth d. \V m & Sarah Stevenson. Sept, 27. Bapt- 
Mary d. Thomas k Elizabeth Wilcox. Oct, 11. Bapt. 
John Peatfield. Oct, 13. Bur d . 

Rich d Jackson, Curate. 
William s. Edward k Dorothy Booth. Dec. 27. Bapt, 
Francis s. Thomas k Mary Ward. Dee. 31. Bur d 
William s. Edward k Dorothy Booth. Jan. 7. Bur d . 
Elizabeth bastard d. Mary Turner. Jan. 17. Bur d . 
M rs Mary Brown. Feb. 8. Bur 01 . 
Charles s. Rich- 1 & Amy Cougill. Feb. 14. Bapt. 
Anne d. George k Mary Fox. Mar. 14. Bapt. 
Alice d. William k Anne Blyton. Mar. 21. Bapt. 


Mary d. W m & Anne Turner. Apr. 18. Bapt. 



Elizabeth d. William k Margaret Tovradro. June 12. Bapt. 
William Bacon. July 8. Bur* 1 . 
William Hardy. July 13. Eur' 1 . 
John s. Thomas & Alice Wombell. July 25. Bapt- 
Samuels Jonathan & Anne Clarke. Aug. 15. Rapt. 
Elizabeth rl. Charles & Mary Cougill. Oct. 8. bapt. 
Johns. John &*Mary Whitworth. . Nov. 5. Bapt. 
Martha d. Thomas k Susanna Bowlsover. Nov. 10. Bapt. 
Sam 1 Turner. Dee. 16. Bur d . 

Thomas Hay of y e Parish of Ollerton Dec. 17. Eur d . 
Susanna d. Joseph & Mary Battey Jan 23. Bapt. 
Anne d. William k Marv Marshall. Jan. 23. bant. 
Elizabeth d Robert & Mary Wombell. Feb 27. Bapt. 
Martha \v. William Law. Mar. 1. Bur d . 


Richard s Thomas & Anne Flower. Apr. 7. Bapt. 

Rich d Jackson. Curate. 
Richard s. George & Sarah Hurst. May 8. Bapt. 
V\ illiam Clarke. May 14. Bur d 
Frances d. Edward k Sarah Blyton. June 5. Bapt. 
Elizabeth w. Paul Bloom of Rufford. July 81. Bur' 1 . 
John natural s. Frances Blyton. Nov. 27. Bapt. 
Hannah d. George k Hannah Collis. Jan. 22. bapt. 
John s. Richard & Anne Hynde. Jan. 22. Bapt. 
Samuel .s. John & Mary Whitworth. Jan. 27. Bapt. 
Edmund s. Richard & Amy Cougill. Feb. 12. Bapt. 
Margaret w. W m Towndro. Feb. 20. Bur d . 


John Tootal of v c Parish of Worksop & Hannah Bacon of this Pariah. May 1. 

Mar*. \ 
Anne Raworth, widow. May 22. Bur' 1 . 
George s. William & Sarah Stevenson. July 22. Bapt. 
Samuel s. W m & Anne Turner. Oct. 7- Bapt. 
George s. George & Mary Fox. Nov. IS. Bapt. 
Barbara w. John Mastin. Nov, 23. Bur d . 
Robert Gilbert. Dec. 17. Bur d . 

Elizabeth d. William k Mary Marshall. Feb. 17. Bapt. 

Thomas Fairbanks k Anne VVarriner both of this Parish. Feb. 19. Mar' J . 

Thomas s. Thomas k Anne Flower. Feb. 24. 

Rich d Jackson, Curate. 

Robard Freeman ) ~, , •, 

Mark Whiteworth J Churchwardens. 


James s. Richard & Anne Hind of the Parish of Ollerton. May 3. Bur d . 

Elizabeth w. Henry Beckett. May 7. Bur d . 

Samuel s. John & Mary Whitworth. May 10- Bur d . 

Alice d. Thomas k Alice Wombell. June 9. Bapt. 

Samuel s. W m & Dority Brooks of Papplewick. Aug. 3. Bur' 1 . 

William s. Joseph & Mary Battey. Aug. IS. Bapt. 

Mary d. Charles & Mary Cougill. Sept. 1. Bapt, 

Susanna d. Tho. & Susanna Bolsouer. Sept. 15. Bapt. 

Sarah d. Jonathan & Anne Clark. Oct. 7. Bapt. 

William s. Edward & Dority Booth. Oct. 13. Bapt. 

Thomas Boniford of y e parish of Rufford & Mary Townscnd of this parish. Nov. 14. 

Mar d . Banns. 
Mary d. Robart & Mary Ingham. Dec. 26. Bur' 1 . 
Thomas s. James k Anne May. Dec. 29. Bapt. 
William s. Elizabeth Ward. Van. 10. Bur d . 
William Ward. Jan. 16. Bur' 1 . 
Joseph s. Joseph & Mary Batty. Jan. 23. Bur d , 



Elizabeth w. Phillip Jauins. Jan. 23. Bur 11 . 
Thomas s. Elizabeth Ward. Jan. 20. Bur d . 

Elizabeth d. George & Elizabeth Holt of RufTord parish. Feb. 11. Bur*. 
John s. Thomas & Mary Woodhouse. Feb. 8. Bur fl . 
Dauid s. George & Hannah Collis. Mar. 1. Bapt. 
Sarah d. George & Sarah Hurst. Mar. 10. Bapt. 
Dauid s George & Hannah Collis. Mar. 18. Bur' 1 . 


William s. Thomas & Elizbeth Dennis. Mar. 31. Bapt. 

John s. John & Elizabeth Ward. Apr. 20. Bapt. 

Mary d. John & Mary Whiteworth. May 4. Bapt. 

William s. George & Elizabeth Ward. July 6. Bapt. 

William s. Edmund & Mary Blyton July 27. Bapt. 

Mary Whiteworth. Aug. 20. Bur' 1 . 

William s. Robert & Mary Wombell. Aug. 31. Bapt, 

Elizabeth Fox, widow. Oct. 0. Bur' 1 . 

Fran. Bacon. Oct. 8. . Bur' 1 . 

George Fairbanks, batehellor. Oct. 20. Bur' 1 . 

Alice d. William & Anne Townraw. Nov. S. Bur' 1 . 

William s. Thomas & Anne Fairbanks. Nov. 10. Bapt. 

John Gilbert & Hanna Mellows both of this parish. Dec. 2. Mar*. 

Thomas s. Thomas & Sarah Day. Dec. 2. Bapt. 

William s. Richard & Amy Cougil. Jan. 1. Bapt. 

Sarah d. William & Sarah Steuenson. Jan. 7. Bapt. 

Beniamin s. William & Hannah Barlow. Feb. 15. Bapt. 

George s. Thomas & Ann Flower. Mar. 8. Bapt. 

Edmund Fairbanks. Mar- 22. Bur tl . 


John s. Thomas & Mary Romford. Apr. 7. Bapt, 
Mary w. Thomas Bomford. Apr. 9. Bur' 1 . 
Margret d. Joseph & Marv Battv. May 3. Bapt. 
John s. William & Mary Mar>hall. May 10. Lapt. 
Robert s. Thomas & Alice Wombell. June 7. Bapt. 
Jams May. June 11. Bur' 1 . 

William s. Richard & Ann Hind, of y e parish of Ollerton. July 7. Bapt. 

John s. George & Mary Fox. Aug 9. Bapt. 

Elizabeth d. John & Hanna Gilbert. Sept. 20. Bapt. 

Peter s. George & Hanna Collis. Oct, 4. Bapt. 

Edmund Blyton. Jan. 5. Bur' 1 . 

Margrit d Joseph & Mary Batty. Jan. 22. Bur d . 

Jamima d. Tho. & Susanna Bolsouer. Feb. 17. Bapt. 

Beniamin William & Hanna Barlow. Feb. 2S. Bur' 1 . 


Rich. Cougill. Apr. 29. Bur' 1 . 

Eliz. Eolsouer. June 18. Bur' 1 . 

Phebe d. Charls L Mary Cougill. Aug. 4. Bapt. 

W m Geneuer of Ruff ord. Sept, 11. Bur' 1 . 

Elz. v,\ W" Leuerton of Ruft'ord. Oct. G. Bur' 1 . 

Elliner d. Tho. & Sarah Day. Oct. 20. Bapt. 

Abraham Geneuer. Oct. 2>0. Bui ' 1 . 

Elz. d John St, Eliz. Pautin. Nov. 13. Bapt. 

Eliz. d. Jams & Jane Hind. Nov. 20. Bapt. 

Tho. s. W'» k Mary Marshal. Nov. 27. Bapt. 

Elz. d. John A: Elz" Pant in. Dec. 18. Bur' 1 . 

Mary d. Jonathan & Ann Clark. Jan 1. Bapt. 

Matthew Barber. Jan. 8. Bur' 1 . 

Amv d. Kichard & Amy Cougill. Feb 14. Bapt. 

Marv d. Thomas & Ailee Woombell. Feb 14. Bapt. 

Mary d W m Sarah Steuenson. Mar. 19. Bapt. 




William Hind & Elisabeth Blyton both of this parish. Apr. 11 . Mar d . 

Thomas s. George & Sarah Hurst. Apr. 11. Bapt. 

James Renolds of Rufford. Apr. 25. Bur d . 

Joseph s. Joseph ic Mary Batty. May 7. Eapt. 

Sarah d. John & ELiz. Ward. 'May 28. Rapt. 

John s. Samuel & Ann Turner. July'OO. Bapt. 

Johns. Daniel & Mary Bradly. Aug. 13. Bapt. 

Martha w. Ed. Slack of Mansfield. Sept. 5. Bur' 1 . 

Ann d. Tho. & Eliz. Denis. Sept. 17. Rapt. 

George s. George & Eliz. Ward. Sept. 17. Bapt. 

Barbara d. Tho, & Alice Wombel. Sept. 20. Bur d . 

Thomas s. Robert & Mary Wombel. Oct. 1. Rapt. 

Walter s, W m Law. Nov. 28. Bur' 1 . 

Mary d. James & Jane Hind. Dec. 17. Bapt. 

W m Fairbanks. Dec. 31. Bur d . 

Edmund s. W™ & Eliz. Hind. Feb. 4. Bapt. Bur d . Mar. 11. 


James s. William & Elizabeth Woombel. Apr. 13. Bapt. 

Ann d. John >S: Mary Whiteworth. Apr. 13. Bapt. 

Mary \v. Caleb Townsend. Apr. 13. Bur' 1 . 

Thadosha Perk in. Apr. 16. Bur d . 

Joseph Handley. Apr. 24. Bur' 1 . 

Francis s. Georg & Mary Fox. Apr. 21. Papt. 

John s. Luke & Dorithy Teather. May 6. Bapt. 

Josej)h s. Joseph & Mary Batty. May 23. Bur' 1 . 

W nl Raworth & Catrine Pailthorp both of this parish. June 19 Mar d . 

William s. Jaruis & Ann Bacon. July 20. Bapt. 

Mary d. Tho. & Mary Wells. July 29. Bapt. 

Susanna vv. Tho. BoLsouer. Aug. 23. Bur cl . 

John s. John & Ann Allin. Oct. 9. Bapt. & Bur d Oct. 12 

Aim w. John Allin. Oct. 12. Bur d . 

Isaac s. W m & Mary Marshall. Oct. 21. Rapt. 

Rebecca Turner. Nov. 19. Bur d . 

Ann w. Mark Whiteworth. Jan. 5. Rur d . 

Tho. Ward. Jan. 7- Rur d . 

Jane d. James & Jane Rind. Jan. 20. Bapt. 

Elizabeth \v. Rob. Smith. Feb. 16. Bur d . 

Isabel d. Samuel & Ann Turner. Feb. 17. Bapt. 

Ann d. Adam & Margrit Retinoids. Feb. 17. Rapt. 

W™Wombell. Mar. 13. Bur d . 


W m Stevenson. Apr. S. Bur d . 

Mis*" Elizabeth Challand. Apr. 17. Bur*. 

Ann d. George 8c Sarah Hurst, Apr, 21. Bapt. 

Thomas s. Robert & Mary Woombell. May 4, Bur 1 . 

Robert Ingham. Mav 16. Bur d , 

Mary d. W» & Elz. Hind. June 23. Bapt. 

Cristefor s. Jonathan .V Ann Clark. July 7. Bapt. 

Jonathan s. George & Mary Fox. July 21. Bapt. 

Joseph s. John & Eliz. Ward. July 23. Bapt. 

Tho- Scote. Aug. 7». Bur d . 

Aim d. W ra & Catrine Raworth. Aug. 11. Bapt. 
Ann d. Tho. & Ann Bomtord. Sept. 8. Bapt. 
James s, W nl & Ann Turner. Sept, 19. Bur d . 
Barbara d. W"< & Ann Wombel. Oct. 13. Bapt. 
Ann d. Chads & Mary Cogill. Nov. 21. Bapt. 
Frances d. Sara Steuenson. Dec. S. Bapt, 


Tho. Bolsouer & Mary Torr both of this parish. Jan. 1 1. Mar 1 . 


Joseph s. Rich. & Amc Cngill. Jan. 20. Bapt. 

Rich, s. James & Jane Hind. Mar. 22. Bapt. 

Thomas s. Rob. & Mary Woomhel. Mar. 27. Bapt. 

Eliz. d. John & Elz. Townsend of Norwell. Mar. 29. Bapt. 

Mary d. Tho. & Ann Fairbanks. May 31. Bapt. 

Jams Hind. June 15. Rur d . 

William s. W™ & Alice Blyton. June 2} . Bapt. 

Francis s. Mark Whiteworth. June 29. Bur' 1 . 

George s. Jaruish & Ann Bacon. July 19. Bapt. 

Elz. d. \Vm & Elz. Hind. Aug. 30. Bur 1 . 

W™ s. George & Mary Fox. Oct. 25. Bur d . 

Ann d, W»» & Hanna Barlow. Oct. 27. Bur' 1 . 

Marriages 1705. 

Bennet Barber & Mary Bacon. Feb. 4. 
Thomas Parkinson & Mary Bilialcl. Feb. 4. 

Marriages 1708. 
Thomas Belome & Mary Parkinson. Dec. 21. 
William Wombill & Mary Charlton. Mar. 3. 170}. 

Marriage* 1709. 

Robert Smith of Conton 1 & Elizabeth Ahnp (?) of Roufford. June 13. 
George Hooll & Elizabeth Smith. Nov. 14. 

Marriage 1711. 

William Gilbert & Mary Knight. Mar. 25. 

Marriages 1712. 

William Clarke k Elizabeth Womble. Apr. S. 
James Rcnards & Frances llect. Sept. 9. 
Richard Beet & Sara Riser. Dee. 8. 

Marriage 1714. 
William Clarke & Ruth Baccon. Dec. 2. 


Rich. s. W™ & Ann ToWnraw. Nov. 1. Bur 1 . 
W"- s. Luke & Dorithy Teather. Dec. 10. Bapt. 


Rob. Raworth. Jan. 2. Bur 1 . 

James s. \V m oc Ann Turner. Jan. 1 1. Bapt. 

Francis Barlow. Jan. 15. Bur* 1 . 

W m s. \V m Leuerton. Jan IS. Bur d . 

James s. W 1U Turner. Jan. 24, Bur d . 

Mary cl. Tho. & Ann Bomford. Feb. 25. Bapt. 

Tho. s. Tho. & Mary Bolsouer. Mar. IS. Bapt. 

Rich. s. \Y»> & Mary Marshal. Apr. 8. Bapt. 

John s. Tho. & Mary Wells. Apr. 15. I'apt. 

Elz. d. John & Hanna Gilbert. May 5. Bur d . 

Joseph s. Rich & Ame Co-ill . May 2G. Bur' 1 . 

Ann d- Sam \ Alice Lawrence. May 20. Bapt. 

Caleb Townsend. July 10. Bur' 1 . 

James s. \V m & Elz. Hind. July 15. Bapt. 

\V«> s. George & Sarah Hurst. Aug. 5. Bapt. 

Eliz. d. Rob. & Dorithy Smith. Aug. 19. Bapt. 

James s. James & Jane Hind. Bapt. Sept. 9. Bur' 1 Oct. 19. 


Mary d. Georg & Mary Fox. Jan, 20. Bapt. 

1 i.e , Cauntou. 



Mary Cougill, widow. Mar, 2. Bur< 1 . 

Tho. s. Rich, k Jane Warner. Mar. 2. Bapt. 

Ame d. John & Mary NVhiteworth. Mar. 3. Bapt 

W m s. George & Sarah Hurst. Apr. 1. Bur' 1 . 

Mary w Ed. Blyton. May 15. Bur' 1 , 

Mary d. Tho. & Sarah Woombel. Mar. 19. Bapt. 

Sarah d. Chads & Mary Cogill. June 2. Bapt. 

Ann d. James &.Jane Hind. "Oct. 11. Bapt. 

Mary d. John & Catrine Webster. Oct. 20. Bapt. 

Mary d. Jarvice & Ann Bacon. Dec. 8. Bapt. 


Mary d. Tho. & An Bomford. Jan. 5. Bapt. 
Wm. s. Wm. & Elz, Hind. Jan. 12. Bapt, 
Elz. Rogers, widdow. Feb. 12. Bur' 1 . 
Joseph s. George & Mary Fox. Mar. 28. Bapt. 

Edward s. Rob. & Dorithy Smith & Robert s. Jonathan k Ann Clark. Mav 4. 

Mary d. Rich, & Ame Cougill, Mav 11. Bapt. 
Robert s. W m & Mary Marshall. Mav 25, Bapt. 
Wm Roas. Dec. 22. Bur' 1 . 


James s. Tho. & Ann Flower. Jan, 30. Bur' 1 . 
W m s. George & Sarah Hurst. Mar. 7. Bapt. 
Tho. s, Thomas & Ann Bomford. May 0. Bapt. 
James & Catherine children James & jane Hind. Mav 16. Bapt. 
Richard s. Rich. & Jane Warner & Alice d. Tho, & Sarah Wombell. Mav 2?. 

Cathrine d, James & Jane Hind. Mav 31. Eur' 1 . 
Wm s. Tho. & Mary Wells. June 27. Bapt. 
Grace d. Tho. & Ann Fairbanks. July 25. Bapt. 
W m s, W m & Ann Woodhous. Aug. 8. Bant. 
W ni Blyton. Aug. 22. bur' 1 . 
John s. John & Martha Jepson. 1 Sept. 2G, Bapt. 
John s. Rich. & Ame Cougill. Nov. 2. Bur' 1 . 
Rebecaha d, Wm.- & Mary Marshall. Nov. 2. Bapt. 
Georg Collis. Nov. 18. Bur d . 
John Gilbert. Nov, 26. Bur" 1 . 

1770 (sic.) 

Will™ s. Will™ & Jane Teather. Oct 20. Bapt 3 


Elizabeth w. George Houlte of Rufeforde. July 22. BurA 
Eliz. d. Whilliam & Eliz. Hinde. July 22. Bapt. 
Ann w. Whilliam Townder row . Aug, 5. Bur' 1 . 
Mary w. Franses Bacon. Sept. 29. Bur' 1 . 

John & Joseph children Richard & Ame Cougill. Dec. 18. Bapt. 


Edward s. James & Jane Hinde. Jan. 15. Bapt. 
Samewell s. John & Mary Whiteworth. Feb. 17. Bapt. 
Eliz. d. John Sc Cattern Whebster, Mar. 26. Bapt. 
Hanner d. Ann & Thomis Bumford. June 4. Bapt. 
llobbort s. George & Mary Fox. June 11. Bapt. 
Joseph & Mary children George & Mary Fox. June 14. Bur (l . 
George s. Whillam & Ann Woombel 1. June IS. Bapt. 
Elizabth d. Joseph & Mary t'attey. Aug. 2. Rapt. 
Robbort s. Robbort & Doaroty Smith. Oct. 15. Bapt, 

1 This name was omitted and is written above in different ink. 

2 Altered from " Tho." 

3 Cf. Baptisms 1770. 



EHzebeth cl. Richard 1' Jane Warner. Oct. 10. Bapt. 
Jane Pugmore uf Walsebe. Oct. 17. Bur' 1 . 
Charles s. Richard & Ame Cougill, Nov. 22, Bur d . 
Whillam s. Whillam & Blyton, Nov. 2 1. Bur d 
Fransis d. Whillam & Sarah Steuenson. Dec. 10. Bur d . 


Alse d. Tho. & Ann Fairbanks. Jan- 21. Bapt. 
Mary w. W m Nuom (sic). Jan. (sic) 3. Bur d . 
W m Bare. Jan. (sic). Bur d . 
Edman s. Jaruis & Ann Backon, Feb. 11. Bapt. 
John s. George Hoult of Boot on. Mar, 3. Bur d . 
W»Rawoath, Apr. 23. Bur d 

Joseph & Cattiron children James & Jane Hind. Apr. 23. Bapt, 

Franses s. W m & Elizabeth Dobe. June 3. Bapt, 

Susna w. W 1 " Boothe. June 8. Bur' 1 . 

Ann \v. W m Turner. June 28. Bur d . 

James s. John & Elizab^ Ward. July 1.'. Bapt. 

Elizabeth d. Thomas & Elizabeth Cartridge. Sept. 9. Bapt. 

John s. W»» & Elizabti' Hinde. Oct. 7. Bapt. 

Thomas s. Ann Allcock. P»ur d . 

Jane d. John & Jane Havre. Nov. 29. Bapt. 

Alse d. Thomas & Sara Wombell. Dec. 22. Bur d . 


Thomas s. Whillam & Ann Woodhouse. Jan. 12. Rapt. 
Charles s. Whillam & Marv Marshell. Jan. 13. Bapt. 
Thomas Bumford. Jan. is. Bur d . 
Thomas s. Thomas & Manner Days. Jan. 30. Bur' 1 . 
Elizabeth Jonsou. Feb. 9. Bur d . 

Thomas s. Sarah & Thomas Woombell. )f.u'. 21. Bapt, 
Jane Giniuer of RufFord. Apr. 2S. Bur' 1 . 
Catirori d. Jane & James Hinde. May 7. Bur' 1 . 
Mary Dleg (?) of Ruffoi'd. May 23. Bur" 1 . 
George s. Ann Bumford. June 1">. Bapt. 
W m s. W" & Ann Woombell. July 13. Bapt, 
James s. George & Many Focks. July 13. Bapt. 
W™ s. Jane & Richard Warner. Oct/l9. Bapt. 
Ann d. John & Jane Turner. Nov. 4. Bapt. 


Wm. s. Wm. & Elizabth Morton. Jan. 4. Bapt. 
Edman s; Charles & Mary Cougill. Jan. 10. Bapt. 
George s. John k Catiron Webster. Jan. 18. Bapt, 
John s. John & Jane Havre. Feb. 14. Bapt. 
George s. John k Cat Iran Webster. Feb. 1."). Bur* 1 . 
Ann d. Ann & Jaruis Baekn. May 3. Bapt. 
Wm. Leverton of Rufford. May 7. Bur d . 
George s. Ann Bumford. June 21. Bur d . 
George s. Ann Ftherstone of Warsope. July 19. Bapt. 
George s. John k Rebacakow Palmer. July 26. Bapt. 
John s. Elizabth & Whillam [ngham. Aug. 9. Bapt. 
Alse d. Elizabth & Jams Woombell. Aug. 10. Bapt. 
Wm. s. Marry & Thomes Whelk. Sept. 3. Bur* 1 . 
Thomas s. Rabaekow k Joseph Bartram. Sept. ."». Bur* 1 . 
John s. Tliomas & Marry Whelk Sept. 10. Bur d 
Sara d. Ann & Thomas Kairebankes. Sept 10. Bapt. 
Elizabeth d Catiron & John Weebster. Oct. S. Bui" 1 . 
James s. Elizabeth Wheston. Oct. 11. Bapt. 
John s. John & Jane Havre. Dec. 31. Bur d . 
Ann d. Wm. & Susana Tomsen. Dec. 31. Bur <l . 


Elizabeth d. John ,*v Cattiron Whehstor. Jan. 3. Bapt. 


Wm s. Mathe Ba>l>er. Jan. ">. Bapl, 1 

Volontine s. Thomas & Mary Wharde, Jan, 7. Bur d . 

Ann Ratlif of Ruft'ord. Jau. 21. Bur' 1 . 

Thomas s. John & Elizabeth Whard. Feb. 7. Bapfc. 

Elizabth d. Whillam Ann Woombell. Fob. 14, Bapt. 

John s. Thomas & Elizabth Cartlidge. Feb. 23. Bapt. 

ElizaHh <1. Thomas & Marr Wlielk Apr. 11. Bapt . 

Mary d. Wm. & Ann Woodhouse. Apr. IS. Bapt, 

May 2. Frarisis Ann'- 1 

Jul v- A una Jane Daughter 

of Wm. & Ann Peek was 

Bapt zed A fay ye 2.- 

Susana d. Susana & Win. Tomson. July 25. Bapt. 
Hanna Fox. Jul\ 26. Bur' 1 . 

Charles s. Anne & Richard Cougell. June (sic) 27. Bapt. 
John s. John & Jane Havre. July 13. Bur* 1 . 
Georg s. Georg Tayler. July 27>. Bapt. 
Wm. 8. Joseph k Maty Batte. Aug. 10. Bur' 1 . 
S.imeuell s. Win. «Jc Mary Turner. Aug. 29. Bant. 
Whillam s. Chalcs & Marv Cougell. Oct. 17. Bur' 1 . 
Steven s. Whillam & Elizabth Wood. Oct. 19. Bapt, 
Mathew s. Richard & Jane Winner. Nov. 14. Bapt. 
Mary w. Whillam Booth. Dee. 17. Bui" 1 . 


Carteu Barber. Jan. 2. Bur' 1 . 

Elizabth d. Elizabth & James Woombell. Jan. 2. Bapt. 
Eliz. d. George & Mary Pursglove. Mar. 13. Bapt. 
Elizabth d. Mary & George Pursglove. Mar. 20. Bur (l . 
Elizabth d. Janus & Ann Barken. Apr. 1. Bapt. 
Danall s. Elm & Danall Woolhouse. Apr. 5. Bapt. 
Mary d. Rebackow & Joseph Oartroam. Apr. 6. Bapt. 
Whillam Tomson. Apr. 24. Bur rt . 
Mary Loroans. June 2.~>. Bur 1 . 
Wm. Marshell. June 28. Bur' 1 . 
Mary d. Elizabth k Wm. FTerioad. July 3. Bapt. 
Elizabth d. John & Ann Stronge. July 11. Bapt. 
George s. Whillam & Jane Tether. July 17. Bapt. 
W»> s. Whillam & Mary Day. Sept. 7-' Bapt. 
Richard Markeham. Oct. f. Bur' 1 . 

Elizabth d. Richard k Elizabth Markeham. Oct. 30. Bapt. 

Wm. .s. John & Mary Turner. Nov. (3. Bapt. 

Hanncr \y. John Steanes ot' Egmanton. Deo. 17. Bur a . 


W m s. George & Mary Boothe, Jan. 1. Bapt. 
Richard s. Mathew & Ann ITinde. Jan. 22. Bapt. 
Ann d. George <fc Mary Purseglove. Jan. 29. Bapt. 
Sara d. Thomas k Elizabth Cartterlidge. Mar. 11. Rapt. 
John s, Thomas & Mary Whells. Apr. 8. Bapt. 
Barberawd. Whillam & Ann Woombell. Mav 1". Bapt. 
Whillam s. Whillam & Marv Turner. Mav 20. Bapt. 
Elizabth Wharde. July 12. Bur' 1 . 
Mary d. W m k Elizabth Wood. Sept. 23. Bapt. 
Elizabth d. W m & Elizabth Hoot-on, Sept. 2:). Bapt. 
John s. John k Ann Clarke. Oct. 1".. Bapt. 
Ann \v. Jonnathan Clarke. Oct. 15. Bur (l . 
Etherd Booth. Nov. lti. Bur' 1 , 

Charles s. Samewell k ... . Turner. Oct. (sir,) 3. Bant. 
W m s. W m v\ Ann Beck. Nov. 4. {sie) Bapt. 

1 Eutorod k erased first with addition of - ; Eliz;\beth & Mathe/' etc 
- Sic See Mai-, in 1 7S0. 


Elizabth d. Thomas & Ann Fearbanks. Dec. 20. Bapt. 

Marthow & Mary childeren James & El iz. Woombell. Dec. 26. Lap 


John s. Richard & Jane Wharner. Jan, 18. Bapt. 

Ann w. Richard Warner. Jan. 18. Ilur 1 . 

James Woidin, Bastcrd. Jan. 27.- Bapt. 

Jaruis Voloantine s. Jaruis & Ann Baokon. Mar. 10. Bapt. 

Thomas s. Danial & Ellin Woolhowse. Mar. 10. Bapt. 

Ann d. Catiron <i- John Weebster. Mar. 26. Bapt. w. Thomas Woombell, May 27. Bur d . 

Hanner d. John & Marry Bret. July 1-1. Bapt. 

Tommas s. Jane & Whillam Tether. Oct. 22. Bapt. 

Mary d. Elizabth & Edniun Blyton. Nov. I!. Bapt. 

Mary Wharde. Nov. 18. Bur 1 . 

Sara w. George [Hurst]. Dec. . . Bur d . 


Thomas Smith. Jan. 17. Bur d . 
John Whebster. Jan. 23. Bur d . 

Whillam s. John & Reb. . . . Palmer. Jan. 26. Bapt. 
Joseph Pounder. Feb. 9. Bur d . 
Samewell Pearse of Rufford. Feb. 16. Bur d . 
Edman Blyton. Feb. 13. Bur' 1 . 

Joseph s. Joseph k Rebacko Oartroam. Mar. 1. Bapt. 

John Drvse, Mar. 31. Bur' 1 . 

Mary Peatfield. Feb. 20. Bur d . 

Whillam s. John & Eiiz. Warde. Apr 2. Bapt. 

Mary d. Whillam & Mary Turner. Apr. 20. Bapt. 

John s. John & Ann Gads. Apr. 20. Bapt-. 

Richard s. Whillam & Eliz. Hinde. Apr. 20. Bapt. 

Sara & Martha children Whillam & Elizabeth Herred. .Apr. 30. Ba 

Sara d. Whillam & Elizabth Herrod. May 1. Bur' 1 . 

Susanna d. George k Mary Booth. May 8. Bapt. 

Elizabth d. Whillam & Elizabth Herrod. May 11. Bur d . 

Thomas s. George & Sara Hurst. May IS. Bur d . 

Ann d. John & Ann Wharde June 22. Bapt. 

Ann d. W m & Ann Woombell. June 29. Bapt. 

Sara d. Samewell k Ann Turner of Rufford. July 15. Bur' 1 . 

Ann d. Thomas k Elizabth Cartlidge of Rufford. July 27. Bapt. 

George s. James & Elizabth Marshell. Aug. 7. Bapt. 

Ann d. W m & Ann Woodhouse. Aug. 14. Bapt. 

John s. Whillam Webster. Sept. 4. Bur d . 

Samewal s. John k Ann Clarke. .Sept 7. Bapt. 

Richard Warner. Sept. 21. Bur d . 

Ann Webster. Oct. Id. Bur**. 

Richard s. Richard & Ammev Cougill. Oct. 17. Bur d . 
Mary d. Whillam k Elizab. Hooton. Nov. 2. Bapt. 
W"' s. John & Elizabth Wharde, Nov, IS. Bur' 1 . 
Sara w. Thomas Woom[bellj. Nov. 20. Bur d . 
Ann d. Mathe & Ann Hind. Nov. 20. Bapt. 
Doroathy Gilbert. Dec. 30. Bur d . 


James s. James & Eliz. Woombel. Feb. 22. Bapt. 
James s. Richard Bret. June 6. Bur d . 
W m s. Elizabth k John Whard. Aug. 30. Bapt. 
John Tin ner. Oct. ;">. Bur d . 

Aimed. Whillam & Elizabth Herod. Nov. 15. Bapt. 
Ann d. Whillam k Jane Tether. Dec. 15. Bapt. 
Marther d. James & Elizabth Woombell. Dee. 27. Bui ' 1 . 
Mary d. James &. Mary Holland of Olertou. Dec. 29. Bur 1 . 


Whillam s. John & Elizabth Whurd. Jan. 5. Bui' 1 . 


Mary d, James & Elizabth Woombell. Jan, 6. Bur d . 
John s. John <fc Sara Woombell. I'd". Bapt. 
Mary cl. John & Rebackow Palmer. Mar. 20. Bapt. 
Sara d. Samewell k Ann Turner. Apr. 1.0. Bapt. 

John Walker after renouncing the professions of the Baptists was Christcn'd on the 

15 th of May. 
Joshua s. John Ward. July %A: Bapt. 
John Cocker, a Stranger, Oct. 9. Bur' 1 . 
Mary d. Will 1 " & Ann Woonibill. Dec 18. Bapt. 


Will™ s. Tho s & Eliz th Cartelidge. Jan. 20. Bapt. 
Ann Shipton, Widow. Jan. 30. Bur' 1 . 

Eliz tb w. Philip Featherstone. Feb. 27. Bui 4 . f 
James Allen, base born. Mar. 5. Bapt. 
Geo. ?. Geo. & Mary Fox. Mar. 6. Bur d . 
Ja s s. Matt. & Ami Hind. May 23. Bapt. 
Ann d. Rich' 1 & Ann Chapman. Mav 23, Bapt. 
Ja 5 s. Ja s & Eliz th Woonibill. June 25. Bapt- 
Willm s. J n° & Ann Gadsby. July 9, Bapt. 
Mary w. Tho s W oodhouse, Boughton. July 10. Bur' 1 . 
John "Whit worth. Oct. 23. Bur d . 
Will™ s. Will 111 & Jane Tether. Oct. 29. Bapt. 
Ann d. Jn° k Sarah Woonibill. Nov. 5, Bapt. 
Will" 1 s. Will 1 " & Jane Tether. Nov. 8. Bui 4 . 
Jon n s. John k Ann Clark. Nov. 8. Bapt. . 
Rebecca d. Jn° k Ann Clark. Nov. 9. Bur' 1 . 
Joshua s, Jn° & Ann Ward. Nov. 22. Bur d . 
EIiz th d. Sand k Ann Turner. Dec. 1. Bapt. 
Jn° Raylton. Dec. 1. Bur' 1 . 
Eliz. \v. Rob 1 Grime, Boughton. Dec 19. Bur d . 


A Stranger. Feb. 10. Bur d . 
Esther vv. Jn° Haslam. Mar, 13. Bur d . 
Ellen d. Geo, & Mary Bound. May 20. Bapt. 
Ja« s. Geo. & Eliz"' Hurst. July 1. Bapt, 
Eliz«> d. Ja s k Eliz th Marshall, July 13, Bapt. 
Eliz th w. Jn° Harrison. Julv 15, Bur' 1 . 
Jn° Gray. July 21. Bur' 1 . " 
Mary d. Geo. & Mary Booth. Sept. 30. Bapt. 
Jn° s. Ju° & Ann Ward. Sept. 30. Bapt. 
Eliz th d. Ann Barlow, base burn. Sept. 30. Bapt. 
Will™ 3. W»> & Jane Tether. Oct, 21. Bapt. 
Mary w- Jn° Maxfield. Nov. 5. Bur d . 
Ja s s. Geo. Hurst. Nov. 7. Bur d . 
Eliz. d. Geo. Purslove. Nov. 15. Bur d . 
Ann d. Jn° Ward. Nov. 25. Bur' 1 . 
Mark Whitworth, Dec. 5. Bur' 1 . 

Thos s. Tho s & Mary Woodhouse, Bougliton. Dec. 20, Bur d . 
Alice Germain, Boughton. Dec, 25. Bur d . 


Fr s s. Tho 8 & Mary Woodhouse. Jan . 4. Bur 4 . 
James s. Tho s <fc Eliz. Cartelidge. Feb. 13. Bapt. 
John Vessey of Ruiford. Mar. 2. Bur 1 . 
Tho" Woonibill, Aged, Mar. 13. Bur' 1 . 
George s. Geo. k Eliz th Tipping. Mar. 17. Bapt. 
Eliz th d. Jn° k Sarah Woolhouse. Mar. 17. Bapt. 
Geo. s. Geo. Purslove. Mar. 29. Bapt. 
Jn° s. Will" 1 k Ann Woonibill. Mar. 29. Bapt, 
Jn° Gregoray. Apr. 7. Bur 1 . 
Jn° s. John & Eliz Ul Wells. May 5. Bapt. 



Hugh Mountain. May 0. Bur' 1 . 

Ann cl. Tho s &■ Ann Lindley, a stranger. June 25. Bapt. 

Jane d. John i: Jane Eyre. July 25. Bur**. 

Geo. s. Sam- <i- Eliz th July 28. Bapt. 

Eliz th d. Matt w & Ann Hiude. Sept. 15. Bapt. 

Will 1 " s. Eliz th Allen base bom. #ept. 15- Bapt. 

Will" 1 s. James & Eliz th Woombill. Oct. 13. Bapt. 

Eliz th d. Jn° & Mary Sympson. Oct. 13. Bapt. 

John s. John & Ann Ward. Oct. It). Bur* 1 . 

Hannah d. Sain 1 & Eliz th Lee of Boughton. Oct. 20. Bapt. 

Mary d. Geo. ..V' Mary Booth. Oct. 21, Bur 1 . 

Will 1 " s. Joseph Mary Powell. Nov. 3. Bapt. 

James s. Matth w & Isabella Marshall. Nov. 3. Bapt. 

Mary d. Joseph & Eliz. Ward. Nov. 5. Bapt. 

John s. John & Ann Hurst. Dec. 29. Bapt. 


Tho s s. John & Sarah Woombill. Jan. 26. Bapt. 

Jn° Botts s. James & Ann Savage. Mar. 8. Bapt. 

John s, Edm d & Eliz th Cougall. Mar. 9. Bapt. 

Jn° Maxfield. Aged. Apr- 23. Bur' 1 . 

Mary Ingham, Aged. May 5. Bur 41 . 

Joseph Webster. Aged. Mav S. Bur d . 

Matt"' s. Ceo. & Eliz th Hurst. .May 24. Bapt. 

Jn° s. \Vill m & Aim Woombill. June 21. Bur d . 

Mary w. Charles Cougall. July 19. Bur d . 

Eliz lh d. James k Ann Cooke. July 2(5. Bapt. 

Temperance (1. Jolm & Mary Brett. July 26. Bapt. 

Mary d. Ja s & Eliz th Marshall of Boughton. July 26. Bapt- 

Jn° s. Tho s . k Hannah Bring. Aug. 22. Bur d . 

Bob 1 s. Sam' k Ann Turner. Sept. 27. Bapt. 

Eliz th d. Will" 1 & Sarah Kemp. Dec. 6. Bapt. 


Tho s s. William & Jane Tether. July 11. Bur d . 
Sarah d. George k Eliz lh Eagg. July 25. Bapt. 
Ami d. Geo. & Mary Booth. Aug. S. Bapt. 
Will 111 s. Joseph k Mary Powell. Oct. 3. Bapt. 
Ann d. Isaac & Ann Marshall. Oct. 17. Bapt. 
Aim w. Rich d Hind, Oct. 18. Bur d . 
Sarah d. Matthew & Ann Hind. Dec. 10. Bapt. 
Geo. s. Tho s & Eliz th Cartelidge. Dec 26. Bapt. 

X.B. I'm afraid some Baptisms thro' an uncommon Occurrence have been 
omitted ; but were duly deliver d in (notwithstanding) at the Visitation 
to the Court at York, 

Marm ke Callis, Curate. 

Mary w. Job Surgev of Boughton. Feb. 6. Bur d . 

Tho* s. Tho s k Hannah Dring. Feb. 7. Bui^. 

Charles a. William & Mary Turner. Feb. 20. Bapt. 

Sarah d. Jn° k Sarah Woombill. Mar. 20. Bapt. 

Euiila alias Millicent d. Willm k Elizt h Herold. May 15. Bapt. 

Hannah w. Will 1 " Barlow of Boughton. Mar. 15. Bur< 1 . 

James s. James & Eliz th Marshall. June 15. Bapt. 

Eliz lL d. Ju° k liebecca Palmer. July 3. Bapt. 

Ann d. Sam 1 k Eliz th Smith. July 3. Bapt. 

Hannah w. John Gilbert. Aug. 16. B«r d . 

John s. John & Alice Allwood. Sept. 4. Bapt. 

Tho s Wooclhouse, sen 1 ', of Boughton. Sept. 21. Bur 4 . 

Ann d. Will 1 " k Mary Bacon. Sept, 26. Bapt. 

Ann d. Ju° & Ann Clarke. Sept. 26, Bur* 1 . 


Eliss* 1 ' d. Joseph & Eliz tIj Ward. Scut. 26. Bapt. 
Henry s. Sam' & .Sarah Johnson, Baker. Dec. :j. Bapt, 

Ann d. Jn° & Sarah, Feb. 2S. Bapt. 
Jane d. Will'" >5c Jane Teathcr. Jan. 23. Bapt. 


Rebecca d. Isciac & Eliz th Jackson of [luft'ord. Feb. 19. Dapt. 

Mary d, Francis >!c .Mary Goodall. Feb. 25. Bapt. 

Ann d. Sam 1 & Ann Turner. Feb. 2*5. Bapt. 

Eliz th w. Tho s Watson. Mat-. 7. Bur d . 

Frances d. Tlio s & Hannah Wilson. Mar. 21. Bapt. 

Tho 8 s. Wm & Jane Tether. Apr. 21. Bapt. 

Johns. Tho s & Hannah Dring. July 0. Bapt. 

John s. Jn" & Joanna Gilbert. July 16. Dapt. 

Mary d. Will'" & Sarah Kemp. July 16. Bapt. 

Charles s. John & Sarah Walker. Aug. 13. Bapt. 

Mary d. John & Ann Clarke. Aug. 1 1. Bapt. 

Eliz ill d. James & Ann Woombill. Sept. 10. Bapt. 

Will" 1 s. Will" 1 & Mary [ngar. Nov, 12. Bapt, 

Sarah \v. Will'" Kemp, Nov. 15. Bur d . 

Sarah d. Will" 1 k Ann Wooinbill. Dec 17. Bapt. 

Baptisms 1 770. 
Charity d. Eliz h Harpham. Feb. 11. 
Sarah d. Sarah Buckles. Mar. 3, 
Sarah d Sarah Caup. Mar. 15. 

X. B. All these 3 base borne. 
Tho s s. James & Eliz th Woombill. Mar. 25- 
Will" 1 s. Edwd & Ann Bial. Mar. 25. 
John s. John & Ann Ward. Apr. 20. 
Sarah d. Joseph k Eliz th Ward. May 20. 
Mary-d. John & Sarah Woombill. July 7. 
Mary d. Will 1 " & Mary Dennis. Aug. 3. 
Alexander Wm. s. James k Susanna Tagg. Sept. 8. 
Will 1 " s. Will 1 " & Eliz fch Marrot. Sept. 12, 
Eleanor d. Francis & Mary Goodall. Sept. -JO. 
Will'" s. Matthew £ Anne Hinde. Sept. 30. 
Eliz th d. Willm & Mary Turner. Sept. 30. 
Ann d. Geo. & Mary Bowman. Oct. 20. 
Kobt s. John & Milliceut Caudwell. Nov. 10. 
Sarah d. John & Kebeeca Palmer. Nov. 10. 
John s. Will" 1 & Eliz^ Herod. Nov. 10- 
Woombill Susanna d. Rebecca Parsons, base born. Dec. 1. 

Rob 1 Woombill ri , , , 

k Jonathan Clark Churchwarden,. 

Burials 1776. 

Mary Blytun, Widow. Mar. 3. 

William Booth from Kneesall. Apr. 20. 

Ann w. Will 111 Woodhouse from Mansfield. May 21. 

Eliz th d, Tho s & Eli/. 111 Cartelidge. Feb. (sic) 20. 

Sarah d. Tho s & Eliz th Cartelidge. Mar. (sic) 19. 

Will'" s. Tho s & Eiiz, Cartelidge. June 2. 

Eliz tl1 d. Tho s k Mary Wells. July 31. 

Eliz th d. James & El'iz tb Marshall from Boughtou, Aug. 3. 

Rob 1 Smith, Blacksmith. Aug. 11. 

Mary d. Will" 1 & Mary Dennis. Sept. 3. 

James & William Allen (sic) sons Tho s k Eliz t]l Simpson- Sept. 0- 

Baptisms 1777. 
John s. John & Sarah Walker. Jan. 1, 



Mary d. Tho s k Mary -Savage. Jan. 12. 
Mary d. Will" 1 k Eliz tl1 June 22. 
Hannah d. John k Ann Clark. Aug. 10. 
Rich d s. Will'" & Sarah Johnson. Aug. 17. 
Mary d. Samuel & Eliz th Smith. Aug. 31. 
Hannah d. George & Mary Bacon. Sept. 7. 
Sarah d. Jonathan & Mary Milne's. Sept. 14. 
Samuel s. Sam 1 & Ann Turner. Sept. 5:1, 
Eliz th d. John k Mary Brett. Sept. 21, 

Ann d. George k Eliz th Hurst. Apr. 20. 
Ann d. George k .Mary Bowman. May 7. 
John s, John & Ann Ward. June 22. 
Mary d. Will'" & Eliz th Woodhouse. July 23. 
Alice Walker, Widow, Aged 100 v'\ Oct. 7- 
Miry w. George Fox. Oct. 20. 

Frances d. \\ 111 & Jane Teather. Feb. 17. 1777. Papt.' 

John s. John & Eliz" 1 Hind. Jan. 25. 
Mary d. Will" 1 & Mary Dennis. Feb. 1. 
Cornelius s. George and Mary Bowman. Feb 9. 
Hannah d. Joseph & Eli// 1 ' Ward. Mar. 22 
Ann d. John k Sarah Webster. Mar. 22. 
Alice d. Will™ & Ann Woombiil. May 24. 
Mary d. Edmund & Eliz th Cougill. Julv 7. 
Ann d. Will" 1 k Eliz lh Woodhouse. Sept, 4. 
John s. John k Ann Ward. Sept. 13. 
John s. Francis & Mary Goodall. Sept. 22. 
John s. James k Susanna Tagg. Sept. 22. 
John s. George & Allice Weston. Oct, 30. 
Alice d. John & Sarah Wombwell. Nov. 15. 
Martha d James k Eliz th Wombwell. Nov. 15. 
William s. Joseph & Hannah Curtys Nov, 22. 
Rebecca d. James & Hannah Wombwell. Nov. 22. 
Mary d. Krancis & Sarah Fox. Dec. 3. 
Ann d. Charts k Mary Cougill. Dec. 13. 

Cornelius s. George k Mary Bowman. Feb. 11. 

Sarah d.' Jonathan & Mary Milnes. Mar. 12. 

l.'obert 8. Dorithy Smith. Mar 25. 

Richard Hind, Labourer. July 16. 

Joseph Eaton, a Stranger. Sept. 16. 

Mary d, Richard Bret. Sept. 26. 

Emmy w. Will" 1 Glaizbrook of Ruffoard. Nov. 4. 

John s. Richard &■ Emme Cougill. Nov. 18. 

Emme w. Richard Cougill. Dee. 3. 

Mary w. John Broom. Dec. 20. 

Hannah d. Joseph k Elizabeth Ward. Dec. 28. 

George s. George & Mary Bowman. Jan. 3. 
George s. Jonathan «fe Mary Milnes. Jan. 31. 
George s. William and Mary Turner. Feb. 21. 
Mary d. Elizabeth Harpam, Base born. Mar. 25. 
Richard s. Will"' & EH/»» Herrod. Mar. 28. 
Peter s. Will" 1 & Jane Teather. Mar. 28. 
1 This is an insertion- 

John Eyre and John 

Woolhouse, Churchwardens. 

Burials 1777. 

Baptisms 1778. 

Burials 1 773. 

Baptisms 1779. 




Cornelias s. Will™ k Eliz th Marrot. Apr. 25. 

George s. George &. "Mary Bacon. May 9. 

William s. Joseph & Elizabeth Cutis. * June 18. 

John s. Matthew & Ann Hind. Aug. 20. 

Sarah d. Will™ & Sarah Hind. Sept. 12. 

Mary d. Rob* k Marv Wvler. Sept. 17. 

Will m s. John & Sarah Walker. Oct. 4. 

William s. Samuel & Mary Leader. Dee. 10. 

Edmund Blyton 1 r ,, , 

& Richard Raworth j Churcliwardins. 

Burials 1779. 

Mary Gray, Widow. Jan. 22. 

Will™ Peace of Ruffoard. Mar. 25- 

Ann w. John Clark. June IS. 

W m s. Joseph k EIiz th Cutts. June 29. 

John s. John & Joanne Gilbert. Aug. 12. 

Richard Bret, Aged. Sept. 25. 

Ann d. Charls and Mary Cougill- Sept. 25. 

Elizabeth d. John & Catherina Webster. Nov. 8. 

Will 111 Barlow of Booton. Nov. 24. 

Mary w. Will'" Dennis. Dec. 12. 

Thomas Howson, Groom to Sir Francis Molyneux. Dec. 20. 

Baptisms 17S0. 

Eliz th d. John & Eliz^ Slack. Jan. 2. 
W™ s. Thomas k Mary Wombwell. Jan. 2. 
Cristopher s. Francis k Mary Goodall. Feb, 6. 
Lucy d. Samuel k Ann Turner. Feb. 22. 
Will 111 s. Will"- & Ann Cougill. Mar. 19. 
Ann d. Joseph & Kezia Ward. May 7. 
James s. Joseph k Eliz th Ward. May 21. 
Ann d. John & Sarah Clark. July 30. 
Elizabeth d. Isaac k Elizabeth Jackson. Sept. 1. 
John s. Robert k Elizabeth Carlisle. Sept 10. 
Sarah d. James k Eliz Ul Wombell. Nov. 24. 
Mary d. Charls k Mary Cougill. Nov. 12. 
John s. Will 1 ' 1 & Elizabeth Marriott. Dec. 10. 
William s. William & Elizabeth Woodhous. Dec. 10. 

Edmund Cougill 

Geortre Booth 

j- Churclnvardins. 
Burials 1780. 

Elizabeth w. John Slack. Feb. 22. 
Elizabeth d. John Slack. May 13. 
Edward Walker. June 30. 
Mary Witworth, Widow. Oct. 8. 

Baptisms 1781. 

Charls s. Will 111 & Jane Teather. Feb. 5. 

Ann d. Will" 1 k Ann Cougill. Mar. 11. 

Elizabeth d. Edward k Mary Smith. Mar. IS. 

Sarah d. Will 111 k Jane Dennice. Apr. 6. 

George s. George & Alice Weston. Apr. 13. 

Martha d. Rob't k Mary Wyler. Apr. 22. 

Charlotte d. Francis & Sarah Fox. May 6. 

Mary d. George & Mary Bowman. May 27. 

William s. William & Mary Kitchin. Sept. 9. 

Elizabeth k Sarah dau'rs John & Sarah Webster. Nov. 19. 

George Boothe | Churchwartlin3 . 
and Edmund Cougill J 

Burials 1781. 

Sir William Molyneux, Ban t, was buryed at Teversall on April the 3. 



George Fox. May. 22. 

Mary Pownder, Widow. Oct. 23. 

Sarah d. James & Elizabeth Wombell. Oct. 20, 

John s. Robert & Marg't. Turner of Kuft'ord. Nov. 1. 

William Ward of Mansfield. Nov. 7. 

Elizabeth d. William & Mary Dennice. Nov. 13. 

Sarah d. John k Sarah Webster. Dee. G. 

Baptisms 1 7S2. 

Cristopher Stephen s. John k Sarah Clark. Jan G. 

William s. William & Sarah Hind. Jan. 13. 

Samuel s. Elizabeth Bl\ ton. Feb. 24. 

John s. Samuel k Mary Beader. Mar. 29. 

John s. Joseph k Elizabeth Hind. May 19. 

Elizabetli d. Francis & Mary Goodall, 'June 2. 

John s. James & Elizabeth Dauson. June 2. 

Joseph s. Joseph k Elizabeth Ward. June 1G. 

Mary d. George k Mary Bacon. Aug. 11. 

Sarah d. Joseph k Kezia Ward. Aug. 11. 

Marv d. Edward & Mary Smith. Oct. 27. 

John s. Will'" & Ann Cougill. Nov. 22. 

John Woolhou.s ) m , v 
and John Palmer } Churchwardms. 

Burials 1782. 

William Cook of Ollerton. Jan. 15. 

Thomas Woodhous of Boughton. Apr. 30. 

Joseph s. Elizabeth Way wood of Ompton. July 22. 

Joseph Way wood was drownded in Wellow Dam. (sic, no date.) 

Baptisms 17S3. 

William s. Samuel k Ann Turner. Jan. 17. 

James s. Will 111 k Elizabeth Marrot. Jan. 17. 

William s. William & Jane Dennis. Mar. 2 

William s. Robert k Mary Wyler. Apr. G. 

Susanna d. George k Mary Woolhouse. June 22. 

Frauces d. Joseph & Hannah Curtus. July 13. 

Mary d. Jonathan k Marv Mills. Dec. 2. 

Robt Wombell ) r ,, , , 
x i T-i - Churchwardens. 

John Eyre j 

Burials 1783. 

George Hurst. Jan. 11. 

Mary w. Joseph Batty. Sept. 14. 

Ann w. Thomas Flower of Houghton. Sept. 22. 

Elizabeth d. Will™ Kemp. Oct. IS. 

John s. Joseph & Elizabeth Hind. Oct. 20. 

Baptisms 17S4. 

Charls s. Charls k Mary Cougill. Jan. 4. 

Elizabeth d. John & Sarah Clark. Jan. 25. 

Mary d. Joseph k Eliz th Cutts. Feb. 1. 

Lettisha d. Francis & Sarah Fox. Mar. 21. 

Mary d. John k Sarah Walker. May 30. 

Annd. James & Eli// h Dauson. June 10. 

John Webster s. William & Ann Wombell. Aug. 15. 

Joseph s. Joseph k Elizabeth Hind. Sept. 12. 

John s. Richard & Mary Warriner. Sept. 12. 

Ann d. Levy k Mary Pashleau, Oct. 24. 

Baptisms 1785- 

George s. William & Ann Cougill. Jan. 12. 
Sarah d. Edward & Mary Smith. Jan. lo. 
Mary d. Thomas & Mary May. Feb. G. 
John s. William & Jane Dennice. Feb. 27. 



Johu S. Will" 1 & Sarah Hind. Apr. 10. 
Edmund s. George k Mary Bacon. May 1. 
Melicent d. Samuel k Mary Bearder. May 15. 
Amos natural s. Mary Reushaw. July 3. 
John s. Will™ k Elizabeth Fethringall. July 24. 
John s. Francis & Sarah Fox, Aug. 28. 
Mary d. George k Mary Woolhous, Sept. 4. 
Hannah d. Rob 1 k Mary Wyler. " Sept, 25. 
Mary natural d. Mary Turner. Sept. 25. 
William s. William & Ann Wombell. Sept. 25, 
Ann d. William k Mary Kitchin. Oct. 21. 

Baptisms 1735. 

Jane d. Richard & Jane Burd. Feb. 5. 
Rebecca d. John <fe Sarah Clark. Feb. 5. 
Joseph s. Will 111 k Elizabeth Harriot. May 28. 
Thomas natural s. Dority Hill. May 2S. 
Lucy d. James k Elizabeth Dauson. July 1G. 
William s. Abraham & Frances Newton. Aug 13. 
Elizabeth d. Charls &-Mary Cougill. Sept. 17. 
Hannah d. Thomas & Mary Gibson. Oct. 14. 
Thomas s. John & Catherine Cartelidge. Nov, 5. 
Elizabeth d. Will'" & Elizabeth Fothringham. Nov. 19. 
Hannah d. Francis & Sarah Fox. Dec. 3. 
James s. Joseph & Elizabeth Hind. Dec. 4. 

Baptisms 1787. 

Mary d. James & Susanna Walker. Feb. 11. 
Thomas s. James k Ann Lucas. Mar. 11. 
Jane d. Edward k Lettiesha Wilshaw. Apr. 8. 
Sarah d. Will™ & Ann Cougill. Apr. 23. 
Richard s. Richard k Jane Burd. May 27. 
Roberts. Edward & Ma^y Smith. June 10. 
Hannah d. Samuel and Sarah Wilson. July 8. 
Cornelias s. George k Mary Bowman. Oct. 2S. 
Mary d. Will 111 k Ann Wombell. Nov. 4. 
Elliner d George k Marv AVoolhouse. Dec. 23. 
William s. Will"' k Elizabeth Ryals. Dec. 23. 

Baptisms 1788, 

Edward s. John k Sarah Walker. Jan. 20. 

Gervace s. George and Mary bacon. Feb. 3. 

Joseph s. George k Hannah Turner of Rufford. Feb. 17. 

Richard s. Will'" & Sarah Hind. Mar. 3. 

William s. Samuel k Ann Dawson. Mar. 16. 

Richard s. Richard k Man- Warriner. Mar. 21. 

Samuel s. William & Elizabeth Marriot. Apr. 6. 

Ann d. Jonathan & Mary Mills. Apr. 27. 

Alethea d. John & Sarah Clark. July 13. 

Sarah d. John k Mary Wright. July 27. 

John s. Charles & Elizabeth Warriner. Sept. 7. 

Abraham s. Abraham k Frances Newton. Sept. 28, 

Ann d. John k Aliice Stoakes. Oct 19. 

William s. Will" 1 k Ann Eaton, Oct. 26. 

Richard s. William k Jane Dennis. Dec. 7, 

Sarah d. Samuel & Mary Bearder. Dec. 21. 

Baptisms 17S9. 

William s. Samuel k Sarah Wilson. Jan. 11. 

William s. William & Elizabeth Fothringham. Jan. 11. 

William s. Thomas & Mary Gibson. Jan. 25. 

Sarah d. William & Mary Cougill. Mar. 9. 

James s. James k Ann Lucas. Apr. 12. 



Mary d. Joseph & Elizabeth Hind. May 24. 
Sarah d. Francis & Sarah Fox. Aug. Id. 
Elizabeth d. William & Ann Wombcll. Sept. 1. 
Ann d. Edward & Mary Smith. Oct. IS. 

Mary k Hannah children [of J William k Elizabeth Day. Nov. 1. 
George s. George & Mary Bacon. Nov. 8. 

Baptisms 1700. 
Joseph s. John k Jane Wolton. Mar. 14. 
Eastherd. John & Sarah Clark. Apr. 4. 
Mary d. John <fc Alice Stoakes. May 2. 
William s. Will™ k Elizabeth Turtle. June 13. 
Elizabeth d. George & Mary Bowman. June 13. 
William natural s. Mary Cougill. July 1. 
Sarah d. William & Elizabeth Fothringham. July 11. 
William s. George k Mary Woolhouse. Aug. 15. 
Elizabeth d. John & Mary Machiu. Aug. 19. 
Joseph s. William & Sarah Hind. Sept. 5. 
Thomas s Andrew k Charlotte Hanes. Sept. 26. 
Mary d. Chads k Elizabeth Warriner. Oct. 10. 
Thomas s. Abraham k Frances Newton. Dec. 25. 

Baptisms 1791. 
Elizabeth d. William k Mary Cougill. Jan. 4. 
Elizabeth d. Samuel k Sarah Wilson. Jan. 9. 
George s. William & Jane Dennis. Feb. t>. 
Ann d Richard k Elizabeth Hind. Mar. 18. 
Nanny d. John k Mary Enemy. Mar. 24. 
Hannah d. Thomas k Fortune Lucas. Apr. 17. 
Flora d. Francis k Sarah Fox. May 29. 
Mary d. William & Ann Turner. July 3. 
John s. Joseph k Elizabeth Hind. July 10. 
Joseph s. Richard k Mary Warriner. July 10. 
John s. Will 1 " k Mary Jonson. July 17. 
Elizabeth d. James <fc Ann Lucas. Aug. 7- 
Richard s. Joseph and Mary Moore. Aug. 7. 
Sarah natural child Ann Wombwell. Aug. 14. 
James s. Edward k Mary Smith. Sept. 25. 
Ann d. Will™ k Eliz tb Day. Sept. 25. 

Baptisms 1792. 

Thomas s. John k Hannah Simpson. Feb. 12. 
Richard s. George k Mary Bacon. Apr. 8. 
William s. Andrew & Charlott Hanes. Apr. 15. 
Sarah d. William k Ann Wombwell. Apr. 29. 
Joseph s. William k Mary Cougill. May 27. 
Elizabeth d. Richard k Elizabeth Hind." July 22. 
Richard s. William & Sarah Hind. Oct. 14. 
Joseph s. Joseph k Mary Moore. Oct. 24. 
William s. Thomas k Fortune Lucas. Nov. 18. 
Emme d. John k Sarah Clark. Nov. 18. 

Baptisms 1793. 

Daniel s. George k Mary Woolhouse. Jan. 6. 
Samuel s. Samuel k Ann Dawson. Jan. 13. 
Grace d. John k Alice Stoakes. Jan. 27. 
Thomas s. George k Mary Bowman. Mar. 10. 
John s. Francis & Sarah Fox. Apr. 21. 
Samuel s. Samuel k Sarah Wilson. Apr. 28. 
Joseph s. Joseph & Elizabeth Cutts. Apr. 28. 
Henry s. Abraham & Frances Newton. May 13. 
Jane d. Charls k Elizabeth Warriner. June 14. 
William s. Jame* k Ann Lucas. Aug. IS. 
George s. John 6c Jane Woltou. Sept. 25. 



Edward s. Joseph k Elizabeth Hind. Oct. 6. 
Ann d. George & Sarah Brooks. Oct. 13. 
William s. John & Barbara Pottinger. Oct. 6. (sv:) 
Ann d. John & Mary Turner. Nov. 17. 
Mary d. John k Mary Gaclsby. Nov. 17. 

, Baptisms 179 b 
George natural s. Mary Enemy. Feb. 2. 
Emme d. William k Mary Cougill. Feb 9. 
Ann d. Will™ & Ann Wombwell. Mar. 2. 
Richard s. William k Ann Turner. Mar. 9. 
Ann d. George & Marv Bacon Mar. 30. 
William s. William & Elizabeth Day. Apr. 18. 
Ann d. George k Catherine Hays. May 31. 
Ann d. Edward & Mary Smith. Aug. 17. 
Mary d. Richard & Elizabeth Hind. Aug. 17. 
William s. George k Mary Pursglove. Sept. 14. 

Baptisms 1795. 
Mary d. Tho s & Fortune Lucas. Jan. 4. 
Joseph s. Joseph k Susanna Lumblow. Jan. IS. 
Julia d. Francis & Sarah Fox. Jan. 25. 
James s. Samuel k Ann Dawson. Jan. 25. 
Mary d. Richard k Mary Warriner. Feb. 22. 
Eiliner d. Tho s k Ann Woolhous. Mar. 8. 
William natural s. Frances Priest. Mar. 8- 
Mary d. Will 111 & Elizabeth Fothringham. Apr. 12. 
Elizabeth d. Will 111 k Ann Shepperson. Apr. 26. 
George s. George k Mary Woolhous. Apr. 26. 
Elizabeth natural d. Sarah Burton. May 4. 
William s. George & Catherine Hays. June 14. 
Ann d. Thomas & Ann Sooln*. June 2S. 
Mary k Martha children John & Alice Stoakcs. July 12. 
William s. Joseph & Elizabeth Cutts. Aug. 2. 
Ann d. Abraham & Frances Newton. Aug. 23. 
Joseph s. Will" 1 k Mary Cougill. Aug. 30. 
Thomas s. Will™ & Jane Hiekton. Sept. 27. 
George s. John & Parbora Pottinger. Aug. 9. 
James s. George k Sarah Brooks. Oct. 18. 
William s. George k Ann Teather. Nov. 15. 
Isack Jackson of Rufford was baptized Janury the 29, 1763. 1 

End of Volume I. 
Vol. II. 



Published or Solemnized 
In the Parish of WELLOW 
In the County of Nottingham 
Pursuant to the Form 
Prescribed by an Act of Parliament- 
Passed iu the Twenty-siith Year of King Geo. II. 


An Act for the better preventing 
of Clandestine Marriages. 

1755. John Adcock & Mary Hynde both of Wellow. Jan. 21. 

„ Richard Ra worth & Anne May both of Wellow. Jan. 29. Lie 

1 This entry is written on the inside of the cover at the end of the 



1755 William Woodhouse & Anne Blyton both of Wellow. May 12. 

„ Thomas Marshall of Sutton upon Trent & Mary Freeman of this Parish. 
June 9. Lie 

1756. William Day & Mary Rodger* both of Wellow. May 11. 

., Richard Brownhill A: Elizabeth Turner both of Wellow. June 7. 
Rich fl Markham & Elizabeth Collis both of Wellow. Dee. 28. 

1757. William Spyve of Wellow & Anne Johnson of Rufford, May 17- 

„ John Harrison of Elmton, co. Derby & Elizabeth Wombell of this Parish. 
Dec. 15. " 
1753. William Bartle of Wellow & Elizabeth Roose of Caunton. Feb. 6. 
„ James Wombell & Elizabeth Haykins both of Wellow. Feb 6. 
„ John Eyre & Jane Ward both of Rufford. April 27. 
j, William Towndro & Hannah Collis both of Wellow. July 4. 

1759. Matthew Thompson of Eperson & Ann Smitham of Rufford. Jan. 31. Lie. 
„ William Woolhouse k Alice Blyton, both of Wellow. Feb. 13. 

„ Joseph Outram & Rebekah Turner both of Wellow. Dec. 10. 

„ William Peck & Ann Mainsworth both of Wellow. Dee. 24. Lie 

1760. John Palmer & Rebecak Cougil both of Wellow. Feb. 18. 

„ George Singleton of Warsop & Elizabeth Ward of this Parish. May 6. 
„ William Bottom of Thurgarton k Sarah Hallam of this Parish. Aug. 26. 

1761. John Eyre of Warsop k Catherine Raworth of this Parish. Jan. 13. Lie 
„ George Pursglove k Mary Turner both of Wellow. Nov. 26. 

1762. William Turner k Mary Warriner both of Wellow. Feb. 23. 

„ Richard Harpham of Weston & Mary Rose of this Parish. May 10. 
„ William Harrod of Rufford & Elizabeth Bigs of Mansfield. June 10. 
„ John Woodhead k Elizabeth Whitworth both of Wellow. June 14. 
„ Isaac Farmsworth of Wellow & Dorothy Wrag of Bilsthorpe. Nov. 30. 
„ George Booth k Mary Limb both of Wellow. Dec. 5. 
„ John Turner & Marv Horner both of Wellow. Dec. 6. 

1763. Matthew Hind k Ann Wass both of Wellow. April 5. 

1764. William Barber of Wellow & Hannah Shepherd of Edwinstowe. March 6. 
„ William Hooton k Elizabeth Pounder both of Wellow. April 23. 

„ Henry Howard, Esq 1- of Sheffield, co. York k Juliana Molyneux of Wellow. 
Oct. 30. Lie Witnesses. Thomas Eyre, Mary Frost. 
1765- John Clay & Mary Woombell both of Norwell. Feb. 4. Lie 
„ Jonathan Clark & Ann Mellors both of Wellow. April 15. 
„ John Gadsby k Ann Bomford both of Wellow. June 3. 

„ Thomas Palmer Heane k Mary Frost both of Wellow. June 27- Lie. 

Witnesses John Druce, Ann Cowsell. 
„ Edmund Blyton & Elizabeth Wheatman both of Wellow. Aug. 4. Lie 
„ - Robert Campin k Sarah Stevenson both of Wellow. Sept. 6. 
„ James Marshall of tins Parish k E\iz th Grimes of the Liberty of Rufforth. 

Dec. 2. 

1766. William Poultney of Sutton in Ashfleld k Emmy Radford of this Parish. 

April 5. 

John Wonible & Sarah Clark both of Wellow. June 9. 

1767. Samuel Turner & Ann Farnesworth both of Wellow. April 28. 

„ George Mawd of Scrouby & Ann Hewett of Wellow. July 31. Lie 

Witnesses, John Gilbert. James Marshall. 
„ William Morton of Ordsal & Mary Cougill of Wellow. Dec. 7. 

1768. Joseph Dunstan of Carburton k Elizabeth Woolhouse of Wellow. June 14. 
„ Joseph Emblow of Headon k Phoebe Cougill of Wellow. Nov. 29. 

„ Richard Bordsall & Jane Leah both of Laxton. Dec. 22. 

1769. George Hnrst i: Elizabeth Markham both of Wellow. Sept. 4. 

„ William Glazebrook of Rufford & Emmy Cougill of Wellow. Dec. 12. 

1770. John Woolhouse k Sarah Weight man both of Wellow. June 4. 
„ Geo. Tipping ,fc Eliz th Shipley, both of Wellow. Nov. 12. 

„ Robert Rolles of Carburton k Mary Ray ton of Wellow. Nov. 13. 

1771. Joseph Ward & Eli/. th Cougill both of Wellow. Jan. 1. 

Thomas Hind of East Drayton k Catherine Smith of Wellow. Feb. 3. Lie 
1773. Thomas Hophkinson of Edwinstowe k Mary Lopsey of Wellow. Jan. 3. 
„ William Ashmore & Ann Cougill both of Wellow. Feb. 9. 
„ William Dennis & Mary Wells both of Wellow. April 27. 



1773 William Rollin & Mary Woombill both of VVellow- May 24. Witnesses 
John Eyre, Isaac Marshall. 
„ Isaac Marshall k Ann Eliot both of Wellow. June 2. 

Tho s Simpson k Eliz th Allen both of Wellow. Dec 5- 
„ William Hunt & Ann Dennis both of Wellow. Dec. 23. 

1774. Peter Collis & Mary Hough both of Wellow. May 23. 
George Bacon of Boughton & Mary Kirke of Wellow. June 'J2. 

„ George Barthrop of 011<erton & Mary Webster of Wellow. July 7. Lie 
William Ward of Rufford & Ann Whitworth of Wellow. Sept. 5. 

1775. William Inger & Mary Hinde both of Wellow. Jan. 22. 
John Walker k Sarah Cougill both of Wellow. March 14. 

„ James Woombill k Hannah Hancock both of Wellow. April 11. 
„ John Webster & Sarah Ferriman 1 both of Wellow. Dec 25. 
17/6. George Bowman & Mary Beaken both of Wellow. Jan. 21. 

Tho s Horbery of East Markham k Jane Hynde of Wellow. May 13. 
„ Tho s Hall of Ompton in par. Kneesall k Ann Brocklehurst of this parish. 
Oct. 14. 

William Ward of Wellow & Eliz th Gilby of Rufford. Dec. 1. Lie. 

1777. George Fleeman & Hannah Hill both of the Liberty of Rufford. Aug. 19. 
„ Joseph Kitchen of Kirton & Sarah Duffin of this parish. Nov. 26. 

„ George Weston of the Liberty of Rufford & Alice Allwood of this pari.-h. 
Dec 23. 

1778. Thomas Woodward of Edwinstow k Mary Saxton of Wellow. March 2. 
„ William Heather of Farnsfield & Mary Cougill of this parish. July 7. 

„ Anyan Key k Rebekah Batty Loth of Wellow. Sept 22. 

Robert Wyler of Wellow & Mary Eliot of Rufford. Oct. 12. 
„ John Butler k Mary Fleeman both of Ruli'ord. Nov. 2. 

1779. - Thomas Woombill k Mary Pursglove both of Wellow. Jan 12. 
„ Joseph Cutts k Eliz ;h Hinde both of Wellow. April 13. 

George Fleeman k Hannah Houldsworth both of Rufford. Oct. 4. 
„ Thomas May & Ann Coulsall 2 both of Wellow. Oct. 24. Lie Witnesses, 

Thos. Cowsell, Peter Callis. 
,, John Clark & Sarah Buckles both of Rufford Dec. 5. 

1780. Edward Smith of Wellow & Mary Wainwright of Ollerton. April 3, 
„ William Dennis of Wellow & Jane Rensher of Rufford. May 1. 

Robt. Carline k Eliz th Marrot both of Wellow. May 27. 
,. Henry Roobottoin & Eliz th Bichardson both of Wellow. Oct. 16. 

1781. Joseph Willas k Ann Bacon both of Wellow. Feb. 5. 

„ William Woodhouse k Dorothy Smith both of Wellow. Apiil 10. 

William Fairbanks of Wellow k Sarah Renshaw of Bothan.sall. Nov. 27. 
Witnesses, Peter Collis, Isaac Marshall. 

1782. William Ward k Grace Barthrop both of Rufford. May 1. 

1783. -Anthony Jackson of Muskham & Sarah Batty of Wellow. Tan. 24. 
Edward Buckles k Sarah Taylor both of Rufford. Oct. 31. 

„ John Harvey of Ompton in par. Kneesall & Sarah Wombwell of this Parish. 
Dec. 2. 

At the commencement of this volume are entries of Banns published. 
The marriage* of the following persons do not appear to have been performed 
in Wellow parish. 

1755. William Jepson of Worksop and Martha Gray of this parish. Pub d 9, 16, & 
23 Nov. 

1757. William Wombwell of this Parish k Anne Roper of Teversall. Pub d 19 k 26 
June, and 3 July. 

1759. Geo ge Hurt of Eakring k Ann Warsop of this parish. Pub d 28 Oct., k 4 k 
11 Nov. 

1761. William Cougill of this Parish k Mary Harpuui of Tuxford. Tub d 26 April, 

3 & 10 May. 

1762. William Turner of this Parish k Mary Morton of Mansfield Woodhouse. 

Tub d 25 Julv, 1 k 8 Aug. 

End of Vol. II. 

1 She signs her name ' Ferman.' 

3 She signs her name "Anne Cowsell." 



Vol. III. 

Marriaijes 17S4. 

William Woombell 8c Ann Webster both of Wellow. July 20. Lie. 
Thomas May of Farnsfield k Mary Marshall of Wellow. Sept. 27. 
William Dobb k Mary Gilbert both of Wellow. Nov. 29, 


Thomas Mansfard of Upton & Elizabeth Markham of Wellow. Apr. 4- 

Abraham Newton & Frances Ann Juliana Jane Feck both of Wellow. Dec. 27. Lie. 


Thomas Marshall k Mary Day both of Wellow. Feb. 28. 
William Carver of Newark & Alice Woombell of Wellow. Oct. 16. 
Francis Hodgers & Emma Beely both of Wellow. Nov. 27. 


Richard Truswell & Ann Hurst both of this Parish. Jan. 9. 
Paul Mellars of Worksop k Ann Woolhouse of this Parish. Apr. 23. 
John Simon of Newark k Sarah Hurst of this Parish. July 10. 
John Parnel k Ann Bell both of Rufford. Aug. 7. 

William Heayton 1 of this Parish & Ann Weston of Newstead. Nov. 27. 
John Stokes & Ann Fairbanks both of this Parish. Dec. 24. 


John Wright & Mary Wyler both of this Parish. Jan. 1. 
Samuel Dawson k Ann Clayton both of this Parish. Feb. 11. 


Thomas White of Kneesal & Hesse Tissington of this Parish. Jan. 26. 

William Day & Elizabeth Johnson both of this Parish. Mar. 9. 

Thomas Woombell and Rosamond Woolhouse both of this Parish. Oct. 22. Lie. 


John Enemy k Mary Turner both of this Parish. May 25. 
William Turner k Ann Parkin both of this Parish. Aug 16. 
Richard Hind k Elizabeth Turner both of this Parish. Nov. 16. 
John Simpson & Hannah Curtis both of this Parish. Nov. 25. 


William Sadler of Edwinstowe k Sarah Walker of this Parish. Feb. 7. Lie 
John Turner k Mary Cougil widow, both of this Parish. Dec. 27. Lie 


Thomas Fox of Kirkby & Jemima Skidmore of this Parish. Jan. 28. 
George Hays of Kirton & Katherine Brail sford of this Parish. May 10. 
John Woombell of Kuesal & Elizabeth Woolhouse of tins Parish. Aug. 5. 


Sampson White Allwood & Ann Hunt both of this Parish. Feb. 4. 
Thomas Woolhouse k Ann Heywood both of this Parish. May 20. 
William Royals of Rufford k Elizabeth Jackson of the same. June 30. Lie. 
George Teather k Ann Kitchen both of this Parish. Nov. 27. 


William Hiekton of Elkeston, Co. Derby & Jane Teather of this Parish. July 22. 
James Cartlidge of Rufford k Sarah Ward of this Parish, Oct. 20. 


William Brown of Walesby and Mary Goodall. Jan. 5. 

Joseph May field, of St Marys Nott m , k Elizabeth Woombell of this Parish. May 16. 

1 Eaton in the parson's entry of the name but he signs ' Heayton.' 




George Kemp & Ann Eyre both of Rufford. Nov. 23. 
John Wells k Ann Ward both of Rufford. Dee. 26. 


William Justice of Walesby & Ann Booth of this Parish. Jan. 22. Lie. 

Paul Allwood of Caunton k Ann Turner of this Parish. July 30. Lie. 

Charles Doncaster of Middlethorpe in the Parish of Norwell & Rebecca Thompson, 

Rufftf. Oet. 25. Lie. 
Joseph Powell & Sarah Umvin both of this Parish. Dec. 24. 
William Cook k Ann Marshall of this Parish. Dec. 24. 


William Robshaw & Sarah Palmer both of this Parish. Oct. 21. 
John Hart & Elizabeth Turner both of this Parish. Dec. 17. 
William Powell k Sarah Burton both of this Parish. Dec. 24. . 


George Weston of I'ilsthorpe k Lucy Turner of this Parish. Feb. 18. 
William Woombell & Ann Cougil both of this Parish. Dec. 29. Lie. 


Job Brailsford k Alice Woombell both of this Parish. July 16. Lie. 
William Hind k Surah Walker both of this Parish. Nov. 24. 


Robert Martin of Oxton k Mary Bowman of this Parish. Jan. 6. 
George Bowskill of Ollerton k Barbara Dewick of this Parish. July 19. 
William Bullivant of Edwinstowe k Elizabeth Hey wood of this parish. Dec. 7. 


Charles Hind k Charlotte Browne both of this Parish. Mar. 1. 
JohnHuggins & Frances Seotheru both of this parish. July 6. 
William Cragg of Walesby k Martha Woombell of this parish. Oct 3. 


John Taylor of Clareborough k Susanna Woolhouse of this Parish. Mar. 20. 

Thomas Caudle & Ann Linley both of this Parish. Sept. 11. 

John Clarke of Boughton <$: Rebecca Clarke of this parish. Nov. 27. 


Benjamin Robshaw of Boughton k Mary Fox of this parish. Jan. 7. 
William Cougil k Martha Marshall both of this parish. Oct. 21. 


George Turner k Elizabeth Goodall both of this parish. Jan 2. Lie. 

Thomas Sabin k Hannah Clarke both of Rufford.' Feb. 18. 

William Nicholson of Dunholme k Mary Walker of this parish. Mar. 6. Lie 


George Bacon k Sarah Tor both of this parish. Oct. 4. 


William Woombell k Ann Clarke both of this parish. June 13- Lie. 
Edward Butler of Kirklington k Aim Kitchen of this parish. July 31. Lie. 
William Turtle of Knesal k Sarah Milnes of this parish. Sept. 19. Lie. 
Robert Milner of Worksop and Mary Milnes of this parish. Oct. 17. 
Thomas Johnson k Mary Neap both of this parish. Dec. 6. 


John Jebb of Caunton k Mary Kitchen of this parish. Jan. 8. Lie. 
George Dunstan of Walesby <fc Elizabeth Bemnau of this parish. Jan. 10. 



William Turner k Mary'Cutts both of this parish. May 9. 
William Walker & Mary Woombell, widow, both of this parish. May 22. Lie. 
John Bletcher of Wiseton in the parish of Clayworth k Mary Woombell of this parish. 
Aug. 17. Lie. 


William Hill of Bilton, Lincolnshire,- widower, & Sarah Rickard of this parish. Jan. 
7. Lie. 

Samuel Clarke and Ester Clarke both of this parish. Jan. 23. 


William Ashmore & Elizabeth Walker both of this parish. July 28. Lie. 
William Lucas of Ollerton k Mary Hind of this Parish. Oct. 19. 
Richard Hind & Ann Dawson both of this Parish. Dec. 21. 

Vol. IV. 

The Rev d George Holt Instituted to the Vicarage of Walesby and Licens'd to the 
Curacy of Wellow in the year 1782. 

Baptisms 1796. 
George s. John k Sarah Walker. Jan. 10. 
Wilson s. John k Ann Parkinson. Jan. 16. 
William s. Joseph & Elizabeth Hind. Mar. 6. 
Sarah d. Charles k Eliz. Warriner. Mar. 6, 
George s. Will 1 ' 1 k Ann Woombell. Mar. 9. 
Jane d. George & Mary Bacon. May 1. 
Sarah d. Will 1 " k Ann Shepherdson. May 24. 
Phoebe d. Fra s & Sarah Fox. July 10. 
Sarah d. James & Ann Lucas. July 10. 
William s- Rich d k Eliz. Hind. July 17. 
Ann Chantry, base born. July 17. 
Thomas s Tho s k Fortune Lucas. Nov. 20. 
Mary d. Tho s & Ann Woolhouse. Nov. 27. 
Mary d. Will" k Mary Cougil, Nov. 27. 

Baptisms 1797. 

Mary d. George k Catherine Hays. Jan. 8. 
Mary d. George & Sarah Brooks. Feb. 20. 
Martha d. Will m & Eliz. Fotheringham. Mar. 8. 
George s. George k Ann Teather. May 14. 
Elizabeth d. Sam 1 k Ann Dawson. June 18. 
Sarah d. John & Mary Turner. June 25. 
John s. John k Barbara Pottinger. July 8. 
Lucy d. John k Sarah Walker. Aug. 6. 
James Northage base born. Sept. 24. 
Rosamond d. Geo. k Sarah Woolhouse. Oct. 1. 
Ann d. Will™ & Jane Hickton. Oct. 1. 

Baptisms 1798. 

Mary d. Will 1 " & Ann Shepherdson, Feb. 11, 
Elizabeth d. Abra m k Frances Newton. Mar. 4. 
Charles s. Will 1 " k Mary Cougil. Mar. 4. 
John s. John k Mary Gad*bv. Mar. 11. 
Mary d. John k Ann Wells. Mar. 25. 
Ann d. George k Mary Bowman. Apr. 22. 
Richard s. John & Alice Stokes. June 10. 
Ann d. Will 1 " & Eliz. Fotheringham. June 24. 
Thomas s. Will 1 " & Ann Woombell. July 6. 
Elizabeth d. Tho 5 & Fortune Lucas. Dec. 17. 

Baptisms 1799. 

Charles s. Cha s & Eliz. Warriner. Feb. 3. 
Elizabeth d. Tho s Sc Ann Woolhouse. Feb. 17. 



Ann d. Geo. k Ann Teathcr. Mar. 31. 

Sarah d. Rich* & Eliz. Hind. Apr. 7. 

Mary d. John & Mary Attenborough. Apr. 14. 

Mary d. Will*" & Ann Cook. June •_>. 

Sarah d Geo. k Sarah Brooke. June 23. 

Mary Herod, base bom. Juno 2-'>. 

Ann d. Will 1 ' 1 & Ann Shepherdson. July 14. 

Maria d. Joseph k Eliz. Hind. Aug. 11. 

Mary d. Sam 1 & Ann Dawson. Aug. 25. 

Lucy d. Paul & Ann Allwood. Sept, 22. 

Ann d. John & Ann Wells. Oct, 13. 

Charles s. Will 1 " & Jane Hiekton. Nov. 17. 

Mary & Sarah daur's of Mat w & Ann Marsh. Nov. 21. 

Francis 3. Fra s & Rachel Brickels. Dec, 15. 

Baptisms 1800. 

William s. Will™.& Eli/. Fotheringham. May 18. 
Ann d Will™ & Sarah Powell. Mav 25. 
Robert s. Will«n & Ann Woombell. " June 8. 
Ann d. Fra s & Saiah Fox. Aug. 24. 
Ann d. Geo. & Lucy Weston. Aug. 31. 
Thomas s. John & Eliz. Hart. Sept. 7. 
Sarah d. Tlio s & Fortune Lucas. Oct. 19. 
William s. John & Ann Powell. Oct, 19. 

Baptisms 1801. 

Daniel s. Tho s & Ann Woolhouse. Jan. 11, 
Ann d. John k Mary Gadsby. Feb. 1. 
Hannah d. Will" 1 k Ann Sheperdsou. Apr. 5. 
James s. John & l'-arbara Pottinger. May 3. 
William s Will"' k Mary Fox. May 10. 
Isaac s Will'" & Ann Cook. June 23. 
John s. Rob 1 k YAiz Pearson. June 28. 
Thomas s. John k Mary Ward. July 23. 
Harriet d, John k Eliz Hurst. Sept- 6. 
Peters. Geo. k Ann Teather. Sept. 27. 
John s. John & Ann Wells. Oct. IS. 
Hannah d. Ann Linley. Nov. 1. 
Elizabeth d. John & Alice Stokes. Dec. 25. 

Baptisms 1802. 

Thomas s. Fraucis & Rachel Brickels. Jan. 3. 
Elinor d. Geo. k Sarah Brooks. Jan. 10. 
Joseph s. Will 1 " & Sarah Powell. Mar. 7. 
George s- Rob 1 & Mary Martin. Apr. 25. 
John s. Sam 1 & Ann Dawson. May 2, 
John s. Geo. k Sarah Milnes. May 23. 
John s. Paul k Ann Allwood. June 17. 
John s. John k Mary Ward. Aug. 15. 
James s. Will" 1 k Jane Hiekton. Sept. 19. 
Sarah d. Joseph & Eliz. Hind. Oct. 3. 
William s. Cha s k Eliz. Warriner. Dec. 5. 
Mary d. John k Eliz. Hart. Dec. 26. 

Baptism 1803. 

Ami d. Job & Alice Brailsford. June 9. 
Elizabeth d. John k Ann Wells. Feb. 13. 
John s. Geo. k Elinor Robinson. Mar. 27. 
George s. John k Ann Raworth. Apr. 17. 
Elizabeth d. Will'" k Ann Woombell. May 15. 
John s. John & Ann Powell. May 29. 
Henry s. John & Barbara Pottinger. June 5. 
Hannah d. John k Mary Attenborough. July 10- 


Ann d. Fra s k Rachel Brickels. Sept. 11. 
Harriet d. John k Eliz. Hurst. Sept. 25. 
John s. Will" 1 & Ann Cook. Sept. 25. 
George s. Will 1 " & Ann Woombell. Oct. 2, 
John s. Will™ k Sarah Powell. Oct. 30. 
Jane d. Geo. & Ann Teather. Nov. 6. 
Ann d. \Vill m k Eliz. Fotheringham. Nov, G. 
Robert Martin, base born. Nov. 20. 

Baptisms 1804. 
William s. John k Marj Ward. Feb. 5. 
George s. Geo. k Sarah Brooks. Feb. 1 9. 
George s. Paul & Ann Alhvood. Feb. 19. 
John s. Will™ & Martha Cragg, Mar. IS. 
Hannah d. John k Ann Wells. May 27. 
Alice d. Sam 1 & Eliz. Woodward. June 5. 
Jane d. Geo. k Catherine Hays. June 10, 
John s. Tho s & Ann Woolhouse. July 22. 
Thomas Hawks] ey, base born. Aug. 12 
Sarah d. Sam' & Ann Dawson. Aug. 2G. 
Charles Hunwell, base born. Sept. 9. 
Elizabeth d. John k Eliz. Hart. Dec. 2. 
Elizabeth d. John & Ann Raworth, Dec. 9. 

Baptisms 1S05. 

William s. Will™ & Jane Hickton. Jan. G. 
Barbara d. James & Eliz. Woombell. Jan. 6. 
Isaac s. Rob* & Jane Marshall. Mar. 31. 
John Smith, base born. May 28. 
Luke s. Luke k Ann Ward. May 28. 
Samuel s, Geo. & Mary Drayket. May 29. 
John s. Tho s k Ann Caudle. June 2. 
Mary Deader, base born. June 10. 
Ann d. James £ Ann Lucas. Aug. 4. 
Sarah d. Geo. & Eliz. Hays. Aug. 11. 
William s. Valentine & Ann Dawson. Aug. 25. 
Hannah d. Will" 1 & Elinor Wilson. Dec. 15. 

Baptisms 1806. 

Mary d. John & Rebecca Clarke. Jan. 2. 
Thomas s. Wi31 ra & Martha Cragg. Jan. 26. 
Richard g. Will 5 " & Eliz. Fotheringham. Mar. 16. 
William s. Will™ k Sarah Powell. Mar. 1G. 
John s. Geo. & Sarah Brooks. Mar. 1G. 
Elizabeth d. Cha s k Eliz. Warriner. Mar. 23. 
Maria d. John & Ann Wells. Apr. 20. 
Elizabeth d. John & Ami Powell. May 2. 
Ann d. Will™ & Ann Cook. May IS. 
Thomas s. Will™ k Ann Woombell. May 25. 
Richard s. Will" 1 k Sarah Hind. June S. 
Alice d. John k Eliz Hurst. June 22, 
Robert s. Geo. k Lucv Weston. June 22. 
Elizabeth d. Will™ & 'Martha Couoil. July 20. 
Sarah d. Tho s & Ann Caudle. July 27. 
John s. James k Eliz. Woombell. Aug. 25. 
Joseph s. John £ Barbara Pottinger, Oct. 2. 
Samuel s. Fra s k Rachel Brickels. ^ Oct. 13. 
James s. James & Eliz. Bartles. Nov. 30. 
John s. John k Ma-y Attenborough. Dec. 7. 

Baijtisms 1807. 

Ann Parncll, base born. Jan. 11. 

Ann d. Thos s k Hannah Sabin. Feb. 22. 

Sarah d. John k Eliz Hart. Mar. S. 



Mary d. Geo. & Eliz. Turner. Mar. S. 

Elizabeth d. John & Marv Gadsby. May 3. 

Elizabeth d. Tho s & Han h Widdison, Rd.i Juno 3. 

Fanny Eaton, base born. July 26. 

Elizabeth d. Val e & Ann Dawson. Aug. 2. 

Frances d. Will'" & Jane Hickton. Aug. 2. 

Benjamin Fox Robshaw from Yorkshire Chirs d Oct. 19. 

Catherine d. Geo. & Eliz. "Hays. Sept. 27. 

Sarah d. John & Rebecca Clarke. Sept. l'7. 

Lucy Smith, base born. Nov. 15. 

Ann Mary d. John k Marv Cartlidge. Nov. 15. 

William s. Will™ k Martha Cougil. Dec. 20. 

William s. Will 01 k Sarah Hind. December 20. 

Baptisms 1803. 
Henry Marrat, base born, R a . Jan. 27, 
Ann d. John k Ann Powell. Mar. 13. 
William s- Will m k Ann Shepherdson. Apr. 3. 
Elizabeth d Willm k Martha Cragg. May 1. 
Ann d. Rob* & Sarah Jackson. Aug 20. 
William s. Eliz. k George Turner. Dec. 25. 
John s. Rich d &: Althea Randall. R d . Dec. 25. 

Baptisms 1809. 

Ann d. George k Mary Milner. Jan. 1. 

Sarah d. Tho s & Hannah Sabin. Jan. 1. 

Phcebe d. Valentine & Ann Dawson, Rufford. Jan. 8. 

James s. Will™ k Ann Cook. Feb. 5. 

Samuel s. John and Rebecca Clarke. Feb. 19. 

Henry s. Will 1 ' 1 k Ann Woombell. Mai-. 5. 

John s. John & Marv Jebb. Mar. 5. 

Ann d. John k Eliz." Hart. Mar. ]9. 

Elizabeth d. Edw d & Mary Clarke, Ruff d . May 8. 

Susannah d. James & Eliz. Bartle. May 21. 

William s. James & Mary Ward. June 4. 

William s. Geo. & Sarah Brooks, Ruff d . July 9. 

George s. John & Eliz. Hurst. July 16. 

Hannah d. James & Sarah Hind. July 23. 

John s. Will™ k Mary Fox. Aug. 13. 

Lucy d. Will™ and Martha Cragg. Sept. 3. 

Baptisms 1810. 

Elizabeth d. George k Mary Lee. Jan. 2S. 
Sarah d. John k Mary Gadsby. Apr. 22. 
Amy d. Will™ & Ann Woombell. May t>. 
John s. Benj" k Mary Curtis. May 0*. 
George s. Y\ ill 1 " k Martha Cougil. ' May 27. 
Sarah d. John k Sarah Starkey, Ruf d . * Julv 15. 
Thomas s. Tho s & Han h Sabin' July 29. 
William s. Cha s k Abigail Teather. Sept. 23. 
Maria d. John & Marv Cartlidge. Sept. 23. 
Mary d. Will™ k Sarah Hind. Oct. 14. 
James s. Tho s & Ann Caudle. Oct. 28. 
Ann d. Will" 1 & Sarah Powell. Nov. 4. 
Sarah d. John & Ann Dennis. Nov. 25. 
John s. Jonathan & Elinor Norris, 11. Dec. 9. 

Baptisms 1811. 

John base born of Frances Hage of Rufford. 
Mary d. Will™ & Martha Cragg. Feb. 3. 
John s. James & Mary Ward. Feb. 24. 

1 i.e., Rufford, 

wellow, co. Notts. , parish register. 


George s. Geo. & Eliz. Turner. March 3, 

Samuel s. Will 1 " & Mary Turner. Mar. 10. 

Mary d. Paul & Ann Allwoocl. Mar. 20. 

Ann d. Will™ & Mary Fox. Mar. 20. 

Margaret d. Cha s k Mary Turner. June 26. 

William s. John & Eliz' 1 Hart. Aug 25. 

Ann base born of Hannah Temperil, Ruffd. Aug. 25. 

Martha d. Robt & Sarah Jackson. Sept. 1. 

Mary d, John k Mary Jebb. Sept. 15. 

Joseph base born of Hannah Chambers, Ruff J . Nov. 3. 

Baptisms 1812. 

Elizabeth d Will™ k Ann Cook. Jan. 26. 

Sarah d. George k Lucy Weston. Jan. 31. 

Mary d. James & Eliz. Bartles. Apr. 23. 

John s. Will™ k Ann Shepherdson. Apr. 27. 

George s. George k Mary Lee. Aug. 2. 

Mary d. John k Eliz. Hurst. Aug. 26. 

William s. Joseph k Sarah Thompson. Ruff' 1 . Dec. 6. 

Burials 1784, 

John s. David Flower of Boughton. .Tan. 12. 
Hannah w. William Townrow. Aged 80. Jan. 14. 
Dorothy Booth, widow. Aged S3. Feb. 14. 
Elizabeth Robinson. Aged 24. Feb. 18. 
Frances d. Joseph Curtis. Apr. 30. 
Elizabeth d. John & Ann Ward. May 11. 
William s. Sam 1 & Mary Boarder. Aug. 9. 
Thomas Savory, Aged 34. Aug. 19. 
Johanna w. John Gilbert. Sept. 27. 
Joseph Batty. Aged 90. October 15. 

Burials 1785, 

William Killener. Aged 21. Feb. 19. 

Elizabeth Price. Aged 46. Mar. 23. 

Francis Simpson. Aged 75. May 23, 

John Broom. May 29. 

John s. Fra s k Sarah Fox. Aug 31. 

Sarah w. John Woolhouse. Aged 44. Nov. 14. 

Sarah Warriner. Aged 71. Dec. 27. 

Burials 1786. 

Catherine Webster. Aged 61 Mar. 4. 

Thomas Fairbanks. Aged 67. Mar. 11. 

Jane d. Richard Bird. Mar. 11 

Jane w, James Hind. Aged 66. Mar, 15. 

George Hurst. Aged 50. Mar. 20. 

Thomas Flower of Boughton. Aged 74. Apr. 19. 

Robert Wyler. Aged 35. May 29. 

Mary Marshall. Aged 73. Sept. 10. 

Ann w. Sum 1 Turner. Aged 64. Nov. 17- 

William Peck. Aged 78. Dec. 4. 

George Booth. Aged 49. Dec. 30. 

Burials 1787. 

Mary d. Mary Whitworth. Feb. 9. 

Elizabeth w. Jonathan Clarke. Aged 76- Apr. 4. 

Sarah d. Will 1 " Cougil. May 13. 

John s. Samuel Bearder. May 14. 

Richard Cougil. Aged 79. May 27. 

Richard Raworth. Aged 78. June 1. 

John Gray. Aged 65. July 5. 

Ami w. Will" 1 Cougil, Aged 29. Nov. 2- 


Elizabeth Cook, w idow. ' Aged 74. Dee. 13. 
George s. George Bacon. Dec. 2S. . ' ' ' 

7 " * • Burials 178S. 

Robert Woombell.- Ag^d 79. • Jam 4. 
Isaac Fahisworth. Aged GO. Sept. 16. 
Mar-y Bowman.. Aged 69." Dee. 17. 
MarJ WpumbelJ. 1 Aged SO. Dee. '22. 

• • " \ ' ' • J » '•'*'••*•"■.• Burials 1789. 

Sarah d.' John and Mary -Wright. Apr. 22. 
Charles Cougil. Aged 32.' June 24.' 
Richard* s. \Vil.l m Ihgar. Rufford. June 30. 
Ann d. John, and Alice Stokes. July 3. 
Edward s. Griffith Lowe a Stranger. Aug. 22. 
Richard s. William Hind. Aug. 26. 
Richards. Rich d Warriner. Sept. 7. 
William s. Will'" Fotheringham. Sept. 7. 
Elizabeth Ward. Aged 66. Sept. 29. 
Thomas s. Sam 1 Wilson. Nov. 8. 
William s. Sam' Wilson. Nov. 8. 
Hannah d. Will™ Day. Nov. 23. 
Mary Wright, Aged" 31. Dec. 29. 

Burials 1790. 

Jonathan Clarke. Aged 76. Apr. 15. 
William s. Mary Cougil. July 3. 
Ann d. Edward Smith. Aug. 27. 
Mary Walker. Aged 75. Nov. 29. 
William Dobb. Aged 65. Dec. 17. 

Burials 1791. 

John s. Edmund Cougil. Mar. 5. 

Rebecca w. John Palmer. Aged 51. Mar. IS. 

Ann cl John Clarke. June 7. 

Robert Turner of Rufford. Aged 71. Aug. 4. 

Ann Woombell. Aged 21. Aug 23. 

Elizabeth Hind. Aged 64. Sept. 7. 

Sarah d. Ann Woombell. Sept. 13. 

Sarah d. Will™ Dennis. Sept. 29. 

Richard s. Will'" Dennis. Oct, 12. 

Mrs. Margaret Turner of Rufford. Aged 75. Oct. 16. 

Burials 1792. 

William Herod. Aug. 19. Feb. 27. 
John Eyre. Aged 66. Mar 4. 
Dorothy Farnsworth. Aged 76. Mar. 19. 
George "Brett. Aged 59. June 30. 
Edmund Blyten. Aged 63. July 31. 
Sarah Hunt. Aged 7. Aug. 18." 
Jonathan Clarke. Aged 52. Sept. 10 
Cornelius Bowman. Aged 78. Sept. 12. 
Ann Chapman. Aged 95. Sept. 16. 
James s, Sam 1 Dawson. Sept. 23. 
Mary d. John Stokes. Sept. 29. 
Joseph Woolley. Sept, 30. 
Daniel Wodhouse. Aged 74. Oct. 8. 
William Dennis. Aged 46. Oct 20. 
Joseph s Will 1 " Cougil. October 20. 
Hannah Brett. Aged 27. Nov. 1. 

Burials 1793. 

Edmund Cougil. Aged 19. Mar. 4. 
Joseph Hunt. Aged 6. May 13. 



William Turner. Aged.85. June 8. \ 
William Woodhou^e. Boughton. Aged 25. . Aug 9. 
Mary Marshall. Aged 36. Aug. 21. 

Frances Bradley, llufford. Aged 3. Sept. 25. t V 

William Curtis. Aged 15. Nov. 1 1. • '. j . 

Burials 1794.- - - - 
Emma d. William Cougil. Feb. 21. ' " . • •' 

Elinor Woolhouse. Aged 72. Mar. 18. ' " * " 

Ann d. George Hays. June 8. 

George s Mary Enemy. July 10 •" .' _ 

Henry Newton, Inf 6 . Oct. 7- ' • . 

William Newton. Aged 8. Oct. 14. 

Burials 1795. 

M r William Wilson, Steward to S. Geo. Savile. Aged 73. Feb. 17. 

Sarah Eaton. Aged 57. Feb. 28. 

Dorothy Woodhouse, Mansfield. Aged 07. Mar. 12. 

William Marrot, llufford. Aged 40. May 4. 

James Brooks, Int 1 , llufford Oct. 21. 

James Hind. Aged 70. Nov. 1. 

William Herod, llufford. Aged 00. Dec. 3. 

Burials 1790. 
Robert Vessey, llufford. Aged 81. Jan. 12. 
Josephs. William Cougil. Feb. 17. 
Thomas Ward, Palethorpe. Aged 31. Mar 20. 
Ann Peck. Aged 00. Apr. 8. 
William Parkinson, inf fc . llufford. Apr. 23- 
Mary Cougil. Aged IS. Sept. 4. 
John Gilbert Aged 74. Sept. 11. 
Ann Raworth. Aged 70. Dec. 19. 

Burials 1797. 

Ann Gadsby Aged 09. Jan. 2. 
Mary Cougil, Inft. Jan. 10. 
Mary Powell. Aged 04. Feb. 20. 
John Walker. Aged So. Feb. 25. 
Martha Fotheringham. Mar. 22. 
Jane Eyre. Aged 75. Apr. 29. 
Ann Bacon. Aug. 25. 
Mary Smith. Aged 42. Nov. 21. 
Gervas Bacon. Aged 71- Dec. 7. 

Burials 179S. 
Ann w. Jo Parkinson, Ruf. Aged 38. Feb. 2. 
Charles Cougil, Int' 1 . May 0. 
Mary Bacon. Aged 45. July 31. 
Mary Day. Aged 00. Sept. '9. 

Burials 1799. 
John Ward, Knesel. Aged 79. Jan. 24. 
Edmund Blyton, Ollerton. Aged 44. Feb, 5. 
William Hind. Aged 74. Apr. 11. 
Daniel Goodall. Aged 20. June 18. 
Thomas May. Aged 53. Sept. 4. 
George Cur'tis, llufford. Aged 23. Sept- 0. 
Sarah Cougil. Aged 84. Nov. 22. 
Sarah Marsh, Inf 1 . Dec. 10. 

Burials 1800. 

Grace Stokes. Aged S. Apr 0. 
Edward Smith. Aged 45. Aug. 27. 
Elizabeth Hind. Aged 30. Oct. 7. 
John Barlow, Boughton. Aged 74. Oct. 8. 
Thomas Lucas. Aged 39. Nov. 28. 

Burials 1S01 

Sarah Hind. Aged 21. Apr. ( J. 



William Dawson. Aged 1-3. May 8. 
Elizabeth \v. Jas. Dawson. Aged 38. July 9. 
Mary w. Will"' Cougil, Aged 42. Oct. 25. 

Burials 1802. 
George Highfield. Aged 12. Mar. 4. 
Charlotte Brailsford, Ollerton. Apr. 11. 
John Webster. Aged 7S. 'Ai>r. 25. 
Martha Hind. Aged 60. June 25. 
Margaret Carver, fnf fc . Sept. 17. 
Thomas Hart. Aged 2. Sept. 17. 
Ann Fotheringham. Aged 4. Dec, 22, 
Augusta Woombcll. Aged 6. Dec. 24. 
Ann Clarke. Aged 73. Dec 26. 

Burials 1803. 
Sarah Campion. Aged 83. Jan. 30. 
Charles Hind. Aged 65. May 21. 
Mary Willis. Aged 70. Sept 11. 
Sarah Woombell. Aged 59. Sept. 11. 
Elizabeth Klytpn. Aged 74. Oct. 24. 
Elizabeth Pottinger. Aged 78. Nov. 7- 
Frances Vessey, Rufford, Nov. 29. 
William Flower. Aged 65. Dec. 16. 

In 1802 Peter Collis ccas'd 

to be the Clerk of this 

Parish on account of 


Burials 1804, 

John Gadsby. Aged 73. Jan. 24. 
John Brett. Aged 73. Jan. 28. 
William Turner. Aged 69. Jan. 28. 
Robert Campion. Aged 62. Feb. 12. 
Thomas Neap. Aged 58, Mar 28. 
Mary Milnes. Aged 55. Apr. 26. 
Amy Herod, Rufford. Aged 30. May 20. 
Sarah Hays, Ollerton Aged 6. June 5. 
Jane Hays, Inf 1 , Ollerton. June 15. 
Broughton Turner. Aged 4S June 29. 
Catherine Hays. Aged 31. June 29. 
James Dawson. Rufford. Aged 48. Aug. 12. 
Mary Woombell. Aged 68. Sept. 28. 
George s. Paul Allwood, Inf*. Aug. 23. 
Thomas Wells. Aged Si. Nov. 26. 
Samuel Turner. Aged 84. Dec. 18. 

Burials, 1S05. 

Mary Chapman. Agpd 28. Feb. 28. 
Sarah Hind Aged 25.' Mar. 7. 
Samuel Dawson. Aged 38. Oct. 3. 

Burials 1806. 

John Chapman, child, Newark. Jan. 2. 
John Caudle, Inf 1 . Jan. 19. 
Charles Cougil. Aged 96. Apr. 25. 
Ann Strong, Rufford. Aged 76. Apr. 27. 
Ann Truswell. Aged 74. May 2. 
Edmund Bacon. Aged 47. July 2. 
John Fox. Aged 13. Oct. 13. 
Elizabeth Powell, Inf 4 -. Dec. 5. 
Jane Turner. Aged 97. Dec. 12. 

Burials 1807. 

Charles Hickton. Aged 6. Jan. 19. 



Richard Hind, Inft. Feb. 1. 
Joseph Powell. Aged 5. Mar. 31. 
Ann Bacon. Aged S6. Apr. 12. 

John Stokes. Aged 47. May 3. ' 

Mary Draykel. Aged 24. May 3. 

Mary Enemy. A ged 4 1 . May 1 2 . 

Elizabeth Woombell. Aged 28. June 3. 

Epsibra 1 (sic) Caudle. Aged 27. June 10. 

Jonathan Parties. Aged 2. July 31. 

George Woombill. Aged 49. Aug. 19. 

Joseph Curtis, Rufford. Aged 71. Sept. 20. 

Mary Thornton. Aged 63. Sept. 27. 

Elizabeth Cartlidge, Rufford. Aged 74. Oct. 26. 

Sarah Clarke, Inf 1 . Nov. 17. 

Burials 1808. 

Mary Attenborough. Aged 34. Jan. 20. 
Elizabeth Dawson, Inf c , Rufford. Jan. 27. 
William Fotheringham. Aged 55. May 9. 
George s. George & Mary Lee. June 9. 
John s. James <k Mary Woombill. Sept. 20. 
William Teatber. Aged 69. Oct. 25. 

Burials 1S09. 

Ann w. John Powell. Aged 30. Jan. 1. 

Ann d. Francis & Rach 1 Brickels. Aged 5. Apr. 19. 

John Strong of Rufford. Aged 69. Apr. 25. 

Thomas s. John & Sarah »Voombill. Aged 37. May 10. 

Charles Warriner. Aged 63. Aug. 1. 

John Woolhouse. Aged 70. Dec. 27. 

Burials 1810. 

James s. James Sc Mary Stubbins. Aged 12. Feb. 14. 
William Day. Aged 96. June 6, 
Elizabeth w. Francis Pickard. Aged 78. Dec. 10. 
Elizabeth d. Samuel & Ann Dawson. Aged 13. Dec. 16. 

Burials ISU. 
Gervas s. George Bacon. Aged 22. Jan. 2. 
Thomas s Abraham k Frances Newton. Aged 30. Feb. 21. 
Mary Turner. Aged 70. Apr. 14. 
William s. Cha s k Marv Turner. Aged 2. June 25. 
Ann d. Sam 1 & Eli/> Woodward. Aged 14. Aug. 11. 
Elizabeth Cougil, widow. Aged 70. Oct. 4. 
Cornelius Marrot. Aged 32. Oct. 28. 
Joseph s. Hannah Chambers. Nov. 10. 

Burials 1812. 

Joseph s. Jos. & Sarah Thompson, Ruff' 1 . Feb. 22. 
George s. Samuel & Esther Clarke, Ruff J . 
Richard Truswell. Aged 79. Mar. 24. 
Hannah Webster, Rufford. Mar. 27. 
Elizabeth w. John Hart. Aged 34. June 12. 
William s. Will'" & Sar. Woombill, Boughton. June 27. 
Samuel s. John & Rebecca Clarke. Aged 4. Sept. 19. 
Rosamond w. Tho s Woombell. Aged 53. Dec. 6. 

Miss Ann Molyneux Si.-tev of S. F. Molyneux Bar 1 died in London N° 48 Lower 
Grosvenor Street, 76, Mar. 11, 1811 and was buried in the Family Vault at 
Teversall, Nott\ 

Sir Francis Molyneux Bar 1 . Aged 74. June 9, 1812. died at Wellow & was buried 
at Teversaf. In the year 1765 Sept 28 th He was made Usher of Black Rod in 
the room of Sir Septimus Robinson deceas'd. 

1 i.e., Hepziba. 


tvut, Co* JJomereef* 

E3)e Partefj ftrgistcrs of Street, to. -Somerset 

Transcribed and annotated by A. J. Jkwers, F.S.A. 

The earliest existing volume of Registers consists of eleven leaves 
(twenty-two pages) of vellum, without any cover. It is in some places 
very much obliterated and quite illegible, and has in blank places been 
scribbled on. For the most pait this portion has been carefully l<ept, 
each page being divided by lines into two columns and spaces to luep 
the christenings, marriages and burials apart. The following is a 
transcript with such abbreviations as do not affect the substance, for 
instance, the on.-ssion of " was baptised," " was buried," and the like, 
with the contractions of "s." for "son," "da." for "daughter," " w." 
for " wife," etc. The wills of all persons designated of " Street " in 
the Wells Probate Registry are noted more or less fully; all genealogical 
information is given, with the name of any lands mentioned, and 
occasionally the names of articles as indicative of the habits of the 
time. One leaf is loose and dates nearly forty years earlier than the 
rest of the volume. A few notes have been added where such seemed 

Our thanks are due to the Rev. George Beilby, M.A., the Rector, for 
permission to transcribe and print the following. 

May 27. Constance, \v. of Rob 1 Keene. 
Nov. 11. Ursula, w. of Anth. Brodrip. 

1 Wythie or Withy.— John YVythie of Street, will dated 28 Jan. 1546. To he 
buried in the churchyard of St. Gyles at Street, To the cross light there 4 pence. 
To the high altar there 11 pence. To the church of Pynd: (Dinder) a ewe and a 
lamb. To the Cathedral 4 pence. Sons William, Juhn and Richard Wythie. 
Daughters Margaret, Margery and Johane Wythie. Residuary legatee and executor 
wife Johane Wythie. Witnesses Sir John Halsey, " my gostly Fader," William Bowde, 
and Humphrey King. Proved at Wells 3 May 154 7. 

2 A pedigree of this family of Whittington is given in the Heralds' Visitation 
1620 (Harl. Soc vol. 11, p. 117, 118), according to which Francis Whittington died 
24 Oct. 1605, having married Bridget, daughter of William Keymes of Hon (Sel- 
wood), co. Somerset, who died in 1596 and by whom he bad Elizabeth, married Giles 
Daubeney, Henry his son and heir, and Francis of Haselbury, unmarried ami aged 
50 in 1623.. This could not have been a second marriage of the first-named Francis, 
as he was still living when Alice his wife was buried in 1636. The identity is c< im- 
plicated of " Mr." Francis Whittington to Anne Bisse in 1602. We are much tempted 
to conclude that the visitation has erred in calling Francis of Haselbury unmarried. 
The husband of Anne Bisse still remains to be accounted for, and there are no 
Whittington wills in the Probate Registry at Wells to assist, 

3 The will of John Frie, of Street, dated 2 April, 156S, desires to be buried in the 
churchyard of Street. Names, son John Frie ; son William Frie ; Juhn Tut ton of 
Glastonbury ; and Peter Weste. Residue to wife Johanne. Proved 8 June 1569. 



April 16. 
April 30. 
Oct. 1. 
Oct. 7. 
Oct 18. 
Jan. 14. 

Richard Grimster and Joane Withie, widow. 1 
Frances Whittington esquire and Alice March. 2 
John Frie 3 and Susan Hillerd. 
Thomas Day and Alice Roode. 
Abraham Scot and Edith Hussie. 
Thomas Hurd and Joane Edwards. 




Dec. 25. Thomas, s. of John Keene. 
Jan. 5. Joane, w. of Thomas Chappel. 4 


March 30. Henry, s. of John Reeves. 
May 4. Thomas, s. of Richard Grimster. 
May 17- John, s. of John Bolles. 
June 2. Katherine, da. of M r Henry Whittington. 3 
June 11. Thomas s. of Thomas Roode. 
June 22. Christian, base da. of Mary Farrier. 
Aug. 13. Alice da. of John Hillarie. 
Dec. 31. Richard s. of William Frie. 
Jan. 6. John s. of Alexander Abbot. 
Jan. 24. Joan da. of Roger Searle. 


April 6. Mark Balaester and Frances West. 
April 25. Philip Westlacke & Susan Bone. 


Sept. 9. John Grimsted. 6 

Nov. 10. Christian base da. of Mary Farrier. 

Jan. 8, Richard s. of William Frie. 

Feb. 7. Joane, da. of Roger Searle. 

Feb. 10. George Swath als. Fulston. 7 

Feb. 20. Margarit da. of Robert Smith. 

Jan. 8 ( sic.) Thomas s. of Thomas Hyat. 



May . . Rachel da. of Thomas Reeves. 

May . . Thomas s. of Bartholomew .... 

Sept. . . Katherine da. of John Frie. 3 

Sept. 29. Mary da. of William Warren. 

4 Thomas Chappell of Street husbandman. Will dated 2 Aug. 1623. To the 
church of Street 12d , to the poor of that parish 1 2d. Sister Dorothy Stacie. Sister 
Alice Chappell. Wife Elizabeth Chappell residuary legatee and executrix. Proved 
at Wells 27th Aug. 1623. Total of Inventory £'90D r >s. 6d. 

5 She- was the daughter of Henry Whittington by Philippa, daughter of John 
Preston of Crickett S. Thomas, and is named in the Visitation as being then aged 
twenty-three years, which agrees with this date. 

6 This is clearly ''Grimsted, ' and the two entries above are " Grimster" distinctly. 
The will of Robert Grimsteede of Street, husbandman, dated 26 Sept. loOS, and 

proved at Wells 9 Nov. 160S. He directs to be buried in the churchyard of Street, 
to which church he gives twelve pence, and to the poor of the parish 6s. Sd. To 
Alice "my now wife" half of the tenement in which they live the other half moiety 
to his son Richard. Son Walter ; Daughters Cecily and Agnes. Daughter Edith 
wife of John Roode. Margaret Hucker three shillings. Wife Alice residuary legatee 
and executrix. Neighbours John Meade and John Bolls overseers. Witnesses, Henry 
Pyke minister, Arthur Gundry, John Meade, John Bolls. 

7 The widow of this George made her will 25 Jan. 1608 as Johane Fullstone alias 
Swath widow. Names, Johane Walter, dau Margaret Walter of Street, a bed. bed- 
stead &c. and 50s. by her grandfather's request at his death. Thomas son of the said 
Margaret Walter 30s. by his grandfather's will. Brother Robert Keene executor. 
Witnesses Mr. Henry Peeke and Robert Firry. Proved at Wells 20 Aug. 1G09. 

8 The will of Susanna Fry of Street, widow, dated 1 June 1626. To Be buried in 
the churchyard of Street. Mentions Matthew Pollet's four children of Walton. 
Thomas, Robert, and George sons of George Burdharn of Butleigh. Richard Frye's 
seven children of Street. Daughter Katherine Fry residuary legatee and executrix. 
Witnesses, Thomas Closse and William (W. R ) Roode. Proved II Oct- 1626. 


Dec. 9. Alice da. of James Whypie. 
Dec. 27. John s. of John Slade. 
Feb. 2. Agnes da. of Thomas Marks. 
Feb. 12. Abraham s. of Abraham Scot. 
March 20. Jone da. of Richard Grimster. 


April 2. Anthony Brodrip and Elizabeth Lotkins. 

May 13. William 111 and Alice Tucker. 

May 14. John Coward and Agnes Gundridge. 

June 20. John Reede and Erminella Slade. 

Nov. 8. John Lacham and Elizabeth Difford. 

Dec 9. Thomas Roode and Rachel Fulston. 



May 22. Alice dau. of Roger Chapped. 

June 22. Faith dau. of Elizabeth Morrice. 

June 30. William s. of Robert Amost. 

July 22. John s. of William Frve. 

Sept. 20. John s. of John Coward. 

Oct. 3. Thomas s. of John Reeves. 

Oct. 26. Grace dau. of John Crane. 

Oct. 28. Klizabeth dau. of William Colson. 

Oct, 81. Edward s. of John Wilkins. 

Nov. 24. Catherine dau. of Roger James. 

Feb. 2. Walter s. of Peter Reeves. 

Feb. 18. Robert s. of John Kecne. 

Feb. 22. John s. of Thomas Hiatt. 

March 13. Amies dau. of Bartholomew Guppy. 9 


April 15. Henry Warren and Joan Hiat. 

June 22. Mr, Francis Whittington and Anne Bisse 10 

July IS- Mr. John Wats and Mrs. Margaret Dyer. 11 

Sept. 20. John Keen and Elizabeth Carey. 

Jan, 23. Thomas Roode and Eleanor Donkin. 

Sept. 10. Thomas Jones. 12 


9 The will of Bartholomew Guppie of Street husbandman dated 10 Jan. 1623, 
mentions, to the church of Street 2s. ; dau. Mary Stower w. of Matthew Stower of 
Street ; dau. Joane Parker w. of Matthew Parker of Street ; dau. Agnes Withie iv. 
of William Withie of Northover in Glastonbury ; dau. Audrie Guppie. under 21. 
Tristram Gundry. George Parker and Alice Parker son and dau. of said Joane 
Parker, Andrew Parker. Andrew Northerne of Bristol " my kinsman." Servant 

•Walter Reeves. Wife Eleanor Guppy residuary legatee and executrix. Fricndn 
Richard Ridewood of Ditcheat and Matthew Parker overseers. Proved at Wells 
20 March 1623. 

10 Who this Anne Bisse was does not a f , present appear. See also note 2 

11 This Mr. John Wats does not appear in the pedigree of Watts in t iio lu'20 
Visitation of Somerset. Attached to the will of Christopher Coward, of, 
dated 169S. is a seal of arms, (are;) on a mount a tree (all over o>l en a fcts (a:.) 
three crexcenfx (<>/ the first). Above the shie'd A. W. Watts, Mrs. Margaret Dyer 
was no doubt one of the two daughters of Thomas Dyer, of Street, gent, and 
Margaret his wife, daughter of Robert (not John as in the Visitation) Tarry.-', late of 
Charde, gent, mentioned, as having survived their mother, on a brass in Mreei 

11 This Thomas Jones is no doubt the grandson mentioned in the will <>f William 
Jones of Street, husbandman, dated 29 Dec 1565. To the Cathedral 4d. '1'.. the 
poor of Street 2s. Mentions, Robert Berte and his son John Berte ; Alice Edwards ; 



Sept 11 w. of Watuond Talbot. 

Nov. 5 " of Boniface Wilkins. 

Deo. IS of Richard Cosens, bapt. ami buried. 

Feb. 23 of Hugh Pittard.' 3 

Jan. 1. of Henry Whittington gent. 1 " 1 

March 1G dau. of Arthur Gundrie. 

March 23 Whittington,gent. died. 14 

March 24 deceased" 

James the 6th King of Scotland proclaimed King of England at Wells in the county 
of Som'set on Monday the 2Sth day M r che and at Glaston. on Tuesday the 29th 
of the same whom God long to reign over us. 


March 31. Roger s. of John Roode. 15 
April 3. James s. of Thomas Roode. 

Richard Coosens, owes testator money ; to "William Jones son of Robert Jones, a 
coffer, &c, 31s. Sd. in the hands of Sir Robert Adams (? priest. Robert Adams 
instituted to Elme in 1565. tide Weaver's Somerset Incumbents), and 15s. received 
from Mr. William Marshall. Residue to be divided between Thomas, William, 
Marian and Elizabeth Jones, children of the above Robert Jones, deceased, son of 
the testator. Morse bought of p'son Huntington (John Huntington instituted to 
Sampford Bret in 1560, vide Weaver Somerset Incumbents), for the above Thomas 
Jones. Proved 16 Jan. 1565. 

13 Hugh Pittard of Street, will dated 6 Dec. 1610. To be buried in the church- 
yard of Street ; to the poor of that parish 12d. Son Matthew Pittard. Dau. Joane 
Pittard. Dau. Margaret Pittard. Son Robert Pittard, the lease of the ground 
called Roughclose by estimation four acres. Robert "son of my son Robert Pittard." 
Bartholomew Guppie and John Keene the younger, overseers. Wife Agnes Pittard, 
residuary. legatee and executrix. Inv. £113 5s. Prow at Wells 19 Jan. 1610. 

The following is probably the will of the father of the above Hugh : — 1516 March 20. 
Thomas Pytterd, to be buried in the churchyard of ' ; S. Gyld of S treat." To that 
church 12d, to the High Altar 4d. Son Hugh Pytterd ; dau. Lucy ( dau. An. 
Residuary legatee and executrix, wife Richard (sic). Proved at Glastonbury 14 Mav 1547. 

14 This Henry Whittington is the son and heir of Francis mentioned in note 2 (1599), 
but the name of the child who was buried is quite gone. His own burial is the next 
entry but one, the date being that of his death, and agrees with the date given in 
the Heralds' Visitation. He married Philippa, daughter of John Preston, of Crickett 
S. Thomas, by whom he had issue Dorothy, named in the will of her grandfather, 
John Preston, dated 15S3, married John Lancaster of Milverton ; Bridget, married 
Christopher Brodripp (according to the Visitation ; in the Register of S. John's, 
Glastonbury, we find the baptism .fane, daughter of William Brodripp, gent , 1 Nov. 
1617, and her burial on 18th March following, as also several of the Preston family) ; 
Catherine, whose baptism is given above ; John, who married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Robert Wyatt, of Bristol, merchant ; Andrew, s. and h., of Ivy Thorne, who married 
and left issue ; Thomas : Henry ; and Humphrey. 

13 Will of John Rode of Street, dated 12 Nov. 1515. To be buried in the crmreh- 
yard of S. Gelys in Street ; to that church 3s. 4d., to the Cathedral 4d. Names 
sons John, Robert, and Barnard. Daughter Johan. Residuary legatee and executrix, 
wife Johan. Witnesses, Sir Wyllyam Collens, William Jonys, and William Rode. 
Proved at Wells 15 July 1546- The will of one of the witnesses Sir Wyllyam Collens 
may as well be given here— William Collyns, priest, p'son of Strete and Walton. 
Will dated 21 Jan. 1549, being sick, &c. To be buried near unto the church porch of 
Strete, evyn before my doore. To the poorman's box 20d, at Strete and also at 
Walton. To the repair of the parish ways a quarter of dredge and two bushels of 
wheat. To the High Rod a quarter of dredge and two bushels of wheat. To the 
almshouse of Glastonbury for the pore, two bushels of wheat. To Richard Cosynes 
one bushel of wheat, two bushels of malt, and 20d. To Agnes Gromys one bushel 
of dredge. John Chedman one bushel of wheat. To Richard Collyns my brother's 
son half of my wheat en mowe in the barton. To my sister Johanne a quarter of 
wheat and a quarter of dredge. To Agnes "my sister," a featherbed with that 



May 16. Joane dau. of William Warren. 

May 21. Sara dau. of William Waters. 

June 29. Alice dau. of Henrye Warren. 

July 25. Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Reeves. 

Aug. 2. Joane dau. of Thomas Roode. 

Jan. 20. Robert and Roger sons of John Bolles. 

Jan. 23. Mary dau. of Alexander Dier gent, born Januari 21 betwene the houres 

of 11 and twelve in the forenoone, and baptized. 10 

March 2. William son of Richard Grimster. 

March , . Eusebie dau. of Richard Cosins. 


May 24. Alexander Deier gent, and Katherine Thornburgh. 16 
Jan. 27. John Browne and Alice Roode. 


April 5. Margerie Warke. 
July 6. Thomas Slade. 
Aug. 24, Joan Hurman. 

Henry Peeke, clerk, 

Thomas Deier, gent. \ church 

Henry Whittington gent. J wardens 


Henry s. of Roger Serle. 
Alice w. of Francis Whittington esquir- 

belongeth to the same, the shetts excepted, the coffer by the bedside with its contents 
and a chaffer. John Pawle of Bradley two bushels of wheat and a sake of dredge. 
John Marten 12d. Residuary legatees and executors brother William and sister 
Agnes. Robert Hyat and Richard Cosyns to be admitted to have the oversight 1 that 
the disposal of my goods may be to the honour of God and the welth of my soule.' 
Witnesses, William Montagew p'son. and Richard Collyns. 

16 This Alexander Dyer is mentioned with his wife in the Heralds' Visitation 1623, 
as the son of Thomas Dyer of Street and Margaret Parrys his wife. His wife is 
given as a daughter of John Thornborow of Shadisden, by whom he had issue three 
sons and five daughters according to the Visitation, of whom Mary was one. 

Thomas Dyer, gent., probably a brother of this Alexander, was churchwarden of 
Street in 1603. 

In the will of Thomas Bragge, of Moreland, in Weston Zoyland, dated 23 Jan. 
1571, he mentions a lease or agreement dated 16 Dec. 13th Q. Eliz. : to which Thomas 
Dyer, gent., Richard Dyer Esq., and Edward Dyer Esq. were parties. 

Elizabeth Dyer of Ivythorne, in Street, will dated 10 Oct. 1681. Name.-,, brother 
Stephen Dyer, a messuage tenements and 24 acres of land in Stogursey leased for 99 
years, to be divided between Edward Cooper, ' my sister's son,' and Frances daughter 
of Gerard Newcourt of Ivythorne, gent. Executors Gerard Neweourt ami Thomas 
Harris of Glastonbury, gent. Proved at Wells 18 March 16S1. Seal, shield helmet 
mantling, arms, vn a Jess betic, three b<<ars heads cmiped. a lion pass. Crest, a boar's 
head as in the arms. Gough. This seal was a kind of office property, belonging to a 
family of Gough in the neighbourhood, but frequently used fur wills, &c. 

17 This Alice has been referred to in note 2 (1599). 

We may here mention the will of a Uichard Whittington, of Long Ashton, husband- 
man, whichis dated 23 Aug 1545. He desires to be buried in the churchyard of Long 
Ashton. Gives to the Cathedral church of S. Andrew Wells 4d. To the High Altar 
of Long Ashton Sd., and to every Altar in the said church lid. To the light beanie 
there one bushell of wheat. Names Johan Long the elder. John Louge Thomas 
Longe, Richard Longe, Agnes l.onge, Johan f.onge the yonger. Laud to Johane 
Longe the elder, remainder to John Longe and Richard Longe. remainder to Thomas 
Phillips the elder and to William Nosse. Mr. John Smith of Bristol merchant and 
Thomas Evered overseers. 

Witnesses Sir John Kowithe Vicar of Long Ashton Sir Henry Howe clerk and 

Mr. John Smith to have a covered weyne with the wheels, two yoke and two yoke 
chains, and a sullowe with the yeega arc and two draiggs. 



Thomas s. of Bartholomew Guppy. 

Henry Foode. 

Robert Woke. 

Agues Clothier. 

Jone w. of John Reeves. 18 

Rachel w. of Thomas Roode. 

(End of the loose leaf, a portion of which is worn away. There are then several 
pages lost, the next entry being in 1636.) 


? Upon the xxiii day of October Anno Dno 1635 Walter 19 Ralegh instituted into the 
p'sonage of Streate to be toke quiet and peacable possession of the church of Streate 
aforesaid, with all the right members & appertenances thereto belonging in the 
presence of 

Tho. Close, clerke Tho. Smyth, clerke Thomas Helliar and others. 
Upon the 22nd of November 1635 Mr. Walter Kalcgh instituted into the p'sonage 
of Streate, subscribed all the 39 Articles of religion agreed upon in the convocation 
(1562) in the pish church of Streate in the time of divine service and gave his 
dasyned assent and consent therunto in the p'sence of the whole congregation 
witnesses there unto 

Tho. Clyfe clerk 
Tho. Smyth clerk 
Tho. Rush Thomas Hellier 
and many others. 

18 Walter Reeves the younger of Street, husbandman, will dated 1 Jan. 1635. To 
be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names, brothers Leonard Reeves, k William 
Reeves, and sister Katherine Reeves, all 20s. each before the 24 th of dune next. 
The said Katherine to have a cow but her father to have the milk during his life. 
Mother-in-law Mary Reeves. Father Peter Reeves residuary legatee and executor. 
The following are owing to him, from Stephen Stiverd and Christopher Stiverd 
£5 6s. Sd.. from Edward Hull X5, from John Makethe the elder 4s. 6d., from John 
Martin of Burnham 13s. The testator owes, to Tristram Gundry £2 16s., to his 
sister Katherine Heeves 15s. in payment of which he gives her the 20s. above; to 
Mr. Tavlor 10s. 6d. ; to Benjamin Marshall 6s. Total of Inv. ±'16 Is. Sd. Prov. at 
Wells SO Feb. 1635. 

19 This Walter Raleigh was the second son rf Sir Carew Raleigh, of Fardell, co. 
Devon, and of Downton, in the county of Wilts, and a nephew of the renowned 
courtier Sir Walter Raleigh. He was born in 1586, according to the record of his 
matriculation on entering Magdalen College, Oxford, 5 Nov. 1602, he being then 
given .as sixteen, he took his 15. A. 11 June 1605, MA. 2 June 1608, D.D. 31 Aug. 
1636. He was appointed Dean of S. Burian in 1638, and instituted Dean of Wells 
22 Jan. 1641, he was then Chaplain in Ordinary to King Charles I , and we find him 
present at a Chapter held 1 April 1612, when two months residence were allowed to 
him, he having been in attendance on the King, and he appears frequently as present 
at Chapter meetings, but after 1644 there is a blank in the Chapter Acts, two-thirds 
of the volume being blank. Dr. Raleigh, at the same time that he hold Chedzoy and 
Street, also held the livings of Wilton S. Mary and Elingdon, also Wroughton, co. 
Wilts, being presented to the former in 1621 and the latter in 1632. We have above 
the record from the Kegister of his institution to the living of Street, and the entry 
in the Register of Chedzoy shews when he took possession of that living, which from 
the frequent entries of the baptisms and burials of his children in the register, he 
appears to have made his usual place of residence, until he became Dean of Wells. Dr. 
Raleigh, who was sometime chaplain to William, Carl of Pembioke (indeed no eccle- 
siastical preferment seems to have been refused by him for he was also a minor canon, 
or priest vicar, of Wells Cathedral), is recorded to have been plundered as a Royalist, 
taken prisoner at Bridgewater and murdered 10 Oct. 1646, and was buried w ithin his 
Cathedral Church at Weils, but no monument to his memory of any kind remains, 
and the hegi>ters prior to 1660 are lust or have been destroyed. We possess no 
record of his marriage, but the arms impaled on his seal (my. S battle-airs »a.) are 

those of Gibbes, and .she is called " filiam Gibbes" in the Visitation of Wilts 

in 1623. 





April 18. John s. of John Hiet & Alice his w. 

July 24. Williams, of Matthew Stower & Mary his w. 

Sept. 4. Mary da. of Edward Warreu &z Jone his w. 

The will of Dr. Raleigh styles him " Walter Raleigh, D.D., parson of Chedzoy," 
and in it he names his children George, Henry, Dorothy, Lucy, Walter, Mary, John, 
and Elizabeth ; his brother George Ualeigh, and sister Elizabeth Wroughton ; also his 
cousin Henry Poole of Saperton, eo. Gloucester. The will was proved in London by 
his widow Mary Raleigh on the 23 June 1648. The will of his widow is in the 
Probate Registry at Wells, it calls her " Mary Raleigh widow, of Chedzoy gentle- 
woman " and is dated 14 May 1662 14 Charles II., by it she bequeaths to her son 
Henry Haleigh land, arable and pasture let to Henry Harmon of Chedzoy husband- 
man, with half an acre in Northfields and lands called Dippitt &c. &c — -To her son 
John Raleigh her dwelling house with land in Chedzoy, formerly Edwards'. To her 
son Walter Ualeigh a house and lands. To daughter Mrs. Mary Robenson, land. 
Karnes granddau. Elizabeth Robenson ; granddau. Jane Robenson. To daughter 
Raleigh a house and land. To daughter Mrs. Dorothy Fitch 20s. To granddau. 
Mrs. Mary Fitch £3. Servant Margaret Worweth £2. Servant Katherine Jones £1. 
To the poor of Chedzoy £2. Sons Henry Raleigh, Walter Raleigh, and John Raleigh 
to each the £20 given to them by their father in his will. Son George Raleigh to be 
residuary legatee and executor, who proved the will at Wells 19 Sept. 1662. Seal. 
An oval with a plain shield charged with, a bend Inzenyy, impaling three battle-axes. 

By the kind permission of the Rev. G- R. Mullens, M.A., the present Rector of 
Chedzoy, I have gone over the Register of that parish from the institution of Walter 
Raleigh to 1680. The coming of Walter Raleigh to Chedzoy is recorded by the 
following quaint note in the Register : — ' ; Upon 14th day of June in the yeare 1621 
Walter Ralegh was inducted Parson of Chedsey by John Morley, Vicar of North 
Petherton, and did toll the bell when he tooke possession and did reade his articles 
on the Sunday following being the 17th day of the said moneth of June in the after- 
noone in time of divine service in the audience of. the whole congregacon." In the 
margin is written " 1621 14 June Walter Ralegh entered Parson of Chedsey." All 
the Raleigh entries in the Register follow the same wording only varying with 
the progress of the Dean's preferments which makes them rather interesting ; thus 
from 1625 to 1637 he is styled simply Rector of Chedzoy, in 163S-39 he is, " Sacre : 
Theolog : D'ris, Decani St. Burians," as well as Rector of Chedzoy ; in 1643, he first 
appears as Dean of Wells, and it is the last entry of the name in the Register, which 
is somewhat singular, as in 1662 his widow calls herself "of Chedzoy " and leaves a 
good deal of land in the parish to her children. Nor do the wills at Wells help us, 
though there is among them the will of a William Rawleigh of Priston yeoman 
dated 6 Aug. 1730. It names his brother-iu-law Joseph Light of Charlcomb, joiner ; 
his cousin William Light, sou of brother-in-law John Light of Dundry. There is no 
armorial seal, nor was the will ever proved, although left at the Probate Registry. 
The following portion of the Raleigh pedigree does not appear (except the father, 
grandfather and uncle of the Dean) in Vivian's Visitations of Devon, and may 
therefore well appear here, the little that is repeated being only to show clearly the 
connection with the renowned Sir Walter Raleigh, and it seems quite sufficient to 
give the dates from the registers of Chedzoy in this pedigree, and ot to give all the 
entries separately and in full. 

Walter Raleigh, of Far-^Katherine, 3rd wife, da. of Sir Philip Champernoune, of 

del, in Cornwood, 




by whom 



Sir Walter Raleigh,=f Sir Carew Riileigh, ^Dorothea, da. of Sir Thomas Wrough- 

the great navigator, I second son to leavi 
courtier, and author. | legitimate issue. 


ton, Knt., ami relict of Sir John 
Thynne, of Lungleate, Wilts. 



Sept. 25. Elizabeth da. of Gregory Amosse & Alice his w. 20 

Oct. 9. Ann da. of Edward Taylor & Agnes his w. 

Nov. 1. Jone da. of Robert Amosse & Jone his w. 

Nov. 8. Philip s. of John Grimster k Susanna his w. 

Oct. 4 (sic) John s. Thomas Kellway k Emlin his w. 

Dec. 11. Emlin da. of William Meade & Alice his w. 

Jan. 1. William s. of Robert Reeves k Mary his w. 

Gilbert Raleigh, of= 
Downton, Wilts,s.and 
h., living 1623, vide 
Visit, of Wilts. 

Walter Raleigh, 2nd 
son, aged 6 months 
in 1623, matric. 12 
July 1639, set. 16 
years, from Magdalen 
Coll., Oxon. 

: Lucy, da. of Giles 
Wrought on, by Lady 
Katherine Pawlett, 
da. of the Marquis of 

George Raleigh, f named 
in the will of his brother 

1 — 1 



years in 1623. 

Anna, ret. 3 years 
in 1623. 

Walter Raleigh, 2nd son, borm 
in 1586, matric. from Magdalen 
Cull., Oxon, 5 Nov. 1602, and 
then aged 16, Rector of Street 
and Chedzoy , and Dean of Wells. 
Arms. Gu a bend lozengy arg. 
imp. Arg. three battle-axes sa. 

Gilbert Raleigh, s. and- 
h., a)t. 2 years in 1623, 
of Magdalen Coll., Oxon, 
matric. 9 Feb. 1638-9, 
act- 15 ann. of Downton, 
M.P. 1661 till his death 
in 1675. 

George, bapt. 2S Julv= 
1625,* t; mar. lie. da. 
29 Aug. 1663, as " of 
Chedsey," batch., aged 
30, to mar. at S. Edm. 
Bury, Newmarket, or 
Rysbrooke (i.e. Rush- 
brooke), co. Suff. 

Sir Charles Raleigh = 
of Downton, matric. 
21 May 1669, ret. 16, 
at Magdalen Coll., 
Oxon, knighted 1 
Aug. 1681, M.P.for 
Downton 1685 to 
1689, died before 
May 16 . . 

-Frances, da. of Robert Ernely,= 
of S. Martin-in-the-Field, mar. 
lie dat. 7 Oct. 1672 to Charles 
Raleigh, she then about 21 and a 
spinster, and he a batch, about 
21, to mar. at S. Martin-in-the- 
Field, S. Dunstan-in-the-West, 
or at S. Margaret, Westminster. 

: Judith, da. of .. 
Jermyn, of Rush- 
brooke, co. Suffolk, 
in mar. lie. said to 
.be a spinster, aged 

: Francis Cole, of 
Middlesex, Esq., 
he a batch, aged 
near 40, and she a 
wid. aged 40 and 
upwards, to marry 
at Chiswick or 

da. of ... 
14 May 
1602. . 


bapt. 5* 


29 Mavf 

John, bapt. 18 Carew, bapt. 31 Lucy, bapt. 21 Martha, bapt. 19 
June 1631.* t; Dec. 163S, bur. June 1627, bur, Dec. 1628.* 
31 Jan. 1639.* 21 Jan. 1613.* t 


Mary.t %=f Elizabeth, 

Roben- bapt. 6 Apr. 
I son. 1635.* t % 


Upton, a da., 
bapt. 31 Aug. 
1637, bur. 1 
Jan. 1639. * 

l 1 

Jane, bapt. 8 Dorothy.f+ 

26 May 1634.* J 

Mary 4 Elizabeth. J 

20 This Gregory is probably the son named in the will of Robert Amosse of Street, 
dated 14 March 1607. He desires to be buried in the churchyard of Street. He 
names sons Gregory, William, and Robert. Daughter Joan, to each of whom he 
gives a cow, which he describes, the daughter having a red cow called Cherry, and a 
two-year-old heifer. Wife Elizabeth residuary legatee and executrix. Overseers 
Thomas Roode and Matthew Parker of Street. " Proved at Wells 23 July 1607. 

* From the Chedzoy Parish Register. 

f Named in the will of Dean Raleigh above. 

t Named in the will of Mary Raleigh, relict of the Dean above. 

n %